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Old 03-27-2017, 03:55 PM
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Default Revenge a Decade in the Making

I recognised her the moment she walked in.

You just don’t forget a face like that. Or a body like that.

Amy Park, confident looking as ever, her blonde hair fashionably short, her clothes smart, business like, black pants and a white blouse. It was semi see through, I noticed.

Yeah, I recognised Amy Park alright, but she didn’t recognise me. How could she? I had changed a lot in the ten years since we graduated high school. Back then I had been a chubby, gawky looking little boy, and now I was a man, with an athletic build I had worked hard for. A person can change a lot in ten years. Well, they can change their appearance anyway. But beneath that? Can someone really change their attitudes, their opinions, their behaviours? I didn’t think so. And Amy Park, gorgeous as she was, was a grade-A b*tch.

Ten years was unlikely to have changed that. The last time I saw her was on the last day of school, when Amy had taken me aside in the corridor. She told me she wanted to give me a leaving present and I, being a sucker, believed her. She told me to close my eyes, and I did. Next thing I knew my pants were on the floor and I was surrounded by her friends, laughing at me, taunting me. They wrestled me to the floor and stripped me naked, just in time for the final school bell. Then, she and her friends had chased me down the corridor in front of everyone, slapping my bare ass the whole way.
Yeah, Amy Park was a b*tch alright, but it’s funny what difference a decade could make.

I had been manager of the bank for five years now. I had started as a clerk and quickly worked my way up. It was easy. When you start to look good, people give you things, they respect you more. Amy knew all about that during high school, and after high school I too had learned that. That’s why I stay in shape, gym five times a week, a healthy diet, the works.

I had stalked Amy on Facebook ever since, just to see how she was doing. She presented to the world an image of herself as a successful businesswoman, loving life. She owned various local businesses, all of which was no doubt given to her by her rich asshole father.

But I knew she wasn’t doing so well. As bank manager, I was able to keep track of her finances. Oh I know, I shouldn’t, but I did. So what? I have never forgotten that day she humiliated me, and never will, so I took great glee in watching her financial misfortunes grow. Her father seemed to have lost his patience with her too, as the money from him stopped appearing in her account, and she was dangerously overdrawn.

Basically, she was in debt up to her sweet little tits.

I flashed my best smile and motioned for her to sit. I wondered if she’d recognise me.
She didn’t.
‘So, Miss…Park? What can I do for you?’ I said.
She blushed a little, and smiled at me, piercing me with her deep blue eyes.
‘Well, I…I need a loan.’ she said. Was it just me, or did she flutter her eyelashes? Did she really think that would work? Mind you, as I said, beautiful people are used to getting their way.
‘Yes, yes,’ I said, ‘I’ve looked over your financial paperwork and your credit history.’ I looked her right in the eyes. ‘And I’m afraid it doesn’t look good.’
She shrugged, the movement raising her chest a little, and looked down towards the floor.
‘I know, but it’s just to get me back on my feet. There were a couple of deals that…’
‘Miss Park, I know about your deals. It’s all here. You’ve lost a lot of money. How do I know we would ever get a loan back?’
She seemed taken aback by my forcefulness, and she started to stammer out a response. I cut her off.
‘Save it, Amy. Just tell me. How much do you need?’
She bit her lower lip, her full, round lips that once upon a time I had dreamed of kissing.
‘Twenty thousand dollars,’ she said, almost inaudibly.
‘Pardon? You’ll need to speak up.’
‘Twenty thousand dollars,’ she said, louder this time. I shook my head and exhaled loudly.
‘Well, I’m afraid that just won’t be possible. You’ve made a series of bad deals, and we’re not here to bail you out whenever you need it. Is there no one else you could get the money from? Your father, perhaps?’
She broke eye contact again, and started fiddling with her bracelet.
‘He won’t help me anymore. He said he’s given me enough, that I was too ungrateful…’ She broke off, perhaps realising she had said too much. I gave her a thin smile.
‘Well, I’m sorry to hear that. But there’s really nothing I can do.’ I gestured towards the door, the feeling of power I finally held over Amy Park causing adrenaline to course through my veins. But what she did next surprised me.
‘Please,’ she said in a voice barely bigger than a whisper. She got out of the chair and walked round my desk, then got on her knees in front of me. ‘Please, I’m begging you. I need that money. I’ve made mistakes I know, but I can fix them, please, you must help me.’
A tear rolled down her cheek and she clasped my hand in hers and looked deep into my eyes. Amy Park was on her knees, begging me. I felt a stiffness in my trousers and pulled my hand away.
‘Please,’ she said, more tears now. ‘Please, I’ll do anything. I need that money or I’m finished. Bankrupt. You’re my only hope.’
I nodded and gave her a sad smile.
‘I know, Miss Park. But there’s really nothing I can do.’
She stayed on the floor, quietly crying. I lifted her chin with one hand and she stared at me hopefully.
‘You’ll have to leave now.’ I said with finality. Her jaw dropped slightly, parting those red lips and I realised I had a full erection. She slowly got up and dried her eyes, backing away from me. She looked like she wanted to say something then thought better of it. She slowly shuffled towards the door.
Then I spoke. ‘Unless, of course…’

She turned towards me, then ran back to her previous kneeling position in front of me.
‘Yes, yes, anything! Please!’ She was smiling now, taking my hand again.
‘Well, twenty thousand is a lot of money…’
‘I know, but I’m willing to, y’know, pay for it…’ she said, smiling coyly. ‘How about we go for dinner? I always kiss on a first date.’
My face was blank. ‘Yeah, that’s not quite what I had in mind actually.’
She looked confused. ‘Look, I’m not a hooker,’ she said, sounding indignant. ‘I’m not going to sleep with you for money.’
‘You don’t have to. Tell you what Amy. Get over my knee.’ I pushed the chair away from the desk and patted my knee for her. She just stood there, her face white.
I smiled at her. ‘Get over my knee. Miss Park, you’ve obviously never had proper discipline. Your father threw money at you to shut you up, but you’ve never really been taught a lesson, have you?’
‘You…you want me to…’
‘I won’t tell you again, Amy. Get over my knee, right this instant.’
She looked dazed, her mouth flapping like a tropical fish, and she got to her feet. My heart was racing. If she walked out of here, I was finished.

Instead, she took a tentative step towards me. I patted my knee again. She licked her lips and lowered herself down, pressing her stomach onto my knees. I looked down, unable to fully comprehend what was happening. Amy Park - I had spent all high school wanting to be with her, and the last decade fantasising about getting revenge on her, and now here she lay, face down across my lap, her round butt in the black cotton pants pointing up at me. I could feel her body quivering.
At last she spoke.
‘What are you going to do with me?’
‘Amy…I’m going to spank you.’
She shot back up to a standing position. ‘No! How…how dare you! You can’t sp-sp-spank me! I’m not some little girl, I’m a grown woman!’
I leaned back in my chair. ‘Is that so? Well, I’ll give you a loan of $100 for each spank.’
‘But…but I need twenty thousand dollars!’
‘Then why are we wasting our time?’
She took a step back again and I thought I’d blown it. Then a look of realisation dawned. Of acceptance. I patted my lap again and she assumed the position.
I raised my hand and heard her whisper something. I lowered my hand, letting it rest on her thigh.
‘What was that, Miss Park?’
She spoke up. ‘I said…please don’t hurt me.’
‘No pain, no gain, Amy,’ I said and lifted my hand. I brought it down sharply, spanking her on her left cheek. She yelped, though more out of surprise than pain. I didn’t want to hurt her, not yet anyway. This part was more about humiliation, of dominance. I smacked her again, this time on the right cheek, then again right in between. With every spank her body jerked slightly into me, and my erection grew stronger. I lightly slapped her butt again and again, and she yowled and squealed in abject embarrassment.
‘Please…what if someone comes in?’ she said breathlessly.
‘It’s just you and me, Amy. Aw shoot, you made me lose count!’
I started spanking her again, harder this time, making her butt jiggle with each slap. Amy had a killer body in high school, and at 28 it was still enviable. Her thighs had gotten a bit bigger, and her butt definitely had too. The way it moved when struck made me want to see more.
‘Ow, that’s too hard, you’re hurting me!’ she said.
I whacked her butt hard in an upward motion, causing her to cry out.
‘Miss Park, you’ve made me lose count again! You really must stop talking!’ I emphasised these last words with a good, hard crack of my hand.
She wrestled out of my grip and stood up, her hands shooting straight to her injured rump. She had a pouty expression on her face that suggested that this was indeed Amy’s first ever spanking.
‘You can’t keep losing count! It’s not fair!’ she sulked softly.
‘Okay, I’ll tell you what. I think $100 dollars is too little. You’re right, we’d be here all day. Tell you what - let’s make it $250 per spank.’
‘You mean that?’ she said, and I was pleased to note the delight in her voice, before I brought her back down to earth.
‘Of course. Now get back over my knee.’
She moved forwards and I held up a hand. ‘Stop. What are you doing?’
Her face fell. ‘But you said…?’
‘Yeah, $250. But not with your pants on!’ I said, laughing.

My heart skipped a beat, and I’m willing to bet hers did too. She looked at me, and I looked right back at her. I made a downward motion with my finger. Her hands moved slowly to the front of her pants.
‘$250…?’ she said, her voice a faint croak. I nodded.
With shaking fingers, she undid the button on her black pants. She fumbled for a bit, trying to steady her hands as her chest rose and fell, rose and fell. Her eyes never left the floor as she managed to undo the button. Her fingers found the small zipper and she slid it down slowly, perhaps hoping I would tell her I was only joking after all.
But I wasn’t. With the zipper undone, I caught a glimpse of her hot pink panties. She put a hand on each side of her pants and started to pull them down, careful not to tug her undies down with them. After a brief struggle, she had them down to her thighs and I saw her skimpy little panties in all their glory. They were a hot pink with black polka dots on them, and a black frilly trim, the bikini cut coming perilously close to revealing her pubic area. She stood before me with her pants at her knees, and I motioned for her to step out of them, which she dutifully did, removing her shoes as well. A single tear rolled down her cheek but I still held my hand up. I motioned towards her blouse and she shook her head.
‘$500,’ I said and she started to unbutton. I felt bad, but also felt so good. Amy Park, little miss perky tits, little miss perfect ass, was about to be standing in front of, completely at my mercy, in just her bra and panties!
She had gotten her nerves under control a bit, and her fingers worked the buttons more dextrously. Within seconds she had undone the last one and her blouse hung open, showing her black lacy bra. She relaxed her shoulders and it slid off her body, coming to rest on the floor.
She looked stunning.

I mean, I’ve never seen anything so perfect in all my life. Her ‘C’ cup breasts were still oh-so-perky, and if she was showing the slight hint of a belly developing, then so what, we all have to get near our thirties one day. Her small panties hugged her body closely, betraying the hint of pubic hair through the thin fabric.
I motioned for her to turn round and she complied. Her shapely form drove me wild with desire, desire for her and desire for revenge. Her chubby little bottom was barely contained by the tiny knickers she was barely wearing.
I patted my lap and she turned and lay across me once more. I could see beads of sweat glistening on her smooth, naked back as I lifted my hand again and let loose with a stinging volley of spanks to her barely protected ass. Her skimpies were no match for my hand, and without her tight pants on, Amy’s chubby butt bounced wildly around, much to my delight.

‘Ouch! Ow! Owwwww!’ she cried out as my hand connected again and again with the soft, tender flesh of her pale bottom. ‘That’s too hard! It hurts!’ she cried. I smacked her left cheek, her right cheek, her inner thighs, upper legs, everywhere. No inch of her modesty was safe. Amy was crying now, each hard spank causing her to sob. I rested for a moment, taking a breather. Then, I took hold of her panties with one hand and slid them up her ass crack into a wedgie. She whimpered as the fabric disappeared, revealing two bountiful, soft cheeks.
‘Please don’t…’ she moaned and I shut her up with a couple of hard smacks on her bared flesh, her little panties now resembling a thong.
I stopped.

‘Stand up,’I commanded. She did, though her legs seemed shaky and again her hands gently rubbed her ass, which was going a light shade of red.
‘Amy, look at me. Don’t you remember who I am?’
She squinted through her tears at me and shook her head.
‘Should I?’ she said in a small voice.
Now it was my turn to shake my head. ‘Last day of high school. Ring any bells?’ Her eyes widened.
‘You…you’re the boy we…’
‘Go on.’
‘I’m sorry…’
‘I told you to go on.’
‘You’re the boy we stripped, aren’t you?’
I nodded.
‘You’re the boy we stripped naked.’
I nodded again.
I leaned back in my chair. ‘Twenty thousand dollars, Amy. You know what to do.’

Her breathing became more rapid as she reached behind her back and felt for the clasp that would unhook her bra. My eyes never left her chest, heart racing in anticipation, and I was not disappointed. The straps slackened and her perky little tits fell slightly. I reached up and took the bra off her shoulders, letting her naked breasts hanging free, a vision of perfection. Then I moved down to her skimpy little pink polka dot panties, and hooked my thumbs into the sides. I saw a small wet spot on the front and smiled, then yanked them down to her ankles, revealing Amy’s neatly trimmed blonde bush. Her hands automatically shot to cover it, but I moved them to the sides and took a good look, before grabbing her by the wrists and pulling her over towards the photocopier. I lifted the lid and pushed her down onto the glass screen, making sure to get her face and tits in. She started to struggle, so I just repeated the magic words.
‘Twenty. Thousand. Dollars.’
That seemed to calm her. I hit a button and the copier sprung into life.
‘Tell me you deserve this Amy.’
‘I do. I deserve it.’
‘Tell me you deserve to have your bare bottom spanked like a little girl.’
Choking back the tears, she said ’I…I…I deserve to have my bottom…’ I smacked her hard. ‘Ow! My bare bottom…I deserve to have my bare bottom spanked like a…like a…like a little girl.’
I swatted her butt and she squealed again. Bent over the machine with her naked butt in the air, I went to town on it. I spanked her and spanked her and spanked her some more. She shrieked and wiggled and struggled, she yelped and cried and sobbed, but I just kept on smacking her right on her little round ass. With her panties off I could finally enjoy seeing her rump in all its naked glory. It was round and white and kinda dimpled, truth be told, but still the finest ass I’d ever seen. The perfect ass for a bare bottom spanking!
‘Tell me you’re sorry Amy!’ I cried at her.
‘I’m sorry!’ she shouted as the loud crack of my palm on her butt resounded around my office.
‘Don’t stop telling me!’
‘I’m sorry!’ WHACK! ‘I’m sorry!’ SMACK! ‘I’m sorry!’ She apologised every time my hand made contact with her. Her voice became choked with tears, her chubby little bottom bouncing and dancing with each hard spank.
I could hardly believe it. I had dreamed of this day for years, of getting my revenge on this snotty high school b*tch. I had plotted and planned, but never for a moment thought that one day I would have stripped her absolutely bare, completely and utterly naked, and bent over before me, her pale, jiggly bottom bouncing and wobbling like jello as I spanked her over and over again, her ass going from a milky white to a nice red. All the while the copier flashed and fired off another sheet of paper, showing Amy’s squirming face pressed against the glass, her world class breasts crudely squashed up against it too.
I lifted the copier lid and put my arms under Amy’s armpits, lifting her whole body over the copier, until she lay across it, the copier taking copies from her belly button down to her knees. I resumed spanking, seeing her body buck and jerk as my hand slapped against naked flesh, Amy crying out ‘I’m sorry! I’m sorry!’ over and over again.
‘Tell me you’re sorry for being a b*tch!’ I said.
‘I’m sorry I was a b*tch!’ she replied, grimacing through the words.
‘Tell me you’re sorry for your sagging tits!’
‘I’m sorry for my sagging tits!’
Her poor little bottom was going red, but still I persisted. She reached one hand round to cover it from me, a natural protective gesture. I grabbed her arm and held it up behind her back, restraining her.
‘Tell me you’re sorry for having a big fat ass!’
‘But I don’t! I don’t have a fat ass!’
I stopped spanking her and grabbed a big handful of a soft, pliant butt cheek with my hand, squeezing it, shaking it.
‘Tell me!’
‘Okay! Okay! I’m sorry I have such a big fat ass! I’m sorry! I’m sorry my ass is so fat!’
I spanked her some more, until finally, I stopped and she lay there, still whispering ‘I’m sorry…I’m sorry…’

I helped her down from the copier and stood her before me. All over the ground lay hundreds of photocopies of her naked body, her breasts, her pussy, her crying face.
Naked as the day she was born, Amy stood before me, humiliated beyond all belief. I gathered up her clothes and held them in a neat little bundle.
‘Okay Amy, you did well. It’s a good thing you have such a fat little ass. Now, you just have to make the final decision.’
She looked me in the eyes, hands pressed over her sweet little butt, tears in her big round eyes.
‘What do you mean?’ she gasped.
I smiled one more time. I threw her clothes into my desk cabinet and her eyes widened.
‘How badly do you want that money, Amy?’
‘I don’t understand…’
‘It’s really quite simple. Do you want the money? Or do you want your clothes back?’
She looked stunned.
‘Because frankly Amy, you aren’t leaving this office with both.’
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Old 03-28-2017, 04:15 AM
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Default you are right...

Originally Posted by MsKittyVicki View Post
Very, very good, to bad she wasn't stuffing her bra or something but very enjoyabl. you captured her plight very well and brought your victim to life!
You are right. Something what humbled her much more... Revealing of stuffed bra, spanking in front of her subordinates, to confiscate her sexy lingerie, taking off her precious high polished knee high boots (what she wears so often for her own personal pleasure...), loosing her property or high social status...
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Old 09-05-2017, 01:59 AM
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Smile love it

Originally Posted by MsKittyVicki View Post
Very, very good, to bad she wasn't stuffing her bra or something but very enjoyabl. you captured her plight very well and brought your victim to life!

You seem to love when they get exposed stuffing their bra, I seem to love it now. I love the look on their face when they get expose
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