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Old 03-30-2024, 12:02 PM
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Default My view of the Tropics

Early in our marriage, Nina’s parents, convinced we needed a break from our work loads, surprised us with an all-expense trip to a resort in Mexico. Neither of us had ever been to Mexico. I’m not a big fan of the tropics, and figured the entire time would be a bore, but what the hell, it was free. Nina was much more enthusiastic. Having grown up in the South she loved the idea of lying on a beach sunning. You should know that she typically came across as rather prim, but I think that was something of a cover, as I think my tale illustrates. She had claimed early on in our relationship that she had never had sex before. I hadn’t asked about that, since I couldn’t make the same claim, but it seemed important to her that I know that. In fact I had noticed she was oddly fond of putting herself on display to other guys. So, for the trip, she went out and bought the tiniest bikini she could find. But working on a tan was only part of the goal of lying around in the sun.

On the flight down it occurred to me that this trip was a great opportunity to experiment. I pointed out to her that no one there would know us, or ever see us again, so anything we did would never be known to anyone but us. She initially acted shocked, and said she wasn’t sure what I was thinking about, but seemed curious if hesitant to know more. I should have been more concerned about that reaction. I pointed out that for one thing, it seemed unfair that she had only had sex with me, while I had had a couple of girls before we met. Maybe we could even use this trip to even the ledger, so to speak, with some guy. She assured me there was no chance she could, or would want to do that. I thought to point out that the more important (for me) sexual things were the ones she and I might do together, but given her resistance, I let it drop.

In the hotel, while we unpacked, she nonchalantly brought up the topic of her trying some stranger, and how I thought it could be done. She was careful not to look at me, keeping her attention on the clothes she was folding. Interestingly, she didn’t even mention getting past the issue of taking another guy, she had advanced to the issue of staying safe while getting fucked by someone she wouldn’t really know. It was like she had already embraced the idea of giving herself up sexually to a new guy, and just needed to work out the details of how it would be carried out. I went with her new confidence and pointed out that we had a room she could use, and there was a closest with folding doors that I could hide in while still having a full view of the entrance and the bed. That seemed to make her comfortable with the getting fucked safely part, and she jumped to the issue of how she would induce some new guy to bring up the topic of plowing her. I think this was part of the prim demeanor she usually preferred. And I think she knew perfectly well how she could invite the attentions of some horny guy.

Just after lunch that first day she said she was headed to the resort pool for some tanning (she wasn’t much interested in the swimming function of pools). I have no taste for lying in the hot sun, so I left her to her own adventure. She returned late in the afternoon and related to me the following. She lay down on one of the lounges. There were several other guests, all women, and the lifeguard. He was of the type you’d expect: not terribly tall, but muscled and tanned. She learned later that he came in each season for this job. Nina began laying face up; the lifeguard got off his perch and made like he was skimming the pool. After a while, she turned over, undid the top of her bikini, and made an effort to apply lotion to her back. The lifeguard, who apparently paid little attention to the other guests there, came over and offered to help. Nina thanked him for his offer and laid her arms along her torso. The guy applied the lotion thoroughly over her shoulders and along the length of her exposed back. When he got to the bikini bottoms, while telling her that she needed to be careful to cover all her skin with the lotion, he slide his hand under the bikini as he applied it. Liking her response (no objection) he proceeded to apply the lotion on her ass, sliding his hand under her bikini on each side. After coating the backs of her thighs, he directed her to turn over so he could take care of her front. She managed to turn around while somewhat awkwardly holding her bikini top barely in place. He started with her thighs and continued up to her hips, where this time he undid the ties of the bikini and lay the strings over the small remnant that still covered (just) her bush. Taking her not making an objection as compliance with his advances he again ran his fingers under the bikini, reaching in far enough to spread the lotion over the sides and top of her bush. He worked his way up her torso to her breasts, where again, he spread the lotion under her now unattached top in several more adventurous passes, with the last one actually running his fingers over the nipples of each of her breasts. Despite her usual primness, Nina admitted that she enjoyed all this, and she couldn’t help her legs quivering slightly as he stroked her, but trying not to move too abruptly, since her bikini bottom was barely covering her at all by this point.

It should have been apparent at the time by her description of being felt up in public, that her usual prim demeanor was basically an act, and I had unwittingly given her a free pass to let her sexual interest in other guys run free. She asked (with some evident though not intended excitement) whether we (she specifically included me in the decision) should let this guy have her. It seemed difficult to get out of this now. We arranged that she would go to the pool again the next day, and if the guard showed the same interest in her, to invite him to the room at lunch break and see how it went. I had the hope that while he might be happy to feel her up, going to the bigger issue of proposing that a guest wanted his erection might be more of a chance than he was willing to take. But if my hope didn’t pan out, and he did offer his cock to her, she would tell him that I was out fishing for the day, but that she should call the room to make sure I was gone. Sure enough next day I got a call at the room, and heard her tell someone that there was no answer, so I had gone. I immediately hid in the closet.

They came in with a great deal of excitement and her giggling, his hand before he got through the door already down her bikini, feeling her ass. I remember hoping that no one in the hall was witness to this. He was clearly not going to waste any time, and certain of what he was here for. He pressed Nina against the wall just inside the door and undid her bikini top. While he kissed her and held one breast, with the other hand he pushed his swimsuit to the floor, letting loose a completely hard erection standing straight up, which he pressed against her stomach. He took her by her shoulders and pushed her down onto her knees. It was obvious what he expected. I found this rather shocking because although Nina loved having oral sex done on her, she had never blown me. Needless to say, when I witnessed her wrap her hand around his shaft and slip her mouth down over the upper half of his erection, I had to strain to keep quiet. What I had not realized was that my not having gotten a blow job from her was another part of the prim pose that she had with me. While she was not an expert, she clearly had sucked on an erection before. In any case, it was enough for this guy to watch her face as she took the upper part of his erection into her mouth.

Convinced that he could get whatever he wanted from her, he pushed her back onto the bed, undid the bottom of her bikini, spread her legs, and began an extended massage of her labia with his tongue. The entire time his face was in her bush, she was grabbing the bed cover in her fists, and rhythmically bending and straightening one leg.

At least I could console myself that she remained silent, as she usually did when we fucked; but that idea was soon quashed. As he kissed up the length of her torso, pausing to kiss each of her breasts before he began kissing her on the mouth, he arched up to direct his erection towards her pussy. While still kissing him, she spread her legs farther to set herself up for his penetrating her. And when he first buried his erection into my wife’s pussy, she gave out a gasp that she immediately tried to suppress, no doubt for my benefit. But as the lifeguard began thrusting, it was clear she was finding it increasingly hard to muffle those gasps. Whatever hesitancy she may have had about this whole idea of being taken by a new lover, it was clear to me now that she was thoroughly enjoying the experience.

He was in her for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only about 25 minutes when he raised himself forward so that his cock was sliding into her now almost vertically and with increasing speed. In response, Nina was throwing her head from side to side. Finally he thrust hard and held his erection in her seemingly as deep as possible. Nina twisted almost onto her side in response. Pleased by her enjoyment, he quickly pulled out, letting her twist roll her onto her stomach, and while she remained flat, face down on the bed gave her the length of his erection once again. His thrusts now had become so firm that only the pillow she had buried her head into prevented her head from being banged against the headboard with each thrust. She met his thrusts by quickly and repeatedly throwing her arms around to grab some wad of the sheets with each penetration.

Nina was clearly deep in pleasure, but I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. Fortunately, while continuing to thrust, he told her that he had to get back to the pool, pushed one last time and held his erection in her, as he clearly unloaded, grunting as he did. While he rushed to put his shorts back on, he told her he would see her at the pool; she was barely able to push herself partially up from the prone position he had taken her in. In a moment he was out the door. I came out of the closest, shaken. And Nina, too, seemed to be a bit unsteady from the pounding she had just taken as she turned to sit up on the edge of the bed, her hair disheveled. I tried to say, but it came out nervously and almost stammering, “I guess the plan worked.” She gave a broad grin as she fumbled to put her bikini back on. “Where are you going?” I asked. “I can’t not go back to the pool now. The other girls will know if I don’t” was her response. And she left me there, still hard and panting.

While it was a great thrill to watch the lifeguard having Nina, I didn’t think I could possibly witness that again. I would be unable to remain silent, or likely cum in my pants. When we discussed the day’s “adventure” that night, I had to agree that she could use the room as she wanted, but would warn me by phone so I could get out. It was on my side a necessary concession. I just couldn’t stand by again while my prim wife was taking that lifeguard’s erection with such obvious pleasure. More seriously, the plowing she took from him changed the calculations for both of us. My expectation that we could do whatever we wanted without the danger of anyone knowing us assumed that we would be the ones doing something wild, and as a possible addition, letting her experience sex with some other guy, if the occasion arose. What I hadn’t calculated was that the performance by the lifeguard was going to alter the focus of her vacation. Not having much now to bargain with in the wake of her experience with him, I tried to ask that at least she would let me know the details if one other guy replaced me in enjoying her pussy. In retrospect it was not a good deal. My plan was in the singular; her interest in executing the idea had become the plural. In effect she assumed I was giving her free rein to be taken to bed by anyone and as many as she liked. What I did in effect was provide any number of strangers at the resort with an easy lay.

Having enjoyed the lifeguard, she allowed herself to be plowed repeatedly by him over the time we were there. They didn’t bother with the room, but would slip into the equipment shed where there was a cot on which he could continue to entertain Nina with his erection. But the confines of the pool area were small, and I’m sure few of the other guests were fooled by this, even assuming both of them could remain silent. For myself, I had to be sure to stay away from the pool so as not to be identified as the witless husband. Fortunately for me, he did not get to have her every day, but only because she did not go to the pool every day, although as it turned out, that didn’t save me much self-esteem, since there were others more than happy to pick up the slack from the lifeguard.

I was going to have to re-figure my own situation to avoid being recognized as the partner of the resort’s principal sexual entertainment. Going into town for dinner was safe enough I thought. But around the resort I was going to have to keep a very low profile. On days she didn’t visit the pool she often took the alternative of going to the sea. I would also go there, but stay a discrete distance away, so it would appear that we weren’t together. The first day we tried this arrangement, I had gone in swimming and noticed that some guy who I had seen around the resort had joined Nina. I figured that was fine, she did wear that bikini to attract guys, after all. Next time I looked they were gone. I couldn’t go back to the room and run the risk of walking in on them, so I hung out in the bar. Later in the afternoon I finally screwed up my courage to go back to the room, and she was there, naked in bed. She said that guy had just left after spending the afternoon treating her to his erection multiple times. His endurance clearly impressed her, which she attributed to his youth. He told her he was 18, and she saw nothing odd about going to bed with a guy 7 years younger than herself. She told me, no consolation to me, that although he didn’t last as long as her lifeguard, he had amazing recuperative powers, and could just keep taking her repeatedly. On top of that, she said, his erection was incredibly long. I didn’t really need to know any of this. I had seen this guy around the resort and was a bit suspicious even if she wasn’t, and did some checking. It turns out he was down here only because his brother and his brother’s friends had brought him along, just for the fun. He was only 17. I suggested to her that I didn’t think this was what I had in mind with my idea of us being a bit wild. “But,” she asked, “don’t you want me to be as experienced as you already are?” My own argument thrown back to me. And despite having my wife repeatedly in that afternoon, he was not satiated with her and had her again for an afternoon a couple of days later in his own room.

Another day, lying on the beach again, she was approached by this somewhat older guy and invited to join him and a bunch of people for a party out on his boat. This, I thought, was better, or at least not some young kid. She could have some fun while still be shielded from any guy’s erect cock by the group setting. What I didn’t understand was that the core of the partyers all knew each other, and most of them simply took it for granted that with this captain, it was going to be an orgy. A few of the girls of the crowd decided to use the area just in front of the cabin for sun bathing; they invited Nina along. Almost immediately the bikinis came off, and Nina in her telling had no problem with going along with the group. In short order a number of the guys joined them and the real partying commenced. It turns out these guys were the husbands or boyfriends of these girls, and before long their swimsuits were being discarded to free up the host of hard erections. Nina confessed to finding this all very exciting, even though she was not directly involved, and simply lying on her side, naked, watching.

The captain of the boat soon appeared, sat down next to Nina with a couple of flutes of champagne and stroking her naked hip, explained that since it was his boat, he got to give a special treat to his choice of girl, and that he found her the most exciting, playing to her vanity. Extending her his hand, he raised her up and brought her to the very front of the boat. They sat down and enjoyed the view of the writhing bodies just before them. The captain explained to her that his “special friends” often couldn’t control themselves, and provided the whole rest of the boat with this sexual display. Without delaying over the demands of seduction, his simply offered, “Shall we join them?” She claimed that she didn’t answer, but nevertheless, he turned my wife around, and slide his erection into her from behind while holding his hands over her breasts. So while the other girls were getting the erections of their husbands or boyfriends, my wife was on view for all to see taking it from behind from the captain. I have to assume that those along who were still in the cabin were also watching the captain’s performance with my wife. When it was obvious to everyone that Nina was cumming there was a smattering of applause and some hoots. The captain kept going. Eventually, he too came, pulling her up and back slightly with the hands that held her breasts, shoved himself into my wife as far as he could, and let go. General applause this time as he held her there cumming in her. When she recounted this, she pointed out that as I had said, no one on board knows us, and she assured me that while many of the others switched partners at some point, she did not, although this seemed to be a result of the captain wanting to continue his enjoyment of her pussy, rather than a limitation on her own enjoyment. Since I wasn’t present, I wasn’t going to be able to recognize these partyers around the resort, making my task of not be identified as the husband of the girl who their friend the boat captain had doggie-styled in front of everyone a real challenge. I tried to argue that perhaps she had reached the needed number of new lovers, but she accused me of not getting into the resort life-style, that the erection her story clearly gave me, undercut my objection, and that she was really doing this for us.

Finally the night before our departure arrived, but there was a resort party to get through. To avoid being identified as the duped husband whose wife was available for anyone to cuckold him, we agreed to go down to the party separately. She wore tight jeans with just a bandeau top, which in the gyrations of dancing she had to repeatedly pull up to keep her breasts from full view. Guys noticed of course, and she danced with several. I sat discretely at the bar. Next to me were a couple of guys watching and commenting on the dance floor. One observed that Nina looked hot, and the other began to explain how she was supposed to be here with her husband but nobody saw him, and the talk was that a number of guys had already treated her to their erections. He then described briefly the boat captain taking her on the bow of his ship. His friend was impressed and wondered aloud if he should make a try at her. My sense that I had to keep a low profile was proved vital, but it made me anxious to listen to these guys planning to have a go at my wife’s pussy, with such a nonchalânt expectation of success. They decided to dance with her to find out, taking turns while grabbing her ass when the music allowed, and playfully pulling at her bandeau top. Before very long all three departed together, and as they left the dance floor, she looked at me with a broad grin. I don’t know if that gave me away, but I figured I had better leave.

Outside our room, I hesitated trying to hear if they were inside. As I couldn’t just stand outside my own room very long, I decided to go in and risk the embarrassment. No one was there. I feel asleep in a chair waiting for her to return. It was almost dawn when she did, her hair thoroughly disheveled, but at least her clothes were on. I tried to quiz her on whether she actually spent the night with those two guys. She threw back at me that I was the one who wanted experimentation, and she was only providing me with a more experienced wife. Since there were two of them, and knowing what had happened with the lifeguard, I had to ask what my imagination demanded: whether she had been blowing one guy while the other buried his erection in her pussy. She must have been aware of my jealousy that at least the lifeguard had gotten his erection in her mouth. With two guys having my wife at the same time, it seems unavoidable. Skipping over the minor fact that two guys had spent the night using their erections on her, she somewhat pleadingly explained that since each one had done extended oral sex on her, she felt she had to reciprocate, and that she had, indeed, blown the two of them. “But,” she explained, “I just couldn’t have one guy’s erection in me while I sucked on the other; I get just too distracted with a guy in me.” We both realized as soon as she said it that she was admitting to more than she had intended, and more than I really wanted to know. “So they did you in turns?” I stammered in disbelief. She dropped her head and said softly, “yes” and quickly tried to salvage something from the revelation blurting, “but that’s why it took so long!” Again, the explanation was worse than the admission. I figured it was best I didn’t ask how many times each one had her.

On the flight back we both were silent, me in my regrets at having in some part brought this on myself, she I suspect in reminiscences of a great holiday. By the end, the original plan, trying something wild, safe from anyone knowing, and maybe addressing the imbalance that she had never had sex before me, was demolished by the parade of guys who got to try her pussy in just a couple of weeks. On top of that, as I later found out, the reality was that in fact several guys had had her before we ever met. The wildness of the vacation was reserved for those guys at the resort who got to screw my wife. That ledger I wanted to balance was nothing more than a fantasy. I knew I hated the tropics.
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