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Default WWE: Becky's clothes are stolen

Becky stared up at the shower head as the hot water washed over her body. She stood in one of the showers of the women's locker room after her match that Tuesday night. She couldn't believe she lost to Alexa Bliss again. She had been on a losing streak, and she needed to get past this. She always felt like the most forgotten of the four horse women. Sasha and Charlotte got to hold the women's NXT belt before they moved up, and Bayley got to be the face of the women's division down in NXT, but what did she have? One good match with Sasha that she lost? She didn't have much luck on the main roster either, she had been betrayed by everyone she trusted, and she had to sit back and watch Charlotte hold the new women's championship. She had started to really lose faith in herself until she got moved to Smackdown. She knew she could be the face of the women's division of Smackdown, and she proved that by being the first winner of the Smackdown women's championship. Things never went her way for long though, and she lost it a few months later to Alexa Bliss, and she was worried she was never going to hold the belt again.

Becky sighed and turned off the shower, and reached for her towel outside the towel stall, but found nothing.

"What the hell?" Becky thought, as she peaked her head out of the shower to see the empty pole where she left her towel. "I know I brought a towel over here."

Becky grumbled and stepped out of the shower to grab a towel from the stack of towels that were left for the talent in the locker room, only to discover that those were gone to. It became clear to Becky that this was a prank. She wondered which one of the other women would steal all the towels like this. It might of been Alexa trying to discourage her, Nattie trying to renew their old rivalry, or maybe even Carmella just being awful.

"I guess I'll just have to air dry" thought Becky, as she went to grab her clothes from her locker.

It was going to require her staying in the cold locker room naked which wouldn't be comfortable, but at least it would be better then trying to slip on her clothes while she was soaking wet. Becky opened her locker to find nothing there. Her heart sank as she realized this prank was more serious then she thought.

"Alright, jokes over." Said Becky to the empty locker room. "I'm going to need my clothes back now."

Becky just stood there a minute and thought about her options. The person that committed the prank could be back with a greater humiliation, or someone else that didn't like her could wander in her since the show wasn't over. Even if know one else came in her, she risked everyone just leaving if she hid here, and then she would be stuck in the arena with nothing to wear. She looked at the door to the outside and realized her best option was to try to find a towel without anyone seeing her naked. She walked over to the door and took a deep breath, realizing she could potentially be seen by her boss, another guy, or even a crowd of people backstage. She knew she was going to be risking a lot, but she had to find a towel.

Becky peaked out the locker room door and looked both ways, to see that the coast was clear. She then covered her vagina with one hand, and breasts with another and dashed off to the left. She thought the best place to find a towel, would be near the men's locker room, so she decided to head that direction. She came to a fork in the road and she glanced to the right and left nervously, knowing if she took too long, someone behind her could walk out and see her naked. She saw The Miz and Maryse to her right in the hallway. With a large box, and a table place to the right side of the wall. The table was closer to her, with the box blocking some of their vision of the hallway.

"Shit." Becky thought. "That's the way to the locker room."

Becky didn't get long to decide if she wanted to risk it because she heard a door opened behind her. She threw caution to the win, and made a beeline to the table. Hugging the right wall to hopefully avoid being seen. She slid under the table, and listened. She didn't hear anyone say anything about the naked red head running through the halls, so she assumed she was safe, but she had now gotten herself in a whole new mess. If someone came from the other side of the hall, they would be able to see her, and The Miz and Maryse were walking toward her, which meant all they would have to do is look down, and they would see her in all her glory. All she could do was hope she got lucky.

"I can't believe this!" shouted The Miz, angry about having to go another week without the IC belt. "This entire company wants to screw me."

"It's okay." responded Maryse, as both of them walked right by the table.

Both of them stopped right next to the table.

"Did they see me?" Thought Becky, as she thought about the humiliation these two would put her through.

"It's okay, because you'll always have me" Said Maryse, as she pushed The Miz up against the table.

Becky couldn't believe it as she realized The Miz and Maryse were making out.

"Not here" Becky thought. "Please just hurry up and go so I can get out from underneath this table."

All of a sudden she saw The Miz's wrestling trunks drop to his feet.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me" Becky thought, as Maryse started jerking him off.

Becky waited for what seemed like forever, until she heard The Miz grunt and saw his spunk splatter on the wall. The two of them kissed one more time, before The Miz pulled up his trunks, and the two of them walked down the hall. She waited for their footsteps to fade away before she got out from underneath the table, and made a run for the hall. She stopped at the end of the hallway and and looked down the next hallway to her left. She was almost there. She had to take a left at the end of this hallway, and the men's locker room would be the first door on her right. There was a smaller hallway about three fourths of the way down the hallway that led nowhere. She saw the hallway was clear so she made a run for it. She thought about how she was going to make sure no one was in the men's locker room, and realized she had no idea how she was going to do that. As she was nearing the end of the hallway Becky heard a door open behind her.

"Shit!" She thought, as she ran into the smaller hallway praying that no one had seen her.

"Is someone there" Said a girls voice that Becky couldn't quite recognize.

Becky panicked as she heard the steps getting closer. She looked around trying to find someway out of this, but she knew she was going to be seen any moment now. The girl turned the corner, and it was reviled to be Eva Marie wearing her regular ring gear.

"Oh God." Thought Becky. "This is the last person I wanted see me like this."

Eva Marie was the last women on the roster that got there just because she was hot. She was promised she was going to be a big deal, but she got here right when the women in NXT started making a splash. People wanted actual wrestlers now, not eye candy that has no idea what she's doing in the ring. She got lost in the shuffle, and no matter what she tried, nothing seemed to really work out for her. She had a chip on her shoulder, and Becky just knew that she would take this opportunity to humiliate her.

"Becky?" Asked Eva Marie. "Why are you naked?"

"Someone stole my clothes." Said Becky, honestly. "I was trying to get to the men's locker room to get a towel."

"You know they're filming promos over there right?" Asked Eva Marie. "How were you even planing on getting in the men's locker room without someone seeing you?"

Becky looked down at her bare feet embarrassed. She hadn't really thought this part of the plan through.

"Here come with me." Said Eva Marie. "I know where they keep the spare towels."

Becky just stood there in shock.

"Why would you help me?" Asked Becky.

"Remember that wardrobe malfunction I had on Smackdown a few months ago that you laughed about? That was the most humiliating moment of my life. I don't want another women to have to go through that humiliation if I can help it." Explained Eva Marie. "Now are you coming or not?"

"Yeah." Responded Becky, as she started following Eva Marie.

Becky thought about the wardrobe malfunction incident Eva Marie had. She couldn't believe she laughed at her like that. Eva Marie didn't deserve a response like that. Becky stared at Eva Marie's ass in her wrestling shorts as she walked. It was really obvious why they hired her in the first place. She really was hot. Becky couldn't get her mind off the wardrobe malfunction incident. She should of helped her. Why has she been such a b*tch to Eva?

Becky snapped out of it when she heard footsteps walking down the hallway to the left of them right towards them.

"Stay here." Whispered Eva, as she walked out to greet the person walking towards them.

"Where are you heading off too?" asked Eva flirtatiously to the person in the hallway.

Oh...uh." Said the voice. "They needed me to help with the promos they were filming."

Becky recognized the voice. It was Corey Graves. If he was heading that direction, he was surly going to see her. She tried to calm herself, but she didn't know how she was going to get out of this one.

"Could you go get some water for me from catering?" Eva asked Corey. "I'm famished."

"Of course." Responded Corey. "Anything for someone as gorgeous as you."

Becky couldn't believe it. Catering was the other direction. Eva Marie had saved her.

"That was amazing." Said Becky, as Eva Marie walked back over to the naked girl. "I wish I could get people to do what I want like that."

"You could if you wanted to." Said Eva Marie. "Guys will do anything for a women as sexy as me, but you're pretty hot yourself, you know?"

Becky blushed at the compliment. She couldn't believe Eva Marie of all people had called her hot.

"We should get going before someone else comes." Said Eva Marie, as the two of them continued down the hall.

A bit later, the two of them approached two double doors.

"Alright, the towels are right in that room." Said Eva Marie.

Becky looked at the doors still feeling guilty.

"Look, Eva." Said Becky, as she turned to Eva Marie "I misjudged you, you didn't deserve to be treated how I treated you, and I'm sorry. I don't know what I would have done if not for you."

Becky then gave the beautiful superstar a hug.

"I really am sorry." Said Becky, as she pulled away.

"Wow, this is the first time you didn't try to cover yourself." Said Eva Marie, as she stared at the naked Irish girl, taking in her beautiful perky boobs at shaved pussy. "You really are gorgeous."

Becky just stared at Eva Marie, and she knew she had to try it. Becky garbed Eva Marie, and locked lips with the drop dead gorgeous superstar. Eva Marie returned the kiss, and Becky felt Eva tongue enter her mouth. Eva wrapped one hand around Becky's back, and grabbed her ass with the other. Becky couldn't believe she was actually making out with Eva Marie. Eva then broke off the kiss, and smiled at Becky.

"You're soaking wet. Said Eva Marie, staring at Becky's pussy.

Becky blushed. She couldn't believe she had been so bold as to do that. She tried to cover her bare vagina, but Eva grabbed her hand before she could.

"You don't have to hide from me." Said Eva Marie. "Now go grab a towel, and then we'll go have some real fun."

Sounds like a plan to me." Said a smiling Becky, as she walked to the double doors while making sure Eva Marie got a good look at her sexy ass as walking away from her."

Becky couldn't believe she was about to leave this nightmare and enter a dream. She was going to get to have sex with Eva Marie of all people. Becky pushed open the door and realized that she just made a huge mistake.

The doors led to the arena of the show that was still going. She realized that she was to the left of the stage, but it might of well as been center view. She felt Eva push her out of the doorway, and then she heard the door slam shut and lock behind her. Eva Marie had tricked her. She was now in the middle of a crowded arena wearing only her birthday suit. She was so shocked she couldn't even move her arms to cover herself. More and more people started noticing the naked superstar standing there, and she quickly became the center of attention. She heard the crowd commenting on her naked body, and some of them were even starting to notice that she was wet. The cameras focused on her in all her humiliation and her naked body was quickly displayed on the tron. She knew he life was over. She was going to get fired for this, and her humiliation was going to live on forever.
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Part two!!!
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