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Default The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, Naked. Part 2

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, Naked. Part 2

Part Two of the contest commission. Please enjoy!

*All characters are over 18 years old*

The Risqué Rendezvous

Prim’s cab came to a stop by the waterfront. The driver helped Primrose from the car, holding her door. With practiced grace, she took his hand and swiveled her hips to smoothly exit. A pair of shapely silk-clad gams emerged in the cool night air. As she dipped her head to clear the cab door, she flashed the cabbie a brief glimpse of her stocking tops and bare leg. Her silken thighs whispered, rubbing together as she rose. Primrose silently smiled to see the driver agog, nearly drooling, fumbling to close her door.

She buckled her coat as she thought to herself, “Men… How easy it was to manipulate them with just a little tease.”

Prim imagined with a giggle, “I’m sure I can dazzle my contact at Axis just as easily as this cabbie, and wheedle a little something extra and unpaid for…”

“Ma’am,” the cabbie interrupted, “The meter reads $21.75.”

“Here you are, my man, and keep the change.” Primrose handed him a fifty-dollar bill. “Remember, be back here in thirty minutes, and wait if you must.”

He touched his cap in acknowledgement and watched her cross the wet street, surrounded by mist. Even in her trench coat, Primrose’s curves made a delightful rear view as her stilettos clicked on the pavement. The cabbie departed with a soft-but-sly wolf whistle, as his passenger was obscured in wisps of fog.

Tonight, Primrose imagined herself a sexy spy, and had certainly dressed the part; with a dark Burberry raincoat, silk scarf, fedora, Manolo heels and black, seamed silk stockings. She also wore a sexy ensemble of unmentionables, as she planned to ‘pop’ in on Edward French later tonight. One liaison following another, for an intimate tête-à-tête.

She saw a slight figure smoking and reading a newspaper under the streetlight. The man was wearing a slouch hat, scarf, khaki trench coat, and dark trousers.

Primrose approached and looked at her watch. She was right on time.

“Does ‘Canary’ still want to sing for ‘Jay’ on the waterfront tonight?” Primrose asked, avoiding eye contact.

After a pause, the man put out the cigarette and answered, “Yes, the Canary will sing if all Jay’s C-notes add up.”

“Aha!” Primrose exclaimed, stepping back, and staring at Canary. The man had a curious tenor voice, at odds with his pencil-thin mustache, pointed beard, and dark glasses.

“Do you have the money?” he asked, regarding her cautiously.

Primrose produced a fat security envelope and countered, “Yes, and you have the formula for the adhesive?”

“Microfilm,” he said with a raised eyebrow, as he took a small package from his satchel. It was open on one end and she could see the tiny inside.

“Of course,” she said, “Now hand me the microfilm first.”

“Not quite!” Canary protested.

There was a short stalemate where each clutched their parcels and hesitated.

“Let’s do this,” Prim suggested. “You put yours on the window ledge behind you, and I will put mine on this bench. We then return to the streetlight, shake hands, and then we retrieve our respective packages.”

“Very clever..., You must be a pretty good spy,” Canary declared. “Right, here we go, but no funny business!”

They simultaneously positioned their packages, returned, shook hands, and hurried to secure their packets. As they both examined the contents of their parcels, they slowly drifted back together under the light pole.

The Canary opened Prim’s envelope and counted the money with the speed of a cashier, quietly tallying to himself as Prim held the film to the light and examined it for authenticity.

Satisfied, Primrose touched her finger to her hat in a parting salute, and said, “It has been a pleasure doing business with you.”

“Wait!” Canary chirped. “You are three-hundred dollars short!” He sn*tched the microfilm back from Primrose and shoved it in his pocket.

“Canary, you cannot be serious. What is a mere $300.00 compared to TEN GRAND?”

He replied stone faced, “A deal is a deal! You still owe me three C-notes.”

Prim checked her purse but found no money left. She winced with regret at having overtipped her cabbie just a few minutes earlier.

“Alright, I’ll write you a check,” she announced.

“Are you kidding?” he whispered. He crossed his arms and said, “I am not about to accept a check from you. The deal is off. I am going to keep these five bills for my inconvenience.” He removed $500.00 and tried to hand the balance back, but Primrose objected with a splutter.

“Let’s not be too hasty, please…, I uh..., I really need this deal to go down, Canary. You see, I’m, umm, well this bird is a bit out on a limb here, so to speak.”

Canary paused, sensing his advantage, and countered, “What do you have…, for trade, to settle the score?”

“Well, let me see, uh…” Prim muttered nervously as she opened her coat to rifle through the interior pockets, revealing her closely tailored grey suit jacket with its matching pencil skirt.

Primrose found nothing in her pockets, and flashed Canary a nervous smile. “I uuhhmm... I didn’t realize I would be forfeiting my personal belongings pay the balance so to speak.”

As the befuddled Primrose stalled for time, the canary said, “Let’s start with these pearls,” as he hooked a finger in the rope around Primrose’s neck.

“Unhand the strand, you masher! You are NOT getting my pearl necklace!” she snapped.

“Then what else are you offering, Jay?” Canary demanded
Prim held up her purse and smiled sheepishly.

“Nice try. Go on!”

“Ok, well what about this?” Primrose asked, handing over her watch. “It’s a Cartier.”

Canary regarded it closely and responded, “This is a fake, but a very good one. I’ll credit you $100.00 for this watch.”

The flustered Primrose breathed a sigh of relief to realize she was moving her debt in the right direction.

“What say you for this bracelet?” Primrose asked.

“Only $50.00.” Canary said.

“You have got to be kidding. It is a genuine Tiffany!”

“I stand firm, those are all over the resale market today. Besides, my lady friend has more subtle taste and would not wear something like that.”

“Huff,” Prim muttered, handing over the jewelry. “I don’t suppose you want anything else?”

Canary said, “As a matter of fact, I do. I’ll spot you $25.00 for those earrings.”

“Ok, here...” Primrose said as she unfastened and handed them over. “You just take them then, and I will consider my debt paid.”

Canary regarded her without emotion.

“Aren’t we close enough? I’m over half way...”

Canary chided, “You still owe me money, and you are going to pay”

“Okay, okay, you sound like some pool hustler I saw in a movie.” Primrose asked, “$125.00 is it?”

Canary nodded.

Prim continued, opening her trench coat. “How much for my coat? It is a Burberry and surely worth the remaining balance!”

He parried, “It is a very used Burberry, and I will only give you $50.00 for it.”

“What will you give me for…,” she stammered, fingering her expensive skirt. “Please work with me here and help a girl out.”

Canary shrugged without a reply.

“How about this Gucci suit jacket?”

Canary did not immediately respond, so Prim added, “I’ll throw in the scarf!”

Canary held up two fingers and stuffed the jacket and scarf into his satchel and said, “What’s next?”

“Next? What do you mean next?” Primrose stammered as she began to redden. “We’re good now, aren't we?”

“Oh no we are not. Your bill is still $105.00.” Canary answered firmly.

“I don’t have anything left to give you. I mean... Otherwise, I would likely be left only in my lingerie and that would be most inappropriate… and very uncomfortable for me.”

How about the hat then? He asked, feeling the brim.

Understanding her unpreventable upcoming uncovering, Prim protested, “Not happening, I need this hat to maintain my…. well, if not my dignity, then certainly my anonymity.”

Primrose did some quick addition in her head and arrived on a clever plan. “Let’s try something different,” she said with a forced smile as she opened her coat like a flasher. “Do you see anything you like?”

He said, “I rather like that blouse; I will give you $25.00 for it.”

“Really? For my blouse? Oh, well, I’ll be out of here soon enough.” Prim thought as she unfastened the round buttons and peeled the shirt from her shoulders, revealing her full breasts barely concealed by a delectably sheer black demi-bra. With a mouthwatering wobble of her creamy mounds, she removed her shirt with dexterity while still covered by her overcoat.

“Will you hurry up! I haven’t got all night, JAY!” He rushed her, despite grinning at her near toplessness.

Primrose spat, “Well, it’s just that, well... we’re out here in the street, and umm... a car could come by… and it’s a bit awkward stripping off in public TO SAY THE LEAST!”

“I’ll remind you this was ALL your idea, Jay.”

“Yeah, well, I would not have chosen such a public place if I knew I would be FORFEITING my clothes!” said the blushing Primrose.

“You are the one who showed up short, now come on with it. We are at $80.00 and you’re still very much in the... umm... RED.” he said with a chuckle, looking at her frowning flushed face.

Primrose pleaded, “$80.00, really! Is it only eighty dollars?”

Canary admonished her, “This is simply business and don’t you pride yourself on being a professional business woman?”

“Of course, yes, of course. But what type of professional business woman is undressing on a street corner by the docks?”

Canary retorted, “I risked everything stealing these company secrets. Your risqué review here hardly compares.”

“Very funny!” Primrose sneered, as she flashed another fake smile. “Maybe you could cut the microfilm, and retain, say three quarters. I could then pay for the rest later?”

“Ha HA! Very thoughtful, but no dice!”

Primrose stamped her heel in frustration, her hands hugging her chilly upper arms pushing her spectacular tits up and out from her open coat. Canary noticed her nipples printing spectacularly against her see-thru brassiere and smiled.

Prim gasped to see him gawking and hauled her coat closed around her body. “What do you suggest then?” she hissed.

“Well, how about $30.00 for your skirt?”

Primrose blinked with a red face as she thought to herself, “Okay, I AM wearing underwear tonight, and I do have my coat... Still, I could be flirting with disaster...” as she fingered the full vent in the back of her raincoat. “My stocking tops will be visible.” Primrose steeled herself and turned her back to him, “I guess I could part with it.”

Primrose slowly lowered the zipper of the tight skirt, and shimmied her plump buns and full hips from the garment. Her jacket slipped from her shoulders, falling to her elbows, and revealing her reveal. First to peek out was the top of Prim’s black garter belt, snuggly fastened about the top of her hips, indenting her flesh so slightly. Next, below a pair of scrumptious dimples where her glutes began, was the low waistband of a tiny sheer black pair of hipster bikini panties. These shook in the street light, struggling to cover her ample ass, now trembling, along with her tatas, tottering with her efforts. As Prim tugged the tight skirt down, it caught her knickers and they rolled right off her hips.

“No Oh, no, No NO, EEEP!” she protested as her plump ass was fully-exposed and nearly half her pruned brunette shrubbery emerged. Her rock-hard nipples escaped her bra with a near-audible “SPROING,” as she stooped to grab her lowered panties, now dragged atop her taut garters gripping her stockings. She tried to pull her panties up, to quickly restore her modesty, but sadly they were rolled into a tangle. Canary laughed out loud at the humorous sight, as Primrose tried to re-cover her brunette landing strip and her big bottom and its heavenly cleft with the tiny garment. Primrose whimpered in frustration, turning in circles, as she glared to see him watching intently.

“I like your choice of lingerie.” he said, licking his lips.

Primrose pleaded, “Could you please STOP LEERING AT ME???”

“I could, but it’s all part of the transaction. Besides, I’m not surprised to know you’re a fake blonde after all!” he laughed.

She scowled in response, finally managing to realign her panties to cover her naughty bits, but only just barely. As she worked to pull her coat back on, he leaned in and groped her.

“You don’t have any cash stashed in there, do you?” he snarked, feeling her firm, plump breast, escaped from her flimsy brassiere.

“MEEEP” Prim squealed as her tweaked nipple hardened even further in the cool night air. “My B... b... boobie! How dare you, sir? Only a street walker would stash cash in there!”

“Well, you ARE walking the streets tonight, so to speak! Well, how about down here?” Canary deftly hooked his delicate finger into the thin waistband of Prim’s panties, and began to haul them off her loins.

GARRRHhh… Prim cried as she quickly arrested tonight’s second panty lowering by clutching her undie’s front panel and holding it fast against her muff. “Just WHAT are you doing, SIR?”

“I AM TRYING TO GET PAID! Do I need to remind you again? $20.00 for your bra!” as he released her knicks and deftly unfastened and removed her front-loading brasserie.

Whaah? How am I supposed to… I need the support, otherwise I’ll be bouncing… out here... like some kind of wanton stripper!” Prim protested as her lower lip trembled and her perfectly formed melons quivered completely unfettered, each capped by a pair of tightened pink teats reaching for the murky skies above.

“You’ll manage just fine, dearie...” Canary declared as he shoved her delicate, still-warm, hooter hammock into his satchel, now bulging with nearly all Primrose’s wardrobe.

Primrose regarded the grinning Canary, then down to see all her clothes stuffed in his bag instead of on her body, and squealed in protest, “$30.00 more? ...”

“Correct, thirty dollars. I take $30.00 for your panties.”

WHATT?? You have got to be kidding!

They match the bra, and I could sell them all together

“Oh, I’m not sure... Are you sure you are the real Canary? I… this is really, sooo... so embarrassing!”

“Chop, chop! I must get going soon.”

Primrose slowly tugged the tiny sides of her bikini panties down. She first revealed the top of her nether fur, then she spun around to show her scanty undies rolled halfway down off her robust, yet most round derrière. As she awkwardly stooped over and carefully plucked her knickers from her heels, Canary decided to test out a rude thought. With an audible “plunk,” a shiny 10¢ piece snapped hard against Primrose's ass, leaving a red welt, and then tinkled to the pavement below, before rolling into the storm drain.

“OUCH!” Primmy squealed, rubbing her offended bare backside. “What the heck was that?”

“I just wondered if I could really bounce a dime off that… I mean your tight ass... Uhh and well, I guess I have proven my theory...”


“I apologize, Jay. That WAS a bit rude.”

“Yuh think?” Primrose added, blinking in fury as she handed over her panties. Despite her anger, she realized her undies were rather moist in her hand and the embarrassing shock of her arousal immediately disarmed her.

She stammered, “I, c, can, cannot, say, why, I mean… with all this dampness tonight…, it is all from the fog…out here, it's not at all like I ENJOY being naked in public…YOU KNOW!”

He took a moment to examine her delicate unmentionable and held the fine garment to his nose, while he inhaled deeply.

“Ah...yes... still as fresh as a daisy...err... I mean a primrose...” He corrected, watching the flower’s namesake glowering at him, her face the color of an aubergine. Prim tried to hide her plump hooters and her non-blonde sn*tch from his gaze, and stared as he tucked her moist panties into his coat pocket and handed over the envelope with the microfilm inside.

“Paid in full. Here you are, Jay.” Canary announced.

Primrose, still blushing hotly as she nervously released her big hooters to freely sway as she took the microfilm. Primrose smirked with a sneer at Canary, as she clapped the envelope across her wriggling panty hamster.

With an “OHHhh…oooh,” she threw her raincoat around her naked body. Primrose quipped; “I DO HOPE YOU HAVE HAD YOUR JOLLIES TONIGHT, ALL AT MY EXPENSE...AND UTMOST MORTIFICATION!” Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

She spun on her heel and turned to move toward her cab that she just noticed arrived.

Canary halted her in her tracks, as her marvelous denuded glutes, peeking from the vent in her coat, clenched with her arrested halt.

“Jay, I have another secret to sell…that is… if you are interested…, but it will set you back another $500.00.”

“Whoa,” Primrose stammered, stunned. “How can I do that? I have nothing left to offer besides my cab fare!” she protested.

“Well… There is still your coat...”

She cut him off and nearly screamed, “YOU ALREADY SAID this coat was only worth $50.00!”

“Not so fast, my maroon-faced mark, stunningly standing here nearly starkers.”

“MARK? What do you mean? Are you saying I have been ‘played’?” “YOU PLAYED ME?”

The canary continued with a wink and a sly smile, “Your coat..., and some PICTURES!”

“PICTURES??” Primrose screeched with alarm.

With an evil grin, Canary produced a tiny spy camera, equipped with a flash.

“If I trade my coat, I’ll be…naked!”

“Yes, indeed you will. But you better hurry and decide because I need to leave very soon.”

“YOU MONSTER!! You knew I was in over my head from the beginning! You took advantage of... of me… a silly girl... obsessed with spy novels…, who is about to be nude in front of you!

“SHHH,” he interrupted, putting an oddly slender and manicured finger to her objecting lips. “Again, I remind you whose brainchild this catastrophe was in the first place.

You cannot possibly be serious?”

Canary nodded emphatically.

“You CAD! “Oh, very well! You win! OHHHH OMG it’s freezing!” as she slowly removed her coat and handed it over.

Primrose clamped her palms against her tightened teats, crossed her legs, and wrinkled her nose in disgust, as Canary focused his camera.

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Default The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, Naked. Fin

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, Naked. Fin

*All characters are over 18 years old*

A Discomfiting Dénouement

After a full five-minutes performing for the lens in flagrante, complete with dozens of shots of better-than-amateur nudie pole work, against the very chilly street lamp, Canary shuttered his camera and put it away.

“Bravo, and well done! I must say…” With a broad smile he regarded his destitute and denuded dupe, now sheened with sweat and squatting breathless on her hams with one arm squashed across her boobs, and the other thrust into her fluffy auburn crotch, clamped against her pulsating womanhood.

“Now that you are indeed as naked as a Jay, it is I, who must bid you, adieu.” Canary handed her a small cardboard tube containing the additional secrets, picked up his satchel with all Prim’s clothes and turned to leave.

“WAIT… please, I uh. I forgot; My cab fare is still in my coat…” as she saw the lights of her hack waiting across the foggy street. “I have no way home.”

“No, I guess you don’t,” he said.

“Tell you what... Since I’ll be taking your cab, I won't be needing this bus transfer anymore. You can have it.” He chuckled as he held up the thin strip of paper. She clutched the tube against her mammaries with one hand, and with the other still grasping her hot muffin and the microfilm. Primrose awkwardly approached knock-kneed on her ridiculous high heels, her naked form still glistening with perspiration. She was careful to not flash him when she took the proffered pass. As if handing a crust to a bird, he placed the transfer between her trembling ruby lips, matching her flaming cheeks, while she watched in disbelief, her eyes comically crossed.

“The bus stop is right over there at the next light. You have about one minute till it arrives.”

She looked despondent as she nervously shifted her weight from foot to foot, heels clicking, as she held the envelope against her twitching muff and the tube mashed against her protruding breasts while the stand of chilly pearls danced about her sweat-sheened mounds. Despondently she discovered, she couldn’t cover everything and hold on to her dearly bought gains.

In her mind’s eye, she could see how foolish she looked. Shaking and squirming, with the bus transfer in her mouth, her silken thighs rubbing audibly together and the garter belt cinched tight around her narrow waist. The sturdy tabs of which tugged firmly on her stocking tops fore and aft, and splendidly framed her mons of Venus and her undulating bare ass cheeks. Oddly, she felt more naked than so mortifyingly minimally attired.

She “MEEPED” as she saw him still leering. Primrose spun about, tomato-faced, and said between her teeth, “Youf fertainly guft duh vetter end of thif deel!”

She turned away from Canary to leave.

“And speaking of better ends…” he stated, noticing her jutting ample ass. “Congratulations, you're in the black,” he ordered. “Now SCOOT!” as he delivered a sharp swat to Primrose’s bare buns.

“EEEeeff!” She yelped, as her plump ass cheeks quivered in response to his degrading spank. She could only slowly cross the street toward the bus stop with mincing, pigeon-toed steps. Prim’s bottom rolled deliciously, framed by her snug garter belt stretched across her delicious rump. For a moment, she bared her plump tits to grasp the bus transfer in her fingers but she sadly dropped the microfilm. The reel unrolled on the street and Primrose comically chased after it in her heels.

Knock-kneed, with a marvelous upthrust ass and her dewy nether lips winking for additional pictures, she secured the secrets unrolling, and clutched the tangle against her bronze bush with both hands. With wambas wobbling wonderfully uncovered, she squealed in frustration as Canary took a few more flash photos. She stared back at him with a miserable expression as her bare ass wagged to and fro in the night air.

Naked as a Jay

Trembling, Primrose clutched the small envelope and tube against her still-moist puppies and sn*tch as she clicked across the street in only her hat, garter belt, stockings, and heels. She quickly pulled the hat low across her face when through the mist, she caught sight of two people just ahead at the bus stop. Mustering the shreds remaining of her dignity, she tried to approach them nonchalantly, though absurdly naked.

As Primrose arrived at the stop, she saw a man and a woman, both unclad like she, cowering in shame as they waited for the bus. With a jolt, she suddenly stopped. Directly in front of her, in only their underwear, were her two colleagues, Edward French and Brooke Broadsheets.

Her blushing crush, Edward French, wore only a tiny yellow thong, along with his shoes and socks, gartered around his calves. He crouched and clutched a parcel against his sizable bulge, now beginning to grow, as he watched his girly’s familiar naked form trot from the mist, all a-wobble.

Primrose then stared at Brooke Broadsheets, standing close by but facing the opposite direction from Eddie. The red-faced Brooke was wearing a sheer, baby blue teddy, snug against her svelte curves. Brooke wore a pair of nude-colored hold up stockings and a stylish pair of designer heels, but little else. Primrose, her face still concealed by the brim of her hat, nearly smiled to see her rival, covered in goose pimples, her ruddy nipples hard as garnets, holding a file folder against her bare bum, deliciously divided by a string of blue beads, comprising the strand in her teddy’s G-string back.

From her vantage point, Primrose stared at Edward’s tight buns for a moment, then back at Brooke as she cocked her fedora back.

“Primrose! It’s you! Whatever are you doing here?” Brooke spluttered.

Primrose quickly clamped her hand back on her bits, and regarded Brooke who was not quite so naked as she was. Edward spun around and Primrose lowered her eyes to his growing manhood. Prim fake smiled at Brooke, who queried with a chuckle, “Well we all seem to be out of the frying pan and in the fire, although it seems you have lost ALL of your small clothes.” Primrose scowled at Brooke, her lower lip trembling.

Edward asked, “Primmy, did someone spank your ass?”

Primrose looked over her shoulder to see a small, but very distinct, red handprint on her butt. She then looked up and pouted to see the smiling faces of Brooke and Edward watching her reddened buns quiver.

“I came here tonight to conduct a business transaction, but sadly did not bring enough money.” She sniffled.

“SO DID WE!” They both clamored. “An awful Canary relieved us of our clothes! It was SO HUMILIATING, but WE were allowed to keep our undies!” Brooke managed to giggle.

“Well, yes, I certainly see that…. Whatever are we going to do now?” Prim asked. “We cannot board the bus like this!”


Back at the street light, Canary, disconnected the electronic voice disguiser and peeled off the fake beard and mustache. Canary, aka Annie, laughed in triumph as she ditched the dark glasses, shook out her lovely, real blonde hair from beneath her slouch hat, patted her fat purse and bulging satchel, and hopped into the warm cab Primrose had conveniently arranged earlier.

An Embarrassing Exeunt

Before the near-naked trio could commiserate further, the trolley bus arrived, on its last run of the night. The three undressed executives slowly boarded, only to find the vehicle filled with the departing second shift from the nearby Naked White Bread Bakery.

Both Brooke and Edward hung onto the overhead straps, which limited their ability to cover their bodies while holding their packages.

Primrose, clutching her cunny and her parcels with one hand and holding a single, bare breast with the other, turned in circles, nearly hyperventilating, as her plump bottom cheeks jostled and pressed against the standing-room-only crowd. Two of her senior scouts, working at the bakery, whom she now unhappily recognized, moved apart, and offered her a seat between them. Primrose quickly accepted and plopped her bare buns down on the cold plastic seat. She crossed her legs and clenched her arms atop her boobs with her secrets, and pouted straight ahead, tomato-faced.

Unfortunately, Prim’s scouts took considerable licentious license, as the trolley bus passed under many bridges and through dozens of dark tunnels, which vibrated the line’s catenary, causing the vehicle’s interior lights to frequently flicker out. She squealed and yipped as their roaming hands furtively fingered her naked figure in the darkness, repeatedly.

The bus finally reached the stop at the company carpark. The three exposed executives scampered off, bare buns bouncing, bolting to their respective rides. Primrose, rubbing her pinched and spanked parts, realized only now, she had left her keys in her coat. As she sadly watched Brooke speed away in her sports car, the thong-clad Edward rolled up on his Vespa. He nodded at Primrose. She starred back, with the classic ENF pose, realizing he was the only port in her mortifying storm. She slowly swung a stockinged led across the scooter’s rear saddle and sank her still-warm womanhood against the chilly leather. She bit her lip in shock as her lovely ass was deliciously parted by the narrow scooter seat. Prim gasped at the shameful sight she now presented, and gripped Edward around his naked torso. He sped off through the darkness, delighted to feel Primrose’s full breasts pressed warmly against his bare back, topped with her throbbing nipples. Prim dropped one arm a bit lower and secured his rock-hard member. Both of their red-hot faces broke into a smile, despite their dis-dressed situation.


First thing the next morning, the three shamed execs had to secretly reimburse their company when they discovered each of the trade secrets, they purchased so dearly with their dignity, turned out to be clever fakes, completely worthless.

In Primrose’s office, Annie brought her boss both the paper and her coffee.

The Exposé & News Fusion, reported a fire destroyed the Axis Chemical Company skunkworks and with it, all work on their new product line. Their progress on the new adhesive would be delayed indefinitely. Reading through the article about Axis, Primrose understood her complete humiliation was for naught, and she was out ten grand. She held the pages, trembling with rage, and silently cursed herself for being so foolish.

Annie, seeing her boss upset, piped up, “Ms. Primrose, this will make you laugh.”

Anne turned the paper over to the back page where the publishers always placed the comics and a humorous photo.

There, in black and white, beneath the caption: "Where is this denuded trio hiding their bus fare? " was a picture of Edward, Brooke, and Primrose clambering aboard without their clothes. Shot from the street, their faces were mercifully obscured, but their butts, completely bare, were prominently depicted.

“Isn’t it funny?” Annie asked.

Primrose could only gasp as she hastily put her saucer over the picture. Crimson-faced, she replied tersely with a smirk, “HYSTERICAL!”

Primrose shortly composed herself and rang Edward to ask him to join her for lunch. On her way to meet Eddie, Primrose noticed a commotion outside the employee cafeteria, around the company bulletin board. Curious, she approached the crowd and peered in to see what was so interesting.

On the board were tacked several 8 x10 glossies of Primrose Dubois, in what could only be described as, the most compromising of poses. The company Veep was pictured performing a pole dance with a street lamp, in only her hat, heels, silk stockings, and garter belt.

With a shriek of embarrassed disbelief, Primrose sn*tched them from the board and ran to the ladies’ washroom, where everyone heard her bawling. Annie smiled at the crowd, and with a knowing wink, went inside after her ridiculously ruined superior.

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