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Old 12-05-2009, 09:29 PM
QuintusV QuintusV is offline
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Excellent read so far; though Ch.4 seems to be mislabelled.
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Old 12-05-2009, 10:32 PM
kopema kopema is offline
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Sorry, chapter 4 was posted in the wrong order. Here is chapter three; this should have come before the previous chapter. (I don't know how to edit the posts.)


It turned out that there was a very big difference between simply having their clothes
off, versus being completely deprived of clothing. As long as the clothing was available,
and they CHOSE to be naked, Wanda and her friends felt like they had some control.
But once they found themselves utterly deprived of clothing, that was another story
altogether. They went from feeling like naughty girls to being social outcasts. Where
could they go? What could they do? Wanda had never felt so helpless in her entire
life. And, she noted suddenly, she felt even more aroused. Looking around, there was
no longer any doubt that all the other women felt the same. They were all stark
bareass naked, humiliated beyond belief -- and, gosh darn it, hornier than they'd ever

Wanda's mind raced. Any attempt at human contact while in their current state would
result in humiliation and social scandal. Possibly even ruined careers or worse!
Chastity Falls had a unique justice system. Students were deemed temporary
residents, and unable to vote or serve as jurors. So the laws were written and jury
pools taken from among the permanent citizens of Happy Dayze: mostly former
students. The term "a jury of your peers" was taken literally. Men were judged by other
men; and women were judged by other women. Whoever was pulling these tricks could
expect light treatment indeed. The phrase "boys will be boys" was practically an
unwritten law here. "Panty raids" were practically an everyday occurrence in Chagrin
Falls. The local paper even had a special section lauding the exploits of especially
inventive pranksters as local heroes.

For women, it was a completely different story. Wanda knew perfectly well what SHE
thought of the other women in this town. If Wanda saw a group of hussies parading
their bare asses, breasts and hot little pussies around in front of the limited pool of
eligible men in this town, she would throw the book at them! And that would go double
for any female denizen of Happy Dayze (or, as the local women referred to it: "Spinster
village.") People would be unlikely to listen to their story even if it made some kind of
sense -- and Wanda and her friends would sound like utter fools trying to explain their
woeful state of dishabille even to THEMSELVES, let alone to anyone else.

The expression: "She was asking for it." Is usually just a misogynist's projection. But in
this town, nine out of ten times, it was God's honest truth. Trying to get a man to be
monogamous here was like pulling teeth under the best of circumstances. Any woman
who tried to show off a potential catch to her erstwhile friends might as well dump him in
a piranha tank -- the feeding frenzy would be no less fierce. Any women who "tried too
hard" generated instant animosity among her peers.

Ergo, the laws against public nudity in this town were extremely strict. But in short
order, it was found that women would report each other at the drop of a hat. So an
unusual rule was passed: no woman could be charged with indecent exposure unless
a MAN complained about it.

In other words: If Wanda and her friends marched naked down to the police station,
THEY would most likely be the ones who ended up behind bars. The culprits who
effectively stripped them naked were guilty of - at most - petty larceny. But with a single
word the petty thieves could send all their "victims" to jail. And even if the police found
the stolen clothes, they would have to lock the garments away as evidence. That kind
of thing had happened before -- and the city paper always got plenty of photos of the
imprisoned cowering nudists in their cell. That's why the locals came up with the
expression: "naked as a jail bird".

This also meant that they had to make sure they didn't upset any man who saw them
naked. He could throw them in jail at his whim. So they would have to make darned
sure and keep his whim happy. Although, the way they all felt right now, that was
starting to seem like a not entirely unattractive prospect...

That was enough! Wanda was as naked as an animal, and she felt as if her condition
was seeping through to her brain. She had never been more aware of her environment.
She could almost feel every molecule of air touching her exposed skin. Looking
around, she saw that the other women were clearly also just as agitated. Their eyes
darted back and forth, all heads turning together at the slightest noise. They crouched
as if they might dart at any second. They seemed for all the world like so many little
pink bunny rabbits. It would have been funny as Hell if only she weren't one of those
scared little rabbits.

Wanda looked around her living room for something, anything, she could use to cover
her naked body. She noticed that the d****s were missing from her windows and glass
doors. Even the throw rug in the living room was gone. She rushed from room to room,
and some of the other girls recovered enough sense to follow suit. But the search was
fruitless. They gathered back in the living room and all the search parties confirmed: It
seemed that absolutely every bit of loose fabric in the whole house was now missing.

They looked to each other for guidance, but it seemed that they were all just as much at
a loss as Wanda felt. They hugged each other, but no one could come up with any
constructive suggestions. No one knew just how long they stayed like that,
contemplating their condition.

"Ding Dong." All the women jumped as one, breasts and butts wobbling. Just when
they thought they couldn't possibly feel more foolish, they had all leapt like rabbits at the
sound of a doorbell. They relaxed, but then realized: A DOORBELL! That meant
someone was at the door. What to do? Even the most incredibly basic of social
interactions was now beyond them. Someone suggested that, since it was Wanda's
home, she should be the one to face the music. All of the shamefully naked professor-
ettes huddled behind Wanda, as if her bare body could somehow shield all of theirs.

Wanda started to walk into the foyer but then, on seeing the large and now curtainless
windows, she dropped to her knees, trying to keep low enough so that someone
standing outside wouldn't see her. The respected academic couldn't believe she had
been reduced to skulking about shamefully in her very own home!

She started to sneak forward on all fours, surprised at how awkward this felt. She could
feel her breasts dangling beneath her, and she imagined that would pose quite a sight
for any man lucky enough to happen to come upon her. Then she thought of the view
her girlfriends must be getting from behind and, strangely, that made the tingling get
even stronger!

"Get ahold of yourself!" the flustered professor thought. But then she realized that was
exactly what she wanted to do right now -- literally! She crawled up toward the door,
filled with trepidation and... something else. With every undulating step of her hands
and knees, she became more anxious; and more aroused! By the time she got to her
doorway, it seemed ten-feet all. Wanda was a petite woman but, now that she was
deprived of all clothing, she felt like a naughty little wench who was running around the
house bare-assed to give herself a cheap thrill.

Hand trembling Wanda reached up to turn the knob, imagining who would be on the
other side of the threshold. Against all odds, she pictured a distinguished-looking
gentleman, wearing a tuxedo no less! He would stare down at her, reproachful at this
shameless display this shamefully denuded woman was making; on her hands and
knees; staring up at him like some sort of hopelessly perverted nymphomaniac. How
could she appease his fully-justified shock at her lewd behavior? She imagined her
head sinking under the weight of her shame; shuffling forward on her elbows, butt up in
the air; nuzzling her face against his perfectly polished Testoni shoes; then the cuffs of
his Brooks Brothers' pants. Finally, without daring to look up into his eyes, working her
way up to his zipper and...

"Oh my God." Without realizing what she was doing, Wanda had flung the door open
wide! She was now kneeling stark raving naked on her front doorstep. She must look
like a madwoman: eyes wide, face flushed, breathing rapidly from her ridiculous
daylight sex fantasy. Oh, and did I mention...?

Stark. Raving. NAKED!

Finally coming to her senses, Wanda ducked her head back down. With the door still
wide open, she glanced about. Fortunately, there was no one to be seen on her porch
or in her yard staring at the spectacle she had just made of herself. She was breathing
heavily; amazed at the thrill of being this close to public exposure.

Remembering why she was out here in the first place, Wanda looked around, and saw
an unmarked brown parcel. Unfortunately, it was on the far side of the porch. Without
thinking, Wanda lowered herself fully, and began to crawl on her belly toward the
mysterious box. The rock-hard concrete against her thighs, belly and breasts brought
her back to reality: She was squirming like a giant pink worm in plain view of her
suburban cul-de-sac! What would the neighbors think if they caught her undulating
about outside like this?

After what seemed an eternity, Wanda was finally within grasping distance of the box.
Nervously glancing about again, she saw that the coast was clear - thank Goodness!.
She reached out with both arms and grabbed the package by its side. In order to back
up, the nervous naked woman had to lift back up to her elbows and knees and inch
backwards towards her door. Acutely aware of her elevated and exposed posterior,
Wanda vainly tried to keep herself positioned behind the box as she slowly scooted it
into the house. She imagined the unusual Tableau of her wide-open doorway,a brown
package inching backwards, with an entirely bare buttox peaking up behind it, swaying
up and down and back and forth. In her imagination, eyes were peaking through every
window in the neighborhood, traffic was backing up and neighbors were flocking to their
lawns in droves to see this bizarre spectacle.

In reality though, as fascinating (and entertaining!) as this view may have been, no one
happened to be looking in that direction at the time -- at least as far as Wanda could
tell. She finally reached her home and slammed the door shut after her, breathing hard
with relief and excitement. And a tinge of something else. Could it be...
disappointment? No. That's silly. Why on earth would Wanda actually WANT a bunch
of her neighbors to catch her galavanting around naked on her front porch in broad
daylight? That would be absurd.

Coming to her feet, she turned around and saw the other seven bare beauties, looking
toward her, eyes aglow with excitement. They all rushed to Wanda and hugged her
with joy, clapping and squealing like excited schoolgirls. Wanda felt like a conquering
hero, returning triumphant to her castle with the plunder of her conquests, to be greated
by her adoring subjects!

Then someone squealed: "The window!" And they all dropped back down to the floor.
Wanda instantly lost all pretence of heroism and scrambled nakedly on all fours, just as
fast as any of the other scared little rabbits, back to the relative safety of the living
room, to huddle together, still on their knees.

Since the women had lost all their clothes, they seemed to have a constant need of
contact with each other. At first the normally staid and aloof professors would
tentatively hold hands and rub each other's shoulders and elbows to show support.
When no one took offense, they gradually became more and more affectionate with
one another. By now, the girls were in constant contact. Once rare among them,
hugging was now practically continuous. No one consciously planned any of it; in fact,
it was when they were thinking about it least that their touching became more intimate:
hips rubbing together, hands wandering toward what until very recently were their
"private parts".... Every once in a while, they would catch themselves at it, but after a
brief fluster, they would soon return to their absent-minded familiarity with one-another.

To the cowering cuties, the world now seemed a big, scary place. Their clothing was a
psychological barrier to the world. Once that security blanket was taken away, the girls
needed each other for comfort and mutual support. The longer they stayed naked, the
more that need for comfort grew. Who had stripped away their most intimate
possessions, along with their dignity, self-image, and any hope of social standing --
leaving them not just as naked, but also nearly as helpless as newborn babes? And
even more importantly, why? Now that he had rendered them so utterly powerless,
what ELSE might he do with his little naked little playthings?

Once they calmed back down a bit, someone pointed out that Wanda had left the
package behind. Chagrined, Wanda squat-marched back out and retrieved it. But
when she brought it back to her troupe, she saw that they were looking at her with open
admiration. She was the brave spirit who had risked untold public shame, and lived to
tell the tale. She was their idol.

"There arenít any markings on the package. I didn't see any delivery man outside, and I
definitely wasn't expecting anything." Wanda explained, as she tore open the paper.
This appeared to be a part of the mystery they were all caught up in. Maybe it was the
key to getting their clothes back?

At first they were all excited to see what appeared to be a dress and some shoes.
Clothes at long last! But when Wanda pulled all the materials out, and shuffled through
the papers to ensure there was nothing else, the women were left more confused than
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Old 12-05-2009, 10:34 PM
kopema kopema is offline
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(The story will continue with chapter 5 after this.)

"...and that's where I got this ridiculous outfit." Wanda said, concluding the strange tale
that had led her to Paige's office.

"There was a pasted-letter note inside the box. All it said was: 'Don't wear anything else.
We'll be watching.' Needless to say, we were all terrified. We decided that, until we figured
out how and why someone had pulled off this trick, we'd darned well better do what he wants.
Who knows what other dastardly plans he may have for us!

"Fortunately, the thief had made his first mistake. The note was written on a flyer for
your private investigation office! I put on the dress, and drove here as fast as I could."

"And your friends?" Paige asked, still flabbergasted by this outlandish tale. "They're all
still back at your house...."

"Oh yes," Wanda giggled. "Of course. They're all undressed with nowhere to go! Hah.
Can you imagine, seven absolutely stark naked lady professors, huddled together,
tip-toeing down the street?"

Wanda certainly COULD imagine. And her fevered mind was doing exactly that right
now. But she tried to force herself to focus on the relevant facts as hard as she could.

Wanda leaned forward conspiratorially. "Just between you and me, I think some of
those girls were in quite a state. I studied psychology, and it's what Anton Mesmer
used to call 'a crises.' They're so psychically vulnerable right now, they'd probably do
just about anything they were told by someone in a position of authority.

I know them. You wouldn't believe how important fashion is to our crowd. If one of us wears a skirt
that's a season out of date, she never hears the end of it.

And now they're not just wearing the WRONG clothes. The poor little dears arent'
wearing any at all! This is the ultimate fashion faux pas. Basically, all of their
self-esteem has been removed, which makes pretty much anyone who's wearing
clothes their social superiors. Heh, it's quite funny actually; just yesterday, all those
women were respectable, powerful, independent professors. And - literally overnight -
they've all been turned into a bunch of helpless, horny little ditz-heads!"

Paige Turner didn't stop to point out to that, if one of the other girls happened to have
been the one who took this outfit, then Wanda herself would have been just another
one of those scared, compliant naked "ditz-heads." She also chose not to comment on
the obvious fact that Wanda's outfit wasn't exactly respectable.

It was strange; when Wanda talked about her gaggle of naked friends, she sounded
almost megalomaniacal. But toward Paige, she was deferential to the point of
obsequiousness. Rather than comment on this strange behavior, Paige decided to
strike while the iron was hot. She asked for a three-thousand dollar retainer, up front.
That was how the amount she needed to keep her business afloat. She was afraid
even this desperate damsel might leave in a huff. At the very least she expected
serious haggling.

But Wanda whipped out her checkbook and started writing without a thought. Instead
of feeling guilty for taking advantage of someone, Paige felt a rush of power. This silly
tart came flouncing into the office of a respectable private investigator. She should be
glad that someone like Paige Terner, Private Eye would even give her the time of day,
let alone deign to help solve her silly little problem.

Imagine, a bunch of fully-grown women misplacing all of their clothes. What a bunch of
bimbos! They probably just got drunk, stripped naked and threw everything over the
fence just out of lust for the men they couldn't get in this town. Now they're all too
embarrassed to admit it, so they want some third party to "find" their clothes for them.

Well, Paige would just go over there and sort it all out. What could possibly go wrong?

Shaking her new client's hand, Paige stood up to walk around her desk... And
promptly fell flat on her face.

She had forgotten that her panties were still looped around her ankles. As it turned out,
her skirt was still bunched around her waist too. And the tingling sensation the cool air
gave her butt made Paige strongly suspect that her hiney was still a bit shiny from the
firm spanking Ron had given her earlier. Paige's fair skin tended to blush easily, and
she hoped there weren't still visible hand prints back there.

The embarrassed gumshoe got to her feet, expecting laughter and possibly a lost fee.
But Wanda just looked at her wide-eyed, almost as if she thought she should apologize
for the slip herself. Apparently, Paige was still ahead in the psychological "clothing

Straightening herself, and looking as officious as possible under the circumstances,
Paige bravely led the way out of her office and, she was sure, onto the path toward
solving her first official case!
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Old 02-24-2010, 10:03 AM
hanskumoekk hanskumoekk is offline
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What happened to this story? You've had such a good start, and I really hope you'll continue it!
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Old 04-10-2010, 10:27 AM
Boss2125 Boss2125 is offline
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This is a fantastic story..so entertaining...please continue.
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Old 09-08-2010, 01:49 AM
lpeterl lpeterl is offline
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Default This story is excellent...

...Is there any chance you'll ever finish it?
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Old 11-08-2023, 06:58 AM
sabbathtage sabbathtage is offline
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This was so good. It's probably unfinished forever, but is still a great short prologue.
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