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Default A Pair Of Stripped Rock Chicks

In a dark dingy club just on the outskirts of London the newest heavy metal band on the block KillTrek are blasting thought their first album of songs. 350 hard rocking fans are sweating and jumping listening to their best tracks and in particular one fan Stacy is having the time of her life in the front row jumping up and down to the songs. After they finish their hit 'Break out in the Morgue' the lead singer Luke looks down in the front row where he sees Stacy jumping and dancing around. The heavily tattooed singer points to her asking her to get up on stage with him making her scream with excitement at the chance to get on stage with her favorite rock star. Luke points her out to security that helps her over the railings and onto the stage. The rabid crowd cheers as the smoking hot brunette gets onto the stage and grabs Luke in with a massive hug getting his sweat all over her shirt. Stacy is 5ft 10 with dark hair cut so one half of the fringe covers her face, which is coated in makeup and dark eyeliner. She also has her lip pieced and as for her clothes she has on a dark red and black top showing off her belly stud and covering her top is a black mesh vest. Around her waist is a dark black leather belt holding up her black mini skirt with her legs in some black ripped stockings while on her feet are chunky 4-inch high heels.

She fills her clothes out well as Luke makes her do a 360 turn to show her off to the crowd and when she finishes the drummer Bazza starts hammering out and sorta drum roll. Onto the stage walks a tall blonde bombshell with a VIP badge around her neck, she walks up to Bazza and gives him a kiss on the cheek and then walks up to the front of the stage and stands next to Luke. Everyone knows who she is as Victoria is a glamour model and has been Bazza's girlfriend for the past two years and looks even better on stage than she does in her page 3 pictures. Her tanned face and pink lip gloss glimmers under the dull stage lights as everyone else stares at her outfit. She is wearing a sparking blue halter-top tied behind her neck, which sticks to her DD chest making them look even bigger than normal. On her feet are pair of see though stilettos and just above them is a pair of white pants showing off all her amazing cures. The fans are going nuts at seeing two hot girls stood on stage next to Luke who is doing his best to whip them up into a wild frenzy.

"Now gentlemen and ladies it's time for a little game," Luke screams into the mike, "A game we like to call strip chicken," he says, while the fans scream out loud.

Luke is able to quiet them down so he can carry one talking, "The rules are easy both of you smoking hot ladies will take off your clothes one at a time and the loser is the first woman to say no more and stop stripping."

Both Stacy and Victoria look at each other with a mix of fear and anticipation on their faces as Luke continues jumping around the stage trying to make the fans scream for more which they all do. The bass player Dazza starts striking up his guitar and the fans quickly recognizes as the band's only top 10 hit to date 'Strip For Me'.

"Oh wait," said Luke, "I forgot to mention that the winner of this little contest gets to have a suck on my 12 foot snake," to prove his point Luke grabs onto the crotch of his jeans and gives the bulge a few tugs making all the females in the crowd cry out.

Stacy and Victoria both giggle at the thought of sucking off one of the biggest rock stars in the country but Stacy's laughing is short lived as Luke pushes her into the center of the stage as the crowd begs out 'Strip Strip Strip'. Getting up into the bright spotlight makes Stacy very nervous at first but with Luke standing behind whispering into her ear all the things he wishes he could do to her filling her full of confidence and making her blush bright red. With that she kicks off her heels and pulls her mesh top off her head and throws it into the crowd. Two items down Victoria steps up to the forefront of the stage taking off her VIP badge tossing it backstage along with her shoes leaving her barefoot on stage. Now Stacy has to step back up to the plate with her still trying to decide what to take off next when from behind Luke has stopped singing and is sliding towards her on his hands and knees. His hand slides up the inside of Stacy's leg making her shiver and moan from the bodily contact as his fingers slip inside the top of her left stocking and teasingly pulls it down. The crowd watches in silence as more and more of Stacy's bronzed leg comes into view and once the stocking is down at her feet Stacy gives it a little kick sending it into the mob of screaming fans who dive around trying to grab it.

Luke's hand is quickly back up Stacy's right leg to take off her other stocking, which he starts to pull down, and then suddenly stops. A small amount of boos ring down on Luke but he simply grabs onto one of the many fashionable holes in her stocking and starts stretching it out. The sound of ripping is being echoed around the bar due to the mike lying by Stacy's bare feet and Luke gets back up with the tattered remains of Stacy's stocking. Stacy gives a smile and wave to the crowd as she takes a step back admiring how good her black tined nail polish looks next to the dirty, black painted stage. Victoria's natural exhibition streak is showing though loud and clear as she walks from one side of the stage to the other, hand cupped round her ear asking the drunk, horny fans what item should she take off next. The atmosphere is reaching fever pitch when everyone sees Victoria's hands reach behind her neck pulling at the knot to her top undoing it then letting her top drop to her waist showing off a strapless white bra, which looks like it's losing the fight to keep her big boobs exposed. The top is so tight Victoria can't pull it over her head instead she is having to tug it down her body as the crowd stares at her massive cleavage when she bends down. Victoria throws the top backstage as she jumps up and down making her boobs bounce around like mad distracting everyone in the crowd, all of the backstage workers and a few of the band.

Stepping back into the limelight Stacy is starting to feel embarrassed at stripping off on stage in front of all these people. Sweat starts to drip down her forehead as she waits for the cheer as she grabs the bottom of her top and starts to pull it up. The noise is damm near deafening as Stacy pulls her top all the way off her head and throws the discarded top into the mob of screaming fans. Everyone watches as Stacy dance around a bit then she stands on the very edge of the stage sticking out her chest letting the whole bar see her 36C tits perfectly held in a light pink bra. As Stacy walks back to Luke she gets the loudest round of applause of the night, which is quickly replaced by hoots and hollers as Victoria is back under the spotlight. You can see the nerves on Victoria's face as she stares out into the sea of humanity every single one of them man or woman is shouting for her to strip. Victoria takes a deep breath then slowly shakes her hips from side to side with the music as she unclasps her belt. Like a stripper she tugs the belt out from her pants then twirls it over her head before sending it spinning off the stage nearly hitting a crewmember. Turning to Luke Victoria is more than a little bit upset at the sight of him shaking his head and mouthing no so Victoria turns around thinks for a second then moves her arms behind her back.

There is a loud roaring cheer followed by a hushed shocked silence as Victoria unclips her bra then shuts her eyes tight and takes a deep breath. She flings her bra off into the crowd making them all scream like made at seeing the model's much talked about tits live and on stage. After 5 security guards break up the fight for Victoria's bra everyone turns their attention back to the stage and straight at her amazing rack. Victoria is unsure of what to do and is fighting the temptation to cover herself up but behind her Luke steps up sliding his arms around her flat midsection. His arms snake up her body till his fingertips brush the bottom of her boobs making her shiver from the touch. Luke cups his hands around her massive tits struggling to keep all that flesh in-between his fingers but finally has a hold of them and to the crowd's delight pushes them together. He pretends to weight them until finally letting her go until he grabs her arm and asks Stacy to step forward next to her as he picks up his much underused microphone.

"Now that we all got to see some bare tittes," Luke screams into the mike letting the crowd cry out and turning both girls faces red as the see the whole room staring at their chests.

"The contest really begins both of you will now strip at the same time to see which one of you will chicken out first," Luke finishes soaking up the cheers from the crowd who are already getting more of a how that they bargained for and now there going to watch two amazingly sexy girls strip at the same time.

Victoria and Stacy look at each thinking hopefully that the other will quit allowing them to leave with some form of dignity. Neither does and as the bass guitar strikes up again both women remove the look of fear from their faces and per Luke's instruction's they spin around. Bossing the whole show Luke shouts at them to bend over so the fans could get a sneak peak of what they are about to see. Stacy quickly bends over touching her bare toes as her skirt slides up her toned thighs and over a good bit of her ass showing off the bottom of her ass cheeks and a lot of her bright pink underwear. Even Victoria is drawn to look at Stacy's ass but Victoria also sees a small wet patch in the crotch of her panties meaning Stacy must be enjoying this. Victoria is still looking at Stacy when Luke whistles loudly in her and tells her to bend over and show the crowd her ass. From all the sweating she has done and under the lights makes her white pants slightly see thought so when she stretches her ass out most people can see the clear outline of her panties. Luke still acting like the ringmaster stands in the middle of the two bent over fans and tells the crowd to count down 3 2 1. Raising both hands Luke smacks down on both Stacy and Victoria's firm asses sending them both forward a touch and also bringing up more dampness in both ladies crotches.

Luke now standing in front of them whispers to them that they have to stay bent over and take off their pants. Stacy undoes her belt sliding it off then she shakes left and right as she pulls her skirt down her legs. Everyone's eyes are locked on Stacy's ass which is barely covered by her pink panties which Stacy is dead embarrassed to show off to a room packed full of people. Helping off with the skirt Luke throws it into the crowd with the rest of Stacy's clothing. Luke tells Stacy to stand up straight meaning everyone is staring intently at Victoria's ass. Victoria wishes this was a dream here she is on a sweat filled stage topless and in a few seconds her panties will be exposed. She feels like quitting but as her brain is thinking her hands are already away unbuttoning her pants and lowering the zip. The worst thing for Victoria is the longer she takes the more the tension in the crowd builds up and the more they want to see her stripped. Her fingers grab onto the waistband of her pants and start to tug them downwards and everyone in the bar holds their breath as Victoria's lace white panties come into view. Yanking her pants past her ass Victoria has to soak in the shame of people in the front rows taking out their phones and camera's taking hundreds of pictures of the model's ass. She lets the pants drop down to her feet then stepping out of them and kicking it towards her pile of clothes lying just off stage. Luke brings both girls next to him letting the crowd get another good look at them.

From the looks of things Stacy is going to win as she has 2 items of clothing left her bra and panties but Victoria is stood their topless and in her panties. Luke now asks for one of them to step forward and strip or quit so he looks at Victoria who is staring at the ground not wanting to look up and see all the fans gawping at her chest. Stacy steps up to a huge roar from the fans who want to see more skin on this super hot fan and all jump up and down with the music as Stacy's arms go behind her back. All eyes are focused in on Stacy and her chest as she unclips her bra and holds it tight against her chest covering her boobs up. She takes one glance back at Luke who is on his knees begging her to do it and Stacy turns back round to the fans and drops her bra to the floor. The erupting noise from the crowd shakes the entire bar and is so loud that people living a few streets away can hear it as KillTrek's 350 hard rocking fans stare in wonder at Stacy's exposed chest. Stay's boobs are all natural and her dark brown areola's are fully erect and sticking out proudly on stage in front of all these people. She can't help but feel embarrassed with people shouting and screaming while looking at her bare chest but all that fear disappears when Luke hugs her from behind. His hands run all over her tits feeling out every inch of them and this turning on Stacy even more as her idol cups her boobs then strokes his surprisingly soft fingers over them.

In the minds of all the fans Stacy had won Victoria only had one item of clothing left and there was no way she was taking her panties off. 2 months before Victoria had famously turned down a 1 million dollar contract to pose naked in the pages of Playboy so there was no chance of her stripping naked for no money in a hot sweat filled club in front of all these people. Victoria took center stage her head hung low looking ready to quit when she grinned at Luke blew a kiss to her beau Bazza and slides her fingers into the waistband of her panties. The entire bar is in shock as Victoria dances around swaying her hips lowering the sides of her panties showing off her bare hips when she abruptly spins round with her back to the crowd. She bends over giving off an amazing view of her ass when suddenly she yanks her panties all the way down to her ankles and the place goes nuts. Stacy however is upset Victoria knew this was going too happy hell KillTrek probably did this trick everywhere they went. Watching Victoria dance and jump around stage in just a tiny white thong she had on under her panties Stacy also works out not only is she semi naked on stage but her hero Luke had thrown all her clothes to the crowd and Stacy bet they wouldn't give her clothing back. Facing the real and scary prospect of walking home nearly naked though a quite dangerous part of London Stacy quickly makes a choice and while Victoria takes a bow and Luke raises her hand Stacy barges past both of them.

Stacy looks into the crowd eyes on fire with determination she grabs onto her panties and pulls hard ripping them clean off her body to a gasp then phenomenal cheer from the fans that are in heaven. Both Victoria and Luke are in shock at Stacy stripping herself naked and is now parading around the stage showing off her bare pussy from every angle letting everyone take pics and get a good look. Turning round Stacy giggles at Luke making him look down to see her freshly shaven bush shining with pre cum and it brings Luke's cock fully hard. Now in complete control and really comfortable Stacy sits down on the stage and spreads her legs giving the crowd an almost ungodly like look at her most intimate area. Luke is just watching all this unfold in front of his eyes and he can't control himself meaning his hand is on the crotch of his jeans stroking his aching cock though them. With her legs fully spread Stacy starts to put on a little show sucking on her index finger then tracing it around her boobs down her stomach and onto her soft and sensitive pussy lips. The whole crowd is shocked at this erotic show being performed by Stacy and all of the crowd male and female are wishing they were alone so that they could have a few minutes alone to get a grip of their sexual desires. The only person actually making out on those fantasy's is Luke who has forgotten where he is and who he is as he is stroking himself thought his jeans.

Looking behind her Stacy sees Luke rubbing himself and decides to pay him back for throwing away all her clothes. Fans are shocked as Stacy rolls onto her back then lifts her legs high up in the air exposing her ass and pussy even more than before. She then slides her left hand along her thigh then rubs it across her pussy making the crowd go wild and is making Luke really stroke himself hard. Most of the crowd has joined Stacy in watching Luke who has his eyes shut tight his mouth hanging open moaning softly as he rubs his ever-expanding cock until it is too much. Screaming out loud Luke blows his entire load into his 200 pound jeans but it gets much worse when he opens his eyes and sees everyone staring at him with a look of wonder on their faces. All except Victoria who is laughing out hard at watching Luke make a total tw*t of himself by wanking then cumming on stage however because everyone was silent while watching Luke it makes her laughing seem even louder. Luke is so embarrassed but when he looks up at Stacy who is stood next to him her left hand covered in her own juices he breaks out into a grin and hugs her on stage bringing out a loud cheer from the crowd. The now couple of Stacy and Luke turn around to see Victoria slowly sneaking off stage in just her thong makes them both move into action. Stacy grabs Victoria's shoulders and spins her back into the center of the stage where Luke is on his knees waiting for her and once she stops spinning Luke takes a firm hold of her panties.

In one swift move Luke pulls down and tears off Victoria's thong leaving her totally naked in front of this screaming throng of people. She tries to cover up her unshaven blonde bush but Luke is up and holding onto her arms not allowing her to cover up and letting everyone get an up close and personal look at the C-list celebrity's sn*tch. To add yet more embarrassment to an already mortified Victoria Stacy walks up and slowly rubs her hand over Victoria's pubic hair bringing up a massive roar from the crowd. After 3 very long minutes Luke lets Victoria go so she covers up and scampers off the stage giving the crowd a great look at her ass shaking as she runs away. Luke is conducting the crowd in a round of applause for a naked Victoria when a still naked Stacy walks to Luke with a pile of clothes in her hands. Carrying Victoria's clothes Luke takes one look at them and then he throws the entire pile into the crowd forcing a sort of mosh pit with people fighting over Victoria's worn clothes. Stacy gives Luke a long and lingering kiss as Luke's hands caress her naked back and once they break the kiss Luke gives his naked super fan a hug, feeling her tits crush against his bare chest. Victoria is never able to live that night down as just 4 hours after that gig had ended pictures of her naked body are posted all over the internet. Stacy's pictures also end up all over the net but unlike Victoria she doesn't hide instead she becomes a glamour model, modeling for all the top men's magazines and being the fiancÚ and arm candy for Luke now one of Britain's top rock stars.

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great story
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big tits, blonde, model, rock, strip

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