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Old 05-20-2009, 07:03 PM
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Default The Venus Tournament

-This is a ENF story that involves public nudity, humiliations and tickling. The idea is inspirated by a japanese anime called Variable Geo (also known as V.G.).-


"Are you sure, Tasha?", asked a worried Runa to her best friend. "The Venus Tournament... i don't think was a good idea!".
"Don't worry! I will not lose, i swear!", answered Tasha finishing to dress. "I have to win the money to keep our house...the bank will not wait longer!".
"But if you lose!", continued Runa going out the dress shop with Tasha. "You will lose everithing...i mean...this is humiliatin...".
"Runa, stop!", interrupted Tasha. "I made my decision and i already got the V-Card, so i can't back down!".
Tasha was a beautifull girl of 5'8, with fantastic long red hair and green eyes, 36 c boobs and a body really sexy and athletic. She had on her right hand a strange blue magnetic card with a great pink "v" on his top and she handed it to Runa.
"See? With this i can battle for the title of Ultimate Venus into the fighting tournament!", said Tasha smiling. "When i find another girl of the tournament i have to put it into the special cabin of the Venus Corp. and our fight will be an online and television world show!".
"I know it!", answered Runa blushing. "But do you remember the girls of the past tournaments...they lost the fight... and they lost...all...oh such humiliating...her body online...!".
"Trust me!", said again Tasha putting her hands on Runa shoulders. "I'll win...maybe you had to partecipate to!".
Runa blushed as the girls walked down the street. Suddently a female voiceinterrupted the embarassing silence.
"Tasha Oulet?", asked the voice with a bit of malice.
"Yes!, answered Tasha turning the head to a 6'1 tall female with a very sexy tanned skin and long black hair that had the same V-card of her into the left hand.
"Oh my god! is laready time?", asked Runa to her friend.
Tasha did not say a word but nodded as she put the V-card into a strange phone cabin near her.
The tall girl did the same as she watched to an embarassed Runa with her penetrating deep brown eyes.
Suddently a great steel structure similar to a wrestling ring appeared in the middle of the street, followed by a great ammount of cameras to record all the fight.
"My name is Raye Juno and i'm going to beat you ass, litle girl!", said the tanned girl removing her jacket and exposing a red and white bodyhose fighting dress. Her boobs were really big, more then Tasha, and bounced a little as she dirobbed.
A strange sound, like a ring bell, rang and the two girls started to fight.
Raye hit Tasha with a strong punch into her stomach and the redhead went on her knee.
"I don't think you are too strong...hope your body will be as good as you suck!", said Raye laughing hard.
The tanned girl kicked Tasha on her tight shoulder, then on her left one and the redhead went on the ground.
"Ahahaha! You'll lose everything in no time...better for me...and for them!", said again raye pointing the cameras.
"Come on Tasha!", cheered Runa. "Use the moves we tried togheter!".
Raye tried to kick Tasha again, but the redhead grabbed her leg and threw her into a ring side, then she hit with a couple of punch into the stomach and kicked her neck.
Tasha started to breath hard...but she only heard a deep laugh
"Ahahaha! You believe you can beat me with this?", said Raye rising up. "I have trained alot and my body is really strong!".
Raye jumped on Tasha an then threw her to the ring ropes and then she did a suplex in a perfect wrestling style.
Tasha was dressed with long elastic jeans and a white blouse and Raye tried to remove Tasha's jeans.
"Hey! Not fair!", shouted Runa.
"Shut up!", shouted back Raye. "All is fair into the Venus Tournament...but i have an idea to humiliate more your friend!".
Raye started to remove Tasha's left shoes and then grabbed her nude foot and started to wriggle her nails on the sole.
"Come one sugar! Give up so i can win and you will lose everything!", said Raye continuing to tickle.
Tasha started to get aroused both for the tickling and for the enphasys on the term everything.
"Come on Tasha! Come one!", cheered Runa.
"Now it's enough! I'm sick and tired of you!", shouted Raye stopping the tickling and going down from the ring and approcching Runa.
"Maybe you want to be exposed a bit!", said Raye as she pulled Runa's top down and exposing her balck bra on her 34c boobs.
"AHHHHHHHHHHH!", shouted Runa covering herself as Raye returned on the ring.
But as Raye put a foot into the ring she received a strong kick on her neck and she went down to the mat.
"Bad idea to leave me alone and give me a break!", said Tasha smiling and starting to kick Raye's body furiosly.
"Not time to lose, sugar.",said Raye rising up.
The two girls collided witha strong kick and...Raye fall to the ground defeated.
"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!", shouted Runa going into the ring and hugging Tasha.
"Ehm...Tasha?!", said Runa blushing. "You still have your jeans half down...your ass is kinda...nude....b*tchy girl you don't wear panties!".
Tasha blushed as she adjusted her jeans and said: "No silly! She tried to remove my panties to!".
The crowd was on fire, knowing what was coming but the V-Card Cabin said: "Tasha Oulet wins a level 4 Fight!".
"Now is time for humiliation!", said Raye rising up and blushing hard.
Raye started to remove her pantyhose fighting dress and standing in her bra and panties and with the pure intentions of removing them to.
"Wait!", said Tasha. "This is just a level 4 fight...full nudity is only from level 3 to 1...you don't have to expose yourself to the word!".
"No!", answered Raye blushing and smiling. "Glory for the Winner...about the loser...well for the loser only the humiliation rappresented by the public nudity, nude tickling torture and the lost of all the clothes. This is the meaning of Ultimate Venus Tournament! Now i'm doing this not for their entertainment...but for me!".

As Raye said those words she removed her bra and then she breathed...after some seconds she pulled down her panties and then she covered herself.
"Now is time for my purification!", she said as she rised up her hands up and exposed her completely naked body to the crowd.
The people started to whistle and shout as the took photos of her gougeous big boos, her shaved pussy and her rounded ass.
Her big brownish nipples were fully erected and she was visibly excited by that thing is happening to her.
Suddently a great steel block appeared in the middle of the ring. Raye watched it with excitement and fear.
"The loser must purificate...and this is the way to do it...burning the clothes and making the way home in the nude!", explained Tasha.
"But the worst part...", she continued. "Is that you can't cover yourself, you have to do it with hands on the hips or behind the head!".
"Well at least she avoided the nude tickling torture that is in level 2!", exclaimed Runa as Raye started to go down from the ring, completely red for embarassment and not covering her goodies. Her boobs bounced at every step as she walked into the crowd (defended by the Venus Police to avoid ****s ar stuff like that) and she started her way home all exposed...as a bare nude loser!".

Tasha watched the entire scene thinking: "How many times i will have to see this to win the money...and...if i lose...i could be the one completely naked!".
Tasha started to get a bit wet and excited at that thought.
"Are you ok?", asked Runa.
"Yes, yes!", answered Tasha. "Just beaten up a bit...let's go home!".
Tasha and Runa started to walk to their houses but the redhead could not stop staring at that bouncing nude ass of Raye...thinking of her in the buff like that...

Hope you liked that...sorry for my english but is not my first language
Comments are welcomed!
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Old 06-15-2009, 07:19 PM
willie_mayes_hayes7 willie_mayes_hayes7 is offline
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I liked it alot..... would love to read more
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Old 06-21-2009, 10:57 PM
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Default Moar!

Originally Posted by willie_mayes_hayes7 View Post
I liked it alot..... would love to read more
Listen to the man! Another installment wouldn't hurt my feelings at all!
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Old 09-12-2012, 07:16 PM
deadpool13 deadpool13 is offline
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Default awesome

loved it, it would really be great if you could continue the story
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