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Old 09-15-2023, 03:27 PM
Dfa1980 Dfa1980 is offline
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Default Rooted in Reality

A thread to relive some moments in my life but with a sexual component that maybe wasn’t there the first time around. Everything in normal text is true (except I’ve changed names). When it becomes italicized that’s when the embellishment begins.

Story 1 - Guess Who

My first serious girlfriend was Trish. We started dating my first year in community college. We were both 18 and dated until 23. She caught my eye the first day of the first class I took. The room had elevated seating and of course I sat in the back. She was one of the last to arrive. She hurried into the door and I saw her blonde hair and pretty face immediately. The style back then was the very low waisted jeans and she filled them perfectly. She had great legs and as it was the last days of summer only wore a light blue t shirt. Her C cup tits wrapped tightly by the thin material. By the grace of god she sat directly in front of me. As she did the top inch of her butt crack was visible. This drove me wild back in those days.

After class I introduced myself and gave her my number. Under the guise of a potential study group. A week or so later I was surprised one evening to get a call from her. We arranged a study group time at the school library. We ended up doing very little school work and just chatted and got to know each other. Within a week we were dating.

Just wanted to give a little background as she may appear in stories later too.

Trish had a pool so we spent many summer afternoons there with friends. One summer when we were 20 her parents spent a week away and she had her friend Lia stay with her. Lia was a Latino girl. Very pretty and usually the object of desire for the guys in our group of friends. She had big boobs. Easily a d cup. She filled out her bikini very well.

A night or two into her parents vacation she asked if I’d come over after work. Of course I did. When I arrived quite late they were very loopy and giggly and had been getting into her dads bar. I joined in and after a few shots we were at the pool. It didn’t take long before clothes came off and we swam in our underwear. I’d seen Lia many times in a bikini but somehow seeing her sopping wet panties cling to her crotch and ass just seemed way more arousing. With no prompt from me they both ended up topless. I got many moonlit views of Lia’s incredible large breasts. Trish looked incredible too, don’t get me wrong. But I’d never seen Lia naked before.

Trish swam to me and kissed me. She asked what I thought of Lia’s tits. I said they’re great and Lia blushed. “I have an idea” Trish said. Then she reached down and started to pull my briefs down. My cock was half erect. It felt lovely to be nude in the water. Trish grabbed my dick and kissed me. Stroking me until I was erect.

“Ok… so far I like this idea” I told her. “We’re gonna play a game” she said. She went to explain that I was to sit on the poolside and lay backward. Then they would take turns touching my dick and I’d have to guess who it was. I looked to Lia and she was smiling. Maybe they had discussed this prior, or maybe Trish was just making it up as she went. Either way I like a good game.

Trish patted her hand on the side of the pool deck as if to say “up you go”. I hopped up and Lia swam towards us. I laid back on the cold wet cement, my cock standing straight up in the air. I felt a hand grip it and slowly stroke it up and down for ten seconds. Then it stopped. Then another hand cupped my balls then slide just finger tips up my shaft then back down before taking one firm grip all the way around and giving it a good squeeze. I immediately guessed the second was Trish because she always included ball play when she gave blow jobs. And my guess was correct.

This was followed by three more rounds of different hand maneuvers. I guessed right each time. Laying there knowing my girlfriend and her friend were staring directly at my hard cock was making me so horny. I decided to make a suggestion. And I played it off as a half joke in case they didn’t like it. “Maybe we should try with your mouths.” They both laughed and I figured oh well it was worth a shot. Then I felt two hands on my thighs followed by a tongue licking from the base of my cock to the tip then the full envelopment of a mouth around my dick. After a few sucks they pulled back. Then another set of lips kissed it’s way up my shaft then one final smooch right on the tip. Ending with a full deep throat suckle of my hard dick.

I was genuinely baffled. They both felt like what Trish normally did to me. So I said I’m gonna need a few more hints. They took several turns of flicking tongues, kissing, licking and small sucks. Suddenly whoever it was was giving me a full blowjob. Hands all over my body. Full deep sucks of my cock. There was a three second gap then it started again. After a few minutes of them going back and forth my toes curled. I said I was gonna cum but they didn’t stop. I gripped my hand into the concrete and groaned as I climaxed shooting several spurts of cum into the mouth. Whose it was I didn’t know. I breathed deep. I was sure it was Trish who finished me off. I wouldn’t think she’d let Lia take my load in her mouth so I guessed “Trish was the last one there” and sat up to find Trish about four feet away with Lia right in front of me wiping her mouth. Splashing water onto her chin to clean the cum away.

“Guess I lose AND win.” We had a laugh and went back to swimming. It was a great night.

That’s where the story ends. Obviously very much embellished but a guy can dream. Even though that didn’t happen I did get to see Lia’s beautiful tits. They’re burned into my brain to this day. Looking forward to sharing more fabricated tales rooted in reality. I drive a delivery truck so I spend a lot of hours on the road in my head. I’ve concocted many edited endings to situations in my life.
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Old 09-18-2023, 03:34 PM
Dfa1980 Dfa1980 is offline
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This forum isn’t the most active but I was hoping for some feedback. I’d love any replies and comments. Or let me know if this thread for some reason doesn’t fit guidelines. Again these stories are all partially true but I’d be remiss to post them in the non fiction section as the juicy bits I’ve made up. Anyway onto the next one.

Story Two - The Favor

Trish and I had immersed ourselves in each others lives fairly quickly. Her friends became my friends and mine became hers. We settled into a core group we would spend a lot of time with during our college days. There were a few couples and a few solo guys and girls. My oldest friend since elementary school was Ben. He was sort of our life of the party. I always envied his ability to make everyone laugh. I realized there was more to envy one day when I saw him naked after a trip to the gym. I wasn’t trying to look but he was so nonchalant while changing. He must’ve been 5” flaccid making for a good 8” hard on. He wasn’t a bad looking guy. He was very tall. About 6’5”. Not traditionally handsome but good looking enough. I think his problem was lack of confidence. While he could command our group of friends and have us hooting with his jokes, he never had a girlfriend back then

With the advent of dating apps that changed years later and he’s now married. But back then he was always solo. If asked about it he’d say he wasn’t interested in dating or was focused on work or whatever. Trish had often suggested we set Ben up with someone but I always said he wouldn’t want that. There were times when he’d be around a single girl and he’d get quite awkward. Just couldn’t keep his usual confidence. I had told Trish about seeing his dick and that it was huge. She would sometimes bring it up in ways that gave me a tinge of jealousy but also a funny feeling in my stomach and crotch of arousal. A fantasy began to brew that I’d never considered before but have with every partner I’ve been with since. I wanted to see Trish fuck Ben. I never told her this. I made some jokes that were like dipping my toes in the water but never got any vibe that she would want to do it.

One night though we were not partying, just hanging out. He came over to my apartment and Trish was over as well. We watched a movie and ordered pizza and had some beers. That continued after the movie was over and the pizza was gone. We drank and listened to music and chatted into the early hours of the morning. As we went from buzzed to drunk Trish and Ben began having a conversation on their own regarding Ben’s love life, or lack thereof. I was becoming a third wheel to their emotional outpouring. I drifted in and out of the conversation while playing a video game on the tv. He was saying how when he’s gone on dates he feels uncomfortable and how girls just don’t find him attractive. Trish reassured him that wasn’t true. At one point she said “I find you very attractive” and my gut clinched up. There was that jealousy/arousal mix that was so hard to pinpoint.

As they continued he became very vulnerable. He confided he hadn’t had sex in a year and at this point wasn’t interested in one night stands but was concerned when he finally found someone he wouldn’t be able to perform adequately. He had had three partners and only one was a girl he dated and only for a few weeks so he had had sex precisely 8 times in his 20 year old life. Trish said it’s rare two people are sexually compatible out of the gate. That you grow to learn each others needs as you become more romantically intertwined. But she also encouraged him to instigate more casual sex encounters. Those one night stands would at least be good practice.

Eventually we went off to bed and left Ben on the couch with a blanket and pillow to sleep it off. In our room I started to kiss Trish and instigate some sex but she denied me. She was drunk and wasn’t up to it. Laying there we chatted a bit more about Ben. She expressed how much she pitied him. She said “we really gotta get him laid” I was horny and drunk and my filters were down so I said in a joking way but sort of meaning it “well you could go help him out with that now” she slapped my arm but she was smiling so I know I hadn’t offended her.

I said, “I mean, you’re the one who told him he needed casual encounters that in the end don’t mean anything.” She glared at me, “yeah but I wasn’t volunteering. Are you serious?” I thought a second. Was she really considering it or just wanting to know if I’d actually have her do it. I was at a crossroad. If I said yes she would either get really mad at me or she would actually do it and then I’d risk jealousy and regret. But again, I was quite drunk so I was feeling courageous. “Yeah, just give him a good fuck. It’s been over a year… poor guy”

She sat looking at me in the dim light of the lamps. She was pondering. Was she thinking what the hell was wrong with me or was she thinking about the pros and cons of doing it? She had just turned me down sexually but that was out of concern for Ben. Here was a way to help him out.

“Ok well, what exactly are we talking here?” I thought to myself “holy shit she’s thinking about it!” I became immediately hard. “I dunno he’s probably already asleep. Just go out there and get on the couch with him and go from there.”

We discussed logistics. And even talked ourselves out of it then back into it a few times. Eventually we settled on it and agreed the only rule was she wouldn’t kiss him. That seemed to be what made it more comfortable for both of us. This was just for fun for us and to help Ben out but kissing seemed too romantic.

Trish went to the bathroom and hopped in the shower to clean up. My heart was racing. She came back to the room in her robe and took it off. In the dimly lit room she looked beautiful. Her thick blonde hair and her wide feminine hips. Her puffy bald pussy lips and lovely large tits. Ben was gonna lose his mind. She asked what she should wear and I told her she was already wearing it. We agreed I’d listen from the bedroom but not watch or join in. Off she headed down the hall her thick rump swaying with her hesitant steps.

She disappeared around the corner and I heard Ben startle awake.

“Shhh. It’s just me.” She told him.
“Are you naked? What is this?”
“Shh. It’s fine. I just want to help you with your problem. Don’t worry. He’s fine with it. It was his idea”

There was a moment of silence. In my head I was picturing Ben pondering what to do. But then I heard him left out a deep breath and a moan. They weren’t quiet because of him thinking. It was because she was sucking his dick. He kept breathing deep.

“Mmm”. I heard Trish suddenly. “So big”

My heart jumped into my throat. I felt jealous but my dick was so engorged I wanted to jerk off. I didn’t though. I just stayed still listening. After a few minutes I heard the sound of a condom wrapper. At this I couldn’t bear it. I had to see. I snuck as quietly down the hall and stood at the edge in the dark. I saw her on her her knees in front of him and in the moonlight I saw his cock at full attention as she slid the condom over it. She then climbed on top of him and grabbed the base of his dick and slid herself onto it. “Oh my god” she whispered. He had his hands on her tits then moved them to her hips. She slowly slid up and down and whispered “fuck” every time she got all the way on it. She began to pick up speed and rocked her hips forward and back on his dick. Fully embracing him as she did. She tried to stifle her sounds but she couldn’t very well. She whimpered and convulsed into an orgasmic heap on top of him. She laid back and he entered her on top. Thrusting in and out. She moaned with each entry. After a few minutes he pulled out and she stroked his dick the end of the condom ballooned up with cum. He collapsed on her and they held each other. I tiptoed back to the bedroom and laid in the bed.

After a few minutes and some muffled quiet conversation I couldn’t make out she entered the room. She still looked amazing but even sexier. Her skin glistened with sweat. Not just hers. And her hair was a bit tussled. I couldn’t resist. I stood and went to get and embraced her. Her skin stuck to mine and it turned me on to feel the evidence of her getting a good fuck. I reached my fingers to her pussy to find it soaking wet. I then leaned her over the side of the bed and slid inside with zero effort. She felt different. So warm. So wet. A little swollen. The thought of the reason why made me explode after a couple minutes.

In the morning I awoke to find myself alone. I walked out to the kitchen to see Ben at the table and Trish cooking breakfast in her pajamas. She didn’t have a bra on and her tits were on display. For a second I thought to warn her to go cover up but realized how silly that was. He’d seen those tits not 7 hours ago. Probably even sucked on them.

We didn’t talk about it. Not that morning. Not ever again. Except that on his way out Ben said “thanks for letting me crash here. And thanks for… well yeah. Just thanks.”

Of course that’s just a fantasy for me to enjoy in my head. I did make the comment for her to help him but played it off like a joke. I still think the joke itself made her feel a certain way. I think she was curious about Ben’s big cock.
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Old 09-30-2023, 02:07 PM
Dfa1980 Dfa1980 is offline
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Story Three - Help Around the House

I have neighbors three houses over, Jack and Pam. They’re in their mid 60s. Jack is an engineer and travels a lot for his work. Sometimes he’s gone for upward of two weeks. Their kids have moved away and when Jack is gone I’m more or less on call to help her with any yard work or things needed around the house. I golf with Jack occasionally and he has arranged this as a favor to him.

Pam is petite but very pretty. She looks her age but in a good way. She has brown hair and a pretty smile. She goes on walks daily and is often wearing tight yoga pants. I’m sure she had a dynamite ass back in the day and while it’s a bit droopy now, it still has a nice shape and jiggle to it.

Usually it starts with a text from Pam. “Hi. Jack is away and I need something out of the attic.” Or “a branch fell in the back yard and I need it removed”. When I’m there she’s very attentive asking if I need a drink or need any help. We make small talk and she often gives me smiles and winks. Nothing overtly flirtatious but I think she might have a tiny thing for me. Sometimes the things she calls me over for are really unnecessary and I think she’s just bored, lonely and wants my company.

A while back she needed some fall decorations out of the attic. So I went over and she greeted me at the door. She had her usual post walk clothes on. Yoga pants and a tight purple tank top. I followed her to the attic access spot and kept an eye on her tush wondering if she could feel my gaze. I pulled the attic door down and she explained where the boxes were. I headed up and she watched me. I brought down four boxes one at a time. When I closed the door, I touched my back as it’s been sore lately. She asked if I was ok and I explained the issue. She said she suffers from back and leg pain as well.

“You know what’s great for that? We have a jetted tub in the bathroom off our bedroom”.
“Oh,” I said. “That must be nice”
“you can use it if you want. If that’s not too weird”.
“I wouldn’t find that weird. If you don’t mind.”
“Not at all.” She said. “Follow me”.

She took me to their bedroom and showed me the tub. I’d been in their bedroom before when I helped rehang a closet door. It’s a huge en suite with a pristine luxury bathroom. “Have at it.” She said and left the room. I ran the bath and disrobed. Suddenly aroused by the fact I was naked in her bathroom. I stepped into the tub and turned the jets on low and let it hit my lower back. It did feel really nice. Suddenly there was a tap on the door.

“Sorry. Just realized I didn’t get you a towel”

“Oh. Thanks” I said. Assuming she’d leave it at the door. But I was surprised to hear the knob turn and see the door open. She walked into the room like it was the most normal thing in the world. I made no effort to cover up. She set the towel on a small stool and looked at my body. Her eyes gazing from my chest to my cock which was now half erect and floating around in the moving water.

“Feels pretty good right?” She asked.
“Yeah it’s lovely”.
“Jack uses it pretty often and it helps keep his stress down.”

She took a seat on the towel on the stool and I felt a lump in my throat and my heart skip a beat.

“Of course I help him with his stress too.” With that her hand moved to my chest and she caressed my chest hair. Then slid her hand down over my abs. She was biting her lip. By the time she reached my crotch I was fully erect. Her fingers curled around my shaft. “Oooh. Thick.” She said.

She slowly stroked my cock, smiling and looking deviously into my eyes. “Why don’t we get you dried off.” She pulled the plug and turned off the jets. I stood up naked with my dick pointing strait at her. She wrapped the towel around me and I stepped out of the tub. She dried me off. It felt so good to have her hands on me.

She grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom and sat me on the bed. She slid her yoga pants down over her tanned thighs. Her tank top was off over her head and then her sports bra. Her small tits were eye level and I grabbed her and pulled her to me. I ran my hands up her thighs and gripped her ass through her panties. I sucked her tits and felt her breathing heavy as I did so. I gripped her panties and pulled them to the floor. I swapped places with her and laid her on her back. Her legs immediately spread apart. She wanted me to fuck her but I wasn’t ready. I had to get a taste of that pussy. I licked and kissed her thighs and finally settled on her lips that were dripping wet by now. I licked up and sucked on her clit I slid my fingers in and out of her while licking her and she grabbed my hair and orgasmed violently. Moaning and groaning.

“Come here” she said pulling me on top of her. With zero struggle I slid inside of her wet pussy and felt her fingers dig into my back. In and out I pumped. Slowly at first then slamming my cock inside her. She let out a grunt with each thrust.

I rolled onto my back and she climbed on top of me and squatted down, her pussy fully enveloping my dick. She rocked her body back and forth rubbing her clit against me until she came yet again. She climbed off and took my cock into her mouth. Stroking it from the base and cupping my balls while she sucked away. Finally I felt my toes curl and I started to spurt thick loads into her mouth.

She started to get dressed as I lay there naked. Breathing heavily. “This was a one time thing. I’ve always wanted you and I had to get it out of my system. Jack can never know of course.”

I agreed. I got dressed and left. Now every time Jack leaves and she needs help she always starts with “now no funny business. I just need your help”. When I golf with Jack I can’t help but think of Pam’s body. Her tits in my mouth. My dick inside her. Her moans as I filled her mouth with cum. What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him. And I probably did him a favor fanning the flames his wife had. Better me than some stranger anyway. After all I was always happy to help her when Jack was away.

Needless to say, when she tapped on the door, she did indeed just leave the towel outside the door. It was a good bath. When i finished I was near hard just from being naked in her house. I opened to door to retrieve the towel hoping she’d see me but she was nowhere to be found.
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