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Old 12-27-2018, 03:36 PM
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Wasn't my high school sweetheart but my first GF in college. She was 18 and I was 22. Blonde hair, blue eyed Cuban girl. Very church oriented. She was a virgin. She vehemently told me she wouldn't have sex until marriage.

We started with making out. It got heavier and heavier. Then one day she took my cock out and slipped it up and down between her pussy lips. It was driving me nuts. I actually told her unless we were going to have sex, we couldn't do that anymore because it was too much. I don't remember how it happened but we eventually fucked. It was a good first time. We used a condom. She orgasmed the first time and I think that was it for her. She was hooked.

The first time was good but what came after was better. I really broke her in quickly. Licking her ass, rubbing it as I sucked on her clit. We did conventional 69 a few times. One day I decided to 69 her with me on top. I figured it was new and I could really fuck her face from on top. She started licking my balls. It felt great. To my shock, I felt her spread my ass and stick her tongue inside. Just as she did this, I felt her pussy begin to drool. She loved it. So the first timer gave me a first. That was my first rim job. Who knew? From then on she was all about it. I would lick her pussy and ass. Then she would suck my cock and rim my ass.

This was actually my first heart break. Her family picked up and moved to Florida. We were devastated. For the first few months we tried to make it work, the distance made the sex even better. She went on the pill right as she moved. The first time I came to visit, we got a hotel room. No more condoms. After not seeing each other for a month, we fucked like animals. She asked that I cum inside her. Music to my ears. From that point on I finished inside her every time. That was about the time she warmed up to anal. Started with a pinky, then a finger. Never got to the point of fucking her in the ass because I was too big for her.

She actually gave me my first public sex. We went to South Beach at night. She climbed on top and rode me on the beach with no pants on. This was in front of 5 or 6 other couples on the beach. Pretty sure one guy sat there the whole time and watched. I couldn't see if he was jerking off because he was about 10 yards behind us. Completely raw, I finished inside her.

On another visit down, I surprised her with a little black G-string bikini. She was of course shocked. She was a good girl and agreed to wear it though. I also said I wanted her to go topless. We had seen a few topless women on the beach and she mentioned it was common there. To my shock she actually agreed. In the hotel she tried it on. You could see she wanted to be embarrassed but deep down loved being exposed. We went to the beach. On the way, it began to rain. I was so disappointed. To this day I say that would have been something to see my little 18 yr old topless in a g-string on the beach.

The relationship eventually crumbled. The distance was too much. I began to cheat on her with an older woman who satisfied all my needs. I told the woman and she agreed that she was fine with it. We would just enjoy each other and when I wanted to see her I could. My conscience got the better of me. I had to let her go. She was devastated. It all worked out for her in the end though. She's now married with children. I wish her the best!

To this day I think it was my most shocking sexual experience. De-virginizing a girl is like throwing gas on a campfire. I'm sure her husband would thank me if he knew what we did before him lol.
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Old 12-29-2018, 02:40 AM
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Default Thanks for the addition to the thread

Very well written and right on-topic! Hope it inspires others to add their memories of early explorations and discoveries, especially among those of us that were pulled in different directions by religion vs. youthful hormones.
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Old 01-25-2019, 03:19 AM
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Default First time: Finger in virgin pussy

For those jumping into this thread midstream: We were both 18, high school seniors, good students and had just started fooling around. She was a honey-blonde with a tight little body. I loved everything about her looks but she hated that her oversize-for-her breasts were pendulous, hanging down with nipples pointing at the floor instead of the "Playboy" ideal shape.
I don't remember if this was our next date after the first time we had oral sex but it was soon after that memorable evening. We had decided to wait on intercourse thanks to religious beliefs shared by both of us, but had rationalized that oral sex and heavy petting weren't "really" sex. So there we were, parked in a boat launch area after a movie and hamburgers, wedged into the back seat of my Chevy Vega. We kissed for a long time and I had my hands under the top of her dress. I remember it being some kind of slick smooth fabric (Rayon?) with a hemline just above her knee. I moved one of my hands under that hemline and (like all the previous times we had made out) could not believe my luck when she moved to help me and made the sexiest noises I had ever heard when my fingers dipped into the wetness oozing out between the furry lips nestled under the cotton panties (no pantyhose that night, hooray). I focused on touching her clit, being careful to start gently and pay attention to her responses. She breathed faster and heavier and her hips began to undulate, showing me what rhythm to use. We half-paused just long enough to slide those panties all the way off and hike her dress up around her waist, I was just starting to settle into the pace when she softly said to me one of the things that still gets me hard decades later: "You can put a finger inside if you want." Fuck! I thought that was taboo, with our focus on her staying a virgin. Believe me, she did not have to say it twice. I moved the middle finger that I had been using on her clit down and eased it into her, expecting her to flinch or tell me at some point to wait, slow down, take it out...instead I felt her open up to me and the sounds she made were deeper, more primal. Even more wetness coated my finger and my palm and she hunched her hips up off of the vinyl seat. Still concerned that something that I might do could cause sudden pain and break this magic spell, I let her show me through her body language how fast, how deep. Bottom line, pretty fast and before I knew it, pretty much as deep as my inexperienced finger could reach. Having done years of research in every piece of smut that I could steal, smuggle or find, I was convinced that I would need to re-focus on that little magic button to take her over the top. Wrong again; she showed me that I didn't need to do anything else to get her to buck faster and faster on the seat until she arched up and spasmed over and over, her previously untouched vagina gripping my finger in a pattern that still burns in my brain. Years later, when experts started talking about the G-spot and other variations on the non-clitoral orgasm, my mind would always return to that memorable night. Not the craziest or most daring encounter in my life or among the things that Leah and I did during the 13 years we had together but still on my list of amazing experiences.
I really don't remember clearly what else we did that night. It's very likely that she went down on me and used her hands to jerk me off into her hungry little mouth. Even at that stage of our mutual exploration, she was starting to talk about how powerful that made her feel and how she knew that she had a talent for it. My feeling of being lucky to be part of it and find a kindred soul in the minefield of rural Pennsylvania Bible-belt repression has persisted to this day.
Hope you enjoyed this latest chapter in my sexual autobiography. Feel free to PM me, especially if you have memories of similar experiences from high school or college in Northwest PA in the 1970's or 1980's.
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