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Old 11-30-2023, 10:40 AM
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Default Check carefully who you send a spicy app to...

Check carefully who you send a spicy app to...

50 years already! The thought alone made her gloomy. Sue was working on the invitations for the party celebrating her 50th birthday. How the years had flown by and had she enjoyed them enough. Sue was a sprightly woman and she enjoyed life. She had a nice husband with a good job. Two lovely sons who were already 18 and 22. She also had an office job with a large company for a few days a week so that she had something to do besides housework. And they lived in a pretty big house with a garden and went on vacation a few times a year.

All this was fine except that Sue had been looking for excitement all her life. She had had a number of relationships over the past 26 years in her marriage to satisfy her hunger for excitement and uninhibited sex. Especially in the days when the Internet was booming and you could connect with like-minded people through dating sites and apps, she had many adventures. Actually dating a man and having sex had happened a few times. Often it remained just horny chatting and just sharing her sexual needs and desires with a stranger also gave her a kick. And to hear what kinky acts others wanted to do to her regularly gave her a wet pussy while she lay naked masturbating on the couch with her cell phone in her hand and stimulating her pussy with her right hand.

Sue certainly looked good too. Over the years she had developed some more curves because she had gained some weight. But she was certainly allowed to be there and she had no shortage of attention from men. She was 5 feet 8 tall and weighs more than 160 lbs. Her hair is medium length to just past her shoulders. And that hair had been an obsession her entire life. Not that it didn’t look well, but the color. Her own natural color was brown. And now it also turned gray over the years. Sue has been dying her hair blonde since she was 14. Blonde is the color that suits her best. And blonde women naturally attract more attention, she believed. And when people asked her if she was a natural blonde, she always confirmed this. She is terrified that her roots are visible so she dyes her hair every few weeks.

The fact that she is not a natural blonde gives her stress because she wants others to believe that she is, and the very regular dyeing of her hair and hair removal from her crotch just take a lot of energy. And Sue gets tired of that at times. The day her husband Dylan found out she was not a natural blonde she felt deeply humiliated and could barely hold back her tears. She felt it was a betrayal to Dylan. Fortunately, he said she was beautiful the way she was and that it would be their secret. But even now that she was almost 50, she could still get upset at the thought that her friends, colleagues and acquaintances would find out she was cheating. She nearly pissed her pants just thinking about it coming out.

But Sue was more than her hair color. She had a good body, she thought to herself. A little heavier, but she had big, voluptuous breasts she was proud of. And nice long legs, wide hips and an ass that made many a man look back when she walked by. Beautiful, full buttocks. Only with age, then, she did get heavier. She had gained at least 30 lbs over the past 15 years. She often tried to go to the gym to stay in shape, but it only made her very tired.

Sue loved clothes so she had lots of clothes. Clothes in which she felt confident and sexy. Tight jeans or leather pants that showed off her long legs and firm ass. Sexy dresses that accentuated the curves of her figure. And, of course, sexy lingerie. Sue never wore everyday underpants. No her sets always matched and she preferred thongs. A thong that you felt between your buttocks always excited her.

Now that she was approaching 50, the need for excitement and sex, sex, sex had not diminished. Her sex life with Dylan was ok. He adored her but in bed he never lasted long enough according to her. Sue wanted to fuck and be taken for hours and hours at a time. In the past she had been lucky with having sex with a younger man who could actually last for hours. There had even been a moment with him when she almost begged him to stop. Even she could hardly take it after nearly 4 hours of uninhibited fucking in all sorts of positions and 5 orgasms later. A man who also introduced her to anal sex and stimulation. She went crazy with desire when she thought back to him. Unfortunately, this affair passed because he moved to the outdoors for work.

The invitation to her 50th birthday party went to all her friends and acquaintances with some melancholy with a press of enter.

``Ping`` the sound of her cell phone went off. Let’s see who had texted. Cindy saw that the app was from Sue. ``Oh look at that. An invitation to celebrate her 50th birthday at a country club. Gee 50 yeah...that’s waiting for me in six months too.`` Cindy had known Sue since high school. They were friends for life. Sue was sassy and always present. She had the natural gift of always being the center of attention. That was already in high school. Cindy was a somewhat timid girl. Insecure about just about everything. Whereas Sue also because she was always a little taller than Cindy was confident and good with others and also with boys. Cindy had certainly looked up to the blonde Sue when she was young. In high school they had formed a close-knit club along with 3 more girls. Linda, Stephanie, Marianne, Sue and herself. The girls had grown up over the years into mature women, each with their own families, jobs and children. They had never lost sight of each other during those years and they saw each other regularly. All the girls got along well but Sue was always the central figure. She gave the most parties, she was the first to have sex and a serious relationship. Everything seemed to come easily to her. However, Sue was also sometimes a bit the misfit of the group. Not when she was around but the other girls could also laugh heartily at her. Especially in recent years when Sue posted something on Instagram or Facebook, the women would gossip among themselves about what she had posted. Have you seen that picture of Sue on her Insta? Haha in that bikini. Omg, she’s practically naked in it. She wants attention again.``This gossiping sometimes made Cindy feel bad, but Sue sometimes asked for it. Or those pictures of her with another filter so she didn’t have any wrinkles. ``And even not her 80-year-old mother either! What a joke!” Yes Sue was sometimes the center of ridicule. She always thought she was prettier, better than everyone else. She had that about her but the other women could accept this also because the gossiping did make up for some of it.

What was on the invitation, ``Yes believe it or not but I really am turning 50 YEARS old on July 10! I know you can hardly believe it and think it’s only 40 but it’s true. I would like to invite you to celebrate with my family and friends on July 10 at the Texas Club. Put on your cowboy outfit and let’s have a great party together!`` Sue was on the invitation in tight jeans. Her ``thick`` ass facing the camere while looking defiantly over her shoulder into the camera. She also had cowboy boots and a denim blouse on and a cowboy hat on her blonde hair. ``Really a typical pose for Sue.`` Thought Cindy. But she was invited, which was sweet of her, after all. She sent an app back that she would definitely attend the party with her husband Mark and son Tim.

Sunday it was... Sue had showered and was sitting on the couch. Her husband and sons were off to soccer so she had time to herself. It was a beautiful spring day and she wondered what she could do. She had sent an app to Peter earlier this morning to meet up and have a nice fuck together. Only Peter was at a vacation park with his wife and kids so that was out of the question. She was now using her phone to scroll through her messages and she looked at Facebook. She saw that Tim the son of her best friend Cindy had posted some new pictures on Facebook. Curious, she looked at the pictures. Tim had posted some pictures of himself at the gym and one picture showed him in swimming trunks. Sue was immediately drawn to this picture. She looked at it closely and she had to admit that the picture of the young 18-year-old boy did not leave her unmoved. ``What a body that kid has got. It makes me horny.`` Sue had had the idea in her head for several years of what it would be like to have sex with a young boy of about 18 years of age. The idea excited her beyond belief and she often masturbated at the thought of driving a boy crazy because of her. She looked further on his account and she saw that he was active on messenger. ``Haha oh shall I...?`` she thought.

``PING``While Tim was chatting with friends on messenger he received a new message. He clicked it open and read ``So you have nice new pictures on your Facebook boy. But that picture in your spido ... The message ended with a wink. He looked to see who the sender was and that took him off guard for a moment. It was Sue a good friend of his mother whom he had known all his life. Blonde Sue the woman he had fantasies about as a boy. He found her so incredibly delicious. That delicious ass of the blonde, he had been lusting after her for years. And now she sent a message indicating that she did like him. Or were these his own thoughts? For a moment he had to think what he would do. How will I react... if I go too far it might scare her off and she’ll tell mother...```

Somewhat nervously she sat on the couch. She was naked and lying down. She massaged her moist pussy and her mouth was dry. ``Could this be?” a message to an 18-year-old boy. Notabene the son of her heart friend. But she was so horny and so excited.... she was a little nervous what and if he would reply. Hey he replied. She read the message... ``Thank you for the compliment Mrs. Sanders. Do you like what you see?
``HA Like what I see.... mmmm`` She sat up a little straighter. She was buttery horny... ``what a tasty boy`` She thought for a moment and decided to go one step further.

``PING`` another response from Sue Sanders.... Tim was slowly getting a little excited. He felt his cock slowly getting stiff. Taking his cock in his hand he read with dry mouth what Mrs. Sanders had sent. ``Boy anyway... Asking a grown woman if she likes what she sees. gosh that’s pretty naughty...’’ No new message followed for a while. Tim was starting to get nervous that she wouldn’t answer and would discuss this with his mom. But there came another ``PING`` ``What I see I certainly like.... you look tasty. I do wonder what your ........... DICK looks like boy. Or am I going too far now haha?``

While she had pressed send on the last answer she was starting to get a little nervous. She was wet and buttery horny and she had asked Tim if she would like his DICK too. ``OMG OH is this going well? `` She started to sweat slightly and she was a little worried now. The kid is 18. Oh Sue what are you doing.... she thought. She began to panic. I shouldn’t have done this. I can always say it was a joke. She was about to type but then got a message. ``PING`` nervously she read what he had typed....

``I have something to confess to you miss Sanders...`` She stopped typing herself and thought ``oh mmmm this could get interesting.`` She typed ``What do you have to confess Tim?” And please call me Sue and not miss Sanders boy...``It took her a while to get a reply back. ``Oh Tim boy come on.... I can’t hold it anymore.`` She weaseled uncomfortably on the couch.... She was so horny and yearned for what he had to confess. Waiting for perhaps a very exciting answer made her so excited. She massaged her pussy passed her fingers over the nipple of her left breast. She squeezed it gently and moaned.... ``PING`` finally got an answer. What did it say?

``Sue, I have known you for a long time and I must confess that I have feelings for you...`````Feelings for me? OMG mmm this is interesting.`` Sue waited for a follow-up answer but it was forthcoming. It occurred to her that Tim was only an 18-year-old boy whom she, as a mature woman, really needed to stimulate anyway. He still lacked the experience. So she typed back ´´Tim.... tell me baby ... What feelings do you have for me? I’m kind of curious boy ha ha.`

She saw that Tim was typing. The excitement of what he would type coursed through her entire body.... buttery horny she was. She groaned and masturbated herself as she looked hopefully at the screen of her phone. The answer came in. Tim told her he thought she was a very beautiful woman. Turned on by her.

Went crazy from her ... horny ass. That full ass of hers that was always swaying hip up and down in her tight pants and skirts. Her big and full breasts. And he somewhat shyly admitted that he always kept up with her Facebook and Instagram and had downloaded pictures definitely showing her with tight clothes or bikini. Sue went crazy with excitement. A young and yummy guy getting horny on her. Liking her. She began to feed him...

``Very sweet of you Tim for telling me this.... but I do want to know something about you dear.`` She built up the tension and he asked her what she did want to know. She waited a few minutes to answer and then asked the question ``What would you like to do with me Tim? I mean if we were to be together.``The answer he gave pleased her very much. He told her that he wanted to undress her. That he wanted to go to the sauna with her and that he wanted to have wanted sex with her. Teasingly, she asked what positions he had in mind with her. Tim went wild. He typed that he liked strong women. Women who were confident and that she always appeared so confident with often her hands on her hips and that she showed off her body. It made her laugh because she recognized a lot in what he was saying. He wanted to play sex games with her and for her to be dominant against him. He went on to tell her how delicious she was. How he looked at her jiggling buttocks and breasts. She went crazy with geiheid and masturbated until she came.... She then asked something to which Tim did not answer for a few minutes. She had asked ``Have you ever been to bed with anyone Tim?

Embarrassed, he admitted he had never been to bed with a girl before and had never seen a woman fully naked in real life. She had to giggle at his inexperience. She found it funny and sweet at the same time. She sent him a message back. ``Maybe I could teach you Tim? I mean we’ll explore each other together and you can let me undress me. That you can feel my naked body and maybe we will go a little further together.`` She ended her message with a wink.

Sue met up with Tim the following Monday evening. She picked him up at his school and together they went to the sauna. Sue always went to the sauna on Mondays and Tim went to soccer practice. So his parents were not suspicious that he was gone that night. She stopped by his school where he was already waiting. ``Hi Tim, get in kid.`` He got in the car and the first thing he noticed was how nice she smelled. A lovely perfume she wore. Sue was dressed in tight jeans, white blouse and leather jacket with leather booties. She looked mischievously at Tim as she steered the car onto the road. For a moment there was silence between the two. Sue broke the silence ``I like going to the sauna with you. Are you nervous?``He admitted to being quite tense. ``There’s really no need to be dear. I’m with you.``And she put a hand on his thigh. As they drove she massaged his thigh. More and more she also went a little higher with her hand and her fingers then touched his crotch. She teased him and occasionally looked mischievously into his eyes. ``Oh oh Tim what are we doing haha. I hate to think of your mother finding out.... the very idea.`’ She put this thought out of her mind because just thinking about it gave her an uncomfortable feeling of embarrassment.

Arriving at the sauna, she got out. She pulled Tim toward her and gave him a hug and a kiss on his cheek. ``Relax nice boy of mine.... haha we are going to build it up very quietly. We are not allowed to have sex in the sauna. You know that... so today we’ll just watch... and maybe... just maybe you can feel a little bit.`` She whispered in his ear as she directed his left hand to her ass. Tim felt her warm buttocks in the tight jeans with his hand. His cock began to get stiffer.... What a delicious ass she had. He mischievously squeezed her ass a little more firmly. ``AU OHH AU what are you doing now!`` She joked but he apologized which Sue then found very cute.

In the separate changing cubicles they began to undress. Sue went crazy with horniness as she felt them pull down her pants. How she undid her bra. Pulling off her thong. Her nipples were hard and she had warm cheeks from excitement. In the changing room, they were alone so Sue took it one step further. Naked, she knocked on Tim’s dressing cubicle and asked if he would open it. Tim opened the cubicle and he saw Sue completely naked!

How excited and horny he was and now she stood defiantly in front of him. With her hands on her hips and a warm smile on her mouth. ``Look Tim, this is a real woman.... Just take a good look honey.``And she slowly turned around and around so he could get a good look at her naked body.

Tim, of course, watched porn and saw many naked women on the Internet. Now he saw Sue completely naked. An image he had dreamed of since he was 11 years old. Only she was still a little disappointing. He had expected her to be, he thought, somewhat embarrassingly tighter. He had been fantasizing about her ass for years. And now he saw her ass. A fat ass, a white ass and a bit of a ...flabby ass. Her breasts were also less firm than he had expected. They were so white and they were big that yes but flabby and droopy. She also had a bit of a belly.... but still the longer he looked at her. He was still very excited by her. She was smiling so delightfully with that cute head of hers. And OMG only now he realized he was looking at her pussy! Sue was completely bald underneath. Shaved and bald... She was a little chubby and he suddenly wondered how she always got that flabby, fat ass into those tight pants? It made him laugh a little but at the same time that she wasn’t perfect actually made him super excited. Sue was actually a bit of a flawed broad. She pretended to be perfect but her body was far from it. But just because she was a flawed broad made her so desirable to him. She came close to him now. He still had his boxers on. She gently pressed her naked body against him and caressed his back. She whispered in his ears that she liked him so much and wanted to make love to him. She kissed him tenderly on his lips. He put his arms around her. And put his hands on her fat ass. He gently kneaded her soft buttocks. Massaged her ass and pressed his stiff cock against her belly. And kissed her with passion. Sue was ecstatic. An affair with a young boy of 18. Just grown up before the law but so much younger than her. She felt his stiff cock pressed against her. Slowly she lowered her head. She kissed him on his chest and further down. She put her fingers in the waistband of his boxers and pulled down his panties. She saw his big, stiff cock and kissed it. She licked his glans... horny as she was she took his stiff cock into her mouth and she began to suck him gently. Harder and harder she sucked on his stiff cock and she sucked him with total abandon. Tim was being orally satisfied for the first time in his life. And by his mother’s best friend! Sue made him come moaning. The evening was very successful for both of them. After Sue’s intense blowjob they enjoyed the sauna together. In front of the other people they pretended not to know each other so as not to get Sue who came here more often into trouble. He looked at her sweaty body.... and when there were no people around for a while they sought contact. Being in the hot tub together was totally enjoyable with them secretly touching each other and saying horny words to each other.

The romance between Sue and Tim intensified over the following weeks. Sue had another apartment she could use through a colleague friend. Tim had fictitious appointments with friends but then met up with his mother’s blonde girlfriend and went to that apartment. Tim was deflowered there by Sue. They had intense sex with each other. She taught him how to do it. She also let him take her anally. And Tim wanted her to role-play in which she played the powerful mistress. The woman who was in control of everything. For the occasion she had put on her tight leather pants with stilleto heels. It was a special experience for both of them. And there was genuine affection between the two of them.

Sue did sometimes feel uncomfortable when she had an appointment with Cindy and went shopping for the day. If Cindy then mentioned Tim she would change the topic of conversation as quickly as possible. It also happened that Sue and Cindy were having a coffee in a restaurant and she received a naughty app from Tim. Tim also took pictures of her naked and posing with sex toys. There were also some pictures of them standing together in front of a mirror. The horniest picture she found was the two of them standing in front of the mirror and him taking a picture of her being taken from behind by Tim. The idea that Cindy would find out about this made her nervous at times. What if this were to happen. “OMG I think I would go crazy with embarrassment then.” But the relationship with the teenager was addictive. And he was of legal age so she deluded herself that there was little else wrong with it.

It was July 10 and this afternoon began the cowboy party in Sue’s honor. She had just put on her outfit. A lovely pair of tight jeans in which her nice ass looked good. She looked at herself in the mirror and rubbed her lovely round buttocks with her hands. She wore a tight denim blouse that was half open so that her cleavage was clearly visible. She wore tough boots and she had a cowboy hat. A real Texas chick I am. She was going to enjoy tonight fall all the attention she would get from her friends. She had probably gone ahead to the party location to see if everything was taken care of. The food and appetizers were provided by cooks present. The room looked beautifully decorated with tables topped with drinks, dessert and pastries. And of course many pictures on the wall of Sue herself over the years. As a girl together with Cindy and the other girls, some nice pictures were hung up. And pictures of Sue with her sons, her husband and with her parents. She was looking forward to it even though she was not happy with her age of 50. But she consoled herself with the thought that she looked at least 10 years younger.

Cindy had gone into town with girlfriends Linda, Stephanie, Marianne from their high school club to do some more shopping for Sue’s birthday. Cindy had just bought a hair set with hairdressing scissors and curling tongs. Really a luxury set as an extra gift. The women had also put money together so she and her husband could go on a weekend trip to a spa. Cindy and the girls were having coffee on the terrace and in a few hours they would go to Sue’s party which would start then. Cindy thought about congratulating Sue on the app. She sent a message...

``BZZZZZZ`` Sue felt her phone vibrate in her butt pocket. She probably had an app message. She grabbed her phone and saw that Cindy had sent her a congratulatory message. ``Oh how sweet Cin, I am very happy to have you as my dear friend all these years. I can’t wait to see you tonight. Give my regards to the others in advance. Kisses Sue.``And she put her phone back in her butt pocket. She looked around the ballroom. Actually, everything was ready. In 2 hours the first guests would arrive. Sue thought of Tim and she was already getting horny again at the thought of his delicious body. She wanted to see him. She called him. ``Hi baby with me. I am in the ballroom all alone and in a little over 2 hours it will only start. No one is coming before that. Could you come ahead of time?`` Tim who was thinking about Sue all day said he would be there in 25 minutes. She put the phone back in her butt pocket and she stroked her fingers along her crotch. ``Oh how horny this boy was making her. She felt so young and delicious now that she was in a secret relationship with him. She wanted to get a good thrill out of him before he got there. She grabbed her phone and scrolled through the images Tim had texted to her. Images Tim had taken of her. And there was also that image where he had taken a picture while they stood together in front of the mirror and he took her from behind. She chose this image and put it in the app. ``Just a nice message underneath. haha ohhh Tim if you are here in the party room. Then we can enjoy it for an hour. And maybe you can take me again as nicely as in this photo. It’s so good fucking with you. Love, your strict and powerful mistress queen blonde... Sue. Kisses and see you soon!’’ She pressed send.

``PLING’’ Cindy’s phone rang. She received a text message. She was actually having a nice chat, but she looked anyway because maybe it was her husband or Tim who wanted to know something about the party tonight at Sue’s. She opened her app and saw that Sue had texted her back. She opened the app and what she saw shocked her deeply... Her jaw dropped... She saw a photo of Sue and Tim both completely naked in front of a mirror. He took a picture taking her from behind...??? And the text that was underneath it. I’ll see you soon... then we’ll fuck each other like so often in recent weeks??? Cindy filled up. Tears came and she didn’t know where to look. The other women now also realized that something was wrong. “Cindy, are you okay?” Stephanie asked.

Cindy couldn’t believe it. Her own son had a sex affair with her best friend. She is 50 years old and he is 18... WHAT THE FUCK!’’ She cried and couldn’t say a word for a while. She showed her mobile to the other women. They all reacted in shock. Sue had a sexual affair with Cindy’s young son? And the language she spoke. It was just dirty. They didn’t know what to say.

Cindy dried her tears and stood up. “I’m going to the banquet hall. Are you coming with me?’’ She was calm now. She looked white but she now had an icy calm demeanor.

Tim now arrived in the cowboy club. ``Hey you big boy.’’ Slowly swaying her hips with her full ass gently swaying back and forth in those tight jeans, she walked towards Tim. She kissed him on the lips. She whispered in his ear, ‘Come upstairs with me. To is a small room and I can lock the door. Then we can play together for a while. Haha mmmm.`` She took him by the hand. He looked at that lovely ass of hers in those tight jeans. And he gently squeezed her buttocks. But before they had left the room, a voice sounded behind them. ‘’Stay here Tim! You’re not going with her...`` Both Tim and Sue were petrified. They both recognized Cindy’s voice. Sue turned white and started to shake from the stress. She turned around and saw that Cindy had come in with Linda, Stephanie and Marianne. There was an icy silence in the room.

Cindy remained calm but she looked furious. ``Tim come here immediately... you and I are going to have a very good talk at home.’’ Tim immediately obeyed. He walked to his mother with his head bowed in shame. Sue looked at her friends with a stupid grin of shock. ``You should take a closer look at who you’re sending horny messages to, Sue,’’ Cindy said. Sue petrified and suddenly realized what had happened. She shakily took her phone out of her back pocket and looked at the app. She was astonished to see that the text and picture that should have been sent to her young lover had been sent to his mother. Her mouth opened and closed. She looked like a fish out of water. Pure shock went through her. She was caught and didn’t know what happened to her. The shame she felt was so intense and humiliating. ‘’Gulp eh Cindy I, I eh I this is not what you think. It’s...`` She was in shock and wanted to cry. What must her friend think of her? And the party... it was over, she realized in shock.

She was furious. Cindy looked at her blonde friend with disdain. They knew each other for 35 years and she fucked her own son. A young boy who has just become an adult before the law. Her dirty practices are affecting her son. She walked over to Sue. She felt pure anger going through her body. What a huge b*tch Sue was. A false woman who deceived her. And even though the blonde was a lot bigger and heavier than Cindy, she suddenly felt the need to teach her a lesson. She now stood before her former best friend. Sue looked at her with eyes full of fear and shame. “Cin I, I it happened and I…” She couldn’t hear the blonde’s wailing anymore. ``Shut up!’’ and she knocked the ridiculous cowboy hat off her head and with the flat of her hand she hit Sue squarely in the face. `PATS!``

The 50-year-old blonde was knocked to the side and put her left hand on her left cheek in fright. ``Hey, act normal! How dare you hit me? Me, I’ve only given your son pleasure. Sue was a proud woman and now that she had been beaten by Cindy, resistance arose in her. Being beaten by Cindy, a woman she had always looked down on. Sure they had been friends for years but the blonde always felt superior to her. She was the queen that everything revolved around and all her friends were happy that she chose to have them as friends. She could well imagine that she was shocked that she had sex with her son, and she was also ashamed. But for Cindy to lecture her, no, that was really not possible.

“I’m going to do a lot more than hit you.” I’m going to beat you up Sue!’’ The blonde looked surprised and didn’t know where to look for a moment. Cindy beat her up? How should she do that, she thought. Arrogantly, she placed her hands on her hips. ‘’Let’s keep it nice Cin. We’ll talk about it after the party, okay.`` The red-haired and smaller Cindy clenched her fists... And she hit Sue squarely in the face.

``OOEFF`` Sue groaned as her head was knocked back. She now had both hands on her sore face. “You dirty b*tch, I’ll beat you up!” she shouted and lunged at her smaller and slimmer rival. However, Cindy blocked her swinging right arm and hit the blonde in the face again. And while Sue threatened to fall backwards, she kicked Sue squarely in the crotch. “AAAHHHHH!” She screamed in pain. And instinctively both her hands went to her aching crotch. Now Cindy grabbed her by the hair and started pulling her across the room by her hair. Screaming in fear and pain, Sue was pulled and thrown over a table. She ended up sprawled on her breasts and stomach on a table that gave way. Sue groaned in pain but got back up as quickly as she could. With her full ass up and on her knees, she got up unsteadily.

``You dirty b*tch, I won’t accept this!’’ And screaming, she ran towards Cindy with big steps. But the smaller woman was prepared and she rammed her fist deep into her rival’s stomach. ``OOMPPHHH`’ The air was knocked from her lungs and she stood forward with her arms around her sore stomach. Now her smaller rival kicked her left leg out from under her, causing her to fall hard on her buttocks. The proud woman lay stretched out on the ground. She had to stand up and teach Cindy a lesson. Groaning with difficulty, she stood up and attacked again. She hit with her arms flailing, but all she hit was air. Cindy was able to grab Sue’s right arm and twist it behind her back. The blonde screamed in pain and felt her rival put a foot between her buttocks and push her forward. With her arms flailing helplessly, the 50-year-old blonde landed on a table with food. The things fell off the table with a loud noise and Sue looked ridiculous. With her ass in full view. Her legs spread and her front lying in food on the table. Sue stood up again, panting and in a daze. She was in shock. Her blouse was smeared with pastry. Was this Cindy doing this to her? That shy and modest friend. She was in shock. But she got up and had to save her honor. She attacked again. But it was clear that Sue had never fought in her life. She didn’t know how to throw a punch. Her arms waved hopelessly. Cindy, on the other hand, knew what she was doing. She hit her former friend full in the face with a series of left and right direct punches. Sue stood unsteadily on her feet as her head was thrown back again and again by the blows. Then she got another kick in the groin. Her blouse was ripped open and pulled over her head. She stood bent over as her blouse was jerked off over her body. When the blouse was off, Sue looked around in a daze and wondered how it became she was now in her bra? The buxom blonde was kicked backwards with a front kick to her chest. She ended up with her buttocks in a fat chocolate cake while she ended up on her back. She groaned in pain. She had a ridiculous look of shock on her face and didn’t know what was happening to her. She stood up shakily again. Cindy also had to admit that her former friend may have turned out to be a weak woman, but she was not quick to stop.

The blonde stood up and felt a sticky mess hanging from her ass. She looked back at her ass and she felt so ashamed. The butt area of her jeans was covered in sticky chocolate. She was standing in her bra. Sweaty and smeared and she felt what a disappointment this was for her. Tim and the other women standing around the spectacle could not imagine what they were seeing. Linda couldn’t hold it anymore and started laughing hysterically. ‘’HAHAHA Look at that! She looks ridiculous. And what a weak woman Sue is. OMG!’’ Sue’s jaw dropped. She was made fun of. Her big ego took a huge blow.

The beating Cindy gave continued for a while. She was in a blind rage. How could she have an affair with her son? How could you be so callous. Cindy beat up her former friend. She kicked her, hit her on the face, body and breasts. Sue started whimpering more and more and staggered on her feet. At one point she was grabbed from behind in the crotch and thrown back over a table with another hand in her hair. Sue looked dazed and ridiculous. She tried to get up but was hit hard between her legs. Now, to her horror, her bra was also ripped off. Sue’s large breasts heaved loose. ‘’You call that tits? Ha, what ridiculously ugly saggy tits you have. They’re almost hanging on the floor!’’ And Cindy dug her nails into the soft flesh of her breasts. Pulling on her nipples, Cindy tried to drag her across the ground. Sue cried out in pain and screamed for mercy. Her pride, her beautiful breasts were mutilated. ``MERCY, MERCY OHH MY TITS AAHHHHHH!’’

Linda, Stephanie, Marianne and Tim looked in shock at what they saw happening before their eyes. Cindy completely beat up Sue? How could this be? Sue turns out to be just a weak woman. The women had looked up to her for years, but they were amazed at how easily the small, slim Cindy spanked the blonde. Tim couldn’t help it, but seeing Sue being humiliated and belittled and ridiculed turned him on. It was a shock for him to see it. He had always seen his mother’s blonde friend as a strong woman who would not be messed with. But what was she doing now? She was a complete joke.

Scolding how she dares to have anything with her son, she continues to beat up her ex girlfriend. Due to the blows to her face and body, Sue is now covered in bruises and bruises. A bleeding lip and two swollen eyes will now become visible. The punches of the smaller ones red-haired woman are hard and effective. Sue is staggering on her feet before she is thrown over a table again. While the blonde lies on her back and is groggy for a moment, Cindy takes off her boots. It’s not easy and it takes a few firm tugs, but the boots come off. Then she opens the button and zipper of her tight jeans and starts ripping the jeans off her ass. Sue lies on her back trying to keep her jeans from being removed. She looks silly and begs Cindy “No, please have mercy, I will be completely embarrassed!” I’m really sorry... NO PLEASE LET ME KEEP MY DIGNITY NOOOOO!`` But the jeans are yanked lower and lower. Her white buttocks and hips come more and more into view as the jeans are pulled lower and lower. Embarrassed, Sue lies on her back and tries with her legs up to prevent her jeans and thong from being removed. She feels the jeans being pulled lower over her buttocks. She desperately tries to keep the pants on, but the pants slowly slide lower over her pale skin. She feels the cool air on her naked skin and between her legs. After a difficult struggle, the jeans come off completely together with her stinge. Embarrassed, Sue lies on her back with wide and tearful eyes. She was completely stripped naked in the fight by her ex girlfriend?

Then there is laughter and shouting. Marianne shouts ‘Look, she’s not a natural blonde! Look at that hair between her legs! hahahaha.`´ Due to the hustle and bustle of organizing the party, she had not gotten around to shaving her crotch last week. Now she had a small tuft of dark hair between her legs. Linda, Stephanie, Marianne, Tim and Cindy look in disbelief at the dark hair between Sue’s legs. ‘’What a joke you are. You’re not a natural blonde hahaha but a boring dark haired b*tch! Sue looks lost and defeated. Now that they have found out that she is not a natural blonde, it makes it even worse. Tim also looks in amazement at what he sees happening before his eyes. Sue seemed like such a strong woman. But she is completely beaten up by his own slim and smaller mother and now he understood why she always shaved her crotch so bald. Meanwhile, howling from shame and humiliation, naked Sue is being pulled around by the hair. Cindy orders Linda to give the hairdressing set that she bought this afternoon as a gift to Sue. Cindy isn’t done with her yet. She pulls Sue by the hair and throws her over a table again. She lies naked and ridiculous. Cindy and her friends now also notice that she is fat. ``You have a weak ass Sue. Your ass looks like pudding so soft. She squeezes the soft buttocks of her former friend and says that she can do something about her figure, your ass is so weak. And you have a belly and saggy tits! OMG HAHAHAHA do you like this Tim?”`´ She asks in disbelief as she slaps Sue’s white buttocks, which is almost exhausted and sweaty on a collapsed table. Cindy opens the hairdressing kit and takes out a pair of scissors. She grabs Sue’s locks and starts cutting. The fake blonde screams in panic. ‘’NO NOT MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR! NO, MERCY, MERCY NO DON’T! HELP, HELP NO MY HAIR, MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR!’’ With her legs kicking, she lies on her stomach while Cindy sits on her back and cuts off her bleached locks. She cuts off the long, bleached hair with long, firm strokes. She throws away large locks of hair as she continues to cut furiously.

Sue’s other friends are now also in shock. ``OH we cannot believe what we see. That hair...`` The women are now really starting to feel sorry for Sue. It’s not okay that she had sex with Cindy’s son, of course, but this beating and humiliation goes very far. Maybe we should intervene after all, the women now seem to think.

After cutting off her hair, Sue looks lost. Her beautiful long blonde locks lie around her. She has her hands on her head in horror and feels short hair and her hands are full of loose hair when she looks at them. She looks haggard with short and wispy hair sticking out in all directions. Whining and sick from the enormous beating she received, she no longer knows where to look. Then Cindy does something that leaves everyone in shock.

``AAAHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA!’’ Sue screams as she gets a curling iron pushed into her asshole. The furious mother forcefully pushes a curling iron between the spread buttocks of the fake blonde who is on her knees but her ass is up. Her eyes are wide with fear and after screaming she becomes silent when she feels that the curling iron has been pushed far into her ass. She’s sitting on her hands and knees and with her ass up with part of a curling iron sticking out. ``I, I oh aah oh pain, this hurts...’’ she whimpers softly as she stares blankly ahead with her mouth open.

“Oh and CONGRATULATIONS SUE ON YOUR 50TH BIRTHDAY.” Cindy says to her former friend. She tells Linda that she needs to take a few more pictures of Sue and then walks to Tim. ``You come with me. We still have something to discuss, boy.`` Tim also stands there with his mouth open. While she is still sitting on all fours with her mouth open and her eyes wide, Sue looks at Tim. Her mouth opens and closes and it looks like she wants to say something. She’s completely embarrassed about it.

The women and the boy leave Sue like this. A few minutes later, the first guests arrive at Sue’s party and they will never forget how they found the ``blonde’’.

Let it be a wise lesson for everyone. Send your spicy messages... before sending, check extra carefully to whom you are going to send the text. A lesson that Sue will never, ever forget.

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Great story
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