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Old 02-27-2019, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Baldswede View Post
We’re a swedish couple visting nude mixed saunas in Sweden. We have the same experiences as you regarding shaved vs. bush. Most milfs/older women (and also men) are shaved/smooth but younger women (-35) tend to have more bush.
Also seen more and more couples where the man is shaved/smooth but the woman has bush.
Without straying too far OT, but my wife and I visit a nude beach (Gunnison Beach) several times every summer and we both noticed the hairy look making a comeback last summer.
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Old 02-27-2019, 11:24 AM
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Default Different story

Sorry to go off topic. Mine was at a local swingers club last month, Milf Monday lol. I was in jacuzzi and only bush I saw all day was a mature 50+ lady and her fella. At the end of the day after chatting they both said that that wanted to have sex and let me follow. As we got to room she was sucking her partner off and had her arse on in the air. She then just apologised for the hairy fanny and said she just could not be arsed trimming lately as she has stuff going on. No one one complained and as her bloke shagged her she let me empty my sack in her tits. She had her eyes closed and more the bloke allowing it as she seemed to be just enjoying being fucked. But a nice hairy bush, even though I had no access to it
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Old 02-27-2019, 04:27 PM
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It's a shame these saunas don't exist in the USA. I only know of one that supposedly permits nude sauna bathing and that's in Miami. It is part of the hotel and it has been reported that some nudity is tolerated until other guests complain.

From what I understand, Korean baths require nudity but only in the designated single-sex areas. We have a few of them here.

Fiance' and I frequent a Russian banya. Next time we go she has agreed to wear a thong but that's about it. It's better than nothing. One day we will make it to something like a German sauna.
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Old 02-28-2019, 06:43 AM
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Originally Posted by nopirates View Post
Without straying too far OT, but my wife and I visit a nude beach (Gunnison Beach) several times every summer and we both noticed the hairy look making a comeback last summer.
Hi, was that in general - meaning more bushes on all women (and men)? or also age and gender related?
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Old 03-02-2019, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Baldswede View Post
Hi, was that in general - meaning more bushes on all women (and men)? or also age and gender related?
Just in general, but a few years ago it seemed like all women under 30 were smooth, but last summer there was a great deal more hair on the younger beach goers than I have seen in a loooong time. Guy, as usual, tend to be more natural.
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Old 03-14-2019, 06:23 AM
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Default Back on track


Trying to get the conversation a bit more on-topic again. I’m just back from another half-day visit to my favorite spa and inspired by the recent discussion here, I did some “scientific research”.
The basic question I was trying to answer was “Among a random group of female sauna visitors, is there a significant amount of individuals who have a bush contrary to having a full shave, trim, landing strip, or whatever.” And “is there any link between the pubic hairstyle and the age of the person”.
If you want to interpret the results, keep the following in mind:
I was looking at a relatively small sample (so, this is far, far from being significant)
It applies to Berlin, Germany, and the result may be completely different in other European countries, even in other German cities.
It applies to a fairly high-priced, somewhat hipsterish spa and one could argue that results may vary depending on the social class and the age-range of the visitors which may differ at low-budget places.
Don’t take it too serious, I did it out of pure fun and curiosity.

My visit was on a Friday afternoon/evening (International Women’s Day, yay!) and the place was packed, as I had expected. As usual, there were more women than men, I guess it was a 1/3 vs 2/3 split and I think this comes from the fact that there are usually more female-only groups than male-only groups - besides the usual couples, families and single-visitors of course.
While I did my normal observations throughout the visit, I choose a single sauna-aufguss-session to do my detailed research. It was a coconut-peeling aufguss in one of the larger saunas which had the advantage of being outside and having windows, so there was almost bright daylight. From my experience I knew that peeling sessions are particularly popular among women and I wasn’t disappointed this time either. I went to the sauna early to maximise the chance of seeing visitors naked
(1) while entering the room and finding a seat
(2) during the aufguss and peeling
(3) while leaving the room and
(4) under the shower.
Well, here come the details.
I counted 32 women in the room, while there were only about a dozen men. Thank you coconut peeling, yeah! From these 32 women, I managed to register the pubic hairstyle of 23. Three of them were clearly under the age limit of this board, which makes it 20. The rest either didn’t show me their front side or I simply couldn’t remember.
While this is of course highly subjective, I tried to guess the age of these 20 women and put them into 4 groups. There were
8 girls I classified as teens or in their twenties (18-29y)
7 women I estimated between 30 and 39y
only 5 women looked older than 40, and 3 of them were in the 40-49y group
leaving 2 who were clearly >50
As I already mentioned above, this does likely not represent the average sauna visitor, but luckily this spa seems to be a magnet for the younger generation, especially on weekends.

So, let’s start with the interesting bits.
Both of the older ladies were part of elderly couples. One could have been in her 50s (or a young-at-heart 60+ ) while the second one was clearly older. Both had somewhat wrinkled bodies (and wrinkled husbands ) and while the younger one was shaved, the old lady had some light (probably grey?) colored, fuzzy but sparse pubes that I would classify as bush. The younger one also had a still nice (for her age) pair of C-cup tits, surprisingly firm (maybe fake?) with large nipples. The older lady had, well, you probably don’t want to know in detail.. :O

Then there was a rather large group of 6 women that looked like a bunch of friends (or maybe colleagues) having a girls-weekend. I already noticed them when I was on my way to the sauna. They were joking and laughing and chatting in a broad Berlin dialekt. They were all in their 30s except one looking a bit older. We entered the sauna together and they stripped off their robes straight in front of me. I got a great look at some of them right away, and of some more later in the sauna. I just missed one. Here's how they looked like:
A slender, short-haired brunette. She was the oldest of them and from the 40-49y group. She was fully shaved and had averagely sized, bit saggy boobs.
Another short-haired but younger and bustier brunette, in her early 30s. She sported a short landing strip, partially covering her crotch. Her breasts were round with pointy nipples.
An equally young looking, short, but chubby blonde. For her body stature her boobs appeared too small. Not really my thing even though I usually like small boobs - they just look odd on chubby girls, especially if they are also a bit saggy. Her pussy was fully shaved.
A skinny mid-to-end 30s with medium-long, ruby-colored, dyed hair and an undercut on one side. She had a thin face with a pointy nose and an eyebrow piercing, giving her a bit of a punky look. Her freckled chest was boney with light, tiny, almost flat mounds but thick nipples. She had sparse light-brown or reddish pubes alongside her pussy, which was more a trimmed strip rather than a bush.
The most talkative of the group was a tall, black-headed mid-30s. She was blessed with the sexiest body in the group, and she probably knew it very well as she showed off her goods the most nonchalantly of all. Her tanned boobs were nicely shaped, firm C-cups. Basically her whole body was tanned and well-toned - a really attractive appearance! This was even topped off by her neatly trimmed bush, forming a shapely, black triangle between her legs. I created the “trimmed bush” category just for her, as I thought her triangle didn’t deserve being put together with unshapely, wilder bushes. )

Further on there were a bunch of couples (all straight ).
One entered the sauna right after I had placed myself but at first the girl was holding her towel in front of her private parts. She looked quite young and I estimated her at 20y at most. She had straight, long black hair which she wore open and which was wetly hanging down her back. They were not from Germany and they spoke a language I didn’t understand - sounded like something east european; polish or czech probably. They looked like they were newbies as they seemed a bit reluctant as if they didn’t know what to do. Eventually they settled down and the girl took off the towel to place it on the wooden bench but she kept turning her back in my direction. I did see her boobs though, which were large and bell-shaped and looked a bit disproportionate for her slim figure. Still, watching her small butt sticking out and her large boobs dangling while she bent over, was a sight I won’t forget for some time. After a minute or so they started discussing and I realized they wanted some of the crushed ice, which you can usually take from a bucket at the entrance. Finally the girl jumped up with a sigh to get some and to present me her smoothly shaved but rather boring pussy. Funny enough, she tried to cover her boobs with her arms on her way out. This didn’t work with hands full of ice obviously, allowing me to finally see the girl full frontal and with swaying tits on her way back.

Another young couple came in rather late just as the aufguss was about to begin and they tried to quickly find a free spot. Luckily they decided to squeeze themselves in between me and my seating neighbor. The guy sat down in the row behind me and the girl - a short, averagely built early-30 with dark-blonde, chin-length curls - sat down next to me, thigh-on-thigh. The fact that she had to arrange her towel while standing right in front of me so closely, left nothing of her anatomy to my imagination. In my head I added another checkmark to the “trimmed”-group as just a few centimeters from my face I looked straight at her shaved slit decorated with a shapely patch of dark stubble. She had a slender type of boobs, B-cups I supposed, with a little bit of a sag. I loved the fact that her guy kept groping and cupping her tits unobstrusivly from behind throughout the session causing her tiny nips to go fully stiff ).

Another good opportunity to catch some more views during a peeling-aufguss session is when everyone gets the actual peeling salt. That’s the moment when everyone starts moving, some even standing up and all together are rubbing the peeling all over their bodies.
That’s how I got a better look at another pair that looked like a 40-something mother with her 20-something daughter who were hiding in a somewhat dark corner in the last row. But when they started to rub their bodies I was finally able to check them off in my head. They were a bit on the heavier side, but still both were not that bad looking. Especially their breasts caught my attention as each pair was almost identical in size, shape and features. Fair enough, daughter’s fairly sized teardrops were a bit firmer and the skin was lighter. Also, the younger one seemed to be more aroused by the rubbing as her nipples stuck out quite spiky. Regarding my research, I noted that both family members were no big fans of body hair, though their interpretation was a bit different. Mom had a bald pussy while her daughter had kept a neat, narrow landing strip of dark pubes.

A very young looking couple was sitting in the front row directly opposite of me. It was a sight you don’t get very often at a sauna - at least not at saunas I’m going to: both, the guy and his girl had an impressive pile of dreadlocks on their head. While the guy had it put together, the girl wore them kind of open with colored beads woven in and the hair sprawling over her shoulders. Both had several tattoos and piercings - the girl had an artful star shaped tattoo between her small, firm tits and she had her nose, lip, navel and both nipples pierced. I kept ogling at her small, milky-white mounds - I found them really attracting and it was hard not to stare at them.
I started wondering whether she had pierced her pussy too and whether she would add to the bush-fraction which I think would have fit to her hippy look. But she kept her legs tightly closed, as most of the visitors in the front row did. Fortunately dread-girl got easy during the peeling and wasn’t shy at all showing her features. To my surprise, she wasn’t hiding a bush between her legs, just bald pussy lips and a tiny tuft of light hair. And it seemed her piercer hasn’t got that far to the South yet..

There were a few more individuals I was able to observe during the peeling phase who were hiding until then:
A mid-40 wife who was there with her husband, featuring quite some love handles, medium-sized pendulous breasts aaand… surprise.. another shaved pussy.
A short-haired redhead in her 30s, slenderly built who apparently was there alone and who prudishly kept her towel wrapped around her whole body including her breasts. She looked so starchy the whole time, I didn’t expect her to show anything until during the peeling she got up and dropped her towel completely unceremoniously. And right she was! She had a good handful of perky B-cups you’d want to cup with your palms immediately if you’d see them. They looked just super-cute on her body. Further south she sported trimmed red/brown pubes, barely covering her sn*tch.
Another black-haired single-visitor, young looking, maybe around 20. She had a longish, narrow upper body which made her appear quite tall and a longish face also. She appeared quite self-confident and while the session hasn’t started she tried hard to stifle the conversation with the old fart right next to her who kept on talking and making eye contact with her. Well, he managed to make eye contact with her boobs quite obviously. I can’t help but starting to feel embarrassed myself everytime I witness such intrusive behavior. Of course I made an extensive inspection of her tatas as well, just from some more distance. Her small boobs definitely looked interesting although a bit odd, as they stood uncommonly close together - just as if there wasn’t enough room on her narrow chest. Her lower parts on the other side, were less remarkable, just a short, tight crack without any hair. Of course old-fart had to stare at it in the most obvious way.

Well, just realized my post is getting quite long again, I’m sorry if there are too many details - it’s just like I’m going through my visit a second time, which isn’t too bad of a feeling for me either.
I kept two highlights for the end. Well, it’s two groups, making 5 more samples for the research. Most of them I did only observe after the aufguss while waiting for a free shower. It’s always a special moment when everyone is getting out of the sauna, pushing and poking each other, steaming bodies heading for the shower area and waiting in lines in front of the showers while slowly cooling down. At this particular sauna, the shower area consists of 6 showers which are open and facing each other which makes it impossible to hide anything from anyone if you want to shower. Due to the rush and pure amount of bodies, one can calmly observe anyone who’s either showering, waiting or heading off. It’s simply a paradise.

Among the first ones getting out of the sauna was a family of five. I’ve not been able to see them during the aufguss as they had been sitting somewhere in my back but I definitely wanted to check them out as I had noticed a super-cute teenage daughter among them. I hoped they were heading for the showers and I followed them. The parents appeared quite young - perhaps late 30s/early 40s. Besides the cute daughter who looked old enough to me to write about her, they had another two teen daughters who were younger and whom I won’t mention here.
On my way out I was already hooked to mum’s and old-daughter’s shapely backsides. Both sported amazingly toned bodies and interestingly the daughter was slightly taller than her mother. Both women had small, similarly shaped butts - mum had slightly broader hips but still she didn’t look like she had three kids. The group managed to grab one of the first showers while I was still stuck further behind with a bunch of people in front of me. Funny enough the whole family just hopped under the first two showers altogether, seemingly having lots of fun and without any timidity for being watched. :O
Well, ok, where should I start? I have to say it was hard to keep my arousal under control in that moment. The fact that they all just were so relaxed about their nudity gave the extra bit. And of course, the fact that a hot mum and her equally hot daughter were showering together right in front of me. Both had pretty much the same appearance, the daughter basically being a younger and slightly smoother version of her mother. Both had a cute, pixie-like face and the same dark scalp hair. Daughter’s was a bit longer (reaching down to her tits) and featured some dyed, brighter strands. Looking a bit further down, both women had the same slightly east-west shaped B-cup boobs - daughter's were probably a bit fuller but both pairs looking firm and natural. Again, watching the mother, I was wondering whether I was really looking at a mother of three or rather at an older sister of the teen. I have to say I was a bit surprised when I looked further down. Right there, in front of me, in the middle of all the shaved and trimmed folks, I saw a dark, untrimmed bush between the legs of the mother. I really didn’t expect this, as I had almost given up seeing another hairy lady. The contrast of what I looked at could not have been any higher, as her young, similarly shaped daughter had seemingly joined the general tendency and presented a smoothly shaved pussy right next to her mother’s bush. The totally easy, nonchalant way how the girl showed her naked body, how she rinsed her long hair while chatting with her family and the fact you could actually peek through a small gap between her slender thighs and her small pussy, really gave me a hard time keeping my feelings under control.

Last but not least was another young tourist group. You weren’t able to ignore them right from the beginning, as they were chatting at an outrageous sound level in some American slang. They didn’t stop when the aufguss began and were reminded by the sauna master several times during the session. I managed to check out two of the group already very early, and I only moved their story towards here because I had to wait until the showering to check out the third one. The group consisted of a short, dark-haired, olive-skinned Asian American girl with a ponytail, a strongly-built, pale, blondie with ash-blonde, wavy hair and a delicate, averagely-sized blonde with a bright-blonde bob cut and a bit overdone makeup. (Well, people wearing makeup in saunas.. Another topic. ). All three of them were in their 20s and wrapped in their towels when they walked in but asian-girl and strong-girl took them off when taking a seat, allowing me to add another two marks to the shaved-tally. Actually, I wasn’t able to fully see strong-girl’s pussy as it was hidden between her plump thighs even while standing, but I couldn’t see any evidence for hair either, so I assumed she somehow managed to shave it all off. Bright-girl only lowered the towel to her waist, baring at least her lovely set of mango-shaped C-cups. Asian-girl had a similar size to offer though her evenly tanned tits were rounder shaped and sticking out more prominently (not sure if they were fake), also appearing larger due to her small frame. Strong-girl had less size to offer but her pale B-cups looked surprisingly firm - definitely firmer than other parts of her body - though were a size too small for her stature.
So, the aufguss ended without bright-girl showing any more details and while waiting for the shower, she didn’t take off her towel either (which is rather uncommon) but I was expecting another shaved crack anyhow - Americans, what else?
I was under the shower already when I gladly looked to the other side of the area and noticed that it finally was bright-girl’s turn. I’ve asked myself earlier where she would put her towel (as there are no clothes hooks inside the shower area, which is the reason everyone is usually waiting naked) and got the answer when she just thrusted the towel into asian-girl’s hand before quickly hopping into the shower. She only turned her front-side towards me for 2 seconds when she got out of the shower again, but it was enough for me to notice another dark bush! It looked like the girl had trimmed it on all sides to not look too full but it was definitely a bush. I noted down two things in my head: Americans don’t always shave and bright-girl wasn’t bright-haired at all. )

Some more personal conclusions and personal thoughts:
Even a 20-something gal from America, the land of shaving and waxing, sometimes visits an European sauna without removing her bush. Warning: prejudice!
Asians (at least from America) can have large boobs and a shaved pussy. Warning: prejudice!
The younger generation (18-29y) prefers it shaved or trimmed. There are very few exceptions and I hardly see any teen or twen sporting a full bush during my visits. It sounds almost like a joke that an American tourist saved the day for the bush-fraction.
Total: 20 (100%)
Fully shaved: 10 (50%)
Trimmed: 6 (30%)
Bush: 4 (20%) - only 1 untrimmed
50% of the fully shaved girls were from the 18-29y group and 88% of the 18-29 year olds were either shaved or trimmed.
All women from the 40-49y group were shaved.
Most women between 30-39y were trimmed (71%)

I still love to see a fully shaved pussy (as this gives you the best view on which one of the countless number of pussy-types a woman has), but together with wild bushes, it’s the most uncreative style. I mean, all off is all off. In my opinion bushes and full shaves are for the lazy ones. No variation possible, not much time nor creativity needed.

Women with trimmed pubes (in whatever way) immediately attract my attention. It tells me that the women had put at least some thoughts into it when she picked up the razor blade. How broad and how long should it be? Should it cover my crack or should everyone be able to see my lips? Should it still look a bit like a bush, or should it be mostly blank with only some minimum of hair as the icing on the cake? Should it be more like a vertical strip, or a horizontal bar? Should I leave the remaining hair as it is, or should I clip it to only leave stubble? You get my point.

And last, before I shut up, a quick, private side story loosely related to this topic: my girlfriend mostly trims her pubes in a “chaplin” style (I jokingly call it “hitler” ): smoothly shaved pussy lips topped with a stamp-sized patch of pubes about a centimeter above her slit. She used to style it that way already before we met and kept the tradition. It requires a bit of work to do it right and she explained to me once why she prefers this style: she doesn’t like the “natural” style at all and would feel embarrassed to go to the sauna or to the doctor with a “Bär” (German for bear). “It’s like you would never trim your beard.” On the other side she doesn’t want to go fully bare as this “would make me feel odd since it would look too childlike.” Also it would “make me feel too naked”, which I find odd since her most intimate parts are actually completely exposed with this style. Anyways, when we go to the sauna together, she sometimes points at some girl and asks me what I think about her. I find this hot as hell. Once she pointed at a girl with a thin landing strip and said “I don't understand how these girls manage to get those things so straight. If I try, it always seems off when I look at it in the mirror.” Another time she pointed at a girl who was completely shaved and had some prominently protruding labia, and she said to me “Look at her pussy lips. I’m so glad that mine are not poking out. I wouldn’t want to expose them.”

I could just go on with storytelling, but I'll stop now. Hope you enjoy and make your conclusions. Would love to read more stories from other visits which confirm or contradict mine. Anyways, I promise I'll keep posting as long as I have stuff to tell.

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Default Vienna hotel sauna - part 1 of 2

Let me share my experiences in how a hotel sauna can turn out to be rather nice. In all its aspects

Last weekend, me and my wife (early 30's) visitted Vienna. We stayed at a rather luxurious hotel, which happened to have a small sauna area on the lowest floor. Back home (Netherlands) we regularly visit the larger sauna and spa centres. So we are used to the cycle of showering, taking a sauna, cool down, relax and then do it all over again. And all of that while all vistors are fully nude. I would be a liar if I wouldn't admit that part of the joy of those sauna days comes from peeping at all those well-toned young men, girls and ladies in their 20's and 30's showing off their goods.

In foreign hotels however, the saunas are often small, cold and filled with hotshots in their swimwear. This appeared to be the case in the Vienna hotel as well. The first evening we made a visit to the hotel's sauna, one other couple was already there. I think in their early 40's and from a Southern or Eastern European country. He was very active with moving water buckets around, going in and out of the sauna and so on. She was looking irritated/angry, like most of these girls of Southern/Eastern European hotshots do. Most striking was, while he was OK-shaped and she had a gorgeous body, they were both wearing swimwear: loose short trunks on him and she in a bikini also covering her belly.

We tried to find a changing room, but there was only a bench with some lockers and a leaflet on the wall with the sauna and steambath rules. Apart from visitors not allowed to bring their own food and drinks, et cetera, et cetera, it also clearly stated that, for hygiene reasons, it was not allowed to wear swimwear in the two sauna cabins and in the steamroom. So we doubted what to do.
My wife being the prudest of us, decided to change in the ladies room into her bikini. At the bench, I slipped in my tight swim trunks. We didn't want to fall out of place.

We showered and tried the steambath which was quite OK. Meaning rather hot and nice, as you would find in a decent Dutch sauna centre. We relaxed a bit on the chairs in our bathrobes and watched the other couple walking around. Him again busy with bringing water to the smallest sauna cabin (i.e. 2-3 persons), she being ordered to join him in the sauna (or alike; I couldn't understand, but got his tone of voice).

While they were busy and we were watching them, a young blonde lady came in. Fully encapsuled by her bathrobe and on hotel flipflops. She saw us in our swimwear and bathrobes and moved out of our sight to the changing bench and other sauna cabin (seating approx 3-5 persons).

When the other couple came out of the small sauna, we decided to give it a try. It was ridiculously hot. All that water made it unbearable. (I know pooring water on the furnace actually makes the temperature drop, but due to the humidity increase it feels like the air is heated further). So we moved out quickly and headed to the other, somewhat larger sauna.

There, the blonde girl was already enjoying the more bearable heat, while laying down on the top bench. In her underwear: a white sports bra and a bit worn-out tight black slip. So rather covered, but still not bad to look at. She had a nice, curvy body and was approx 20-25 years of age. If she was wearing more high-end, sexy lingerie it would have been a fabulous sight.
When we sat down, I could already sense a tension from the young lady. She wasn't fully at ease laying up there dressed like that. Later on, my wife admitted she felt it too. But we closed our eyes and came to ourselves, as you are supposed to do in a sauna. At least were we come from.

After a few minutes the girl left the sauna. A couple of minutes later, my wife left as well. I can usually stand the heat a bit longer, or at least it takes my body some more time to turn on the sweating machine. But then it was time for me as well, in swimwear, to move to the showers to cool down.
The girl was still there. Fully nude Water running through her long blonde hair and soap flowing down her juicy boobies (yes, these were boobies for sure ). Before I could take a look further down, she grinned at me and turned around. Showing me her perfect round ass, but covering her most precious bits while continuing to take a long, hot shower with plenty of soap. Not having noticed any colour change near her tighs, I guess she was fully shaved.

There I was standing near the showers. My towel wrapped around my waist. I saw the other couple had left, and a more senior couple moved in. They were fully nude as well and were just entering the steambath.
So I jumped out of my towel (and of course out of my swim trunks) and walked fully nude to the shower next to the naked girl. I was still sweating from the sauna (and from the glimpse I had just been treated on ). I needed a shower. And I certainly didn't want to be that weird guy in his swimwear while the rules permitted that.

I hadn't used this particular shower before, and a couple of seconds later I understood it was installed with a flipped/mirrored turning knob. Instead of a gentle cold water stream raining down on me, I experienced a strong cold water jet directly on my face and body. I screamed for one second, while trying to make sense of the icons around the turning knobs (set on gentle cold and coming from above) relative to what I was experiencing (very cold directly from the massage outlets on the heights of my head, torso and genitalia).
The girl turned a bit, took a look over her shoulder, inspected me from head to toe and smiled at me again, while slowly massaging her boobs with foamy soap.

I controlled myself and switched the shower to the massage icon and fully cold. Now the water came from above with a more pleasant temperature. I still peeked every so many seconds to the girl in the next shower, who still had her back to me. She was washing away the soap, moving her hands through her hair, via her back and thighs to her perfect ass. Then she turned off her shower and walked to her towel, granting me a good view on her side and her slightly bouncing boobs when she moved. Carefully and slowly she dried herself. Still with her ass towards me. After a minute or so, she put on her bathrobe and the show was over. With a content smile on her face, she moved out of the sauna area. Probably moving through the hotel corridors wearing only a bathrobe and hotel flipflops.

I switched off the shower as well (again switching it first to the hand shower as the icons "off" and "hand shower" were flipped as well), dried myself and sat down next to my wife. We decided to go to our rooms as well, as we had done all available and bearable sauna rooms by now.
At the changing bench, my wife stepped out of her bathrobe and appeared to be fully nude as well. She grinned at me, put on only her sweater and jeans and up we went to our room. Once in our room, she immediately undressed and sat fully nude on the bed, her ass up in the air and showing me her juicy pussy swollen and pink. "You probably want to fuck me like a rabbit by now, don't you?" she asked. And so I did.

Afterwards, when we were laying down in bed, my wife told me that when she came out of the sauna and walked to the showers, the girl was standing there turned towards the showers. She was still wearing her underwear. When she noticed my wife was coming up directly behind her, she allmost jumped 1m in the air.
"Are there any woman showers?" she asked my wife with an German or Austrian accent.
"No, this is all," my wife responded, "But if you are questioning, I think this mixed sauna actually is a nude sauna. So feel free." Correctly assuming the girl was hesistant to take a shower in her underwear. Which would have been quite senseless taking in account her white sports bra.
The girl immediately started to take off her bra and slip and turned on the shower. She offered my wife a good look at her body. My wife in her turn also slipped out of her bikini and showed her body to the girl. They chatted a bit while enjoying the shower (apparently my wife already knew about the flipped icons). Both made positive remarks about each other's bodies, their boobs and the way they shaved their pubic hair (my wife has a thin landing strip and the girl instead was fully shaved). Although a bit prude, my wife sometimes enjoys showing off herself to selected people. The girl happend to be a willing victim.
When my wife turned left the shower, she told the girl I would be coming soon and, if she liked and dared, I would deserve a bit of a show.

After this story, both of us still smelling of sex, my wife cuddled up on me, headed down and not much later I shot a full load in her mouth. She is such a perfect creature.
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Originally Posted by john_amadeus_r View Post

Trying to get the conversation a bit more on-topic again. I’m just back from another half-day visit to my favorite spa and inspired by the recent discussion here, I did some “scientific research”.
The basic question I was trying to answer was “Among a random group of female sauna visitors, is there a significant amount of individuals who have a bush contrary to having a full shave, trim, landing strip, or whatever.” And “is there any link between the pubic hairstyle and the age of the person”.
I've been to German spas a few times (posted about them earlier in this thread), and that's exactly what I'm doing when I was there, too. Basically getting the chance to look at some very attractive girls' most intimate parts and learn if they have a bush, trim, or shave. Before I went the first time, I was afraid that it would be all older unattractive people, but there were plenty of people who I was glad to see naked.
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I was at my local sauna in Sweden this week, it's a small place, and out of the 6-7 ladies there there was only one who I saw was shaved, she was around 40 years old I think. The younger ones had some degree of hair.
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Default Girlfriend

My girlfriend has been with me a couple times to the nudist sauna.
She’s enjoyed it but also doesn’t mind me going by myself. Last Sunday she was like: let’s go to a sauna together. I was offcourse all up for it. Usually I book a bit in advance to get a good price. I checked the sauna we went last time but it was full capacity. Eventually I found a good deal online. I was a bit hesitant because I never been to this place but the pictures looked alright.

We arrived at the place and went to the usually proceedings. When I was undressing I noticed the place kinda looked old and a bit cheap.

We walked around the small complex and had the same idea. But determined to make a nice day of it.

What I noticed was the high age and male to female ratio at this place. It was basically mostly just 40, 50, 60 and up. We were by far the youngest in this place.

It was sunny out so we layed out on the tanningbeds. After a couple minutes a guy walked past our beds and asked a random question. Meanwhile he was starting pretty obvious at my girlfriends naked body and between her legs. This happened many times after with guys just casually waking by. There was a lot of obvious starting.
My girlfriend had no clue and mostly was engulfed in her book.

I pretended not to notice but was pretty exited about it.

She is in her early twenties and has a really young face. She has a great all over tan from tanning beds and sauna. Her body is curvy but not fat. Big ass and very large naturel pear shaped boobs (e cup) Her pussy lips are thick and pronounced.

One great moment was when we walked from the beds to the pool. Instead of covering up with a towel my girlfriend walked completely naked, her large boobs and smooth pussy on display. This was very surprising to me as she usually is more reserved. Especially in a place like this.

Because it was getting hotter we did this several times. Every time multiple guys were catching an eye full.

My girlfriend played it up by walking very close between the beds very slow so everyone could see. I loved this and get really horny. After we got back to the bed I could tell she was excited. An older skinny guy came over and started talking to my girlfriend standing right infront of her.
He was completely naked and had the longest penis I ever saw. It seriously hung down to his knees.

While my girlfriend was first sitting upright she layed out with her arms behind her head and her legs flat and a little spread. The guy had to cover up with a towel cause he got an erection.

When he left she made a comment about it. “He certainly liked what he saw”. I teased her about it. I notice her pussy was glistening. She is obviously got really excited.

Later in the day we moved inside. It’s pretty small (basically one open area) my girlfriend chose to lay fully uncovered on the beds. Everyone had a full view. Her leg were now more wider apart. Nipples were erect all the time.

When we got home later she came multiple times very hard.
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