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Default The Gift

A little something I wrote before actually (somewhat) fulfilling the fantasy...

The Gift

Each summer Amber and her husband, Todd, tried to take a vacation that included sand, sea and fresh air. As well, they spent much of their free time basking in the sun along a beautiful lake near their home. She usually wore a “Tan-Thru” tank swimsuit each day they spent at the water. The thin material was cropped high on her hips and plunged low on her cleavage. Although the suit was made not to be seen through, it was sheer material and hugged her every delectable curve. She looked gorgeous in it.

Amber had been trying to lose a little weight, although she didn’t need to with her knock out 36-26-33 inch body. Every afternoon she would spend an hour in their home gym, followed by a fairly intense jog outdoors. More than anything, she was trying hard to get herself toned up for the summer activities they both enjoyed.

It’s been about year now since Amber began her exercise program, and the decision for Todd to give her a special gift for all her efforts still lives vividly in his mind. The pondering of exactly what to get her ended when he was looking at Craig’s List on the Internet and ran across an ad. There, in the The****utic Section, was the perfect gift! …A massage! The ad stated the masseur was skilled in several types of massage and could make house-calls. “Perfect,” Todd thought to himself. Excitedly, Todd called the number listed in the ad.

As Todd was discussing the arrangements with the masseur, he learned that Mark had been doing this for about 5 years. He asked Todd several questions about the type of massage, the patient, age and sex. Then, he asked a question that Todd couldn’t answer, “Is this to be d****d or und****d?”

“Uh….,” Todd stammered. “Wha…What does that mean?”

“Well, you see, some people like to have a sheet covering their body during the massage. Others prefer to have no covering, to enable a better massage. Or, of course, we can also just do some towels to cover the private areas, if she likes,” stated Mark flatly.

“Well, ummmm… This is her first time. She’s really not that open with nudity. What do you suggest?” Todd questioned.

“As this is her first experience, I would suggest draping her with the sheet. But, of course, she could also have panties for more privacy. Either way, I can bring the sheet and a towel.”

Todd thought of the situation momentarily and then replied, “I am really not sure what she may choose. I will let her know her options. So, are we good for Tuesday evening, at seven?”

“I will see you then… Tuesday… 7 PM,” Mark confirmed.

As Tuesday approached, Todd told Amber he had a surprise for her. He told her he had hired a masseur to come to the house, and she was getting a massage. A surprised look crossed her face as she asked, “Oh! When?”
“He will be here Tuesday, about seven. It’s a one hour massage.”

A wide open smile appeared as she said, “Wow! At our house? I’ve never had a professional massage! I am excited!! Thank you, baby!”

“Well, I thought you deserved it since you have been working so hard on your body. This is kind of a reward for your muscles.”

They chatted about it for a while and Todd told her all the details. The excitement in her eyes pleased him.
When Tuesday arrived, Todd couldn’t keep his attention on work. He always loved doing things for Amber, and looked forward to the evening. His reward was viewing his wife’s happiness. And, the thought of another man touching her surprisingly stirred deeply within him, causing a bulge to appear in his pants. He was surprised at this, but nonetheless enjoyed lingering on the visions in his head. In the office, he watched the clock on the wall slowly marking off the hours. Finally, it was time to leave. He would stop and pick up a bottle of wine on his way home.

Arriving home around 5:30, Todd made a quick dinner, and had everything ready for Amber when she returned from her run. They ate lightly, and Amber told him she was going to have a bath. While the water was still running, Todd poured a glass of wine and took it to her. She was in the tub, bubbles surrounding her. Her knees poked out from the scented bubble bath and her large breasts peaked through the foamy water. “She is an exciting, beautiful woman,” Todd thought to himself. As she reached for the glass, Todd slid down his hand down her arm to cup a now naked breast. The bubble bath made her skin slippery and his hand slid easily on her skin to gently squeeze at a hardening nipple. He loved how responsive her body was. That mere touch drew a sigh from her lips. Smiling, he stood and asked if she needed anything.

“You could grab my robe and a pair of panties from the bedroom,” she replied.

In the bedroom, Todd went to her lingerie drawer and selected a pair of hipster, black panties. Then, to her closet, he grabbed her short white fluffy robe. Just as he re-entered the bathroom, the doorbell rang. He placed the items on the vanity and scurried out.

“Hi, Todd,” Mark’s voice rang out. Todd was dressed in white scrub bottoms, the waist tied outside a tight fitting black tee shirt. His muscular arms stretched the sleeves of his shirt. A pair of sandals was all that protected his sun-tanned feet. By his side was a folded massage table and gym bag. “I hope you don’t mind, but I brought along a new assistant to give her a little training. This is Maria.”

“Hello, Maria. I’m Todd,” as his eyes gazed at the beautiful assistant. She was wearing a crisp white cotton smock dress, which had buttons the whole length of the front; the top two buttons of which were undone, revealing deep cleavage. Her coal black hair bounced lightly at the collar of her dress. The hem road mid-thigh, with the lower button undone, and two patch pockets were just below the waistline. Her arms cradled what appeared to be sheets, towels and an appointment book.

Todd’s eyes turned back to Mark. “Uhh… No. That’s fine. …As long as you’re not charging me double,” he chuckled. He handed Mark the $100 they had agreed upon earlier.

Todd guided them to the living room and Mark set up the table, placed a sheet over it, and set a small stack of folded towels on the floor. From his bag, he fastened a woven belt around himself and placed a pump bottle in its holster. Just then, Amber entered the room. Todd made introductions and with a smile, turned to Mark and wittingly said, “She’s in your hands.”

Mark noticed the humor, returned the smile, and replied, “We’ll take good care of her.” He then turned to Maria and asked her to help Amber get on the table. He discretely turned away to pour some oil into the pump bottle hanging from his hip. Maria held up a small sheet, as Amber dropped her robe to the floor. Todd almost gasped as he saw Amber had not put on the black panties and was now standing there completely naked. Usually, she kept a small patch of hair on her pussy. But, tonight she had shaved it bare. Maria helped her onto the table and spread the sheet over her body.

When Mark turned back, Amber was lying on her belly; the top sheet neatly placed over her, showing every wonderful curve of her beautiful body. The small sheet covered from the back of her knees to just above her waistline. Her hands hung limply over the end of the table by her head. Her breasts bulged softly at her sides.
Mark looked down at her and smiled. Almost whispering, “Amber, some people, especially new to massages, get a little uncomfortable with some of the areas we may touch. So, I want you to know that at any time, you can tell me ‘Not there’ and we will discontinue with that area. Are you okay with that? Otherwise, I will assume you are still comfortable.”

“Yes,” she responded.

“Todd, you are welcome to sit over there,” pointing toward the sofa. “Maria, I would like you to help with the massaging.” Mark’s voice was warm and smooth. He was in complete control.

Standing by Amber’s head, Mark pumped some oil into his hand, and then rubbed it into both hands. With another squirt of the oil, he smoothed oil onto Amber’s shoulders and down to her waistline, making her skin glisten. Slowly, he began a deep massage of Amber’s shoulders and neck. His hands slid easily over her slippery skin. Looking up, he told Maria to start massaging Amber’s legs, nodding his head toward another bottle of oil next to his bag. After applying a heavy coating of oil to Amber’s legs, Maria slipped the bottle into one of the pockets of her dress. Amber noticed the difference of the four hands touching her. Mark’s hands were strong, massaging deeply into her muscles. Maria’s touch was soft, gentle, sliding easily up and down her legs.

With his thumbs pressing along Amber’s spine, Mark pressed firmly into her shoulders, then pushed down to the curve of her waist. His large hands spanned from his thumbs at her backbone to the strong fingers wrapped around to her sides. At her waist, they slid outward and pulled up Amber’s sides. She felt a twinge of excitement as his fingers ran up the sides of her breasts, returning to her shoulders. Once again, his hands made their way back down her back, pressing deeply and returning up her sides. With each journey of his hands, they slid slightly lower under the small sheet until she could feel his thumbs stopping at the top of the crease of her ass, then moving outward to make their trip back up her sides.

Maria’s oily hands glided softly down the outer edges of Amber’s thighs, down her calves, and gently squeezed her ankles. Her hands moved to the inside and pushed their way back up Amber’s legs, slightly parting them. As Maria’s hands reached the top, Amber felt the slippery fingers lightly trace the lower contours of her ass, then crossed back over to her outer thighs and drew back down to her ankles. The pleasure of four hands rubbing, stroking and caressing her oily skin sent a wave of goose bumps across her. She felt a tingling sensation in her crotch. She felt the wetness beginning there.

Startled, Amber felt Mark’s thumbs pressing lower, sliding between the cheeks of her bottom, as his fingers kneaded at the roundness of her ass. “Uhhmmm”, escaped from her lips.

Mark’s hands gently pulled back. He lowered his head near hers and calmly explained, “Amber, that area contains the Gluteus Maximus muscles. Those muscles, along with your upper thigh muscles, are the largest and strongest of all muscles in your body. They are also the most used in your body. More tension is held there than any other muscle group. Often, they get so tight that the connective tissues, which connect to your bones, get torn due to exertion. Those muscles really do deserve a lot of attention. But, as I said earlier, we can discontinue anything you are not comfortable with it.”

Now embarrassed from her reaction, Amber stammered, “No….uh….it’s okay. I was…. Uh… just a little surprised. Please continue. You are the professional here. Go ahead. It just…was… different. “

Mark smiled and replied back, “In order to fully massage that area, I would suggest we remove your sheet. It tends to absorb much of the oil and is difficult to massage under. I know this is all so new to you. But, we will make sure you are still properly d****d with a towel. Is that okay with you, Amber?”

A sudden fear ran through her. She felt her heart beating in her chest. She felt vulnerable. But, at the same time, she felt her body yearning. Yes, this was all so new to her. Surely they knew what they were doing. After all, it’s only a massage. They must have done this a hundred times… a thousand times… and are used to a woman’s nudity….like… like a doctor is! How silly of her to be so surprised. It’s only a massage! She calmed herself with this thought. A quiet, “Okay,” slipped from her lips.

Mark reached into his bag and drew out a small towel. He looked up towards Maria and nodded his head. She reached up and dragged the sheet down Amber’s legs. Mark held the towel in place as Amber felt the sheet disappear. The towel barely covered her rear and she could feel the cool air on her sides.

Amber’s body shivered. Even though she still had the tiny towel covering her, her nakedness under it embarrassed her, and yet somehow excited her. She felt totally exposed. She could feel the wetness as the tingling in her crotch intensified. “This is so bizarre,” raced through her head. She was nervous, almost scared. But, her body was excited and willingly accepted the situation.

Todd watched, as Amber’s near nakedness filled his sight. He was mesmerized as he saw Mark pump more oil into his hands, then slide them down Amber’s sides… over her hips… slipping under the pink towel and roll up to oil the cheeks of Amber’s ass. Todd could feel the bulge growing within his Levis. “Damn! This is fucking sexy,” he thought to himself! His breath became labored. He watched Mark’s hands glide smoothly over his wife’s nakedness and wondered if she was feeling as aroused as he was.

Maria lifted one of Amber’s feet high from the table. She tugged at her leg and gently moved the knee closer towards the edge, spreading Amber’s thighs. Amber’s foot hung in the air as Maria began massaging it. Fingers pressed and squeezed. Oily fingers slipped between the toes, then pressed into the bottom of the foot’s arch. Maria’s thumbs pressed deep into the soles and rubbed Amber’s foot. All too soon, Amber thought, Maria gently lowered the foot back down to the table’s edge. She then moved towards the other side of the table and lifted the other foot and dragged Amber’s legs further apart. Cool air now traveled up between Amber’s thighs, as Maria began massaging the foot, as she had with the other. The sensation was wonderful to Amber and she felt her entire body responding to the couple’s hands.

Mark was now caressing and kneading, with fingers pressing deeply into the muscles of Amber’s ass. His hands would grab firmly, kneading and pulling at the muscles. With her legs splayed by Maria’s massaging, Amber felt his slippery fingers slide down near her crotch, press deeply and then pull back, spreading her ass cheeks apart. Then, the strong hands ran back up her sides, sliding up her bulging breasts and then pulling lightly at her arms so that her hands now hung off the table above her head. His hands would then slide back down her back, again spreading her ass and massaging the muscles. She could feel his strong fingers pressing deep into her on each side of her puckered anus while the palms of his hands pushed down harder on her ass, driving her pubic mound down into the massage table. An instant fire flared within her. Without knowing it, and to Mark’s delight, a slight moan escaped her lips.

Each time Mark leaned forward to massage Amber’s lower back, she felt his body hovering lightly over hers. A growing bulge in his pants pressed against the back of her dangling hand as he reached further down her body. It felt huge… thick… massive. She crooked her neck slightly up to see the outline of his cock pressing against the thin fabric of his trousers. She could see the large head pushing outward and the form of his swelling cock above it. She loved the feel of it pressing against the back of her hand. It was still soft, but she knew he must be getting excited by the way it pressed outward against his pants and the thickness pushing against her hand. She tried to drag her hand away. But, something kept her from doing so. She loved the feel of it.

Maria Lowered Amber’s foot and wrapped both her hands around her leg, one on the inside, the other on the outer, as she softly pushed her way up Amber’s oily calf and thigh. Her slippery hand glided delicately, lightly grazing against Amber’s swelling outer lips and then massaged one cheek of her buttocks. Slowly it slid back down as Mark’s hands came down from above to massage the same mound of flesh. As Maria’s hands traveled up the other leg, Mark’s retreated to Amber’s shoulders. Again, Maria’s hand slid up lightly against Amber’s lips and massaged the other cheek of her ass. Without realizing it, Amber’s body responded to their touch by rocking her hips to meet the touch of the hands caressing her. At some point the towel had slipped off her body and she was now fully exposed. She didn’t care. The excitement burned in her. She knew her lips were swelling and could feel the wetness between them. Her shyness was now fully gone. She wanted to feel those hands touch her… touch her hidden treasures… bring her to full excitement. Slight moans of pleasure escaped her as the slippery hands caressed her.

Marks hands slid down Amber’s sides and when they reached her thighs, they slid up to cup her ass and pull the cheeks apart, exposing her puckered opening. Maria’s hands slid up the insides of Amber’s legs. She dragged her slippery thumbs over Amber’s outer lips and continued up till they found that puckered spot, now exposed by Mark’s hands. She let her thumbs rub gently on either side of the opening and then started to massage deeply around Amber’s anus.

Amber could no longer control her desire and willingly pushed up to meet Maria’s probing thumbs as Mark spread her cheeks even further. Her breathing became more difficult as moans escaped between heavy gasps for air. Her mind told her to stop. Her body asked for more. As her left hand clutched at the sheet near the top of the table, her right hand found its way to Mark’s swelling penis. She wrapped her fingers around it and tugged as if she were milking it. The thickness filled her grip and she could feel it swelling more in her grasp.

She looked over at Todd and saw him smiling with approval. His pants were undone and his hand was pushed inside of them, rubbing as he watched.

Turning away, Amber reached for the drawstring of Mark’s trousers. Once undone, his pants slid down his tanned legs, exposing his enlarged organ. Amber reached for his oil bottle and pumped it into her palm. She then again reached for the penis, which was now just inches from her face. Her fingers barely reached around the thickness of it. Mark moaned as she grasped hard and slid her hand up and down its now eight inch length, pumping the now rigid member just below the swollen head.

Mark leaned down on Amber, his chest pressing against her back, pressing her body tightly to the table. His hands moved outward and slid under her hips, raising them up into the air. Maria slowly inserted an oily finger into Amber’s rubbery anus. Amber’s head was reeling, her body aching. She spread her legs wider and pushed further into the air, wanting more. Mark’s arms pushed further under her hips until his hands cupped her mound. His oily fingers slipped easily between the folds of Amber’s pussy. His fingers probed at her womanhood and then spread her lips apart. Amber gasped as Maria swept her finger down from Amber’s ass and slid it into her exposed womanhood, rubbing at her g-spot. As Mark’s fingers held open Amber’s outer lips, Maria inserted another finger. Maria slowly pumped in and out, watching Amber’s hips rise and fall to meet every thrust. Maria leaned forward and placed her wet lips against Amber’s puckered ass hole. Amber thrust her hips up higher to meet an invading tongue, while Maria’s fingers plunged deeper into her vagina. Mark’s fingers slid down the wetness and found Amber’s clit. He rubbed his oily fingers all around it, pinching at it, then began sliding his slippery fingers lightly back and forth over it, in time with Amber’s thrusts against Maria’s tongue and fingers.

Loud cries were now coming from Amber’s as she felt her body shake, climbing higher, nearing climax. She pulled at Mark’s engorged cock and sucked the swollen head into her mouth. Sucking hard, she pulled the knob in and out of her mouth. With Maria’s tongue probing her rear, fingers probing feverishly at her vagina, and Mark’s rhythmically rubbing of her clit, Amber felt a climax roll through her body and explode in her vagina. “Ohhh… Ohhhhhhh…..Ahhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm….” she cried, as wave after wave ripped through her and her body uncontrollably bucked up and down. Guttural gasps for air filled the room, as the orgasm raked through her. Beaded sweat had mixed with the oil on her skin and was dripping down her trembling body.

Mark pulled his hands free and started to tenderly stroke Amber’s lower back as she calmed from her intense orgasm. Maria rose and began softly rubbing the backs of Amber’s thighs and buttocks. Amber soon caught her breath and began to sit up. Mark’s hands pressed down on her shoulders and softly said, “But, we haven’t finished yet.” He looked over at Todd for approval. Todd’s pants were open and pulled below his knees. His rock hard penis quivered in his hand. His eyes were glazed with lust. With a grin, he quickly nodded his head.

Mark reached down to the floor and brought up a new towel, rolled it and placed it by Amber’s head. “Roll over, please. We have more time and I want you to get the full treatment.”

A warm smile crossed his lips. Amber’s still trembling body did as she was instructed, letting him guide her head to the rolled towel as a pillow. Mark turned, stepped aside slightly, and held a hand out towards Maria. “Maria, I will do her legs this time. You take the upper torso. Okay?”

“Yes,” she replied, and moved up towards where Mark had been standing.

Mark loaded his palms with oil and smoothed it up the contours of Amber’s legs. This time his touch seemed lighter, softer, more of a caress. Amber made no resistance when Mark gently pushed her legs apart. His hands slid softly up her inner thighs, gently caressing either side of her now open crotch.

Maria rubbed oil onto Amber’s shoulders and down between her breasts. Her hands cupped Amber’s breasts, then lifting and sliding her hands to her nipples. She rubbed the hardening nipples between her fingers and tugged at them, shooting excitement down Amber’s belly and into her crotch. Maria whispered in Amber’s ear, “Do you like this?”

“Oh, yes… yes,” Amber whimpered.

Maria sucked Amber’s earlobe into her mouth and rubbed her tongue along its edge. She pulled back slightly and whispered again, “Do you like women?”

Well… I… I… like this,” Amber responded.

Amber had always had a secret desire for another woman, but never acted upon it. She wondered what it would be like to kiss, caress and see another woman respond to her. She often caught herself daydreaming of what a woman tasted like. Sure, she tasted her own juices, but do all women taste the same? The thought of having that chance shot tremors down her belly and between her legs.

As Maria stroked Amber’s breasts and played with her nipples, she leaned in and kissed Amber openly on the lips. Maria’s tongue probed. Amber found herself lost in the kiss and returned it wholeheartedly. Butterflies danced in her belly, as she felt the tingling returning to her crotch.

Mark’s thumbs had been busy massaging Amber’s labia. Between the oil and her new wetness, her sex glistened in the light. Sliding his hands down her legs, he pressed his hands behind her knees and lifted them off the table. He spread her legs wider and pushed higher on them, as he watched Amber’s ass lift from the table. He then leaned forward and pushed his tongue deeply into her vagina. After a few in and out movements, he let his tongue slide out and up across Amber’s now hardening clitoris. Amber’s body quivered. Mark pushed up harder on her legs and now dragged a flat tongue through the crack of her ass and up the length of her womanhood. She was soaked. Moister seeped out of her vagina and dribbled down between the cheeks of her ass. Mark continued his licking, lapping greedily at the swollen pussy in front of him. Just as he thought Amber might cum, he stopped. Her body shook with desire. Her pussy lay open, wet, and hot, waiting for more.

Mark climbed up onto the table. He moved up onto his knees and placed her legs on either side of his hips. He pumped a sizable amount of oil into his hand and let it dribble down the open folds of Amber’s pussy. Grasping his penis, he drug the thick head up and down Amber’s folds, feeling her lips caress him.

Amber shuddered with excitement. The bulbous head spread her lips open and slid easily up and down her oiled sex. When she felt the thick head at her opening, she moaned and tried to push down to meet it. But, Mark withdrew and slid it up and down over her clitoris. He was now hard. He slid the entire length of his hardness up and down through her folds and across her aching clit. Her pussy felt hot, swollen, and ached to have him in her.
Mark slid his bulbous head back down to her opening and just held it there. He looked down and admired the way her lips wrapped around him. It seemed like an eternity to her. Then, he pushed his hips forward. She felt the pressure of him trying to enter her. She arched her back and pushed down to meet him. The swollen head stretched her, and then slid inside. Amber moaned with both pleasure and pain. Both of them stayed still for a moment, as she got used to the size of him. Then he pushed again… harder. He held her hips tightly as he slid in a little further. Then he slowly withdrew, only to leave the head of his penis in her once again. Inch by inch he slowly pushed into her slippery tight vagina, then retreated. Low growling sounds escaped him as he inched further and further into her. Sweat beaded on Amber’s skin. Her breath came in short gasps, as her stomach buckled. She felt herself flush from an oncoming orgasm. Soon he had the full length of him buried into her. A sudden orgasm crashed through her and she bucked and moaned out loud. Her body heaved. Muscles in her belly contracted and released, over and over. He stayed motionless there until her quaking body accepted the size of him. Then, ever so slowly, he began to stroke the full length of him in and out of her. Amber could feel the walls of her vagina being stretched with every upward stroke. It almost hurt, but she had never felt that fulfilled. Her breath matched his strokes. Her hips rode up and down with the timing of Mark’s slow thrusts. Soon all she wanted was to be fucked hard by this man. She wanted to feel his huge cock ram in and out of her, bringing her to another orgasm.

But, Mark kept his slow rhythm going, occasionally stopping to watch Amber’s reactions. Her hips raised and lowered enticing him to go faster. But, he wanted to see this woman go out of control. He watched Maria as she slid her hands up and down Amber’s body, caressing her neck, squeezing those beautiful large tits and sliding down her bell to play with the swollen clit that now protruded from its hiding. When he caught Maria’s eye, he nodded and smiled. Maria knew the cue.

Maria stepped back from the table and whispered in Amber’s ear, “I’ll be right back. Don’t cum without me.” Amber barely moved, other than the trembling of her body and her pumping hips.

Amber had to force her reply, “Sh… uh… Sure”. Her eyes were clenched shut. Her nostrils were open wide. Her mouth hung open, as she breathed heavily and desperately.

Maria moved backward and stood straight. She looked over at Todd sitting on the couch. He had his pants completely off and stroking his rock hard cock in his hand. His gaze never left the sight of his wife getting fucked by a stranger in front of him. He was mesmerized. He wanted to cum. But, this was her present. He wanted to see her orgasm again. He wanted to see her completely lose control.

Maria unbuttoned the four buttons holding her dress closed. She slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She had been completely naked under it. She brought her fingers to her nostrils and smelled the scent on them from Amber’s pussy. She licked them and then sank them between her own legs. She was wet. More than wet, she was soaked. All the action had her horny as Hell and she needed release. Her fingers found her slippery clit and she rubbed it hard.

Looking back at Todd, she saw that he hadn’t even noticed her. All of his concentration was on the huge cock slowly sliding in and out of his wife, and how she responded to the massive thing. Stepping forward, she leaned down and kissed Amber on the lips, pushing her tongue deep into her mouth. Amber moaned and sucked hard at it.

Mark grabbed Amber’s hips and pulled her further down the table. He slid his legs off the end of the table and stood, pulling her with him, never letting himself leave the hot slick warmth of her vagina. Her spread thighs were still held tightly to him and he could feel his balls riding on her slippery ass.

Maria climbed on the other end of the table and placed her knees on either side of Amber’s head. Amber’s eyes opened, gazing at the beautiful breasts hanging in front of her. Maria bent forward and took one of Amber’s nipples in her mouth. She suckled on it and then moved on to the other. Amber’s nipples were hard as stones. Maria bit down and tugged with her teeth, slightly shaking her head back and forth, as her hand slid down Amber’s stomach and again found her swollen clitoris. Amber’s constant moans and deep guttural sounds became louder.
Bending her neck back towards Amber, Maria whispered, “I am here for you.” She moved one of her breasts to Amber’s mouth, and Amber sucked it in. The puffy nipple immediately hardened. Amber grabbed both of Maria’s tits in her hands, not releasing the nipple from her lips. She acted like a starving puppy; sucking and pulling hard at the nipple in front of her.

“I want you to eat me,” Maria told her. With that she leaned forward and placed her legs on either side of Amber’s chest. She lowered her pussy near Amber’s mouth. Amber’s arms wrapped around Maria’s waist and she pulled down to bring Maria’s pussy to her starving mouth. It was shaven, except a small patch of black hair on her mound. Amber’s tongue dove into the slippery wetness and lapped at the folds, parting them to find a swollen clit. She sucked it between her lips and ran her tongue back and forth across it.

“Oh, yeah, honey,” Maria cried. “Eat my pussy. Suck that clit!”

Amber let go of Maria’s clit and moved her tongue deeper into the slippery folds. When she found Maria’s vagina, she pushed her tongue in as far as she could. The silky taste drove Amber wild. Grabbing at Maria’s ass, Amber pulled her down harder, driving her tongue deeper and tasting the girl’s sweetness. She loved the taste of her. She loved the sweet scent of Maria’s wetness, mixed with perfume. She hungrily devoured Maria’s pussy, sliding it all over her mouth and chin.

She resumed her attack on Maria’s hard clit. Her tongue licked up and down over the hard button. Soon, Maria’s body began to shake. She drove her pussy down harder against Amber’s mouth, as the first waves of a climax rippled through her body. Then, her vagina exploded into a million stars that swept up to her nipples and then through her whole body. Amber licked, and sucked, and swallowed the newfound juices. Maria suddenly climaxed a second time into the slippery lips lapping at her.

Mark grabbed Amber’s waist and pulled her ass slightly over the table’s edge. The excitement of watching Maria’s climaxes heightened his carnal desires. Grabbing at Amber’s hips, he thrust deep inside her. Then he pulled out and slammed back into her. Amber could feel the fat head of his cock thrusting in and out of her like a piston in a locomotive as his thickness stretched the walls of her vagina.. Her legs flailed at his sides. He thrust faster and deeper, feeling the head of his cock pushing on her cervix. The sweat dripped from his forehead, and dribbled down his back, as he pounded harder and harder.

Amber’s body went into convulsions as the first climax hit her. She was gasping for breath, silently begging for Mark to stop, but wanting more. Mark kept up the unrelenting pace. Soon, another orgasm cascaded through her, coming from deep within her vaginal walls. She felt like she was going to be fucked to death! Still yet, Mark continued pounding his big cock in and out of her. He reached forward and grabbed her arms, pulling them towards him. He held her tight, pulling her whole body to him with her arms. He fed off the vision of this beautiful woman being fucked by him and pounded harder. He watched his thick cock as it slid in and out. He saw the white froth of her cum drenching his manhood. He pounded harder.

Then Mark pulled roughly at her arms and yelled, “Here it comes, baby! I am going to come deep inside you!” He pushed several times deeply into her soaking pussy, feeling her fire in the deepest regions of her womanhood. His cock jerked and spewed deeply into her. Amber’s third orgasm came at the same time. Both of their bodies shook and lurched. Amber felt his massive cock against her cervix as they came. “Oh, GOD!!” she cried out. He continued pounding in and out as his cock kept cumming in her, filling her with his semen. Waves of pleasure jerked up and down Amber’s body. Mark’s body shuddered violently. A large gasp came from his lips, as they both breathlessly collapsed onto the table, Mark’s body lying on hers.

Maria slipped off the table and was kissing Amber’s mouth. While her hands caressed the fullness of Amber’s breasts, their tongues slid around each other in a mating ritual. Both were still panting from their climaxes.
Mark pulled his cock out of Amber with a slight slurping noise. Breathing heavily, he reached down and pulled on his scrub pants.

Maria stood and then bent to pick up her smock. Through the corner of her eye she could see Todd still sitting on the sofa, watching her. She decided to give him a bit of a show and leaned away, exposing her dripping pussy from behind.

Todd’s hand was still wrapped around his hardened cock as he looked at Maria. His wide eyes were glazed and his jaw was open. He couldn’t believe the sight that just happened before him.
Maria grabbed her smock and slid into it, buttoning only the two middle buttons. She gathered up the towels and folded them neatly.

Mark helped Amber off the table and steered her to the sofa beside Todd. She plopped down, naked and exhausted, cum still seeping from her. He then went back and folded the table and put away the sheets and oils.
Turning to Todd and Amber, with a warm exhausted smile, he spoke, “I think you got your money’s worth. Call me again if you wish for us to return.” He smiled and gave a wink. He and Maria gathered their items and left the house.

Todd and Amber sat there dumbfounded; the event was still rushing through their minds. Finally, Amber turned to Todd and said, “Did… did you like that?”

“Like it?” Todd added, “That was the most exciting thing I have ever seen!” He was still rock hard, with his fist still clamped around it. “What about you?”

Amber smiled. “That was the best present ever!” She looked down at Todd’s erection. “Maybe we better take care of that, huh?”

Amber leaned forward and slid Todd’s t-shirt off over his head. Bending, she took his penis into her mouth. She sucked heavily on it, while jerking her hand up and down its length. She watched as his balls shrunk up next to the shaft and knew he wouldn’t last long.

Amber sprang up and straddled Todd’s legs, lowering herself onto his stiff penis. Slowly, she rocked her pelvis back and forth.

Todd felt the slipperiness of Mark’s cum still inside her. He pumped excitedly into the loose, sloppy pussy of his beautiful wife. He felt Mark’s slick cum seeping out, as it dribbled down his shaft and balls. Reaching down, he wiped two fingers through it and brought a large globule to Amber’s lips. Moaning, she licked at it and then she sucked his fingers clean. Todd leaned forward and kissed her lips, letting his tongue enter. He could taste the smooth saltiness of Mark’s cum lingering there.

Todd pumped feverishly into her. “Oh, fuck! Honey, I love you so much! I loved watching you have orgasm after orgasm,” he whimpered.

Amber leapt up and down on his lap, feeling Mark’s wetness smear all over the two of them. She knew Todd was getting close to an orgasm. She leaned back, positioning his penis to find her g-spot. Her fingers slid down and rubbed her clit fiercely. They both bucked and pounded against each other. Soon she felt Todd’s penis convulsing inside of her. She rubbed her clit faster and they both exploded in orgasms together.

For a long time they just stayed there in each other’s arms, quietly kissing, touching, and holding each other lovingly. They eventually rolled themselves over and lounged on the sofa. Naked and tired, they spent the night in each other’s arms on the sofa.

NOTE: Hope you liked this little story. Love to hear from you if you did!

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That was very hot. All of it.

I have loved being Mark in the past on a couple of occasions.

I am looking forward to being Todd very soon. I want to see my wife fucked like this.
I want a huge cocked college stud to pump her full of his cum.
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