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Old 10-14-2010, 01:57 PM
goatcheese21 goatcheese21 is offline
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Default pics?

try to cap a pic!
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Old 11-30-2010, 04:34 PM
JohnDoe1 JohnDoe1 is offline
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This one is one of my favourites.

It was at spring break when I was about 18, I used to go these parties in my friend's beach house, they'd each payed so much to rent it for the weekend. The parties were pretty wild but there was one feature of the house I loved, there was only one working bathroom. One night a girl I knew (let's called her 'K') came upstairs, I was on the landing talking to a few friends I glanced over to see her stood outside the bathroom door. She knocked a few times but then hurried out clutching in between her legs. I followed her downstairs and out the back keeping my distance and watched her go to the side of the house. She quickly pulled down her shorts and from what I could tell red g-string and began peeing like there was no tommorow, I didn't see any of her more 'private' areas but I had a good view of the stream coming from between her legs, it was amazing!
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Old 12-01-2010, 01:58 PM
aquavite's Avatar
aquavite aquavite is offline
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Default Caught short and peeing in public

I've had a lot of experiences with seeing women pee in public, including quite a few over time that I've been with. A few quick incidents:

1-At a concern I'm in the men's room peeing in a urinal, a line behind me inside and outside the door. I've just begun to pee when two women (one a bit over weight, the other very cute) dash in, likely a bit tipsy, both earing jean shorts, saying, 'this is an emergence; I'm about to wet my pants" and push past the line. There are only two stalls and 3 urinals, and I stop peeing and turn to look at them. Both are holding their crotches...and it looks like they really are about to wet their pants right there in the men's room. Good timing for them as a guy comes out of a stall and they together both dash in. One guy in line says, 'hey, you want to get in front, show us your boobs', but they ignore him.

I finish peeing, turned on wondering if they both made it on time, and go to wash my hands, as another guy takes my place. The girls come out just as I'm finished and go to wash they hands. They get teased, but seem cool about it. I notice one girl's shorts are really wet...I guess she didn't make it on time, while the other girl's were dry. I smile at her and said, "I see you were a bit late...your shorts are pretty wet.' "She went first, I couldn't hold it...accidents happen.'

Wow....wish I had my camera, but it was back at my seat....

2-I was in line at Jazz Fest in New Orleans some years ago in a line for porta potties. A girl in the next line, short dress, cute, was jumping around, holding herself, saying "I gotta go, hurry up in there". Lots of people looking at her...and all of a sudden she steps out of line, but between two lines, just back of me, and spreads her legs wide apart, puts her hand up her dress, pulling her white dress up toward her panties, and begins to massively pee. I'm sure she at first soaked her panties, but then pulled them aside her dress more or less covering her, and peed straight down on the ground. "I couldn't wait", she said as probably 30 people watched her pee. I really had to pee too and was rock hard watching her. In spite of her public pee, I couldn't see either her panties (I'm sure very wet) or her pussy peeing. Too bad, but a real turn on nonetheless.

More to follow....
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Old 03-29-2011, 12:35 AM
pman57 pman57 is offline
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Default Concert in the late 70s

In the late 70s I was in the parking lot on top of Cobo Hall (Detroit) heading to a Boston concert I believe. It was not the best lighting up there but much to my surprise there was a chick squating down more or less in the open taking a pee. The strangest thing, I did not see a girlfrind hanging out near by. I thought they always went in twos. Unfortunetly I did not get a good look but it was a huge turn on at the time. I have not been so lucky since then even at MIS, Indianapolis 500 infield, or the Kentucky Derby infield all prime time locations I would think.
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Old 03-29-2011, 09:17 AM
Barmixer's Avatar
Barmixer Barmixer is offline
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Default In the early 90's

I was a bartender living in Myrtle Beach, SC. I was outside a bar with my supervisor ( a woman). She announced sh needed to pee. There were a half dozen guys there, as well as a couple of females. She handed her car keys to me, pulled up her skirt, squatted, pulled her panties aside, and proceed to pee in front of us all. It was the first (and only) time I saw her shaved pussy!
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Old 06-10-2012, 02:43 PM
areallydisturbedfan areallydisturbedfan is offline
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Bumping the threat so that hopefully it will inspire more to write about their most recent pee sightings.

I've had to and neither were "sightings" and both were quite a while ago.

One was when I was in the parking lot at a concert venue and saw a super hot girl disappear behind the dumpster in broad daylight and then return to her friends' car in the parking lot. I have no idea if she was peeing or not and I couldn't see anything, but when she came out from behind the dumpster she was fooling with her zipper and button of her jeans, so I'm only assuming. There were no cars parked near the back of the dumpster at the time. I regret not driving back there to try and catch her.

The other time was only slightly better because I got to hear a girl pee in the stall next to me at a different rock concert. (Not at the same venue.) I enjoyed that.
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Old 06-19-2012, 09:12 PM
admdoenitz admdoenitz is offline
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Default CT parking lot

I was sitting in a strip mall parking lot waiting to pick up my wife from work. It was after dark, but the parking lot had plenty of lighting. Four loud teenagers--two boys, two girls--came walking by my car. I could hear the girls complaining that they had to pee...and the boys were daring them to pee right there in the parking lot. I'm sure they had no idea I was sitting there in a dark car. To my astonishment, only about twenty feet in front of my car, in between two larger trucks, the girls pulled their pants down, squatted and pissed! One of the boys took photos as the girls relieved themselves. I couldn't believe my luck... and I got instantly hard...
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Old 06-20-2012, 04:15 PM
Gnome72141 Gnome72141 is offline
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There is a looooooooong bike trail by my house without restrooms, so it's extremely common (as in at least once every other bike ride) that I see women stopping under a bridge to pee. All the women pick the same bridge. All the women can be seen from around the curve of the trail. Even my own female friend has stopped there and had me stand by her as a look out.
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Old 07-13-2012, 03:19 AM
kuryaki's Avatar
kuryaki kuryaki is offline
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Default Catched my friend's bimbo gf peeing

Great stories in this thread! Thanks everybody!

I have one I recall...

There's many carnival-style parties over here. I'm talking about small european streets, packed with thousands of people. There's concerts and street dancing and ofcourse loads of alcohol. There's never enough portable restrooms for everybody, and being dark and with lots of small alleys and parked cars, garbage containers and such, you always end up peeing somewhere in the street. Mostly men, but lots of women too.

Its never polite to stare, and I frankly get too nervious to do it, but I get a good glance once in a while.

But the best one I remember, was last year's Fiestas. I was already leaving the party with my girl, being both quite drunk. We said goodbye to the few friends we where with, but couldn't find "Amy", my buddy's bimbo girlfriend. She's french, 25, natural blonde, white skin with cute frekles. Blue eyes, stunning body with maybe B cup tits and a great ass. I remember literally choking in my drink when my friend first introduced me to her a couple years back. So anyway, we were leaving the party, walking away from the crowd, when I see a girl squatting between a couple of cars not so close between them to cover her at all! She was with some other friend of hers, who was trying to cover her from public view, standing beside her looking away. As we walked closer, I instantly recognized her beautiful blonde hair and her then pulled down shorts. It was her! My girlfriend recognized her too and said: "look! there's Amy!" I think I started walking faster towards her, cause the friend noticed and tried to block our view. So I called her name: "Bye bye, 'Amy'! Have a great night!" I thought that way the friend would chill out a little.

"Amy" had already started peeing but when she saw us she got all nervous and stumbled. She was very tipsy too. She screamed something like "oh shit, fuck no!!" all ashamed while trying to pull her pants up without even finishing peeing. Im pretty sure she got pee on her clothes. It was very funny and we all laughed. We got a very good view of her ass from the back and the side as we passed by (No pussy tho, damn it!) My girl said to me: -"wow... such a white ass, did you noticed?" and we laughed again. Of course I noticed, It was very white indeed. And very beautiful

We never talked about it again, I don't know if she even told my buddy. I don't even know if anybody else remembers this! We where all drunk! fun times
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Old 10-07-2012, 02:48 PM
biblio474 biblio474 is offline
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Default A hiking incident

The following happened on a hiking trip in August of this year:

Four of us went on a long hiking trip (about 16 miles) in a region that is mostly above treeline, leaving at dawn on our adventure. Three of us were male and one hiker was female. Although this hike was long, it was in a remote area and had relatively few bathrooms (one at the start and 2 others at 4 miles and 6 miles in - leaving about 10 miles without a bathroom). The hike organizer (call him "Chris") made it clear that this was the case - with the implication being that we would use random rock outcroppings or tree cover to "do our business." The three guys in the group had all hiked together before and were quite comfortable peeing outdoors.

The first part of the hike went as planned - we hiked from the valley to above treeline and had amazing views of all the surrounding mountains. We stopped at the picnic/shelter/rest areas at 4 and 6 miles, eating lunch at the second area (and all using the indoor bathrooms). As the day was hot, we were all drinking quite a bit.

The trail for the next several miles primarily followed the ridge with generally no cover except an occasional outcropping. Despite the fairly open terrain, I and my male compatriots made use of cover off the trail. At one section, about 11 miles into our hike, we took a rest at a rather large outcropping where we rested, ate, and Chris took care of his business.

It was at this point that I noticed "Samantha" (the name changed female member of our group) looking a bit nervous and flush in the face. It should be noted that despite multiple opportunities she never made use of the rock outcroppings. Although she was not explicitly holding herself, it seemed clear from her body language that she needed to pee. I must admit that I am turned on by seeing women need to pee (and poppin a squat), but I didn't want to my close friend to pee herself. Not bold enough to ask if she needed to pee I went up to her and said: "Is everything all right?"; I half expected her to admit her situation, at which point I would strongly encourage her to use this large outcropping. However, she responds: "I'm fine. This has been a long hike." With nothing left to say, we soon headed on, but for me the next couple of miles were awkward. I was sure she had to pee, but perhaps was embarassed to use the less covering rocks above tree line. I knew in just 2 miles we would begin to dip below treeline and if she really did need to pee, she would then.

As we continued on her body langauge further indicated her need to pee. Her thighs were squeezed together and her pace was shorter. Despite cloud cover coming in and lowering the temperatures, she was quite flush and almost had a tear in her eye. I knew she had to pee, and I couldn't understand why she tortured herself.

After what seemed like an eternity, we finally made it to the first bits of tree cover. The trail descended into a thin patch of trees about 5 feet tall, thin but extending back at least 100 feet, providing at least a bit of cover. I stopped to get some water and some food, expecting her to use this opportunity to declare "I'm going to go pee, wait a sec guys." However she didn't. It was at this point I began to doubt if I had read her body cues right.

We continued on and about 15 minutes later we stopped at an overlook just above treeline. We all sat down to rest (we were all tired at this point) and Samantha was sitting on her foot next to me. Not more than 30 seconds later she let out a squeak. We all looked over and she just grabbed herself. Looking more embarassed than I have ever seen someone look (she was bright red), she just held herself while pee leaked out onto the rock slowly. It was clear she was trying, but failing to hold back the flow.

While I felt extremely embarassed for her, I could not help but feel turned on. Her hiking shorts were rather small and tight (it looked like spandex material), and the pee was just flowing out not 3 feet away from me.

After 30 seconds of struggling, she finally got off the rock, hobbled to the side of the trail and just released a torrent of pee directly through her shorts. I couldn't help but stare the entire time. My eyes were glued to her shorts.

After this incident, nobody spoke. It was by far the most awkward situation I have been in. After about 3 minutes of silence with no one looking at anyone else, I finally said. "I'm sorry." I didn't want to blame her and say "You should have said something," although this is what I was thinking. This simple statement diffused the situation and we continued. Later on down the trail, we got to talking and she admitted that she was embarassed to say she had needed to pee. We all apologized again, and made it clear that she can feel comfortable around us even when discussing her bodily functions.

We never discussed this incident outside of our group. Everything has worked out. This weekend we went on a 6 miles hike (3 of us - me, Chris, and Samantha) and she used the forest cover about 5 miles in. None of us said anything, but I think we all learned a lesson in open communication.
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