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Old 10-05-2012, 10:33 PM
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Default WWE - Power Hungry GM

This is the first story i have ever written. It may be a little wordy in some places but I would appreciate any feedback because it is always tough to judge your own writing. I hopefully continue this as a running series featuring both current and former divas in various ways. I already have ideas for the next few chapters and who will be featured but also if you have any ideas of any divas you'd like to see featured mention them in the comments and I will try to work them in.

WWE RAW opens for the night right at 8 PM in RAW GM AJ Leeís office.

In the office with her is the entire Divas division (WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres, Aksana, Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix, Kaitlyn, Layla, Natalya, & Tamina Snuka) They are also joined by non-active female performers Vickie Guerrero, Rosa Mendes, Lillian Garcia, Cameron & Naomi.

Vickie Guerrero: Excuse Me! Excuse Me! What are we doing here?

Eve: Yeah I have a title defense to get ready for.

Layla: You have a title loss to get ready for!

Eve and Layla get in each otherís faces and a shoving match breaks out among Eve, Layla, Kaitlyn, & Beth. AJ shreiks with an ear piercing scream and the divas quickly stop what they are doing and turn their attention back to AJ. AJ strolls back and forth in the front of the divas as she talks.

AJ: Since I have become RAW GM the least amount of respect has been paid to me by all of you in this room right now. You all still look at me as the cute little girl from NXT or in the middle of a love triangle with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. Well, that isnít the case anymore now I am AJ Lee, WWE Raw General Manager and you all need to start showing me more respect. I know that in the WWE Divas locker room you all talk about me like me calling me ďcrazyĒ, saying Iíve lost my mind, THAT IíVE GONE POWER HUNGRY!!! Well you havenít even begun to see how crazy and power hungry I can get.

Eve: What are you talking about? Are you hearing voices or something?

AJ: (Giggling) Well, thank you Eve for allowing me to display my new system to demand respect.

Eve: I donít need to respect you. I am the WWE Divaís Champion. You NEED ME!! I AM THE DIVAíS DIVISION!!!

The rest of the girls all start bickering again as AJ giggles in the background before shreiking again to get their attention.

AJ: No more interruptions. I went to the WWE Board of Directors and they allowed that from now on all diva matches will occur after the 10 PM hour on RAW which will now no longer be a PG hour like our first two hours. From 10 to 11 we will now have a Mature rating and my punishment system will make sure that we earn that rating. Eve, you need to meet me in the ring for the inaugural punishment. We will make it right at the top of the hour 10 PM to kick off this new era of RAW. You know what how about all of you meet me out there so you can witness just what will be in store.

AJ starts laughing uncontrollably as the camera pans all of the womenís faces with somewhat worried looks. The camera fades out back on AJís faces and into the opening RAW video.


Later on in the divas locker room most of the women are now back there from the earlier meeting. Only missing is Rosa Mendes who is meeting with Primo and Epico to prepare for their match later on and Lillian Garcia who is now at ringside to do ring announcing.

Cameron: What do you think AJ has in mind for punishment from now on?

Eve: I donít care. What could she do that is so bad? More importantly I want to know who is ratting us out to AJ. She says she knows we talk about her in here. Well she hasnít been in here since she got her own office and those stupid business suits.

Eve now approaches Kaitlyn.

Eve: I think it is pretty obvious where she is getting her information.

Kaitlyn: Well youíre looking in the wrong direction over here.

Beth Phoenix and Vickie Guerrero also now approach Kaitlyn.

Beth: Why should we believe what youíre saying?

Vickie: Yeah!! We all know you two are BFFs.

Kaitlyn: Honestly, ever since she started dating Daniel Bryan. Iíve wanted nothing to do with her. She is absolutely crazy.

Vickie: (laughing) She is pretty nuts. Iím gonna keep my eye on you but Iíll give you the benefit for now.

Beth: Yeah that little girl is power hungry, but if she gets in my way Iíll just crush her.

Eve: When we are out there tonight we should just teach her a lesson then.

Layla: We should give her the benefit of the doubt for now. She is the same girl that was all of our friendís just three months ago.

Cameron: Iím with Layla. She isnít so bad. We all have crazy moments herís just happen maybe a little more often than others.

Naomi: She is the GM and with this new mature rating it could be bad to upset her with how irrational she has been acting recently.

Natalya: You guys are just chicken. Iím with Eve, Beth, Vickie, & Kaitlyn. If we donít draw the line on this lunatic than we lose control.

The room starts to split down the middle with Eve, Beth, Vickie, Kaitlyn, Natalya, & Tamina on one side and Alicia Fox, Aksana, Naomi, Cameron, & Layla on the other side.


Its the top of the 10 PM hour for RAW as they come back from a commercial break with pyro going off. AJ is in the ring, with Alicia Fox, Layla, Naomi, Cameron, Aksana, Lillian Garcia, & Rosa Mendes on the outside of the ring. Eveís music hits and she comes out onto the stage with the WWE Divaís Title around her waist. She is followed by Vickie, Beth, Kaitlyn, Natalya, & Tamina. Vickie has a microphone.

Vickie: Excuse Me! Excuse Me! Your WWE Divaís Champion would like to speak.

Eve: Thank you Vickie. AJ I would like to introduce you to the Coalition Again AJ. We all think you are crazy and donít want to work for you.

The rest of the girls are nodding behind her.

AJ: Enough!! My system has been approved and Mr. McMahon is excited for it enough that my contract has been extended indefinitely as RAW GM and beyond that I am also the official GM of the divas so you canít avoid me on Smackdown even. So if you want to continue to work for this company you will participate in the matches I make with the stipulations that I choose. From now on if you disrespect me you will compete in what is known as Attitude Era Redux. We will take a great moment from the Attitude Era featuring the Divas and not only re-create it we will make it better and tonight in Philadelphia we will debut our new segment next.

The look on the divas at the top of the ramp all change from grins to looks of worry as AJ had talked. The crowd is cheering like crazy thought chanting ďShow Your Tits, Show Your TitsĒ.

AJ: Letís take a look at what classic moment will be reborn tonight.

The Titan-Tron shows highlights of what was known as an ďOver The Top, Off With Her TopĒ Match, in which Terri Runnels & BB had to remove an article of clothing every time her representative in the match was thrown over the top rope. However, when BB lost and had to remove her bra Triple H concealed the view from the crowd before she ran into the back. The video ends and shows Eve, Vickie, Natalya, Tamina, Kaitlyn, & Beth all worried at the top of the ramp. AJ is then shown smiling in the ring as the other divas on the outside of the ring are laughing and pointing at the divas on the top of the ramp. The roar of the crowd is deafening with a ďShow Your TitsĒ chant at this point.

Eve: Youíre crazy if you think we will compete with youíre crazy idea.

AJ: Thatís fine you are free not to compete and have your contracts terminated immediately. And Eve you obviously will be stripped of the title. Any diva that quits is free to get their job back at anytime as well. But if you think tonightís punishment looks bad just wait to see what getting your job back will entail.

Vickie grabs the microphone out of Eveís hand.

Vickie: Well, I quit. I donít care because I will be back as soon as your crazy idea fails. Who is joining me?

Vickie storms off stage followed quickly by Natalya and Beth Phoenix. Eve, Kaitlyn, and Tamina remain on the stage.

Kaitlyn: AJ Iíve been your friend. Arenít you taking this too far?

AJ: Itís only just begun.

Tamina suddenly attacks Eve and Kaitlyn from behind knocking them both out with brass knucks.

AJ: See Tamina was my source for the crazy talk going on in the locker room. She will help me show all of you not to mess with me.

As AJ talks Tamina drags the unconscious Eve and Kaitlyn over to the Titan-Tron and ties both of them to the stage standing up with their hands over the heads. Tamina then storms down to the ring chasing after the rest of the divas. She catches Naomi and knocks her out with a punch with the brass knucks. Cameron jumps on Taminaís back and Tamina flips her over knocking the wind out of her. Tamina drags both Cameron and Naomi up to the ramp and tie them up together the same way Kaitlyn and Eve are. Layla, Lillian, Alicia, Aksana, and Rosa all managed to run away.

AJ: When we come back from this commercial break we will debut our brand new segment.


RAW comes back from the commercial break with AJ standing at the top of the ramp with Tamina. Behind her are WWE Divaís Champion Eve Torres, her former best friend Kaitlyn, and Brodus Clayís dancers Cameron & Naomi all still tied up.

AJ: Letís meet who will be competing. First, after Tamina clued me in on their thoughts of my craziness in the locker room earlier I knew that Cameron and Naomi were gonna have to be involved, so representing his dancers Brodus Clay.

Brodus comes dancing out to his entrance music looking just as happy as ever. He goes over to Cameron and Naomi who plead for them to help untie them.

AJ: If you even think about it Brodus youíll be fired and you wonít have a way getting your job back.

Brodus still stops to consider but then makes his way to the ring continuing to dance.

AJ: Seems like Brodus is a fan of the idea, as Iím sure Eveís representative or should I say Bro-Ski will be. WOO WOO WOO YOU KNOW IT!!! Zack Ryder!!!

The crowd pops like crazy as they know Zack still is looking to get payback for the way Eve treated him earlier in the year. Zack goes over to her when he comes out and fist pumps in front of her before continuing down to the ring.

AJ: Finally, for my former best friend Kaitlyn. On one hand we had such good times together back on NXT, on the other hand recently you more than anyone has stabbed me in the back. So you will be a regular participant on these Attitude tributes to give you extra opportunity to be embarrassed but Iíll still help stack the deck for you. So tonight you are represented by The Big Show.

Eve shrieks once she hears that as not only is she have the smallest wrestler in the match representing her, plus one who hates her with a passion. Kaitlyn, Cameron, and Naomi all have a confident look to them.

AJ: Letís start the match.

The bell rings and the crowd is going wild cheering with anticipation for what will happen. Zack, Show, and Brodus all look at each other in the ring and each immediately jump out of the ring all getting one ďeliminationĒ for their women. The wrestlers along with all the crowd is now looking towards AJ to see what will happen.

AJ: Naughty boys. You want to see what will happen. Just this once Iíll allow this.

Each girl is now accepting the reality that this is really happening and contemplating exactly what they are wearing.

Eve having a title match scheduled with Layla for tonight is in her turquoise wrestling gear. A half top with most of her back exposed and showing off just enough cleavage to draw all the menís eyes to her wonderful tits. Her bottoms were just a small pair of shorts that ended just below the curve of her ass. Other than that she still has the title belt around her waste and her wresting boots on.

Naomi and Cameron are dressed in their sparking red gear for accompanying Brodus to the ring. They both have pants that still manage to display both of their wonderful long legs. Their tops are just bikini tops with lots of support. They also have arm streamers on.

Kaitlyn was the lucky one. She was already in her normal streets clothes wearing a tight t-shirt and pair of jeans.

AJ: Tamina, do the dirty work.

Tamina approaches Eve and removes the Divas title belt. She also reaches down and starts to unlace her boots.

Eve: I thought it would be one item at a time.

AJ: Iím getting you down to essentials so we can get his interesting real fast.

Tamina finishes removing Eveís shoes leaving her top, bottom, and whatever underwear may be under there. Eve is turning bright red already thinking how far can AJ actually take this. Tamina now approaches Cameron and Naomi. She uses scissors to cut the arm bands off both women and then starts to take off their boots. Cameron canít help but think back to the moment from Tough Enough when former WWE Diva Trish Stratus admonished her for worrying about her tights falling in the ring. She says to her self only if it was just her tights slipping slightly in front of 15 people she had to worry about.

AJ: I have something special in mind for Kaitlyn. These other girls are all dressed up and who knows what if any underwear they have on under those tights.

The crowd roars uncontrollably as even Big Show, Brodus, and Zach look on with excitement.

AJ: So Iím gonna give you a head start.

AJ grabs the scissors from Tamina and cuts Kaitlynís t-shirt right down the middle. It is now open like a jacket showing off her fake boobs exploding from a simple white bra. She is wiggling from side to side trying to cover up however she can. She had modeled in the smaller before and it wasnít much less than her wrestling tights but it was how it happened that made her so uncomfortable. AJ finishes removing the shirt from her completely leaving her now in just her bra. The building fills with flash bulbs as everyone tries to get their own shot of this moment.

AJ: Iím sure you wish that I will stop there. Donít you Kaitlyn?

Kaitlyn just yells a string of obscenities at her while wiggling back and forth. The crowd is loving it though as her big tits jiggle with every attempt to break free.

AJ: Well that certainly isnít a respectful way to treat the GM.

Kaitlyn: Fuck you. Youíre crazy!!

Tamina now approaches Kaitlyn again punching her with the brass knucks and knocking her out. AJ takes the opportunity to unbutton Kaitlynís jeans and slide them quickly down her legs displayed a pair of baby blue boy shorts. Tamina quickly goes backstage and comes out with a bucket of water. AJ takes the bucket of water and splashes it all over Kaitlyn to revive her. Kaitlyn comes to dripping with water and making her white bra sheer with her nipples poking thru. She is now crying at this point and pleading with AJ to stop.

AJ: I told you to respect me and you didnít care you still chose to call me crazy. Letís continue the match. And now itís no DQ and you men need to put in a real effort.

Brodus and Zach look to each other and decide to team up on the Big Show as they both want to get a better look at Kaitlyn who is still dripping wet. Eve, Naomi, and Cameron all are cheering on as Brodus and Zach knock Big Show back towards the ropes. They start to get him up on the ropes to throw out when Big Show fights back with a big head butt to Brodus. Brodus stumbles back against the opposite ropes. Big Show runs at him for a clothesline and as he lines him out Zack sneaks up behind and flips Big Show out too. Big Show and Brodus are both on the floor as the bell rings to stop the match.

AJ: Well this will get real interesting now. Letís start with Naomi and Cameron.

AJ approaches the dancers who both have very nervous looks on their faces. AJ walks up to Naomi first. They were both on the same season of NXT together and they had never truly liked each other.

AJ: So what is your underwear situation Naomi?

Naomi: You really are a crazy b*tch.

AJ: Iíd be careful or you could show more than even I intended.

AJ now pulls out the waistband of Naomiís pants and looks down and smiles. She then takes the scissors and cuts right down the middle seam tearing the pants from her body. Her long, dark, and thick legs come into view as Naomi is left in only a tiny pair of sparkly red underwear. They are very thinly cut, not quite a thong but not enough to provide much more modesty.

AJ: Geez you really get into the act? Matching underwear. You look like a stripper. And Iím sure you thought we would never know. (laughter)

Naomi is crying now. She had come to the WWE as an athlete and wanted to bring that back to the divas division. On NXT she was a standout, but didnít win. When they offered her a spot as Brodusí dancer she thought wrestling was right ahead of her, but she got pigeonholed as just a sex symbol instead of an athlete which she hated. Now she was afraid she would never live that down as she was standing on the stage while her legs, hips, and most of her ass was exposed with no way to cover herself. AJ now approaches Cameron.

AJ: Youíre lucky for now. But youíre next if Brodus gets knocked out again.

Cameron smiles in relief hoping that her modesty will be saved. AJ now approaches Kaitlyn and without saying anything yanks the boy shorts from Kaitlynís legs without warning. The crowd roars with approval but follows with disappointment as Kaitlyn is still left with a tiny thong to provide her with some cover. Her nipples already poking thru her thin bra due to AJ splashing her with water protrude even more. Her firm muscular legs and hips are also glistening under the bright lights of the stage.

AJ: Oh look Kaitlyn, you seem to be enjoying this.

AJ rubs Kaitlynís breast over her bra with one hand and with her other rubs Kaitlynís crotch quickly. AJ takes the hand she rubbed on Kaitlynís crotch and sniffs her hand. The crowd who has been snapping pictures and cheering like crazy this whole time now breaks out in a ďHoly ShitĒ chant.

AJ: Not only are your nipples hard, your pussy is starting to get wet too. Youíre just a little wh*r*, exhibitionist who likes to show off arenít you?

Kaityn at this point is just staring down at the ground defeated and embarrassed accepting there is no way out this. AJ then takes the hand she rubbed her Kaitlynís crotch with and shoves it in Kaitlynís mouth forcing her to taste her own pussy juices. This snaps Kaitlyn out of her daze and she starts kicking at AJ again and trying to break free. The more she kicks though the more her breasts jiggle in her bra. AJ just backs away and laughs as Kaitlyn continues to bounce around much to the crowds delight.

AJ: Now that we have taken care of the first round of disrobing letís continue our match.

Big Show, Brodus, & Zack are all back in the ring as the bell rings to restart the action. Brodus and Big Show team up on the smaller Zack immediately as they both hope to get a better look at Eve. Their size is too much for Zack to overcome and Big Show & Brodus quickly throw Zack over and to the floor. The crowdís attention quickly turn back towards the stage and specifically Divaís champion Eve Torres who will soon be losing either the top or bottom of her wrestling gear. AJ approaches Eve with the scissors and begins to pull at her top.

Eve: PLEASE NO!!! I HAVE NOTHING UNDERNEATH MY TOP!!! Why do the rest of the girls lose their bottoms first?

AJ stops and turns to the crowd.

AJ: So ladies and gentlemen, but mostly gentlemen, we are gonna have a survey. Who wants Eve to lose her bottoms?

The crowd cheers loudly.

AJ: And who wants her to lose her top?

The building shakes the crowd is cheering so loudly. Quickly, a ďShow Your TitsĒ chant breaks out. AJ approaches Eve again and pulls at her top while Eve shrieks in horror.

AJ: You know what, I donít want to end the game just yet.

AJ switches her hand to Eveís tight bottoms and cuts those with her scissors. Eve is left in a tiny thong, her smooth, tan legs on display for all the crowd to see. Eve seems happier than the other girls, but more due to how close she came to her breasts being on display compared to the other girls.

AJ: Itís time for a commercial break, ladies donít go anywhere. (laughter)

The camera slowly pans by each girl to show the state of undress they are left with. Naomi is shown first still with her sparkling red bikini top, but her long legs on display left with only sparkling red underwear left on the bottom. Cameron is the lucky one having only lost her boots and arm stockings and still with her bikini top and full length sparkling red pants. Kaitlyn is next most on display compared to the rest of the girls. Not set to compete tonight she is left in just a small, thin, white bra that has become practically sheer due to the water AJ splashes her with and the hot lights shining down on her. She also has little modesty on the bottom only in a tiny pair of white thong underwear leaving her ass, hips, and legs on display. Finally is Eve, still smiling with confidence she still has her normal wrestling top on but also has her tanned legs and ass on display wearing only a tiny black thong.


RAW comes back from commercial showing AJ standing with Cameron. AJ has the scissors in her hands and Cameronís smile from before the commercial has turned to a frown.

AJ: Since we all know what everyone wants to see!!! (She pauses to give the crowd a chance to cheer) We continued the match during the break and are ready to continue the fun part of stripping.

On the Titan-Tron video is shown of Brodus being thrown over the top rope by Big Show.
AJ: So it is time to put everyone even.

AJ takes the scissors and cuts the pants off of Cameron leaving her red sparkling panties to match Naomiís. Cameron doesnít want to look up and face the crowd left with her legs and hips exposed not just to the crowd but the millions watching at home and sure to be more once this gets uploaded to the internet. All four girls are getting more and more uncomfortable as this has continued to go on. Each of them thought that at some point this would be stopped. This wasnít what WWE did anymore or expected of their divas. They were athletes not just tits and ass like the Attitude Era. But now that they were all left knowing that the next step for any of them would leave them showing actual nudity on national television and in front of a rabid crowd of wrestling fans in Philadelphia.

AJ: Now it is getting good. Only one of you will actually have to show your breasts tonight. So you better cheer for your men like your dignity depends on it. Triple H isnít coming out with his jacket tonight, these fans want skin and they are gonna get it.

The fans chant ďWe Want SkinĒ even drowning out the bell ringing to restart the match for the final elimination and one of the four divas worst nightmares coming true. Zack, Big Show, and Brodus all attack at the same time, however none of them fully seem to be into it. Each of them want to see their diva exposed but also want to see the other divas exposed. Finally after what seemed like an endless two minutes of action Zack goes for his leg lariat on Brodus. Brodus is too big and strong though and catches him in the air carrying him over to the ropes and dumping him out. Eve shrieks crying realizing that she will be exposed while the other girls immediately all feel more comfortable in their revealing clothes than they did before realizing the show will be over soon for them.

AJ: Naomi, Cameron your punishment isnít quite over for the night. I donít care what youíre wearing, your man just won and you know what that means. Itís time to dance.

Tamina walks over to Cameron and Naomi and cut their hands down. Having already been exposed the girls donít hesitate as AJ yells at them to head to the ring, at this point accepting their punishment. Once in the ring the embarrassment hits a new level as they now feel even more the focus of everyoneís eyes on them only in bikini tops and small bottoms with their long, athletic legs, hips, and nice round asses mostly on display. Brodusí music hits and the girls join him in their normal dance routine as camera bulbs flash crazily with Cameron and Naomiís asses bouncing as they dance to the music. After the song playing the full way thru allowing everyone to get a great look at every inch of Cameron and Naomi available the music stops and Cameron and Naomi rush to the back their asses bouncing every step of the way.

AJ: (giggling) That was certainly fun. Now my former best friend Kaitlyn. You have probably had the worst night of all the girls. Well so far at least. (AJ looks over in Eveís direction as she says that who is just crying waiting the inevitable it seems). Just think, your former best friend, the girl you always stepped on, the one you looked at as the ugly duckling has all the power and you are stuck here with your hands tied above your head, in only a bra and panties, the bra is see-thru at this point so everyone can see your pretty pink nipples. (AJ reaches out and tweaks one of her nipples as she says that, Kaitlyn who was already red with embarrassment turns a shade of red no one thought was even possible). Naomi and Cameron had to go to the ring to dance to finish their punishment and I am sure they will be careful what they say from now on. But you Kaitlyn as I said your punishment never ends, You are just stuck tied up like that for the rest of the show like the little sl*t you are.

AJ now approaches Eve who is still crying and screaming for someone, anyone to help her. It was one thing for AJ to reveal her tanned legs, hips, and ass to the crowd. But that wasnít much less than some of the photoshoots she had participated in but she never would show her tits. She had been offered an appearance in Playboy when she first joined WWE and she denied even though there was a big payday awaiting her. Now that WWE was PG she was a lot more comfortable with the expectations of what to show. But all that would be out the window if AJ followed thru, she would become the poster girl for this new more revealing divas division and she didnít want to be a part of it.


AJ reaches out with her hand and pulls on the top slowly stretching the material. She chooses not to use the scissors building the suspense as the crowdís cheers get louder and louder. While her dignity is still in tact she pleads for forgiveness from AJ, asking what if anything can be done to stop this humiliation. AJ responds simply by saying ďThisĒ as the shirt finally gives way ripping from Eveís body. AJ backs away to give the fans their full show. With her hands above her head and no way to cover Eveís large real breasts. She shows no tan lines at all her tits the same nice dark tan color as everywhere else. And right in the center pointing out and forward were her dark pointy nipples nice and erect in the air for everyone to see. She continues to cry while staring down at the ground not wanting to accept this as reality.

Eve: Untie me!! Untie me!!! Please you showed me off now let me cover myself. I have a title match still tonight please let me find something to put on.

AJ: You are right I do need to untie you so you can get ready for your title match which will be right now!!!

Laylaís music hits and she comes out on the stage. She walks over in front of both Kaitlyn and Eve who are both still tied up and laugh at their unfortunate situation. She continues to the ring confidently smiling. She realizes that Eve will be far too distracted to think about a title match right now. She feels there is no way she wonít leave tonight without the Divaís title.

AJ: Now Eve you still want to wrestle correct?

Eve: Of course just give me ten minutes to go backstage and find something, anything to cover up and quickly collect myself. This is already the worst day of my life, I donít want to lose the title tonight too.

AJ: Ten minutes I canít do. What I am gonna do is we are gonna ring the bell now. And if you want to defend your title we will cut you down and you have ten seconds to get to the ring. No time to get dressed, in fact getting dressed will not be allowed. The title can change hands four ways tonight pinfall, submission, count out, or putting clothes on. It will be no DQ so anything is allowed except covering up. Do you agree?

Eve: Please donít do this. Iím sorry I called you crazy but please let me cover up. I canít wrestle like this it isnít fair.

AJ: Youíre right. So if Layla puts on any clothes she automatically loses as well.

Layla grabs a microphone in the ring with a look of confusion.

Layla: Iím fully covered though look at me I look fabulous.

Layla was wearing her standard wrestling attire. A matching purple half top and shorts that allow just a little of her ample ass to hang out the back but still maintain some modesty,

AJ: All Iím saying is that adding clothes wonít be allowed no matter what the clothing situation is.

Eve gets a smile on her face having an idea. She is now jumping up and down asking to be freed from the ties to start the match. AJ and Tamina canít help but admire the way her natural breasts sway in every way as she pleads to be freed. After about fifteen seconds AJ pushes Tamina over to Eve to untie her. As she is freed from the ropes tying her up she rushes over to Kaitlyn. The bell rings as Eve approaches Kaitlyn who is practically despondent. Eve yells at her to snap out of her as she doesnít have it nearly as bad as she does and help her in the match. Eve unties Kaitlyn as the count reaches five. Eve rushes down the ramp allowing her breasts to bounce all over. She had been exposed long enough now that she wasnít going to lose the title on a count out. Who cares if her breasts are bouncing she realzed she looked good in just a thong and that all the women in the crowd want to look as good as she does. She makes it to the ring and rolls in at nine just in time to break the count. However once she hit the ring the embarrassment hits her all over again.

Once she is in the center of the ring and can realize all cameras and eyes are on her. She looks over to the Titan-Tron seeing her big breasts exposed and on one of the largest screens possible on display for the crowd. Her ass in the thong also on display she suddenly curls in the corner in shame trying to cover up as best she can. Sheís starts screaming at Kaitlyn to help her. Just earlier on they had been aligned tonight so she hoped Kaitlyn could snap out of her shame and help her overcome this embarrassment. Layla finally takes the opportunity to start the match as Eve is still cowering in the corner. Layla approaches her and immediately delivers a boot to the face knocking Eve hanging out over the bottom rope. This provided quite a few for not only the fans in the first few rows with her and her boobs hanging out the side of the ring but also the fans at home as she was facing the camera side providing everyone with a look of her boobs swaying once again proving they are real with a wonderful movement to them. Layla drops an elbow on Eveís back keeping her down on the mat. Layla stays on the mat with her and starts spanking Eveís bare ass as it points into the air. With each smack Eve yelps out in pain as noticeable red hand marks start to form on her ass. This starts to make Eve mad and she rolls over quickly and kicks Layla in the gut and back towards the middle of the ring.

Eve now rises to her feet showing confidence again. All the catcalls and flash bulbs start to become secondary to her and she wants to show why she is Divaís champion. She starts to stomp on Layla her breasts and ass jiggling with every move. Eve now mounts on top of Layla using some of her MMA training to start to delivery some ground and pound. Eve now picks Layla up off the mat and throws her off against the ropes and delivers a back elbow to Laylaís face knocking her down and what looks to be out. Eve quickly goes for a cover hoping to end this as soon as possible but only barely gets a two count. Eve stays on the mat and grabs Laylaís head picking it up and smashing it repeatedly against the mat showing a ton of aggression. She goes for another quick pin but Layla barely kicks out at two. Eve now rolls out of the ring and heads over to the time keepers table. She grabs both a microphone and her Divaís title belt. She rolls back in the ring with Layla still getting up from the mat. Eve takes the title belt and smashes Layla in the head and knocking her out face down on the mat. She takes the microphone now instead of going for a cover


This puts a smile on Kaitlynís face as she snaps out of her daze and rushes the ring as the crowd begins to chant ďSTRIP HERĒ in reference to Layla. Kaitlyn now in the ring with Eve unhook the back of Laylaís top and pull it out from the side letting Layla stay face down. Laylaís large natural breasts squeeze out to the side as she is still out cold from the belt shot and unaware of her state of undress. Eve and Kaitlyn wonít be stopped though and remove her boots followed quickly by her shorts leaving her in a tiny thong. The fans are chanting for Eve and Kaitlyn to continue. Eve looks at Kaitlyn and shrugs and they strip of Laylaís thong. Layla still out cold in the ring is now naked face down with her beautiful round ass facing up and her breasts pressed to the sides. The fans are dying to see more of Layla but Eve and Kaitlyn now back off that she is fully naked. Eve leaves the ring again taking a bottle of water from Michael Cole at the announce table.

She re-enters the ring and pours the bottle of water on Layla allowing her to regain consciousness. She slowly comes to having taken several hard shots to the head and not quite sure where she is after the hard belt shot. She slowly starts to come to her feet unaware of her nakedness. As she stands first her large breasts come into view. They arenít quite as firm as Eveís exposed breasts but they still hang very well on her chest. She has large brown nipples pointing out almost an inch in the exposed air. Still unaware as she stands her exposed pussy comes into view. It isnít fully shaved but it is tightly groomed with a very thin landing strip and her lips protruding as her legs arenít tightly closed. Layla quickly realizes she is in the ring. However she doesnít realize why she is so cold and why there are so many flash bulbs going off. Her back initially is to the Titan-Tron and facing a topless Eve and Kaitlyn in a see-thru bra and thong only adding to her confusion. As Layla starts to question what is happening they point at her to turn around. As she faces the Titan-Tron she comes into full view of her fully naked body on display on the large screen for everyone to see. She immediately looks down in horror realizing what she is seeing is real and screams loudly in shame. Frozen in terror the fans continue to get another ten seconds of a great view of Laylaís fully naked body. Suddenly Eve clocks her a second time from behind with the Divaís title belt knocking her out cold on the mat again. Eve now picks Layla up and puts her in a roll-up pin making sure to have her ass and legs in the air spread and facing the camera. Eve wanted to make sure that even though she was part of the story that in the end all everyone would remember would be Layla spread wide fully nude facing the camera and getting beat by Eve for the Divas title.

After the bell is rung to end the match, Eve and Kaitlyn no longer as embarrassed celebrate their victory while a fully nude Layla is still down in the ring. Eve even raises the belt above her head a few times giving the fans a great view of her firm and tanned tits now glistening with sweat under the lights. Just as they are about to leave AJ comes back out onto the stage.

AJ: Just so you know Eve and Kaitlyn, you will both still be on my watch list. So get used to this because we are gonna have some fun. And let your buddies Beth, Vickie, and Natalya that they will have to prove themselves to get their job back. And after tonight I think we all have an idea of what that means. (giggling) And this also goes for the rest of the girls in back. None of you will be safe if you call me crazy.

Eve and Kaitlyn lose their confidence and get worried as to what may be in store for the future.
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Wow! I really hope you'll continue this, because this was really good!
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This is part 2 of the story. Hopefully some more feedback comes but I am really enjoying writing these so there will definitely be more to come

GM AJ Lee comes skipping down to the ring to open Monday Night RAW live from Madison Square Garden in NYC. The fans are going wild in WWEís home base loving AJís new punishment system that she debuted the week before. AJ looks great in her normal business suit attire with a short skirt showing of her thin tan legs. Following her to the ring is her new enforcer Tamina. AJ enters the ring as the fans chant ďShow Your TitsĒ. AJ giggles and grabs the microphone as the chants continue.

AJ: (still giggling) You fans have it all wrong. You will NEVER see my skin unless it is what I choose to show you.(crowd boos) It is the rest of the divas or should I say wh*r*s in this company that will continue to be exposed if they arenít careful. (fans cheer again). So last week I debuted my new punishment system for the blatant and constant disrespect given to me by every female employed by this company and it went even better than I could have possibly imagined. We will recap last weeks events but first we need to bring the true stars of last Monday. Layla, Brodus Clayís dancers Cameron & Naomi, my former best friend Kaitlyn, and WWE Divaís Champion Eve Torres.

The fans all cheer wildly as they canít wait to see their favorite divas in person after seeing them each exposed on tv last week. No entrance music plays as all five divas slowly come out onto the stage under the Titan-Tron. None of them are in their usual wrestling gear as they are all in more casual clothing that seems to be covering them at least a little more than usual for all of them. Showing a little less cleavage and a little less leg than the fans are used to. None of them want to look out at the crowd as they hear the catcalls and yells to show their tits or flash them. Even Eve and Kaitlyn who looked somewhat comfortable by the end last week donít show their confidence now that the adrenaline of stripping Layla wore off.

AJ: Welcome ladies. Should we took a look at last weeks events?

The fans chant ďYes, Yes, YesĒ in response. None of the ladies are excited by it, but by this point they already know the videos and images of last week are already all over the internet and beyond for everyone to always see. First on the Titan-Tron we see Cameron and Naomi being stripped of their pants, leaving them in their tiny red panties. Next we see some hightlights of them having to dance without their pants in the ring. Finally, we get a slow motion shot of them running up the ramp to the back with their asses jiggling.

AJ: You two got it easy last week. But for now you are off my hit list. Tamina filled me in on your little comments in the locker room about how I am crazy. Make sure you donít say it again.

Having to re-watch the highlights from last week both girls are crying but nod their heads and say thank you to AJ before heading into the back. Next the Titan-Tron shows Layla being stripped naked while out cold and face down in the ring. Next we get the shot of her standing up unaware of her lack of clothing before turning around and seeing herself nude on the Titan-Tron. Finally, we get a replay of Eveís roll up pin on Layla that gave the world a view of Laylaís most intimate parts. Layla storms down to the ring during this a rips the microphone out of AJís hand.


The fans boo Layla and start to chant towards AJ, ďPunish HerĒ. Layla gets into AJís face and pushes her back towards the ropes. However, she makes the mistake of forgetting about Tamina, and she delivers a hard shot to the back of her head. Layla having suffered a concussion at the hands of two hards shots by Eve with the Divaís Title falls hard to the canvas. Tamina handcuffs her and throws her over her shoulder bringing her to the back.

AJ: We will be seeing more of Layla by the end of the show. And I definitely mean more. (The fans cheer loudly). Now letís get back to the highlights from last week for the two biggest wh*r*s from last weekís show.

The Titan-Tron now focues on highlights of Kaitlyn. First it shows AJ removing her shirt with scissors leaving her in a white bra. Next we see her jeans being removed. Next we get a slow motion shot of AJ splashing Kaitlyn with a bucket of water followed by a close up of her then see-thru bra with her pink nipples poking thru. The highlights of AJ stripping Kaitlyn continues with her being stripped down to her thong, AJ flicking her nipple, and a shot of AJ touching her vagina over her panties then shoving her hand with Kaitlynís juices on it in her mouth. During all of this Kaitlyn is watching her humiliation from last week and wiggling uncomfortably and turning several shades of red in embarrassment.

AJ: Geez Kaitlyn, you always said to me how you like to show off when we were friends, but I didnít realize how much to enjoyed it until I felt how wet you were last week. As I promised last week to you, youíll be part of our fun every week.

Kaitlyn runs to the back crying, dreading how it could possibly be any worse than last week. Finally the highlights of Eve is shown from last week. First, she was stripped of her bottoms leaving her in a revealing thong, showing her tanned ass and legs. Next we see AJ pulling and pulling on Eveís top, stretching the fabric as her tits slowly come into view before the fabric tore letting her natural breasts bounce into view. This leads into a slow motion highlight package of different shots of Eveís breasts bouncing as she was tied up, running to the ring and wrestling the match. Finally, a still shot of Eve arms in the air holding her title up after her victory with her big bare breasts still visible for everyone to see. Eve now comes to the ring as AJ laughs at her with the shot of her topless still on the Titan-Tron. Eve comes in the ring and grabs the microphone.

Eve: Whereís your buddy Tamina now? Huh, itís just you and me the Divaís Champion.

Eve now suddenly smacks AJ in the head with the microphone, knocking her down on her back and stunned. Eve starts ripping at AJís clothes trying to expose her. She quickly gets off AJís coat and starts clawing at the buttons on her shirt. Just as AJís bra comes into view Tamina comes running into the ring and knocks Eve off with a kick to the head. AJ quickly pulls her shirt closed and runs to the back before anyone can see anything. Tamina continues to beat on Eve as RAW goes to commercial.


Later on coming back from a commercial break we are in AJís office. She is in a change of clothes, also in her office are Tamina and both Layla and Eve tied to chairs in her office.

AJ: I donít think either of you realize just how much power I have been given. What happened last week will continue to happen week after week for as long as I am amused by it. Did you happen to look at the ratings last week? That was the highest rated segment on RAW since the height of the Attitude Era. And that was just from people who tuned in due to social media and friends notifying people. And now that people fully realize after all the next coverage from last week the ratings will be thru the roof. USA Network, Mr. McMahon, Stephanie, Triple H, whoever will give me just what I ask for. Layla, you will participate in tonights event as will Kaitlyn. Go find Kaitlyn and let her know to be in the ring at 10 with you ready to wrestle.

Layla: Wrestle? So this will be more of a normal night than last week?

AJ: No questions. Just do as I say and it wonít be too bad. Tamina, untie her and keep an eye on her making sure she doesnít leave the building.

Tamina unties Layla allowing her to walk out of the room and follows her out.
AJ: Now Eve, you I have to worry about. You seem a little more comfortable with the nudity you experienced last week. Youíre more concentrated on revenge and stripping me. Well let me re-assure you that that wonít happen. You are still Divaís Champion after your impressive showing last week. You showed more aggression than I can ever remember from you. I am going to do you a favor to make sure you stay champion and keep that aggression. From now on, every title defense you have to wrestle topless. And if you donít wrestle topless Iíll strip you of your title. And if you EVER try to touch me or my clothing again I will make you defend your title fully NUDE instead. You got me?

Eve: You canít do that!!! Itís not fair!!!

AJ: Fair isnít a part of this game anymore. Fair got thrown out the window when you touched me. Now I am going to untie you and remember my warning from before. Your most intimate areas still have some modesty, donít make me change that. You have a title defense tonight against Alicia Fox so you may want to go get ready. (AJ giggles)

AJ now unties Eve and Eve gets up and leaves the room, defeated that she will have to expose flesh once again tonight. As AJ sits back down at her desk there is a knock at her door. AJ tells the person to come in and itís manager of Primo & Epico, Rosa Mendes. She is dressed in her normal gear of a little shirt showing off both her ample cleavage and flat stomach and the tightest and shortest shorts imaginable showing off a significant part of her large ass.

AJ: What can I do for you Rosa?

Rosa: Well Ms. GM Lee, Mam. I just wanted to make sure everything was ok between us?

AJ: Oh please youíre being ridiculous just call me AJ like you always have. Or you know go to twitter and say whatever you want, thatís what you did in the past right?

Rosa: Exactly, its all in the past. No hard feelings right friend?

AJ: Right. Thanks for coming to me directly. Donít want to hold you up Primo & Epicoís match is next. And the winner gets a tag title shot so donít let me distract you.


Rosa is at ringside cheering on her men as they battle against Rey Mysterio Jr & Sin Cara. It is a fast paced match with a lot of flying in the ring and out of the ring. The action keeps heating up with the crowd getting more and more excited with the action. It leads to Primo about to get pinned by Sin Cara until Rosa jumps up on the apron to distract the refs. She puts his hands on the her hips and begins to dance a little bit. While this is going on Epico hits both Rey and Sin Cara with a steel chair and puts Primo on top of Sin Cara as Rosa jumps back off the apron. The ref turns around to count the pinfall. Rosa re-enters the ring to celebrate the victory with her men. As they are in the ring celebrating AJís music plays and she skips out onto the stage, microphone in hand.

AJ: Hey Rosa buddy. I donít really like it when managers involve themselves in important matches. So you just found yourself on my punishment list for the week.

Rosa panics and tries to run to the back past AJ, but as she is about to make it backstage from behind the curtain emerges Kharma. Rosa runs into her like a brick wall falling down onto her back. Rosa starts crawling backwards down back towards the ring. Kharma slowly stomps after her. Rosa climbs back into the ring and Kharma runs into the ring to catch up to her. Primo & Epico, still in the ring, try to protect Rosa from Kharma but Kharma quickly dispatches of them. She picks up Rosa above her head and slams her down to the mat knocking the wind out of her. Rosa having not wrestled in almost a year is in no shape to compete with a powerhouse like Kharma. AJ strolls to the ring while this is going on.

AJ: Tamina is a huge help for me, but tonight Eve helped me realize that as I make more enemies I will need more friends, so welcome my newest hire Kharma. (the crowd cheers realizing what Kharma can do to the rest of the divas). We need a few moments to get ready for tonightís event but we will be right back with some excitement featuring Rosa, Kaitlyn, & Layla. (crowd cheers as RAW goes to commercial)


RAW comes back from commercial break with AJ in the ring. Also in the ring are her enforcers Tamina & Kharma as well as Layla, Kaitlyn, & Rosa. During the break the crew set up three wooden stalls that look like changing booths outside of the ring as well as brought a hose down to ringside.

AJ: This weeks event will be based off of one of Jerry ďThe KingĒ Lawlerís favorite RAW moments. This one is for The King. Now letís go to the video.

The Titan-Tron shows video of Jerry Lawler in the ring. Terri Runnels & Trish Stratus each come down to the ring in silk robes. First Terri strips off her robe leaving her in a thin dark colored t-shirt and tiny black thong. Lawler then squirts her with a super soaker water gun making her shirt slightly see-thru and causing her nipples to stand to attention and poke through her shirt. Before Trish is able to remove her robe and take her turn Jazz attacks her from behind and beating her down. The video ends and shows AJ in the ring as both Kaitlyn & Rosa have worried looks on their faces, Layla looks more confused.

AJ: Tonightís Attitude Era Tribute is a wet t-shirt contest. And no one will be interrupting this one.

Layla: But who wants to watch us get wet in our wrestling gear, that wouldnít show anything?

Layla immediately regrets what she said, realizing what the changing stalls are for.

AJ: Thank you Layla for helping me move this along to my next point. I instructed you ladies to show up in your wrestling gear. And you did and you all look great in your tight shirts with your cleavage and your stomach revealed. (the crowd cheers as the three girls turn a little red realizing they would be showing much more soon). However, since I couldnít trust you to wear the proper attire for a wet t-shirt contest I have provided you all with shirts. Only underwear is allowed and there is none provided so I hope you all came prepared. Each of you have a stall with your name on it and a personalized shirt inside. So get changing ladies.

None of the girls move right away, but as Tamina and Kharma move towards them the girls run out of the ring and into their respective changing booths. The crowd is cheering in wild anticipation realizing that right behind the thin walls of their changing rooms is the naked flesh of three of the hottest divas in the WWE.

AJ: This is boring and taking a while. Letís see what we can do to make this more interesting.

On the Titan-Tron comes video of Kaitlyn in her changing room. Her bare back is exposed as she isnít facing the hidden camera AJ had installed in her booth. She is removing her wrestling trunks as she is bending over with thong clad ass facing the camera. As she gives a perfect full moon or her tanned muscular ass to the camera, the crowd watching is chanting Kaitlynís name. Not knowing she is being exposed to the crowd, this gives her confidence thinking the fans are most excited to see her. Even though she doesnít want to show flesh again at least she wonít be nude out there like Layla last week, it makes her happy that the fans want to see her. Once she removes her trunks she pulls on the thin white t-shirt hanging in the changing room. She never turns to the camera before putting on the shirt, unknowingly providing herself some extra modesty, only allowing the side of her large tits to be seen as they stuck out to the side from behind. Kaitlyn is the first to exit her changing room, emerging in a tiny thong underwear, not showing off any more than she did last week but she still wasnít comfortable as she wiggled her legs in embarrassment. The shirt AJ provided her didnít provide much modesty as it was already a little see-thru allowing her pink nipples to be seen under the bright lights. It was cut off only an inch or so below her fake tits and when she moved a little too much the bottom of her tits would be exposed. Kaitlyn was still clearly unaware of the camera that spied on her for the whole crowd.

AJ: Hey Kaitlyn, looking good. Reach for the stars. Hahaha. Check out the Titan-Tron.

The Titan-Tron now replays the spied footage of Kaitlyn for her to see. Kaitlyn turns red realizing how clear a shot the crowd got of her full round ass. As the video is showing Layla comes out of her changing room. She is wearing a tiny pink thong showing off her hips and nice full ass. The shirt provided for her is more of a bikini top made of white t-shirt material. It goes around her back and stretches just enough to provide covering of each breasts but with only the tiny thong otherwise she is left feeling almost just as exposed as she did last week when she was in the ring with nothing on. Her thick long nipples that were exposed last week to the bare air poke thru the thin material.

AJ: This must be weird for you Layla. This is the most you have worn to compete in a few weeks now. (AJ giggles) Hey Rosa itís your turn. Whatís taking so long? If you donít come out, I send in Kharma and Tamina to take you out.

Rosa is in the stall still not knowing what to do. Last week both Kaitlyn & Layla experienced awful exposure. Both of them were still uncomfortable being out there and exposed but at least had some experience to lean on. Rosa hadnít experienced that yet and didnít want to experience it. She was standing there only in the tiny black thong she had on under her gear. She had yet to put on the top so she was standing there with her big breasts in the cool air, but still under the cover of the stall. Even still she could feel the presence of 1000s of people not to mention all the cameras to document her every move. Worst of all AJ may had said Rosaís twitter comments were in the past but clearly AJ had not forgotten. All that was there for her was a kidís size small white t-shirt with a note that said the past is never the past. How could Rosa go out there with that shirt. Her huge natural breasts not to mention adult frame would never squeeze into the shirt.

AJ: Rosa I will give you five seconds before they come in to take you out. I donít know if youíre dressed, I donít care if youíre dressed in five seconds you will be joining us in here.

Rosa begins to panic. She tries desperately to squeeze into the shirt but she canít find any way to get it down over her shoulders. She wiggles and squeezes as much as she can as AJ counts down. There is only two seconds left and her boobs are still out and about to be exposed. She can hear the footsteps of Tamina and Kharma coming to get her as she finally pulls down as hard as she can. Just as the door to the stall is opened Rosa gets her boobs covered luckily for her as she is immediately displayed on the Titan-Tron with a camera panning her body up and down. The fans go wild getting to see Rosa so exposed like this for the first time. Before she even comes all the way out of the stall her round ass is so large and plump you can see the flesh of it from the front. The white t-shirt was squeezing her tits so hard she could barely breath. The thin fabric allowed her dark nipples to be visible thru the shirt. They are large brownish nipples almost the size of a silver dollar. Rosa realizes how exposed she is and is frozen in place unable to move. Kharma and Tamina start to push her forward towards the ring to join AJ, Layla, and Kaitlyn in the ring. The tight shirt and the sudden movement is too much as the fabric rips almost all the way down her back. Rosa quickly catches her shirt holding it close to her body as only a small bit of fabric is still attached in the back. Rosa now climbs up on the apron very carefully and as she bends over to climb through the ropes into the ring almost the full side of her breast is exposed to the crowd.

AJ: About time you joined us. Since you joined us last Rosa. You will get sprayed down first. Step to the center of the ring.

Rosa slowly shuffles to the center of the ring. Her shirt is already barely holding on and otherwise she is only in a thong feeling very exposed. AJ turns on the hose and music begins to play.

AJ: Dance!!! You want to win donít you. Make me think you want to win.

Rosa reluctantly begins to dance slowly. Shuffling her hips from side to side practically mesmerizing everyone watching at home and in the crowd with her perfect ass jiggling with every movement. AJ begins to spray Rosaís shirt up and down, Rosaís hands have yet to leave covering her tits this whole time.

AJ: Movement your hands, enjoy yourself, wave your arms around!!! Come on, you donít want to make me have Kharma or Tamina help you.

Rosa slowly lifts her arms up as AJ concentrates the hose directly on Rosaís firm breasts. If her nipples were visible before the entire shape of both breasts clearly come into view as the thin material clings to her now wet flesh. Her arms still are mostly by her side as she isnít enthusiastic at all about her experience.


Rosa: But I donít want my breast to fall out!!!

AJ: Iíll have them take the whole shirt from you if you donít listen to me.

Rosa now lifts her arms up above her hand continuing to dance. Just as she was her afraid one of the straps on the shirt all stretched out and wet starts to slip off her shoulder. Rosa quickly reaches to fix it before her entire breast gets exposed.

AJ: Keep your arms up and dancing. Whatever happens, happens!!!

Rosa crying now lifts her arms up and continues to dance. Once again the strap slips off her left shoulder and afraid AJ will take her whole shirt Rosa just looks down in shame as she can feel the fabric slowly slide lower and lower until suddenly the roar from the crowd is so deafening she realizes her entire left breast is exposed silver dollar nipple and all. After what seems like forever but was only three seconds the hose stops.

AJ: Fix your top. Your titty is out, what do you think Iím trying to do here. Youíre just a dirty stripper. Stand over to the side and leave your arms by your side.

Rosa quickly fixes her top covering her exposed breast and stands over to the side crying with her nipples and breasts still visible through her barely there top.

AJ: So whoís next?

Layla gestures to Kaitlyn to go while Kaitlyn gestures back to Layla.

AJ: Oh donít be shy. Weíve seen both of you already. Maybe a little bit more of Layla than Kaitlyn but weíre gonna see a lot of both of you soon anyways. One of you volunteer now or I make it worse.

Layla steps forward afraid of what AJ is capable of. AJ turns on the hose and when the music starts Layla starts to dance slightly. She has her hands to her sides waving them around and she sways her hips back and forth shaking her ass slightly. She doesnít seem into it but having watched the way AJ criticized Rosa she realized it was better to be cooperative. As she moves AJ is spraying down her bare legs with the hose making them glisten in the bright lights. Her real breasts are swinging wildly with no support for them. As soon as AJ starts to spray her with the hose the thin material on in such an awkward way falls completely off Laylaís body. She screams as she tries to cover herself back up with the shirt. However the material is bunched up around her waist and unusable. She quickly covers her breasts with her hands and stops dancing.

AJ: Move your hands and keep dancing. You want to win donít you? Enjoy yourself. Have fun.

Layla: Who cares about winning?

AJ: Fine the winner gets a title shot next week against the winner of Eve vs. Alicia tonight now get into it. And more importantly if you donít start to have fun youíll lose your bottoms again. Now jump up and down as I spray you.

Layla worried of being completely nude for the second week in a row moves her hands revealed her large round breasts and thick long nipples. As AJ sprays them down with the water they glisten. Layla starts jumping up and down as instructed by AJ causing her breasts to bounce wildly in every which way. Layla still doesnít seem comfortable but gets into it a little more as she realizes AJ is capable of anything. The music stops and AJ stops spraying her after 20 seconds.

AJ: Ok well Rosa gave us a nice show, but I would definitely say Layla set the bar higher and is the leader in the clubhouse now.

Layla still with her tits on show pumps her fist to the crowd in excitement, forgetting her state of undress for a moment and bouncing her tits one last time for the crowd as flash bulbs continuously go off. Rosa now looks devastated as not only was she exposed on national tv but she wonít even get a title match out of it.

AJ: It all comes down to you Kaitlyn. Somehow with all the bare flesh the past two weeks you have managed to keep all the most intimate flesh still covered. But I know you want to win this best friend and get a title shot donít you. You saw what Layla did so you know what will be expected to win. Iím rooting for you.

Layla standing off to the side still topless and hands on her hips looks worried that AJ is gonna force Kaitlyn to earn the title shot. Kaitlyn realizing the same thing stands in the center of the ring not sure what to do. She knows that since the bottom of her breasts are exposed in a standing position that as soon as she moves her breasts will be exposed anyways suddenly pulls the top right from her body and stands in the center of the ring topless arms to her side letting her fake firm boobs and small pink nipples be exposed to the air. The crowd breaks out into a ďHoly ShitĒ chant as AJ, Layla, Rosa, Tamina, and Kharma all look on shocked. Kaitlyn snaps everyone out of their shock by starting to bounce up and down around the ring. Even with fake tits they bounce nicely around as she moves. AJ begins to spray her down with the house allowing her tits, legs, and ass to glisten. As AJ continues to spray Kaitlyn down as she dances to the music topless and shaking her ass Layla realizes she has exposed herself a second time and wonít even get a title shot for it. Pissed for realizing her loss and the left over anger from being stripped last week she attacks Kaitlyn from behind.

Layla gets position on top of Kaitlyn and slaps her a few times. The fans are going wild seeing two topless divas rolling around on the mat with their asses and legs on display only in thongs. Rosa uses the opportunity to slip out of the ring and to the back desperate to cover up as quickly as she can. Layla still with top position on Kaitlyn is desperate to embarrass Kaitlyn worse than Eve and Kaitlyn did to her last week. She starts by tweaking both of Kaitlynís nipples. The fans love the fact that Layla is basically fondling Kaitlynís tits. AJ even seems to be enjoying the show as she just continues to spray down both girls with the hose making them nice and wet and allowing their skin to shine. Layla continues to twist and pull on both of Kaitlynís nipples causing her lots of pain. Layla finally picks Kaitlyn up off the mat and throws her into the corner. Layla starts delivering high leg kicks on Kaitlyn in the corner, which look even better than normal as her entire leg, hip, and round ass jiggle with each kick. Layla now climbs on the second rope over Kaitlyn with her tits swaying in every direction. Layla starts to punch down on Kaitlynís head counting 1 to 10 along with the fans. Layla clmbs down off the rope and Kaitlyn falls forward and stays down on her face.

Layla (to the crowd): Who wants to see more?

The crowd chants ďPaybackĒ. Layla now grabs onto Kaitlynís tiny thong underwear and before Kaitlyn realizes whats happening rips them right from her body. Kaitlyn still face down has her bare ass facing up in the air and quickly brings her hands to her vagina to cover any modesty she may still have. With Kaitlyn not even trying to protect herself Layla stomps down on Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn still seems most concerned with covering up instead of protecting herself. Layla now grabs the hose from AJ and wraps it around Kaitlynís throat. With the air rushing from her lungs, Kaitlyn has no choice but to finally defend herself moving her hands from her crotch. Since she is crumpled down on the mat though the fans frustratingly still have yet to see any money shot. Kaitlyn unable to pull the hose from her throat though loses consciousness. Layla now takes this opportunity to finish the humiliation completely. She picks up Kaitlyn and puts her in a modified submission hold, wrapping Kaitlynís legs around her and arms around her from behind. The move doesnít provide any type of pain but Layla pushed up against Kaitlynís nude back and pulling all four limbs back gives the fans a clear view of every inch of Kaitlynís muscular form. Her shaved pussy is wide open and on full view as well as her tight abs, muscular legs, firm tits, and tiny pink nipples. Layla makes sure to turn Kaitlyn around to each side of the ring a few times providing each fan with a full view of her nude body before dropping her in the ring and leaving her laying nude and out cold like Eve and Kaitlyn had down to her last week. Before leaving the ring the still topless Layla grabs the mic.

Layla: Donít worry Eve. Iíll get my payback on you soon enough.

Layla drops the mic and leaves the ring tits bouncing with every step.

************************************************** *******

RAW comes back from commercial with GM AJ Lee still in the soaking wet ring from the wet t-shirt contest. AJ is holding a microphone and is still flanked by Tamina and Kharma.

AJ: As you can see on my NEW MONDAY NIGHT RAW you never know what might happen. Now what I am sure a lot of you have been waiting for since it was announced earlier tonight its time for Eve to defend The Divaís Championship against Alicia Fox.

The fans cheer wildly knowing this means Eve will be soon wrestling a whole match in front of them topless. After seeing it on tv last week all they could hope for was seeing her perfect real tits exposed and in person. Before they get a chance to see Eve though the challenger, Alicia, makes her way down to the ring. She is in her normal wrestling attire, but that keeps the statuesque 5í9íí diva barely covered. She has a brown bikini style top on that doesnít show much cleavage but leaves the majority of her back, arms, and torso exposed. Her bottoms is a tiny little skirt that couldnít be more than six inches long with boy shorts underneath and knee high boots. She strides confidently down to the ring realizing the big advantage she is going to have tonight. Once she gets in the ring she greets AJ and shakes the GMís hand.

AJ: Now that is the professionalism and respect I expect. The rest of you divas should take note and maybe you can get a title match with keeping your clothes on too.

Next Eveís music hits and the crowd goes nuts. Before Eve comes out onto the stage the building is already lighting up with flash bulbs just waiting to get a shot of her bare breasts. After 10 seconds of her music playing there is still no Eve.
AJ: Eve if you donít get out here now you will be stripped of the title. And possibly more once we find you.

Eve quickly emerges from behind the curtain, but is dressed in her normal wrestling attire. Short silver shorts that end just under her nice firm ass that was exposed last week in a thong. Her tops is covered as well in her normal silver top that ends above her stomach showing off her tanned and toned torso. The fans boo her as she makes her way down to the ring Divaís Title in hand and fully clothed. She enters the ring and takes the mic from a confused AJ.

Eve: You should that as long as I am champion I have to wrestle topless. Well, I forfeit the title then. I donít want to do this and if Iím not champion you canít make me.

AJ rips the mic right back from Eveís hand as Tamina, Kharma, and Alicia start to circle her.

AJ: Thatís fine. But you forfeit the title right now, the rest of your time as a WWE employee will be spent with absolutely no clothes on. You can quit right now but the four of us will make sure you donít make it out of this ring without exposing every single inch of you possible.

Eve now conflicted with what to do looks around at the crowd, cameras, and Titan-Tron and realizing that as awful as showing her tits would be, they have already been shown and hopefully she can protect the dignity of her womanhood not being exposed to millions of people.

Eve: Fine. You win again AJ.

Eve grabs the bottom of her shirt and starts to pull up. Before anything is exposed she stops and takes a deep breath before removing the top the rest of the way allowing her firm, natural, tits to bounce as they stay in place on her chest. She immediately covers her tits back up with her hands while all four women are in the ring.

Eve: One last thing AJ. Make it a fair fight. One on one no interference. No DQ.

AJ: Fine.

Eve backs into one corner still covering her breasts and giving her the little dignity that she can. AJ, Tamina, and Kharma exit the ring leaving Alicia in the ring with a topless Eve. Before the bell rings Eve picks up the Divas title belt lifting it above her head and giving the fans the great shot of her tits that she offered the fans in Philadelphia last week. Just as the bell rings AJ yells something to Alicia. As Alicia turns her head Eve quickly smacks her upside the head with the title belt and knocking her out cold. Eve now exits the ring without covering Alicia. She checks under the ring and pulls out a little sack. She re-enters the ring with the sack and pours it out onto the mat. Inside is only two pairs of handcuffs and a pair of scissors. She takes each of Aliciaís wrist and handcuffs her to the top rope. Eve now grabs the microphone.

Eve: You want to send me out here topless every week and embarrass me AJ? Well, you are right this does make me more vicious. It makes me vicious enough to want to strip every one of the divas. If I canít get my hands on you to expose your pre-pubescent looking ass than I will prove my point otherwise every week. First up is your buddy and model citizen is Alicia. And remember the match isnít over and you promised me one on one.

Eve approaches the still unconscious Alicia and pulls her skirt from her body leaving her with just her boy shorts, knee high boots, and small wrestling top. Eve takes her time now pulling the boy shorts out and looking down, teasing the crowd on whether she will pull them down and whether if she does pull them down Alicia would have anything to cover herself underneath. Finally as Alicia comes to after the hard belt shot Eve pulls the boy shorts out and uses the scissors to cut them from her body. Luckily for Alicia, she still has a thong on underneath still leaving her somewhat covered. However, for the first time her long black legs and round ass are on display for everyone to see. Alicia just realizing her predicament starts screaming to AJ for help as her and her cronies are right outside the ring. However, AJ order them to stand still as she wants to be a women of her word and she promised no interference in this match. Eve picks the mic back up.

Eve: What do you want to see. Bottom or top?

The crowd is split in cheering for both bottom and top.

Eve: If you canít make up your mind I will just have to remove both.

Crowd cheers so loud she can see the building shaking on tv. Alicia starts to buck wildly on the ropes crying and screaming no.


Eve: You didnít help me either. Just five miunutes ago you stood here laughing as I disrobed so now its your turn.

Eve takes the scissors and reaches right between Aliciaís large natural breasts and snips the top off without warning leaving Aliciaís large heaving breasts bouncing free and her dark brown nipples on display for the world to see. Alicia still trying to break free from the ropes only allows her breasts to bounce more and more as the crowd cheers her on. Eve not wanting to waist anytime now snips the thong underwear right off as well now leaving Alicia naked except for her knee high boots. Aliciaís shaved pussy glistens under the light as it is exposed to the world. Eve takes Aliciaís panties and sniffs them.

Eve: You wh*r*. You like this. Your bare shaved pussy is glistening not from sweat but from your own juices.

The crowd roars with approval hearing that Alicia is getting turned on being exposed. Eve now walks over to the still handcuffed Alicia and sticks her hand down between her moist crotch. She rubs her hands there while Alicia moans uncontrollably unable to control herself even exposed to thousands in person and millions at home. After about ten seconds Eve pulls her hand away before Alicia can be brought to a climax. Eve takes her hand covered in Aliciaís juices and licks it all off as the fans chant holy shit. Eve walks out of the ring still topless tits bouncing and confident as she strides past AJ, Tamina, and Kharma while a still fully nude Alicia is in the ring just on the brink of getting off.
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Cool man I liked this I liked it a lot I love the power mad crazy AJ and having her redoing classic bits from the attitude era is a nice twist the stories are well described the girls embarrassment and how their bodies look is done very well

I also like some of the story lines you are cleverly branching off into Eve and AJ then Layla's quest to get at Eve I sense Kaitlyn being stripped will end up being a weekly thing and of course the Divas that walked out and maybe bringing back some classic Divas too

My only issue with it is some parts do come across like a torture movie the Divas are really forced and tied and attacked I can see why but it is very hardcore and always something more embarrassing about the girl either having to do it herself or forced though other less hardcore means but hey if it's your style and fetish then fair enough can't say it totally put me off but think of those poor innocent divas tortured and stripped lol

anyway like I said great story man hope this continues they really really high quality wrestling tales.
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Monday Night RAW begins once again with GM AJ Lee skipping to ring followed closely by her enforcers Kharma & Tamina. Lillian Garcia introduces them on her way to the ring.

Lillian: Now coming to the ring AJ Lee. Along with daughter of WWE Hall of Famer ďSuperflyĒ Jimmy Snuka and the most dominate female athlete in WWE history Kharma.

As Lillian continues her introduction AJ skips over to Lillian and the time keepers table instead of going into the ring. She grabs a microphone.

AJ: What was that about Lillian? I donít even get the respect of being called WWE Monday Night RAW General Manger AJ Lee? You gave elaborate intros to my partners here. Do you forget what I can do to you. Ask Eve, ask Layla, ask Kaitlyn, the list goes on. You can join them if you want.

Lillian: Iím only an announcer not a competitor. I donít participate in that crap. Iíll take the quitting option over participating in any of your crazy ideas and getting exposed to all these people in South Carolina. I went to high school here, I have friends and family here. You will not embarrass me.

AJ: Quitting is no longer an option. With both Tamina and Kharma watching my back, good luck breaking free.

Lillian notices the three of them beginning to corner her and she attempts to run. However itís too late as Kharma wraps her up in a beer hug and smashes her against the ring post. The petite Garcia never having been a wrestler is in a world of pain having been crushed by the much larger Kharma. She is unable to fight back as AJ orderís Kharma to bring Garcia to the backstage area. AJ and Tamina now enter the ring.

AJ: Now that the first business for the night is taken care of letís get back to the real agenda.

Before AJ can continue, Alicia Foxís music plays and she starts to walk briskly down to the ring. The fans cheer like crazy for the dark beauty Alicia Fox. Last week on RAW Eve forced Alicia into quite possibly the worst exposure yet, handcuffing her to the ring ropes before stripping her fully nude with scissors and briefly rubbing her bare, shaved pussy bringing her to the brink of orgasm on national tv before leaving her stuck in the ring nude, handcuffed, and horny.

AJ: You can stay outside the ring and say whatever you need to say.

Tamina stands on the edge of the apron in front of Alicia not allowing her into the ring.

Alicia: I donít know why you couldnít help me last week. The two of you and Kharma were standing right there and just watched me get embarrassed. I donít know how I am even showing my face tonight after last week, except I want revenge. Me and Eve tonight. Add whatever crazy stipulation you want, I donít care I just want my hands on Eve.

AJ: First of all I am a woman of my word, I told Eve she wouldnít have any interference and I stuck by that. And if I saved you from being stripped than what do I tell the rest of the female in the back that have had to show some skin over the past few weeks. It wouldnít be fair. However what will be fair is a tag team match tonight, you Alicia will team up with Layla. You both will be able to attempt your revenge tonight as your opponents will be Eve & Kaitlyn. And as for my ďcrazyĒ stipulation. Well for that we still have to see but you really need to be careful with your choice of words in the future because your ďcrazyĒ boss might take it the wrong way. (giggling)

Alicia looks worried realizing what AJ is willing to attempt. AJ skips past her to the back as RAW goes to commercial.
************************************************** **

AJ is in her office. With her are Tamina & Kharma as well as Lillian Garcia tied up in a chair.

Lillian: Whatís your plan for me tonight?

AJ: I still havenít quite figured that out, but donít worry Lillian youíre old enough to by my mother. I wonít do anything too bad, who wants to see your old ass.

Lillian spits at AJ.

Lillian: I still look good you young b*tch.

AJ: You got a feisty little attitude there. Bad move for this situation youíre only making it worse.

Suddenly there is a knock at her door.

AJ: Tamina stop standing there and answer the door.

Tamina goes to answer the door and as she opens it, she stops and just looks at AJ with a huge smile on her face.

AJ: Who is it?

Tamina: Youíll love this. Just what youíve been waiting for.

Tamina pulls the door open all the way to reveal Natalya and Beth Phoenix.

AJ: Ahh, my two favorite blondes. Welcome back. That didnít take long.

Beth: Nobodyís back yet. We see how high the ratings are and realize it may be a while. Vickie still wonít cave but we figured we should at least see what you expect of us to get our jobís back.

AJ: This is just what I have been waiting for. From the second the three of you walked off stage I knew I would make you pay. You will have an Evening Gown match tonight here on RAW.

Natalya: Thatís all? The way you just built that up I was expecting way worse. Iím in.

Beth: I want to be scene as an athlete but it definitely could be worse. Iíve watched the last few weeks and I am sure glad Iím not any of the other girls so far.

AJ: See you girls in the ring at 10. You will truly get to EARN your jobs back. (AJ breaks out giggling)

Beth and Natalya leave her office, showing slight discomfort at what AJ might have in store.

************************************************** ***

The 10 PM hour of Monday Night RAW begins with a new highlight video for AJís new punishment system. Shown in the video is shots of Eve, Layla, Alicia, Kaitlyn, Naomi, Cameron, and Rosa in states of undress. However instead of including the nudity the shots are all censored with photos of AJís laughing face. As the video ends AJ is shown in the ring with Kharma standing beside her.

AJ: We have a real fun night planned for you fans here in South Carolina. First up we have an evening gown match featuring ďThe GlamazonĒ Beth Phoenix and Natalya to earn their jobs back. Next up we will have a tag match with Layla and Alicia facing off against Kaitlyn and Divaís Champion Eve. And finally we have a special main event segment featuring your hometown star Lillian Garcia.

The fans cheer wildly excited for all the segments but especially for ring announcer Lillian Garcia. Lillian having gone to high school locally had invited some family and former friends from high school that she had lost contact with over the years. Now them and the WWE universe were going to get a chance to see her exposed.

AJ: Letís get things started with our evening gown match. To give an idea of what I expect letís take a look at the first ever Evening Gown Match in WWE history featuring Sable and Luna Vachon.
AJ: Damn. Now Sable had some huge fake tits, but they sure looked nice. If you notice though, Sable may have lost the match but she didnít stop the removing of clothes there. Beth and Natalya, you better take note if you want to get your job back.

Beth Phoenixís music hits and she comes out onto the stage wearing a full length sparkling black evening gown. It accentuates the curves of her hips and breasts while her strong arms and shoulders are on display. She makes her way down the aisle and into the ring. Natalya follows her out also with full length dress on. While both Beth and Natalya are the cream of the crop when it comes to in ring ability in the Divaís divison, Beth is the slightly strong one, while Natalya has a better body with slightly curvier hips and much larger breasts.

AJ: Since you two are friends, Iím making this for a Divaís Title shot next week to make sure you

The bell rings as AJ, Kharma, and Tamina exit the ring. Natalya and Beth being experienced wrestlers and having never competed in an Evening Gown match lock up as if in a normal match. Both women take opportunities gaining an advantage as they wrestle a normal match without trying to strip each other. After about two minutes of action Natalya goes for a pinfall attempt on Beth. When the referee doesnít count Natalya looks up confused before the ref reminds her that there are no pinfalls in this match.

AJ: Start stripping, or I send in Kharma and Tamina to help you girls along.

Natalya picks Beth up off the canvas and throws her off the ropes. As Beth bounces off the rope Natalya bends over to attempt a back body drop but Beth pulls up and delivers a knee to Natalya. Natalya falls back against the ropes and Beth follows her with some kicks to the torso. Natalya bends over clutching her ribs in pain, Beth grabs her and sticks her head between her thighs as if in position for a piledriver. Instead of performing a move though Beth begins to pull up on Natalyaís dress from the bottom. Not wasting time Beth quickly jerks the dress up above Natalyaís waist revealing her tanned muscular legs and her ass clad in a pair of panties exposing just the bottom of her cheeks. Beth continues pulling up exposing Natalyaís torso. Beth almost had Natalyaís dress removed just needing to pull it up over her breasts and head to win. Natalya begins to fight back at this point, trying to protect her modesty. Natalya flips Beth over her head and sending Beth to her back. As Natalya stands up her dress bunches at her waist leaving her panties and legs exposed to the eyes of the crowd and their flash bulbs going off. Natalya is enjoying the attention and cheers as she had always been somewhat shy about her legs always wrestling in full length tights as opposed to something shorter showing off her legs.

Natalya now stomps on Beth a few times before climbing on top of her in a mounted position. Natalya goes for the opposite attack starting to pull down Bethís shoulder straps. Natalya quickly pulls the top down past Bethís medium sized breasts, bringing her white bra into view. Beth shrieks in embarrassment as this is the most skin she has shown in a wrestling ring. The bra pushed up her breasts and showed a lot of cleavage. Without having much advance notice of the match Beth didnít have ideal underwear with her and the bra she was wearing allowed a lot of flesh to be visible. Natalya now picks Beth up and irish whips her into the corner. Natalya follows her into the corner with a back elbow. Beth however realizing how vulnerable she has become rolls out of the ring to take a breather.

Both women are now partially undressed, Beth showing her top half and Natalya showing her bottom. Both of them seem to be stalling Beth on the outside not doing anything and Natalya standing in the ring not trying to force the action. Kharma and Tamina now approach Beth outside of the ring. Beth backs away but as she is distracted Natalya rolls out of the ring behind her and before Beth even knows she is there Natalya finishes pulling Bethís dress down past her ass, hips, and knees leaving her dress bunched at her feet. Beth is wearing boy shorts as she doesnít like skimpy underwear. She is mortified trying to cover up as best she can.


Natalya: What do you mean? I won the match.

AJ: I donít know. Did you win the match? Do you think you have done enough to earn a title match with Eve next week? Do you think you and Beth did enough to earn your jobs back?

Natalya: Yeah. You asked for an evening gown match and her I am with my panties exposed and Beth over there is down to only bra and panties. (Beth blushes even more as it is pointed out and the fans cheer loudly)

AJ: I donít know. I just think there needs to be more, if you catch my drift. Keep taking off clothes of each other and Iíll let you know who won.

Natalya and Beth both outside of the ring next to each other look at each other and not sure what to do. Suddenly both of them start wildly throwing punches at each other desperately trying to gain an advantage. Beth wearing such a skimpy bra feels her tits bouncing wildly with every move. She starts concentrating on making sure her breasts donít fall out of her bra that she allows Natalya to get the upper hand. Natalya picks Beth up and delivers a bodyslam on the floor, knocking the wind out of Beth. Natalya rolls Beth back in the ring and as she tries to follow her in Kharma and Tamina corner her.

AJ: Natalya I just donít think its fair that you still have your bra covered with that pesky dress while Beth is worrying about her boobs falling out of her skimpy bra.

Tamina and Kharma now tear the dress right from Natalyaís body showing off her humongous tits in a well fitting bra. Still showing cleavage she doesnít have to worry quite as much as Beth as her D tits are firmly in her bra. Flash bulbs start going like crazy trying to get shots of both blonde bombshell divas in only their bras and panties. Beth in the ring seems embarassed with each click of the camera that goes off as her muscular tanned legs and breasts feel exposed being only in underwear. Conversely Natalya seems to be enjoying all the attention that she is receiving practically posing for shots and pointing her ass out towards peoples cameras. Natalya distracted by the attention suddenly gets hit on the outside of the ring by Beth delivering a flying body press to the outside from the ring.

Beth gains a huge upper hand as Natalya hardly hits her head against the floor. Beth hops up on her feet and the crowd chairs absolutely crazy as the flash bulbs continue to go off even more frequently. Beth doesnít understand why the fans seem to be chanting louder for her but it gives her more courage even though she is revealed. Suddenly she realizes why the fans were cheering as both of her breasts fell completely out of her bra on her dive out of the ring. Beth quickly pulls her bra back up over her breasts and nipples but itís too late as the crowd in the arena and the audience had already gotten a clear shots of her perky breasts with little pink nipples. She is also the first diva exposed so far to have tan lines when her top is removed showing how embarrassed Beth is to take her top off in any situation even in a tanning booth.

AJ: Now you get the idea Beth. No need to cover up. We all liked what we saw.

After the initial shock and embarrassment wears off Beth becomes rabidly pissed at her situation. She reaches down and picks Natalya up off the floor. She rolls Natalya into the ring quickly following her in. Beth now throws Natalya into the ropes managing to tie her up using the top and middle ropes. Natalya is now spread back against the ropes as her large bra clad breasts point into the air. Beth grabs a microphone.

Beth: Is this what you want AJ? Huh you want to turn it all into a tits and ass show again. Well if thatís what all you want, thatís what youíll get. Sorry Nattie.

Beth reaches out and unclasps Natalyaís bra right between her breasts. Her breasts quickly bounce free as her bra drops to the mat. Her real and large breasts jiggle in almost perpetual motion as she wiggles trying to break free. Her large pink nipples are erect on her chest as the cold air of the arena chills her body.

Beth: Happy you all got a good look at Natalyaís great real tits. Thatís all Iím showing though. I refuse to do anymore.

Beth unties Natalya from the ropes as Natalya quickly does her best to cover her breasts with her hands as she sprints to the back.

AJ: Beth, you earned your title shot for next week. But Eve wonít be the only one wrestling topless, if you want your title shot you will have to join Eve in wrestling with your bare flesh on display.

Beth turns very red as she realizes that this week was only the precursor to the real nightmare to come next week.

************************************************** *********

Coming back from commercial break AJ is in the ring still with Tamina and Kharma. AJ signals for Kharma to go to the back. Kharma quickly disappears behind the curtain and then reemerges with Lillian Garcia tied up and over her shoulder. Kharma dumps Lillian into the ring.

AJ: We need ring announcing for our next match here is the info that you need Lillian.

Kharma unties Lillianís hands as AJ hands Lillian a few index cards. Lillian quickly looks them over looking confused.

Lillian: I canít say this stuff. Iím friends with the other divas.

AJ: Read everything exactly as written and I will lessen your punishment. However if you donít do what I say not only will I strip you here in the ring but Iíll make sure you orgasm on national televsion.

The crowd cheers hoping to see AJ push her experiment even further, but Lillian doesnít push it any further wanting to avoid as much embarrassment as she can.

Lillian: Introducing first the wettest pussy in the WWE, Alicia Fox.

Lillian looks embarrassed having to deliver that introduction of Alicia. Alicia comes out from the back looking pissed off. She is wearing her normal wrestling tights showing off a lot of leg as well as some cleavage and her torso. As she walks to the ring instead of her normal video playing on the Titan-Tron it shows shots of her from the week before of her being stripped fully nude and brought to the brink of orgasm. Once Alicia makes it to the ring she yells something at Lillian that couldnít be heard but causes Lillian to take a step back from her.

Lillian: And her partner, the best ass in the WWE, Layla.

Layla comes out from behind with a smile on her face. She always knew she had the best ass and even though AJ was looking for just another way to embarrass them she enjoyed the compliment. The fans chant ďShake Your AssĒ to Layla. Being a little more daring than normal due to all the exposure she turns her back towards the crowd to jiggle the little amount of ass cheek sticking out the bottom of her shorts. Her fun is quickly interrupted though as she faces the Titan-Tron her normal video switches to a shot from two weeks ago showing Layla rolled up for a pin by Layla fully nude and showing off every inch of her vagina and asshole to the fans. Seeing the video on the large screen brings back the shame of her exposure and she quickly walks down to the ring and gets in.

Lillian: And their opponents, first, the most muscular set of legs with the fakest set of tits in the WWE, Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn comes out on the stage and waits there for her partner to join her. She knows that almost every diva in the ring would like nothing more than to remove her wrestling gear from her body once again and display off her body for the live crowd. While she waits the fans at least get a look at highlights of her prior exposure showing her fake tits and spread and exposed vagina at the hand of Layla from the week before.

Lillian: And her partner, the best set of tits in the WWE, Divaís Champion, Eve Torres.

Eve quickly joins her partner at the top of the stage. Her entrance video now features multiple shots of her exposed tits bouncing around. The fans chant ďWe Want PussyĒ to Eve, as even though she has spent the most total amount of time exposed of all the divas, out of the four divas in the match she is the only one who has managed to keep her womanhood covered. Kaitlyn and Eve make their way to the ring. Eve quickly grabs the microphone from Lillian.

Eve: (facing AJ) I just want to make it clear that I am wrestling with my top ON tonight. You said the I had to defend my title topless, but this isnít a title match and you donít have the leverage to make me expose myself this week. (the fans boo)

AJ: Youíre right Eve. You get to keep your modesty this week. As do all four of you girls. (the fans booing gets louder) The game we are playing tonight is going to be a fun one. The rules are that each team has to select either top or bottom. And simply whichever side wins that will be the part of Lillian that will be exposed.

Lillian steps forward to protest, but Kharma approaches her and Lillian quickly backs off.

Alicia: I want our team to represent the bottoms.

AJ: Thatís fine so if Alicia and Layla lose than we will get to see Lillianís sweet, tanned legs, ass, and vagina and if Eve and Kaitlyn win than she will have to ditch her top and display her cute, small tits for all of us.

The fans cheer realizing that Lillian will be showing a lot of skin very soon.

AJ: Finally and most importantly, I, AJ Lee, the General Manager will be the Special Guest Referee to keep everyone in line.

AJ drops the mic and suddenly starts unbuttoning her white button up dress shirt. The fans start to chant ďShow Your TitsĒ not sure what AJ is doing. As she pulls the shirt off her body and shoulder though the fans are disappointed to see AJ wearing a half cut off referee shirt showing off her nice flat stomach. However it doesnít expose anymore skin than what she used to wear as an active participant as a wrestler just a few months ago. She also removes her tiny skirt that was cut off half way down her thighs, but once again the fans hopes are dashed as she is wearing black hot pants once again similar in size to her former wrestling attire.

AJ: I donít know how many times I have to tell you fans these wh*r*s will be your eye candy. I am far too classy to take my clothes off for you drooling idiots. (while some fans boo, there is some scattered cheering as well as the fans know that AJ is the one exposing all the other divas week in and week out). Now letís get this match started so all you fans here in South Carolina get a chance to see your hometown favorite Lillian Garcia show some skin.

AJ signals for the bell to ring. Eve and Kaitlyn canít decide who they want to start the match, while Layla steps forward to start the match for her team.

Layla: I want Eve. Give me Eve.

Eve tries to exit the ring and let Kaitlyn start the match. She already knows what Layla has in mind. After being stripped fully nude by both Kaitlyn and Eve two weeks ago and having every inch and crevice of her body exposed she returned the favor to Kaitlyn last week before warning Eve that she was coming for her. The fans also have clued onto this fact and begin chanting ďWe Want Eveí.

AJ: Eve, if there is one thing I am good at as GM its giving the fans what they want, and they want you so start the match.

Eve starts to protest, but realizes that with AJ her argument is pointless. Before Eve has a chance to ready herself Layla runs at her and tackles her down to the mat. Layla grabs Eve by the hair and starts smashing the back of Eveís head against the mat. Alicia is yelling to Layla begging to be tagged in as Eve also exposed her last week and she also would like to return the favor. Layla picks Eve up off the mat and irish whips her into her corner, allowing Alicia to grab Eve from behind by the throat putting her in a sleeper hold . Layla approaches the defenseless Eve and grabs her bottoms and immediately pulls them down her legs. The fans roar with approval as Eveís thong clad, round ass comes into display for all the fans to see. Eve tries screaming but itís useless as she is quickly losing oxygen being in the sleeper hold. AJ begins counting to five while warning Alicia to release the hold. Alicia releases the hold at four and pushes Eve from behind towards the middle of the ring.

With her trunks bunched at her ankles after Layla pulled them down, Eve stumbles forward and falls flat on her face. Flash bulbs go off all over the arena as Eveís almost completely bare ass except just the tiniest of thongs is point straight up in the air. AJ points to Layla to back off as AJ approaches Eve and pulls Eveís trunks off her legs and down past her feet. She now tosses them into the crowd, where a fight quickly breaks out as everyone tries to get Eveís used ring gear.

AJ: I canít have you hurting yourself due to an unsafe working environment Eve so I figured it was best to remove the danger.

Eve is still on the mat as Layla tags in Alicia. Alicia runs in and kicks the downed Eve in the back of the head. Alicia now runs over to the opposite corner delivering a punch to Kaitlyn knocking her off the apron. Kaitlyn quickly hops back onto the apron and into the ring trying to attack Alicia. Layla re-enters the ring as well trying to help her teammate. AJ starts to lose control of the match as all four women are now in the ring fighting with each other. It also allows for quite a site as three fully clothed divas are in the ring with Eve who while still wearing her top and thong has her ass, hips, and legs on display for everyone to see. All four divas continue to brawl while AJ struggles to regain control. Layla clothesline Eve out of the ring and to the floor. Layla follows her out to the floor and continues on the attack hitting Eveís head against the ring post. Layla now grabs the sides of Eveís thong and begins to pull up giving her a wedgie. The more Layla pulls up the fabric disappears into Eveís ass and vagina making more and more of her flesh visible to the fans. The jolt of the wedgie though snaps Eve out of her daze, Eve quickly kicks back into Laylaís gut in desperation before her thong gets fully ripped from body and showing more skin than she has shown before.

After the hard kick to her stomach Layla is doubled over in pain Eve takes the opportunity to deliver a hard powerbomb on the floor to Layla. The few fans in the front row were lucky to get a perfect view of Eveís round ass and the full outline of her most intimate areas as she bent over to deliver the slam as she had yet to fix her thong which was still jerked up. Layla is now down on the mat with the wind knocked out of her and unable to defend herself. Eve takes this opportunity to embarrass Layla once more as she reaches down and unzips Laylaís top from behind. She quickly yanks the top from Laylaís body before Layla even realizes that she was being stripped once again. Eve now picks the still dazed Layla up off the mat with her large tits bouncing all over. Eve now slams her Laylaís forehead against the guardrail separating the fans from the action, but giving the fans in the front row the most up close view of one of the divas titís yet. Seeing how excited the fans are at the closeness of the action this gives Eve the idea to just throw Layla over the guard rail into the crowd. Layla not knowing what to do runs through the crowd topless, she tries desperately to cover her large tits as she runs but due to the speed that she was running they bounce too much to truly cover. The fans all through those sections of the arena get a view of Layla they couldnít have possibly imagined.

With Layla disappearing through the crowd Eve now reentered the ring where Kaitlyn and Alicia have continued to brawl. Eve attacks Alicia from behind allowing both her and Kaitlyn to continue to beat down on her. AJ has chosen to be more of a front row spectator at this point rather than referee and is just allowing the beat down to continue. Eve now grabs a microphone.

Eve: So you fans on this side of the ring got a very special show as you got to see Layla up close and personal as she ran through the crowd. (Eve now turns around facing the other side of the arena.) Now you fans werenít so lucky as it was on the other side of the arena. So instead of seeing Laylaís large real tits and dark brown nipples being exposed up close, you will get to see Aliciaís large real breasts and dark brown nipples exposed up close. Fair trade off right? (the crowd cheers)

Eve and Kaitlyn continue to beat down on Alicia and throw her out of the ring. Aliciaís shirt ties in the front so Kaitlyn grabs Aliciaís arms from behind as Eve begins to remove Aliciaís shirt. Quickly her large breasts pop into view. Kaitlyn makes sure to bounce her up and down from behind allowing her tits to jiggle wildly out of control for the fans in the front row. After letting her tits bounce for the fans for fifteen seconds they throw her into the crowd the same way Eve did to Layla, Alicia is forced to run through the crowd with her large tits bouncing up close for all the fans too see.

Eve and Kaitlyn begin to celebrate as they seem to be the victors of the match. Suddenly Kharma attacks Kaitlyn and begins to beat her down. Eve still in only a tiny thong and her normal wrestling top is left alone and walks away not wanting to upset the larger woman while in such a vulnerable clothing situation. Eve runs to the back her bare ass jiggling all the way. Tamina is still watching over Lillian who realizes that if Eve and Kaitlyn truly did win the match, then her bare legs, ass, and vagina will be on display for all the fans in South Carolina.

AJ: Lillian, unfortunately there was no winner of the match as it was not a stripping match, it was supposed to be a normal match and there was no pinfall. What that means is that you wonít be stripping off your top OR bottom tonight. (the fans boo) You will be stripping off BOTH your TOP AND BOTTOM. (fans cheers wildly). And due to these wh*r*s not even being able to keep their clothes on, on a night that I was going to allow it one of them has to suffer and since Eve, Layla, and Alicia all have been exposed tonight Kaitlyn will be getting her own special punishment tonight as well.

Lillian begins to protest, but Tamina shoves her back into her seat not allowing her to go anywhere as RAW goes to a commercial.


RAW comes back with AJ in the ring still in her tiny referee gear. On her either side is Tamina holding onto Lillian from behind and Kharma who is holding onto Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is in her norma wrestling attire showing off plenty of cleave and leg as well as showing off her torso. Lillian is wearing a tight half shirt showing off just a little bit of her stomach and a short mini skirt that ends a few inches above her knees. Lillian also has knee high black boots on.

AJ: So we have a special treat for you fans here in South Carolina tonight. Both my former best friend Kaityn who is a whorish backstabber and your hometown celebrity Lillian Garcia. There will be no frills to this, just a straight striptease for each women.

Music starts to play as Tamina lets go of Lillian and Kharma lets go of Kaitlyn.

AJ: Dance! Enjoy Yourself!

Kaitlyn having been exposed already in the ring starts to play to the crowd a little bit and seems to be enjoying herself. Meanwhile, Lillian is standing in the ring frozen in fear as she feels every set of eyes in the building on her, waiting for her to remove clothing. Kaitlyn slowly slides a strap down each shoulder allowing a lot of cleavage to come into view. Before she continues to remove her top she slides her wrestling trunks down to her ankles bending perfect at the waist allowing her full moon to be seen by the fans behind her and the full top of her big round fake breasts to come into view for the fans in front of her. Kaitlyn still enjoying herself unsnaps her top from the back while still clutching the front of her shirt to her chest. The fans are cheering as Kaitlyn only in a thong teases them without showing her tits. Kaitlyn now stops dancing and looks over at the still fully clothed Lillian.

Kaitlyn: Youíre not seeing anymore of me until we see some of Lillian.

Lillian is turning red knowing that soon she will have to start removing clothing. The music still playing Lillian starts shuffling awkwardly side to side trying to build up the courage. After a few moments of contemplation Lillian finally removes her skirt showing off her tanned thighs to the crowd as well as her black bikini style panties not showing off much of her tiny ass. The fans cheer which starts to give Lillian a little more confidence as she removes her top. Lillian is now in her matching black bra and panties as well her knee high boots that she has kept on. Lillian while scared at first is showing a little bit more confidence realizing that she is not showing much more than she would show when on the beach. She continues to dance getting a little more into it as she slides her bra straps down over her shoulders. The fans can see that she doesnít have large tits hidden under there but are still curious what they look like underneath her bra. Lillian now unsnaps her bra while still shyly holding it to her chest. Both her and Kaitlyn are now in the same position of being only in their panties and holding their top to their chest ready to drop and expose their tits to the world.

Both women look at each other and mouth ďSame TimeĒ. Each women take a deep breath and remove their hands from their chest letting their tops falls to the ground and their tits to be exposed to the eyes of millions and tons of camera flashes. Kaitlynís tits now exposed for the second week in a row are large fake tits that sit proudly on Kaitlynís chest and little pink nipples right in the middle. Kaitlyn turns around in the ring letting fans on all sides of the arena to get clear views of her tits. Lillianís has smaller pointy tits that have a nice tan to them. This is Lillianís first time topless in the ring and the fans are loving seeing her body exposed as she doesnít have the same model type features compared to the other divas. Lillian and Kaitlyn both play to the crowd somewhat as they realize the fans hold the vote for who will expose themselves further.

AJ: Donít forget ladies. You still have some more clothing to remove.

Neither girl looks excited at the prospect of removing their panties. Kaitlyn accepts the inevitable and unties her thong from the side pulling it from her body and allowing her shaved bare vagina to be exposed to the live RAW audience once again. Kaitlyn is now left standing awkwardly in the ring fully nude as Lillian stalls from taking off her panties. She is wishing that she had a tie on the side of her panties like Kaitlynís did so that she wouldnít have to bend over while she removed her panties and showing all her most intimate areas. She realized the only way that she would be able to minimize exposure would be to remove her knee high boots. As she begins to unzip her first boot down the side AJ yells on the microphone.


Lillian accepts her fate and starts to slide her panties down her legs allowing her untanned, slender ass to come into view. Quickly in the front Lillianís fairly large brown bush comes into view with her thick pussy lips sticking out through the hair. Once the panties get to the boots, Lillian struggles to get the panties around the boots. As she struggles more she arches her back forward more and more allowing the full view of her ass and pussy to come into view to the fans behind her. Lillian is starting to panic realizing that she is exposing all of her most intimate areas to the crowd. Suddenly, she loses her balance and falls forward with her bare ass still in the air, making sure that all the fans behind her definitely get a clear view of her ass and vagina. As she regains her footing and finally slides her panties off she spreads her legs so wide, now giving all the fans in front of her a full view of her spread vagina. Lillian is devastated as she can see the faces of people she recognizes right in front of her staring at her legs open with her vagina on full display. Lillian finally regains her footing and struggles to cover her body with her hands as she is left only in her knee high boots. Kaitlyn is standing next to her just as nude, but much more confident than Lillian is. Finally, after standing there for a few moments that felt like a hours Lillian and Kaitlyn run to the back.
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WOW!!! I love it!!!! Keep it coming!!!!
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RAW comes on the air from EL Paso, TX. The fans are cheering wildly as the camera pans over the crowd. Suddenly AJís music plays and she comes out onto the stage with Tamina and Kharma and holding a microphone.

AJ: Welcome to Moday Night RAW! We have a full schedule of events here tonight so letís not waste anytime and get things started for tonight. (the fans cheer with anticipation of whatís to come)

AJ makes her way down to the ring and walks over to Lillian. Lillian is sitting at the time keeperís table and has on a full length black dress covering much more skin than normal. It is still tight and shows off all her curves but her legs and stomach are covered.

AJ: First, Iíd like to talk about what happened out here last week. Lillian, you disrespected me multiple times last week and due to that you were forced to expose your tiny, pointy titties to the world as well as your big hairy bush, your cute little ass, and all of us in the arena and the fans at home got to see your most intimate areas when you fell forward. Just in case some the fans missed this lets show a brief recap for the fans.

Lillian is already turned red with embarrassment having her nudity described to her. Now she was going to have to watch it with thousands of eyes on her on such a big screen. The video begins to play on the Titan-Tron showing a montage of Lillian removing her skirt, followed by her shirt, then her bra allowing her pointy titties to be exposed, and finally a slow motion montage of multiple angles of Lillian removing her panties and falling over as they got caught on her boots showing causing her full vagina and asshole to be seen by the crowd. Once the video ends the camera is now back on Lillian who has her heads in her hands in shame.

AJ: Now, tonight to open up we have a special job audition and you are going to help us Lillian. We have lost a few divas from the roster in the past few months and I need to find some new talent. I figured what better way than to have the women audition here in front of a live audience.

Lillian: What does this have to do with me?

AJ: Watch your tone Lillian. I am getting there. I figured the best way for these ladies to show what they got and prove that they are WWE material is a good old fashioned bikini contest. Now, Lillian what I will need from you is to be our ring announcer for the festivities. But, you canít fairly be a ring announcer for a bikini contest unless you yourself are in a bikini.

Lillian: But, I donít have a bikini with me. What do you expect me to do?

AJ: Oh I took care of that I have a bikini right here for you.

AJ pulls out a tiny bikini that consists of a tiny string, thong and a small top that will cover only a small portion of her breasts.

Lillian: That is so small though.

AJ: Well, we were just reminded of your fully nude body from last week so be careful with your arguing or Iíll take the bikini from you and make you announce nude.

Lillian: Fine, Iíll go to the back I can be ready in ten minutes I guess.

AJ: No, we are doing this bikini contest now, I need you to change out here now to keep things moving.

Lillian: But everyone will see me naked again.

AJ: Oh donít worry, I have taken care of that with our brand new portable changing booth.

A circular type cage drops slowly from the ceiling. Wrapped around the cage is a sheer shower curtain only about three feet in length.

AJ: You will change in there.

Lillian looks at the bikini in her hand and reluctantly ducks into the changing booth. Her head and shoulders pop up above the top of the covering so that the fans can still see her as she changes even while her intimate parts are covered. She unzips her dress from behind sliding it down off her shoulders and down her body as she disappears beneath the covering. She stands back up as she reaches behind her back to unclasp her bra from her body. AJ uses this opportunity to grab a camera man and pull him right over to the side of the changing booth. Being this close allows Lillianís now topless breasts to be seen by the camera and displayed on the Titan-Tron. Lillian screams and covers her breasts as AJ giggles and pulls the cameraman back away from the changing booth to allow Lillian to continue changing. Lillian now ties the bikini top on which even though she is behind the curtain the fans can tell wonít provide Lillian much modesty. Lillian now bends down to remove her panties and quickly slips on the bikini bottoms while still bent over. Lillian tries checking to make sure everything is covered but realizes that the front of the bikini is cut so small that her bush will be poking out of the sides of the front of the bikini. She fiddles with it trying to find a way to cover her bush but it is hopeless. AJ realizing Lillian is fully changed orders the changing booth to be lifted.

The changing booth lifts up bring Lillianís exposed body into view. Camera flashes go off getting shots of Lillianís small breasts barely covered by her bikini top with her tits hanging out on all sides of the bikini, her bare untanned white ass, and most importantly of the front of the bikini where her bush was visible. Lillian shyly tries to cover her pubic hair but its no use as she is forced to enter the ring.

AJ: Geez after last week I figured you would take care of that caged monkey. (giggling). Now that is embarrassing with your pale white ass contrasted by your dark pubes hanging all out of your bikini.

Lillian turns red with shame.

AJ: Now bikini contents are a WWE tradition, that is one of the few sexy things we were still able to do in the PG atmosphere, but my example to show you is the first and quite possibly the best bikini contest we ever had here in the WWE. Lets go to the video.


AJ: Now that was an exciting bikini contest. Jacqueline briefly flashed one of her titties and Sable stood topless and confident in the ring with only a tiny thong and body paint to conceal her modesty. Now if these women want to earn a job they have an idea what the standard I expect is. Now lets get this started.

Lillian: Introducing first, you may say she is sweet like a ďCookieĒ, Becky Bayless.

The short and curvy brunette comes out from the back wearing a very small bathrobe that allows all of her tanned and thick legs to be seen. The robe ends right at the bottom of her ass but as she makes her way to the ring it flips up and down allowing just a little bit of bare ass cheek to come into view. She enters the ring allowing a fair amount of her ass to be seen by the fans in the crowd as flash bulbs go off. She delivers a quick hug to AJ who she has known since before her days in WWE.

Lillian: Introducing next, itís time to let the pigeons loose, The Beautiful People, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love.

The former TNA Knockouts come out onto the stage together both wearing matching pink bathrobes they pause at the top of the ramp and lean in and deliver a small kiss to each other on the lips which the fans cheer. They then skip hand in hand down to the ring showing off a ton of leg. Once they reach the ring they pause on the apron before climbing into the ring and kiss once more, this time a little longer and with open mouths and tongue involved. Angelina enters the ring quickly through the middle ropes while holding her robe close in place. Velvet takes her time though straddling the middle rope and pointing her ass up showing off almost her full ass.

Lillian: Coming down to the ring next, daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Kerry Von Erich, Lacey Von Erich.

Lacey comes out on to the stage wearing a full length trench coat. Only her bare feet are visible and the fans boo her as she is showing almost no skin as she walks down to the ring and enters carefully.

Lillian: Finally, daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero and former Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero, from right here in El Paso, TX, Shaul Guerrero.

The cheers are the loudest they have been all night as the 21 year-old daughter of Eddie and Vickie comes out onto the stage wearing a small trench coat that ends right underneath her ass. Her thick tanned legs are fully visible for her hometown crowd to see on display. She stands at the top of the ramp and teases pulling up the trench coat, showing just a little bit more of her thighs. She then continues into the ring as the fans chant ďGuerreroĒ supporting their hometown beauty.

Lillian: Time to lose the robes ladies. First up is Becky Bayless.

Music plays as Becky steps to the center of the ring. She quickly drops her robe to her feet revealing a tiny pink thong bikini. Her thick legs, round hips, and plump ass are on full display for all the crowd to see. Her top barely covers her tits as her large breasts explode from all sides of the top showing tons of cleavage. She enjoys herself dancing to the music and putting on a show for the fans, leaning forward over the ropes in all four directions giving all the fans a great look at her cleavage and her ass. She then stands in the center of the ring and puts her hands on her knees making her ass clap. Finally, to top off her show she replicates Jacquelineís classic moment from the video quickly pulling her top aside, flashing just her left breast for a few moments for the world to see. The fans cheer wildly for her as she proudly and confidently showed off most of her body for the crowd to see. Becky looks at the other girls and just yells ďFollow ThatĒ. Angelina Love and Velvet still show confidence, while Lacey who has looked worried since she got out still holds her trench coat tight to her body, and Shaul shows a little bit of nervousness.

Lillian: Up next the Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.

Velvet steps forward first and rips the microphone out of Lillianís hand.

Velvet: When AJ told me and Angelina that we would be one entrant in this bikini contest we took that to mean we had to share one bikini. Now we debated back and forth over which half of the bikini we got to wear. I mean my real tits are wonderful, but Angelina has a great set of implants as well. Plus you just have to see her nipples, I love them. Then, all you fans in the first few rows saw my wonderful ass as I entered the ring but Angelina also has a tight little ass. In the end what our decision was....

Velvet makes eye contact with Angelina as both women take a deep breath and remove their robes. Flash bulbs go off all over the arena as Angelinaís fully bare ass and shaved tight vagina and Velvetís large real tits and pointy pink nipples come into view. Angelina wearing the top half of the bikini has plenty of cleavage visible, her tight washboard stomach and long tan legs are all visible, however all the fans eyes are trained right on her bare pussy as Angelina is turning to all sides of the ring leaving her legs spread just enough to let the fans clearly see her pussy lips. At the same time Velvet bounces around the ring leading the fans in cheers as her natural tits shake all around. The only covering for Velvet is the tiny thong bottom of the bikini allowing all of her ass, legs, and hips to be exposed. The fans cheers for them drown out the cheers that Becky received.

AJ: (giggling) I like the way you two think. I didnít expect you two to share a bikini, but now that you did it Iím upset that I hadnít thought of it myself.

Velvet and Angelina now step to the side of the ring as their turn is over. Both of them leave their hands at their hips still allowing all of their exposed skin to be seen by the glaring eyes of the fans.

Lillian: Next up, Lacey Von Erich.

All eyes turn to Lacey as she shyly steps to the center of the ring still clutching her full length trench coat tight. She takes the microphone.

Lacey: Now itís great to be here in my home state of Texas. (light cheering from the fans, but they are getting restless wanting to see skin) I didnít know if I wanted to do this and even while being here in this ring I didnít know if I would go all the way with this, but what the fuck I LOOK GOOD.

Laceyís bottom language changes immediately as she drops her full length trench coat to her feet and to the shock of the crowd, the fans watching at home. and the other women in the ring is fully nude. Her large fake breasts sit firmly on her chest with her perfectly round pink nipples right in the middle. Her long legs and tanned ass lead all eyes right to her shaved pussy. Lacey faces each direction of the crowd making sure the fans get clear views of every bit of her ass, vagina, and tits. Finally, to top it off she does a cartwheel across the middle of the ring which allows her fully spread vagina to be seen by all of the arena and cameras to broadcast across live tv. Lacey now steps over next to the topless Velvet and bottomless and Angelina who look at Lacey with disgusted looks on their faces.

Lillian: Finally, last but not least from right here in El Paso, TX, Shaul Guerrero.

Shaul steps nervously to the middle of the ring. When she agreed to be a part of this, she figured the most daring thing somebody would be wearing would be a thong, now after watching the contest progress slowly from Becky quickly flashing one breast to Lacey doing a nude cartwheel across the ring, her heart began to race. She looked around the arena recognizing faces all over the crowd of friends, former teachers, classmates, and countless other people she saw around town on a normal basis. She grabs the microphone.

Shaul: I know a lot of you out here in the crowd and a lot of you know me. Many of you know that I am not the most daring person around but I thought it would be fun to be a wrestler and follow in my families footsteps. Now I am standing here in the ring not sure what to do. At times like this I have to look towards my father and realize that sacrifices are necessary.

The fans cheer and chant ďEddieĒ in tribute to her father. This only embarrasses Shaul further as she knows how her dad would disapprove of her impending actions. She pulls the tiny trench coat off her shoulders and off her body revealing a modest bikini, at least compared to the other women exposed in the ring. Her top pushes up and creates plenty of cleavage from her medium sized breasts, while her bottoms cut off halfway down her ass revealing a fair amount of skin. She turns red even being exposed this much as flash bulbs go off around the arena.

Shaul: As you can see by my bikini, I didnít expect this to be as much of a skin show as it has become, but I now realize that if I want to be a diva, this will happen and I need to accept it.

Shaul reaches behind her back and begins to unsnap her top. Just as she finishes unsnapping it and goes to pull it from her body, suddenly the cheers of the crowd are interrupting by screaming. ďEXCUSE ME, EXCUSE MEĒ. Shaul recognizing that voice immediately as her mother Vickie stops removing her top and clutches it tightly to her chest leaving her bare back exposed. Vickie comes out on the stage stomping and with a microphone in hand power walks to the ring.

Vickie: How dare you AJ!!! How dare you try to expose my daughter, Eddieís daughter here in the town she grew up in.

Vickie makes it into the ring now and picks Shaulís trench coat up off the mat and covers her daughter with the coat.

Vickie: Shaul, go to the back and cover up. I will deal with you later.

Shaul covering herself with the trench coat, runs to the back crying as the fans boo. Vickie meanwhile approaches AJ and gets right in her face.

Vickie: My daughter maybe a wrestler someday, but not on these terms AJ. I should smack you right here, right now. (Tamina and Kharma step forward, but AJ instructs them to hold back). Realize, AJ that a Guerrero will never work for you again.

Vickie now drops the mic and immediately storms to the back to look for her daughter.

AJ: Well, thatís embarrassing having your mom interrupt a job interview like that. Oh well, I thought Shaul had potential. As for the rest of you, you all have shown me that you have the sexiness and confidence to succeed here in the new WWE Divaís divison. Congratulations, you are all hired.

The fully nude Lacey runs over to AJ and gives her a hug to the fans loud cheers. Becky, Angelina, and Velvet all celebrate and acknowledge the crowd allowing their exposed bodies to still be ogled by the eyes of the fans as RAW goes to commercial.

************************************************** ******

Later on in the show AJ is in her office with Tamina, Kharma, and a now fully clothed Becky Bayless with her.

AJ: Sorry you had to be a part of that out there tonight Becky. I just needed you to prove that you would be loyal to me and do what I expect of you.

Becky: Itís nothing. Iíve seen what youíve been doing the past few weeks. A three second tit flash is nothing. I know you could have made it much worse and anyway I am grateful for the job and am glad to be part of the clear winning team here.

AJ: Thatís the spirit I like to hear.

There is a knock at AJís door.

AJ: Come in.

A fully clothed Shaul Guerrero enters AJís office.

AJ: Iím sorry, Shaul. I know you wanted this job, but your mom just didnít allow you to show what I needed to see from you tonight.

Shaul: I know. I fully understand. However, is there anyway that you can give me any other chance to earn a job. I want nothing more than to carry on my fatherís legacy in the business that him, my grandfather, my uncles, my cousins have all made their living in.

AJ: You know what, I have an idea. Now youíre really gonna have to earn this one. I am going to put you into a match with Kharma over here.

Kharma laughs as she looks over the much smaller girl.

AJ: That bikini contest wasnít meant to be easy tonight, so I will give you a shot to earn a job once again. I donít expect you to win, just go out there and fight and you get the job. Sound good?

Shaul: Yes AJ, thank you so much. I promise I wonít disappoint you.

AJ: Good, now go get ready youíre match is coming up soon.

Shaul runs off to get ready for her match.

AJ: Kharma, I only have one mission and one mission only for you out there with her tonight.

Kharma: Yes boss?

AJ: Embarrass her, at your own discretion. I trust you to know what to do. Vickie wants to mess with me, Iíll mess with her family. (giggling) Tamina, I need you to bring me Kaitlyn.

************************************************** *****

AJ is in her office with Tamina and Becky behind her and Kaitlyn on the other side of the desk. Kaitlyn is wearing her normal wrestling gear.

AJ: So, Kaitlyn you sure seemed to enjoy yourself out there last week. Apparently taking your clothes off for three weeks suddenly you parade your tits out there like youíre a stripper or something. What happened to your shame, you happily showed off your bare tits, vagina, and ass for the thousands in the crowd not to mention the millions that watch every week.

Kaitlyn: Well, if you going to..

AJ: DONíT INTERRUPT ME!! Tonight, we take this to another level, this is meant to embarrass you. Make you ashamed to show your face. I have a special outfit you for to wear when you come out to the ring tonight. Put it on and meet me in the ring in 10 minutes.

Tamina hands Kaitlyn a small shopping bag, as Kaitlyn walks off thinking it wonít be too bad if she has something to wear. As Kaitlyn walks off, Vickie bursts through AJís still open door.

AJ: What do you think youíre doing? Just barging in here not knocking. You donít even work here.

Vickie: I already told you once not to mess with my daughter. I donít want her competing out there, she may be hurt and even worse this is her home and if you expose her that will ruin her life here.

AJ: I already told Shaul that she could have a job if she has a match with Kharma and I donít go back on my word. Not to mention that match is next and I need something to fill the tv time.

Vickie: What if I take her spot then? I face Kharma and if I win you leave Shaul alone and out of this.

AJ: And if you lose, if you lose well weíll just see I guess. (giggling)


RAW comes back from commercial break with AJ skipping down to the ring with Tamina, Kharma, and Becky Bayless with her. Once they make it down to the ring, AJ grabs a microphone.

AJ: Kaitlyn, get down here now.

Kaitlynís music plays as their is a buzz of anticipation for Kaitlyn and what AJ is making her wear. However, they are disappointed when Kaitlyn emerges from the back still wearing her normal wrestling gear and carrying the shopping bag in her hand. She walks angrily to the ring and grabs the microphone from AJ.

Kaitlyn: Iím not wearing this (holding up the bag). Itís demeaning.

AJ grabs both the bag and microphone out of Kaitlynís hands. AJ reaches into the bag and pulls out a dog collar and leash. The fans chant ďGet On Your KneesĒ.

AJ: Well, I knew that wouldnít go over well. But it wasnít meant to be literal. Iím going to New York this week and I need a ďpetĒ to bring with me and you will be that pet. Our new system here has gotten us a lot of press and I am doing the media circuit on Wednesday in New York, or at least those that will book us, and I need to bring one of the divas with me as a model and who better than you my former best friend. And since New York is the media capital of the world you need to be prepared for all the cameras that will be on you all day so I have a special job for you tonight. Whenever, I get a chance to talk to fans over the past few weeks they all tell me how much they love all the fun new stuff we have been doing. But they all were wondering if they would be able to get their own photo opportunities. So tonight you will give the fans their own personal mementos as you will roam the crowd fully nude offering up close and personal photos for whoever asks.

Kaitlyn; This canít be safe. Youíre not even thinking about what youíre doing anymore.

AJ: You never let me finish Kaitlyn. Tamina will be your security to make sure youíre safe. But to make sure you donít try to run either I am going to handcuff you to each other. Trust me the last thing we need is a sexual assault in the crowd. Tamina will protect you. Now lose the clothes.

Kaitlyn isnít happy about this, but has accepted her fate at this point. She quickly removes her top baring her large fake breasts to the crowd once again. She also quickly dispatches with her bottoms, surprisingly leaving her fully nude as she has no underwear on under her wrestling trunks this week. Her shaved pussy and bare ass are fully visible for all the fans and soon they will get an even better look as she poses for photographs for all the fans. AJ handcuffs Kaitlyn to Tamina and they exit the ring and head into the crowd. The first fan she approaches puts his arm around her pushing up against her body as they pose for a photograph. Right before the flash goes over the fan grabs Kaitlynís breast and squeezes for the photo. Kaitlyn screams and slaps the guy across the face.

AJ: Kaitlyn, be nice. He didnít try anything too bad. I mean they are right out there who wouldnít want to grab them. Donít slap anymore fans for something like that, a squeeze of the breasts, a grab of the ass. That is fine, but if they come near your pussy then it is over the line.

Kaitlyn starts to cry realizing what AJ has said has given free reign to all the fans to grope and grab her all night. Her breasts and ass will be fondled by hundreds if not thousands of people by the time the night is over, AJ was right she would never want to show her face again.

AJ: Now letís get to some in-ring action.

Kharma already in the ring awaits her opponent. Shaul Guerrero quickly emerges from the back and quickly comes down to the ring wearing wrestling gear that shows off her legs and a little bit of cleavage. She comes into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Shaul: You promised me this match AJ.

AJ: I know, but Vickie volunteered and I wanted her to come back to her job as much as I wanted to hire you. So, Iím letting this play out and we may all have fun.

Vickie: (as she comes out onto the stage) Excuse me, excuse me. I never said I was back full time. After I beat Kharma, me and Shaul are going home and leaving this craziness behind.

Vickie makes her way down to the ring as she is talking. She is wearing a one piece singlet that shows off a lot of her thick legs. While Vickie doesnít have the body of a diva for a woman her age she still has nice legs even with the little bit of jiggle they have. She doesnít have much cleavage visible but the shape of her large fake breasts are visible underneath the spandex material.

AJ: (giggling) There is no way that you can beat Kharma. Iím so confident of that, that if you beat Kharma Iíll moon my bare ass to these fans. (fans cheer wildly, followed by ďLetís Go VickieĒ chants) Donít get your hopes up. You have no shot of seeing my ass. Now letís get this started.

Becky, AJ, and Shaul leave the ring as the bell rings. Kharma rushes at Vickie but Vickie moves out of the way and Kharma runs into the corner. As she stumbles backwards Vickie goes for the quick pin and schoolboys her, 1..2...Kharma manages to kick out. AJ who briefly got very worried on the outside shows relief on her face. Kharma and Vickie are both back to their feet and this time Vickie canít avoid Kharma as Kharma grabs Vickie by the hair and lifts her up over her head and slams her to the mat. Vickie is now rolling around in pain. Kharma now picks Vickie up off the mat and irish whips her into the corner and follows in with a splash crushing Vickie in the corner. Vickie slumps to the mat out cold and motionless.

AJ: Doní finish the match yet Kharma. Embarrass her first.

Kharma picks up the still unconscious Vickie and leans her up in the corner. Kharma quickly slides Vickieís singlet over her shoulders and down past her breasts revealing a strapless bra that is barely holding her fake tits in place. Kharma continues to slide Vickieís singlet down past her slightly chubby stomach and quickly past her hips, ass, and thighs revealing Vickieís ass clad in panties. Before Kharma can further strip Vickie, suddenly Shaul jumps Kharma from behind to try and save her momís dignity. Shaul hangs on Kharmaís back trying to choke Kharma, but Kharma flips Shaul over her back and slams her hard to the mat knocking the wind out of her. Kharma now bounces off the ropes and delivers a big splash right down on Shaul knocking her out cold. Kharma now stands above both Guerrero women unconscious in the ring. Vickie is in her underwear while Shaul is still in her wrestling gear. However, Kharma reaches down and unzips Shaulís top from behind and removes it from her body revealing a tiny black bra underneath that pushes up her natural medium sized breasts creating a lot of cleavage. Kharma doesnít stop there as she now removes Shaulís trunks as well revealing most of her ass in high cut underwear. Flash bulbs are going off all over the arena trying to get shots of both mother and daughter exposed in the ring in their hometown.

With the match not officially ending Kharma delivers another splash to the still hurt Vickie before covering her for the pin 1...2....3. Kharma wins. AJ and Becky enter the ring to celebrate with Kharma as both mother and daughter lay in their underwear in the ring.

AJ: Kharma, go out back, relax, take a shower, you did great work tonight.

Kharma exits the ring and heads to the back to shower up. During this both Shaul and Vickie come to. They both quickly notice their level of undress. Shaul is a little embarrassed being in her underwear, but it isnít much more than she showed earlier in her bikini. Vickie on the other hand curls up into a ball trying to stay as covered as possible.

AJ: Now we never decided on exactly what you losing would entail Vickie, but seeing mother and daughter laying here together in their underwear has given me a great idea. We will have the first ever mother-daughter strip match. Both of you are in your underwear, the first one to strip the other one fully nude wins. And Vickie if you win, Shaul doesnít get the job, but if Shaul wins she becomes the newest WWE Diva.

Shaul who has now climbed to her feet looks at AJ and agrees to the match and stipulations. Vickie starts screaming no at Shaul, but the bell rings and Shaul begins to attack her mother. Shaul was wiling to take her top off earlier in the night but the more she thought about it the more she is happy her mom interrupted her exposure. Shaul picks Vickie up off the mat and throws her off against the ropes. As both women move about the ring cleavage, ass, and legs all jiggle around to the fans delight. As Vickie bounces off the ropes Shaul delivers a clothesline to her mother knocking her down to the mat. With the jarring blow to the chest this also causes Vickieís small strapless bra to fall off her breasts down to her stomach, revealing all of her fake tits to the world. She has small pink nipples and her fake breasts still have a nice jiggle to them. Vickie quickly covers her tits as flash bulbs go off.

However sitting on the mat looking up at Shaul, Vickie quickly hops up and runs at Shaul tackling her to the mat. Shaul was young and still at the peak of her attractiveness, Vickie thought that in the long run if one of them had to be exposed it should be her daughter and if Shaul wouldnít do it on her own Vickie was going to do it for her. Vickie now on top of Shaul reaches down and grabs her bra pulling on it and quickly ripping it from her body allowing her daughterís young, firm, breasts and large nipples come into view. Shaul tries to cover up, but Vickie pins her arms to the mat making sure all the crowd gets a good glimpse of Shaulís breasts jiggle as she struggles on the mat. Vickie turns around using her knees to keep Shaul pinned to the mat and now reaches down and pulls at Shaulís panties trying to pull them off. Shaul wiggles and struggles as best she can but Vickie succeeds and slides Shaulís panties down past her wide hips allowing her trimmed triangular bush and tight pussy to be seen. Vickie continues to keep her fully nude daughter to the mat as Shaul struggles desperately to get free. Vickie finally allows her daughter up after 30 seconds and the fully nude Shaul quickly runs to the back with her ass and breasts jiggling and doing her best to cover up whatever she can.

Vickie stays in the ring still topless and grabs a microphone with her breasts still uncovered.

Vickie: Sorry I had to do that Shaul, but if you still want to be a WWE Diva you know what the consists of now. As for you AJ. You may have caused me and my daughter to be embarrassed out here tonight, but you have not heard the last of me. I can promise you that.

Vickie slams the mic down to the mat and quickly heads to the back with her breasts still shaking as she goes. AJ and Becky are now alone at ringside and head into the ring. Suddenly Becky blindsides AJ from behind as WWE Divaís Champion Eve Torres runs out from the back. Becky continues to beat down on AJ as Eve comes into the ring. Eve joins Becky in the beatdown on AJ. AJ is dressed in her normal business suit attire but Becky and Eve quickly remove her coat from her body. AJ is screaming for help, but Kharma is in the back after her match showering and Tamina while she is trying to run to the ring Kaitlyn is trying her best to prevent her from getting there since they are still handcuffed together. Eve and Beckyís intent is quickly obvious as they start to tear AJís button up shirt in the middle with buttons popping out everywhere. AJ is struggling to keep her shirt together and on but the 2 on 1 becomes too much and they succeed in tearing AJís shirt from her leaving her in a small bra that shows a little bit of cleavage of her small breasts. AJ is still trying her best to fight them off as they now start to pull at her little skirt. Once again the numbers become too much as AJís skirt is removed from her body exposing a tiny pair of panties and showing off a decent amount of exposed ass and all of her thin legs.
Before AJ can be exposed any further suddenly, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, and Lacey Von Erich hit the ring and attack Eve and Becky. Lacey carried down her long trench coat from before down to the ring and gives it to AJ who covers herself back up quickly. The fans boo as they got quick glimpes of AJís cleavage, legs, and a decent amount of her ass, but were still left wanting to see more of AJ exposed. AJ grabs a microphone while The Beautiful People continue their beatdown on Becky and Eve.

AJ: Thank you all three of you. You realize what you need to do to get ahead here. Pick Eve up for me.

Velvet picks up Eve off the mat and holds her arms back as AJ approaches her and removes her wrestling top allowing her real natural breasts to bounce free for the crowd for another week. AJ now grabs Eveís wrestling trunks and pulls them down her legs leaving her bare ass and hips exposed in a tiny thong.

AJ: Itís Beckyís turn.

Lacey picks up Becky who is dressed in a normal top and jeans as she wasnít planning on wrestling. AJ grabs Beckyís top and pulls it up over her head exposing her large and real bare breasts as she wasnít wearing a bra. AJ slaps Becky in the face a few times as she starts to come to. Becky realizes that she is topless in the ring starts to fight to break free, but AJ just delivers a kick to her gut allowing Beckyís breasts to bounce all around. AJ now reaches for Beckyís jeans and unbuttons them and teases pulling them down before quickly pulling the jeans straight to her feet leaving Becky in only a tiny thong with all of her ass and legs exposed as well as her large tits. Velvet is still holding onto Eve while Lacey holds onto Becky as both women are exposed topless and in thongs with their big breasts jiggling.

AJ: Eve, since you are the Divaís Champion, Iíll leave you like this in just your thong. I have plenty of time to still embarrass you. Becky on the other hand. Youíre fired. I have no more use for you.

AJ now reaches forward and grabs Beckyís thong as she shrieks. The screams are too late though as AJ tears Beckyís thong from her body leaving her fully nude in the ring with her shaved pussy on display and her tits bouncing. Lacey continues to hold onto Becky turning her towards all four sides of the ring making sure all the fans get a great view of her fully nude body. Flash bulbs go off all over the arena to document the moment. AJ now reaches between Beckyís legs and with the microphone begins to rub Beckyís pussy. Becky moans as AJ rubs the microphone back and forth on her pussy lips. As AJ does this Lacey gropes Beckyís breasts from behind and squeezes them and tweaks her nipples.

At first Becky is resistant despite her moans but quickly forgets where she is and begins to buck on the microphone enjoying herself more and more. Beckyís moaning increases more and more getting louder and faster as she starts to pant pretty hard. Finally, all the moaning and screaming culminates with one loud big mix of a moan and scream as Becky orgasms right in the middle of the ring on national tv. The fans chant ďHoly ShitĒ as Beckyís juices run right down her leg and leave a wet spot in the middle of the ring. Lacey quickly drops Becky to the mat and as Becky comes down from her orgasm and looks around the ring realizing what she just did rolls out of the ring and runs to the back fully nude trying her best to cover up her intimate areas and crying while turning very red with shame.

AJ: (holding the cum soaked microphone) I feel that all of you still havenít been taking me seriously. I hope after that you realize not to mess with me anymore. (giggling) Now letís get Beth down here for our title match tonight. We already have Eveís tits out now letís see the Glamazonís titties.

Beth begins to come out from the back dressed in her normal wrestling attire as RAW goes to commercial.


RAW comes back from commercial as AJ stands in the ring, still in a trench coat after being stripped to her bra and panties brielfy by Becky and Eve, flanked by The Beautiful People of Lacey, Velvet, and Angelina while Eve stands topless in the ring only wearing a tiny thong that also allows her ass and legs to be displayed. Beth is in the ring as well wearing her normal wrestling attire, a one piece that separates over her stomach showing her flat abs as well as showing her shoulders and back off.

AJ: Before we do anything, letís send it to Lillian in the crowd with Kaitlyn and Tamina for a quick update.

Lillian is shown in the crowd still wearing the bikini from earlier in the night with her bush hanging out on all sides. Kaitlyn is fully nude, the camera pans around her body showing red marks all over her ass from where people smacked her and her tits are all red and swollen due to fans squeezing them all night.

Lillian: So, Kaitlyn how has this been going?

Kaitlyn: Well, you know most of the fans are real nice and supportive even as they are groping me, but some of these guys are animals. A few people have even had to be removed from the arena after one or two of them slipped a finger inside of me when taking a photo. The worst though is one guy actually shoved a finger up my asshole. (fans chant ďHoly ShitĒ)

Lillian: Iím sorry to hear that. Looks like there are a few fans here that want their photo taken.

Lillian steps tries to step off to the side but the fan pulls her back into the photo placing a hand on both Lillian and Kaitlynís asses as the photo is taken. After hearing just before Kaitlyn describe it the fan feels daring a slips a finger in Kaitlynís bare pussy and also slides his hand in Lillianís bottom to grope her vagina as both women yelp and jump away from him as security pounces on the guy. Camera now comes back to AJ in the ring.

AJ: Beth, you have to lose the top to be in the match. Time to let your puppies free.

Beth looks around unsure of exposing herself. Her breasts were briefly exposed last week, but this time she would be topless for a much more extended period of time. Beth closes her eyes and takes a deep breath as she reaches behind her neck to unclasp the top of her outfit. As she pulls it over her shoulder she pauses it again as she holds it right over her breasts before revealing herself. Finally she lets go of the top letting it fall to her waist and exposing her firm and natural medium sized breasts with little pink nipples. Her tits are now tanned after having her tan line exposed the week before. Beth looks to the ground uncomfortably as flash bulbs go off and Beth can feel all eyes on her breasts. Her top sits awkwardly at her waist as her outfit is all one piece.

AJ: Remove it the rest of the way, that is a safety hazard having all that extra fabric there.

Beth: You told me I had to wrestle topless. You didnít tell me I would have to expose my legs and ass too.

AJ: I canít let you wrestle the match that way, it just isnít safe. If you donít remove it the match will be canceled.

Beth realizes she has no choice but to remove her outfit the rest of the way. She has already stripped herself topless in the ring, she needs to get her title shot now. She starts to slide her outfit down past her hips and ass exposing her small panties she has to wear with her wrestling tights. Most of her muscular ass is revealed to the eyes of the fans as while as long muscular legs. Beth slides the pants all the way down her legs and off her feet leaving her only in her small panties with her perky breasts exposed.

AJ: Now this is quite a site. Two beautiful divas standing here ready to fight a match both with there nice natural breasts out for all of us to see.

Both Eve and Beth look embarrassed at having their exposure pointed out to them as the fans cheer. The bell rings to begin the match as AJ and The Beautiful People exit the ring and head backstage. Beth rushes at Eve and delivers a knee to Eveís midsection. Eve goes down to the mat from the shot as she is already worn down from the prior beatdown at the handís of The Beautiful People. Beth delivers a hard kick right to Eveís face as she is down on the mat allowing Bethís perky breasts to bounce all over. Eve is out on the mat and Beth covers her looking for an early victory. 1...2.....Th. NO!! Eve manages to just kick out in time. Beth now picks Eve up off the mat and throws her off the ropes. Beth delivers a standing dropkick to Eve sending her reeling back off the ropes. Beth continues to beat on Eve as Layla suddenly makes her way down to the ring. Beth doesnít even notice that Layla is there as she makes her way into the ring and clotheslines Beth to the mat and drawing a DQ.

Layla continues to beat down on Beth as Eve rolls out of the ring and runs to the back before Layla can touch her. Layla picks up a microphone.

Layla: I hate Eve more than anyone, but no one is beating her for that title unless it is me. I want a title shot next week.

AJ comes out from the back now fully dressed. She has Kharma and The Beautiful People with her.

AJ: You want a title shot, that sounds good. Next week here on RAW we will have a special Three Way Dance Swimming Pool Bra & Panties Match with Layla vs. Beth vs. Eve for The Divas Title. I donít know if any of you remember the original one but next week we will have video of that for you to show us what to expect.

Layla still upset in the ring reaches down and pulls the panties right from Bethís body leaving Beth fully nude in the ring with her ass exposed. Bethís hands reach to her crotch and covers herself before anyone can see her pussy and quickly runs to the back with her bare ass and tits jiggling as she runs to the back with her vagina covered by her hands as RAW ends with Layla standing in the ring holding Bethís panties up as a trophy.
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I have not read this yet- but I was so happy to see it posted. I LOVE WWE stories and will be reading this shortly- can't wait.
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This chapter is a little different. I decided to write up Kaitlyn and AJ's trip to New York I mentioned in the last chapter. Hopefully it still works with the rest of the story, kinda feel it is the weakest chapter yet. Still hope you enjoy and the next chapter will be back to the normal format.

AJ and Kaitlyn get out of their limo outside The Sirius XM Studios to began their promotional day in New York City on The Howard Stern Show. AJ is dressed in her normal formal business attire with a business coat over a white, button up shirt, and a matching short skirt that ends a few inches above her knees. Kaitlyn is dressed in just a thin t-shirt with her nipples poking thru the material and a tight pair of jeans that hug her ass. WWE.com cameras are with them to document the days events. AJ and Kaitlyn are shown meeting with Stern show producer Gary Dellabante aka BabaBooey.

Gary: So what can we expect on the show today? Some fun backstage stories, maybe a little skin? Iíve seen the shows recently. Definitely some interesting stuff you guys are doing on there.

AJ: Well, if youíve been watching the shows you will know that Iíll be leaving my clothes on. However, Kaitlyn is game for anything today, you want her to ride the sybian, sit in the tickle cheer, hell even if you just want have everybody feel her tits itís ok. Right Kaitlyn?

Kaitlyn has a shocked look on her face not sure what to expect in the next hour but just nods her head in agreement with AJ.

Gary: All right. Sounds like a fun show today. Weíll have you on in 10 minutes.

Gary leaves the room, leaving AJ and Kaitlyn alone in the room.

AJ: I want you to take your clothes off now. Come in there fully nude. That is what we are here to promote is your body and the fact that you and the other wh*r*s expose themselves every week.

Kaitlyn: Ok. I mean itís the Stern Show. I expected that you were gonna make me do something here. At least later on with our other stops we are on network tv shows so I know it will only get better as the day goes on.

AJ: Once you go in there, whatever they suggest for you, you canít say no.

Kaitlyn: There is a limit right?

AJ: The sybian will be the worst it can get.

Kaitlyn removes her clothing in the green room allowing her large fake tits, muscular ass, and muscular legs to all become bare. Gary sticks his head into the room to let them know they are ready and is shocked to see the fully nude Kaitlyn standing there.

Gary: Nice. You look great.

Kaitlyn looks embarrassed being naked in a whole new environment compared to the last few weeks of RAW. AJ exits the room first into the studio and tells Kaitlyn to wait a moment. AJ walks into the studio and greets Howard, Fred, Benji, and Robin.

AJ: Wonderful to meet all of you. I am RAWís General Manager AJ Lee. I am here just to deliver you the real star today Kaitlyn. Just so you know Iím gonna sit on the side to make sure she follows this but once Kaitlyn comes in itís her show with you guys. Iím not even here.And I told her she canít say no to any of your suggestions. Now presenting Kaitlyn.

AJ sticks her head back into the green room and calls Kaitlyn into the room. Kaitlyn now strides into the room fully nude to the shock of everyone in the studio than BabaBooey who has a big smile on his face. Kaitlyn turns very red as she is in close proximity to all these men just staring directly at her nude tits and pussy while there are also plenty of cameras on her between HowardTV and WWE.com.

Howard: Nice to meet you Kaitlyn. (laughing) This is great. Most celebrities like you donít come in here without any clothes on and even the girls who take their clothes off we need to talk out of them. You just stroll in here with your tight shaved pussy and large fake tits on display for us to see.

Benji: Are we sure they are fake? Kaitlyn come over here so I can squeeze them and see if I can feel the implants.

Kaitlyn unable to say no walks over to Benji annoyed as even though she has nice implants her tits are clearly fake and he just wants to touch her tits. The short, fat, and balding Benji reaches out and gropes her tits for ten seconds straight and flicking her nipples a few times making her nipples stand on attention in the cold studio.

Benji: Yea, I guess they are fake.

Howard: So, I was watching RAW Monday Night to prepare for this. Plus I heard about all the nudity so I had to check this out. Now you had to parade through the crowd on Monday night Kaitlyn and allow the fans to grope your tits and ass. What was that like?

Kaitlyn: That was probably the worst moment of my life. (Kaitlyn turns her back to Howard and points her bare ass at him) Look at my ass. There are still red marks all over it. And some pervs even shoved their fingers in my vagina and one of them got really daring and shoved it in my asshole.

Howard: I did see that one fan who fingered you and that announcer woman with the big bush on Monday.

Kaitlyn: Yeah, Lillian. Well that guy and the rest of the ones who stepped over the line had to spend the night in jail.

Howard: One night in jail for your sweet pussy seems worth it. Youíre a hottie. You have such great tits and a nice muscular ass and tight pussy. Iím just liking looking at you there. Now since AJ told us you wouldnít say no to anything we figured we would give you a choice. We have two things we like to do with naked women here. We either like to see them ride the sybian or we tie them into the tickle chair and let me tickle them all over. Which one would you prefer Kaitlyn?

AJ: Tickle chair. I want to see her do the tickle chair.

Kaitlyn: I have to agree with AJ if she wants me to do the tickle chair then I will go with that. Plus it is always nice to go with the option where I donít have to orgasm with all these cameras on me.

Howard: Sounds good. Letís get you strapped into the chair.

BabaBooey brings out the wooden chair for Kaitlyn to sit in. Kaitlyn sits into the sunken chair and puts her arms on the armrests to be strapped in. She then spreads her legs baring her wide open pussy for everyone to see to have her legs strapped in as well. Howard approaches her and puts on his wireless headset.

Howard: Damn. I just canít get over how good you look sitting her with your huge tits and now seeing your vagina glisten as your legs are spread. Now itís time to see how ticklish you are.

AJ purposefully chose the tickle chair knowing how ticklish Kaitlyn was from when they used to be friends. Howard reaches in and softly tickles Kaitlyn under her arm occasionally rubbing the side of her tits. Kaitlyn giggles with each touch of Howardís cold hand her tits bouncing with every touch. Howard continues to tease her little by little not fully tickling her yet. Already she is laughing uncontrollably. Howard now steps behind her and tickles her up and down her sides at the same time, also cupping each breast a few times. Kaitlyn laughs more and more jiggling in the seat. Howard now comes around the front and reaches betweens Kaitlynís legs tickling her inner thighs. Kaitlyn continues to giggle through all of this. Finally, Howard takes out his large feather for the grand finale. He places the feather between her legs to continue to tickle her inner thighs. AJ sneaks up and helps with the tickling, tickling her side from behind as Howard continues to tickle her inner thighs. Kaitlynís laughter suddenly turns into screaming.

Kaitrlyn: Stop, stop, Iím gonna pee. Stop.

Unfortunately itís too late as she pisses herself while still tied into the tickle chair. With her legs separated and spread wide open the camera is able to zoom in and get a close up shot of her peeing. Kaitlyn starts squirming crazily trying to get out of the chair as she finishes peeing. Finally, once she is done peeing AJ releases her from the supports of the chair as Kaitlyn runs out of the studio in embarrassment.

AJ: Sorry Howard. Some people just donít know how to control themselves.

Howard: (laughing) Itís ok. Come back anytime. Bring any of the divas with you that you want to punish. Or even if you want to show us something, you got a tight little body there too.

AJ winks at Howard and giggled as she exits the studio. She enters the green room where Kaitlyn is quickly trying to get dressed.

AJ: Leave your shirt off.

Kaitlyn: What? Iím supposed to just travel around the city topless all day?

AJ: Exactly.

Kaitlyn: Iíll get arrested.

AJ: No you wonít. Itís legal to be topless in public in New York. Too bad they would arrest you if you were fully nude. That would be really fun having you walk around fully nude around New York today.

Kaitlyn: What do you mean walk? We have our limo.

AJ: No we donít. We have two hours to get to NBC for The Today Show. We are gonna walk. Itís only about a half hour or so.

Kaitlyn; You want me to walk through New York, topless for half an hour.

AJ: Itís happening whether you like it or not.

Kaitlyn realizes its pointless arguing. They began to exit the studio to walk down to the street. AJ and Kaitlyn enter the elevator to head out of the building when a middle aged man joins them. Once inside the elevator there is an awkward silence as the man blatantly stares at Kaitlynís bare breasts.

AJ: You can touch them if you like.

Man: No. I couldnít.

AJ: No. I insist.

The man doesnít need much convincing as he reaches out and begins to caress Kaitlynís bare breasts. They make it down to the lobby and the elevator doors open for a dozen people to see the man still caressing Kaitlynís bare tits. Kaitlyn quickly runs out of the elevator to cover up, but realizes she has nowhere to go. AJ heads to the front door of the building while Kaitlyn stands behind.

AJ: Come on Kaitlyn. Letís go. If we donít walk fast enough we have to take the subway and trust me that will be much worse for you in your state of undress.

Kaitlyn quickly follows behind AJ exiting the building out onto the sunny streets of New York City. Immediately as she steps outside she can feel all sets of eyes on her bare tits, or at least it feels that way. The walk to 30 Rockefeller Plaza takes about twice as long as it should as every five feet someone stops them for a photo and AJ insists they stop every time offering the person a feel of Kaitlynís tits. By the time they make it to NBC Kaitlynís tits are tanned, red, and swollen due to exposure to the sun and all the people who have groped them.

When AJ & Kaitlyn enter the NBC building all eyes immediately turn to Kaitlyn with her large fake breasts visible. Security immediately approaches both AJ and Kaitlyn.

Security Guard #1: Excuse mam, you need to put a shirt on.

Kaitlyn: Thank god. I was hoping you would say that.

Security Guard #2: Wait, whatís going on here? Is everything ok?

Kaitlyn: No.

AJ: (interrupting) Everything is fine. This is my employee and she must do what I say. Here, Kaitlyn. I have a shirt for you to wear.

AJ hands Kaitlyn a small white tank top. Kaitlyn quickly slides it on over her head providing her breasts with coverage for the first time in almost two hours. Unfortunately, Kaitlyn quickly realizes that the shirt doesnít provide her with much modesty as her pink nipples are clearly visible through the top and cleavage pops out of the top and side of the top showing off the full shape of her tits.

AJ: Is that satisfactory? We have to get to The Today Show.

Security Guard #1: Yeah, go ahead.

AJ and Kaitlyn make their way through the building to The Today Show studios. Each male the duo passes stare and smile at Kaitlynís tits, while each female they pass shoot Kaitlyn dirty glances.

Once inside The Today Show studio, AJ and Kaitlyn are quickly prepped before joining Kathy Lee and Hoda for the 10 AM hour on The Today Show. They come out onto the stage, greeting Kathy Lee and Hoda with quick hugs. Kaitlynís breasts squeeze against both of them, and the contact causes her nipples to poke through the thin top even more. Sitting under the hot lights, Kaitlyn sees herself on the monitor and realizes her top has became even more transparent. Kathy Lee pours both women a glass of wine as is tradition for their hour on The Today Show.

Hoda: Welcome to the show ladies.

Kathy Lee: This is exciting. With you here AJ we all know we donít know what will happen.

AJ: Thanks for having us. This is very exciting for both of us too. I am a huge fan and Kaitlyn, as you can see, is excited in her own way. (AJ reaches out and tweaks one of Kaitlynís nipples, as Kaitlyn jumps and then covers her breasts with her hands in embarrassment)

Kathy Lee: Well, as you can see this is a new day for the WWE Diva that we are used to. You got a little hint of it by AJ just now, but letís take a look at some highlights of what exactly youíve been doing over on RAW, to make yourselves the talk of entertainment for the last few weeks.

A video plays showing censored clips of Kaityn fully nude being spread wide open by a topless Layla, Camera and Naomi dancing in the ring with Brodus Clay in just their tiny panties, Eve & Beth in the ring both topless, and Lacey Von Erich doing a fully nude cartwheel. Eve becomes slightly happier after watching the video, realizing that there is no way NBC will allow AJ to strip her naked on The Today Show.

Hoda: (giggling) Well, Iím glad that we havenít made any of that part of The Today Show. I would go on a permanent diet. I would be mortified.

Kathy Lee: (giggling) No one wants to see that Hoda. They want to see me. (Kathy Lee teasingly lifts her shirt up, showing just a hint of her stomach) But, seriously I have a ton of questions for both of you and hopefully we have time for them. Firstly, I was disappointed watching those clips, AJ, we didnít get to see your cute little body at all. I wish my body was as tight and slender as you.

AJ: (giggling) Thank you Kathy Lee. That is the most common question Iíve had by fans, media, even WWE management is when will I get involved in all the fun. Unfortunately, no matter how flattered I am by the thought, I couldnít do that to my family, friends, and other loved ones. It wouldnít just embarrass me, it would embarrass them. Right, Kaitlyn? (giggling)

Kaitlyn: You can make me the butt of your jokes all you want AJ, but youíll get yours soon enough. Eve and Becky almost got you Monday and it would be foolish to think that will be the last time.

AJ: Iíd be careful making threats if I were you Kaitlyn. Iím still your boss and I have no problem asserting my power even here on The Today Show.

Hoda: Now ladies, we would love to have fun, but donít push it too far. We are broadcast tv, not cable.

AJ: Oh, I know. Thatís why I planned ahead.

AJ, suddenly pours her glass of wine right on Kaitlynís thin white shirt. This now makes Kaitlynís shirt completely see-thru only providing a thin layer of fabric stuck closely to her large breasts and pink nipples.

Kathy Lee: Now, I can enjoy that. Kaitlyn, what does it feel like now knowing that not only are you more famous than you probably ever thought possible as a WWE Diva, but that this was how you have gone about it to get this attention?

Kaitlyn: Itís honestly been awful. I donít want to get into details, but the attention isnít worth it.

AJ: (interrupting) I would like to go over the details. Itís more fun that way. Our first week of new programming you were actual lucky being only stripped down to your bra and panties. Of course I covered you in water so your bra was nice and see-thru, sorta like how your nipples are clearly visible thorugh your shirt right now. (Kaitlyn blushes and tries to cover her chest)

Kathy Lee: Yeah we can see pretty much all of your boobs.

Hoda: And you have the prettiest pink nipples.

AJ: Would you two like to touch them?

Hoda and Kathy Lee both nod and get up. They each squeeze Kaitlynís tits and tweak her nipples quickly.

Hoda: Oh wow, I didnít even realize those were fake looking at them.

Kathy Lee: You must introduce me to your surgeon. (giggling)

AJ: Back to our recap of what to expect every week on Monday Night RAW. Our second week of programming Kaitlyn participated in a wet t-shirt contest. However, she didnít leave her shirt on like she is now. Can I provide a demonstration of what happened?

Hoda: Sure, our producers say that the shirt is showing so much anyway that we can keep going with it for now.

Kaitlyn: Please donít. Enough people see me every week on RAW. I donít need more people seeing me now on The Today Show.

Kathy Lee: Oh donít worry honey. You look excellent.

AJ now reaches out and pulls at the thin material which quickly rips allowing Kaitlynís large, fake breasts to be exposed for the largest television audience yet to see her. Kaitlyn goes to cover her tits.

Hoda: Donít be shy! Let us see.

AJ: Yeah Kaitlyn, drop your hands.

Kaitlyn drops her hands to her sides allowing her nude tits to be filmed up close allowing every inch of her breasts to be seen.

AJ: But, Kaitlynís humiliation didnít end there. Not only during the wet t-shirt contest, but also the following week Kaitlyn was left fully nude in the middle of the ring with her shaved pussy, bare ass, and strong, muscular legs to be seen by all of our audience. Can we keep going with my demonstration? I know we may be really pushing it now.

Kathy Lee: This is gonna get us more media exposure than anything else we can do. I wanna keep on going. Letís see your vagina young lady. (giggling)

AJ: You heard the lady Kaitlyn. She is our host here. Would you like me to do it? Or you can do it yourself.

Kaitlyn arises from her chair letting her boobs bounce. She looks towards AJ, Kathy Lee, and Hoda before doing anything.

Hoda: Oh come on. I am getting wet watching this, itís all in fun Kaitlyn.

Kathy Lee reaches over between Hodaís legs and sniffs her hand right after. Hoda just laughs at Kathy Lee.

Kathy Lee: She isnít kidding. (giggling)

Kaitlyn slowly slides her jeans down her legs allowing her ass and bare vagina to be seen by the women in the studio, the cameras, and the audience at home as she didnít have any panties on. Kaitlyn quickly finishes removing her panties before running to sit back down and crossing her legs not allowing much to be seen.

AJ: Unfortunately for Kaitlyn, she got a little to comfortable with taking her clothes off, so I thought I had to push it further to show her the true meaning of shame. Just this past Monday, Kaitlyn walked around the arena allowing fans the chance to get personal photos with Kaitlyn nice and up close. We allowed fans to grabs her tits. (AJ reaches over and grabs one of Kaitlynís bare boobs) They also could smack her ass. Let us see your ass Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn stands up, defeated and realizing she has no choice. She has her hands over her pussy trying her best to maintain some dignity. She turns her bare ass towards the camera before quickly sitting back down.

AJ: We didnít let the fans touch her vagina, but you know some fans always try to push the limit and got a nice feel of Kaitlynís tight pussy lips. However, if youíd like ladies. You can help bring my display to a close. Just earlier today we were on Howard Sternís show and Kaitlyn peed herself in the studio while fully nude. I would like to bring another liquid out of her and show what the fans missed on RAW not getting to feel her smooth pussy. Would you like to help me ladies.

Kathy Lee: I know Hoda does. (giggling)

Hoda: (giggling) Why not? Itís fun to experiment. You scared or something Kathy Lee?

Kathy Lee: Letís do this! Always try something once, right?

AJ: Iíll hold her arms back and you ladies do the work and have some fun.

AJ gets up and holds Kaitlynís arms behind her as Kathy Lee and Hoda approach Kaitlyn and begin squeezing her breasts a little bit. They each take turns tweaking her nipples and massage her breasts as Kaitlyn starts to forget where she is and moans a little bit.

AJ: You wonít get her off just with her tits. Give her pussy some loving. It looks nice and wet down there.

Kathy Lee: You first Hoda.

Hoda shrugs and reaches down between Kaitlynís now spread legs and rubs the lips of Kaitlynís vagina. Kaitlyn is getting more and more into it as AJ now lets go off Kaitlynís arms. Kaitlyn now uses her free hand to massage her own breasts as Hoda continues to rub Kaitlynís vagina. Kathy Lee suddenly shoves her hand between Kaitlynís legs and shoves Hodaís hand out of the way.

Kathy Lee: Stop teasing the poor woman Hoda, she need something inside of her to get off. Donít you honey?

Kaitlyn can only moan in response as Kathy Lee has started to shove three fingers in and out of Kaitlynís pussy. Kaitlynís moaning grows faster and faster as Kathy Lee quickly shoves her fingers in Kaitlynís pussy.

Hoda: You think you can out do me Kathy Lee. Let me back in there.

Hoda pushes Kathy Lee to the side as she gets on her knees in front of Kaitlynís crotch. Hoda now leans in and starts to lick Kaitlynís pussy. Hoda vigorously starts to lick Kaitlynís pussy sticking her tongue inside of her as the camera gets an up close shot of the host eating out their guest. This finally proves too much for Kaitlyn as she finally orgasms with Hoda still between her legs, leaving juices all over Hodaís face and mouth. As Kaitlyn comes down from the orgasm Hoda and Kathy Lee send the show to commercial break.

Hoda: Thanks for joining us ladies. This is gonna help rejuvenate the show.

Kathy Lee: Yeah, thanks Kaitlyn. Youíre a real sport.

Kaitlyn finally coming to after her orgasm is mortified that she was just fingered and eaten out on The Today Show until she orgasmed. She doesnít say anything to the hosts before grabbing her jeans and running into the bathroom.

AJ: Sorry for her. Thanks. That went better than I could have even expected. Maybe we can do this again.

AJ retrieves Kaitlyn from the bathroom who has put her jeans back on. Kaitlyn still topless realizes that her white shirt is unwearable and AJ wonít let her wear anything anyways once they get outside.

AJ: We have plenty of time until we have to tape The Late Show with David Letterman, so I figured we can go for a walk in Central Park. Even out that tan on your tits.

Kaitlyn: Whatever you say. Iím done fighting this anymore. You win.

AJ: You canít be defeated yet. We still have a little more time left on the day.

AJ and Kaitlyn go back out onto the streets of New York allowing Kaitlynís tits to be visible to the busy streets of New York City once again. They quickly make it to Central Park as AJ is letting Kaitlyn ignore photo requests at this point. Once in Central Park, AJ quickly makes her way to a pond to admire some ducks.

AJ: Come over here, take a look Kaitlyn.

AJ turns her back to Kaitlyn to admire the ducks some more. Kaitlyn seeing an opportunity quickly tackles AJ from behind and into the pond. A crowd quickly forms around as the topless Kaitlyn wrestles with AJ in the shallow water. AJ wearing her normal business suit has her white button up shirt quickly become see-thru and her dark bra to be seen. Her skirt rides up above her waist allowing her tanned legs and panties to be see by the gathering crowd. Kaitlyn tears at AJís shirt ripping it open and exposing her bra to the crowd. Kaitlyn on top of the smaller AJ keeps the advantage as AJ is horrified as she sees people with camera phones snap photos or her cleavage and exposed legs. The topless Kaitlyn reaches down towards AJís bra and tries to rip it from AJís body. AJ is regretting more and more not bringing any of her back up with her as she is about to be stripped topless in the middle of Central Park with no way of covering quickly. Kaitlyn keeps pulling at AJís bra not being able to remove it but still holding the dominate position on AJ. Finally, Kaitlyn succeeds and tears the bra right in the middle. AJís arms quit fighting and she quickly covers her now bare breasts in a public area. She is screaming for help, but no one helps as they are enjoying the show of a topless Kaitlyn, bare boobs exposed, trying to expose the topless AJ as AJ clings her hands to her chest. Dozens of photos are taken as the crowd cheers Kaitlyn on.

Finally, after the brief struggle police arrive on the scene quickly handcuffing Kaitlyn allowing her large, wet breasts to point out to the crowd as she is removed from the scene. AJ completely playing the role of victim is quickly covered up by a blanket from the police before anyway gets to see her nipples. AJ is absolutely mortified that she wound up topless and wet in a dirty pond, but she had a small sense of satisfaction knowing that it would only tease the fans further once the police report hit the internet and no fans got a picture of her bare breasts. However, she was disappointed as she would miss David Letterman and end her media tour of New York as Kaitlyn got arrested and she had to go to the police station herself. All AJ knew is that she would somehow find a way to make Kaitlynís life worse come Monday Night RAW.
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