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Old 02-11-2009, 04:41 PM
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Default Leroy - Deborah & rt829

Deborah is a beautiful lady that I was fortunate enough to meet on line several months ago.

She and I have had many erotic conversations via messenger. And she has told me numerous true story’s of her adventures while in college. One in particular was about Dee and her roommate during a trip to Florida. They met two black guys in a bar and later adjourned to a motel where they had wild abandoned sex for several days. It was her first and only black experience as well as girl/girl experience….. She told me that she had never been fucked so many times, so many different positions and eaten so much cum from her pussy, her girlfriend’s pussy and the guys spent cocks.

Dee has many on-line sexual partners and one of them is a black guy named Leroy.

Well during one of our conversations, I said to Dee….”What do you think about seeing if Leroy would be interested in meeting us somewhere”? And her response was, “Sure, I just don’t want it to be here”. So I said, “Since the three of us live in different parts of the country, why don’t we try and meet in the middle somewhere”. And Dee thought that was a great idea, so she contacted Leroy to see what he thought about it as well as try and figure out a time and place where we could all meet.

So, it took about a month, but we were all able to meet pretty much in the middle of the country and I took care of making the arrangements for a room for the three of us. It was a nice hotel with all of the amenities for a great time. Actually it was a suite, so there was plenty of space.

Since I had never met Leroy or actually Deborah for that matter, Dee and I arranged to meet at the airport, since our flights were only a half hour apart. I got there at 2:30 and her flight was scheduled for 3:00. So I told her I would be in the airport lounge, and I was certainly anxious to finally meet her. Leroy’s flight arrived at six, so he was going to come directly to the hotel.

It was strange at first; I was surprised how shy we were…. And thinking about the weekend ahead of us. We were both probably thinking, “Well, it’s too late to back out now”.
But in the cab ride to the hotel, (we didn’t rent a car as we certainly weren’t planning on any sight seeing) our comfort level rose considerably. I checked us in, left a message for Leroy as to our room number and we went up to the suite. Once inside, we put our stuff away and we finally looked at each other, really for the first time. So I stood there and opened up my arms and Deborah melted into me, saying…..”Ron, this is going to be a fantastic weekend. I can just feel it.” And I said, “I think so too, I’ve been really looking forward to this since we first talked about it”. I then gave her the first kiss of countless kisses that would be given in the following few days. Dee’s lips were soft, succulent and she just touched the tip of my tongue with hers and with that my first erection began. Since the weekend was planned around the three of us we didn’t let ourselves get too involved, thinking there was plenty of time for that.

We decided to go down to the lounge have a snack a drink and await Leroy’s arrival.
Since he wasn’t expected until about 7.

We ordered a couple of glasses of wine and a snack tray to munch on. Our conversation was more to catching up on day to day things that we normally wouldn’t discuss on-line which was nice. And after a half hour or so it seemed like we had been friends forever. Dee is just an easy person to talk with and has an easy laugh which I always try to encourage.

We were sitting in a booth side by side and as we talked I did rub my hand up and down her thigh getting close to the sweet spot and Dee rubbed my cock thru my pants and said, “My, my aren’t we getting a little excited here. There was a little spot of pre-cum showing thru my pants.

It was about 7:15 when he arrived, we had left a message to meet us in the lounge. So when this actually pretty handsome black man walked in Dee knew it was him right away. And since she doesn’t show her face on-line, she stood up and waved him our way. As this was the first time he had seen her, did his face ever light up with a bright smile. “This is even better than I imagined”, he said. And they gave each other a big hug. Leroy is a little taller than me and probably 20 lbs. heavier. But he obviously works out, because he’s very fit. I try and keep fit, but at 65 years old it isn’t as easy anymore. I’m not sure how old he is but he’s quite a bit younger than me. Dee asked if he would like a drink or something to eat.
Leroy said, “I’m not really hungry and I see all that I want to eat sitting right here”
With that said….. And a chuckle from Dee and I, we went up to our room.

Leroy said once we entered the room, “Well I’ll be damned, we’ve got plenty of room to run around naked anyway”. And he proceeded to put his travel bag away with ours. In the meantime Dee went to the bar in our suite and fixed drinks all around.

Since there was a very large shower in the suite, Dee said, “One way to get to know each other better is to take a shower together”. Well Leroy and I looked at one another, shrugged our shoulders and we all started for the bathroom. Dee said, “Let me undress you two beautiful men.” And proceeded to help us take our clothes off. Leroy had the honors of first undressing Dee and having only seen pictures of her up to this point, I have to say that she took my breath away. Perfect breasts, and a lovely bush covering her sweet pussy.

Well you know the story about black guys being hung. Dee had seen pics and video’s of his cock, so she knew what to expect. But I was expecting to be humiliated, but no…. He was larger than me but not that much so I didn’t sweat it. But as she took our clothes off, both of us began to rise to the occasion. Dee said, “I sure do like what I see”. And she walked into the big shower, motioning for us to follow with her finger. Well this is the first time I have been in the shower with a man since the army and certainly not with one with a hard on.

The shower was one with multiple heads that spray water in three directions, so there was a comfortable place for each of us. (Little did I realize how comfortable we would all become in the shower as the weekend progressed?) Dee said, “I want to wash each of you and I want both of you to wash me at the same time”. So she proceeded to put soap on the sponge and to gently wash us. When she got to our cocks, she put soap on her hands and slid them up and down our shafts and balls and our anus. I thought I would cum right then, but as she alternated between Leroy and me, it gave me a chance to calm down a little. Dee then said, “I am so going to enjoy sucking on your beautiful cocks”.

Leroy and I stood on each side of Dee and we proceeded to wash her beautiful body. Needless to say we spent considerable time on her breasts. And when we got to her pussy, both of our fingers touched as we slid them along the sides of her c*nt. I have to admit a certain arousal as I touched Leroy’s fingers as we were washing her pussy. I think he was getting pretty hot too. So when we finished, Dee said “I want to dry my hair first, so you guys sit down and have a drink, but don’t put any clothes on. I want to be naked all weekend”.

So Leroy and I went out to the sitting area and had a drink as our cocks deflated. We both agreed that turning on the TV was a waste of time as neither one of us wanted to see anything other than the beautiful woman that was presently drying her hair.

It was about five minutes later that lovely Dee walked in to room and said, “Gentlemen, start your engines”….. And then the fun began.

She then walked over to the king size bed, turned down the covers and then lay there exuding so much sensuality and said….”Leroy, this is for three fantasies’…. Yours to be with me. Mine to be fucked again by a black man, and Ron’s to share me with a black man and also participate in the fun”. Leroy said, “That sounds like a good plan to me”. So he and I lay on each side of Dee and gently began to massage her thighs, her tummy and breasts, twisting her nipples back and forth with our fingers. Dee began a soft moaning sound and spread her legs a little so we had more access to her. So we continued massaging her, from her toes up her legs to her crotch just outside of her pussy, sliding our fingers from her upper thigh around to her butt, teasing her pussy lips as we slide our fingers by. Leroy moved over so that he was between her legs, he spread them apart and began to eat her pussy. Dee closed her legs against his head and began to buck against his face. She then said, “Ron…. Move around so that I can taste your cock”. So I rotated so that my cock was near her mouth and my face was near her hip. It was very erotic watching Leroy’s tongue as it slid up and down her c*nt lips, flicking against her clit. Dee cupped my balls in her hand, gently squeezing them and wrapping her hand around my hard cock. Her hand felt cool to the touch as she caressed me….. She was getting very close to cumming now and began to breath quite hard and with a moan deep in her throat….”Ummmm, Ummmm, Ummmmmmmmmmm”. Then she pushed her pussy hard against Leroy, her hips thrusting up and down….. ”Oooooooooooooooooooooooo fuck meeee”. She was trembling all over now as Leroy moved up and thrust his hard black cock deep into her pussy. “Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh, Ahhhhh”, she said each time he thrust into her and I turned so that I could suck on her nipple nearest to me. Her hands were on each of our heads as we fucked and sucked on her. It was two or three minutes until we heard Leroy’s moans of release as he quickened his pace, pounded her harder and harder as he came deep in her womb. “Whewwww”, he said…..”I needed that, it’s been a while”….

After Leroy’s softening cock slipped out of her, Dee said, “Ron don’t you want to touch it? It’s all covered with cum and so slippery and getting soft. I don’t want it to get soft, I need to feel it inside of me again”. So for the first time in my life, I touched another man’s cock. It twitched in my fingers as Dee reached for my cock and began stroking it, and said. “I love hardons, they feel so good”. And as I stroked Leroy, he slowly began to get hard again. So I started to rub his cock up and around Dee’s pussy. With my hand around his cock, I pushed it against the opening of her c*nt. It entered her with his cum on my hand and also pushing cum out of her pussy. So it slipped in as smooth as silk. Deborah wrapped her legs around him so that he was completely in her once again…… And the sound…..The sweet squishing noise of a hard cock sliding in and out, in and out…. Thrusting with such intensity, the overwhelming need to fuck, to feel your cock in a woman’s pussy. And Dee’s moans of absolute delight, the pure enjoyment of animal sex, the need to cum and cum again. The feeling of utter release, Dee was saying, “Leroy, oh Leroy, this feels so good, your cock feels wonderful in me”. It was so beautiful watching his shiny black cock moving in and out of Dee’s pussy, and the smell of intense sex was overwhelming. The sounds of Dee and Leroy’s efforts were so erotic, the smell of their cum and the smell of their sweat was so pure that I had a tremendous urge to join them. I wanted to touch their wet perspiring bodies because they were still clean, it was just sex that they were emitting.

It took a little longer this time, but soon Leroy began to tense and thrust harder and harder into her as he came again…..He was spent and lay on her for a few minutes trying to catch his breath…..And Dee had this wonderful contented look on her face, pure bliss. Leroy slowly rolled off of her and lay there beside her with his hand over his eyes, still breathing pretty hard. So I thought, Dee needs another cum. So I lay between her legs and began to tongue her cum filled pussy. She placed her hands on my head and pushed me hard into her hot well fucked c*nt. My tongue was reaching as deep as I could, and the taste of their mixed secretions was very intense…. I loved it. My mouth was all over her, licking and sucking and very soon I could tell that she was close again, humping against my face, trembling, moaning. I heard her take a deep breath as she came with incredible intensity. But now I needed to cum and pushed my cock hard into her…. I was so hot that I pounded away at her with almost a ferocious energy that had built up in me. So it didn’t take long for me to cum, I thought I might faint it felt so good.

So there we lay, with Dee in the middle as we drifted off to sleep. Each of us well on the way of sharing a perfect weekend together…. Well, we all had to take a pee fist, but then snuggled back in the bed with Dee caressing our spent soft cocks and Leroy’s and my hands gently rubbing Dee’s pubes.

I woke early Saturday morning and made some coffee and read the paper that was dropped outside of our room. They got up about an hour later. As she was drinking her coffee she said, “I’m all sticky with cum, let’s take a shower”. So off we went to clean up for the day. After we got in the shower Dee said, “OK, new rules, you and Ron clean each other first and then you both can clean me. I want to watch for a change”. So Leroy and I started on each others backs first, working up the nerve to do our fronts. But actually it was kind of fun and as we soon were close to washing each others cocks, they began to stiffen. (I wonder why) Anyway, Dee was standing there under her shower with a grin on her face as we began to soap our cocks. It felt good having Leroy soap my cock and balls and he stroked it a little bit too and I did the same for him. We were all laughing by then. Then it was Deborah’s turn and needless to say we vigorously washed that beautiful woman from head to toe, taking special care at certain places.

Room service brought us breakfast and Dee went to the door when it came with just a towel wrapped around her. The hotel person got a nice eyeful, but as soon as the door closed she threw the towel on a chair, and this gorgeous woman delivered the breakfast cart to the table where Leroy and I were sitting.

About mid-morning we looked out of the window and noticed that the swimming pool was an indoor/outdoor type. And as it was a beautiful day, I said to Leroy, “Did you bring a suit”? “Hell ya, I always enjoy a swim”. Dee had hers too. “Is that the suit you were wearing in the pic that you sent to me”? I said. “My, aren’t we observant”, she said. So the three naked people put on their swim suits and headed for the pool.

The pool was refreshing and it nice to swim and get a little exercise at the same time. Leroy kept swimming up to Dee and would stand very close and rub his fingers in and out of her pussy underwater. She would get a devilish grin on her face and even kissed him. There was a couple of guys sitting nearby having a drink and watching them. After a while there was a noticeable bulge in their pants. But Dee and Leroy were in their own little world and paid no attention.

I looked back to see that they were getting out of the water and Dee motioned for me to come back. “I’m so horny right now, I’m going to fuck you two right here if we don’t go back to the suite”. So, being obedient boys we followed her to our room.

Peeling off our suits and jumping into bed we covered up, as we were still somewhat wet we were chilled. Dee’s skin was cool and damp to the touch and we all had goose bumps. But it didn’t take long for things to heat up again. Dee said, “Let’s see if I can put some life back into those shriveled cold cocks”. And then proceeded to put her mouth on them and began to suck.

As Leroy and I were lying side by side, Dee said, “This is going to be tricky, but I want you both to cum at the same time, so let’s work together to make sure that it happens”. So as she alternated between us, sucking on one and then the other, Leroy and I would have to stroke our own cocks to maintain the sensation. But watching her suck on him certainly made me hot so it was a battle not to ruin the plan. Leroy said, “I’m getting close”…… Dee said, “Both of you, get on your knees, I want both cocks in my mouth”!!! So we did and Dee cupped our balls as our cocks mingled with her tongue. We both were holding on to her head as we began to thrust into her mouth and released our cum simultaneously….. Dee then said, “Lie down I want to kiss you”…. And she proceeded to kiss me and then Leroy and deposited our shared cum between the three of us using her tongue to swish it around in our mouths…. Leroy said, “That’s a first”…

As it was early afternoon Leroy and I both said that we need a little time, Dee went to her carry on and said, “In case Leroy and I weren’t “UP” for it, she brought along her new black dildo. Who wants to have the honors”? Well I said, since Leroy already has a black one, I want to use it first. Dee then went back to her carry on and came back with some restraints. “I want to be placed spread eagle on the bed while you guys do me”. So that we did and put a little of her KY jell on it and turned it on. I told her that she was going to have to make us beg to quit giving her orgasms. “You said you were sore after Florida, well your going to remember this too”. I started rubbing it around her clit and moving it slowly in and out of her pussy while Leroy started massaging her tits, pinching her nipples, sucking on them and biting them. It didn’t take long for Deborah to cum, it was very intense and she shook for a long time, pulling against the restraints. So we gave her a short breather and started all over again. We did this several times, until she said, “Please, PLEASE stop…. I can’t take it any more…. There were tears in her eyes which told me enough is enough so we set her free.
Leroy and I then lay down with her and we fell into a satisfied restful sleep.

It was a little after five when we woke up. We decided that we would go down to the hotel restaurant instead of room service. That way we would get a little respite from the room. Dee took a quick shower and we all dressed in sweats since it was early enough to be ahead of the dinner crowd. Dee didn’t wear a bra which was nice and her nipples showed thru the light weight material. We ate pretty much from the buffet table as we really weren’t very hungry. Although, with all of the energy expended fucking Dee, you would think we would be famished. Anyway, it was nice to have a couple glasses of wine, a leisure meal together and actually get to know one another better. Believe it or not we behaved ourselves in the restaurant.

The next morning was pretty much the same, I was up earlier, made coffee and was reading the paper when Deborah quietly came up beside me, put her arms around me and whispered thank you for the dog, what a pleasant surprise, you’ve made me a very happy woman this is more fun than I could have ever imagined. And Leroy is such a nice guy too. He must have heard us, as he said, “Damn right I’m a nice guy, but I can be a bad guy too if you like, you remember our instant messages don’t you Dee”? Dee chuckled at that.

So our early morning shower was pretty much the same except Leroy and I spent a little more time washing each others cock and much more time washing Dee. Room service again brought up breakfast and the three naked friends sat and enjoyed the day. As our flight schedules were again different Dee’s leaving first and Leroy and mine an hour later. We began to feel a certain intensity that we need to get back in the bed as time was running out.

Dee suggested that we get in a position on the bed with her and I in the 69 position with her on top. That way Leroy could do her doggie style and I could watch as well as lick on her pussy to get it nice and wet for him. And that’s what we did, so for about ten minutes Dee and I licked and sucked each other while Leroy was reaching under her and massaging her breasts. Then Dee said, “Please fuck me Leroy”…. He moved around behind her, his cock just inches from my face, looking for her c*nt. I reached for his cock and guided it into her, stroking him a little as I put in her. He thrust hard into her and I could feel her jolt with the impact of his thighs slamming into her ass….So here is this black cock inches from me moving in and out, making slurping sounds, the slapping sounds of his thighs slamming her, her wet pussy dripping on my face each time his cock pulled back. I could taste their mingled juices as they fucked like there was no tomorrow. Leroy was hammering her now, almost a blur as his beautiful cock fucked Deborah, giving her immense pleasure as it slid back and forth against and along the walls of her vagina. Harder and harder he fucked her, she is bucking so hard right now my cock is slipping out of her mouth. Slap, slap, slap the intensity grows and grows. Dee is now moaning very loud almost a scream now as she can feel her orgasm mounting to a plateau seldom reached. Leroy was glistening with sweat, I can see it running down his legs and dripping on me also. I can sense Leroy’s pending orgasm mounting, Dee is now shaking uncontrollably, panting like a dog, moaning with a sound that almost seems painful. Leroy pounds harder and much quicker now, everything is a blurr my face is wet with Dee’s pussy secretions and Leroy is now tensing for his orgasm. He slams into her one last time and holds her tight as he cums and cums and cums into the depths of her pussy. They are both shaking now, trembling with exhaustion. As his softning cock slides out of her pussy, cum pours out of her like a fountain all over my face. The tip of his soft cock touches my lips and I opened my mouth took it in and sucked on the soft member cleaning the mixture of their combined cum once again. Leroy knew his cock was in my mouth, but he didn’t pull away, he let me clean it for Dee knowing that she would like that to happen. The intensity of all of this caused me to cum also. Although my cock was not in Dee’s mouth, my cum squirted all over her face as it was bucking back and forth above me.

When we rolled away and lay beside one another, Leroy said, “Geeze man, you’re a mess”. Dee looked at me an said that she would be glad to help with that and began kissing a licking all of the cum from my face. We lay together in silence, in fact we all dozed a little but about a half hour later we were laughing and joking around together that this would certainly be a weekend to remember.

Dee was sort of quiet for a while but then looked at me and said, “Ron, I realize that you are not into anal. But I just need to have Leroy’s gorgeous cock in my ass. This has all been so nice, and it’s one more thing to make this weekend perfect for me. Leroy looked at me and then smiled at her and replied, “I was hoping that you would ask me that since we talked about it during our instant messenger conversations.

Dee again looked at me with a quizzical look on her face, I said, “Go for it beautiful lady”. We all got up to take a pee then and when Dee came out of the bathroom, Leroy was stroking his cock and applying her KY jelly to it. It was sort of funny the look on Dee’s face as he prepared to fuck her ass, almost a little hesitant. But she gave me a soft smile and mouthed “thank you” to me as she got on her hands and knees on the bed. I decided to pull a chair over and watch so that I didn’t get bounced around too much. Leroy was a very considerate lover as he spent quite a bit of time kissing her back, massaging her back helping her get comfortable. He put a little of the jell on his finger and gently massaged her anus for a while and then pushed his finger into her. I could see her startle a little as she felt the first sensations of her anus being penetrated. He did that for a few minutes and then brought his cock shiny with KY jell and pushed against the entrance of her ass. It took a couple of minutes of coaxing his cock thru the entrance, but Dee began to relax and his cock began to slip into her. When it was about half way in Dee gave out a moan and he asked if she was ok. And her comment was, “OH yesssssss. So he continued to press against her and his cock slowly disappeared into her. Then it was all of the way in her and he began to pump his cock in and out of her, slowly at first and then he began to pick up speed. Sweat was beginning to break out on him again as he strained to fuck her ass with all of the intensity that he could muster after all of the orgasms we had had this weekend. Dee had her head on a pillow and seemed to be just savoring the sensations that were happening to her as he fucked her. But pretty soon she again began to make the noises of someone that is in the troughs of a great sexual experience. Both of them were really into it now, Deborah, “Um, Um, Um, Um” each time his thighs met her ass. Slap, slap, slap as he pounded her again and again. Leroy, “Ah, Ah, Ah,” as his cock penetrated her anus to the hilt. Dee was cumming now with the same strength as before, again she was shaking from head to toe. And soon Leroy came too, they collapsed on the bed in a heap of spent energy and total exhaustion. Both of them looked over at me and smiled, each of them shaking their heads like they couldn’t believe anything could feel so good.

So the conclusion of our weekend consisted in one last shower together…. The three of us got all soapy and we rubbed our bodies all over each other, Leroy and I free of the concern about out cocks touching and Deborah savoring being the sandwich between two men who loved her.

Our cab ride back to the airport was sort of solemn, all of us thinking that this will never happen again, but truly gratified that we able to share this wonderful experience. And knowing that until our dying day we would remember these past few days with fondness.

We walked Dee to her concourse, but had to leave her at the security station. The three of us hugged and kissed her as she left to pass thu the x-ray of her carry-on. (I wonder if the big black dildo showed up on the scanner) So the last I remember of that weekend is watching that beautiful woman disappear, probably forever.

Leroy and I went to the bar. I ordered a martini as I needed something to relieve the pain I felt knowing “That was then, this is now” We didn’t talk much while we waited for our flight as I think that he pretty much felt the same way. We didn’t discuss keeping in touch as we both know that Dee is our only connection and any conversation that we would ever have about our time together would only be thru her……..

This is Dee...
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