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Old 04-21-2017, 10:28 AM
lo0lo0 lo0lo0 is offline
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Default [EUF] Stage mother and daughter on stage!

Introduction: This is a story in different part This part is a bit long in order to set up the characters and background.

At the end of each part, I will end up with a poll, allowing you to choose an element for the next part of the story

Enjoy it

« Dear students ! The School Spring Festival will be held in a few weeks ! “ was written in golden letter on a huge poster. “Come and enjoy the performance of our most talented pupils! Music, dance, comedy show!” teased the following sentence, before the final words which would convince anybody else: “Free food and beverage for the audience!”. This appealing program was print on a pink poster and dozens of copies were displayed in each corridor and classroom. The Spring Festival was the main event held in the school: every year, the pupils who attended to a club could take the opportunity to show their skills on stage, in front of their friends, other students and families.

As she passed her way through her classroom, Heather had butterflies in her stomach every time she saw one of those posters. She was a regular girl, 5’6 with shoulder length light brown hair. Her attractive figure would drive the other girls envious: she had a light golden skin nourished by light tanning, lovely c-cup breasts, a skinny waist above delicate hips and a thick butt. Anybody who stared at her blue eyes would immediately fall under her cute charm, especially when she drew a little smile on her lovely face!

She was the definition of the “perfect precious girl”. She always looked prim and proper, as she always walked with a perfect posture, spoke in a proper manner, would never dress in a provocative outfit and looked like she fell in an ocean of good manners when she was a baby. Even when she wore a skirt, she would always sit perfectly and show absolutely nothing, despite of the desperate efforts of the boys to take a look and see what kind of under-treasure was hidden under it!

At school, Heather was the teachers’ pet: she was listening, taking notes, asking questions. She always managed to have good marks too, and every time they needed a volunteer, she joyfully put her hand in the air. However, such an arrogant behavior grew in her mind: she had no problem putting other girls in their place, outing them back by depreciating them and telling them to grow up by thinking about other things than boys and leisure. Of course, this scornful behavior and her attitude in class drove many of them jealous and angry at her, but would not do or say anything, as she was highly considered by the teachers and club presidents.

Consequently, Heather’s mother, Christine, had decided to motivate her to participate in some club as she felt concerned by her daughter’s sociability. This was the reason why Heather participated in several “girly activities”, not really with any motivation. Except for ballet club: it was so natural for her! She enjoyed the beauty, the difficulty in mastering the move, but the satisfaction of the result: the pomp and ceremonial aspect, the beautiful outfit, seeing the stage as her kingdom. The other girls would speak to her without looking mean or scornful, even if they had difficulties in hiding their envy and jealousy on their face. At least, Heather had the illusion of a normal social life!

However, this was just an illusion. The main problem with Heather was her mother. Christine had raised her to be the perfect lady, She had always looked at her, teaching her good manners and working on her lessons instead of playing around with other children. Things got worse when Heather begun dancing lessons at the schools’s ballet club: seeing it as an opportunity to show to the whole world how perfect her daughter was, Christine had turned into an obsessive stage-mother. She was quite taller than her daughter, was a single mother and consequently paid attention to still looking gorgeous and attractive: she hard long blonde hair often put in a ponytail, was a bit chuby, and was not afraid to wear “young style” clothes: colorful dresses, skirts, make up, as if she still wanted to be a young girl despite of being 38.

She was completely obsessed by the Spring Festival as it was the best opportunity for her to display her daughter in all her pride and “ladiness”! She was determined that her daughter get the best position in the ballet show, the highlight of the evening. To reach that goal, she was willing to go to any lengths to make it. For example, she gave a lot of extra money to the dance teacher so she would spend more time focused on Heather’s moves but one day, when she surprisingly attended to a lesson, she found out that the teacher was not focused enough. She gave some extra cash and magically, it was like all the other girls at the club suddenly disappeared from the teacher’s pointo f view!

Things got worse, though: scared of the growing rivalry between Heather and other dancers, Christine decided to keep that annoying opposition at bay. She didn’t hesitate to send anonymous letters to the least strong girls, claiming “You are the worst dancer ever, even an elephant is more graceful”, which removed some competition. Slowly, she came further: she would spread gossip through the school in order to attack the reputation of one girl, she would sabotage the floor under another one so she would break her leg and would have to give up the competition… She even managed to get rid of the strongest opponent, Lauren, the day they chose the the main dancer for the ballet. Lauren and Heather were the two remaining candidates, and Christine did not hesitate to put some laxative in Lauren’s energy drink. She giggled a bit when she saw her drinking her beverage completely, and struggled to nut burst in laugh when she saw the poor girl’s face melting in pain and embarrassment during her routine, before she gave up and rushed to the bathroom surrounded by embarrassing noise and smell!

Finally, Heather was the only dancer remaining for the leader position of the show: Christine was already anticipating the moment, while Heather was shared between joy and apprehension: both of them saw the Spring Festival as the pinnacle of Heather’s scholarship, and so they were preparing it in order to not leave any incident coming!

Two weeks before the show, the preparations begun. Heather and Christine came to the school gym, where the stage and the dressing room were already in place. It was the day for the main dancer to get measured for her outfit! They were joyfully talking and smiling, a light-hearted atmosphere which quickly disappeared when they arrived in the dressing room and fell on Ashley.

Ashley was Heather s’ nemesis, her worst enemy at school. She was her opposite: blonde, small, skinny. She had been in the same class as Heather for years, and could not stand her at all: since the first day, she had smelled all the fakeness behind Heather and did not fall under her charm. The relationship between them was really cold, until the day Heather publicly had an argument with her, which resulted in putting Ashley in detention for a day and be isolated from other people as everybody had some admiration for Heather. Since that day, Ashley was obsessed with finding a way to have a good public payback! On top of it, Lauren the dancer was Ashley’s best friend, and was so sad about what happened to her friend…Until she noticed the laxative bottle falling from Christine’s purse the day of the selection! Furious, she thought that she should strike by spoiling what was supposed to be the best moment in the life of these two monsters: the ballet!

She was all the more convinced by that idea since she was chosen to be the chief costume designer for the festival: consequently, she was in charge of the measurement and the selection of costumes. This was the reason why the three ladies were now facing each other, in a cold atmosphere. “H-Hi Ashley”, Heather shyly said. Ashley did not reply at all, staring at hear from head to toes: she was wearing black yoga pants, pink sneakers and a very long grey shirt, so long that it looked like a minidress.

“Stand up on the platform” she dryly ordered, as the dancer executed it by standing on a small wooden platform. “Now, take off your shoes!” and so Heather did. Ashley then grabbed her tools and began measuring around her chest, then her neck. She carried on measuring around her chest and then her hips: “Can you raise your shirt up? I cannot be precise with that thick fabric!” she asked. Heather felt a bit nervous: she felt like an animal and was a bit uncomfortable hearing that request. She obeyed and lifted it up.

It was at that moment that Ashley’s eyebrows raised with surprise: Heather’s round butt was stretching out the fabric of her black yoga pants, turning them scheer enough. As she approached to measure her, she suddenly discovered that Heather was wearing:

/////////Choice time!/////////////

1) Granny panties

2) A thong

3) Bikini panties with embarrassing caption or pattern

4) Satin bikini panties

5)Anything else
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Old 04-21-2017, 02:29 PM
samos samos is offline
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[QUOTE=lo0lo0;2421687]Introduction: This is a story in different part This part is a bit long in order to set up the characters and background.

2) A thong or 4) Satin bikini panties
The inappropriate underwear could be good pretext for her mother Christine to get angry and to order her to take them off immediately. There is perfect potential for revealing of Christine's hypocrisy. I am sure Christine is true wearer sexy an skimpy lingerie. It's her secret, she wears them for her own intim pleasure..., but preach water and drink wine is really bad... she deserves to get her own medicine publicly...:-)
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Old 04-21-2017, 06:19 PM
Solomon Grundy Solomon Grundy is offline
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Thong definitely
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Old 04-23-2017, 10:44 PM
Chiefy1985 Chiefy1985 is offline
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A thong wouldn't "surprising" for a teenage girl these days to be wearing nor really embarrassing and maybe not even noticeable under a pair of yoga pants.

A pair of giant granny panties or character themed briefs (like Dora the explorer, princess, sponge bob, kiss this, spank me....or most shocking of all a big rainbow across the ass of them signifying she's a lesbian-a true shocker to Ashley and especially her mom later on)
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Old 04-24-2017, 12:27 AM
PrincevonMetternich PrincevonMetternich is offline
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Default A thong would be a total let down.

Granny panties, cartoon characters, or captions are obviously the worst. I once drunkenly facebooked a girl about what would be worse to be pantsed in, a half inch mini-g-string, or Scooby Doo panties. The immediate answer was the mini-g-string and it's better to be risque than chidish. Stains would be even more embarrassing, of course, maybe Day of the Week panties, but out of date.
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Old 04-24-2017, 02:47 AM
FLP00's Avatar
FLP00 FLP00 is offline
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I'd say 5).

What about sexy, lace panties?
If you love stories about women publically humiliated in their underwear, check my EUF stories in my 'Visitor Messages' panel.
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Old 04-24-2017, 08:53 AM
Chiefy1985 Chiefy1985 is offline
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Adding onto my idea of the rainbow panties, besides outing Heather, could be an underlying story that Heather's "closet" other is none other than Ashley's best friend, Lauren, who was the one embarrassed by Heather's mom.
Where clearly Lauren had kept her secret love with Ashley's rival/nemesis, Heather quiet for obvious reasons, until she's revealed and Lauren can't cover it up anymore

Or even more so, Ashley is baffled upon seeing her best friend Lauren's name, splashed across Heather's large backside then walks around to see an "I Love" on the front side shocking her and maybe wanting to embarrass not just Heather & her mom, but her 2-timing "best friend"

Last edited by Chiefy1985; 04-24-2017 at 08:58 AM. Reason: Change of idea
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Old 04-24-2017, 03:05 PM
curly804 curly804 is offline
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Originally Posted by MsKittyVicki View Post
I vote for padded panties. Heather's luscious bottom is stuffed and fake! Option 5 definately
I agree! Dat great bottom aint so great!
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Old 04-25-2017, 03:51 AM
PrincevonMetternich PrincevonMetternich is offline
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Default All for padded panties

I'm all for padded panties, how embarrASSing!?!
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Old 04-27-2017, 07:38 AM
lo0lo0 lo0lo0 is offline
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When she pulled the shirt over Heather’s hips, Ashley could hardly contain a giggle: the ballet dancer’s underwear became really visible through the thin fabric stretched by her voluptuous bottom, and the surprise was striking. Ashley had expected anything hidden under those clothes from that posh girl: a pair of ugly unfitting granny panties to match how old-fashioned she was, or white boxer/boy shorts to always look pure and perfect. She even expected a small thong, thinking that she would be so well-trained to be a perfect woman that she would not show any panty line. She didn’t find anything like that.

What she saw at that moment was just priceless: Heather was wearing nothing but the girliest panties Ashley had ever seen around here: it was a pair of baby pink bikini panties – string bikini panties, in fact, as the fabric was really thinner on the hips, with little frills on the waistband. What made things even worse were the head of “My little Pony” characters print everywhere on the butt: yellow, white, pale blue cartoon horses were joyfully smiling everywhere on her butt! Ashley thought: “They could even scream FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC that would not surprise me at all!”.

As she looked back at her daughter, Christine noticed the stretching see-through yoga pants and looked a bit puzzled. She came closer and tugged down her shirt quickly while Ashley went away after finishing measuring the dancer. The mother whispered: “Maybe you should come shopping with me tomorrow, these pants are a bit too small and reveal your panties!”. Those words slightly embarrassed Heather as she hoped her Nemesis had not noticed them, even if she knew there were low chances this could happen! “Maybe some new underwear too. A proper lady could not get any fantasy and must always look straight and sober. We will get rid of your childish panties too”.

Despite of her discretion and carefulness, the whole scene was not missed by Ashley. Suddenly, it was like a light bulb had lit in her head: she knew how she could get revenge on the two ladies! The look on Heather’s face after those last words, a mix of shock and shame, had been the key to unlock her thought. The plan was to make sure Heather would flash her embarrassing cute panties in front of the whole audience during the ballet, at the moment the attention would be only on her! She could already hear her evil laugh, like a villain in a cheap B-movie.

“I have all the details I needed for the measurement, thank you ladies.” She said, before Heather stood down of the platform with a little bit of anxiety. “Thank you for your cooperation Heather. I personnaly ensure that each girl has a custom outfit which is finely tailored to match her figure, to merge beauty and comfort.” Heather began smiling again. “However, this is a matter of precision and details. I ask you to wear the same underwear as today.” She saw the joyful face on Heather melting at that moment. “You know, it’s really important that ballet dancers should look elegant, and I could not personnaly let you go on stage with a dress that would be see-through or show panty lines! So thanks to the measures, your costume won’t give any fashion faux-pas if you follow this rule. You won’t regret it!” she grinned.

Ashley knew that Heather would go shopping for more “decent” underwear the day after, and even if be seen in underwear in front of everybody was quite embarrassing, she wanted the humiliation to be the highest and being seen in girly panties would end the reign of “Heather the Perfect Lady”. Heather blushed and nodded her head as she was asking “Hum, if it is necessary” before her mom grabbed the back of her pants and pulled them a bit: “Hum, that is a bit embarrassing honey. I am sorry, we should have been shopping before. This is all your fault. We will talk about it when we get back home.” She yelled at her. “MOM!” Heather could only reply, before looking at the ground. She knew how futile it was to argue. She thanked Ashley and both Mother and Daughter went away for Heather’s practice.

Ashley just enjoyed being the witness of the Perfect Ladies’ intimacy. She thought about a way to use it in her mischievous plan as she already began to think about the setup. She was a very clever girl, even if she did not achieve well her school exams because of a lack of motivation. She knew this was a huge challenge and felt all the more motivated!

First of all, she had to work on Heather’s costume. They were three Costume Designers, and each girl was in charge of three dancer’s outfit. She knew she had to be discrete: it would not be possible to get access to the costumes the day of the event so she had to work on it during her free time. Every girl had the key to the locker room, this task would be quite easy. Moreover, after the prank, it would be easy to track down who was in charge of the costume. She needed to cover her tracks and put the responsibility on another girl. The choice was easy: it was Trish, a tall blonde girl who had tried to steal her boyfriend earlier that year. To make things worse, Trish was also a very good friend of Heather, making the whole thing even more spicy!

There was no one around and could easily sneak in the office of the organizers of the event. She browed around and finally found the folder of each member of the organization. In these folders, different notes, instructions, and the artists they had to take care of. She found Trish’s folder and put the paper about Heather in it. She cleaned her path behind her and quickly left the place.

The next step was extremely difficult but the most interesting: she had to modify Heather’s costume. At first, she thought about modifications like tightening the outfit in order to create a big hole over her butt: easy, funny, but overseen. No, this was an insult to her intellect! And she wanted the revenge to be absolutely horrible! She decided that the costume would fall off slowly but surely during the dance recital, leaving Heather completely exposed in her girly unmentionables! This would take time but she was motivated. Maybe she would take care of Christine too, if she had some time, but the main target was her precious daughter!

She came back to her house and locked the door of her room in order to not be bothered She wrote lots of ideas and drew lots of plans: several ideas came to her mind but their realization were extremely difficult. The morning after, she finally found it: ___________________________

It is your time to choose about how sabotaging the costume
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