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Old 05-26-2016, 10:19 AM
jacksonhole jacksonhole is offline
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Default Not professional but...

About twenty years ago, our family became friends with a woman who was a professional masseuse in Colorado. After a long day of skiing she would come over and set up her table in one of the bedrooms and give each family member a full body massage. I was in my early 20's at the time and I discovered that I loved getting a massage. I also paid close attention to what she was doing, both in terms of actual massage techniques, and how she moved the sheet around to give her access without exposing too much.

The first time I got a massage I kept my boxers on because it never occurred to me that I could be naked for a massage. All throughout the massage she would talk to me about how much she loved living in Colorado and all the things she and her friends did. She was only a few years older than me, and was a real free spirit, some would call her a hippie. At one point we talked about the hot springs which we had visited many times. The hot springs had a sign that said bathing suits required until sundown. My family had noticed the sign, but kind of thought it was a joke.

So at some point I asked her if she and her friends ever went to the hot springs, and she said of course, but only at night because we always go naked. Well that got my attention in several ways, and we actually talked about it with her being very casual about the whole thing. She told me I should definitely go at night, and that it was much better naked. She also mentioned that I should do my massage naked as well if I was comfortable with it.

I didn't need to be told twice, and from then on I was always naked for my massages. She was very professional, and my whole family was about ten feet away so nothing sexual happened, but there were definitely a number of times where I was exposed on the table flipping over or when the sheet slipped a bit. She even worked out the muscles in my ass once she saw that I was naked.

Flash forward a few years, I took what I had learned from her massages and started giving massages to my GF who is now my wife. Apparently I had learned well, because my wife would rave about my massages to other people whenever the subject came up.

Well her friends and her sisters took note and started asking me for a massage, usually just a shoulder rub, all the time. And I never say no, so over the past 20+ years I have given many massages. Usually just a quick session to work out some stress in their neck and shoulders, but occasionally it has gone a bit further.

On several different occasions a neck massage turned into a back massage, and after a few minutes of struggling to avoid bra straps I have had a number of different women say "fuck it, you've seen boobs before" and just take their bra off. I was always very cool about it, and never touched them sexually, but I have gotten extended looks and many peeks while giving my massages.

Its a skill worth learning.
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Old 05-30-2016, 09:45 AM
alterego8184 alterego8184 is offline
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Default true

.. its a skill worth learning ... cant agree more !!
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Old 06-11-2016, 05:23 AM
Fallen Fallen is offline
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I've been thinking about sharing this for a while. I've never told anyone this.

I was in my mid 20's, and had never gotten a full body massage before. One day at work they had a massage therapist come into the office to do free 20 minute shoulder massages. Of course, she passed out her business card. So eventually I called, made an appointment, and started seeing her periodically.

The first massage I left my underwear on, since I really didn't know how the draping worked. I was still kinda young and awkward, and actually kinda innocent in a way. After seeing how that I was always covered, I went naked from that point on.

She must have been in her mid 30's. She was a bit on the heavy/big boned side, and not what I would consider that attractive. But she was very friendly and I felt very comfortable with her. And she was a lesbian whose girlfriend I would sometimes see coming or going.

She was a very good and strong massage therapist. I always had huge knots in my neck and shoulders from all the work on the computer, and she would absolutely pound them out. She worked out of her apartment which was fairly close to the downtown area. I got to be pretty good friends with her, and we would talk about a lot of different stuff (at least during the times I was awake). She was very professional. Until the last massage.

She was moving away. I think it was to Seattle, but I don't remember. So I had one last massage with her. Everything started off normal, and I dozed off a few times as usual. Roughly half way through she has me turn over, puts a little blindfold thing to cover my eyes, and does my front (chest, arms, thighs, and neck/head area). Then she whispers to me "hey, since this is the last time, I'm going to try something a little different, ok? It's called a ------ massage. If you want me to stop, let me know."

I don't remember exactly what kind of massage it was that she said, but in retrospect, she might have said lingam massage. Or maybe she said tantric. Of course, I said "ok" while in my half-asleep relaxed stupor.

So she goes back to my feet, and works her way up my legs, and the next thing I know her hand brushes against my penis, and I gasp. As she began to massage my shaft and testicles, she whispers something like "is this okay?" to which I simply mutter "uh-huh". As she kept working it, I was trying my hardest not to moan or yell, because I was afraid somebody outside would hear. She reminded me to keep breathing. As I felt the climax coming (which seemed like an eternity), she told me to hold it as long as I could, and when I was about to explode (which again, seemed like an eternity), she told me it was okay to "let it out", which I did.

As I was lying there, she whispers to me "You're my last tonight. There's no one else coming. So take as long as you need to. Seriously." I then fell asleep for what might have been half and hour. I woke up covered with the sheet, and cleaned up (no semen or anything). I dressed and came out of the room, where she was sitting with a glass of water. We talked a little about what had just happened, and she said that she really liked me as both a friend and a customer, and hoped that she didn't freak me out. Which she didn't. Well she did, a little, I guess. I did ask her if that was a "legit" massage style and she said it was, as opposed to a handjob. Not that I would have been able to tell the difference.

She later moved away, and I never saw her again. This was in the early days of the internet so there was no exchange of e-mail addresses or anything.

And that's my story. Although I've had massages over the years, I've never had anything like this happen to me again. Well, my girlfriend became a massage therapist while we were dating, but that's doesn't really count, because that was always an automatic happy ending.
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Old 10-25-2016, 04:22 PM
gfb4228 gfb4228 is offline
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Love all the massage stories and would love to hear more.
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Old 11-05-2016, 07:05 AM
]) u ]{ e's Avatar
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Default Not quite a happy ending but I was still pretty happy

I'm usually too cheap to pay for massage but a couple of years back I got in a car accident and was awarded several sessions of theraputic massage. I was getting them done by in a very clinical setting from men or strong handed women in nurse-like scrubs. It was pleasant but there was nothing sensual or erotic about it.

I had recovered from the injury before I'd used up my sessions and had all but forgotten that I had some freebies left until I stayed at a nice hotel that had a world famous spa. I enquired with the insurer and they said it was covered as long as the massuse was an RMT. I assumed this was going to limit me to the same old medical treatment but I was very pleasantly surprised.

The setting was much nicer with fountains, soft music and fancy tile work and all the staff were as attractive as the décor. At my other place they definitely warned you to keep your undies on but at this place they suggested that I disrobe "as far as you are comfortable" and I'm pretty sure they were suggesting that naked was best so I was happy to go along. As I was lying there nude with just a towel d****d over my butt I worried briefly about my masseur being a dude but my concerns soon vanished. A woman entered, introduced herself and asked a few questions about my comfort: temperature of the room, sore spots, whether I liked hard or soft touching, etc. She had young gorgeous legs and no frumpy nurses scrubs, she was wearing tight white yoga pants. From my face down position I could not tell much more about her other than she had neatly painted toes and a toe ring.

The massage was so much nicer than what I was used to, slow hands, oil, and just the right pressure. After the shoulders arms and back it became obvious that the towel was just a formality. She moved that around as needed to get every part of my bum except the hole itself! I knew that my balls must have been just hanging out there and the thought was arousing. I did not know if I was doing a good job of keeping my erection a bay or if I just could not spring one while face down but I was happy that I was not sporting a flag pole at the time I had to roll over. She carefully lifted the towel while I rolled beneath it and laid it back down. She folded the towel quite small while I got a good look at her for the first time. Blond hair tied back in a functional pony tail and only a white sports top to compliment the white yoga pants. I would have called it a sports bra except for the little blue adidas logo that hinted that it might indeed be outer wear. Now that my fella was not pinned to the massage table and that I had a visual distraction to go along with the sensual touch, I was quite concerned that my excitement would start to show. The last straw was when she was doing my inner thighs and a couple of times the back of her hand grazed my marble bag. I could feel myself growing with rhythmic throbs. I thought that as my erection grew it might just drag the towel with it and keep me covered but at some point she stroked down on my thighs while my manhood was clearly heading the other way and the head popped out from its cover. By the time she finished with my feet half my shaft was exposed and to make matters worse I had a string of pre-cum d****d from the head to my stomach. Instead of adjusting the towel myself I decided to look elsewhere and pretend I did not realize it was happening.

She finished with my feet and moved back to mid table and I saw her eyes fix on my exposed erection for a moment. I feared the look of disgust that I imagined would come, but she didn't look concerned. If anything a brief smile crossed her face. Then I was shocked at the next bit of boldness. She picked up the towel exposing me completely and used it to wipe the little spot on my stomach then gently dab the remainder from the head of my cock. She then left me exposed while she used the towel to wipe off the excess oil from the rest of my body before folding it neatly on top of my junk.

When she left she said something to the effect of "I usually ask if people enjoyed the massage but I can tell you liked it very much". She then added "there's a lock on the door while you get changed" as she motioned to the door, "and you're welcome to stay a few minutes and enjoy some lemon water" while she made two clear motions to the water and a box of tissues! She said this with a smile I'll always remember and glided out the door. Now that's professional service.

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Old 02-04-2017, 04:42 PM
mysweetie61 mysweetie61 is offline
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The old guy my massage therapist was seeing for sex once in a while has become sex once every 3 months though he has made it known it's not enough for him. She's becoming disinterested in him because he's so selfish and cheap only thinking about his wants. She said she feels sorry for the guy hence the reason she's stuck around with him. She is hoping he finds someone else or he says "it's over"
I continue to get bi-weekly massages from my massage therapist. She has become much more comfortable with me but she told me outright she can't have sex with me because I'm her client. I guess that doesn't apply to me finger fucking her until she cums.
Last night I was not busy so I texted her to see how she was doing and to book an appointment for the following week. She said she was done at 8 so I asked if she wanted a massage. She quickly replied back "that would be nice" but no special massage as she was on her period. She said that if her period was over by the time of my appointment it would be nice if I gave her a special massage (more like happy ending massage for her,lol).
Here are photos of her lying on her stomach with butt showing and the other is her on her back with me starting to massage her front. As you can see she has very small breasts but I enjoy sucking on her nipple while fingering her pussy. I usually drop my shorts before finishing her special massage. She usually puts her arm around me and moans when she's coming. She can come by just massaging her nipples or rubbing around her clit without touching the clitoris
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Old 02-15-2017, 01:26 AM
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I dated a beautiful woman who did legit massages. Some time after we drifted apart or she moved away she reached out to me, said she was back in town, and told me where she was working. I couldn't resist, so I signed up for a session. We just talked dirty, she knew I was in a relationship, and enjoyed the tension. I asked her for dirty massage stories. She told me that she made an older guy cum by massaging his upper thighs and lower back. I thought that was pretty hot, and went home to whack it.
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Old 02-16-2017, 12:17 AM
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Default Great Experience

I had signed up at a local legit massage parlor for their program to get regular full body, deep tissue massages, on a regular basis while training for a competition. For the first few months the therapist I had was ok, she never really got to deep and kept me completely covered and never touched my ass or anywhere near the tops of my thighs.

I went in around 1 PM after lunch one weekday and they told me my regular therapist had left and that they had somebody new that would be doing my massage today. They told me they had a gentleman that could do deep tissue and asked if I wanted to keep my appointment or reschedule with the guy when he was in. I told them I would keep the appointment and waited.

Back in the room my new therapist said she really didn't do a lot of deep tissue but we talked about what I was wanting from the session and she then told me to undress to my point of comfort and left the room. The session that day was one of the best I had and she really worked my muscles deep including the pecs which were super sore. I decided to stay with her and we had several more appointments, usually every Thursday afternoon.

After several weeks of working with her I made an appointment on a Monday after a particularly strenuous workout due to my back having muscle spasms after heavy deadlifts. Fortunately my new therapist was in that day and working and I went into see her around 10 that morning. I got undressed completely as usual and pulled the blanket over me before she entered the room. I told her about my back issue and indicated where the pain was in my low back. She began working my back and I was sweating from the pre-workout supplements and she ended up removing the blanket and having me covered with just the sheet. As she worked my muscles she indicated that my glutes were very tight and asked if I wanted her to work them. I told her yes and she asked if I wanted to remain covered fully for her to work over the top of the sheet or if I wanted her to uncover the area she was working. I told her whatever she thought was best and most effective. She moved the sheet down and over my left cheek leaving my right cheek covered and began working deep. For the next half hour she worked my lower back and glutes with me being mostly exposed.

Finally, she said she was going to work my front and she held the sheet up letting me turn over as she hid her view from my body. I was rock hard from the effects of what she had been working and tried to just ignore it. She put the sheet back over my hips and when she went to get more oil I could see that my cock was on full display underneath the thin white sheet. I was embarrassed and shyly mentioned I was sorry and she just passed it off saying "it happens, don't worry I am used to it."

Once she finished my massage she covered me and told me to make sure to drink plenty of water and got a bottle for me before leaving the room. I had to lay there for a few minutes and then finally dressed adjusting my cock into my underwear still rock hard. She was already in another room when I left.

She remained my therapist for several more months and always worked me very well. She uncovered me but always asked and stayed completely professional. She left a few months later after starting to show from being pregnant. She is still the best therapist I ever had.
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Old 06-24-2018, 03:38 PM
Borracho100 Borracho100 is offline
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On honeymoon, my wife and I went for a couples massage. We stripped down and put our towels around us as directed and were led through to two tables side by side. We lay on our fronts with our towels covering our bums as usual and had a nice massage. We were then told to turn over which we did with my towel over my waist and the wife’s covering her boobs and hips like normal. I had my eyes closed enjoying having my shoulders rubbed when I heard a little noise from my wife. The noise was one of shock because when I opened my eyes to look, her towel had been lowered to just about cover her freshly waxed pussy and her massage therapist going to work in her lovely pert breasts. My wife caught my eye and looked embarrassed but her nipples were rock hard whilst the therapist oiled and kneaded them and soon my towel was very tented!
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Old 06-24-2018, 06:32 PM
island101 island101 is offline
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I had an interesting experience back in the 90s. I went to a legitimate massage place. The therapist was tall and very hot. She led me to the room and told me to undress as far as I was comfortable and get under the sheet and then left the room for me to undress. I stripped down completely and as I was walking towards the table she walked in the room without knocking and saw me standing completely stunned and completely naked. She apologized and quickly left the room.

A few minutes later she knocked on the door and I told her she could come in. She kept apologizing and said she wasn’t thinking when she walked in. I told her it was OK and not a big deal. Then she said she noticed I had a lot of pubic hair. That was back in the 90s before I started manscaping. Then she told me that she was also hairy and pulled the front of her yoga pants down so I could see the top few inches of her dark pubic hair, but not far enough for me to see lips. That surprised me, but then the rest of the massage was like any other. I think she just felt so bad walking in on me she wanted to even the score a bit.
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