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Default The Further Humiliations of Josie

“This is going to be absolutely fabulous!” Josie squealed pushing a book cart heavily laden with bolts of multi-colored fabric across the library. “We are going to have so much fun!”

Josie was a 30 year old children’s librarian, on the plump-side with both an ample bosom and derriere, which strained the fabric of her elaborately patterned dress. Festooned with stars and rainbows, the bright blue dress drew about as much attention as the curves beneath as the bubbly woman wheeled the cart towards the program room.

Her companions, two 20-something jaded looking library staff exchanged a skeptical glance. In sharp contrast to Josie, Mark and Heather were punk-rock, skinny, dressed in jeans and t-shirts. Mark had a faded hoodie and Heather wore thick mascara around her eyes and sported spiky dyed black hair.

“I… uhh…” Mark started. “I don’t think this is a good idea.” He finished eyeing his flamboyant supervisor. “This can be a pretty rough group to work with; it’s not like doing the kids programs downstairs.”

Today the library was hosting the monthly meeting of the young single mothers support group the city ran out of a local rec centre. Once a month the program provided childcare so the 18-25 year old participants could come to the library for an educational afternoon. Normally Heather and Marc ran these sessions, with great success, but Josie had insisted on working on a special project with the group and would not take no for an answer.

“Oh don’t be silly, you’re just jealous of all the fun you’re going to miss!” Josie giggled. Marc and Heather exchanged another glance. “I’m the one with an art background, I’m the one who came up with the idea, and I’m in charge today until David gets back, so there!” She stuck her tongue out and giggled again, very pleased with herself.

Today’s project was one Josie was particularly proud of. For weeks she had been gathering donations of fabric from local stores, which she intended to use to create a large, elaborate collage which would be hung in the library for years. The partnership with the single mothers group had been going on for years, and Josie just knew the current members would treasure this piece of art they created with her forever! Originally, it had been a children’s program idea, but Josie felt it might just be the bridge she needed to branch out into other areas.

Arriving at the door to the program room, Josie waited while Heather opened it and entered ahead of her. Marc followed behind.

“Hello ladies!!” Josie squealed. “Are you ready to make some artistic history?” Her eyes lit up as she saw a large 6x6 foot empty picture frame leaning against the wall. ‘Yayyy! It’s here! The city came through!” Josie quickly unloaded her cart, rolling fabric out on the fold-out tables and placing scissors, measuring tape and chalk on each one.

“Umm… hey everyone…” Heather greeted the room rather apologetically. “This month we have a special guest. Josie here is one of our children’s librarians from the kids’ department downstairs, but today she’s here to do uh…” She looked at Josie, who was literally bouncing on her toes, grinning in excitement. “To do some art…?” She finished lamely.

“That’s right ladies! We’re going to fill that,” she pointed to the large frame, “with a supremely, exquisite, amazing, exceptional, amazing art collage made from all this old cloth!” She spread her arms, twirling around to exhibit the bolts of fabric adorning every available surface in the room. “Who’s excited!?”

The young women in the room glared at her in silence.

“Are you fucking joking?” One of them, a stocky blonde in a black sweatshirt and jeans finally answered. “On our one – fucking – day – to – ourselves, we have to do arts and crafts with the kindergarten teacher???”

Josie’s smile faded a bit. “Well, I’m not technically a teacher, I’m a librarian and what I didn’t tell you yet is that we’re going to hang it out there in the library where everyone can see!”

Another woman, this one skinny, brown-haired with a plaid shirt and cut-off jeans picked up a pair of scissors and snipped at the air slowly. “This is bullshit, we should be learning about… I don’t know… managing a bank account or something, not wasting fabric. Why don’t we learn how to make our own clothes? Looks like you don’t have any trouble finding those do you?”

Josie’s smile was now looking a bit forced. “Well… maybe we can look at doing something like that next month, but today we’re going to work on this. Trust me, you’ll end up having a great time today, and when you’re done, everyone in this library is going to simply marvel at the sight of what you’ve accomplished!” She looked at Marc and Heather. “I think I can handle things from here. Ta ta!” Josie gave a little shooing wave as the 10 young women picked up scissors and eyed the frame with skepticism. “I think it’s safe to say that I have things under control. Just you wait; you’ll see my approach is best! Also, you’ll see something amazing today for sure!”

Marc and Heather exchanged one last concerned glance and then left the room, closing the glass door as the women began to murmur to each other. They could hear Josie’s voice from within.
“Ok ladies, I’m thinking something abstract. Choose the fabric that speaks to you the most and start snipping! No shape is wrong, any fabric goes!” The murmuring grew louder and they thought they could hear the voice of the blonde who had spoken out earlier say something. Looking in, they saw that the young women were now standing in a loose circle around Josie.

One of the women appeared on the other side of the glass door and with a grin at Marc and Heather, lowered the blinds.

“Why thank you! I bought it at a vintage store downtown. Can you believe how perfect it is!?” Josie answered whoever had just spoken. “Ha ha ha, right, that would be something wouldn’t it!” They heard Josie’s bubbly giggle again. “Oh! Um, sure yeah you can feel it, just don’t… Oh! Umm.. ahh.. hey, hey there, whoa! Little handsy there! Why don’t we choose one of these on the table?” Josie’s voice was getting a little more high-pitched than usual.

Marc tried the doorknob, the program room was locked.

“Shit!” He swore, “Do you have the key?

Heather shook her head. “I think Dave has it and hasn’t gotten back from lunch yet.”

Josie’s voice was getting even louder.

“Hey stop that! That’s not one of the options, Hey! No you can’t do that, no… Hey!”

The murmuring had now shifted to laughter, punctuated by the occasional hoot.

“Please stop cutting my… Hey! Oh! Oh! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Give it baaaaaccckkk!!!”

The laughter suddenly intensified, accompanied by whistles. “Looking good!” Someone yelled. “Maybe it’s time you hit the gym though.”

Josie wailed. “You can’t! You can’t! Stop it, that was mine!”

The laughter died down and they heard Josie’s voice getting closer to the curtained door. “What do you want?… you already have my entire dre… oh no.. oh no… OH NO!!!” Josie shrieked as a flurry of shadows danced across the curtain from inside. “No not that, not those, no, this is indecent! You… you must… I insist that you…” her voice rose in an incoherent yelp! This time the voices rose into a raucous cheer. Marc and Heather could make out the silhouette of one of the young women twirling something, or some-things in the air. The cheers became rowdy laughter, drowning out whatever Josie was shouting. “Inapproprite!!!” Was all they could make out before the sound of Josie squealing with laughter could be heard. “Hahahahahaha! Stop it! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Please stop… stop tickling… hahahahahahah! Stop! Give me back my… hahahahahah!.... No! you can’t touch those! Noooooom not there!! please stop, you’re going to make me… you’re going to make me…!” and then there was silence.

By this time, the library staff and most of the patrons had gathered near the program room, drawn by the commotion. The curtain flew up and the skinny young woman in plaid opened the door, grinning wolfishly.

“You can have your librarian back now.” She said in a sing-song voice. “We had a great time with her.”

It took the assembled crowd a few seconds to register what they saw next. Held by each arm, two women propelled Josie backwards through the door. Her large round ass was completely bare, jiggling violently as the crowd realized, she had nothing on at all! With a final shove, the women threw Josie out into the main area, spinning her around to face the assembled crowd.

She stood there, for a moment in shock, mouth gaping, eyes wide, glasses askew, legs and arms akimbo. Her massive chest hung there, out in the open for all to see. Her large, pink nipples mesmerizing every man within eyeshot as she panted. Below her large hanging breasts, her belly swelled and retreated with each breath and below that, her thick, dark bush stood out in sharp contrast to her pale skin. The only thing Josie had left was her ID badge hanging from a thin cord around her neck. Dangling there between her tits, it gave the scene an air of utter ridiculousness.

“I… umm… I… uhh…” she stammered, adjusting her glasses back into place. “Well, I… as umm… you can see… I…” She straightened up a little, a red blush growing across her cheeks. “I had a little trouble with the group…” As if not quite believing it was true, she patted around her body as she spoke, touching her naked breasts, then stomach, rear and then thighs, her blush deepening as her hands confirmed her naked state. “ahh.. heh heh heh…” she smiled weakly, bending her knees slightly to make herself smaller. “I guess you were right… they were a little too much for me and… um… I… they…” She looked down at herself. “They kind of… they took all my… but I still had control, things could have still worked out”

“Josie! You have nothing on!” Heather cried out, breaking the silence of the crowd. “They took everything! How can you say that you still had control!?”

Josie fondled her ID badge, looking sheepishly at Heather and Marc. “After you left, they stripped me down to my bare bottom in 30 seconds…” She admitted, the blush spreading down her neck to the top of her breasts.

Recovering from their shock, the crowd began to chuckle, then laugh at the hapless librarian’s condition. “Your bottom’s not all that’s bare!” someone yelled. Wolf whistles and catcalls began to intensify as Josie shifted nervously on her bare feet, causing just enough bounce in the right places to drive the crowd even more wild. Her curves and folds were on full display to her coworkers, the patrons and… and… oh no! her boss! With a small ‘eep!” Josie grabbed a small paperback romance from a nearby shelf and held it in front of her nether regions with both hands.

“Josie! What the hell are you doing!?” David, the library manager pushed through the laughing crowd. “Why are you…? Where are your…?” He paused, eyes bulging as he took in the sight of his blushing employee wearing nothing but an ID badge, a romance novel and an embarrassed smile. Composing himself he shouted for silence.

“Where are your clothes?” He forced himself to ask calmly, a slow blush beginning to appear on his face as well.

As if in answer, the door to the program room opened and the single young mothers group emerged carrying a large frame between them. The blonde ringleader stepped forward.

“In appreciation for the really fun program you made for us, we’d like to present you with our collage” she shouted to the assembled crowd. With a gesture, the others raised the frame and turned it to face the onlookers. Inside the frame, behind glass was mounted a massive pink bra above a large pair of frilly white panties adorned with little pink hearts. Surrounding the sizable undergarments were the scraps of Josie’s dress, arranged carefully in a large star. The women carried it to the wall and hung the art piece on a vacant nail.
“What do you think?” The blonde smirked as she eyed David and the cowering Josie. “Will you keep it there like you said?”

Everyone looked to Josie. After a few moments, she reluctantly stepped forward, still clutching the paperback. She walked slowly to the wreckage of her dignity, framed on the wall. “Yes…” she almost whispered, her ample bare bum on display to everyone in attendance. “My undies will hang on the wall… here where I work… for everyone to see… for….oh my god! Please give me my panties back!! At least those!? Everyone can see!”

“Nope, I think you’re wearing that paperback home. Every time you come to work, you’ll have to walk by your most intimates… I think that’s good revenge for your being an absolute shit.” She smiled as she delivered Josie’s sentence.

“Well then, let’s get some photos of the artwork, the team and the inspiration!.” The blonde yelled.

For the Second time in her life Josie endured a nude photo session*

Following the photos, She was granted a tablecloth and a transit pass for the long ride home.

*see previous story: The Revenge of the Belmont Community College Library Club
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Default Well done, thanks!

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humor and enf combined; well done
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