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Default Flotation Device: Riptide! Ep 1 "Ambitions" Pt 1

“Space… the final frontier. These are the voyages of the… oh, why did dad make watch all that stuff…”

Tarsha DeLacruz was bored. Specifically, she was bored at this moment because her vessel, The ISS (that’s, Independent Star Ship) Wayfarer was currently in a very boring, empty part of the Torat Sector. But she’d been bored for a while.

There’d been no lack of excitement, that’s for sure. She’d been taking on jobs for a couple years now, everything from simple cargo runs to dangerous and thrilling space battles. She’d fought with and been hit on by every species with two-legs in the sector, and a few with more (or less). And as Tarsha’s experience grew, so too did the Wayfarer, and now the once simple cargo vessel rather resembled a small military cruiser, with all the armaments and long-term deployment capabilities of a ship three times her size. Tarsha herself wore a pair of dark blue denim pants, a sleeveless blue jacket zipped up tight, and a bandana around her black hair.

But Tarsha… well, was bored. The pilot leaned back in her command chair in the diminutive three-chaired bridge, and once again stared at the distant stars. She brushed her chin length black hair out her eyes and folded her pale, freckled hands behind her head. The comely captain’s white irised eyes sparkled in the reflection of the cosmos. Behind her, a dozen of Captain Mercury’s True Tales to Amaze were stacked and filled with dog ears.

“Maybe after this mission I’ll leave the sector…” Tarsha mumbled to herself as she kicked her feet up onto the dashboard. “Aurovo’s right next to the Fury Sector, maybe they’ll be some better adventure waiting there…” Her daydreaming came to an abrupt end when she heard the door to the bridge swish open. Oh right, my current mission.

“I say, how long until we reach our destination?” asked the Wayfarer’s only other passenger. Tarsha spun around to face her.

The Translnid woman in front of her wore a white lab coat over tight black bodysuit. The shiny material of the suit left little to the imagination, showing off her striking hourglass figure and sweeping curves delectably. The zipper was only pulled up to about half past her generous breasts, showing off a grand canyon of grey-skinned cleavage. She also wore a necklace with a skull pendant on it and thick leather boots.

Tarsha held back a blush of envy. The starship pilot was definitely busty, and compared to most human or Thriskoid women she’d be above average. But compared to the four-eyed bat-wolf woman in front of her, she was feeling self-conscious.

“Don’t worry doctor, we’ve slowed to sub-light and are approaching the planet now. Give it half an hour, tops.”

The doctor didn’t notice or didn’t care that Tarsha was glancing between her chest and face with every syllable. “Ah, well, yes and good and such.” She took three long strides and crossed the room suddenly, all four red eyes squinting like a predator at Tarsha.

“Uh, remember that talk we had about personal-”

The doctor suddenly reached forward and poked Tarsha’s cheek, then the other. Then, her small claws digging slightly into her freckles, she pinched both cheeks gently and deepened her squint.

“Um, doc…” Tarsha’s blush deepened.

“You are doing that again, the pulmonary reaction. Why does it increase in intensity the more I touch you?”

“The what?! Do you mean the blushing?!” Tarsha tried to sink into her seat.

“Oh yes! That is what you call it yes?” The doctor leaned forward, her generous chest now pressing into Tarsha’s. She seemed oblivious to the erotic nature of her pose.

“Y-yea, a blush, we do it for a lot of reasons-”

“Why are you doing it right now? Right this instance, what is the reason?” The doctor held Tarsha’s cheeks tighter and leaned her face in an inch from the other woman. As she spoke, Tarsha couldn’t help but stare at the fangs so close to her and the predatory eyes bearing down on her.

“R-right now-?”

“Yes right now, now-now.” The doctor nodded fervently.

“W-well you’re a little, um, close. And uh, you’re um, touching-”

“Really?” The doctor seemed very excited. “Then are face-cheeks erogenous zones for humans? Or Thriskoids? Or is it unique to Thriskoid/Human hybrids such as yourself?”

“Erogenous… n-no no not my, uh, cheeks, its uh-”

“Yes?” The Translnid leaned in further, practically squishing the pilot with her pillowy chest.

“Your… its your…” Tarsha wheezed out.


“Boobs,” the pilot managed to say with the last of her breath.

“Oh? Oh!” The doctor leapt off of her and smoothed out her lab coat. “Ahem… I see.”

Tarsha took in deep breaths, finally freed from the mammary prison. “What is wrong with you?”

“There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of knowledge! I will unravel your mysteries, piece by piece. I lay bare every aspect of you, become intimate with every detail, and shine light on every crack and crevice!” The doctor struck a pose, hand on one hip and the other pointing at a mortified Tarsha.

“Was… that innuendo?” she finally squeaked out as a response.

“What is this, innuendo, you say?”

“It’s nothing! Nevermind! Um, please return to your quarters while I uh, lay in our final approach course.”

“...Fine! Tell me when we arrive.” The doctor sashayed her lab coat behind her like a cape, for a moment showing off the voluptuous curve of her tush, and left the bridge.

“And stay out of my underwear drawer!” Tarsha yelled after her. She slumped back into her chair and once again pulled up the transport contract her terrifying passenger had signed:

“I, a certain Tarsha DeLacruz, captain of The Wayfarer and registered star pilot, hereby agree to transport a certain Paz Platelet to Aurovo at best speed for the agreed upon sum listed below,” Tarsha read aloud to herself.

This Paz had been a nuisance from the moment she stepped aboard. Twice now she’d found the doctor rummaging through her bras, trying to deduce their function, despite the fact that she herself seemed to wear one. Apparently the Translnid had modified her appearance to be less terrifying, with softer features and nubbier fangs and claws. Tarsha supposed it was more difficult to modify ones obsessions though…

On screen, the temperate planet of Aurovo, homeworld of the Conicoids, grew larger. “At least I’ll be rid of her,” thought Tarsha, and she began preparations for their approach.

Meanwhile, on the planet in question...

“Professor! Professor! I have the readings you asked for!”

The Conicoid lab assistant, Polly, sprinted through a maze of bookshelves, prototype equipment, and stacked papers. Her swishing cat-like tail trailed behind her as she turned a corner and burst into the main laboratory.

The room was huge, with a glass skylight for a ceiling. It had once been a greenhouse for Tardarian saplings, which grow to twenty feet high before you can replant them. The professor, Anna Albrechtsberger, had refurbished it into her personal workshop. There were benches shoved against every corner, and every inch of wallspace was taken up by taped up diagrams, screens, and hung up tools. The centerpiece of the room was a large complex of scaffoldings cradling a complex piece of machinery: A Flotation Device, of Albrechtsberger’s own design, now mostly built. The cylinder of circuits and metal casing pulsed with half-powered, ethereal life. A dozen Conicoids worked in the workshop, testing various things and maintaining equipment.

The professor herself stood hunched over a diagram that was so dense with computations and scribbled notes that no one but herself could really decipher it. Polly came to a screeching halt behind the Nettik woman.

“Professor?” Polly asked. The taller woman didn’t respond, the Conicoid nervously dodging the professor’s tail in anticipation.

“Professor?” she tried again, even quieter.

“Hmm?” Anna suddenly spun around to face the Conicoid. She had a coffee mug in her hand, bags under her eyes, and the skinny body type of someone who doesn’t exercise and is too busy to indulge in food or rest very often. Her grey tank top clung to her body, leaving no imagination that she wore a white bra and that her breasts filled the C cups nicely. Her cargo pants were filled with an assortment of tools, rolled up papers, and a piece of licorice. She pushed up her glasses to pinch her nose, and twitched her cat-like ears, the left one with a deep clip in it from some forgotten accident.

“Yes, Polly?” she finally answered properly, adding another coffee ring to her diagram as she set her mug down.

“Here you are ma’am, those readings from the high orbit probe came back.” Polly dutifully answered, handing the datapad over.

The professor eagerly took it, and her slitted eyes poured over it quickly, dilating more and more as she got excited.

“As you can see, it’s good news and bad news. These readings strongly suggest the invisible Deep Space Wormhole really is there, but…”

“But it only opens every few years…” the professor somberly finished the thought, setting down the pad.

The nervous Conicoid nodded, twiddling her thumbs anxiously. “I already took the liberty of contacting local stations for a ship to hire, but… well… the ones that weren’t busy…”

Anna crouched down to be face to face with Polly. “It’s okay,” she said gently, “be honest, what happened?”

The Conicoid, aiming to please, felt reassured and delivered the bad news plainly. “Most of them either hung up on me or said that it was a stupid crackpot waste of time that was too likely to destroy their ship, ma’am.” Polly smiled.

The Nettik’s face froze in her motherly smile. It stayed that way for a little too long.


“Gah!” Anna suddenly screamed, throwing her arms wide. Polly shrieked in fear and hopped backwards as the professor slumped to the ground. She rolled back onto her tight tush and held onto her own tail like it was a teddy bear. Her ears flattened against her head and she mewled like a kitten.

“So many years of work! So many credits sunk into all this!” she whined. “The university will revoke my title! My funding! We’re almost out of money as is and if I can’t get results…” she rambled into incohersion. Polly worked up the nerve to approach the crying cat.

“Um, it’s ok, ma’am.” She tried to console her, tapping her three-fingered hand on the woman’s furry shoulder.

Anna sniffled. “I was the youngest to earn a doctorate at Arcana University, you know? The first Nettik to earn funding for a research team. But when I started looking into Deep Space Wormholes, everyone said I was crazy, that I was throwing my career. And now I have my best shot to prove my Flotation Device works, and I can’t.” She curled up into a tighter ball.

Behind them, on the scaffolding, a Conicoid lab tech was powering up a minor component of the experimental Flotation Device. The panel flared with plasma suddenly, and with a yelp the little adorable alien was sent sailing over the railing. Her lab coat got caught and stopped her, leaving her dangling in the air. She exhaled in relief a little too soon however, as the damaged garment tore and she went falling yet again. She yelped again, and grunted as her fall was cut short abruptly yet again as her waistband caught on the next railing to the floor.

Everyone in the room was scrambling to try to help her or get into position to catch her. Two more Conicoids raced up the railing to try to get pull her back onto the walkway, but the panicked alien’s flailing flipped her upside down, and the sudden change in gravity made her fall right out of her pants! The next railing down had more lab assistants ready to try to catch her. Grasping hands all tried to get a grip on her, but despite their best efforts to hold onto her arms, her legs, her ass, none could get strong hold. None, save for the one Conicoid who was left embarrassingly hold onto her shirt as she fell the last few meters to the floor.

Disoriented, she got to her feet. A gentle breeze and the wide eyed, blushing stares of her peers tipped her off to her state of undress. Her blue short-furred skin was completely exposed, save for her modest chest encased in a naughtily seductive lacy black bra, and an equally work-inappropriate lacy pair of black panties.

“Why’d she wear that to work?”

“Never knew Trix had such nice boobs…”

“Look at those hips!”

She screamed but otherwise froze, covering herself with her hands but too panicked to run anywhere. “Stop don’t look!”

The Conicoid coworkers dutifully averted their gaze.

Anna, who watched the whole thing, suddenly started laughing through her tears. “Hahaha… well,” she gulped in air, “you lovelies always break me out of my moods. I’m sure we’ll find a ship before the wormhole closes, and prove my theory!”

“That’s the spirit, professor!” Polly cheered, hugging the taller alien’s leg in an overly affectionate display.

Anna patted her head and watched the other Conicoids get clothes for the unfortunate one that was stripped. “Today is a big day, I can feel it…”
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Default More please!

This has the makings of an epic series. I'm eager to see where it goes and what happens to the interesting characters that you've introduced. Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to reading Pt 2.
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Default Flotation Device: Riptide! Ep1 "Ambitions" Pt 2/3

“Enjoy your stay on Aurovo!” The Conicoid passport attendant gave a tiny salute with a big, eyes-closed grin. Even though it was a real government uniform, Tarsha found it hard to take the sailor suit seriously, and held back a giggle as she smiled back and retrieved her freshly stamped merchant’s passport.

The Northern Welcome station was a rare planetside style stardock, accommodating any ship able to enter atmosphere. Tarsha’s oddball passenger, Doctor Paz Platelet, had insisted on being brought here. The space pilot sighed and started calculating in her head the extra fuel cost it would take to exit the atmosphere.

The station wasn’t all bad. The northern continent reminded Tarsha of Alaska, where her dad was from. Conniffers, rivers, and snowy mountains dominated the skyline, and it was a pleasantly cool summertime atmosphere in the open air star port.

Northern Welcome Station had other amenities to attract guests. There was a cargo hauler being washed by a dozen Conicoid cuties in skimpy, tight fitting bikinis. The girls gave quite a show, taking breaks to splash water at each other and generally horse around. It was taking a very long time to clean the ship, but the few dozen spectators didn’t seem to mind.

As Tarsha walked by, one of the bikini babes snuck up behind another one who had made the grave mistake of momentarily focusing on scrubbing the star ship. The sneaking alien girl twitched her furry ears in anticipation before grabbing onto the other girl’s tail.

“Hmm Hmm Hmm- Hm~!” The busily working girl suddenly choked on her humming as she felt a surge of pleasure. The crowd behind her clapped as the poor girl was shoved up against the ship, bent over slightly so that her blue-bikini encased behind was presented to the crowd.

The smiling assailant slapped either cheek, pulling more embarrassing noises out of her target. She kept up her ass-assault as Tarsha averted her gaze with a deep, sympathetic blush and scurried away.

“That was… wow…” she thought to herself, trying to slow her breathing. She ducked around a corner and checked under her jacket and tank top. The device set into her bra band was still working probably, thank the stars. She pulled her hand out, now sufficiently calm, and continued her walk.

Paz was having a very informative time. Conicoids are so cooperative! The doctor was currently taking furious notes on the bikini babes washing the freighter.

“Excuse me,” she said to a nearby fellow observer, “Why do they do this?”

“Ship’s dirty.” The gruff Talaczarian answered.

“Hmm yes, yes,” Paz took more notes, particularly on where the Talaczarian male’s gaze seemed to be glued. “But is it not more efficient to use an automated system?”

One of the bikini ship washers sprayed another with a high powered water hose. The poor girl’s top came clean off and her suddenly soaked hair fell into her eyes. As she fixed her sudden blindness, the crowd got a good look at her full, firm breasts now dancing out in the open on her naked upper body, covered in goosebumps and nipple crinkling firm in the cool air.

“That’s why they don’t use an automated system.” The Talacrazian answered.

As the girl screeched and ran for cover, Paz wrote down many more notes and wandered away from the washers.

“Girl’s suffering from lack of wardrobe are of interest to most males and some females of most species,” was written in bold at the top of the notes. Paz stopped writing and thought for a moment. She quickly came to the conclusion that it was time for a live subject, and of course, that is why she came to Aurovo!

Conicoids are so useful for her research!

Polly, the Conicoid lab assistant and secret admirer of Professor Albrechtsberger, was growing desperate. She had other junior lab techs working round the clock, contacting every pilot and ship owner in the system. They were desperately running out of time to complete the experiment. Polly was reduced to standing at the local star port, with a cardboard sign over her head that read “Seeking Star Ship and Pilot, will pay any price, ASAP!!!”

She was about to give up when she glanced to her left and came in sudden eye contact with someone just inches from her face. Four eyes worth of contact, to be specific.

“Hello!” Paz practically shouted. Polly shrieked and tripped backwards, falling onto her rear and staring up at the tall, highly endowed Translnid staring down at her with a fang filled grin.

“Don’t eat me!” Polly squealed, covering her head with the cardboard.

“Eat you?” Paz was confused. She checked rapidly scrolled through her notes on her datapad. “I do not eat Conicoids, unless… you refer to the “eating out” that I have seen mention of? My research implies that it is enjoyable, why would you preclude it so quickly? However, I am not trained or experienced, so perhaps you fear a lower… quality…”

Paz trailed off upon seeing the look of pure terror on the tiny alien girl. She decided to switch gears.

“Your sign.” She said suddenly, jerking a pointing finger at the cardboard.

“W-what about it?”

“I can assist you!” Paz nearly shouted again.

“You have a ship we can use?” Polly replied, getting to her feet.

“If you need a ship, this I can offer, and a pilot, too.” Paz nodded a dozen times.

“Ok… how much will it cost?”

“... No money! No dosh! I merely require your assistance with my experiment, and then you may depart aboard the ship!”

“How did you know I was a scientist?”

Paz tilted her head. “I did not.”

Polly was deeply confused and more than a little fearful still, but she saw the opportunity. They only had hours before they missed their window.

“Ok, it’s a deal.” She finally answered.

Paz clapped her hands together. “Excellent! We shall begin the experiment immediately.”

“What- Hey!”

The Translnid suddenly hooked her clawed fingers into Polly’s white lab coat and pulled it up and off her arms. She dropped the garment to her side on the ground.

“What are you doing?” Polly squeaked out, taking a couple steps back, now dressed in her work heels, knee length skirt, and blouse.

“We are conducting the experiment. Please do not leave, and feel free to squirm and make any noise you wish, I believe these things are key.” She took a few steps forward and had another thought. “I appreciate your assistance deeply.”

The Conicoid bit her lip, her helpful nature overriding her fight or flight response.

The Translnid pulled Polly’s skirt to the floor, and pulled it out so fast that the lab assistant nearly fell over. Paz caught her and held her up.

“This isn’t science!” Polly screamed and blushed, flailing her nubile legs in her sensible work stockings. Paz continued to tear off her clothes, popping most of the buttons of her blouse as she pulled it off first one, then both of Polly’s arms. The shirt was thrown aside as Paz used her claws to slice off the stockings and pull them and Polly’s shoes off of her.

“Hey! Hey~!” Polly squealed as she was spanked into submission, now in a matching pair of cotton bra and panties.

“These are above average for a Conicoid, no?” Paz asked, squeezing the girls luscious chest with both hands, groping harshly.

“They’re… I’m… sensitive~! Mmmm~!” Polly squealed again, gradienting into a moan as Paz squeezed hard and harder.

“N-no~!” The Conicoid pouted as Paz used a claw to cut between the cups, the garment falling off of her as her breasts bounced into view. Not a moment later Paz pinched one of the quickly hardening nipples, eliciting more embarrassing noises out of the alien girl.

“You are very responsive, yes? Sensitive you said? Like this?” Paz pinched both nipples again.

“Y-yes! Sensitive~!” She bit her lip and felt her blush rise as more and more passerby stopped to watch. Paz noticed a security officer approaching (a sight she was used to).

She wasted no time dragging the last of Polly’s clothes off of her hips and down her legs. Quick notes were scribbled about the alien’s trimmed blue bush before Paz covered it with a hand, the other draping over her sore boobs.

“Fascinating, that response is very common across species.” Paz noted out loud as well as written. “I will find you later to debrief, please feel free to scream if that is your natural response to the crowd seeing you naked and semi-aroused.”

Polly obliged. Paz slipped away into the crowd with pages of new data to pour over. Such a great experiment in public exposure and forcible stripping! Once the Conicoid pays bail for public humiliation, I should surely debrief her on her psychological state…

“You were what?”

“N-naked ma’am. The security force let me go, but they kept my clothes as evidence…” the still naked Polly, wearing only a towel, told her boss, Anna.

“Well, I’m sorry… but you found a ship! How great! Where is it?”

“Um… we need to find the Translnid…”

“Well by all means, we need to get back to the star port!” The Nettik professor got to her feet. She stretched out like a cat and cracked her knuckles. “Let’s go!”

“Ok!” Polly got to her feet, gripping the towel towards her.

“Oh, I’m sorry, but the towel is lab property. It can’t leave the building.”

“So I can’t go?”

“Nonsense!” Anna threw her lab coat to the shorter alien. “Just wear this. Come on, we don’t have time!”

With that, they rushed back to the starport. Tarsha was busy eating lunch in the cafeteria, while Paz was busy looking for her. The wheels of fate continued to grind towards the greatest scientific achievement this sector has ever seen!
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Default Interesting...

So we've got a Thriskoid/Human hybrid pilot, a Translnid doctor with no boundaries, a Nekkit scientist, and her Coincoid lab assistant. That's quite the interesting group you've assembled. Too bad there's no fanart of them (fully clothed or otherwise). I'm eager to see what happens when all of them are confined together on Tarsha's ISS Wayfarer. Aside from a few background characters, the adorable Polly was the first of the four main characters to be exposed. I'll be waiting to see if Tarsha, Anna Albrechtsburger and Paz (who probably won't care) end up naked too.
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This has all the makings of an amazing tale. Your wonderful descriptive ability makes it really easy to picture everything.

All the same, it would be great if someone could turn those descriptions into fanart!
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Perfect story
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Default "Ambitions" Pt 3/3

“I still don’t see why you needed to drag me along.”

Chief of Security Lily Smithwesson crossed her arms and continued to begrudgingly follow the professor through the bustling space port. She was dressed in a grey generic jumpsuit with an electro pistol on her hip and her long blonde hair in a tight knot under her baseball cap.

“You’re my security guard, of course I’d take you on an important away mission like this!” Gretta replied, throwing her arms wildly in excitement.

Lily rolled her eyes. “Oh puh-lease, what’s the worst that could happen to your skinny ass at a space port? Pickpocket?”

“My “ass” is perfectly proportioned, thank you very much! And poor Polly here got stripped naked just an hour ago,” the Nettik responded, pointing out her Conicoid assistant wearing only a lab coat that she was desperately holding closed from the inside. Her naked feet pitter pattered across the tiles, drawing the attention of many curious eyes to her equally naked legs.

“I was wondering about that, but it felt rude to ask,” Lily commented back. “And your ass wouldn’t be so bubbly if you came to the gym with me sometime.”

“Unfortunately, I am far too busy in my lab to make time for your exercises.” Greta didn’t sound that torn up about it.

“My “exercises” get results, professor.” Lily rolled up her sleeve to the shoulder and flexed her impressive, olive skinned bicep.

Greta rolled her eyes. “If you get any more ripped, you’ll be all 45 degree angles soon.”

“You’re just jealous…”

The three girls eventually sighted what they were looking for: A tall Translnid woman arguing with what looked like a ship’s pilot. The pilot was sitting in a chair at a table, with the alien woman in question on her hands and knees on top of the table staring down at her.

“Hey, yes, hello!” Gretta said, running up to them, interrupting the harsh argument. Both debaters turned to look at her. The Translnid eyed Polly and her eyes lit up. She jumped off the table and made a disturbing purring noise.

“Eep!” went Polly as she hid behind Lily, who was over a foot shorter than the tall alien woman.

Gretta stopped the Translnid from walking past her. “I am her boss, I believe you promised us a ship for our experiment? Please, time is definitely of the essence and-”

“You <i>what</i>?!” shouted Tarsha, who jumped to her feet. “How dare you make promises on my behalf!”

Paz, who wanted to diffuse the hostilities quickly, reached behind and roughly squeezed Tarsha’s chest. The sensitive girl sat back down immediately to get away from the grope and was for the moment silent and blushing.

“My associate here, she is the one who has a ship and in fact is a pilot,” Paz explained. She added a few nods and a fake smile to be safe.

“Oh… ma’am, uh, we can pay you for your troubles, if you’ll help us.”

Tarsha, rubbing her sore boob, heard mention of being paid and stood up. “Uh, yes! Tarsha and the <i>Wayfarer</i>, at your service!”

“Splendid! We really don’t have much time,” Greta spun around, her tail twitching excitedly, “Polly, tell the team to get the Flotation Device ready to be mounted, and then monitor our progress planetside. Lily, if you would accompany on the ship for on the fly repairs?”

The short muscle girl nodded.

“Please be excusing me,” Paz piped up, “but is it at all possible for myself to see this test? It sounds most interesting.” She gave another fake smile.

“Oh, uh… well you did assault my assistant and all…” Greta was concerned this overbearing woman wouldn’t leave her alone without a fight, and she couldn’t afford any more delays. “I guess it’s fine though. Don’t touch my equipment though!”

“Of course!” Paz sounded pleased. Her eyes were glued to the Nettik’s tail, her pupils swaying back and forth with it.

“So, um,” Tarsha walked around Paz, giving the doctor a wide berth, to talk to Greta. “How much will this pay?”

“Well,” Greta looked embarrassed, “we only have about 200,000 dosh left in our accounts…”

Tarsha’s eyes bugged and she forced herself to swallow a noise of glee. After a couple seconds of mental composure, she managed to squeak out, “I suppose… if that’s all you have… I can make an exception to my standard rate.”

“Wonderful! Please arrive at these coordinates within the hour, and have your ship fully fueled and loaded!” Greta shoved a datapad into the pilot’s hands and turned back around to her associates.

“Let’s go, let’s go!” She shooed them along.

“Are all systems green?” Greta asked, strapped into a chair on the bridge to the left of Tarsha.

“All of my normal systems are running smoothly,” The pilot reported, in the central chair of the small bridge.

“Deep Dive Flotation Device reported as online and functional,” reported Lily, from the chair to the right of Tarsha. She looked a little bored.

“Why’s your armor in the storage bay?” asked Greta as Tarsha ran last minute flight checks.

Lily shrugged, “If we make galactic history, I’d like to be wearing my sunday best for the reporters.”

The Wayfarer slowly rose into the air and began accelerating towards high orbit. Through the rocking of the ship, Tarsha hit the comms. “Everything ok back there doc?”

“Splendid!” the doctor’s voice replied through the console.
A few minutes later, the ship and the four girls inside were in shallow space over Aurovo. They manuevored away from the more trafficked parts of orbit to a relatively empty area near the planet’s north pole.

“Here’s the coordinates you gave me… I don’t see anything though,” Tarsha remarked.

“Of course you wouldn’t, it wouldn’t be a discovery if anyone could just see it,” Greta replied, typing quickly onto her console. “I’m activating my modified sensor module we installed on your ship and linking our data to my lab… Polly, do you read anything?”

A very enthusiastic Conicoid voice broke over the radio. “Loud and clear! These readings are much more clear than anything we could get planetside. Professor, it’s there, a deep space wormhole… and its radioactivity is growing exponentially. I believe your window is about to open.”

“Amazing!” Gretta bit her lip with her fangs and squealed. This was her life’s work! Everything was about to come together, something was about to happen, she could feel it. “All hands, brace for deep space entry!”

In the bowels of the <i>Wayfarer</i>, the experimental deep dive flotation device whirred to life truly for the first time. It resonated with the mysterious energy readings surrounding the ship, and Tarsha initiated the dive procedure. The ship lurched, suddenly pointing downwards at the planet. The usual miasma of colors entered the view window on the bridge, but this was no ordinary dive. The colors stretched out, exploding over and over into ranges of pastels and neons and earth tones. Weird shapes floated in the paint soup, and whispers of deep space languages floated through the air of the ship. The vessel buckled, and seemed to stretch out infinitely as it dived deeper than any Torat made ship ever had.

“Proooooooofessssssssssssooooooooorrrrrrrrrr,” Polly’s drawn out voice gradually said through extreme static on the radio. “Wwwwwwwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatssssssssssssss yooooooouuuuuuurrrrr staaaaaaaaaaaaaaatuuuuuuuuuuussssssssss?”

Before Greta could reply, the radio cut out altogether, and the electronics on the bridge failed. The ship began spinning out of control as the only system working anymore was minimal life support and the hungry deep dive flotation device that was now sapping all the power the ship could generate, determined to fulfill its function. The colors outside stretched, darkened, and were interrupted by nightmare shapes of horrible demon-like creatures.

“Whats… happening...?” Tarsha shouted out in slow motion.

“I- I… don’t… know…” Greta conceded after furious attempts to revive her dead console.

The ship continued to “fall” deeper and deeper into the terrifying dimension.
“The flotation device will eventually deposit us into normal space.” Greta said, speaking at a noticeably normal speed now. “I’m sure of it, it has a failsafe installed to do so.”

“And if that untested failsafe… fails?” Lily asked, trying to hide her worry with an angry tone.

Before anyone could answer the thought out loud, the whole ship shook violently and the girls blacked out.

Greta’s head was killing her. What happened- the ship! The flotation device! The test! She forced her eyes open.

The bridge was in disarray, with panels blown out and everything not bolted down was thrown around. The other two girls were strapped to their chairs, still hanging unconscious. Wait… if their still in their chairs, why am I on the floor…?

“And why am I naked?!” Gretta suddenly screamed. She looked down to see her furry shoulders, where her fur ended at her clavicle, her perky breasts, pinchable belly, curvaceous legs and of course the red tuft of hair between them.

“Please relax,” Paz suddenly said, her smiling face and four predatory eyes suddenly filling Greta’s vision. She tried to cover up, only to find her arms restrained by the alien doctor.

“~Let me go!”

“I cannot do that until you calm down.” Paz insisted. The doctor was drooling a little bit and was a little flush. “My apologies, I was simply seeing if you were ok but I have never examined a Nettik before. I was curious how your curves would look unclothed and laid bare, and then I wanted to see how your nipples might form so I removed your bra and I was curious if your fur pigmentation was the same on your pubic mound so I removed your undergarments…” she took a deep swallow and breathed out heavily, “It was very good research.”

The doctor finally let Gretta go and the girl shot to her feet. She crossed her leg to cover her womanhood and d****d one arm across her breasts as she checked her reactivated console. Obviously the ship survived, and they were once again in shallow space, but…

“If this is right, we’re over 20,000 light years from our last location!” Greta shouted. She added a cat-like squeal of panicked joy afterwards.

“And-” she stopped and yelped again. “~Aww, what?! S-stop it!” She shouted, as Paz grabbed her tail.

“It is so soft…” the alien droned. “Do I take by your reaction that it is an erogenous zone?”

Greta just pouted, embarrassed to answer. “J-just, let go, please…”

Paz obliged, as the other two girls woke up.

“Woah doc, were you so excited you jumped out of your clothes?” Lily asked with a grin.

Greta covered up again and grabbed at her lab coat from the floor. She wrapped it around herself. “It worked, we have travelled, in mere minutes, over 20,000 light years into unexplored space!”

“Great…” the groggy Tarsha remarked. She blinked as she noticed the naked Nettik. “Why are you naked?”

“Nothing! It was nothing! Nothing happened!” Greta blushed. “But my device worked! I’m a genius!”

“Awesome. How do we get back?” Lily asked, crossed her toned arms and already ready to go home.

“Yes, right we just need to find the wormhole…” Greta suddenly looked worried.


“It’s not there… no, it has to be but… no no no!” She looked up from the console, both hands on it so that her lab coat fell open and once again exposing her nude body. “There’s no wormhole on this end!”

“Wait wait, I thought all wormholes had two ends?”

“I mean, yea, for normal wormholes, but deep space wormholes are more enigmatic…” Greta slumped to the floor and hugged her tail. “I guess…”

“That…” Tarsha trailed off.

“It’s gone.” Lily concluded.

“We’re stuck! On the other side of the galaxy!” Greta whined, holding her tail tighter and starting to tear up.

“It is ok! You still have my company!” Paz tried to cheer them up.

And so completes our pilot episode! Four girls, stranded far from home! An invasive alien doctor with a warped sense of bedside manners, a whining-prone scientist with a blush as deep red as her fur, a shy pilot with a complicated biology and a dark secret, and a short tempered, strong muscled, and short statured gun gal. Where will the Wayfarer go? Will our girls eventually run out of clothes? Will the stripping get better now that I’m done setting up my premise? All this and more will be answered on the next installment of Flotation Device: Riptide!
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Default Fanart

I saw some of you mention fanart (and wanting to see it). Fear not! Flotation Device has been around for a few years now, mostly on Deviantart. If you search "Flotation Device ENF" on Deviantart, you'll find tons of other great stories and fanart from users like Prince Buffoon, Drawwba the Hutt, and GoldBitters.

Also thank you for all the kind words and encouragement! I'm glad you enjoyed these parts and I look forward to posting more later.
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Default confused censor

Does OCC censor the word d****d? It's not even dirty...
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Originally Posted by magicmerlon View Post
Does OCC censor the word d****d? It's not even dirty...
No, but it's got arr ay pee ee in the middle of it. And that is dirty.
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