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Old 10-05-2023, 07:51 PM
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Default Revenge of the Belmont Community College Library Club

Everything was ready. This year would be different for the library club at Belmont Community College (otherwise known as "The Swans" due to the library's logo). No more humiliation, this year would be theirs.

Ever since a disagreement over an overdue book at the end of the semester 5 years ago, the girl's rugby club had enacted a new tradition regarding their end-of-year yearbook photo. For the past five years, the rugby club had taken their revenge by substituting their year book team photo for a humiliating one of the library club, enforced and staged by the team's burly players. After year three, it became a fundraiser for the rugby team. In response to demand, they sold larger, high definition copies to the student body.

Year one: The team forcibly died the library club's hair green and orange, the team's colors.

Year two: The library club was doused in orange and green dye. It took a week to remove the color from their skin. Their clothes eventually had to be thrown away.

Year three: The library club was forced to wear the rugby club's uniforms. They were either too big or too small for the club members resulting in a photo that was pinned up in many lockers on campus.

Year four: While showering after a team-building session on the gym's climbing wall, the club's underwear was stolen from the changing room and used as a banner in the background above the sullen girls (also now going commando).

Year five: The entire library club was simply pantsed.

The current president of the new library club, was determined to turn the tables this year. She had super-soaker water guns filled with baby-oil, white chicken feathers and revenge on the mind. When the rugby team entered, to stage their annual photo they would get a bit of their own medicine. Oiled and feathered like swans, they would be the library club's yearbook photo this year.

President Hannah surveyed her team.

1: There was Natalie, the skinny punk of the group, dressed in a baggy vintage Ramones T-shirt, short plaid skirt and the inevitable Doc Martins. The light brown skin around her eyes was lined with thick Mascara, her ears were pierced 5 times each and her short jet-black hair was a deliberate mess. Everyone gave her a wide berth; she had a dangerous reputation and was reputedly only here to avoid expulsion.

2: Josie, was the bubbly friendly member who aspired to work in children's publishing. She was chubbier than the rest, a fact she couldn't hide under her overalls, rainbow sneakers and a brightly colored T-shirt (which strained
over her enormous breasts). She loved the club and almost always had an infectious smile on her face.

3: Cecilia was Christian, conservative and afraid of mostly everything. She wore a cardigan sweater, a blouse buttoned up to her neck, a grey pleated skirt, grey plaid knee-socks and black leather buckled shoes. Cecilia
thought the library club was the safest one, despite the year-end hazing. She figured that she could stay home the week the hazing usually happened and still get her credit. Her main purpose in life was to find
a quiet job, and get married to a proper man.

4: Angela was truly the odd woman out. A track-star from a wealthy family, she was here solely for the extra credit needed to get her into an ivy school. Shunning the others in the club, she enjoyed popularity with the
larger student body, given her looks and position. Library club was certainly something she never admitted to or discussed. Her future was clear, and she knew that she had the support of the campus. Her clothes were
immaculate and expensive. A long-sleeved pleated cotton blouse, beige shorts and sandals fit her perfectly. Her lustrous blonde hair had been washed with the highest of high-end shampoo, she was ready for the runway.

5: Hannah herself was the leader and passion behind the club. She had flaming red hair to match her personality, and she believed deeply in volunteering and community activism. She wore a plain blue blouse (adorned with an
embroidered Swan), brown slacks and sensible slip-on shoes. A gentle sprinkling of freckles dusted her nose and cheeks.

"Ok, everyone this is the plan." Hannah announced. They were gathered around a table holding the water guns, and bags of feathers.

"Next week when rugby team arrives to do whatever they have planned, we'll hit them first. Natalie, Angela and me will hose them down with the baby oil. Josie and Cecilia, you start dumping feathers from the balcony above.
I'll pull back and start taking pictures. When, we're done, they'll be branded as Swans! Any questions?"

Cecelia raised her hand. "I have to be away next week." she said meekly.

"Coward!" snapped Hannah, "Why?"

"I... I... I just can't risk have my picture taken in my underwear, you saw what they did to last year's club, it was mortifying!"

"That's not going to happen." Hannah replied calmly. "This year, we're getting them. This club has been humiliated 5 years in a row, and it's time we took a stand. We're the Swans. We're smarter than them, we're resourceful,
and they won't suspect a thing. Now who's with me!?"

The club members looked at each other and nodded. Maybe this could work...?

"I actually never liked those rugby b*tches." Angela said. "Why not, let's do it."

"Those jocks don't fucking scare me." Natalie added.

The others cheered (although Cecelia did so half-heartedly).

"All right any last questions?" Hannah Asked.

"I have one." a new voice announced from the front entrance. To the Swans' shock and horror, the entire girls rugby team was standing there. They had heard everything.

"I want to know if you're ready for your photo."

"But... but... you're a week early." Hannah stammered, flushing.

"Well, we figured after 5 years you must be finally catching onto what's going to happen, so we thought we'd drop by a bit sooner to shake things up." The leader drawled. "This year's going to be extra special."

The library club stared wide-eyed at the muscular women, a cold feeling welling up in each of their stomachs.

"This year you're going to pose under a banner which reads: "We'd give anything for the Rugby Team!" You'll be facing the banner, with your backs to the camera. Your faces will be turned back towards me... oh yeah, and
you'll be bare-ass naked."

Cecilia screamed, clutching her cardigan tightly around her.

"But you can't! That's not legal!" Hannah protested, eyeing the 17 women warily.

"I checked." The leader replied. "As long as we can't see you titties or your tw*ts, it's technically legal. Bare bums don't count"

The smirking players began to converge.

"We can do this two ways. Either you strip down to your bare-bottoms in 30 seconds, or we'll do it for you. If we do the latter (which I hope we do), I'll also make sure each and every one of you is blubbering like a baby
in the photo.

Before anyone could answer, Cecilia shrieked.

"No, please no!!" she wailed making a break for the program room, hoping to lock herself in. Two players were on her in an instant. With each step she took, the savage women tore off another piece of clothing.

First her cardigan was yanked off. Then came her blouse, pearl buttons popping off in all directions as they tore the fabric from her shoulders. A quick yank spun her in a circle as her pleated skirt was unwrapped from around her narrow waist.

"Oh my god, look at her underwear!" One of the players shrieked collapsing in laughter at the sight of
Cecilia in her underclothes.

Little pink dots adorned her white granny-panties, while the bra was a sturdy plain model, worn to support and hide the considerable size of Cecilia's breasts. Her nose and cheeks blushed pink. She threw her arms in an X-shape in front of her, attempting to hide her unmentionables. Mortified that her polka dots were on display for everyone to see, Cecilia could only gape, her eyeglasses askew and her braids beginning to unravel.

"Get the rest!" one of the players screamed.

Cecilia made another dash for the program room. Strong hands grasped the waistband of her underpants and the strap of her bra and pulled. For a moment she struggled against them, feeling her bra tighten against her chest while her panties stretched. She squealed as her naked bum became more exposed with every step. She felt the threads of her straining bra beginning to snap!

"Stop it! Sttttooooo-hooo---hooop!" She begged. "No more!"

With a loud tearing riipp!!! she was free, bursting into the program room and slamming the door behind her. She turned the lock, and spun leaning back against the door panting.

At that moment Cecilia noticed two things. Firstly, the entire chess club was sitting at the tables, their matches forgotten as they stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed at her. The second was that all she had left were her shiny black-buckled shoes, grey plaid knee socks and her little golden cross on a silver chain which now dangled between her alarmingly bare boobs. Her knees knocked together, her skin broke out in goosebumps in the cool air-conditioned room and her nipples, free of the restraining bra became rock hard, swelling slightly in size as they pointed at the stunned, silent crowd.

"I... I... I..." she stammered, staring down in disbelief at her breasts... her belly button... and... her bush... Her breasts were large and long, but still perky, with a little upturn at the ends, displaying her pointy nipples
prominently. Her belly button was an "innie," and while she shaved her legs, her bush had not been trimmed.... ever.

"I... oh my god, I have nothing on!"

Her face erupted into a deep red blush as she stood exposed to the 12 gaping chess players. Trembling under their gaze, a few strands of hair broke free of her right braid ,and tumbled onto her face. She let out a sad little puff of air, blowing the loose strands out of her eyes and the room exploded. Cheers and whistles were deafening, the men were drinking in every inch of her bare, exposed, body! She was too stunned to even consider covering up. This couldn't be happening! The only man who was supposed to see her in this state was her husband, and only then on their wedding night. After a lifetime of carefully covering up in her conservative wardrobe, everything was suddenly now out in the open. All these men could see!

"Cecilia has torpedo tits!"
"I think you need to do a bit of trimming down there!"
"Look at her face! Look at those nipples! Is it cold in here!?"

Unable to endure it any more she burst into tears, turning to struggle frantically with the lock as the room enjoyed a full view of her bare jiggling bum. With an anguished sob she threw the door open and disappeared back into the library, knee socks flashing, as she ran.

The rugby team was continuing their rampage.

They caught Josie attempting to crawl away under the tables. The chubby woman was shuffling as fast as she could whimpering, when two hands gripped her ankles. Her sneakers were quickly yanked off, followed by her unicorn
patterned socks when the grinning face of a blonde team member appeared in front of her.

"Where do you think you're going little piggy?" the blonde athlete smirked.

"Please don't undress me!" Josie wailed as her tormentor brandished a pair of scissors.

"Little piggies aren't supposed to wear people clothes you know. They're supposed to be naked, on all fours. You've got the all-fours part down, we'll take care of the rest."

With two snips the straps of Josie's overalls were cut.

"Haul em' down" the blonde said.

With a violent tug, Josie's overalls were dragged down and off of her bare kicking legs.

"You've got to be kidding me!" a voice behind her laughed. "Choo-choo train panties? Your ass is the size of a train, but you're a grown woman!"

"Let's see if the bra matches!" The blonde grabbed Josie's t-shirt by the hem and pulled it up and over her head, yanking it clear off.

A train patterned bra struggled to contain Josie's enormous breasts as she crouched on her hands and knees, mouth agape. The similarly patterned panties were stretched tight across her enormous rear-end.

"Awwwwww, you look pretty cute in your choo-choo's, but I think we need to finish the job."

A few quick snips from the scissors relieved Josie of her underwear. The table she was under was flipped over and she found herself naked, on all fours in the middle of the room surrounded by a group of jeering players.

"Hmmm.... you look even cuter with nothing on little piggy. Maybe if you tell us what a piggy says, we'll let you have your shirt back."

Horrified, Josie looked from cruel grin to cruel grin. She was naked, her large bare ass pointing to the sky, every extra bulge and fold exposed to the lean athletic team. Her breasts sagged, almost touching the floor.

"Oink..." she barely whispered.

"Can't hear you."

"Oink" Josie said louder. "Oink, Oink, OINK, OINK!!"

"With those udders, I'd say she's closer to a cow." One of them remarked, staring at Josie's massive breasts swaying naked beneath her. "Maybe we should milk her?"

The player stooped down and grabbed Josie's boobs as she yelped. Yanking one at time in a rhythmic motion, the player began to milk her. The other players laughed and hooted as the chubby naked woman was humiliated in front of them.

"Why are you so mean!?" Josie wailed. Her tits were throbbing, and the shame of her enormous exposed ass was growing by every second. Josie could no longer hold it in. She burst into big sobbing tears.

"I want my clothes back!!"

"That's two!" the blonde announced as Josie scrambled to her feet and ran, bouncing with every step to join Cecilia cowering in the corner.

Natalie barely knew what happened. Two muscular rugby players grabbed the collar of her Ramones T-shirt from either side and with one quick, fluid motion they began to tear it in half. Moving down her body, they ripped the shirt
from her torso, catching the waistband of her skirt and panties on their way down, tearing them in half too. They were peeling her like a banana. In three seconds, Natalie was standing there in only her Doc Martens.

"Where are your tits!?" one of the players exclaimed. "She wasn't even wearing a bra!"

Wide-eyed, she looked down at the two tiny nubs which were her breasts. A large erect nipple capped each of the tiny mounds. Bellow her tits, her entire skinny frame was exposed, everything was gone.

With two fingers from each hand (that's all it took), she quickly covered her boobs. Red-faced and speechless she faced her laughing tormentors, literally shaking in her boots.

"I think we'll call you Little Natty from now on." One of the smirking women said, slapping her bare bottom. "Not so brave when you're in your birthday suit huh?"

Despite her reputation as a tough tomboy, Nicky broke faster than all the rest. Tears streamed immediately from her eyes, smearing mascara down her wet red cheeks. Bawling, legs askew, she ran over to join her similarly-fleeced
colleagues, still covering her tiny shame.

Angela almost made it to the exit when she stumbled on and out of her sandals. Four members of the team caught her.

"Wait!" she exclaimed. "I'm one of you! I only work here for the extra credit, I'm still on your side!"

"That's not what we just heard princess." The leader of the foursome cooed. "You've always acted like you're better than the rest of us with your fancy clothes, your blonde hair, blue eyes, and your perfect life. I've been waiting to take you down a peg for years, library club or no library club."

"Please!" Angela pleaded, "I don't think I'm better than you. I just... I just like to dress well, that's all. I can't help it that my hair looks so good, i was just born with it."

"Well then you won't mind if we take it all away." The leader smirked, snipping the air with a pair of scissors. "Let's tear her down girls!"

Angela screamed as the players began to tear her clothes apart. The air was filled with the noise of ripping fabric as scraps of her outfit began to fall around her feet like snow. Humming, the leader snipped away at her hair. In 30 seconds, she was down to her matching pink satin bra and panties. They let squirm for a few seconds, her nipples poking through the filmily fabric, and then savagely tore her expensive underwear away too.

When they were finished, the players stepped back to admire their work.

Naked and practically bald, Angela stood amidst the scraps that minutes ago had been her designer clothes. Mixed with the rags, were clumps of hair that had once been her glorious blonde locks. The envy of the entire school.

"Not so impressive now." The leader smirked. "I'm going to take what's left of your panties and pin them up in the men's locker room." She picked up a few pieces of pink satin from the pile at Angela's naked feet.

Angela stared down at the ruins of her hair, wardrobe and popularity scattered around her. Her lower lip trembled.

"At least you still have a decent body." One of the women remarked, admiring Angela's athletic build and perky breasts. "I think you might need a bit more trimming though."

"Oh my, yes" the leader remarked, snipping her scissors again. In a minute, most of Angela's blonde pubes had joined the wreckage at her feet. Standing in a pile of her humiliation, she began to break.

Angela's hands rose to her head, feeling the sparse tufts that remained of her once epic hair. She touched her naked breasts, her naked belly, and her newly bald... She was ruined. It was all gone. Breaking down in tears, and still clutching her head, she stumbled over to join the others.

Hannah was the only member of the club left with her clothes on. She couldn't believe it. In less than 5 minutes her plans had fallen apart and her Swans had been plucked. Angela had somehow even lost her hair in the fracas.

The entire volleyball team surrounded the red-headed president of the club and she knew that she was next.

"You... you can take my clothes, but you can't take my digni..." was all she got out before they descended upon her.

She took a wild swing at the first one, who easily caught her fist in an iron grip. With the other hand the muscular woman tore the entire sleeve off of Hannah's right arm. A left hook achieved the same result and Hannah's blouse was
now sleeveless.

"Getting ready for summer?" The woman smirked.

"RRRAAAHHHHH!!!" Hannah screamed in rage lunging again the the player. This time both of her arms were caught, holding her in place while another woman approached from behind. With a hard yank, she pantsed Hannah, exposing a pair of butterfly-print panties, partially hidden by her shirttails. Her arms were released and Hannah nearly tripped over the pants bunched around her ankles. Red-faced, Hannah tried to lunge again, but could only shuffle towards the laughing woman.

"Don't know when to quit do you?" said the woman behind her. With another hard yank, Hannah's blouse was torn from her, leaving only the collar behind. Two strong hands gripped her under her armpits and she was lifted, kicking wildly, right out of her pants, losing her shoes in the process. She stood, shivering in rage in just her frilly white bra, butterfly panties and blue ankle socks.

"I hate you!" she screamed stamping one blue socked foot in futile rage, her boobs bouncing in her bra. "You're not going to win!"

"Well you're the one in your underpants." The leader whispered in her ear. "But don't worry, you won't be for long."

Hannah only glared as she felt her bra unclasp. Cool air washed over her lightly freckled breasts as the c-cups fell away. Two fingers slid under the waistband of her panties on either side.

"3...2....1!!!" The team shouted, and Hannah's panties were hoisted down.

The library club was naked.

Hannah stared down in complete shock. The scrap of her shirt collar was still around her neck, and she was wearing her blue socks, but that was it.

"A natural red-head huh? Looks like you've lost your presidential attire." The leader of the volleyball team smirked. "I guess you're just a naked nobody now. You'll go down in school history as the library club president who led her
team to the worst humiliation ever."

Hannah blushed, her bluster had been removed with her panties.

"Please don't..." she began.

"Oh, we have one more thing to do before the photo." The leader grinned. "You got pretty uppity this year and we need to make sure you know your place. If you think this is bad, just know that I can come up with much worse.
Maybe next time I'll invite the men's rugby team to play here too?" While she spoke, the team was gathering up the Swan's clothes (in some cases rags) and shoving them into black garbage bags.

She grabbed Hannah by the hair and pulled her toward a chair. Sitting down she bent Hannah across her lap and slowly, in front of everyone began to spank her pale naked ass.

"Owwwwww!!! Stop, please stop!" Hannah squealed in a most un-presidential tone. As the leader continued to spank, Hannah kicked her legs desperately, her bum turning as red as her fiery hair with each smack.

Horrified, and attempting to cover their nakedness, the other girls cowered together as they watched their leader being chastised. Despondent, they watched their scattered clothes disappear into the garbage bags, and knew that there
was still worse humiliation to come for the Swans that day.

"All right library ladies!" The leader called out, dumping Hannah unceremoniously on the floor. "Get into position."

The girls reluctantly tip-toed to the wall where there large banner had been hung. Hannah struggled to her feet, and rubbing her sore, red bottom joined them facing the wall.

"Did they say this was baby-oil?" of the players grinned, picking up one of the large squirt guns.

"I do believe they did." the leader replied picking up another gun. "They thought of everything! Hands against the wall ladies, and spread those legs."

Fearfully, the Swans did as they were told as thick streams of baby-oil began to coat their exposed skin.

"Rub em' down!"

One smiling player approached each of the naked girls and with strong hands, began to rub the oil into their backs, buttocks and legs. Reaching around, they also rubbed oil into every inch of the girls' fronts, pausing to massage their glistening breasts, and taking their time around their nether regions. Cecelia's eyes bulged, Natalie cringed, Angela sobbed, Josie giggled involuntarily, and Hannah fumed.

"All right girls, say cheese!" The players stepped away, and the Swans turned their tear-streaked, oily faces to face the camera. Their skin shone, reflecting the light off of their bare and very well-oiled bottoms.

Click! Click! Click! "Beautiful ladies!" the leader smirked, lowering the camera. "I'd say we have ourselves a yearbook photo!"
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Well done, thanks!
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Default Thanks

A few typos, sorry. Wanted to capture a multitude of types, embarrassments, personality types and scenarios.
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Old 10-08-2023, 02:03 PM
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Fantastic story
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Old 10-12-2023, 11:29 PM
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Thanks, this was my first story, I threw a bunch of scenarios in there to see what resonated. Is there a particular stripping that stood out? I'm continuing to write more. My favorite was initially Cecilia, but actually became Hannah in the writing. She didn't care so much that she was naked, more so that she had lost the battle and that resonated more on some level.
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Old 10-17-2023, 08:59 PM
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Great story!
For some reason when I first read it I thought they would be behind a banner naked. So I thought it would be a trick to give them false sense of security just to rip the banner away when taking the pictures.
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Old 10-22-2023, 04:13 PM
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My personal favorite was Josie, but then I am biased towards "fat girl" ENF stuff lol
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Angela, Josie, and Cecilia were my faves. Stripping a girl of both clothing and hair, top and bottom, is hot as hell. I too love a good fat girl ENF, and a very shy girl who's too stunned to think or react properly. Natalie was a hot scenario but needed a lot more detail. Hannah was also solid, and the end tied it all together nicely.

If you ever feel like a sequel, we'll be glad to read it.
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