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Default WWE: The Humiliation of Trish Stratus

Finally decided to stop lurking and post a story that I threw together recently. Been on a bit of a wrestling kick and this place has had some great stories of WWE divas. Hopefully this is up to the standards set by others well before me.

Trish Stratus is back in the wrestling news following her feud with Becky Lynch, so it felt like a good time to put together a completely implausible scenario where the jealousy of a current wrestler results in Trish's complete humiliation in the middle of the ring.

But that's only part of the story...

Enjoy. Or don't. That's up to you. All feedback welcome.


By all accounts the women’s championship match at Fastlane was supposed to be a speed bump on the way to the Trish Stratus-Ronda Rousey showdown at Wrestlemania, a contest that was put in motion the moment Trish reappeared at the beginning of the year.

Despite being in her 40s, Trish more than held her own early on, winning matches at every opportunity and earning the No. 1 contender spot for Carmella’s title at Royal Rumble by defeating Nia Jax, Tamina and Bayley in a fatal four way match.

The now mother of two showed an impressive amount of agility and a newfound tenacity, despite sometimes wrestling against competitors 10 to 15 years younger than her.

Carmella, who’s title reign was never expected to last as it had, entered Fastlane feeling like she was playing second fiddle despite holding the title. In fact the WWE and Stephanie McMahon had even added Nikki Bella to the match as a special guest referee to help add more buzz to the expected Stratus coronation.

This didn’t sit particularly well with the girl from Long Island as Carmella felt like in effect the higher ups were saying she wasn’t enough to carry a match. Carmella planned to use Fastlane to show that not only did she have the ability to carry a match, but she could carry the whole company.

The evening, which started with a few build up matches leading to this event that was being used to kickoff the final hour of the PPV, featured a twist that only convinced Money Mella that the WWE wasn’t planning on anything but a Trish Stratus win, as the Hall of Fame diva got announced second despite the fact the Canadian was the challenged.

And if that wasn’t insulting enough the WWE brought back Lilian Garcia specifically for the moment, as the former long time ring announcer made her way out from the back to a thunderous ovation that only continued when Trish was finally introduced. Lilian and Trish, long time friends from the Ruthless Aggression era embraced.

Between Nikki Bella as referee, Lilian Garcia as ring announcer and Trish Stratus as the opponent, Carmella felt seriously under appreciated by the McMahon family.

That was about to change.

Standing in her corner donning her leopard print tube top and shorts Carmella scanned everything in front of her. There in one corner adjacent to her was Lillian Garcia, wearing a hip hugging, sparkling black and gold dress, and she boomed as she finished up announcements. On the other side was Nikki Bella, decked out in her black and white custom referee top that accentuated her large bust. She had on her black shorts and black and white sneakers to round out the look. Nikki was smiling big and clapping as Lilian ran through all of Trish’s accomplishments.

Finally right in front of Carmella was Trish Stratus, the woman in black with a black top, black shorts and a look directed at Carmella that said “they’re all here for me.”

The crowd began booing as Lilian moved from Trish to Carmella. The diva pretended not to notice, but she was surprised at how heavily the boos rained down on her.

Finally, after what felt like an hour, the bell rang and the match was underway. The two divas circled each other and then locked up, with Trish gaining an advantage and going to work with a series of take downs and other wrestling grapples designed to wear down Carmella.

The match eventually spilled ringside where Carmella turned the tide by whipping Trish into the ring steps and finally slowing the legend down.

There was no disqualification in the match as it was a title match, so Nikki Bella never counted, though she reminded the two competitors it couldn’t finish outside the ring.

With Trish slowed considerably following the collision with the ring steps, Carmella went to work hitting backbreaker after sidewalk slam on the legend.

As Trish began to mount a comeback she and the rest of the WWE was caught off guard by Carmella reversing into the perfect Mella Buster. The Staten Island diva hooked the leg and then things got fuzzy.
Pending on who you believe Nikki Bella counted slow and Carmella took exception to it, getting into the officials face and arguing before shoving the Bella twin back against the ropes and then exiting across the ring.

Now at ringside Carmella searched for something to do damage with and her eyes settled on Lilian Garcia. Walking up to the announcer, Carmella began screaming for her to get her old ass off that chair. Surprised by the vitriol, Lilian did as told, quickly getting up and moving out of Carmella’s path.

Carmella filed up the chair and hit the ring with it.

Nikki moved in to try to diffuse the situation, but Carmella shocked everyone when she delivered a chair shot right between the eyes of the Bella Twin, knocking her down and out.

All of the extra time allowed Trish to recover and when Carmella turned to her opponent she received a swift kick to the gut, dropping the chair. Trish followed with a snap suplex.

That’s when Trish made the critical mistake. Standing by Carmella’s head she turned and gave the point to the Wrestlemania sign, signify thing that she was ready to end things and where she was headed.

Carmella, who hadn’t lost her wind during the snap suplex, looked up and saw Trish playing to the crowd. Her rage had finally snapped. From her position laying down Carmella looked up and saw Trish’s back was to her entirely.

What happened next became the stuff of legends.

One moment Trish was smiling and playing to the crowd. The next her face’s expression was one of complete and utter surprise.

As Trish was turned Carmella reached up above her, got two hands on the sides of Trish’s shorts and tugged straight down.

The shorts managed to slide right down the glistening legs of Trish, stopping at her boots, leaving her rotund ass and her wide hips on display, covered only by a tiny g-string that was never supposed to be visible. The audience, already hot for the wrestling action, exploded as something entirely unexpected happened.

A shellshocked Trish was then spun around as Carmella hit a second Mella Buster, this time bouncing Trish’s shocked face onto the steel chair and knocking the Hall of Fame diva out entirely.

The arena began to chant “Mella” as Carmella got to her feet and walked over to Nikki Bella, who had pulled herself up and was leaning heavily against the ropes. The unsteady and clearly concussed Bella Twin offered no resistance as Carmella turned her around.

Then Carmella struck as quickly as she had before, kneeling down and yanking Nikki’s black shorts down, exposing the diva’s own tiny g-string and tanned ass cheeks. Pulling Nikki into position she dropped the diva with a third Mella Buster and the second on the chair.

Carmella bailed again out of the ring, looking under the apron as the two fallen divas laid out in the ring, face down and pants less.

The Staten Island diva found whatever she was looking for and then charged toward Lilian Garcia again.

“Give me a microphone,” she screamed and the announcer complied.

Now back in the ring she dragged Nikki Bella to the TV camera side and propped her against the ropes, using the top and middle rope to wrap along outstretched arms to keep her in a slumped but standing position.

Carmella then did the same for Trish directly across from the Bella twin. The two women looked hung out to dry, with their heads slumped off the shoulder while their lifeless bodies were displayed, covered by just a wrestling top and g-strings.

Pulling the microphone to her face Carmella cackled before saying “It’s so cute how you almost have the same undies!”

The “Mella” chants started again as the arena sensing they were witnessing things going way off script began to get loud.

Carmella drank in the adulation before continuing to talk.

“I am so fucking tired of hearing about Trish Stratus,” she boomed. “Legend? Sure. Great wrestler? No doubt. Part-time performer that’s periodic appearances make life worse for the regulars? Absolutely. She loves to talk about how she helped set all of us this up and while that might be true, what she loves even more is popping in for an unearned title run and then leaving the rest of us on the back burner.

“And you know what? I’m finally going to do something about it. I’m finally going to let Trish and all the other legends know that if they come back one more time that I’ll give them and the crowd a show they’ll never forget.

“Oh and I’m sure the network and the sensors are worried. They should be. And that’s not my problem. Though from what I understand, it’s not Stephanie McMahon’s problem either.”

At the sound of this the Jumbotron showed footage of Stephanie’s office where the general manager appeared to be talking on the phone.

“I’m aware of the situation and we’ll get it controlled. Don’t stop anything until I give the word. Thanks. Bye.”
Stephanie reached over and pressed to end the speaker call as the camera panned out to show the Billion Dollar Princess wasn’t alone.

“Nice work. Since you complied this won’t go as badly as I had hoped,” an unrevealed voice said.
A hand then reached out and slammed Steph’s head down on the desk. The force of the blow completely dazed Stephanie, kicking her backwards Then a bottle of water was dumped out over the general manager, spilling all over her head and down onto her white blouse, which quickly revealed a lacy floral bra underneath, straining against the damp fabric.

The foot kicked Stephanie’s office chair out from under her as the unknown assailant picked her up, pinning her against the desk, before starting to undue the general manager’s pants, expertly working them off.
For the third time in just 10 minutes another woman would be reduced to her underwear, as the camera panned out again, this time showing a more pale ass split by a floral print thong. The assailant moved into view, as an older woman guided Stephanie between her legs and then looked into the camera.
It was Francine of ECW days making a shocking appearance.

“Your father always thought I was too ugly for his wrestling promotion,” Francine said. “But he never doubted my ability to dish out or take punishment.”

With that Francine reached over and grabbed Stephanie’s thong, bunching it up as much as she could, before pulling back hard and giving the Billion Dollar Princess a wedgie on camera.

“Sweet dreams,” she said before tugging with both hands on the thong and delivering a pile driver.

At this point the live audience had completely exploded. Trish had been stripped to a g-string. Nikki Bella had been stripped to a g-string. Both were tied up in the ring. Stephanie McMahon had been stripped by Queen of Extreme Francine and delivered a pile driver, rendering her completely unable to manage the pandemonium.

As the camera switched back to the ring Carmella realized she wasn’t completely alone. At some point Lilian Garcia had snuck into the ring and grabbed the chair. The veteran diva was just able to dive out of the way as the ring announcer missed the chair swing, but unfortunately for Lilian the chair hit the empty top rope and bounced back in her direction, smacking her in the face. The blow caused Lilian to turn around right into a super kick from Carmella.

Picking up the microphone Carmella looked at Lilian in disgust.

“Pathetic. You’re going to pay for that, but first can I get my security team down here?”

At this Nia Jax and Tamina made their way down the walk to the ring, stopping in the front and turning toward the ramp.

“Wasn’t hard to find two others sick of Trish’s shit.”

The two grounded divas had yet to show signs of life after the vicious face plant into the chair earlier.

Carmella took the chair from the ground and sit it in the ring. She then picked up Lilian and dropped the ring announcer over her lap.

“You’ve been a bad girl, Lilian,” Carmella said. “And compared to these other bad girls you’re overdressed.”

The audience went bonkers as Carmella pulled out the box cutter she must have found under the ring and quickly sliced into the dress material.

Lilian’s form hugging dress was relieved of that pressure, quickly split down the seam created by Carmella’s box cutter, leaving Lilian reduced to an equally as tight and sparkly thong.

“A matching thong for our girl Lilian,” Carmella squealed with delight. “But no bra. Tsk tsk. You naughty girl.”

It was nearly impossible for Carmella to be heard by the live audience as the noise of a red hot crowd, lusty for the female form had reached fever pitch.

While still being bent over Carmella’s knee, Lilian began to slowly come to and couldn’t believe the headache she felt and the noise level.

It was at this point she realized not only was she constricted, but she was without her dress
Lilian tried to thrash her way out of Carmella’s clutch, but the diva wasn’t letting go of the ring announcer before delivering some justice.

Carmella dropped the microphone and began wailing away with her right hand, spanking Lilian’s ass. The crowd began to count off by 10s until at least 50 hard spanks had been delivered.

At that point Lilian was in tears and screaming but there was no one coming to her aid.

Carmella shoved the announcer off her knee and she landed with a thud in the ring, the sting of the canvass hitting her blistered ass.

Lilian popped up, but at this time she realized she had now completely exposed her topless state, putting her smallish breasts on display for the first time ever. Camera phones everywhere flashed throughout.
Too stunned to react all Lilian could do was crumple to the ground.

Carmella had picked up the microphone again.

“Tamina if you would be so kind I think our audience needs more interactivity tonight. Why don’t you carry our friend Lilian around the barricade and let the audience get a chance to spank her for trying to get involved in tonight’s proceedings.”

Carmella then picked up Lilian and tossed the diva to the outside where Tamina snagged the ring announcer before she could run away, quickly hoisting her over a shoulder and carrying her to fans, who were pushing to get a chance to slap the bethonged ass off the beloved ring announcer.

“Now before we get to Trish we’ve got one more person to deal with here,” Carmella said.

The audience exploded again, knowing that this meant Nikki Bella was next.

Carmella moved toward Nikki, who had started stirring. Without a word she cut the center of the Bella Twin’s top, then another incision above the shoulders.

In mere seconds Nikki Bella’s breasts went from snuggly covered to completely on display, as her tanned orbs fell out of the ruined top.

More phone flashes. Now a “Holy shit” chant interchanging with “Mella” was ringing through the arena.

Those closest to the ring could hear the occasional sound of a hand slapping skin, as audience members were letting Lilian have it.

Nikki had finally come to and was thrashing to try to get out of her predicament, but then she felt something that made her blood go cold.

Carmella had grabbed the front of Nikki’s tiny thong. The last piece of modesty the diva had been afforded in this nightmare.

Nikki screamed no as Carmella ripped it with force from the brunette’s body. The tanned Twin was now completely exposed, her tiny little landing strip of hair on display and her pussy lips visible as she kicked her legs in defiance.

“I’d be careful with those kicks, Nikki,” Carmella warned as Nikki’s face went white realizing the more her legs moved the more she exposed herself.

The twin must have been lost in thought as Carmella took the chair and smashed her in the face with it a second time.

With Nikki lifeless again, Carmella unhooked the divas arms and caught her as she fell forward. She carried Nikki over to the turnbuckle, positioning her against the center of it, before lifting each leg and slipping it on the inside of the ropes. Then she did the same with her arms.

The entire time Carmella blocked the camera’s view. She spun around with a smile after completing her work.

“I give you ‘b*tch on display’ as she side stepped, giving the camera a complete shot of the turnbuckle for the first time and likely causing any WWE network employee that hadn’t yet suffered a heart attack a new chance for cardiac arrest.

In this position everything about Nikki Bella was exposed from her large breasts to her now stretched completely open pussy. None the wiser, Nikki was fast asleep, head slumped against her left shoulder, no signs of struggle.

Carmella wasn’t taking time to admire her work as she had noticed Trish Stratus was awake and stirring. Taking the microphone Carmella walked over to the Hall of Fame legend.

“Don’t worry. It’ll be worse for you.”

Another thunderous ovation hit as Trish began to start begging.

Ignoring the words of her opponent, Carmella got the box cutter out and made quick work of the center of Trish’s top. She then did the sides, but then turned to the television side crowd with a big smile, holding up three fingers, then two, then one and she pulled the mangled top away, exposing Trish’s breasts for the first time ever.

There were no words to describe the crowd noise that erupted as Trish struggled to try to get free which only caused her large breasts to wobble.

Carmella had bailed out of the ring and was walking over to where Tamina was holding a completely defeated Lilian in place, while she felt swat after swat on her blistering backside.

After Carmella whispered something in Tamina’s ear the diva pulled Lilian away from the crowd - which had elicited boos - then cheers when the bigger diva propped the announcer up on the announce table just feet away from the commentators.

With no real notice Carmella again ripped a thong down a body as this time Lilian became the second person completely exposed that evening, her hairier pussy on display.

Tamina then yanked Lilian off the table and rolled her into the ring, following suit and propping the ring announcer face first against a turnbuckle diagonally opposite of Nikki Bella.

As Tamina was busy with Lillian, Carmella turned to the barricade near the announce table and reached her hand over, where it was taken by a woman wearing a silver dress that wrapped over one shoulder and left another bare. She expertly stepped off the barricade onto the table then down to the floor at ringside.

“Since Lilian will be unable to continue her duties this evening I wanted to make sure there was a ring announcer available that could handle the important task of announcing my championship retention,” Carmella said. “So please welcome back to the WWE for the first time in nearly a decade former NXT announcer and contestant Jamie Keyes!”

The blonde woman smiled and waved to the crowd.

“Carmella when you called and told me to be ready I had my doubts, but this is just a fantastic opportunity,” Jamie said. “You see I was told at the time that I was being let go because Lilian was threatened by me and I had heard that Vince thought I was too muscular.”

With that the former NXT ring announcer proceeded to flex and show off her impressive physique.

“Oh and to complete the circle one of my coaches, if you could even call her that, was Nikki Bella,” Jamie continued. “It’s a shame that we lost touch, because you know, she didn’t even call when I was let go.”

The two divas then climbed the stairs and entered the ring, getting a chance to admire Tamina’s work with Lilian while Trish continued to cry and scream.

The bigger diva then pushed Lilian’s shoulder under the first turnbuckle while sliding her legs underneath the lowest rope, effectively pinning her in an L position.

Tamina took Lilian’s sparkly thong out of Carmella’s hands, climbed out of the ring and then tied Lilian’s hands together around the ring post.

While Tamina took care of the hands, Carmella grabbed Lilian’s foot on each side and stretched her until her angle was ludicrous, with her ass in the air, legs akimbo, her entirely back of her box and her ass were now completely visible.

Jamie sauntered over to Lilian and proceeded to give the diva another round of 10 spanks as the crowd counted off.

Trish’s screams, which entirely drowned out by the crowd, grew as Carmella’s attention turned back to the diva on the ropes and not the two naked ones positioned in the corner.

“Now Trish I’m going to give you a choice here. You’re going to get naked. No doubt about that, but the question is would you rather have your face buried in Nikki’s inviting muff or Lilian’s asshole?”

Carmella stepped away as Trish continued frantically screaming.

“Speak up Trish. If you don’t give me an answer I’ll assume it’s both.”

At this the crowd blew up again with noise drowning out everything.

Carmella got back on the microphone and gave another smile.

“Never heard an answer. I guess it’s both.”

Trish’s makeup is everywhere, as the older diva is outwardly sobbing, as she knows what is next for her. She attempts to kick at Carmella, which results in Tamina coming over and holding her legs.

Carmella waves the camera man over and tells him to get close as she reaches down and cuts one side of the g-string with the box cutter. Then the other. The garment stays in the center position briefly before the weight topples down exposing that like Nikki, Trish has a little landing strip, as the days of being freshly shaven are behind her.

Tamina lets go of one foot to reach up and yanks away the remainder of the g-string putting the hall of famer fully on display.

Carmella is staring at Trish’s nipples, which have hardened to the fresh air upon her continued exposure.

“You know I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about this before,” Carmella said before dropping the microphone and using her hands to maul Trish’s large orbs. The State Island diva roamed her hands and fingers all over Trish’s exposed nipples, pulling, pinching, twisting, tweaking.

The effect on Trish was obvious, as the attention to her boobs caused her to stop yelling and instead begin meekly attempting to get loose again.

Carmella picked up the microphone and studied Trish’s flush face.

“Tamina…I think…I think she liked it.”

The crowd explodes again.

Trish is shaking her head but is also trying desperately to keep her legs pressed together.

“I think we’re going to need more evidence,” Carmella said.

Without warning Tamina, still at ringside, reached her hand between Trish’s legs, as her angle from the ringside allowed unprotected access.

Trish’s eyes bulged as Tamina’s hand, no longer visible on camera, had clearly found something. The Hall of Famer really began to squirm.

Carmella brought the microphone up to Trish’s mouth so the audience could better hear her protests, but also something else.

“…stop..ugh…please…oh…oh no…stop.”

The moans from Trish elicted another mass cheer from the crowd.

Tamina’s hand pulled back from where it was and the diva took each of Trish’s feat in one hand and pulled out, spreading the diva’s otherwise tightly closed legs.

Carmella waved the cameraman into a tight shot of Trish’s now glistening sex as chant’s of “holy shit” “HLA” and “Mella” alternated throughout the arena.

Carmella pulled Trish out from the ropes as the weak kneed, naked except for her boots diva tried to stand. There in the middle of the ring was Trish Stratus, in her mid 40s, completely on display, from her rock hard nipples, to a clearly wet and protruding pussy, left only in her boots. The diva who had worked hard to be taken serious as a competitor and not just a pretty face had been reduced to a complete piece of ass.

(To be continued)
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So hot!!!!!! I absolutely loved it! I love all WWE/wrestling stories on here, I wish there were more! This one has potential to be an all-time hot one! Keep up the good work!
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The second half and the big finish of this thing. Appreciate the feedback, Top Rope. Hope you enjoy this one too.

- - - -

Music hit as all attention turned to the entrance where Francine had emerged but not alone as the former Queen of Extreme held a leash in one hand and some other object in the other, but all the attention was on what that leash was connected to — the bunched up strap of Stephanie McMahon’s floral print bra as the general manager was crawling on all fours down toward the ring in just her bra and thong.

The Billion Dollar Princess, clearly processing the humiliation in store for her in the ring and as she crawled out in just her underwear, paused at the top of the ramp.

Without hesitation Francine used the other item, pressing it to Stephanie’s bare ass flesh, causing an electric zap and a cry from the woman.

Francine then kicked Stephanie in the ass as a way to tell the woman to keep crawling.

“Well hey now it’s a party,” Carmella said with glee. “OK Trish I guess you won’t be the only one exploring the fairer sex tonight!”

As Francine and Stephanie McMahon were half way down the ramp two women dressed in black and wearing masks raced past them and went right after Nia Jax, knocking down the woman, who had to this point largely hung in the background as muscle.

The two assailants knocked her down as Carmella screamed for Tamina to go help. The assailants and Nia Jax were trading blows by the time Tamina got into the mix and even the score.

Francine grabbed her cattle prod, dropped the leash of Stephanie McMahon and was going to move toward the unknown assailants when she felt a tap on her shoulder, as she turned around right into a kendo stick strike from her former ECW rival Dawn Marie.

Nia Jax and one of the assailants were trading blows working back up the ramp, as Tamina and the other assailant were doing the same.

Stephanie McMahon grabbed the fallen cattle prod, shifted its levels two higher, and caught Tamina with it right in the hip, dropping the bigger diva flat. The second assailant turned her attention to Jax as the three of them continued to fight up the ramp and into the back.

Carmella was standing at the ropes screaming amid the chaos before she realized Stephanie was headed toward her with the cattle prod.

The champion turned around to grab the chair only to discover it was in the waiting hands of Trish Stratus, who blasted the woman in the face with it, the clang reverberating throughout the suddenly silent arena.
Trish then wheeled around and decked Jamie Keyes with the chair, not even waiting to see if the ring announcer was a threat.

Stephanie had reached the ring at this point, while Dawn Marie was dragging Francine by the hair with her down the ramp.

Trish had moved toward the ring corner with Nikki Bella, who had awoken to her horrifying predicament and was now screaming. Trish loosened her fellow naked diva, allow Nikki the ability to close her legs for the first time in what felt like hours.

Fully aware of their state of dress and partially oblivious to Lilian’s hands being tied, both divas were about to exit when Stephanie, still in her flowery bra and panties, caught their attention.

“Finish the match.”

Both divas looked at Stephanie and then the ring where Carmella was still down after the chair shot. They turned around and got back into the ring.

As Trish made the cover and Nikki rifled off a quick 3 count, Stephanie had untied Lilian Garcia and handed the veteran ring announcer the microphone.

All three nude women looked on sheepishly at Stephanie who yelled “announce it and raise her hand.”

“Your new women’s champion, Trish Stratus,” Lilian screamed into the microphone.

Nikki raised Trish’s hand in the air as Lilian announced the result and the new champion. The flashes were back in the arena as the three women standing in the ring were all naked.

After a brief moment they again all attempted to leave the ring when Stephanie stopped them again.

“You’re just going to leave and not get even?”

At the sound of this the crowd exploded as the women surveyed the scene around them. In the ring Jamie Keyes laid in a crumpled heap after taking a chair shot. Carmella was flat on her back as well. Up the ramp laid Tamina who wasn’t even stirring after the cattle prod. At ring side Dawn Marie held Francine’s hair while the ECW diva swayed unsteadily.

Trish turned to Lilian and Nikki and the three women exchanged a wordless nod. Lilian and Trish turned around while Nikki bailed out of the ring and grabbed Tamina by the foot, dragging the diva back toward the ring.

Stephanie yelled toward Dawn Marie, who rolled Francine into the ring, where she laid at the Billion Dollar Princess’ bare feet.

Dawn Marie grabbed another microphone.

“Stephanie don’t mistake this as me saving you, but rather an opportunity to get even with Francine for all the shit she’s pulled. I happened to be here because of the invites to come watch Trish, but this was too good to pass up.”

Stephanie nodded at Dawn Marie.

“Well we’ll make sure Francine is yours if that is what you’d like. But I’m going to get my revenge first.”

The next to make a move was Lilian who let loose a primal scream as she began punching the defenseless face of the former NXT announcer.

Trish grabbed Carmella’s boots and began unlacing them, then removing each, before violently tugging the leopard spot patterned shorts off the former champion. Underneath was Carmella’s own leopard spotted micro g-string.

The crowd exploded as a new woman was getting stripped this time.

Nikki had reached the ring and was getting help from Dawn Marie in pushing the bigger Tamina through the bottom of the ropes and then entering after her.

Dawn Marie slid the box cutter over to Nikki, who wasted little time slicing through Tamina’s jeans and shirt, leaving her in a simple black bra and briefs combo.

Stephanie had already pulled the dress off Francine and had been propped up against the ropes in just her tiny thong. The Queen of Extreme’s large breasts were out and on display.

The Billion Dollar Princess, taking a page out of Carmella’s book, restrained the diva by using the ring ropes, facing her out toward the television camera.

She then grabbed the kendo stick that Dawn Marie had fetched and without warning began assaulting Francine’s ass with the wooden weapon.

Meanwhile Lilian had taken note of what everyone else was doing and had rolled Jamie Keyes out of the ring and pushed her onto the announce table. She zipped off the silver dress and slid it down Jamie’s body, exposing the muscular woman’s ass. Lilian flipped Jamie over then plucked off the matching silver bra and thong from Jamie’s body, throwing them into the crowd, where a fight broke out for the garments.

In the ring Tamina, now nude, was being positioned in much the same way Nikki Bella had been previously. Her legs spread wide while seated against the middle turnbuckle.

Unexpectedly the diva was completely shaved as her thick pussy lips were exposed and stretched.

After securing Tamina, Nikki rolled out of the ring and moved over to where Jamie Keyes was laid out on the table. She turned and said something to Lilian who immediately laughed and nodded.

Nikki grabbed Jamie and d****d the naked woman over the guardrail, exposing her ass to the audience. Dawn had moved over to the other two women at this point and she began directing traffic as fans began lining up for the second time to get a chance to spank an ass.

Back in the ring Stephanie had grown tired of the kendo stick spankings and had grabbed Francine and flipped her upside down into the tree of woe adjacent to Tamina. Using the leash she had removed off her own bra as a bind she tied Francine’s hands and feet to the ring post. Stephanie completed the scene by ripping off Francine’s thong.

Over at ringside Jamie Keyes was crying as fans continued spanking her and Dawn Marie had her own hands full warding off aggressive fans who wanted more than just a spank and even some who wanted a piece of the Dawn herself.

Signaling to Nikki that they needed to wrap it up, they pulled a dazed and reddened Jamie back into the ring side area and then rolled her into the ring, with Stephanie cutting strips of the woman’s dress to make another bind, as she was positioned with her ass out like Lilian had been earlier in the night.

Trish had placed Carmella in the ring ropes and was playfully slapping the Staten Island diva awake.

“Congrats, Mella. You successfully humiliated me. Well not just me, but several of us, and yet you didn’t retain your title and now you’re going to lose your dignity.”

The crowd which had been busy soaking the scene in popped as they realized Carmella’s comeuppance was afoot.

Taking the box cutter to Carmella’s top the diva sawed through the middle as Nikki Bella reached off the back and pulled away the remained of the garment, exposing the surgically enhanced breasts of the former champion.

“I wonder if she got her money’s worth?” Trish joked. Clearly the three naked but not tied up divas had forgotten their own exposure as they considered the revenge that was coming.

Trish reached over and mauled Carmella’s breasts. Massaging and tweaking.

“Oh ladies you need to feel these,” Trish said.

For the next few minutes all five divas took their time pawing at Carmella’s breasts while the diva just moaned.

Dawn took the microphone from Trish.

“You know Trish I think Carmella has a secret,” she said.

The diva then waved the cameraman over and she pointed down to the discoloration and dark spot that seemed to be occurring in the front of Carmella’s micro thong.

“Lets get a closer look.”

The crowd cheer surged again.

This time it was Lilian that reached down tugged Carmella’s thong to her ankles, revealing the completely shaved and completely wet pussy of her previous tormentor.

“Oh she definitely liked it,” Lilian said into the microphone as the crowd began chanting “HLA” and “Holy shit!”

Trish then proceeded to pull Carmella out of the ropes and took her by the neck to the turnbuckle where Francine was upside down and screaming.

“Now Carmella I want you to bury your face in Francine’s inviting pussy and give it a few nice licks,” Trish said.

She waved the cameraman over as he zoomed closer to Carmella’s face where her eyes were closed and her mouth was inches from the older woman’s pussy.

“Carmella here’s the deal. You give her five quick licks and I won’t use this cattle prod on you.”

Trish brought the prod close to Carmella’s face and pressed the button as electric sparks filled the air.
Carmella, clearly shaken of all previous hubris, immediately complied, as the camera caught her tongue lapping at Francine’s box.

Trish counted off 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 while Stephanie looked on beaming at the degradation of the two women who tried to ruin her this evening.

After the licks Trish grabbed Carmella by the neck and marched her next to Jamie Keyes, who’s muscular backside was on full display and had been receiving spankings from all of Dawn, Lilian and Nikki.

“Carmella one of the things you’ve got to do in this business is kiss some ass,” Trish continued. “You can start by kissing the ass of whoever this stupid, stupid b*tch was that got mixed up in your dumb plan. Let’s see those lip injections get to work!”

Trish grabbed Carmella’s face and squeezed her cheeks, pushing the lips out. She then smeared those same lips all over Jamie’s blistering ass.

“Looks like we missed a spot,” Trish said.

The older diva then grabbed Carmella’s face, dipped it slightly below Jamie’s ass and her pulled her straight up so that the Staten Island diva’s face would be right between the two cheeks, where she held it for a little bit of time.

Squirming with every ounce of her being, Carmella tried to get away from Jamie’s ass, but the strength of Trish was too much.

Finally when Trish pulled away the diva was gasping for breath.

“Let’s give Carmella’s mouth a slight break here,” Trish said. “There’s still some things to get to and we don’t want her passing out on us.”

The crowd thundered a “Thank You Trish” chant throughout the arena.

Trish drank in the applause before continuing.

“OK a little intermission here. Let’s get these two women untied,” Trish said pointing at Francine and Jamie. “Their mission is simple. The first one to make the other woman orgasm wins.”

A defeating roar from the arena as “Thank You Trish” chants started again.

Dawn and Stephanie began untying Francine while Lilian and Nikki did the same for Jamie.

Francine was the first to act as she charged Jamie, spearing the woman to the ground. Jamie used her weight advantage to knock Francine off, but made a critical tactical error as she turned and tried to get up. Using that exact moment of opportunity, Francine shot her hand in a punch toward Jamie’s exposed pussy, stunning the former ring announcer and giving the queen of extreme the chance to flip over for a better angle.

Using her hand Francine slid several fingers in and out of Jamie as the diva rocked forward onto her hands and knees and began moaning.

Trish used this opportunity to instruct Carmella that if she managed to successfully masturbate before either woman succumbed to the other that she’d avoid further punishment.

Carmella seated on the mat against the only open turnbuckle and still relatively shellshocked, took a beat to process the words before she decided to push her own fingers into her wet pussy.

Back across the the ring Francine was working on Jamie who’s stamina was coming into question. The former ring announcer out of instinct, grabbed out for the lower rope.

Nikki, who at some point had found her shorts and had put them back on, dropped into a crouch and informed Jamie that no rope break would be given in this no holds barred match.

Dawn Marie had found a second camera man that was now zoomed in on Carmella as the diva attempted to work her own orgasm.

Meanwhile Francine had continued to use the leverage as she punched her fist up into Jamie as the former announcer screamed equal parts pleasure and pain.

The ever ready production team at WWE had split the jumbotron giving patrons and at home viewers side by side comparisons as Carmella attempted to speed bag herself in record time while Francine was was working an arm into Jamie.

After a few thrusts from Francine the girl bellowed as juices began coming out and sliding down the arm that had worked up Jamie’s box. Jamie slumped down after her orgasm

“We have no winner’s here!” Trish declared. “Just wh*r*s putting on a show they’ll never live down for the rest of their lives.”

Carmella hadn’t stopped even though Francine had won and looked genuinely upset when her arms were pulled away from her by Nikki Bella.

“I think it’s time to wrap this up,” Trish said. “And that means it’s time to get up close and personal with Tamina.”

The daughter of Jimmy Snuka was stirring but hadn’t screamed or better yet no one had heard her scream because at some point someone had stuffed a thong in her mouth, but her powerful arms and legs had been immobilized, leaving her slightly sagging breasts and surprisingly shaved pussy on display.

“Now I think the only fair thing here is for Carmella to eat out Tamina,” Trish said amid another round of chants. “However Carmella still hasn’t orgasmed despite that sloppy wet pussy. Let’s give Jamie, who graciously left it all out on the mat just minutes ago, a chance to redeem herself. Her job is to finish off Carmella before Carmella can get Tamina off.

“Now about Francine…”

“You won’t have to worry there,” Stephanie called back. The Billion Dollar Princess had Francine bent over in the ring grabbing her ankles as Dawn Marie reared back with the kendo stick.”

“OK ladies. Lets get into position. And remember Carmella if you don’t win then I’m going to make this cattle prod go up that tunnel and press click.”

Trish dropped the microphone and grabbed Carmella from Nikki roughly marching the beaten down diva diagonally across the ring and throwing her face first into Tamina’s awaiting crotch.

Lilian and Nikki each grabbed an arm of Jamie and positioned her head underneath the crouch of Carmella, giving each woman similar access.

“Hold on I think we need to change out Tamina’s gag,” Lilian said. She looked around and found another torn thong. Then went over to Jamie, pushed it all around the woman’s sloppy wet mound, before taking it over and shoving it in Tamina’s mouth as the bigger diva squirmed.

Lilian took the microphone and moved to the center of the ring, aware but uncaring of her nudity at this point.

“Ladies and gentleman the following is an orgasm match,” Lilian began in her best announcing voice. “The two contestants will be Carmella and Tamina. Serving on Tamina’s behalf is Jamie Keyes, an untalented hack that should be able to parlay this into a nice career in porn. Now ladies get ready, get set, start eating that pussy.”

Carmella dove into Tamina’s exposed pussy with ferocity, lapping her tongue in circular motions around the older diva’s box.

Meanwhile underneath Jamie Keyes was struggling to find a similar motivation, having already been forced to orgasm, she didn’t have much else to gain.

Noticing the lack of enthusiasm from Jamie, Nikki rolled out of the ring, grabbed the back of the diva’s head and began grinding her face into Carmella’s own pussy.

This continued for several more minutes as Nikki grew tired she released Jamie’s face and shook her head.
Carmella continued to expertly work Tamina’s box, drawing cries from the diva that turned into moans, as the camera zoomed in for the tight shot when she eventually exploded into the face of Carmella.

“Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!”

Upon the last body thrust of Tamina, Trish pulled Carmella out from Tamina and raised the diva’s hand as the victor.

The new image of Carmella, a former champion that flew too close to the sun, was formed as the nude diva was covered in Tamina’s juices and makeup, glistening from sweat and her own leaking pussy. Trish walked her around to all sides of the ring as the photos were snapped.

At the last spot Lilian took her own microphone, bent down and shoved it right up Carmella’s inviting pussy, causing the diva’s eyes to bulge and her built up frustrations to finally explode in the middle of the ring.

It was there that Trish hit her patented kick, knocking Carmella out entirely.

Stephanie McMahon picked up a different microphone.

“I think the point has been proved here tonight,” she said. “If you’re going to come for the queens, Carmella. You better not miss.”

She dropped microphone as Dawn Marie came over and the five women, in various states of dress and undress bowed to all four sides of the arena.

Tamina continued to rage against her constraints until she was hit with the cattle prod again knocking her out.

Stephanie then led a procession around the sides of the ring barriers. Her marching with the cattle proud and Trish dragging Carmella behind her getting the diva close enough to the ring for lucky patrons to cop feels or smack the diva’s ass. Behind her was Nikki with Tamina, who’s large ass was getting worked by fans that missed out on Carmella. Then followed Dawn Marie who had Francine in a half nelson, allowing fans to grope her large breasts. Finally bringing up the read was Lilian, who struggled with the larger Jamie.

Halfway through the processional Lilian screamed as members of the crowd had grabbed Jamie from her and pulled her away from the veteran ring announcer.

Jamie body surfed a sea of hands as Stephanie came back over and yelled “She came through the crowd. She can go back out through the crowd. She doesn’t work here anyways.”

The processional continued with hundreds of hands copping feels and swatting asses while the rest of the arena began chanting for the final time.

“Thank you Trish!”
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Love the story! Absolutely love WWE stories that get the fans involved! Those are always the hottest!
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Great story! Cant wait to see what you come up with next.
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keep up the good work 👍
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Originally Posted by TopRope View Post
Love the story! Absolutely love WWE stories that get the fans involved! Those are always the hottest!
Yeah, still waiting for story where a diva gets gang banged in the ring by fans!
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