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Old 04-19-2018, 09:08 AM
Leviticus59 Leviticus59 is offline
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Second date.

Newly divorced, I met this woman on the 'net. We emailed for a while, then began talking on the phone. One late evening we were chatting on the phone and she invited me over to her place. Went over, met her in person and talked for a while, then went to bed and fucked half the night. Next evening I went back over and she made twice-baked potatoes and steak, then went right to bed again. Unprompted, she crawled down and started sucking. I figured it was just to get me good and hard so we could pick up where we left of the previous night, but she kept going and going. Didn't stop until I blew a big load down her throat.

Well, I married that woman. 18 years later she still loves sucking dick. We eventually went open relationship, and I've watched her blow quite a few cocks and swallow the random load from other men. She still gives an extensive warm-up suck to me every time we fuck.
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Old 04-19-2018, 10:34 AM
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Default Me neither

I don't know if it was the first time, but my wife insists it was. But I remember it like it was yesterday...

We worked together and had just begun to see each other. One crisp autumn afternoon after work, she asked me to take her to a public park she knew of. I thought it was just to hang out together, alone for the first time, but she had an ulterior motive.

We got out of the car and walked for a little bit and ended up at a ranger's cabin near the park entrance right around dusk and the place was empty. We talked and then made out for a little while. The sexual tension eventually got so thick that you could have cut it with a knife.

Suddenly, she grabbed my cock through my pants and asked me if she could see it. I was painfully hard and it was a relief just to unzip and free it from my jeans. She looked at it for a minute or two before dropping to her knees and and took it in her mouth.

Now, my wife is an expert cocksucker and really enjoys it but you'd never know it by my reactions on that day. Between the cold weather, my nervousness at the risk of being discovered and the fact that I was fully dressed, standing up and the metal teeth of my zipper were biting me, she could keep my rock hard but I was not going to pop. She gave it the old college try for around 10 minutes 7 til I finally gave up and told her to stop. It wasn't until the next time we were alone that she proved how good she was.
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Old 04-20-2018, 09:51 AM
karlhein karlhein is offline
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My report is a little different, but still pertinent to the thread. When I was in grad school, I began going to this discussion group that was hosted at on of the local churches. In point of fact, it was a rather highbrow singles group, lots of single men and women, all nominally interested in intellectual things, but all naturally horney as well.
There was usually a wind and cheese party after the presentation at someones house, and I soon began to experience this little discussion group that the main source of new ladies who I would take to bed. As they say, it was a target rich environment.
One night, me and this other guy (both pretty fit characters in our mid 20's) began talking to this on lady, Sabrina (no she wasn't a witch). She seemed responsive to both of us, so it was a fun conversation. Eventually, I leaned in to give her a kiss, which I thought would result in having her take me home, but immediately afterwards the other guy leaned in and started kissing her. This led to a few minutes of back and forth kissing her, with the kisses becoming progressively more lingering and with progressively more tongue involved. Of course kissing involves hugging, and soon she was getting groped by both of us. I think I was the brave one, when I asked if she wanted to take 'us' home with her. She was mid 35s, recently divorced, two kids (who were at her ex's that weekend, and a bit of a BBW, although we both obviously thought she was cute).
Long story short, we took her home, proceeded with the kissing and groping, and the removing of clothes. By the time we got from her front door back to the bedroom, all three of us were totally naked and she was sucking the other guys cock while I kissed her and played with her substantial, and quite perky after 2 kids titties. Soon he was fucking her, and she was blowing me. I proceeded to fuck her after he came. So, in answer to the thread question......first date, and it wasn't really a first date. We hung around to each fuck her one more time that evening before we headed home.
It turns out that he had been with her before, although that evening was my first time with her. I proceeded to go out with her more or less weekly for another month or so, and she mentioned that she had seen him solo a few times. But circumstances never put the three of us together until about 6 weeks later, at the same afterparty following the same discusson group.
You can appreciate that when 2 straight guys are with a girl at the same time, there is a lot of very careful maneuvering to make sure there isn't much guy to guy contact. I think that's normal. But, the second time we hooked up with her, there was a lot less of that kind of worry. We got blow jobs with her going rapidly back and forth between our cocks, let her take both cocks into her mouth at the same time, were able to sit back and really watch the other guy fuck her and get sucked by her, very much our own porn movie. She grew to like a lot of things that she didn't know she liked, swallowing, facial and titty cumming, anal play, multiple orgasms. Since I had introduced her to anal in one of our one on one couplings (which she very much enjoyed), we even did a DP with her, which she really enjoyed, even asking us to switch who was in her pussy and who was in her ass.
We continued this pattern, each of us periodically fucking her one on one, and about every 6 weeks getting together as a 3 some, for about 6 months. As it turned out, for as young and virile as we were, and she enjoyed our hard bodies, she was looking for another husband to help her raise her kids, so she found a stockbroker (who also had more money than a couple of graduate students) and married him. What I don't know is if she was a wild with him as she had been with us, both individually and collectively. But, I do know that the last time I saw her before she got married, chance encounter in the grocery store, we got to talking, she got to smiling, and she gave me a ride home and a very good blow job (swallowed). She wouldn't, however, let me fuck her in either the pussy or ass, guess that's her line for being faithful. So, in response to the thread, about an hour from when I met her was the first blow job, and the very last time I saw her was a (much more skillful and complete) blow job.
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Old 05-12-2018, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by nectcouple View Post
It wasn't until the next time we were alone that she proved how good she was.
My first time told me you are SOOOOO Right! She does give incredible head, and she does love to do it.
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Old 05-16-2018, 11:48 AM
bobbybrown1 bobbybrown1 is offline
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First date if you can call it that. She was a cute wee thing in the UK. She drove me home then blew me in the car outside my flat.
This went on every night for about 3 months until I left the area.
I often wonder what happened to her. I'm sure she made someone very happy.
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Old 05-24-2018, 12:53 PM
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ctunnel ctunnel is offline
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Within about 3 hours. At the time I was coming off some meds that kept me from cumming easily, so it lasted a while. Best blowjob I'd ever had at the time.
My blog: http://indulgemeforaminute.blogspot.com/
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Old 05-24-2018, 02:49 PM
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Default Computer attacked.

Originally Posted by ctunnel View Post
Within about 3 hours. At the time I was coming off some meds that kept me from cumming easily, so it lasted a while. Best blowjob I'd ever had at the time.
Norton reports one of your videos on your blog site contains a link to a scam site. It tried to attack my computer 5 times before it finally quit. Just letting you know.

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Old 05-24-2018, 03:11 PM
bitampa bitampa is offline
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Originally Posted by SixPointFive View Post
First date

Sadly she stopped giving them a year before we were married
And you married her?!
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Old 05-25-2018, 06:35 AM
hottalane hottalane is offline
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It was about 6 weeks after we met and about 2 weeks after we had sex for the first time. As you know from my earlier posts, Alane was very sexual before she met me and had many lovers. And, she spoke openly of her experiences with them which turned me on greatly.

On this one particular evening, she decided to tell me about her first ever blowjob. She said a girlfriend of hers had told her about blowjobs and how much guys like them. Her friend told her how to give the BJ and how to swallow. The next time her boyfriend at the time came over to her place in Kingsville, she gave him a BJ and she swallowed. She said he loved it. Immediately, after telling this story, she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and proceeded to give me my first ever BJ. After a few minutes, I could not hold it and said "I'm cumming". She started sucking harder and swallowed it all. I remember feeling dizzy afterwards, it was so good. We were both 28 at the time. We are now in our mid-60s and she still gives me BJs and swallows. I am so lucky to have her as my wife.
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Old 05-25-2018, 09:26 PM
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enihcamyot enihcamyot is offline
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I dated a girl in high school that was quite the nympho. Only a couple weeks in and she was giving me handjobs any chance she could get. After a month or so we went right to sex (and a lot of it at that). At some point she asked me if I felt like I missed out on the bj experience since we skipped that step. I gave some sort of middle ground answer. Basically she decided that she needed to give me a blow job. In retrospect she wanted to suck my cock, as she it turned her on. I think she sort of wanted to be used.

Anyway, one day after school she told me that it was time for a blowjob. She took me down a path just outside the neighborhood into the woods. She stopped, undid my belt, button, zipper and pulled my cock out, which was already hard.

She slowly sucked on it, but then had me sit down with my back against a tree. She bobbed on it for a bit, but it didnít take long for me to blow my load in her mouth. She swallowed it all, complete with a couple snorts as she struggled to keep it all in her mouth.

That was the first time, and not the last.
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