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Old 11-16-2017, 03:58 PM
Omega88 Omega88 is offline
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Had a GF way back when who was careless about her clothes, most of the time it seemed like she just did not realize what was on display. One day during our senior year of HS when I saw her in the morning she wore a rust / brown color dress that had a fairly deep scoop neck line and the shoulders / sleeves were wide set, so wide that you could see her bra straps [this was way before Madonna made that a style.] When I saw her later that morning between classes the bra straps were no longer visible so I asked her what happened. She said she did not like the straps showing so she removed her bra and left it in her locker. It was not immediately obvious she was braless - guess she was a B cup, never looked at her bra other than getting it off her every weekend night. In any event, the next time I saw her she was leaning over a large table in the library talking with a group of my male friends, gesturing with her arms as she told some story, standing upright and leaning back over again, presumably to keep her voice from carrying too far, it was the library after all. As I walk up behind most of the guys facing her it becomes apparant why she had their rapt attention: every time she leaned over, and stayed there, one could see down her dress and see basically all of her, her jiggling breasts, pinkish brown nipples and down to her yellow bikini panties. At that point in time I did not want everyone looking at my nearly naked GF, so after enjoying the view for a second or 3 I went around the table and told her what was happening. She looked at me and said something like "Oh well" and that was it.

A couple days later a few of the guys ribbed me about my GF's "orbs" asking me what color they were, etc. then claiming they were asking about her eye color... Yeah right. Another friend asked me for days what color her panties were that day, and more times than not he had the right color as I would find out after school in her parents basement. Not that anything was going on between my GF and him, she was just that careless...
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Old 05-05-2018, 01:40 PM
oldbuckeye oldbuckeye is offline
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Default So Close and Yet So Far.....

Earlier this week I was visiting the staff at one of our other locations, and ended up spending time with "Anne" who is a very pretty mid-20s blonde to help her with some computer issues. Anne is petite with what I learned are probably large a-cup or small b-cup breasts and a nice ass as well. I had met her several times before so we have a friendly relationship.

Anne was wearing a red semi-scoop neck top that showed very little cleavage although she did do a couple of minor tugs on it to make sure when we were in a group meeting session. When I worked with her one-on-one I had the good fortune to be able to stand beside her while she was working on her laptop. This put me in a great position to have fun and also to be very frustrated as I was able to get several great db looks.

She was wearing a low-cut bra that was blue with black straps and trim around the cups. I was able to see the entire upper half of her very pretty and pert breasts, but NO NIPPLE !! . From time to time when she moved her arms, her breasts would move too which added to the view. Unfortunately for me, Anne has the fashion sense and funds to buy bras that actually fit her properly, so no matter how much she moved there was no nipple or areola to be seen. On many other occasions with other ladies their bras would've gapped enough to expose everything. There were no tan lines and I'm guessing that her nipples must be small and the same color as her skin--if the areola was darker or larger I'm pretty sure that I would have gotten at least a glimpse.

So there I was shifting my eyes between her computer and her bra, trying not to lose focus or be obvious, and avoiding a natural physical reaction that was about to pop up. It was all I could do to not take out my phone to snap a quick photo, but there was way too much danger there and I actually like my job and knew the odds were that I would mess that up if I got caught.

Anyway, it was a nice diversion for the day, and I learned that Anne's breasts are very pretty and are also a bit larger than I thought. Here's a pic from another occasion that will hint at Anne's charms.
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Old 05-14-2018, 04:00 AM
Smxsmx Smxsmx is offline
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it's unbelievable what I saw two days ago in a large shopping center.
I was in the catering area looking for something to eat and I saw a beautiful tall, slim, blonde.
she was with her boyfriend. I think they were about 26 years old. she was wearing a long dress and v-neck shirt with a cleavage. from a distance I saw that her bra is too big so there was a chance to see something more. I followed them to order something Chinese to eat. it was hard to see anything because her boyfriend was very close to her all the time. I saw that he often looked at her cleavage so there might be something interesting there.
when they ordered food and sat down at the table I had a good position to see her cleavage. her shirt opened and you could easily see everything. her bra was two sizes too large . bra was so far off that you could see her whole tits with nipples. she had beautiful puffy nipples! I'm not surprised that her boyfriend often stood behind her and looked at her cleavage as he had such a wonderful view
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Old 06-04-2018, 05:00 PM
Smxsmx Smxsmx is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2017
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What's so quiet here? yesterday when I went to the bus stop I spotted beauty blonde girl about 25 y.o. She has loose bra cups and her nipple was visible. she corrected her bra several times so I think she knew that bra was too big.
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Old 06-12-2018, 08:32 AM
Omega88 Omega88 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 262
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Default Braless DB

Pretty low key but something of a turning point recently. For the past several years I have had a rule that the wife must lose her bra when she gets home from work, and any weekend evening we are staying in. Have tried to slowly expand the times / places where the rule applies like all weekend, and sometimes when running errands around town. Sometimes the rule sticks and some times she says there might be someone who knows her so on goes the bra. A couple weeks ago the major task of the weekend was to turn over garden beds in front of our place to get them ready for some new plants and the wife wore a pink tank top sans bra and shorts to work on breaking up the dirt and pulling out the old roots. As we worked the dirt I could get a nice DB view in addition to the nice jiggle which made the task a little more "bareable." A neighbor came by walking his dog, and much to my surprise my wife jumped up and quickly walked out to greet him. The dog was excited and bouncing all over and my wife was bending at the waist playing with the dog while talking to the neighbor. All the bouncing of the dog caused some bouncing of my wife, and her leaning over undoubtedly gave the neighbor a very good look at her charms, if what I had seen was any guage. We had some time constraints and needed to get the job done so after a bit I called to my wife that she needed to get back to work. The neighbor did not seem to want to continue his walk, and my wife seemed to fully enjoy giving him something of a show. When she finally did walk back to the garden her nips were making quite distinct points, and it had not gotten any colder during those minutes... She has been a closet exhibitionist for years but am thinking she is finally admitting she likes others to see her - and hopefully this leads to more fun.
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Old 06-14-2018, 06:48 AM
Galleons Galleons is offline
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I take a commuter train to work some days and it's always really busy, usually standing room only. It's mostly workers going into the city, but you also get students and a few tourists dressed in more casual clothes. One morning during the recent hot weather, I was standing in the aisle down the middle, and in the seat right beside me was a girl who looked somewhere around 19 - 21.

She was wearing short denim shorts and a low-cut white vest top, with a white bra underneath. She was a pretty brunette, slim but not too slim and so I noticed her straight away. Best of all, her bra was one of those padded ones with the thick, rigid cups, and was clearly too big for her breast size / shape. I presume girls wear them to make the outline of heir boobs look bigger thorough their top.

From my vantage point, standing right beside her seat, I had a perfect view down her top and inside her bra cups. I checked and the people around me were all either looking the other way, busy on their phones or reading newspapers etc, so I got to stare at the view for a whole 20 minutes before she got off.

Her breasts were around a B cup I'd say, and a little pointy, rather than round in shape. She wasn't particularly tanned, but the skin closer towards her nipple was definitely paler, where she'd obviously worn a bikini top. I could see her right nipple clearly the whole time - it was a little, pink, jellydrop with a modest pinkish red areola around it. Her left nip only came into clear view when she got her phone out and had her arms closer together. It was a perfect match.

On another occasion I was on the journey home, having stayed in the office quite late. It wasn't too busy, so I took one of the seats with a table. Shortly before the train was about to leave, a cute mid 20's asian girl in a playsuit (I think that's what they're called, it's like an all in one, loose fitting top and shorts combo) walked past and took the seat diagonally opposite, across the table from me.

She was slim, but with a few curves and her boobs were around a C. The playsuit was designed to give a bit of cleavage and so was fairly low cut at the front, which worked well with her nice C cups. I made sure not to stare, but was pretty sure she was going braless underneath, though the material was dark blue and patterned, so it was impossible to make out any pokies.

She spent the first part of the journey looking at her phone, which meant I could get away with some long looks at her cleavage, which was spilling out of the top very nicely. I think she'd been out for drinks, or maybe just had a long day, because about 10 minutes in she put her head back and closed her eyes. Soon she was slumped slightly against the window beside her, clearly dozing.

The fact she was kind of slumped a little against the window and the position of her arm, meant her right boob was being pushed towards the opening in her low cut top. Luckily for me, she clearly was going braless and must have had quite big areolas, because her right, dark brown areola was just starting to peek into view. The fact she had darker skin and really dark areolas made it much more obvious. I prayed that she'd move a little, or that the movement of the train would nudge her boob that little bit further so that her whole nipple would come out too, but sadly I only got to see areola. That said, it went from just peeking out to maybe 1/2 of it being on show, so I reckon a few minutes longer and I'd have been in luck.

After about 10 minutes she woke up suddenly to one of the train announcements and, luckily for her, but not for me, realised just in time that it was her stop. She quickly grabbed her bag and dashed to the door, her areola still peeking out as she went. I couldn't help wondering how long it took her to notice and if many guys at the station also got to see it.
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Old 06-14-2018, 10:30 PM
mysweetie61 mysweetie61 is offline
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Default neighbour gardening

The fence between my backyard and my neighbours is a 4 feet chain link. The neighbour is an early 40 y.o. slim Chinese lady. She enjoys her gardening as my as I enjoy chatting with her while she's gardening. My neighbour always wears a padded bra and a low cut top.
While she's gardening she's bent over. As she bends over her A cup tits are hanging there for me to look at. I have to be inconspicuous to be sure she doesn't catch me looking down her top. Her little titties are such a turn on to me that I took a couple photos through my second floor window of her gardening.
The photo gives you a good idea of what I see close up.........little titties with dark thick nipples.
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Old 06-16-2018, 07:43 PM
sloxeiro sloxeiro is offline
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I work as a security guard in a large shopping center. I'm happy to work every day especially when the weather is hot.
At the beginning of warm days I was disappointed because I could not see any nipples for a long time but it has changed. In the last 3 days of work I saw about 20 seethrough nipples because the girls did not have a bra, but most importantly I saw 2 nipples because the girls had a cleavage and too big bra.

The first was a girl who ate with her boyfriend fast food. She had a c-cup tits but I noticed when the hands moves forward her bra cups opens and I saw a piece of a small bright nipple. She was about 20 years old.

The second girl also ate with her boyfriend fast food. She had small b-cup tits and bra was too big. I saw it when she was bending down to her bag. Half of her tits was very light puffy nipple. She was about 22 years old.
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Old 06-19-2018, 06:37 PM
Gnome72141 Gnome72141 is offline
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Sort of a downblouse.

Yesterday my wife and I were working in the flower garden when her friend and husband showed up randomly at our house. They were in the area after dinner and thought they would stop by. (My wife hates when people do this, but I was raised to do things like this, so I invited them to stay a bit.)

My wife was wearing a tank top without a bra because a few hours earlier I joked that I would only help her with her flowers if she took her bra off, and she reluctantly agreed because she knew I would love it.

So she was upset about being braless when her friend and husband showed up, but she couldn't do anything about it.

Anyway, we all go into the house and my wife lifts her shirt to wipe her face, giving us a perfect view of her right breast and huge, very light aerola.

I looked over and her friend and husband were staring. She casually put her shirt back down. These are more reserved friends of ours, so I didn't say anything.

About ten minutes later I was in the kitchen with my wife getting something for the friends to drink and I asked her if she realized she flashed us. She said to knock it off because she thought she didn't really show anything and that I was being annoying. (She is all about appearance with these particular friends, and she gets "weird" around them, if that makes any sense.)

She said she was going upstairs to put a bra on. A moment later I heard her gasp and wondered what happened. I walked upstairs and she was beat red.

She said she wiped her face again to see if I was right, and she saw her breast show and she realized she DID in fact flash her friends. I told her to be relaxed about it and stay braless, so she did, which completely shocked me, actually. She is so uptight about these particular friends.

We went back downstairs and she said, "Sorry I flashed you guys earlier, I didn't mean to," and her friends just stared at her and didn't say anything.

My wife did stay braless, though, with her nipples pointing towards them on the other couch in her thin tank top for about 10 more minutes.

They didn't stay long as they were just stopping by to say hi, so they left and my wife and I went back into the garden and she made sure to wipe her face a lot to keep flashing me, but she would make sure she was standing in a way that no one could possibly see her, though.

I asked her if she was upset with herself that she flashed her friends on accident, and she eventually said, "I don't know, it was kind of fun."

And, boy, did she cum hard later that night during sex!!
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Old 07-09-2018, 02:55 PM
Smxsmx Smxsmx is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2017
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3 hours in shopping centre and i saw 2 puffy nipples because bra was too big and 3 loose bra cups but no nipple.
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