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Old 06-18-2013, 11:59 PM
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Default WWE AJ vs Kaitlyn Wardrobe Malfunction

I know I just promised yesterday that I was gonna get you guys a new chapter of Power Hungry GM, but after the back to back wardrobe malfunctions from Kaitlyn and AJ on the PPV and Monday Night RAW, I found inspiration for a new story unrelated to my other WWE stories. This one is a little different than what I have done before, but I still like the result a lot. Hope you guys like it too and next time I'll be back with more for the Power Hungry GM Series

Itís backstage after RAW, Kaitlyn and AJ, are in the divaís locker room. The two friends are chatting about their title match the night before on Payback, when AJ won the Divas Title from her best friend Kaitlyn, even though on screen they were feuding and playing the worst of enemies. Kaitlyn had already showered and her hair was wet, but she had already gotten dressed into her tiny bra and panties, showing off tons of cleavage and her ass and legs. AJ had to film some stuff for the WWE App though so she was a little behind her friend, wrapped in just a towel and getting ready to head into the shower.

AJ: That was some great heat we got out there the past two nights. Loudest Iíve heard the crowd for our segments in months.

Kaitlyn: Well, tonight it helped that my nipple came out. (nervous laughter) Iíve been nervous to search twitter and see how clear and obvious it is.

AJ: Well, it canít be much worse than when you flashed me ass to the crowd last night at the ppv. Eye for an eye. We both showed a little bit and now the fans are even more interested in our segments.

Kaitlyn: You know that was an accident when your shorts pulled off, you didnít pull on my shirt tonight, did you? I could have sworn everything was tucked in good and then next thing I know my nipple was out in front of the thousands of fans in the arena not to mention the cameras displaying it on tv.

AJ: Relax, it was just a little bit of your nipple. Itís not like you were fully topless or bottomless. That would be awful. Plus the directors told me that the screen went black for a little bit of your slip. Of course some of it was seen as well. (laughing)

Kaityn: (louder and more agressively) AJ, you didnít answer me. Yes or no? Did you pull on my top out there and cause my nip slip?

AJ: Calm down, itís me AJ. Weíre the Chickbusters, remember?

Kaityn: Stop avoiding my question.

AJ: Listen Iím sorry. It was wrong, but it happened letís move past it. Give me a hug.

AJ reaches out to give Kaitlyn a hug, but as Kaitlyn seems to be reaching back to reciprocate she instead yanks the towel from AJís body exposing her fully nude body to the air of the locker room. AJ screams out and goes to grab the towel, but the much stronger and bigger Kaitlyn grabs AJ and starts dragging her towards the door of the locker room.


Kaitlyn doesnít respond as she is just concentrating on overpowering AJ towards the door. Once they reach the door AJ spreads her legs and arms blocking the door from Kaitlyn pushing her out. The women continue to struggle against each other. Kaitlyn in just her tiny bra and panties pushing against AJís nude back, with her breasts and ass pushed against the doorway. Just at that moment the door is pulled open from the outside by Stephanie McMahon. As the door opens, AJís leverage gives way and all three women fall out into the hallway outside the divas locker room.

The hallway is filled with wrestlers, backstage personnel, technical crew, and people with backstage passes. Immediately, everyoneís eyes turn to the jumble of female flesh suddenly on the floor in front of them as AJ and Kaitlyn continue to wrestle around with each other. Stunned silence quickly turns to hoots and hollers from the assembled crowd as the two women roll around wrestling each other on the ground they are treated to wonderful views of AJís little breasts, shaved vagina, and tight firm ass, as well as great looks at Kaitlynís cleavage and ass in her tiny bra and panties.

Kaitlyn is mostly just overpowering the weaker and scared AJ, as AJ is squirming to break free and end her exposure to all the eyes watching her. Finally, after allowing the women to continue to squirm around on the ground for a few more moments as AJ screams, yells, and cries for help, Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston step in to separate them. Big E grabs Kaitlyn by the arms off the top of AJ, by this time Kaitlyn had wrestled around and squirmed around so much in just her tiny bra, that she now suffered a double nip slip way worse than anything in the ring earlier that night, as both breasts are squeezed almost all the way out of their cups. Kaitlyn hasnít even noticed as she is still trying to get at AJ. As exposed as Kaitlyn now was, AJ had it much worse, as Dolph also picked her up from the floor and restrained her with her arms behind her as she tried to break free to cover her fully nude body. Stephanie now stands between the two women as they now calm down slightly and are both now more concerned with their state of exposure in front of all these eyes.

Stephanie: What in the hell is going on here?

Kaitlyn/AJ: SHE DID IT!!!

Stephanie: One at a time. I have no problem continuing to hold you here in the hall until I get answers. Kaitlyn, what the hell are you doing?

Kaitlyn: Me and AJ were talking about our mutual wardrobe malfunctions the past two nights, and AJ told me she pulled on my top tonight causing my nip slip, and she was in just a towel so I pulled it off and decided to shove her into the hallway as revenge.

Stephanie: AJ?

AJ: She exposed my ass last night. It was already an eye for an eye.

Kaitlyn: Last night was an accident, you did tonight on purpose. And now both my breasts are exposed in front of the whole locker room.

AJ: Let me go. I donít have anything on this is crazy. Canít we discuss this in private?

Stephanie: Actually, Big E, let Kaitlyn go. Kaitlyn go get dressed quickly.

Big E lets go of Kaitlyn as she quickly fixes her bra and runs into the divas locker room.

AJ: What about me?

Stephanie: Big E, block the divas locker room door until Kaitlyn comes out. Dolph you can let her go, but AJ you have to wait here in the hallway with no clothes until Kaitlyn leaves as punishment. What you did tonight wasnít cool and you deserve a punishment.

AJ: This is crazy, give me something to cover myself with!!

Stephanie: Dolph let her go. (Dolph lets her free as one arm immediately covers AJís breasts and the other reaches for her shaved sn*tch) There you go. You have your hands.

AJ realizing she has no choice as the much, much larger Big E Langston is blocking the locker room door and all her clothes are behind that door. None of the wrestlers seem to be in a rush to help either in a mixture of enjoying the show and not wanting to cross Stephanieís punishment for her. She just stands against a wall covering her backside as her hands cover her front and she waits for Kaitlyn to eventually emerge from the locker room. Tears slowly drip down her cheeks as she doesnít have a spare hand to wipe them away. The longer she stands there as well, the more different people come up to her trying to make small talk, but in reality just getting closer glances at her exposed body. Finally, after over a half an hour of waiting, Kaitlyn finally comes out of the locker room, fully dressed and holding her bag to leave.

AJ: Thanks for taking your time, b*tch!!!

Kaityn: They made you wait in the hallway, without even a towel? I didnít realize that Iím sorry. I would have been quicker if I had known

AJ: Yup!! Iím sure. This isnít over. We still have to work in the ring and revenge and exposure will come.

AJ now runs into the locker room, finally able to cover up her exposure fully.

************************************************** **

The next night at Smackdown, Kaitlyn is hanging out in the divas locker room with Layla, Natalya, and Alicia Fox.

Layla: I canít believe that Stephanie made AJ stay in the hallway that whole time last night without a towel.

Natalya: Geez, if that was me I donít even know if I could show up tonight and show my face again.

Alicia: I would be worried if I were you Kaitlyn. They put the two of you out there in the ring again tonight, who knows what sheíll try.

Kaitlyn: I feel bad. I figured I would quickly shove her into the hallway and she would maybe be out there for a minute at most, but spending as long as she did out there, not to mention the few minutes that Dolph was restraining her, giving her no cover. I just feel really bad and I canít even talk to her, Steph is going to be the agent for our segment and they put her in another locker room away from the rest of us tonight so I wonít see her until we are in the gorilla position.

At that moment Stephanie walks into the dressing room.

Stephanie: Hello. I need to talk to everyone before I go over Kaitlynís segment with her. Last night, AJ committed one of the biggest sins of wrestling. Lack of trust. Maybe the punishment exceeded the crime, but it worked in the moment. Now Kaitlyn specifically, but this goes to all of you, we need to trust either other out there whether it comes to safety or dignity and remember that. Now Kaitlyn, tonight we need to keep the heat on your feud with AJ, so you two will have to be in the ring again tonight.

Kaitlyn: Yeah, I saw it on the rundown. What are we gonna do out there tonight?

Stephanie: You are ok doing something physical with her again tonight, right?

Kaitlyn: Sure, I think I can trust her after what she had to suffer last night.

Stephanie: OK. Well I talked to AJ and she already agreed to it as she said she trusts you as well. This is in a way the last part of her punishment, but far less severe. Part of her character has been her emphasis on her ass, so what we are going to do is while AJ is in the ring doing an interview tonight, you will run in and spear her down again, but this time you will put her over your leg and spank her a few times.

Kaityn: I like it, it definitely works with where we have gone with it so far. What are we building to though?

Stephanie: Itís looking like we are going to do a lumberjill paddle match at Money In The Bank. You vs. AJ for the Divas Title, and all the other women on the roster will be on the outside of the ring with paddles for spanking. Naturally, after tonight there will be some escalation between now and then to make the stipulation more of a necessity.

Kaitlyn: Sounds interesting. I guess weíll see how it works as we go.

Stephanie: OK. See you in gorilla.

************************************************** *************************

Stephanie and AJ are standing in the gorilla area right before AJís segment with Kaitlyn that is upcoming. AJ is stretching a little bit, but she looks a little bit nervous. Kaitlyn approaches them and walks right up to AJ.

Kaitlyn: AJ, I tried to apologize last night, and I will try again. That went way beyond any joke I planned or imagined and I am very sorry and I hope you forgive me and we can be friends once again.

AJ: It will take a little time before I can fully trust you again, but I do accept your apology for now. See you out in the ring.

AJís music now plays as she steps through the curtain and skips towards the ring, immediately losing her nervousness and switching right into character. She is wearing tight black spandex booty shorts, and a tight black t-shirt that ends right underneath her tiny breasts. Over her shoulder is her newly won Divas Championship, but all the fans can look at is her toned stomach, smooth legs, and firm ass. She makes her way into the ring and grabs a microphone. Before she starts speaking she notices multiple signs being held by fans mentioning Kaitlynís nip slip from the night before. All AJ could think was how much worse she had it from Kaitlyn as even though the fans knew about her exposure, nothing was really shown compared to the exposure AJ had to suffer later that night. AJís anger from the night before begins to grow once again as she begins to talk and going off script.

AJ: So lets not waste anytime. The past few times I have been in this ring, the fans out there have gotten something extra special to see with my butt being exposed two nights ago at the ppv and Kaitlyn suffering a nip slip last night on RAW. (the fans cheer) PERVERTS!!! Well, what you fans donít know is that Iím responsible for Kaitlynís exposure last night, I pulled on her top on purpose causing it to slip out and I wonít go into details of what happened backstage last night, but if I get a chance a whole lot more will slip out next time.

Kaitlyn as she listened to AJ go off script, got angry herself once more as she believed her exposure on television far exceeded AJ being scene by the fellow members of the locker room. Kaitlyn now didnít wait for her cue and came running down to the ring before AJ was ready and delivered a hard spear to the side of AJ just as she was done speaking. AJ being unprepared and hit from the side got the wind knocked out of her and is on the mat gasping for air. Kaitlyn now continues with the plan and takes AJ and puts her over her knee for the planned spanking. However, as Kaitlyn sees those same signs mentioned her exposure that AJ saw, she gets an idea and delivers a hard elbow to the back of AJís head, making her body go limp over Kaitlynís knee as the fans cheer knowing Kaitlyn is about to spank AJ.

The fans cheers grow much louder though as they realize that Kaitlyn is taking it further than they imagined, stunning the crowd by pulling down AJís spandex shorts down and over her ass, leaving her bent over Kaitlynís knee in just her tiny g-string to not show any panty lines. Phones and cameras start flashing as everyone in the arena is capturing video evidence as Kaitlyn smacks her hand down five times across AJís bare ass, echoing with loud slapping noises. Kaitlyn then drops AJ to the mat on her face, leaving her bare ass facing up and a red hand print left on her ass. Kaitlyn leaves the ring and stomps to the back as Big E Langston runs to the ring to retrieve the unconscious and exposed AJ from the ring.

Kaitlyn gets backstage to be immediately confronted by Stephanie.

Stephanie: What the hell was that? That isnít what we agreed to.

Kaitlyn just pushes past Stephanie and continues to walk out towards the exit of the building. Just before she exits the door she turns back towards Stephanie quickly yelling out.

Kaitlyn: She wants to threaten me, then two of us can play this game.

************************************************** *

It is now the next Monday at RAW. AJ and Stephanie are in Stephanieís office.

AJ: Of course Iím upset. Have you googled me since last Tuesday, you can edit it out of the show, but in this day and age every single person in the arena got my ass on their phone.

Stephanie: You did go off script yourself AJ, not to mention you started this the night before at RAW. Your ass at Payback was less than a second and an accident, but you have even admitted what you did on RAW last week wasnít an accident.

AJ: And then I got it way worse later that night from you and Kaitlyn, in front of the whole locker room. How do you think it feels to know that every one of your co-workers have personally and up close seen every inch of my exposed skin. And then the next night to bare my full ass in the ring, in a full arena. Put me in the ring with her and I canít make any promises what happens out there.

Stephanie: Fine, at least for tonight she will have a match against Layla, and I wonít send you out in front of the live crowd tonight, youíll just do an interview backstage. But the build is still going to be you two against each other at Money In The Bank.

AJ just walks out and slams the door to Stephanieís office.


Later on during RAW, AJ is with Josh Matthews backstage for a live interview. The interview is being done outside the divas locker room.

Josh Matthews: With me here is Divas Champion AJ Lee. Now AJ earlier tonight your opponent at Money In The Bank, Kaitlyn defeated top contender Layla. You have seemed to anger your former best friend between defeating her for her title and tricking her for months with a secret admirer.

AJ: Are you going somewhere with this?

Josh Matthews: Well, this has been a different Kaitlyn since she lost the title, are you afraid to get in the ring with her again?

AJ: Of course not. And do you want to know why?

Josh Matthews: Sure.

AJ: Follow me.

AJ turns and enters the divas locker room. Josh and the cameraman stay outside the door as Josh looks at the cameraman confused. AJ now turns holding the door open.

AJ: Come on. Its ok, youíre with me, Iím a diva so I can allow it.

Josh and the cameraman are hesitant, but follow AJ in. There isnít anyone in visible in there at the moment, however running water is heard coming from the shower area. Just then Kaitlyn comes out of the shower area wrapped in a towel. AJ suddenly rushes her before Kaitlyn is even aware of the situation. AJ quickly takes advantage of the situation ripping the towel off of Kaitlyn and exposing her fully nude body to the camera, broadcasting live in the arena and on television. The screen quickly goes black for the audience, but everyone got a quick and clear glimpse of Kaitlynís large, fake tits and shaved pussy.

Still in the locker room, Kaitlyn screams at the cameraman and Josh Matthews to leave as AJ waves the towel in her face mockingly. Kaitlyn not caring about her state of undress now tackles AJ down to the ground in the locker room. Just at that point, Stephanie comes rushing in to the locker room, after running over from the other side of the arena. The two divas ignore their bosses presence as they continue to fight.

Stephanie: STOP IT!!!! I WILL FIRE BOTH OF YOU!!!! The two of you probably just cost this company at least a million dollars between advertising and the fine we will get from the FCC.

By this point the women have stopped fighting, but still remain seated on the floor looking up at Stephanie. Kaitlyn is still nude as she half heartedly covers herself up with her towel.

Stephanie: I canít have either of you at tv after the behavior each of you have repeatedly shown over the past week. Your match will still happen at the PPV, but both of you are suspended till then. And ladies it will still be a Lumberjill Paddle Match, but since the two of you seem so quick to remove each others clothes, we are bringing back an old favorite exclusively for PPV. A good old-fashioned Bra and Panties Match, and I will be the Special Guest Referee.

************************************************** ***

It is now the night of the Money In The Bank PPV live in Philadelphia, as Kaitlyn and AJ are making their returns after both being suspended. The hype for the first Bra and Panties Match in the WWE in over five years has reached a fever pitch between the online rumors of naked fights, as well as the incidents that have been featured on tv or in the arena in front of the live audience has caused this match to become the selling point of the ppv. Not even mentioning the extra excitement brought upon by Stephanie McMahon as the special referee and the rest of the divas serving as lumberjills, all armed with paddles. Kaitlyn and AJ havenít seen each other in three weeks and each of them have had a chance to let them anger grow in anticipation as they prepare to head to the ring.

Now within the arena the rest of the WWE diva roster have made their way to the ring, awaiting the arrival of the special guest referee. Stephanie McMahonís music now plays as she comes out from the back, the fans roar in approval to her referee attire, consisting of a half shirt showing off cleavage and her muscular stomach, paired with tight spandex shorts that go down to her knee, not revealing the actual flesh of her legs, but the muscular shape of both her legs and ass are clearly visible with the tight fabric.

Once Stephanie makes her way into the ring, Kaitlyn is next on her way down to the ring. She looks like she means business as she just stomps her way right down and into the ring, and not showing her normal passion or enthusiasm. She seems somewhat nervous about what may happen in the ring as they donít have an agreed upon finish, it will just be whichever diva can strip the other first. Kaitlyn is already regretting her wardrobe consisting of her normal wrestling gear of a tank top showing off ample cleavage and cargo pants.

The last component of the match is AJ, who now makes her way down to the ring with The Divas Title belt over her shoulder. She is displaying her normal confidence as she skips her way down to the ring, wearing her normal wrestling attire of a half shirt ending right below her tits and tight spandex booty shorts. She makes her way into the ring and immediately gets in Kaitlynís face, talking trash before Kaitlyn pushes AJ back and Stephanie jumps between them. Stephanie now grabs a microphone from outside the ring.

Stephanie: Let me review the rules here ladies as there is a lot going on. This is a Lumberjill Bra & Panties Paddle Match for the Divas Championship. The winner of the match will be the first one to leave their opponent clad in only their bra and panties. If either of you exit the ring, your fellow WWE Divas are waiting for you, armed with paddles and under the order to use them. And finally, whichever one of you comes out on top will be our Divas Champion. Any questions?

Kaitlyn grabs the microphone out of Stephanieís hands.

Kaitlyn: I say we make it even more interesting, screw bra and panties, these fans here in Philadelphia always know the inner workings of what is going on, not to mention me and AJ didnít exactly keep our problems private, and this has gone far beyond bra and panties already. Since we are on PPV, how about we start off in bra and panties and the loser will be the first to be without bra or panties. (the fans cheer wildly in approval)

Stephanie: I like the idea. Not like there arenít photos of your full nude body from RAW anyways Kaitlyn. Letís do it.


Stephanie: Well, that is the stipulation now, and if you look around this ring there isnít anywhere to go, so I suggest you participate or else you will forfeit, and a forfeit still means no clothes before you leave the ring. (the fans once again loudly cheer this announcement)

The roles are now reversed as Kaitlynís nervousness was just a ploy as she felt more confident in her body as she continuously googled herself nude from RAW during her suspension and she realized how good she looked. AJís confidence however is now severely shaken as event though she was exposed fully nude backstage, that was bad enough, now her fully nude body could be seen by millions.

Stephanie: Time to remove the clothes ladies.

Kaitlyn doesnít hesitate, as it was her idea she was ready with slightly more conservative panties than normal, as she quickly removes her shirt revealing a secure black bra, still allowing for a good amount of cleavage from her oversized fake breasts. AJ however isnít as quick to remove her clothes, as she backs up nervously against the ropes she is suddenly shocked back into reality as Natalya hardly spanks her ass from outside the ring with a paddle. Kaitlyn is already sliding her cargo pants down her legs before AJ has even started disrobing. Once more showing Kaitlynís preparedness she is wearing boy shorts that show off the bottom of her butt cheeks, but is the far more conservative choice. Kaitlyn is now standing in the ring in just her black bra and boy shorts as she is now waiting for AJ to remove her clothes.

Stephanie: AJ, I am not going to give you much more time. Either you strip down to your bra and panties, or Kaitlyn, me, and the rest of the divas wonít even give you a chance to compete and we will all strip you here in the ring.

AJ now is panicking as she realizes she has no option, but to try and defend her dignity as much as she will possibly be allowed. She starts by pulling her small shirt up and over her head, immediately AJís lack of knowledge of this stipulation is made clear as her bra pushes her tiny breasts up much more to create cleavage, already spilling out of the top of the bra much more than Kaitlynís much larger breasts. AJ freezes now in just her bra and spandex shorts, unwilling to continue to undress. When Kaitlyn threw AJ over her knee on Smackdown a few weeks prior and pulled her shorts down, the fans got a clear image of how tiny AJís g-string under her tights were, and tonight was no different. And now she was to be expected to not only expose the tiny g-string once again, but also wrestle a match in it. Finally, after pausing for as long as she can she starts to slide down the tight shorts slowly as the fabric is sticking to her sweaty skin under the hot lights. Unfortunately, for AJ the more difficult it becomes to slide them down causing her to bend down and point her ass straight up and out towards the crowd, now only covered by the tiniest of g-string and exposing her fully nude ass to the ravenous crowd in Philly. Once again AJ instinctively back up towards the ropes, but is shocked back towards the center of the ring, as this time Layla delivers a hard shot with the paddle to her bare skinned ass.

AJ now stands nervously in the center of the ring as she realizes she is already way closer to be exposed than Kaitlyn. Stephanie suddenly stuns the competitors even more as she takes the womenís discarded clothing and gives it to the crowd, leaving them with no extra clothing to cover themselves.The bell now rings and AJ wanting to use her speed against the much more powerful Kaitlyn runs around the ring as Kaitlyn tries to catch her. AJ is just a step to quick for Kaitlyn though, as Kaitlyn can only reach out and smack the bare flesh on AJís already very red ass. As AJ runs in front of Natalya, she sticks her hand out and grabs AJís ankle causing her trip down and fall on her face. AJ, angered rolls out of the ring to go after Natalya, but all this does is open her up to the attack of the lumberjills as Layla and Alicia Fox use the opportunity to spank AJ a few more times on her already very sore ass. AJ quickly takes the hint and rolls back into the ring.

Unfortunately, Kaitlyn is waiting for AJ and quickly stomps her on the back to take the advantage. AJ is reaching up trying to fight back, but it is useless as Kaitlyn is overpowering AJ. However, in a last ditch effort AJ reaches up, and this time grabs a handful of fabric from Kaitlynís boy shorts. Kaitlyn screams as AJ starts to pull them down from the side, and exposes half of Kaitlynís ass to the fans eyes. Kaitlyn now turns her attention from punishing AJ, to trying to keep her bottom half covered. As AJ pulls down, Kaitlyn pulls up the fabric wearing it thin, Kaitlyn wins the tug of war after a few more seconds of struggling though. Kaitlyn is pulling with such a momentum when AJ loses her grip though that she yanks up her panties into her ass, giving herself a wedgie as she falls down to the mat.

Both women are now on the mat, each with an uncomfortable ass, for a different reason. The two divas now make contact with each other as they resort to old school catfighting on the mat, and not even trying to wrestle as they roll around with a variety of scratches, slaps, and hair pulls. As they rolls over each women take turns sticking their ass up into the air for the fans enjoyment. Finally, after they continue to roll around the ring for a few more moments, a loud scream is heard coming from AJ. It is not immediately clear why AJ has screamed out, but it becomes more obvious once Kaitlyn backs away and stands up and clutched in her fist is AJís g-string rolled into a tiny ball of fabric.

The fans are cheering absolutely wildly, realizing that AJ is now in the ring with only her small bra still providing any cover. They have yet to get a clear shot of any of AJís privates yet as she scampered backwards on her ass into a corner, and both hands clenched over her shaved vagina. Kaitlyn just stands there in front of AJ mocking her with her panties as AJ wonít stand up and she is crying in embarrassment. As Kaitlyn continues to mock AJ, she now takes the wadded up panties and tosses them into the crowd. Stephanie now interjects herself for the first time in the match as she orders AJ to stand up to force the action. AJ refuses as she continues to scream for someone to help her cover up. After Stephanie continues to order AJ to rise at her refusal, Stephanie takes matters into her own hands as she calls Natalya and Layla into the ring.

The two other divas now join Kaitlyn and Stephanie in the ring as AJ is cornered and covered still in only her tiny bra. Stephanie now orders Layla and Natalya to pick AJ up off the mat, As AJ screams for help, Layla and Natalya each grab an arm, prying her hands away from her bare vagina and lifting her up off the mat. As she rises up from the canvas against her will, AJís shaved sn*tch, now no longer covered by her hands, comes into view for the fans to see as well as the cameras broadcasting it. AJ continues to scream for help as Layla and Natalya continue to hold her up and not let her cover herself any further. Kaitlyn now approaches the helpless AJ from behind and unsnaps her bra, letting it fall to the mat and allow AJís tiny boobies to bounce slightly as they are freed from their casing. The fans cheers become even greater and greater as Natalya and Layla force her to face all sides of the ring, showing her tits, nipples, ass, legs, pussy, and stomach all bare and exposed for the fans to see. Kaitlyn is already celebrating with her newly won Divas Title even though all the attention is still on the exposed AJ.

After making sure all the fans had gotten a good clear view of AJís bare skin, Layla and Natalya finally let her go and throw her down to the mat with AJís bare firm ass up in the air. Already bright red from being spanked repeatedly, the divas make it even worse as they start to paddle AJís bare ass in the ring, culminating with Kaitlyn whipping her across the ass with the title belt as she exits the ring. As AJ runs fully nude to the back, clutching her hands to her fully nude body, The Bella Twins chase her up the ramp delivering a final few spanks to her ass as Kaitlyn continues to celebrate her triumph in the ring with Stephanie, Natalya, and Layla, and Kaitlyn still exposed in just her underwear.
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Maryse ouellet Maryse ouellet is offline
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Oh my god that was amazing poor aj but hey she deserved it
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This was an excellent story. I wish I can see a naked AJ in real life
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Loved the story but my only concern with it is that I think it may have taken way from the anticipation your fans had to finally see AJ stripped in your GM story, but i'm sure you can come up with something creative.

Thanks for your hard work.. great story.
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Thumbs up Apologiesfor being offtopic but...

Any shot you have caps of said real slips?
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Wow, just re-read this story last night, and it's awesome. Figured I would bump this for you since AJ has gained a lot of popularity since you wrote it.
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This was a fun little gem of a story too. Considering the fact that AJ always seems to come out on top in the Power Hungry GM story (which I love by the way, no being forced to put over a less-talented pair of twins there), it was nice to read about her on the receiving end of some public humiliation for a change. It was also great that it was at the hands of Kaitlyn and Stephanie. Shades of things to come in Power Hungry GM perhaps?

On a different note, I'm bummed about Kaitlyn leaving WWE. I'm sure it won't be a problem with your Power Hungry GM story since 3/4 of the cast no longer work for the WWE. But there goes AJ's favorite punching bag. The rivalry between the former chick busters was great. Both in your stories and the actual WWE. Best women's storyline they've had in years. But now when I think back about anything exciting that Kaitlyn's done scenes from your stories end up filtering into my mind. Its a pity because I was actually starting to really like Kaitlyn. That rivalry with AJ brought out the best in her, and I'm not just talking about her nipple on that one episode of Raw. Unfortunately, WWE kinda shoved Kaitlyn into the backseat when John Cena's girlfriend and her twin sister decided that they wanted to be the next Kardashians and have their own reality show. So I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next in your Power Hungry GM story between Kaitlyn and AJ and if their future altercations live up to - or even end up surpassing - Kaitlyn's memory.

Keep up the great work. I hope to read more of it soon.
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Default Good Work

Can't believe I didn't find this story until today! Really wanted to get Stephanie as a referee for the match though.
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