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Old 02-11-2009, 04:47 PM
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Default Leroy - Deborah & rt829 part II

Now it’s a year later and we have decided to try and meet again…

Dee has chatted with Leroy and I several times since our previous encounter. Unbenounced to me, Dee had discussed the possibility of having a friend of his participate also. It turns out that Leroy’s friend only lives about 80 miles from where we were staying previously. Dee decided not to tell me about this, thinking that it would be a surprise for me. She had told me that her first experience with interracial sex was in college with two black guys and her girl friend. So her plan was to try and reenact that weekend with multiple black lovers.

This time the flight schedules had Leroy arriving first, early in the afternoon. And, same as last year we had already made arrangements for the hotel so he went on ahead. Dee arrived two hours later and my flight had a delay so I didn’t get there until 6:30 pm. When I arrived at the check-in desk to get my key there was a message for me to go to the lounge.

Leroy and Dee were sitting in a booth having a drink and some hors d’oeuvres. Dee stood up and gave me a kiss and a hug and I leaned over and shook Leroy’s hand. They both had a little bit of a sheepish grin as I sat down, Dee saying, “It’s not the same room as last year, but just as nice”. She then glanced at Leroy before saying, “We’ve been waiting for you to join us Ron, as we certainly didn’t want to start without you”.

I ordered a drink and the three of us talked about the past year of our lives, Leroy and I catching up as we haven’t visited at all. Our room was pretty well stocked with drinks and snacks, so we decided not to order dinner in the restaurant even though it was about 7:30 now. So I picked up my carry on and we headed for the suite.

Dee and Leroy already had their stuff put away, so I did the same. Hung up a few things, put clean underwear in a drawer and my shaving gear in the bath room. They in the meantime had already begun to take off their clothes and as I came out of the bathroom Dee said that it was shower time.

Leroy is a little taller than me and probably 20 lbs. heavier. And he obviously works out, because he’s very fit. I also try and keep fit, but at now at 66 years old, well need I say more.

It seemed like we had never left because as we got in the big shower, we started where we left of last time with Leroy and I placing Dee as a soapy sandwich between us. Our hands massaging with soap every inch of her body and her gentle hands washing our stiff cocks. I was thinking that this shower had lasted longer than all of my showers combined since our last one with Dee. We got out and with the big towels began drying each other off.

I noticed something new when we left the bathroom, there was a Jacuzzi in an alcove just outside and it was slowly bubbling and churning and looked very inviting.

Dee walked over to the bar and asked what we would like to drink, I decided on a scotch and soda and they each had a glass of wine. We stood in the middle of the suite nude as the day we were born and placed our glasses together and had a toast….”To a renewed friendship and another glorious weekend to remember”!!!

Just then there was a soft knock on the door…..I looked at them with a questioning look on my face, “Room Service”??? Leroy glanced at Dee, grinned and walked over to the door. Standing there were Leroy’s friend Thomas and his wife Bazi. As they came into the room I could see that Thomas was very dark skinned, a decent build and slightly overweight. He had a pleasant if a little bit of a shy smile on his face. Bazi was a light skinned black woman, like Halley Berry. Short hair, not kinky. Very attractive... On the slim side of average. Thru her light weight sweater it was obvious that her breasts were quite large. (We were shortly to learn that was due to still breast feeding six months after giving birth)... But her extra weight due to pregnancy was gone. Bazi was very trim except for her full breasts.

Dee had an incredulous expression as Leroy introduced them to us. Her beautiful eyes had a sparkle in them that even left me sort of weak kneed. Dee had a look on her face that left no doubt that she was very pleased with what she saw. As the three of us were standing there completely naked in front of them, Thomas and Bazi did look sort of uncomfortable. Leroy immediately took care of that as he explained “Dee’s rules” to them, to which they both laughed and “Give us a minute here”…. Dee showed Bazi the closets as well as the bathroom so they could put everything away.

Leroy in the meantime put his arm around his friend and we walked over to the wet bar and fixed them a drink. Thomas, like me, liked a scotch and soda and he got a glass of Merlot for Bazi

Dee walked in from the bath with her arm thru Bazi’s and they were both chuckling about something… An “inside joke” I assume.

Bazi was the first to begin undressing; she slipped off her sweater and removed her skirt. Standing there in her panties and as we could now see a nursing bra, Dee stepped behind her and unhooked the snaps revealing very full breasts with big dark areolas and long nipples. Bazi mentioned to Dee that she had forgotten her breast pump and that they were beginning to hurt somewhat. Dee said not to worry as she had had experience with this before, saying that everyone here would assist in relieving Bazi’s discomfort when she gets too full.

Bazi also had a shaved pussy, which to me was incredibly erotic seeing her shiny black mound with the pink slit and clitoris peeking out. We stood there in awe of this beautiful woman standing before us.

Thomas now began to undress as well and soon was naked as the rest of us. And besides my earlier description we all noticed a shaved, thick long uncircumcised cock. Leroy isn’t much larger than I am, but Thomas is a different story, Dee could wrap both hands around his cock and still have some showing.

Thomas and Bazi sensed the comfort level of Dee, Leroy and I right away and they soon relaxed on one of the couches as Leroy and I sat on each side of Dee. You know the general “small talk”. Thomas was a college friend of Leroy’s; they were in the same MBA program and now had similar occupations so they have stayed in touch over the years.

Then we moved on to the reason we were here again.

Leroy had been telling Thomas all about Dee in their conversations since last year. And Dee and Leroy had discussed how she would like to have another black man as part of our adventure. Thomas and Bazi had never had sex outside of their marriage, but as Thomas shared Leroy’s conversations with her and telling her what a great time we had the previous year, she became enthralled with the idea also. Bazi certainly wanted to meet Dee.

Now the five of us raised our glasses for a toast. ”To a renewed friendship, meeting new friends and another glorious weekend”!!! Dee then said, “Let's make this a weekend to remember and try things we've never done before”. Leroy looked at Thomas and Bazi, telling them, “This lady will very definitely make sure that happens”. Bazi told us about never having done anything like this before and expressed a certain amount of anxiety about it. But Dee assured her that nothing would happen that was against her will or would offend her. But if anything did to let us know and it would cease to happen. You could feel the comfort level increasing as Dee walked over to Bazi, then Thomas, Leroy and I, giving us each a tender kiss.

Dee asked if anyone was hungry and it was agreed that there was plenty of things to eat in the room as there was a fruit tray, misc. cheeses, crackers and breads.

Leroy looked at the Jacuzzi and motioned for us to follow him. The Jacuzzi was a perfect temperature probably 100 degrees, so it seemed pretty warm at first but as we sat for a while it became very soothing. We were careful not to drink too much while in the tub; I had a glass of iced soda water without the scotch. Dee noticed that Bazi seemed to be uncomfortable and winced a little bit ash she climbed in. Dee said, “Let me show you all what needs to be done here”. And as Bazi sat on the edge, Dee began to suck on her swollen breasts. Shortly thereafter it became obvious the Bazi was feeling much better, judging from the contented smile on her beautiful face. After about 15 minutes of sitting there each of us were getting a little more comfortable touching, Dee and Bazi did a fun thing, they would sort of float over and sit on our laps and wiggle their butts back and forth over our cocks. When they did that I would reach around and massage her hard nipples, then they would spread their legs apart and my cock would slip into a luscious warm c*nt. They would still wiggle about for a minute causing intense sensations and then move over to the next lucky guy. Sooner or later one of us would cum as they did that to us, then Bazi and Dee would increase the action on the next two. After we had all cum the beauties sat on the edge, spread their legs and we then buried our faces in their pussys and licked and sucked the combination of three cums. With Thomas, Leroy and I each trying to make them cum also, we were a little hesitant to share the nectar of pussys. They lucked out as Thomas was at Dee ’s pussy and Leroy at Bazi’s when the girls began to cum. I was kneeling behind them and took turns deep kissing them. They both grabbed me around the neck as they came and stuck their tongues into my mouth, moaning with delight. Afterward we all slid down into the soothing water, put our heads back and rested. It was dead silence other than the sound of the soft churning of warm water all around us. Dee said to Thomas, “How do you like the weekend so far”?

As it had been a long day for all of us, I think we were all pretty tired. So at about 11 Dee and I crawled into one of the beds, with just a sheet over us. It felt so nice to be able to snuggle with her, my hands rubbing softly on her smooth skin. Bazi, Thomas and Leroy were pretty much doing the same thing as we could hear the soft talk and movements on the other bed. The dim lighting from the Jacuzzi area quietly illuminated the room with a glow. I kissed Dee our tongues touching and she rolled over on top of me, straddling my erection. I rubbed my hands up and down her back as she moved her pussy back and forth across me. Cupping her ass cheeks in my hands I pulled her towards me so that I could suck on her beautiful breasts, taking one and then the other in my mouth to suck and gently bite her nipples. Dee slid down again so that her pussy was on my cock and began to rub her wetness against me. The sensations of her movement and the heat radiating from her pussy was glorious. “Dee, you feel so good on me, I could cum in two seconds”. She just kept slowly moving her pussy around on my cock and her breasts sliding across my chest. I couldn’t hold back now, I arched my back to try and slide my cock into her. It barely went in before I started to cum; thrusting into her sweetness I erupted. I heard Bazi say, “What’s going on over there”? I moaned to Dee , “Damn, you weren’t able to cum”. I felt movement on the bed with us and heard Bazi say, “Maybe I can help with that”. Her face was right next to where Dee and I were still linked together. As Dee slowly rolled off she put her mouth on my shrinking penis and her tongue was gathering our combined juices. She then got between Dee’s legs and started to tongue away at my cum. As Dee had been fairly close to an orgasm it just took a few minutes for her begin thrusting her hips into Bazi’s face….and a long “OOOOOOOOooooo” ensued from deep in her throat. Dee and I both kissed Bazi as she then got up and returned to the other bed.

I fell asleep shortly after that, so I don’t know what happened on the other bed. But as I am an early riser everyone was still sleeping as I got the paper outside of our door and started the coffee maker. Thomas was next up and came over to the sitting area; saw that I had a cup of coffee so I motioned to the coffee maker. He then came over and sat on one of the couches. “So…we stay naked”? “Yep” I said, “Dee’s rules”. Thomas chuckled at that and said, “Bazi really likes Dee, last night was certainly a new experience for her. I think that since it’s been six months since our baby was born this lactation thing makes her horny, as her breasts have always been very sensitive. And she sure does love having her pussy eaten”. He looked over at me and said with a smile, “I never thought that I would be sitting naked having a cup of coffee with a white boy”. I responded, “Jeeze Thomas, I hope you are not too intimidated by me”. We both laughed out loud at that and the next thing we heard was Dee saying, “Alright, what am I missing here”?

Bazi and Leroy strolled over then as Dee said, “Five in a shower is too much, I’m going in now and the rest of you are on your own”. Thomas and Bazi were next and Leroy and I took separate showers….”Duh”.

It was a pleasant time; we were just kind of wandering around the suite looking out of the window, munching on bits of fruit, having a glass of juice, sipping our coffees. But we were primarily looking at Dee and Bazi as they kind of gravitated toward one another. They would rub their hips together as they passed or would just stand close when they would be talking with us. For one thing, Dee couldn’t take her eyes off of her breasts.

I think that we all could begin to feel the room heating up the way Bazi and Dee were looking at one another. Dee just sort of reached out for Bazi’s hand and they went over and lay down on one of the beds. It was so sensuous watching Dee and Bazi begin to caress each another. The tenderness they could express with the soft touch of their hands, lips and tongue was breath taking and Leroy, Thomas and I lay there mesmerized at the sight. Dee took Bazi’s lactating breasts and began to massage them, tweaking her large nipples and sucking on them. As she massaged the areolas we could see milk began to flow from them and Dee began to suckle and massaged the tips with her tongue. Bazi closed her eyes, pushed back in the pillow and began rocking her head back and forth. Dee ’s hand then went between her legs and her middle finger started moving up and down her clit and slipped inside of her. This went on for a few minutes with Dee sucking on Bazi’s full breasts before she reached and pulled Dee up and began a kiss that went on for about two minutes. They were holding each other very tight, humping their pussies together, actually grinding them together. Both of their eyes were closed now. Suddenly they stopped, looked at one another and began to rotate into a 69 position. Seeing this, my mouth went dry and I placed my hand on my cock, just slightly squeezing it. I noticed the Leroy and Thomas were doing the same thing. With our beauties now licking and sucking on each other with such intensely that it would only be a matter of time before they erupted into a massive orgasm.

The first time I had ever seen two women make love was last year when we were here, watching Dee and Ann. It was fabulous, but now watching Bazi and Dee, the sensations of the contrast in skin tone was beyond description. Watching their tongues intertwined between their own lips was erotic but seeing them lick from their clitoris into the vagina and then the anus and continuing on and on until they began to shudder and then convulse into an orgasm that had their bodies straining for release. They continued to hump against each others face until the sensations slowly subsided and they relaxed into a slumber of bliss.

Thomas, Leroy and I laid there looking at the spent beauties not saying a word until Leroy finally said “Whew, that was hot”!!!

Dee got up and looked at Thomas and Leroy and pointed to the other bed, she didn’t have to ask then twice as they followed her over. She had them both lie on their backs as she kneeled between them and started massaging and then stroking their hardening cocks. As I looked at her I could see her licking her lips with anticipation. Bazi in the meantime began doing the same thing to me and soon bent down and took my cock in her mouth and started rubbing her tongue back and forth on the underside. I know that I wouldn’t last long with this so I pulled her away and had her roll over on her back. She spread her legs so that I could kneel between them. I massaged her legs, thighs and her soft flat tummy and then continued up to her breasts which as I stroked her nipples some milk still appeared. So I leaned up and sucked on one and then the other as her hands cupped each side of my head. “Your tongue feels good Ron”. I bit slightly on the nipples and each time I could feel the squirt of mother’s milk between my lips. I then ran my lips and tongue from between her breasts to her navel pressing it into her belly button then on down to her delicious looking hairless pussy still very wet from Dee’s previous tonguing. I licked and stroked and sucked on her clitoris as she pushed herself against my face. Suddenly she pressed her thighs against my head and bucked hard against me and let a moan of pure delight escape her lips. I continued to lick until she pulled on me saying that she wanted me inside of her. My cock slid in her to the hilt and I began to pump away. I looked over at the other bed and saw that Dee was on her hands and knees with Leroy’s cock in her mouth and Thomas fucking her from behind. With my quick glance I could see Thomas’ long cock sliding in and out of her and it seemed to take forever to go in and out of her c*nt. That erotic thought pushed me over the top and I started to cum, I just held myself tight to Bazi’s pussy as my cock pulsed inside of her. I lay still for a minute in order to be able to catch my breath. In the meantime I now could see the pounding that Dee was now taking as Thomas began to stroke harder and harder and Leroy had his hands holding her head tight to his cock. Dee wasn’t able to say anything but the sound of Thomas fucking her hard from behind became fierce as the slap, slap, SLAP of his thighs hitting he ass over and over again. Leroy soon said that he was about to cum as Thomas put his head back and gave a pleasure full moan as his cock unloaded deep into her pussy. Thomas still kept fucking Dee as Leroy began to thrust against her as his cum flowed down her throat. They all stayed locked together for a few minutes and slowly began to separate. As Thomas’ limp cock slid out, I could see cum began to drip and run down her legs on to the towel Dee had put under her. Bazi was now watching this too, and she rolled over, sat up and moved to where they were. Dee was still on her hands and knees as Bazi first took her husband’s cock in her mouth to clean it and then moved behind Dee and started licking her c*nt and asshole. Dee rested her head on the bed to offer Bazi better access to her, Bazi did this sufficient to bring Dee to another orgasm.

With that we all more or less collapsed in place and took a short rest, (me a snooze).

When I woke up I could see Bazi and Dee sitting on one of the couches looking out the window. I went over to say that I was going to take a shower to help wake me up and I could see that they already had just taken one. Feeling refreshed as I came out Thomas and Leroy were up and about too. Still a little too early in the day for a drink, I opened up a juice to wet my thirst.

Leroy suggested for a little variation that Dee and Bazi would lie back on the table and we will take turns walking up and sticking our cocks in them, stroking a few times and then pulling out. Seeing how long we could do this without cumming. Thinking that it was only a little over an hour since I had, I was sort of doubtful. But what the heck, like Dee said… To try things that we had never done before. And this would be a new one for me, that’s for sure. Bazi said that she would like to get us ready, but we were on our own to stay hard. So as Dee lay back on the table Bazi lay on her belly as first her husband stood in front of her and she inhaled his cock. I was next and Leroy whispered in my ear, “Oreo”….as Thomas stock his cock into Dee. He stroked for close to a minute and then pulled out and I moved in and did the same. As I was replaced by Leroy, Bazi was now lying beside Dee and Thomas was fucking her. So by doing this in rotation, I had a feeling that none of us were ever going to cum, but it sure was fun watching our cocks sliding in and out of those beautiful pussys. Dee’s with the soft mound of hair and Bazi’s smoothie. I would watch Thomas’ long cock sinking into Dee as she wasn’t as used to it as Bazi. And each time he would take a turn he would begin to stroke into them harder, the same with Leroy and me. This went on for the better part of a half hour, pretty soon we were fucking them for longer and longer periods of time, the third guy having to stroke he cock to keep the erection. As usual I was first to cum and it happened to be in Bazi, and Dee motioned for me to come around to her head so she could suck my cock. Thomas was intently fucking his wife and Leroy was now pounding into Dee. After about another minute they pretty much came at the same time. Ramming the women as hard as they could, the table was beginning to slide across the tile floor. Dee said that she wanted to clean both of them so I went between Bazi’s legs first and began licking and sucking our cum from her c*nt and also bringing her to an orgasm. Dee was next and I did the same with her. So as far as being a new experience, I had to admit that it certainly was.

For some relaxation and also to rest a little we all got into the Jacuzzi again and the soothing hot water felt terrific as actually my cock was beginning to feel sore. We stayed in for another half hour or so. And other than just looking at those two beautiful women nothing else went on in there. Well, just a little touching and feeling…. Dee’s hand did feel good just holding my soft cock.

After we dried off, Thomas and Leroy went over to the beds and lay on their backs. Dee went over and lay by Thomas and Bazi next to Leroy. Dee motioned for me to lay by her also. Thomas’ head was on the pillow and Dee was laying half way down the bed next to his cock, so I lay across from her. She slowly rubbed her hands on his limp member, kind of lifting it up and letting it drop, cupping his balls and gently squeezing them. And pretty soon it came back to life and his cock slowly extended to its full length. Dee very much enjoying pulling his foreskin away from the cock head.

Dee now had both hands around Thomas’ cock, rotating them back and forth around its length. As she took her mouth off of the tip and said to me, “Isn’t this a beautiful cock Ron? It looks like onyx and so shiny and smooth, I love it”. She was stroking it so the skin was moving on and off of the head of his erection and each time the skin peeled away she would kiss it and then put it as deep as she could into her mouth. We could hear Bazi moaning now as Leroy had his face buried deep into her pussy on the other bed. I was enthralled laying there with my face inches away from Dee’s as she continued to stoke and suck on Thomas. I really have to admit I was transfixed being so close to them and as she went down on his cock and raised her head back up she would look me in the eye with an expression of immense love in hers. His cock was glistening with her saliva and the sucking sounds were making my cock ache with desire. Something happened that I didn’t expect, I felt a hand on my cock, I looked up and could see that it was Thomas rubbing it, his other hand was fingering Dee’s pussy. Pretty soon I noticed that his hips were starting to rise up a little, and then a little more urgently. Dee kept stroking and sucking on him and he started squeezing me a little harder, He then uttered a groan and thrust himself up at Dee. She looked at me then and moved his cock towards me as his cum didn’t shoot from his cock, but just sort of dribbled out of the end and rolled down on her hands. She reached behind my head and pulled me towards it and I took him in my mouth. Dee then pulled him away and began licking the cum off of his cock and her hand. She then reached over him and gave me a deep kiss, her tongue pressing his cum into my mouth also

I needed a drink.

As I got up I could see that Bazi now had Leroy’s cock deep in her mouth also and he was cumming. When Dee saw that, she went over to their bed and crawled into her arms and they began mingling the cum of their lovers.

We all decided that real food was in order since we haven’t left the room since we arrived. You know, “Time sure flies when you are having a good time”. Fortunately we found a booth that was out of the way and had plenty of room for the five of us. Dee for some reason asked Thomas if it was ok for Bazi to sit between us. Needless to say, she had a plan. So while we were having cocktails before dinner, in the seclusion of the booth she lifted Bazi’s t-shirt, loosened the flaps on her nursing bra and said, “Ron, we need to help relieve the pressure here”. She then placed her mouth over Bazi’s swollen nipples and began to suck. Taking the cue, I did the same. Leroy said to Thomas, “Fuck man, I can’t believe that I’m hard again”. Dee looked at him saying, “Good, hold that thought lover, because I’ll be looking for it after dinner”. Of course Dee had her hand under Bazi’s skirt fingering her pussy at the same time. So when the waitress arrived to take our order, I’m not sure she could remember what she asked for.

After dinner and a few drinks we went back to our suite, Thomas, Leroy and I were of one mind that we needed some recuperation. So it seemed like the Jacuzzi was the logical place to finish the evening. Bazi found some soft jazz on the sound system and we all relaxed together. It worked out that I was in the middle Dee on one side then Thomas and Bazi on the other side of me and then Leroy. So the rest of the evening was spent enjoying the touch of others on our bodies and nice feeling of caressing soft skin. Periodically Dee or Bazi would stoke my cock, sometimes both together and I would put a finger in their pussy and also sometimes finding Thomas’ or Leroy’s hand there also. So that’s how the evening ended, after about an hour we all began to look like prunes so we dried off and went to the beds. Dee asked Leroy to stay with us for the night, which brought back memories of the year before, but it wasn’t long before I was asleep. I woke up once feeling her hand cupping my cock and I had the feeling she was doing the same with Leroy.

My usual early morning wake up came and I got up, took a pee and picked up today’s paper and again made coffee. I quick ran down to the lobby and got some cinnamon rolls to put in the microwave later. Within the hour everyone was up, showered and enjoying our coffee, and warm cinnamon rolls. Bazi was the first to comment on our time together so far, and said, “I can not believe how nice this weekend has been. Dee was so right about trying things we have never done before. And I feel so happy today to have met all of you, but I will be sad when we have to leave. This has been a weekend that I will remember for the rest of my life, believe me”. Dee just smiled and Leroy said, “Are you glad I told Thomas about our time here last year”? Bazi gave an enthusiastic “Yes, oh yes…. This has been a wonderful time”.

A little later Leroy looked at Dee and said, “One thing’s missing”. “What’s that”? “Last year I fucked you in the ass”. “I thought you would never ask”, she said. Bazi looked at Thomas with sort of a nervous look on her face, he said, “Don’t look at me babe”. I told then, I just watched this last year. Dee put her hand out for Leroy and walked him over to the bed. She had picked up the KY on the way and handed it to him. The same as last year, Leroy was a very considerate lover as he spent quite a bit of time kissing her back, massaging her back helping her get comfortable. He put a little of the jell on his finger and gently massaged her anus for a while and then pushed his finger into her. I could see her startle a little as she felt the first sensations of her anus being penetrated. He did that for a few minutes and then brought his cock shiny with KY jell and pushed against the entrance of her ass. It took a couple of minutes of coaxing his cock thru the entrance, but Dee began to relax and his cock began to slip into her. When it was about half way in Dee gave out a moan and he asked if she was ok. And her comment was, “OH yesssssss. So he continued to press against her and his cock slowly disappeared into her. Then it was all of the way in her and he began to pump his cock in and out of her, slowly at first and then he began to pick up speed. Sweat was beginning to break out on him again as he strained to fuck her ass with all of the intensity that he could muster after all of the orgasms we had had this weekend. Dee had her head on a pillow and seemed to be just savoring the sensations that were happening to her as he fucked her. But pretty soon she again began to make the noises of someone that is in the troughs of a great sexual experience. Both of them were really into it now, Deborah, “Um, Um, Um, Um” each time his thighs met her ass. Slap, slap, slap as he pounded her again and again. Leroy moaned as his cock penetrated her anus to the hilt. Dee was cumming now with the same strength as before, again she was shaking from head to toe. And soon Leroy came too, they collapsed on the bed in a heap of spent energy and total exhaustion. Both of them looked over at us and smiled, each of them shaking their heads like they couldn’t believe anything could feel so good.

When Leroy pulled out of Dee’s ass Bazi said to her, “I’ve never done that before, Thomas is too big for me and I’m afraid that it would hurt too much”. Dee grinned at me, “Alright Ron, you need to show this lady how nice it can feel”. Well, I was a little tense as this is still not something that I am comfortable with. But Dee put me at ease, “come here”, she said as she placed some KY on her fingers and rubbed Bazi’s anus and stuck her finger in there. She then rubbed my cock with it, stroked it a little bit to help my hard on and pointed my cock at her entrance. As I was pretty nervous it was difficult to stay hard. But Dee reached under me, cupped my balls and rubbed her finger under my shaft encouraging me to enter Bazi. With Dee’s persistence I could feel her anus open a little with the pressure, so I began to push and with the help of the lubricant, I slowly entered her. Surprisingly, Bazi pushed back against me and my cock was home. I just kneeled behind her for a couple of seconds to catch my breath and then started pumping in and out of her ass. Dee remained where she was, cupping my balls and Thomas and Leroy lay on each side of us transfixed on Bazi’s face. Her eyes were wide with the pleasure she was beginning to feel, her mouth was open but no sound came from her lips. As I continued to stroke in and out of her, little sounds began emitting from her. Soft, “em, em, em”, each time I stroked in. After a couple of minutes my pace picked up as I started to feel the urge and she was feeling it as well. Bazi cried out as she came and with that I intensified my strokes and started to pound her ass as hard as I could muster. She collapsed on the bed with me on top of her, my cock slipping out of her ass and cum still squirting from me. Dee turned me over and took my now soft cock in her mouth and started to suck. But there was no life there as she was sucking a cock that would not be able to get hard again for hours.

So then Dee looked at Leroy and Thomas saying, “Well my beautiful men, my weekend is about to be complete. Because I want you both to fuck me now”….The smell of sex was overpowering now, incredible feelings of arousal in all of us.

I have a feeling that this is what Dee had really been waiting for, as the lusty sly grin that I have come to love lit up on her beautiful face. (I remember that from a musical power point that I sent to her) Thomas said, “Both of us” and looked at Leroy. Leroy shrugged his shoulders saying, “I’m game my man, just give me a little bit of time to recover here”. Dee was fine with that as she got on the bed with Thomas and told Leroy to catch up as soon as he could. Leroy went to the bathroom as Bazi and I got on the other bed. I had my back against the headboard with my legs spread apart and she sat between them with her back against my chest. Leroy soon came back and joined them as Dee was lying next to Thomas stroking her fingers up and down his chest. She bent close and began sucking and nibbling on his nipples. Then moved up and bit him softly on the chin before she started kissing him at first lightly but then with much more intensity, her tongue pressing into his mouth. Her right hand was cupping his balls and then moved up to surround his cock and began stroking it to life. In the meantime Leroy had moved around behind her and started to run his tongue around her pussy and asshole. Dee obviously liked that as she began to moan something that I didn’t quite hear. (Later she told me… I am so hot for this). As I watched them, I put my arms around Bazi and began tweaking her nipples as well as massaging her beautiful breasts. It didn’t take long for my fingers to become wet with her lactations. I could also reach down and place my wet fingers against her clit and I started to massage there also. Bazi pushed back against me and whispered that it felt so good, turned her head and kissed me. I could see her breasts glistening with milk, so I leaned forward and began to suck on them as I fingered her pussy. She started rocking her legs back and forth as my finger slid in and out of her vagina and my tongue massaging milk from her breasts. It seemed like just a few minutes and Bazi was in the throes of another orgasm…She whispered in my ear, “I really needed that, my breasts hurt”.

Leroy reached over to the night stand and picked up the KY and put some more on his finger and pressed it against her anus. Dee straddled Thomas reached down between her legs and placed his cock at the entrance to her very eager c*nt. Thomas slipped in to the hilt in one push and Dee let out an, “OH” as his cock was almost at her cervix.

She now leaned forward to give Leroy better access to her ass. With a little of the KY on his cock, this time as soon as the tip penetrated he anus, he pushed all the way in as far as he could, his thighs tight to her ass. Dee cried with that, “OH MY GOD”….. Leroy that hurt!!! Leroy and Thomas were both very still then, waiting for her to ask them to stop. It took some time but then Dee looked over to where Bazi and I were and smiled at us. “Ok”, she said and with that they both began to thrust in and out of her. Very slowly at first, both men enjoying the new sensations they were feeling. Especially that their cocks were rubbing together with only the membrane between her pussy and ass separating them. This seemed to go on for quite a while as both of them were pretty well cummed out. Bazi certainly was enjoying the show as her pussy was soaked and between rubbing her tits and clitoris she tensed and had a huge orgasm. I could feel pre-cum from my cock against her back. Thomas and Leroy actually got into a pretty good rhythm, as when Thomas would push up into Dee ’s pussy Leroy would push down into her ass. Dee ’s eyes were closed tightly, her teeth were clinched together almost into a grimace. Looking at her you would think she was being tortured but then she would open them wide look at Bazi and I, give us a grin and stammer.” This…this…this…feels....feels….sooooo…..sooooo….go od….good…..good”, each time Thomas would stroke up and Leroy would stroke down. At times they were thrusting into her simultaneously as Dee began meeting their thrusts. I could feel my cum just oozing out of my cock, the sensations of what we were watching was incredibly erotic, even Bazi was breathing hard every time Dee was pounded either up or down. Thomas began to groan that he was about to cum and Dee thrust her head back as her orgasm was beginning with a vengeance, tears were now on her cheeks as Thomas erupted into her and Dee cried out in ecstasy. He was ramming his cock for its full length in and out of her, the sound of their bodies slapping together, all of them now drenched with sweat. Leroy was getting close now as Thomas had quit pumping, just holding Dee tight to his chest and Leroy now fucked her ass one more time with all of the energy that his exhausted body could muster. It took him a few more minutes, but soon he tensed, his legs now shaking as he held himself above Dees ass and plunged one more time as he collapsed on her spent body.

Dee finally had recreated her Florida adventure with a double penetration as Bazi and I watched…….
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