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Old 12-08-2015, 01:11 PM
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Default Encounter with a hitchhiker - Inspired by real events

I don’t normally do fiction but…

I had written this experience from the summer to submit to the Non Fiction forum but had fantasised about it further so to entertain myself when Mrs Ferg was away I carried on writing. It was actually a turn on putting it in writing and I thought I’d share the end product with OCC members.

This belongs in the Fiction section because it is an embellishment of a set of true circumstances.
I leave you to decide where fact meets fiction.

We were driving to the naturist beach one day and as usual my wife Maggie had a flimsy see-through blouse on and a short skirt and no underwear so there wasn’t much undressing to do at the beach. She also did this for my entertainment as it’s usually the build up to some playing around we would do later .

On the way we saw a hitch-hiker, a lad of about 20 maybe, so stopped to see where he was going. He was heading towards the coast so we told him to jump in.
His name was Tom and it turned out he was on holiday with with 2 mates but they’ve met up with some girls and he was the unlucky one and didn’t want to play gooseberry.
We gave him a lift and he sat behind me in the car.
We had about an hour further to the coast so we got talking and Maggie asked him about himself. He said he lived with his parents and didn’t have many close friends and hadn’t got a girlfriend, - something he volunteered. Maggie and I got the impression he’d never had a girlfriend. Apparently his family were quite straight laced and old-fashioned and he respected that, but would love to have more freedom to enjoy himself like other young men.
He seemed at ease and was quite happy to discuss his background but he was clearly the quiet type. He seemed quite sheltered by his parents and this was his first trip away without them and they were relaxed about it because they knew and trusted his friends. In spite of his character he seemed keen to chat, maybe pleased that someone was talking to him as an equal.

He had moved towards the centre of the back seat and leant forward to talk more easily to both of us, at least that was his original intention. The result was that he was closer to Maggie and in a better position to see her tits through the sheer blouse she was wearing. Her short skirt had ridden up and her thighs were also on display. A couple of times she reached over to the middle to pick a bottle of water up and I’m sure it was possible to see her right breast and nipple as the blouse gaped.
As we were talking I was watching in the rear view mirror and I could get glimpses of his face which was flushed and I could see his eyes were everywhere.
A couple of times we stopped at traffic lights and I turned to talk to him. He seemd a bit flustered and didn’t know where to look. After a while I noticed he seemed to have a hard on which he was trying to conceal with his arms across his lap. There was also a small wet patch on his shorts where the pre-cum was starting to seep through. He’s obviously struggling with the sight of Maggie’s tits only a few feet away. She had noticed this as well and was turning around more to talk to him and showing him more.
Another little trick that we had worked out before was that if the passenger vanity mirror was left down at the right angle it’s possible to see the lap area of the front passenger seat from the back.
It’s hit and miss with tantilising glimpses but still possible. Maggie let her skirt ride up more so maybe, just maybe he gets a flash of her pussy. She doesn’t shave it so he could maybe get a glimpse of bush. The first time in his life maybe? In my mirror I noticed him glance at the vanity mirror a few times.
I found this all quite hot but had to concentrate on the road.
We finally arrived at the beach and parked under the shade of the trees. I got out and stretched and Maggie got out and straightened her clothes. In doing so her movement maked her breasts move freely under her blouse and her nipples were clearly visible through the sheer white fabric. They are also erect from the friction on the blouse and I started to get a bit of a hard on myself.
Tom was back in right hand rear seat and doesn’t move so Maggie opened the back door on her side and said “are you OK Tom”. He says nervously “I’ll be out in a minute”
Immediately she can see his problem as he was still trying to conceal an erection and had his arms folded across his lap and he’s looking flushed and a little embarrassed.
He’s not hiding his excitement very well and he knew Maggie was fully aware of the situation, -a situation that she has knowingly brought about.

She decided to put him out of his misery and slid in the back seat beside him. “Lets see what we can do about this” she said moving his arms away gently to reveal the bulge in his trousers. He didn’t resist or say anything. She gently unzipped his shorts, he was wearing loose boxers shorts that didn’t contain his cock very well. She reached inside and gently released it. It’s a presentable size, maybe six and a half inches and quite thick. His foreskin was fully back due to him being rock hard. He looked nervously at me through the open window “It’s Ok I said” and moved around to the other side of the car to watch from there. Maggie opened her blouse and released her breasts. She took his right hand and placed it on her nearest one. She started to stroke his clock slowly as he stroked her breast , nervously. I could tell that this was the first time that Tom had ever touched a woman, and the first time a woman had touch his cock. He was rock hard and trembling as she gently moved her hand up and down his shaft and rubbed the pre-cum over the bulging head of his cock. She then put her head down and gently took his cock in her mouth and eased down and up a couple of times and lifted off him.
She stroked again with her hand the full length using the natural lubrication.

Tom was shaking even more then suddenly his eyes were shut, his head thown back, his mouth open as he let out a deep groan as his cock erupted, all over Maggie’s arm, hand, some hit his face, her face and tits. It was that kind of ejaculation that comes after a long suspense and built up tension and excitement. Such was his state of excitement he had lasted about 30 seconds before cumming. Clearly his first time at the hands of a woman. Maggie laughed and said “Wow, that was a lot, I think it’s even got my hair” He smiled and relaxed and little.

I sat beside Maggie so she was in the middle. “Hey what about me I said?” “Patience, you’ll have to wait” she said. “let’s get cleaned up and get to the beach” I was happy to wait because this little scene with Tom had been part of my build up and it was worth the suspense”
Now that she had dealt with Tom’s erection problem I knew that her next thought would be to wait till later and maybe give him a further taste of what he had been missing.
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