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Default Sint Maarten/St. Marten (Part II)

Greetings fans of my writing... (this marks my 100th post on OCC). Do I get a prize? HA!

It has been far too long. I do not have a good reason for my absence, but can assure you I come bearing the gift of a story. Sometimes, one just gets busy and I found myself just checking in once and while on here and not contributing. However, I'm back with a story. Thank you to the few who reached out to see if I, Cate, or Jenny Red were alive. We all are and doing well.

My story involves my wife (who I am still happily married too) and some new and old names. I still cannot show our pictures or reveal anything else about us, but I WILL show off some photos of one or more of our guests. In prior posts I've shared just about all the important physical details about us you could want. This story like another revolves around previous shared story that incorporates this thread:


I'll get right with the story as you all want that and NOT me rambling...


I had been putting a lot of time in at the gym per my wife and old friend Aaron. Aaron has moved and it is not longer feasible for him to drive to the specific gym I go to so we stopped lifting together. As per my wife, it is too inconsistent with our jobs on meeting up since we do not work the same exact shifts (close, but no cigar!).

So I have been going on my own and putting in the work solo daily. I got into a routine and after about a month the girl who worked at the counter said, "Man, you are here every day? That's awesome keep going!" I said thank you and realized she talked to a lot of the people who came in saying, "Hi", "Hey, how are you?", or something of the same wording. I got to know her name as "Alana". Alana is a tall drink of water at 5'10" and thin. She has long dark brown hair and dark eyes. She has a Hispanic look to her, but is essentially a jeans and t-shirt girl.
At 20 (when I met her) she is young, but yet mature.

In a few more weeks, Alana and I talked a little more at the front desk. She complained that she didn't always have someone to help her and push her. I like having that too, so we agreed to work out a few times together.

After the first time, we were both hooked and she shared some floor exercises (planking was one...) and I pushed her with weights and especially cardio. It is was very innocent and any flirting was minimal. We would work out together once a week and then it would change to twice. Througout this past summer we would work out as many as three times a week together even though I was there pretty much daily.

My friend Aaron told me it was odd and I was 'robbing the cradle". I chuckled back and I must of said it in such a way where he actually saw it was just two people working on fitness. Cate also met her and gave me a hard time at first, but then thought she was just sweet girl who liked to work out.

A few weeks passed and we just started to talk during, before, and after our workouts. Our talks would go in many different directions, from what she wanted to do, vacations, food, movies, music, TV, and life. We would laugh and usually shared some common interests. I did appreciate her musical interests and she got me into a few bands (and vise versa). Overall, it was working out (no pun intended) perfectly.

One day, dating was our subject of conversation and I don't even recall how it came up, but she had trouble meeting "DECENT" guys. I asked her what she meant by "decent" and she said, "like you!"

I remember thinking and saying, "What makes me decent Alana?"

She rattled off a list like she was trying to name all the seven dwarves, "Well, you are sweet, romantic, strong, successful, and... your definitely cute!"

THAT last part had my full attention suddenly. "Cute?" I questioned.

"Yeah... no... you are a hottie... even if you are old!" I was both beaming and hating being called old. She lightly punched my arm, "Old man!" We both laughed and I actually wondered if I was officially old...

The next week or two we flirted a little, but exercise was the key focus. I mentioned to my wife about being called a 'hottie' by her and she laughed. We had a little playful banter going, but in the end, she agreed, I was a 'hottie'.

I am not bragging that I am good looking and there will be no, 'but' following this. All guys want a girl to say that about them or that they are handsome, cute, or have a big cock. I'm no different so I hope it is okay to swell with pride that I'm not looked on by her as ugly or unattractive.

We would work out a lot more and then due to school and my work have to postpone until we both got back to normal schedules. The communication continued with texts and a few phone calls. She once asked if I could pick her up when she got a flat tire and I did as well. I got a big hug from that and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't turned on by that.

Cate would eventually mention that she thought Alana had a crush on me and I at first denied it. It didn't take long for me to see she might be right. I did freak out a little as I saw 'danger' ahead. My wife ever being the supportive, sexy, sexual, and loving person that she was said, "take it slow and just be her friend." As she turned out the lights in the bedroom one night.

Drifting into the fall, Alana and I would work out a lot as we both seemed to be able to meet up more and more. Sometimes my wife would join us as well. When Cate was with us, the flirting, fun, and talk never changed. We all just really liked pushing one another. I think on two occasions Alana and Cate both worked out together and grabbed some food once too.

Alana would turn 21 just before fall hit and I took her out for lunch with Cate and got her a small gift from both of us. She almost cried when we she got it. We both got hugs and she kissed my cheek and Cate's.

At some point she mentioned about going to Jamaica with her friend for a vacation in late January. We talked about there and our place in St. Maarten. We both asked a lot of questions back and forth as I had never been to Jamaica and she had never been to St. Maarten. Around Thanksgiving of this past year, she mentioned her friend was having trouble with money and may not be able to go with her. By mid December, Alana told me indeed her friend would be unable to go to Jamica and she was stuck having purchased the tickets to fly and not having anyone to go with.

I felt bad for her and we switched subjects for whatever reason until my wife arrived to join us. Cate mentioned about St. Maarten and heard she was going to Jamaica. Alana let her know what happened and how disappointed she was in her friend (whose idea the whole trip was).

Cate excused us and asked if would be okay to invite her along to St. Maarten to me. I actually objected thinking it might be 'odd' to her parents. Oh how wrong I would be. We would eventually invite Alana to come down to St. Maarten with us and change her tickets. Her airline allowed it and it was set.

By Christmas she and my wife were talking about shopping, food, and the beaches. Alana was told by my wife she could do her own thing if she wanted too, but the rule was she had to tell us where she was going so we knew. We would also meet her parents at the gym too.

I met her mom, who was the same height as Cate and she was a bubbly, busty, in shape woman not much older than us. THAT made me feel old. She was very thankful of us allowing Alana to go with us. Her Stepfather also frequented the gym and was not very tall. He was a man of few words as he shook my hand and said thank you for taking her along with you. I kept thinking a 'talk' was coming from him, but it never did.

I would later find out her mom was an ex-stripper and met her stepfather while performing. I still laugh at that thought. Her mom didn't look like a stripper, but then again I do not know that they (strippers) have a look to them.

As January approached, my wife and I attended one holiday event and we talked about St. Maarten on the way home. Cate had had a few drinks and was definitely enjoying it. When we got home, she stripped down to her panties (HOT AS FUCK!!!) as we talked in bed. She kissed me and we went to bed. Well, we had sex first! I knew then, that she was into whatever happened... but in truth neither of expected anything.

The first week of January were a blur of packing, talking, planning, and otherwise getting ready to go. We would be there for the same flight out, but stay a few extra after Alana left two weeks in. We made sure her parents had information on how to get in touch with us and what not as well.

A few days before, my wife had Alana come over to talk about the trip and things to do. I came home later and walked in as they were talking in the kitchen eating Christmas cookies and drinking milk. They acknowledged me and I told them to keep talking and I'd just listen.

As I got my dinner, the talk soon turned to beaches and Alana asked about beaches on the map. Some beaches were crowded and some were high surf so Cate was explaining them to her. Alana asked about one beach and Cate said, "oh, that a clothing optional beach." I never paused because I didn't think anything would follow.

"Oh, we can go there! Unless you guys don't do those beaches? I'd love to go to one!" She looked up and her eyes darted from me to Cate.

Besides having the deer in headlight look, I blurted out a, "ahhhhhhhh" but was helped out by Cate.

"We can go if you'd like, but there will be topless women and maybe even nude people."

"I can hang with that... I'll definitely go topless with you Cate!" My heart skipped as she glanced over at me.

Cate was cool as a cucumber and they continued talking about French cusine boats, hiking, and beaches! I stood behind the island for a while with a surging semi-hard on that would get excited at will. Alana would leave about 30 minutes later.

Cate and I would talk a LOT about that evening's events and our thoughts... I think I actually told her, "I have to go to bed as much as I want to continue to talk."

A few days later we would leave. Cate and I flew out together and Alana on a different plane. Because she got a cheaper flight, a few lay overs, and different airline, Alana would actually leave before us at the airport but arrive after us.

Cate and arrived in a sunny, warm and relaxing St. Maarten at just before noon. We actually had time to go to the house, unpack, Cate to do some light cleaning as I gassed up the Jeep and drove back to the airport.

I waited there for Alana whose plane arrived on time with a pair of flip flops, cargo shorts, and an orange Orioles t-shirt on. I told her I'd have the orange on so I'd be easy to spot. Unfortunately, there were a few other orange t-shirt people walking around. I started to worry a little.

It actually turned out easier than I out better than I anticipated. I spotted Alan instantly. She had her long brown hair in a pony tail with a Red Sox hat, tank top with a plaid button down undone over it and some of the shortest jean shorts I'd ever seen. She had flip flops on too and a backpack over her one shoulder. I yelled to her and after the third time she heard me and searched for me with her mirrored aviator sunglasses. When she saw me she smiled and ran towards me.

She jumped into my arms like we were either long lost friends or lovers! She wrapped her legs around me and squealed with excitement. I can recall this vividly. Then she just would not stop about how excited she was to be here, her flight, and how awesome of time we'll all have.

We wandered over to the suitcase carousel waiting for her baggage to come off the plane. We waited and checked and checked and checked some more. No sign of it. We searched all the areas and no luggage was left behind. We checked one more time and no suitcase ever came. After an hour plus we spoke to someone and they had accidentally sent it elsewhere on another flight. The airport gave her $100.00 voucher to get clothes and would give more if it couldn't be sent to her by noon or so in three days. $100.00 doesn't go far... especially since you pack for what you specifically need.

Alana was pretty furious over it and I did manage to calm her down. Accidents do happen and she let a cooler head prevail after that. So I loaded her loan bag into the Jeep about an hour after talking to the lost luggage people and getting her voucher.

Once in the Jeep, Alana seemed to calm down. With the warm breeze blowing, the ocean all around, she began to smile and just relax. I took a much longer way back to the house showing her different places and where we could eat, go to the beach, shop, and anything else she might like. I showed her an old fort, a market, the dock where our boat was (which led to LOTS OF questions), and a couple of clubs. One she spotted right away was a strip club called "Golden Eyes". That sparked some questions... and a "we'll have to check that out, I always wanted to go to a strip club." I can say I was as surprised as I was curious (see aroused slightly) at her interest.

We drove up the hills to our home near Oyster Pond and I can still hear her say, "Shut up!!! You live here. OH MY GAWD!" She smacked me in the arm harder than I thought she could (and would) and if there had been a shack a few miles away, I might have joked and drove here there just to see the reaction.

I grabbed her bag and opened the front door for her. She was very excited and went really slowly through the foyer making sure to take in the room before going to the next. I didn't see that coming and half expected her to run from room to room getting excited.

Cate was in the kitchen cooking some cookies as she found out that Alana had a big sweet tooth (like we do as well). Alana saw her and almost tackled her to say thank you for everything. You just kept being in awe of the house and we definitely 'get it' as well. While we have grown used to it, it is rather awesome and just amazing. After a tour of every room in which took almost an hour, I took her outside to the patio by the pool. She saw the pool and frowned that her luggage had been lost. Cate looked at me and gave me the look. Us guys know this look... the look a woman gives you saying, "oh honey... sweetie, baby... I NEED (insert item or items). She didn't need to do the look (as I would have done it anyways) so after we had some cookies we'd go shopping.

Alana and Cate were talking like long lost friends nonstop and pretty much ignoring me. I was happy to drive and be their 'b*tch' carrying things, opening doors, and being the good husband. Although Alana had a voucher for $100.00, we spent closer to 7x that on clothing for her and a dress and a bikini for Cate.

When we stopped at the bikini stores, I found myself checking out Alana. She modeled the suits for Cate and I and it really gave me a look at her lean body. As I stated above Alana is tall at 5'10" and weighing in at the same weight as my wife who is 5'07" (a whopping 134). While my wife has some massive boobs and great curves Alana was no slouch either. I think it a safe bet to describe her boobs as "B cups" and her body despite being thin was curvy. Those legs were nice and long and her butt was very squeezable!!!

At the end of the day near 8PM, we wound up buying two bikinis, three dresses, heels, two bras, underwear, and probably some other shit, I didn't know about. I learned quick to just swipe my card and smile. Near the end of shopping, Alana did ask in ear shot of me, if I was okay. My wife agreed I was quiet as pretended to not be listening in (sorry babe!). They both came out of one of the last stores and apologized to me for neglecting me.
I didn't see everything we bought her or Cate, but I would see some of tonight as we would take Alana out to dinner at a classy seafood place that was French. She was very excited as were as well.

In the parking lot before we left the stores, Alana hugged my wife saying, "thank you" about a hundred times. She promised to pay us back. When she hugged me, she whispered in my ear, "thank you Matty" and I'd be lying if I wasn't turned on that she called me by the pet name Cate did.

Back at the house, I for once let down my fellow men, by being the LAST to be ready. For that I feel great shame and lose 'Man points' for doing so. When I came down stairs in a button down shirt and khaki pants, both ladies looked stunning. Both my wife and Alana had one dresses that were very short, but yet classy. My wife's boobs were not on display and again both women looked great.

We arrived at the restaurant and were seated almost immediately. As soon as they sat us, the waiter started to speak in French and Alana immediately felt out of place and had no idea what he was saying. I translated for her and spoke exclusively in French to him as did Cate. Alana was staring at me as I did most of the talking and asking of questions. When he walked away to get our beverages she said she was amazed with my French. Alana said it was pretty "HOT" when a guy spoke French and then caught herself realizing that she was talking about my wife's husband (me).

"It's okay, Alana! It is pretty hot when a guy speaks another language!" She grinned as she winked at me and we all had a little chuckle at my embarrassment. Our table only sat four and I felt Cate's leg rub against mine as she winked suggesting, that later I might find out how "HOT" it is to her.

Dinner came and went and so did drinks. Finally dessert was offered and crème brulee was had by all. It was great night and we drove back as we were all yawning a little. Once home, Alana said she wanted to go to bed as the traveling had tired her out so Cate and I did as well. We told her in the morning there would be fresh pastries, fruits, and cereal available to her in the kitchen and we'd be down by 8:00AM. She smiled and said thank you again, hugged us both and slipped off to her room.

Upstairs, I took off my clothes and came out to find my wife standing there looking outside in nothing more than pair of sexy panties. I came up behind her naked with a growing hard on and wrapped my arms around her and those big boobs. She loved that feeling of security she got from me and we stepped out on the small balcony and looked at the ocean together.

Before long I was penetrating Cate from behind and she was slamming her ass back against me as I made her exceptionally wet. As I grabbed her hips and she held the railing she glanced back at me with a look of sexual desire and then looked back out. She groaning slightly and then without any warning, pulled out of me dashed to the doorway in the bedroom. I was confused as she grabbed my hand and yanked me in. She almost snapped my cock in half and before I could say anything she peeked through the window curtain and we both saw Alana's sliding glass door illuminated with light her leaning against the railing down to below looking out at the ocean. Given that she was still there and letting the warm breeze blow, she probably never saw us, but as Cate would say, "she could have very easily!!!"

Now back in the bedroom the mood had been ruined and we both turned in to bed. FUCK!!! I was still horny, but Cate was still worried. We drifted off to bed with my cock never having released it's load! Damn it!!!

More will come shortly!
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Default Great start

What a wonderful stage you have set. Can't wait to see where this goes...
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Default Love the Story

Anxiously waiting for the next part. Please continue!
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Default Second day

WOW, I didn't expect that kind of response. Thank you for those who messaged and replied on here and of course the "THANKS" is never a bad thing on here. So, without further distraction I will pick up where I left off.

The next morning came quite early. Cate and I had set alarms to get up and get moving and Alana agreed to as well. Cate was up first and as I checked the news and weather on TV, she hoped in the shower. Nothing had changed weather wise so I went into the bathroom.

Cate was rinsing her hair in the walk in shower and asked if I wanted her to leave the water on. I said yes and proceeded to undress. After tossing my clothes in the hamper I saw her getting out so I opened the door wider so I slide past her.

Being a man and pervert, I had an ulterior motive. She slide past me, but not before I playfully grabbed a solid handful of her ass. It was firm and yet very easy to squeeze.

"Hey!" is all she could muster. I raised and lowered both my eyebrows repeatedly as I closed the glass door to the walk in shower, but not before hearing her.

"Later, I'm going finish what we started last night." I remember thinking, as if I needed to coaxed into it!

Later I came down the steps and saw Alana and my wife sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and having a bagel each. Cate was kind and had one in the toaster for me and I gobbled it down after putting on some cream cheese. I also finished it off with some orange juice.

It was then I took into account what the girls were wearing. Alana had a pair of short mesh shorts showcasing her long legs and a tank top which is essentially a t-shirt she ripped the neck open on (as it looks like) and slit the sides revealing her fabulous form. Underneath is one of the bikinis we bough (as I was told) which is chocolate brown in color. I obviously can't see the bottoms with her shorts covering them. Alana's hair was in a pony tail and rest on top of her head were those aviator sunglasses.

Then of course Cate... Who had on a black tube top and khaki shorts. She looked phenomenal to me and given how horny I was last night... I had a rather one track of mind of what I wanted to do.

As I washed the dishes and put stuff away, I had a desire for more orange juice and poured myself another glass. The girls put a map on the table with the lap top and their phones and were trying to plan out our 'FUN' for the day. Talks of food, sun, and activities quickly turned to some stories and laughs.

Without turning around, I managed to get them back on track and they... well, Alana picked our beach. As I washed the dishes and put them to dry, I was afforded the opportunity to listen. Sometimes it is better to listen than say a thing. I would turn around every so often to stare at their butts. Both were bent over the table and Cate's was swaying to music coming in on the radio. I had to be careful because if not I might get caught in her asses hypnotic trance and decide to jump her.

As I turned around I saw Alana's pointer finger land on a spot on the map and she said, "I like this beach from what I've heard." I couldn't see where, but knew what was around the area based upon where she pointed. It isn't like the island is HUGE.

There was a very brief silence and Cate mentioned, "Okay, that's on the French side and is a very clothing optional beach."

Alana didn't hesitate. "Is that bad?", she questioned.

"No, I just wanted to let you know there will be topless and nude people on the beach."

"Yeah, I know." Slight pause. "I mean I have no problem going topless with you Cate." She looked with here eyes at both Cate and I. I grabbed that orange juice quick and managed to make sure it was at my lips drinking so Cate would have to respond. The look on Alana's face was definitely one of question. I can best describe it as one similar to those who offer up a restaurant when a group is trying to decide upon somewhere to eat. The person throws an establishment out and then looks at everyone to see if it is "okay".

"Sure, we can do that." Cate looked at me as I downed that orange juice seeking the last drop so I would not be involved. I got the feeling she was both annoyed at me and amused. I think the amused feeling one out because after we exited kitchen a few minutes later she slapped my ass hard with a devious smile and mouthed the word "fucker" to me.

An our later we were making our way to the beach via a short path. As soon as we got there, we knew we had struck gold. The beach was not very crowded. We settled on a spot about 20 feet back from the water and within thirty feet of anyone else. I was unpacking the one bag looking for my headphones for my phone when I caught Alana in her bikini. She looked great and definitely like a model. Her boobs were small, but that ass screamed for two hands to be on it grabbing it. I wasn't staring, but before I knew it, her top was off and I saw her boobs on display.

I think B cup best classifies them, because they are not A's. She has a tattoo on her rib cage, right under her boob and one on her wrist. I know I checked out her cute nipples, but her ass... It is very nice.

Cate saw me and made sure to help make my jaw drop. She ditched her tube top and was topless in those khaki shorts. Her beautiful D cups ever so slightly bouncing in the sun. It didn't help that she slid of her shorts thus making her boobs jiggle more. It only took a few minutes, but I grew very comfortable with the girls being topless. I wasn't sure how Alana would react to seeing me naked so Cate and I kept our bottoms on.

People watching was fun and all three of laid on the huge blanket and watched. It still shocks me a little who and who won't go nude at the beach. If we had popcorn It would have been the icing on the cake as we watched, laughed and commented on people walking past. We started all of us in various sitting positions, but after a few minutes we were all on our stomachs watching. Cate on my right and Alana on my left. When the wind blew her long brown hair would flow just close enough to my face that I could smell lemon. If I told you it turned me, than I would be proudly telling the truth. I thanked god, that my aroused cock was in the sand.

"Oh look at this guy" Alana blurted out and here walking just in the water was a guy maybe 5'8", but having trouble walking. He was easily pushing 300 and there he was completely naked.

"He looks like one of those video game characters that gets hit over the head and shrinks down to nothing!" We all laughed. My wife let me know of the next group walking by with a little nudge...

Two girls in their early 20's with killer bodies, perky natural big boobs, and nice asses walked past us. Both girls were incredibly fit and sexy. My mouth was open and I'm sure if I could have had my tongue roll out, it would've.

"Whoa, easy tiger!" Alana interjected. I gave a shy look of disbelief. "I saw that... Cate?"

I sheeply said, "Can't a guy look and get a chuckles at the same time." Cate agreed with Alana and then both started to laugh. I rolled my eyes and got into a book I was reading. Alana and Cate were still playing the game for some time and hours passed. I left the towel and went into the water and threw around a Frisbee with the girls.

After a small lunch of chicken salad, g****s, and chips we went back to laying on the towel. I was getting far along in the book I was reading which involved a guy who was allergic to the sunlight when I felt Alana tap me.

"Oh, you gotta' see this." I looked up thinking she was alerting me to a sexy woman or something and worse case scenario a larger woman. Boy, was I dead wrong.

There down in the water was a guy who had that body that all girls want on their man. Muscles, abs, and an ass girls want to grab. He had perpetual five o'clock shadow and great hair too that probably looked great no matter what. Then I saw it... he had a rather large penis. It hung down and swung gently as walked in the surf. I glanced over at her with that look that said, "really, you bothered me for that?" Alana was staring and all but licking her lips. I glanced back at my book and then over at Cate who was watching him as well. She was peaking over her aviator sunglasses at him as the wind blew her hair gently. She would never see it, but I gave her the "not you too" face. They both began talking and Cate described him as a David Charvet look-a-like. Both Alana and I would look him up on her phone. Me because, I had no idea who that was and her because she wanted to see if he was single. When I saw him, I immediately recognized him from the show Baywatch from the 90's (as I type this... I realize I have just dated myself). Yes I watched Baywatch back then in high school but I definitely didn't tune in for him, but... I can admit that he is a good looking guy.

The girls continued to stare as he walked in the surf and went out in the ocean. I could feel neither wanted him to leave and they were rather transfixed on his penis. They would talk to each other with me in the middle and the theme of their conversation went from R to XXX quite quickly.

Alana mentioned something about holding, "IT" while Cate wondered "how big IT got." These woman spoke about him like I wasn't even there and giggled like school kids having seen their boobs in a magazine. Then Alana upped the game and wondered what it would be like to stroke it and Cate put the cherry on the sundae with a comment going something like, "forget that... imagine it in you!"

Alana reached over me and the two girls high fived as I heard her say, "right!!" Glancing over at the doppleganger of David Charvet, I noticed something when a woman walked past. I grinned and decided to rain on their parade. I got up and both girls gave me the "what are doing?" look and I merely grinned. I strolled right on down to the water and within feet of him making sure I was standing close by. "David" immediately saw me, smile, waved, and as I walked past him, he checked out my ass. I knew it. I could all but here the 'bummer' and frustration of them crying that this guy was gay. Inside I howled and made sure to walk past him again. He gave me a smile and I simply waved. As I walked back to the towel, I could feel his eyes on me for a second. Never before had I ever been so excited to have been checked out by another male! Both girls gave me disapproving looks as I returned to the towel and dried off. Cate was leaning with a rolled towel against the cooker reading and mumbled "asshole" and Alana followed with "jerk" which made me erupt in laughter.

I sat down laughing and before long we were all reading. Soon "DAVID" was forgotten as Alana read her magazines and Cate and I followed with books.

After a few more hours we headed for home. We got home and after we all showered, we decided to head out to grab a bite to eat. I dressed casual with a t-shirt and shorts, while the girls wore dresses. They both looked lovely and I sort of kicked myself for not dressing nicer, but no one said word (especially my wife). We stopped in at a place called Big Fish in Oyster Pond.

We chatted and joked over some bang bang shrimp, and tempura fried shrimp (we couldn't decide). Alana thought the Moscow mule sounded great to drink and ended up getting intoxicated by the end of the night. Our food, service, atmosphere, and time there were amazing. I'll gladly 'plug' this place as a must go and see. The owners Mike and Theresa came out and chatted with us. It was funny and flattering of Theresa to ask which woman (Alana or Cate was my wife). We all chuckled over that.

Cate and Alana were a bit intoxicated and I drove so I had just a beer. As we drove back, Alana asked Cate how big "David" from the beach was in the penis department. I almost snapped my head over my shoulder to look at her. Clearly the alcohol was talking and my wife already buzzed heavily said, "Maybe a little bigger than Matt." She patted my shoulder and Alana questioned if she was kidding around. "Nope!" The remaining car ride home we listened to some music on the radio and the girls tried to sing. Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You came on. My wife pretends like she can sing like her... but she is fucking terrible. Alana chimed in with singing too and I chuckled as they both sounded bad.

At home, I parked the car and we dropped off leftovers in the fridge. Cate asked Alana if she needed help getting to her room, but she said, "no thank you." Then she turned towards us hugged me. She looked me in the eyes and kissed me right on the lips saying, "thank you sooo much for letting me stay here!" She moved from me to Cate and gave the same hug and kissed her squarely on the lips as well. Both of us were shocked as she all but skipped away saying "night my peeps".

I broke the silence, by saying, "that escalated quickly!" Cate laughed and we headed up to our bedroom.

Once in the bedroom. I made my move and wrapped my hands around Cate's waist from behind and kissed her neck. I didn't need to see her face t know she was smiling as she said, "about time, tiger!" I lifted her dress and found her pussy which was not covered by underwear. It was wet and I proceeded to rub it as I kissed her neck. I would switch from side to side on her neck as my other hand cupped her rather large gorgeous boobs. Like a vampire, I opened my mouth and sucked on her neck careful not to leave a mark from sucking! She moaned and bucked her ass into my crotch.

It didn't take long, but she let out a moan, I was sure Alana would've heard had she been downstairs or even outside, but since the detached rooms were not open... I wasn't sure. The wetness that found my hand meant she orgasmed as her hips bucked a little and she went a little limp against me basking in enjoyment. She was out of breath and I continued as my hard on in my shorts grew. She reached back with a hand and ran it through my hair as I just worked her with my thumb and fingers. She was breathing very hard again in no time and I felt her moan harder and more wetness... It was a record, but I think she was more than horny all day, but hid it well.

She pushed away from me and for a second I thought she was mad... then she grabbed my hand that had been in her and licked my fingers. "MMM... that tastes so good!" That made my cock raise to it's fullest attention.

Cate carefully took off her dress and bra as I removed my clothes. Then she assaulted me. Well, I guess you can't assault the willing. She pushed me down on the bed and proceed to grab my cock and start to suck on it. It wasn't a gradual build up either. She went straight for sucking me hard. I would be lying if I said, I didn't enjoy. She pumped up and down on it as she squatted in front of me. Using her other hand on and off to hold onto my thigh and touch herself more. She used those great lips to go down half way,then pull back, and finally repeat. It was very enjoyable.

At some point I looked down and just wanted to taste her. I managed to stop Cate without ruining the mood and get in the 69 position. I started first and she did taste great. She moaned slightly as my tongue went to work on her and she balanced herself on her hands and just used her mouth on my cock. My mouth was getting greedy as I pushed farther and farther into her with my tongue and my nose was beginning to nudge around her ass. She liked it, but wouldn't say and picked up the pace as she moaned without taking my cock out of her mouth. I ended up licking just by her anus and she went wild. As I returned to her pussy she was slamming up and down my cock with just her mouth moaning as I got her closer and closer to orgasm three.

I remember suddenly feeling the urge to blow, but not before first getting her off the third time. As she moaned she pulled off my cock. I couldn't see her, but I lost control from that incredible suction and blasted.

I saw as I peaked over her butt, a fountain of cum raise up over her head and come down on her head. The explosion of cumming made me close my eyes and without being able to see much I just enjoyed it as I blasted. Cum must've have peppered her face as she moaned through that third orgasm and definitely her chin got clobbered. My ass clenched near the end as I shot out the last few rounds of ammo and she collapsed onto my cock and chest. She began to lightly kiss and lick my pelvic region. It didn't dawn on me right away, but she was cleaning me off. After a few minutes of that... she rolled off proclaiming she needed a shower.

When I saw her face, all I could say is, "sorry, that looks like a good bit." Cum dripped off a make-shift cum goatee and four rivers of cum ran up from her nose to her hair line. A big glob was on her nose as well. Some would say I got her good. She nodded and grabbed the camera... "HERE" and made me take a picture of her holding my cock with her special face paint on. I wish I could share, but I can't. That picture is just for me. Then she got into the shower, but not before saying, "It was well worth it though!" I smiled and got in after a little and then held her as we fell asleep.

The next day would bring about more adventure and more nudity from Alana. I will leave you with some photos of Alana. Sorry for covering her eyes... but.... it is better than nothing. More photos to come and with nudity.... ! The pics come from a later night so... please be bare with me... but I wanted to give YOU the reader something! Please tell me if you are enjoying this story as well. If it is boring, I'll stop.
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Great story and cannot wait for the next part.
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Excellent read, I always enjoy the effort you put into writing with all the details that make it easy to imagine I'm there! Love the pictures by the way, she is very sexy... can't wait for the next installment!
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Default Thanks!

Keep it going, buddy. You know I always enjoy your stories. Alana looks as amazing as ever. To be on vacation and having Cate and Alana all to yourself is like a dream come true! Good for you!
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Default Day 3 & 4

Thank you again to all who commented, liked, and otherwise reached out to me to "keep going" with my story.

As you can guess, I slept fairly well.

I awoke first as Cate slept beside me. It was pretty early for vacation time (that time where you sleep in later than you would if you were home). Or perhaps we are weird because we do that from time to time. Regardless, I gently got out of bed and used the facilities. I figured you'd rather hear that than me saying, I had to piss...

When I got to bed, Cate was awake as I came into the room, but still in bed. Her fabulous boobs jiggled as she moved to look at me strut out of the bathroom. Seeing those boobs and her long brown hair flop behind her as she looked at me and smiled got me aroused. My cock started to rise, but she couldn't see it. I stared at her because I do love her and think she is pretty amazing. The silence must've been too much because she spoke first.

"What?" she shyly said to me...

"Nothing. You are just so beautiful and amazing." I think that shocked her as she blushed a little and smiled wider.

"Awe. That is sweet to say."

"Well I mean it." My cock was parallel to the floor as she continued to look at me.

"You want a BJ?" I think the needle skipped off the record. When a woman asks you this, you take it! Don't over think it, try to play it 'cool' or say, "maybe later". Just Take it!

"SURE! You don't have to ask me twice!" I love her world class BJs and she knows she gives great ones to me. I approached the bed and she shimmied over the edge and jerked back the covers that covered her lower parts. She laid on her back with her head and hair dangling over the edge as I came to stand over her. I bent at the knee and lowered myself down so she could do her work.

She would proceed to give me a slow sensual blowjob. Going deep, slowly pulling back, and repeating. My hands would wander down below and I cup those boobs and play with the nipples as she slowly sucked me off. I found myself running my hands through her hair as she slowly worked her magic on me.

Occasionally she would stop and let my cock fall out of her mouth. She'd look up with a wanting mouth and desiring eyes. If I didn't know any better, I'd say she wanted me to cum hard an fast. I could not help her with fast... hard would come.

She used her hand after about fifteen minutes of sucking and repeated sucking after a few tugs on it. She'd use one hand and then add her left so she was sucking and twisting as she went. As I would slowly get ready she'd let it pop out of her mouth and continue to go down on me while stroking. I was beginning to lose control and my legs felt weak. The weakness came from Cate, she sucks some great dick and I proudly endorse her! She was getting me close by going slow, but steady.

After a good 1/2 an hour she had me. I was going to bust and with those green eyes she looked up at me as she stroked me into her mouth. I shot a good load in and moaned out a guttural sound of pleasure. I watched as two larger projectiles entered her mouth. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and re-aimed it at her chest. Three or four more loads of cum spurt out and globbed up her chest. After I was done she continued to tug on me making sure she got it all. After I was done, she continued to suck making sure I was not holding any back. She swallowed the little bit in her mouth and I slowly caught my breath.

I would ask her what that was for in the shower and she just smiled saying, "she just wanted to." I know women better than that, No one just Wants to, but who was I to complain. After washing and dressing we headed downstairs.

We thought we'd beat Alana out of bed. We were wrong. She was downstairs eating a bowl of cereal and looking at her phone. We both looked at each other because we never expected her to be up so early.

"Good morning!" Cate said to her.

"Morning." She said back looking at her phone. "You two have a good night sleep?"

I looked at Cate and mouthed the words, "FUCK!" She knew something. Cate responded, "Sorry, I guess you heard?"

"Oh, I heard Matt!" She stood up smiling a devilish grin. In my mind, I felt bad.

And then Cate said something that made both of us look at her. "Sorry Alana, I needed to give him a blowjob this morning and I'm quite good at it. Matt was trying to be quiet, but when you are this good... It is hard!"

There was a moment of silence and we all laughed. Alana began to cry from laughing and I roared as my wife kept her composure for a little and then joined in. As the laughter died off I asked what they would be doing for the day, while I got the boat ready for tomorrow.

Alana was rinsing out her bowl and putting it in the sink. She spoke first, "Can we hang out by the pool and work on our tans?" Cate agreed and Alana walked past her.

My wife used her hand and moderately swung and smacked her ass as she walked past! Alana hollered out, "Hey..."

My wife looked back and me gave me the "opps" face as I grinned. I watched the ass of Alana's jiggle a little as my wife slapped it. I would replay that moment a couple of times this day.

I arrived at the dock and boat at around 10AM. I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. I was prepared to get dirty as I would wash the boat and take it out to make sure it was okay after gassing up. It was also fun to people watch down at the dock too. You never knew what you would see or who. To date, I have seen a "LOT" down there that I didn't think I would see at a dock. So... I hoped today would prove equally entertaining.

So I started to cleaning out the boat. In a matter of ten minutes of working, I would lose the shirt and make sure I had enough sunscreen on to be safe. I don't burn quickly, but you don't want to give the sun an excuse. As I wiped and cleaned up the boat, I would occasionally look away from my boat to others. The boat we had inherited was pretty damn nice and I know nothing about boats. It is a Sea Ray 320. I know nothing about in grand scheme of boats other than how to do basic stuff of mine. I do know that if I sold it, I could pretty much buy my house again. It is a newer model and sleeps four comfortably. I hate to say it, but I really really like it. It (the boat) hasn't convinced to learn more about boating, but when we come down I get excited to take it out.

I did some light cleaning on the inside first and then worked on the outside. It was not boring. People watching is rather interesting and you never know what you will see. The stall two down from me had some music going and activity on deck. I tried to see more but from inside the boat or even on it, the view was obstructed. I needed at times to walk down the dock and made sure to pass that boat. It was a little larger than our boat, but probably double cost if not more and taller. On the back of the boat was a sliding glass door with a curtain that was semi open and a very sexy woman in her in 40's moving things in and out as rock music played through speakers. She had long black hair (judging by the color, it was dyed) and brown eyes. She had that dark tan of someone who has seen sun a good bit, but some white tan lines too. Seeing her in ripped jean shorts and a bikini top was exciting. She was taller in height: 5'09-5'10" from where I was walking with long (down to her mid back) hair). She had her belly button pierced and pink nails. Aside from that, I didn't get a good look. She picked up a box and saw her busty boobs (easily C's) and a nice plump ass. I smiled as I walked past and she smiled too. On my next pass back through she said, "Hi" and I said "good morning" although it was noon. She corrected me and I grinned saying, "yeah you are certainly right." She was trying to lift a heavy box and I asked if she wanted help. She did and I came on board and helped her.

I ended up helping her lift several boxes and come to find out her name was Beth. We spoke for probably an hour as I helped her. Beth explained the boat was her ex-husband's and she got it in the divorce because he didn't want it. She evidently loves the boat. We continued to talk as I helped with a few things. Conversation flowed like we were old friends and definitely never entered the realm of flirty. She'd be fun to go boating with and hang out with Cate and I. We exchanged numbers as she invited me to a cookout later in the week and I said we'd think about it.
She bid me farewell as I left to go back to my boat.

Another couple of hours passed and I worked my butt off to clean the boat as I got behind helping Beth. I was sweating like a mother fucker and used my t-shirt as a towel because I was so nasty. I used the hose I was using to rinse off the boat at times as a shower and sprayed myself off. That cool water felt amazing and soon the sun was set on removing the water with it's warm rays. My hair was still damp when I heard, "Want a beer?"

I looked up and saw Beth. She had lost the jean shorts and was now in a black string bikini. While she looked great, I didn't have any pervy thoughts. I said yes, and she explained she didn't officially thank me for helping her. Beth shared she liked my boat and it was nice to meet a decent guy on the dock. She bid me a good day and left. I would be lying if I didn't check out her ass as she walked away. I would also be lying if I said, I didn't have my first pervy thought of her. That ass of her's is great!

I pulled into the driveway and was tired, but not from working too hard. I needed food. So I ate some chicken salad in the fridge and some chips. I put my phone and keys in the basket so I would know where I put them. This would be a moment of precognition although some might cough it up to chance (more on that soon). As I walked out of the kitchen I saw through the sliding glass door a sight I was happy to see. Cate and Alana were goofing around and laughing on the patio by the pool. I watched for a second and then opened the door and headed out to see them.

As I walked around the pool I heard, "there's our boat hero! Is it ready to go?" from Cate. It was then I officially noticed they were both topless. They had the sheen t their legs, arms, bodies, and face one has when they have gotten oiled up and tanned. Both of them looked great. Cate and Alana were sitting on recliners with chocolate brown and black bikini bottoms on respectively. Both girls sat up and stopped reading and smiled. Alana waved and I waved back.

When I got closer, Cate stood up and gave me a hug. Her boobs pressed against me felt pretty amazing. She said, "I missed you!" and kissed me. The taste of alcohol was very prevalent and I immediately froze. Then I snapped out of it as she giggled. I looked down and saw a red Solo cup sitting on the table between the recliners (although I'm pretty sure they don't have "SOLO cups" in St. Maarten... probably generic). I glanced back at a giggling Alana and saw she was sipping the last of what was in her cup.

"Have you guys been drinkinig...." Pause. "Without me?"

Giggles.... "maybe a little", Alana laughed out.

I looked a Cate and knew her and Alana had been having a great day without me. b*tches! "So I while I worked my ass off cleaning the boat, you two have been having a grand ole' time here?" I said it with a shit grin and they both laughed. In the few minutes I had been there. I could tell Cate was intoxicated and not drunk. Could she drive a car legally? No. Was she out of control drunk? No also. I suspected the same with Alana, but I was no judge or medical professional.

Alana hopped out of her chair and said, "Somebody needs a hug." Seeing her stand so quickly left a little jiggle in her smaller, but nice boobs. She walked slowly towards me and as I opened my arms for a hug. She sprinted and tackled me. Normally a person of her weight and build would not have been a problem, but I was not expecting the tackle.

I flew back with her into the pool. As I hit the water we sunk and I immediately had the "oh fuck, my phone!" I did the pocket pat-down check to double check I had taken my phone out and immediately, I remembered I had. As I came to the surface, I heard laughing and giggling from both of them. The water felt great and I did let them know I enjoyed it. I also grabbed a retreating Alana's leg as she attempted to swim away. "Oh no, not so fast!" My hand pulled her ankle towards me, and while she attempted to wiggle away, her attempt was futile! She resisted minimally when I grabbed her waist. Her hands went around my wrists as I pulled her against me. Uncertain at first what I was going to do I held her moved towards the shallow section. It was the playfulness I would've shown with Cate had her ass in been in the pool with me. However, it felt right and Alana did not resist. Then I decided what I was going to do. In a quick motion I moved so I could launch her and pulled her close under the water and dropped down and then when I hit the bottom I used my legs to propel myself up and out of the water with all my force. When I was out of the water I pushed Alana out of my grasp and back towards the deeper section. She flew a good three feet with her legs dragging in the water and a "don't" being yelled out. She could've gotten away at any time so, I think she rather enjoyed it. I made my way towards to steps and exited.

Alana was treading water and laughing as was Cate who had her aviator sunglasses on. As I got out, I took off my shirt which was drenched and hugging my body. It was rather difficult to remove. I pulled down my shorts hoping to just walk back into the house with my boxer briefs on. Unfortunately made a critical error. My underwear had clung to my shorts and came right down with them.

I knew immediately my bare ass was out there and the silence that happened seemed to be for minutes. I quickly pulled my boxer briefs back up as I heard, "awe... show over so soon?" Cate giggled as she said it. I was officially embarrassed and that took a lot. "How about it Alana, wasn't that a nice ass?"

I didn't hear anything for a second and didn't want to turn around to face my abusers! Then Alana spoke. "Yeah it is. We deserve more!" Cate shouted out a "Oh yeah!!!" and the giggling continued. I decided very quickly that they would get the show they said they wanted and took a deep breath and yanked down my underwear the whole way and stepped out of them. I was only nervous because of Alana as after all, Cate had seen me naked a "few times" over the course of our marriage. My ass was towards them both and I could safely walk back into the house without showing my 'twig and berries' to her. It was tempting to do though and I immediately got a little aroused at the thought.

The silence was shocking as I walked back into the house and I thought at first I had crossed a line. When I heard my wife yell out, "C'mon, turn around!", which was followed by Alana laughing. I knew I was good!

Inside I would take a shower and change and the girls would come in. We'd end up all getting dressed and going out to pick up some fresh fish and grilling it with some corn and veggies on the grill. We'd have a nice relaxing night and get an early start in the morning. Nothing more was mentioned about my 'nice ass' that night.


The next day came quick, but 5:30AM does. I was surprised to see Alana up and ready to go when we came down to eat breakfast close to 6AM. We were all ready to go and highly excited about a day on the boat. Alana had a loose fitting tank top on, mesh shorts, and her bikini top on, while Cate had her bikini top and khaki shorts. I never get tired of seeing Cate look so good with so little effort. It is probably while we work so well as a couple.

We loaded in the Jeep and drove to the dock. As we loaded up a few things I made a few trips back and forth to drop off stuff on boat. On the second trip back to the boat, I looked over at Beth's boat and saw it was quiet and dark as the sun was starting to rise above the water line and give off a great pastel look across the sky. I wondered if Beth slept on the boat or just kept it at the marina?

By 8:30 we were on our way out of the harbor and headed towards Tintamarre Island. The island is uninhabited except for some reptiles, birds, and a few goats. It is not that heavily visited and almost like a page out of paradise. We took a very scenic trip around showing Alana places and such from the boat. We traveled south before heading north to the island and by 9:00, both girls were topless on the boat along with me although no one cares if I am. A sense pride flowed with me having two hot women topless on the boat.

Cate was below looking for something and I felt arms reach around me from behind. It shocked me for a second as I heard Alana say, "Thank you! This boat, the house, the beaches, this trip, and you guys rock!" I felt her bare boobs against my back and my cock immediately let me know it felt them too. She let go as I told her she is welcome and don't forget to thank Cate too!

When Cate came topside Alana swooped in and got a hug as well. Cate was taken by surprise as Alana hugged her tightly. Seeing two topless women hug was not helping me keep my penis down. We traveled north to Tintamarre island and when we got there Alana was in awe. She just was shocked at how pristine the water and beach were; how there was almost no one there; and how the place just looked gorgeous.

When we got there was one other boat that had dropped anchor. Otherwise no one else was there. We took the better of the areas to drop anchor and basically swam ashore. We went back for a cooler that floated and a backpack that we put on top with our blankets and towels in it. By 10 or so we were putting our stuff on the beach and relaxing.

As we laid out our blankets to lay down on and organize our stuff I caught Cate out of the corner of my eye taking off her bikini bottoms. Ordinarily, I wouldn't mind this, but given that Alana was with us, I was worried how she'd react. I need not worry as Alana followed without even a care. I watched from behind my sunglasses as the girls stood beside me completely naked while I had my trunks on.

Alana's naked body is very streamlined. She isn't busty, but she isn't an "A" cup either. Her ass is nice and her pubic hair is completely shaved off. I found myself getting turned on looking at them and then decided: "what the hell." So I stood up and dropped my shorts as Alana was lying down on her stomach.

I stood there pretending to look down the beach with my sunglasses on and secretly looking down and to the right to see if Alana was looking. She didn't pay me any attention for a little as Cate looked hungrily at my cock. She lathered up with sunscreen and I helped do her back as Alana paid no attention. As I was about to sit down, Cate asked if I needed help with the sunscreen and I said that would be great. Like a keyword, Alana tore herself away from her book to look as I stood in front of Cate naked. I saw her look me over and check out my cock. She flinched a little no expected to see me naked, but never looking away.

Cate would squeeze some lotion in her hands and do my thighs and chest. It felt good for her to put the cool cream on me and rather sensual. After that she squeezed some more and grabbed my balls and cock. Alana watched as Cate basically gave me a handjob. She stroked and massaged my balls and shaft making sure to put lotion on it thoroughly. I felt Alana's eyes staring as my cock got a semi erection and cate worked my shaft up and down in hopes of covering it in protection. She would massage in the rest around the back on my butt and back.
Alana just looked me over and I honestly didn't know if it was a bad thing or not.

When we sat down I immediately grabbed a beer and handed two to the girls. In the warm breeze it felt good. We sat and chatted as I scanned for more boats. Nobody was coming... at least yet. I laid out and found myself looking over the girls and their tan lines. I like the tan lines and found myself getting rather aroused so I went back to reading about a gunslinger and his quest for a tower.

We spent a good part of the day on the beach. It felt like we drank a lot, but no one got tipsy. Played with the Frisbee, went in and out of the water numerous times. A few other boats came and went but no one really bothered us. In the we ended up fall asleep after we put up and umbrella. I remember waking up to Cate on one side and Alana with her arm around me. It was close t to perfect and close to 5PM when we did. We hung out a little while longer and packed up. After dressing (it seems so odd to say we got dressed on the beach) we swam back with the cooler and got on the boat. We decided to watch the sunset from the boat as we swam back. Alana mentioned about drinking some wine with cheese & crackers and soon we were all thinking about it on our way back.

Upon getting on the boat we used the hose to spray ourselves off. Alana must've felt comfortable, because she lost her bikini and sprayed herself off naked while Cate and I watched. My cock was aroused and I just couldn't hide it. Watching her rinse the salt water off and then wrap herself in a towel was pretty hot. I thought I'd be okay, but Cate did the same thing. Seeing her lift her boobs and sway to make sure she was rinsed off well didn't help my cock. Damn it and oh yes, at the same were the thoughts I had. When it came to my turn I too ditched my suit as the girls drank wine and sadly watched me. I felt like a piece of meet and liked it at the same time. My cock was seen by them both and a very forward Alana broke the silence.

"He has a nice dick.", she said with serious voice.

Cate wrapped up in a towel, would nod in agreement and say, "Oh yes, I agree."

I asked for a towel and didn't say a word about it, but inside I was so turned on. As soon as the towel was around my waist my cock let out a sigh of relief and got hard. It was as if it had fought hard to not get hard with these two here and I don't know how it did it.

We would have wine with crackers & cheese and then take the boat back to the dock. Once we got back at near 8PM we were all tired. We loaded up the jeep and closed up the boat for today. As we passed our last trip to the jeep, I noticed Beth's boat was not in it's stall. I simply said, "hmm?" out loud and no one really questioned why I did it.

At near 9PM we would finally get home, unpack and get to bed. As I laid down next to Cate we would close our eyes without saying a word. The silence continued until she whispered to me, "you do have a nice cock." We both laughed and talked for a little before heading to bed.


That concludes day 3 and 4. I'll pick up soon on next adventures. As per Beth, I've included a picture of her for your viewing (see first picture). Naturally you know that there is more to her going forward in some context or other. We'll get there... eventually. Oh and of course Alana pictures. You guys want and I want to deliver. Please tell me if I have made any errors or you don't like the story.

I may have taken some liberties with the time, but it is pretty much accurate other than that. Seriously, I appreciate any all criticism and love positive responses too. Let me know.
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Great update! Love the story and the pics are icing on the cake, looking forward to next time!
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Default Buddy...

You are one lucky motherfucker! I hope all is well with you!
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