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Old 05-06-2005, 09:14 AM
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Default HNF: Humiliated Nude Females

HNF: Humiliated Nude Females

OK, What this is about…

I realize that there is a fun aspect to One Click, and I don’t mean to steer away from the humor and light-heartedness that one gets when seeing the pics and videos here. So, as you read this post and look at the pics, don’t bite my head off and keep in mind that I am also out for light laughs, too.

Recently I was writing to a member back and forth and discussed with him in some detail an ordeal I went through (that I already wrote about in the appropriate post.) He used a phrase that I have now heard for about five times, including from my husband: “I’m really sorry that happened to you, but to be honest it really turned me on.”

I have not only heard this, but have read it also. Including at forms where women have had some seriously humiliating things happen to them, not just mere embarrassment. One of the worst (best?) was at a site where a woman described her systematic stripping in a catfight, where she was up against someone who was dressed for a fight and she wasn’t. The poor girl was wearing her “dance” clothing, and had a fight picked on her by another girl who wasn’t a better fighter per se, but was in jeans and a tight fitting (impossible to forcibly remove) stretch top. At the end of the fight, she’s stark naked, not even a shoelace. (She didn’t want the fight, but it came at her, and she was in an easy to unzip/strip off strapless dress, strapless bra, and g-string. She was nude in about a minute and a half.) She writes about how her boyfriend and his friends were beside themselves, as the girl’s boyfriend and his friends took it all in, including the bouncing of her breasts, and views of her vulva and bare ass, presented in the most unladylike fashion as the fight came toward its end.

Of course, after spilling her guts out to the internet, one of the comments was, “I’m really sorry that happened to you, but to be honest it really turned me on.”

So, a girl “gives up” to the men and women enjoying her humiliation three or four looks:
1) (optional) The realization something is wrong. (This is optional, because it only happens where there was an immediate stripping process, and her facial expression is one made almost to herself.)
2) The look down at her nakedness.
3) The shock of her nakedness.
4) The immediate attempt to cover up
5) (optional) The look back at the guy/girl/guys/girls/group now seeing her naked, and the realization they are taking it all in. (This is optional, because she may be too busy running away or looking down.) I’ll wager this is the payoff expression that all the guys want to really milk that humiliation.

But maybe the ultimate HNF occurs when the person/people responsible for the girl’s HNF experience acknowledge to the victim that that is their purpose. Then you also get this anticipation on their part and on the viewers (yours), and the situation is milked for its humiliation.

All of these are examples of HNF’s

#001 – The sole purpose IS to strip her naked in front of television cameras.
#002 – The realization the guy’s pulling down her panties and has now seen it all.
#003 – Every now and then (don’t I know it) you find yourself in a medical situation where you have had to lose your gown and you’re stark naked in front of one OR MORE! (sorry, never mind) persons, some who are not doctors, AND IN THEIR LATE 20’S LIKE YOURSELF (sorry, again) and, in these circumstances, believe me, you are humiliated.
#004 – The professor of a class had a party that was crashed by a student she failed. He made her and two other women at the prof’s house strip and be led around the house. (Maybe she should have passed him?)
#005 – Same as #004, but here’s the top student. Maybe a bad day to wear thong panties.
#006 through #009 – Forced to strip during a house break in. (#009 is probably thinking, “Alright, are you satisfied now?”
#010 – One of the few times when the absence of eye contact says it all. ‘I had to strip naked for this guy. Fuck.’
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HNF #006.jpg   HNF #005.jpg  

HNF #004.jpg   HNF #003.jpg  

HNF #002.jpg   HNF #001.jpg  

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Old 05-06-2005, 09:29 AM
admin admin is offline
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I think it's important to point out the difference between your photos and the average ENF material found here.

These photos are staged or posed for the purpose of acting out someone's fantasies.

In real life, it's not okay to point a gun at someone and force them to strip and it would not be appropriate to post photos or videos of any real life situations where a woman is being abused in that way.
Old 05-06-2005, 10:53 AM
flashphoto flashphoto is offline
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Default Don't like this thread.

I gotta be honest with you. Even if they're staged, I don't care for the images themselves. The one thing I have always liked about this site is the fact that women are treated as women, and not as second-class citizens. I stopped posting at Voyeurweb because I got tired of seeing women being called every derogatory name in the book, and I don't agree with that.

To me, if a woman wants to expose herself for the fun and enjoyment of it, that's fine. But when we see pictures like this, it's just more of that old "let's give the b*tch the treatment she deserves" shit, and I would really like us to give them the respect I feel they REALLY deserve.

Sorry, Jessica. This is not a reflection on you, just the post itself.
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Old 05-06-2005, 01:22 PM
marcello marcello is offline
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I love them, thanks
Old 05-06-2005, 04:35 PM
neewmy neewmy is offline
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Those are just creepy.
Old 05-06-2005, 07:59 PM
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Default some reservations

I can understand anyone being creeped by these pics especially if they have ever been in a situation even remotely similar. But as for me, I am less bothered by them (staged, that is) than real pics of women being forced to pose for husbands who like to dress them up in cutsy outfits for their own pleasure. That has been posted here also. If a woman has voluntarily consented to appear in the nude with a gun at her head, then I am OK with that. Art nude themes can often be somewhat perverted and violent, but for the sake of "art" they're acceptable to me as long as they are not overly graphic.

On the other hand, a real woman posing under duress is far less acceptabe to me. If she doesn't want her pic taken, then I don't want her pic.

Still on the otherhand, I'm not comfortable with guys getting turned on by a woman's misfortune and some of the things Jessica wrote bothered me more than the pics themselves. There is a point where the thrill talked about would seem to encourage violence against women. But nobody wants to see real suffering, at least I sure don't. A little staged violence or "friendly" defrocking may push thing a little, but it's only not acceptable to me if it is clear that the woman's true feelings have been hurt or ignored.

Old 05-07-2005, 06:06 AM
gco0307 gco0307 is offline
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I have to agree with Flashphoto here.

For me, it does not matter whether staged or not but when a gun is being used it hints at a forced scenario and personally I find that a major turn off.

Nothing against the poster who is trying something new.

Old 05-07-2005, 11:57 AM
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Default Embarrassment V Humiliation

I have research the psychological meaning and difference between these two terms. The text books seem to define them so;-

Embarrassment is a feeling of self-conciousness which occurs when you have broken some cultural norm and have been seen (others know you've done it) to do so by peers (people of at least equal status).

For example, you are seen naked in your back garden by the neigbours (embarrassment) your not suppose to be naked in your back garden.

Your seen naked by a neigbour in your bathroom, you don't feel embarrassed because you can be naked in your bathroom.

Humiliation is the feeling of revulsion or anger experienced when your norms are violated by others. For example, your norm is to shower in your bathroom, you look out your window and you see your teenage neigbour leering at you.

Now obviously the feeling of embaraasment is determined by your culture. being seen topless on the beach by starngers isn't embarassing. Being seen naked walking down the shoping mall is.

But been forced against your own norms to lie toples on the beach is humiliating. You'd feel anger towards the person forcing you.

Interestingly i have not found any research on ENF in the literature. It tends to refer to embarassment such as spilling drinks, getting names wrong etc, social embarassments. Humiliations, tends to refer to torture or sexual offences. So perhaps we need to do some research on such things as being locked out nude, being seen by neigbours, streaking etc.
Old 05-07-2005, 12:02 PM
vidpro vidpro is offline
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The guns are a bit over the top, but the concepts are great. Less violent versions would be good. Stripped by others when tied, or raiding showers etc. Also bikini tops and bottoms being pulled down by others on the beach, or opening the changing room door while others are standing around. I think this falls under the same category, but without the excessive violence.
Old 05-07-2005, 04:44 PM
tiptopjoker tiptopjoker is offline
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Default what do women think?

i wonder wath they think of this.... it coulb be interrresting to ask them....
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