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Old 08-13-2018, 12:35 PM
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Default Asking for an Illustrator

Hi to you all.

I write catfight stories and i think it would be very hot to see one of my stories as you can see below will be illustrated.
I am looking for an artist who is willing to make this story into a comic?

As beijing on this on site is a hobby for me i will not pay for it. I just looking for someone who likes to draw catfight stories ans thinks it is fun to make my story alive into a comic?

Thank you for your response and below you can read the story i talked about.


The end of sheriff Amanda Rogers.

Amanda Rogers the big blonde sheriff entered the bar. She looked incredeble hot again. Her skintight blue jeans hugged her firm thighs of her legs and of course her big firm rounded ass cheeks looked great in the skintight blue jeans. Her firm breasts pushed against her tight denim blouse.

She walked slowly towards the bar and you could hear the sound of her cowboy boots on the wooden planks of the bar floor. On her head she wore her cowboy hat. And on her blouse the sheriff emblame was pinned.

All the men in town loved the blonde lady sheriff. They all fantasized about her big beautifull body and when she strolled by they all took a lustfull look towards this big sex bomb. But the women hated Amanda´s gut. She was arrogant and her looks made them of course a bit jeallous.

Amanda was indeed a very self convident woman and also very proud and indeed arrogant. “Hello foaks”, Amanda greeted the people at the pub. “Howard a bear for me please”. And the sheriff leaned with her elbows on the bar. The men all took a good view at the blonde sheriffs ass cheeks in her so tight jeans. The rounded forms of her buttocks were pushing against the fabric of her faded so tight jeans.

Amanda had a busy day so the bear was a perfect end on this hot summer day. The lady sheriff waited for Alex. Alex was the man she fell in love with this summer. He was the manager of the local supermarket. Amanda knew him for several years now. She did not wanted to fall in love with him because he was married and he had kids. But for some reason she could not resist him.

Today was Amanda’s 30th birthday. And when Alex came in everybody cheered “congratulations!” Amanda turned around and saw with pleasure in her eyes that Alex and the rest of the town folks did not forget her birthday. Alex had a big creampie in his hand with text on it. Congratulations dear Amanda was written on the big pie. Amanda heard all the folks (especially the men) cheering for her while see walked towards her boyfriend.

“Thank you, thank you” she said and with her right finger she took a big piece of cream from the cake and lustfully she licked her finger. “Mmmm very nice, very nice mmm” and she gave her fiance a big kiss on the mouth. Amanda and Alex took place at a table and while they drank and eat from the cake the 2 lovebirds lived in there own world that evening.

“Oh Alex, can you give me some extra of that dellicious cake you baked? Oh it is so creamy. You know Alex, cream always makes me horny.” Giggle, giggle. “Oh Mandy, you know what makes me horny, that gorgeous body of yours.” And saying that Alex kissed the blonde amazon and massaged her thighs and firm ass cheeks.

Alex was 45 and the fact that the 30 year old blonde sheriff fell in love with him made him deside to leave his wife Rhonda for her. Rhonda and Alex were married for about 20 years and they had two childrens. The two girls 15 year old Maggie and 8 year old Lisa were his joy in live but he just could not help it that when Amanda came to this town 2 years ago he fell in love with her immidiatly.

Amanda was a big woman 6 feet 1. She also had a beautifull body. Big tall legs with firm thighs. Two DD creamy breasts and big juicy round ass cheeks. And she had a gorgious face with beautifull long curly blonde hair. And Amanda had an attitude. She was arrogant but not to Alex. He knew she loved him because to him she was always sweet and generous.

Amanda stole in a certain way him from his wife and children. The blonde sheriff did not give a damn about it. Other people did not matter to her. She was selfish and the only thing in her live that matters was her job as a sheriff and the love for Alex.

“Oh, Al you know what i will do to you tonight.” “Uhh no, what?” “Let me whisper it in your ear darling.” And what Alex herd when Amanda spoke in his ear with a soft whispering and horny tone made his dick erect. “MMM isn’t that nice Al hihihi oh give me another piece of cream cake darling.” And with a horny look she took a bite of another piece of the chocolat cream pie.

Than a young girl entered the bar. It was Alex his 15 year old daugther Maggie. She scanned the bar and spotted her father and that b*tch of a girlfriend of his. She went to her father. “Oh hello darling how is my sweet girl?” Alex said when he noticed his daugther. “Oh hello dad. I am ok but mom asked me if you would like to bring us to grandma in the hospital? Our car is broken so would you?”

“Oh eh darling I would love to but you know Amanda has her birthday today and I could not just go with you now. Issent there someone else who could help you?” “No dad there issent. Iam sorry but could you please help us?” At that point Amanda was getting pissed off. She had some horny plans tonight with Alex and she wassent going to let it spoiled by his irritating daughter and annoying family.

“He kid didn’t you hear your father buzz off!” “Whoo honey please do not talk to her like that?” Alex said to the blonde. Amanda replies “What don’t tell me what I must do or not. I think that you have two spoiled kids who always go to there daddy if they have to get something to done! So kid, go away to your mom and leave Al and us alone!”

Maggie always hated the blonde Amanda. She stole her daddy from her family. She was getting really angry now. “Eh sorry I have this conversation with my dad not with you fat cow!” Everybody in the bar heard that and looked at the table from Alex and Amanda. Amanda was getting really pissed of now. She stands up and with her fists balded in her sides she looked down to the young little Maggie and said, “How did you call me?”

“Eh do you have something with your ears? I called you a fat cow! Because you are.” Amanda’s mouth fell open. In her whole life nobody dared to insult her and now this teenager was making fun of her in a crowded bar. “You know what you need. A good lesson in manners. And I am going to give you that!”

“Oh Darling please let me handle this” Alex said. At that point Amanda turned to Alex. “What? Don’t do this Al. I am talking to your irritating daughter. You shut up!” Maggie heard the way the arrogant sherrif was talking to her dad and she was getting really pissed off. She saw that blondes big round ass in that skin tight jeans and on the tables she saw several chocolat cream cake pies.

While Amanda was lecturing Alex she heard a big splashing sound and at the same time felt that something soft and slippery was hit with a big force against the center of her butt. “WWHAA HAHAHA” at that point the whole bar started to laugh and pointing at Amanda. Amanda turned her head looking at her butt. To her horror the center of her butt cheeks of her jeans were messed up with chocolat pie and cream?!

The backside of her sexy jeans were a mess with thick chocolat dripping off. “What the fuck!!!” Amanda screamed. “Look wat she did?” And the blonde sheriff turned to Meggie and looked down on the teenager. “You are going to pay for this you tramp. I am the sheriff I am locking you up for this! But what I really wanne do is kicking your ass!!!”

“Oh wait a minute Mandy”, Alex replied, “Please do not hurt my daughter?” “But Al look what she has done!” And she turned her head pointed at her brown chocolat ass and looked at Alex. At that point the sheriff felt something slippery splashing on her breasts. “WHAHHA HA HA HA” the whole bar was screaming and cheering to what they saw. Now Amanda’s front of her tight denim blouse was full of chocolat too.

The pie also dripped into her blouse and in the center of her big bosom. Amanda’s mouth fell open in disbelief. Never in her live someone humiliated her so much and dared to stand up to her. Amanda rolled her sleeves up and looked angry to Maggie. Her face was red and full of rage. “I am killing you, you, you stupid gal!”

Alex came standing in between his fiance and his daughter. “Please Mandy take it easy. I cannot let you attacking my daughter you would kill her.” “Please dad, Maggie said let me fight that fat cow.” “Maggie do not talk about her that way and do not be so stuppid” Alex replied. “Look at the size differents! You will be crushed.”

“No dad let me fight her!” “But Maggie you will get hurt!” “Please dad I can handle this.” “You heard her Al let her fight me.” “Oh ok but when my daugther gets to much hurt I interfere.” “Al, do not worry” Amanda said. “I only shake her up a bit.”

“Well fatt ass what are you waiting for?” Maggie shouted. The blonde sheriff got real mad now. Everybody in the pub stood and were exited what will happen. They feel sorry for brave little Maggie. The big blonde sheriff could kill her in a fight if she wanted too. Maggie rising her fists and slightly bended her knees waiting the sheriffs attack.

Amanda was enjoying this now. She would like to show her fighting skills to the town folks. Amanda attacked with a hard right punch. But Meggie ducked away so the blonde missed. Amanda followed her right with a hard left. But again Meggie ducked the punch? Amanda tried to hit the little girl again with a right following with other hard swings. But Meggie was much faster than the big blonde sheriff???

The blonde was swinging with her arms and Maggie ducked every swing of the sherrif? After one minite Amanda stopped her efforts and was screaming that the little brat had to stand still! Her face was blushing red of rage but also because the sherrif was getting out of breath. The efforts to try to hit Maggie had made her breathe loud because she got tired.

Now Maggie went for an attack. Maggie hit Amanda on her face. The blow made the sheriffs head snapping backwards. While Amanda’s body was stretched because of the blow Maggie followed her attack by giving a hard right punch fully in the belly of Amanda. “WHOOOFFHHH!!!” The air was hit out of the sheriffs longs. Amanda grabbed her tummy with both her hands and she bends over so her big round ass was in sight.

Maggie quickly walked around the sherrif and gave her a hard precise kick between the legs of Amanda from behind. “AAUUHWWWW!” Amanda screamed. The sheriff angrily turned around and swung her right fist towards the young teen. But the little girl was to fast again and ducked away. The blonde swung with her left and than again with her right towards Maggie.

When the sheriffs right arm swung towards Maggie, the teenager grabbed the big blondes arm and judo tossed her over her back. The big blonde woman let out a loud scream of surprise while she was trown up side down. The sheriff landed with her big shapely ass hard on the ground. “UGGHEHE!” Amanda grunted. She lay with her back flat on the floor.

She struggled to get up quickly. While she was on her knees Maggie gave the blonde a hard kick in the ass. “AARRGGHH!” Amanda screamed in rage. She stood up and was swinging her arms. But al her punches missed her target? Maggie easely ducked away from al the sheriffs efforts to hit her. It looked like the sexy blonde amozon moved in slowmotion next to her??? After a minute of desperately trying to hit the little girl with her fists Amanda thought of an other strategy.

She thought it would be wise to give the little brat a front kick. The sheriff lifted her right leg in an effort to kick Maggie. “HAHAHAHAHA!!!” the whole bar started to laugh now. It was an hillarious sight to she the big blonde trying to kick the small girl. The kick was so slow and when Amanda’s feet was at the highest position Maggie grabbed the sherrifs ankle!

The people in the bar first could’t believe what they were seeing. In the beginning of the fight they were sure that the blonde sheriff would kick the teenager. But in stead of that the teen was kicking Amanda´s ass! How was this possible? The sherrif weaghted much more was 6 feet 1 while Meggie is 5 feet 2???

But now the townfolks could see that their sheriff was nothing more than an arrogant b*tch with no fighting scills! The townfolks were now cheering for the teen especially the women. While Maggie had Amanda’s right feet in her hands, the blonde was hopping on her left feet. She had a foolish look on her face. She was at the mercy of this young girl?! Her face turned more and more into red because of the humiliting pose she was in.

Maggie kicked the left feet of Amanda so the blonde is loose from the ground. While the teen let go of the sheriffs leg the big blonde fell hard on her ass. UUUFFFFFHHH!!! The blow had a deep impact. “UGGHGHGHHH” Amanda tried to stand up. But her ass feels rather painfull. So let me help you b*tch Alex daugher shouted.

And she grabbed the sheriffs blouse at the back and yanking at it. The blouse is pulled out of the blondes jeans. And Meggie pulls the blouse off the sheriffs body by yanking it over her head. “WHOO?! what are you doing???” Amanda screams. And now she finally stood the sheriff looks redicullous. She still wears her jeans with the big chocolat cake rests at the butt cheeks. But now her blouse is ripped of she is standing in her white bra!!!

The sheriff has a stupid shocked expression on her face. Her mouth has feld open. And the crowd is cheering and laughing at her. This can’t be true Amanda thinks. I have to stop this or I have to leave this town she thinks. Amanda is trying a right hard punch. But the smaller girl duckes away again and gives the blonde a hard punch in her soft belly “UGGHHH!!!” Than she turns Amanda around and places her foot between the sheriffs butt cheeks and shoving the blonde hard forward so Amanda flew forwards between some chairs.

Amanda is trying desperately to stand up quickly. Her butt is pointing in the air while she in on her knees. Maggie rushes towards her and with her arms around Amanda’s middle section she unbuttons the sheriffs jeans. Finally Amanda has stand up and turns towards the teen. Amanda is in a messy state. Her body is wet from sweat, her jeans is covered with chocolat and dust. Her long blonde hair is a sweaty mess.

“YOU b*tch!!! now I am done with you I kick your ass!!!” “Hahahaha” the town folks all laught. One man said, “the only one who is getting there ass kicked is you!” Hahahaha Amanda has a silly smile on her face and is blushing. The sheriff is swinging desperately her right fist towards the small girl. But Maggie who is getting more and more convident blocks the swing and reacting by punching Amanda on the nose.

“UGGHHAA!” the big blondes head snaps backwards. The sheriff is now standing in a boxing stand. She has her arms held up to defent her face. Everybody could see now that she is totally confused and is in doubt what to do. Alex his daughter also stands in front of her in a boxing stand. Quicker than Amanda could see the teenager breaks trew her defence and hit her again on the nose.

“AHH!” screams the blonde. This continues for a minute. Everytime the sexy big blonde is standing in a defence boxing stand and tries to find a chance to hit Maggie. But everytime the teenager finds a hole in the defence of the blonde and giving her a hard punch. “RHAAHHAHHA!” Amanda screams in rage and wants to swing her right fist towards Meggy but now her arms are low so she had no defence.

Quikly Maggie hits the blonde on her face. First a hard punch with her right followed by a left and right combination. The blonde sheriff falls over backwards and she ends up with her ass between some barchairs. With her arms and legs she lays outstretched on the wooden barfloor. Alex is standing as if he is frozen to the ground. In just a few minutes his teenage daughter has kicked the ass, no whipped the floor with his, what he tought was his tough girlfriend???

He is so proud of his daughter. But he is also ashamed that his girlfriend, the lady sheriff of this town is laying as a ragdoll on the ground half naked and turned into a laughing stock?! Now all the townfolks at the bar were clapping and cheering for the young girl. Amanda comes to her senses and is in shock. No I must stand up and have to win or I will be finished. The blonde is trying to stand up. Slowly and with loud grunts she managed to sit up and slowly gets to her feet.

Her loose sitting jeans is dropping low over her curvy butt. When Amanda finally stands the jeans is hanging under her volluptuous butt cheeks. Also her big white cotton traditional briefs had dropped a bit so her ass crack is visible. The folks at the bar were laughing and pointing at her. Amanda looked at the state she is in. To her horror she saw that she was almost NAKED!

She pulls up her pants and is attacking Maggie. With her arms crawling towards the teenager she run in a raging atack.

“HUUUEEHU OOHHHH IEEEEE AAAHHHHH!” is what came out of the sheriffs mouth when she flew up side down trew the pub after the teen judo tossed her over her head. With a loud bang she came with her back to a wall and landed with her sholders on the ground and she is folded double when her legs landed next to her head.

“HAAHAHAHA” the laughter in the bar was loud and also Meggie started to laugh. Meggie then attacked the now helpless blonde and started to gave hard punches in the soft belly of the sheriff. While the blonde lay folded double on the ground her soft belly was getting turned into soft mush while the small girl was
giving her hard belly punches.

The teenager is punishing the belly of the blonde like it was a punching bag! Maggie stopped the punching after she hit the soft belly for more than fifty times. And all poor Amanda could do was taking the beating while she was laying in a ridiculous pose, folded double with her legs (still wearing her cowboy boots) laying next to her head with her big butt pointing in the air.

When Maggie stopped the beating she grabbed the waistband of the big blondes jeans and yanks the jeans down. Lowering it over the blondes panties. Lowering it down over her firm tighs and knees. Because the jeans of the sheriff was getting ripped off, the blondes legs were outstreched so when the jeans was completely ripped off over her boots the sherrif lay on her stummick outstretched.

Now the teen did not hesitate and finished her rival by yanking her bra off and now the only clothing that remained was the big white panties. “OHOHOH” Amanda tried to stand up but the beating at her stummick had made her sick. She ate a lot of chocolat cake and now her stomach was rumbling. “OHOHOH” was the only sound the now sick Amanda could make. She then felt that two hands were grabbing the waistband of her briefs and to her horror her panties were yanked down!!! “HAHAAHHA” the people in the bar went wild!

The blonde stood totally naked in the bar with her panties around her ankles. The sherrif looked extra stupid because the only thing she still wore were her boots. The men in the bar saw their dream came true. They were looking with eyes full off lust at the big beautifull full DD breast. The white curvy big butt of the
sheriff and of course the bald pussy of the blonde.

Amanda turned around and took a run, but her briefs were tangled around her ankles so clumsely she feld flat on the ground. “HAHAHAHAHA” desperately Amanda stood up removed her panties from her boots and when she stood she tried to make a run. Now the teen grabbed the blonde by her hair and shoved her back on the ground. Than the teen sat on the sherrifs back and started to spank the solid and firm ass cheeks of Amanda?!

PATS, PATS, PATS, PATS, was the sound when the hand of the teen slapped the well shapely big ass of the blonde. The blonde lay on the ground with the small teen sitting on her back. The small teen spanking her ass from bride white to deep red. The blonde had a look of total disbelief on her face and she shook wildly with her arms and legs what was a hilarious.

After the sheriffs sexy ass was spanked deeply red Maggie grabbed the blonde by her hair and force her to stand. Then she turned her around and shoved the sheriff backwards with her big now red ass in a big silver trascan. She was dropped away in the bin with her arms coming out the sides and her under legs came out of the bin while she still wore her cowboy boots!!!

Alex his daughter grabbed the sheriffs hat and placed it on Amanda’s head. “Well sheriff happy birthday. You know sheriff or should I say ex sheriff what will be a good idea?” And while Maggie paused, Amanda who sat in the trashcan only could bring out in a puzzled expression “HUH?”

“I think it would be a good idea to give you as a present a fighting course.” “HAHAHAHA” the people could not recover from laughing. And when the laughter decreased after what would look like an eternity Amanda who was wet from sweat and the tears she had cried only could bring out: “Uh oke.”

“HAAHHAHA” then Maggie left with her father Alex who looked at his girlfriend Amanda who sat in the bin while her arms and legs bungled out of it. On her red face of shame he saw an expression of total shock and disbelief of what had happened to her??? He decided that he did not want to continue his relation with this woman who nobody in this town would ever take serious anymore.

Amanda Rogers was left behind sitting totally naked in the bin. Her clothes, jeans, big briefs, blouse and bra were spread all around the bin where she was sitting in. The blonde sat in the bin the rest of the evening while the town folks were making fun of her. At the end of the evening two men grabbed the bin and emtied it outside of the pub by trowing the naked and foolishly looking ex sheriff on the streets.

Amanda Rogers left town that night and never returned.

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Default Suggestion

I know you said you won't pay for it, but hear me out first.

There is an artist on Deviantart that goes by the name archangemon. He does quality work for a reasonable price. $10 per page for comics. I have enlisted his services before and strongly recommend him.

Other than that, you'll be hard pressed to find someone to take up your request for free. The best I can offer is this suggestion.
Old 08-14-2018, 06:34 PM
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Default Thank you

Thanks for your feedback!


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Default Art

Just wanted to chime in and agree with "nothing_to_see_here's" advice. It's tough enough to find the right artist at the right price, but getting an artist to work for free is even harder. It would be a lot easier just to hire one if you're that interested in it, though maybe there's that rare someone here charitable enough to help you out.
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