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Old 10-12-2023, 02:21 AM
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Default You shouldn't "bug" other people!

"They're taking this bedbug infestation pretty seriously" Samantha remarked to Karen as they sat in the University Science Building cafeteria. Three workers in hazmat suits were wheeling a large cart loaded down with gear
through the main hallway outside.

"Yeah, I heard they locked down an entire dorm last week. All the students who were inside had to go through decontamination and the whole place was fumigated."

"Why are they even in the Science building, do you think... Oh shit, here comes Christy." Samantha said. "I'm really not in the mood for little miss perfect today."

"Oh god, how can anyone in that good of shape have tits that big? You know she must be stuffing." Karen answered. Samantha giggled, watching Christy approach.

Every man paused to watch the new arrival pass. At nearly six feet, Christy was a knockout. As Karen had noted, her orange sweater and turtleneck hugged and accentuated an enormous pair of breasts, which bounced slightly as she
strutted down the isle towards them, hips swaying in an almost unbearably sensual swing. Her black polished shoes clicked a steady rhythm, as her white knee socks flashed back and forth. Swishing around her thighs was a short
black skirt which left a tantalizing glimpse of her toned legs between the hem, and the knee of her socks. Finally, her long lustrous curly blonde hair was pulled back and fastened by a pink ribbon.

"Hello ladies, mind if I join you?" She asked, sitting down with her tray before they could answer. "Clubhouse sandwich Karen, really?" she said eyeing Karen's lunch. "You're not going to lose those pounds eating that."

"Gee thanks Christy." Karen replied dryly.

"So, how'd you guys do on your chem finals?" She asked, popping a carrot stick in her mouth with a loud crunch. "I got 98%, 2 points down from my mid-term." She mumbled, chewing the carrot loudly.

"I'd really rather not discuss it Christy." Samantha answered, her face falling into an annoyed frown.

"Whoa, ok, that bad huh? Hey are you guys going to the end of term dance? I heard both Derrick Reamer and Patrick Wallace are planning to ask me, which one should I choose?"

"The captain of the basketball team, and the student body president?" Karen asked astounded.

"Why don't you just go with both of them?" Samantha replied dryly.

"Hmmmm.... do you think that's allowed?" Christy wondered staring off into space thoughtfully. "I mean, I'll be queen of course, but which one of them would get to be king?"

"Hey Christy, isn't that Derrick right now?" When Christy turned to look, Samantha knocked her fork off the table onto the floor with a loud clatter. "Oops, sorry Christy."

"Still a little clumsy huh?" Christy said rising. "Don't worry about it, I'll be right back."

As soon as she was out of earshot, Samantha leaned in towards Karen. "Does she mean to be a b*tch, or is she just oblivious?"

"Probably a bit of both" Karen replied eying the workers in their yellow suits who had entered the cafeteria for their break. "Hey, I might have a way we can get rid of her. Follow my lead."

Karen stood up and walked towards the returning Christy, Samantha followed.

"Oh my god Christy! You've got three bed bugs on your sweater!" Karen shouted pointing.

"She's right Christy, they're right under your boobs!"

"What!? Where!?" Christy shrieked trying to lift her massive chest to see underneath, exposing a few inches of her toned tummy in the process.

Out of the corner of her eye, Karen saw the three workers moving fast. One grabbed the cart and began wheeling it rapidly towards them. The other two picked up two large metal rings, about 7 feet in
diameter which seemed to be joined by some kind of plastic material accordioned between them.

"Stop right there miss!" One shouted in a deep voice. Christy spun, stunned by the commotion.

"Whaaa...?" She stuttered.

They dropped the ring on the ground with a hollow metal clang and hustled Christy into the center. With a loud CLICK! It elevated, unfolding the accordion material to form a kind of portable shower curtain
around her, completely obscuring the startled woman from view. Two of the pest control workers stepped inside through a small opening, while the other turned a knob on the cart and opened a metal hatch to
reveal furious blue flames. It was a portable incinerator!

"Ready!" The muffled voice of the incinerator operator called out.

"Hey, what are you doing!?!" Christy screamed as the shower curtain began to sway violently.

"What ARE they doing in there?" Samantha asked incredulously. As she saw a flash of orange, for an instant above the curtain. "I thought they'd just take her away to get decontaminated."

A rubber gloved hand emerged holding Christy's sweater. It was dropped into the incinerator where it disappeared in a POOF! of smoke.

"Whoa, you don't think they're..." was all Karen got out before Christy's skirt emerged, following the sweater into the flames.

"No! Stop, please stop! I don't have bed bugs!" Christy wailed desperately.

The cafeteria crowd was beginning to congregate around the wild scene.

Next came her turtleneck. POOF!

"Oh my god!" Samantha covered her mouth to stop from laughing. "They're stripping her!"

Two black shoes were dropped in next, followed by a long white sock, then another, as the shower curtain continued to shake.

"No! no! no! no! Not that!" They heard Christy plead. "Give it back, I have to special order those!

Almost daintily, the hand came out again, this time it was holding a massive beige reinforced bra, dangling it by one strap. The crowd gasped in shock as it hung in the air for a moment, then Poof! It was incinerated too.

Samantha and Karen looked at each other with glee. This was better than they had hoped. "How many pounds could that thing have held!?"

The curtain shook more violently than ever and they could hear Christy whining incoherently inside. Then suddenly the shaking stopped. The room was silent, except for the hissing of the incinerator flames.

"No you can't! NO! You can't!! Those are mine!" came Christy's voice. "I'll have nothing left!"

The hand emerged again with Christy's white cotton panties dangling from one finger. With a quick flick, they too were gone, consumed by the relentless flames as the crowd moaned in unison.

"I bet they could have got at least five hundred bucks for those from this crowd." Karen murmured.

"She's naked in there!" someone yelled. The room erupted into wild cheers as one final item, Christy's pink hair ribbon, appeared and then disappeared with a final tiny... poof!

The worker overseeing the incinerator handed something through the curtain. As they cheering died down a buzzing noise could be heard inside the ring.

"O....M.....G....!" Samantha blurted, her hands flying to her mouth again. "I think they're shaving her!"

The only sounds in the room for the next several minutes was the rhythmic buzzing of an electric razor accompanied by whimpering noises. Now and again a loud plaintiff sobbing "whhhhyyyyyy????" broke out. This time two hands poked through the
curtain holding a large mass of blonde curls which were dumped unceremoniously into a yellow bucket labeled 'BIOHAZARD'. The buzzing stopped.

"No, you gotta get all the hair." A gruff voice came from inside the curtain, and the buzzing resumed.

"Wait! Whoa! What!?! No, hey!!" Christy shrieked. "Not down there... Whooooooooooaaaaa! WhhhhhoooooAAAAAA!!!! WWHHHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!!!!"

The buzzing stopped again and the gloved hand deposited a handful of something too fine to make out into the bucket.

"Disinfectant gel!" The gruff voice called out and a large tube of something was handed into the curtain. A splurting sound erupted from inside, followed by thick smacking and rubbing noises. The pattern continued for
a few minutes.

"Don't touch those! Hey, no, no, no! I'll do the rubbing down there!" Christy protested.

"We're professionals miss, we'll handle it."

Another "Whhhoooooaaaa!" burst out and then they were done.

The tube and electric razor were handed back out. The incinerator was shut down and closed, and to the everlasting delight of everyone in that cafeteria, the shower curtain dropped to the floor. The room remained silent, every pair
of eyes fixated on the scene before them.

There stood Christy, blinking owlishly in the bright lights. Every last stitch of her clothing was gone. Also missing were her lustrous blonde curls, her eyebrows, and her pubic hair. Her toned curves glistened
in the light under the (very) thoroughly applied disinfectant gel. Her large heaving breasts and pink nipples shone, as did her round perfect ass, bald head and bald... well you know. She shifted on her long legs, eyes widening and
mouth dropping open in a silent scream as she spun slowly taking in the size of the staring crowd.

"Huh, I guess her tits really are that big." Karen remarked.

The workers quickly bundled up their equipment and left the scene. "We'll send you the bill later." One called over his shoulder.

The remark broke Christy out of her trance. She threw her arms over her boobs and bare, bald pussy. Blushing furiously, she turned on Samantha and Karen.

"You horrible b*tches, you did this to me!" She shrieked. "I'm never speaking to you again" Her eyes were staring wildly, seeming larger in the abs cense of her eyebrows.

With a snarl, Christy turned to run from the cafeteria, but after 5 steps, she slipped on the gell coating the bottom of her feet and landed on her ass. Slipping around, she struggled
to stand, but her hands and feet kept sliding out from beneath her.

"Stop looking at me!" She shrieked, spittle flying from her mouth as she continued to struggle to the delight and escalating laughter of the crowd. After 6 attempts, she was almost on her feet,
when once again, she slipped and with an audible 'oooof!' landed on her ample chest. Tears of rage, streaming down her face, she began to pound the floor with her fists, kicking
just as hard, giving the room a good view of everything down below. "Stop laughing, it isn't funny!" She sounded hysterical. "How would you like it if... if... " She paused a new thought dawning on her.

Ever so slowly, a deranged smile spread across her face. She raised one arm and pointed squarely at Karen and Samantha. The cafeteria echoed with her scream "THEY HAVE BED BUGS!"
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Old 10-12-2023, 03:21 PM
brightsun21 brightsun21 is offline
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Another great story
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Old 10-12-2023, 08:38 PM
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This one was fantastic. Sort of reminds me of that scene in Monsters Inc where the bug hairy monster guy gets disinfected, with a similar result lol
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Old 10-13-2023, 08:38 AM
sabbathtage sabbathtage is offline
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I loved this and would gladly read a part 2 of Karen and Samantha's comeuppance.
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Old 10-13-2023, 10:43 PM
scuba782000 scuba782000 is offline
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Default Thanks

Thanks, I'll think about it. I'm working on one with some similar themes.
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Old 10-17-2023, 09:20 PM
SkinkeFlesk SkinkeFlesk is offline
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Yet another great story. Big fan of use of disinfectant gel and oil in the last story, its just something beautiful about a naked glistening body.
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