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Old 09-10-2018, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Taf1980 View Post
Thanks for the input, but I think he would prefer his wife to be more subservient towards him. I would love to see more of her.
He enjoys seeing my wife, and I really enjoy showing him, so we are both happy, even though I only manage to get the occasional pic of his wife.
same here

I share with a close friend, he shares too but,

his sharing is so far and between, he does have a hidden cam/charger, but he doesnt have as much luck as me

I got new material every week at least, so I share much more than he does, but I trust hes not hiding or holding back as I already have seen full nudity of his wife
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Old 09-10-2018, 06:24 PM
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Default A friend and his brother

I also posted this on another thread sorry about the duplication but I think it fits both.

Just started sharing with a young man, in his mid-20's. He is a good friend and adores my wife.

He married just out of high school and apparently the stress of trying to make a life together and he trying to get a university education was too much for his young wife. While he worked and went to school, she partied with her single girlfriends. She found another man who has no dreams other than to party every night and bed whomever he can. He’s better off without her.

Needless to say his self-esteem took a beating and he is a bit gun-shy. He comes over to talk and have a beer 4 or 5 times a week. He stays for dinner maybe twice a week. My wife thinks he’s cute and feels somewhat sorry that such a nice guy got shit on. Like I said, he absolutely adores my wife.

He’s often said he is looking for a woman just like my wife, in looks and attitude. He’s complimented to me how hot he thinks she is. He’s only seen her a few times in a bikini in our pool, never in anything less.

One thing lead to another and I eventually showed him a few private photos of her. She now knows he has seen “a few” but doesn’t know to what extent I’ve shared.

A couple of months ago I made up a flash drive pf about 50 “special” photos for him to look at when he gets lonely. They show everything including her face. He has told me that he “uses” the photos often. He said he actually looks at them every night and has loaded the series on his computer and has it as a slideshow wall paper.

A couple of weeks ago his younger brother (by 4 years) stopped by for a week-long visit while on break from college. The first night he noticed the slide show. After consuming more than enough beer, my young friend told his brother who the naked woman was and how he managed to get the photos. His brother somehow convinced him to give him the flash drive so he could download the file.

His brother has now gone back to school, taking a copy of the slideshow with him. He took his brother’s lead and made it his wall paper on his laptop as well as pictures on his phone and tablet.

My friend confessed to me what he had done and gave me back the flash drive, I told him to keep his file to look at.

Now he gets texts and emails from his brother begging him to try to get more pictures of my wife. He says he is in love with my wife’s body. He’s told his brother that his buddies love looking at the photos and he tells them that he hooked up with this person while visiting his older brother. He has promised that he has only shown them, not given them to anyone else. He wants to keep them for himself in hopes he can get more.

So now not only does my young friend have about 50 pictures of my wife naked, so does his brother who I’ve never met and he has in turn shown any number of his friends those pictures.

My wife doesn't know about the flash drive nor the younger brother.
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Old 09-13-2018, 02:05 PM
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I've only ever willingly shared some pics of my ex on here with her face hidden. I have other ex's I'll share. Almost all from the beach. Like I mentioned in other posts, I've done well with getting girls I dated to wear small bikinis or less.

I know for a fact countless guys have sneaked some pics from the beach over the years. A guy got a really good pic of my current GF laying topless in a micro bottom in Miami. She was sitting up Indian-style on her beach lounger at the time. Bottom was a super micro so her pussy was definitely showing. It actually made her uncomfortable. I am a little more realistic in that if you're laying basically naked in public...someone is going to take a pic...even though they shouldn't. I don't mind people admiring but pics, especially with the face shown, can cause trouble.

Never swapped pics nor do I plan to though. I'll continue to post some pics of ex's on here.
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Old 09-14-2018, 01:25 PM
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I have a friend who is married to a close friend of my wife. One day, I was joking and asked if he had any pics of his wife. He said yes and we have been trading for months. He has far more than I do, but he loves looking at my wife's c*nt. His wife fooled around on him before they married. He has sent me videos of him fucking her, while he asks her if this is how they fucked her. You can hear her saying "yes, they fucked me real hard just like you are". This sends him over the edge and he pulls out and cums on her. She gets off on this and gets off telling him how she sucked them and how they fucked her.

I have seen videos of her sucking him off as he asks about her sucking other guys.

Whenever we get together I enjoy looking at her, and especially like seeing her bent over or looking at her tits.
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