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Old 04-05-2017, 01:58 PM
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Default I got intentionally groped

I posted this story a couple years ago here on a different thread.
.... and warning, this doesn't have a happy or erotic ending.

Long time back, me and a bud went to a hot local night club. It was known for it's nuts-to-butts thick crowds on certain nights with a live band. Sometimes could hardly squeeze into the place. We had a decent success rate there picking up and taking home women in the latter hours of the evening.

It was a normal night, we were standing in the crowd near the bar, the music blaring, and checking out the cuties.
My bud yells in me ear that the chick sort of next to him was rubbing his cock! I looked over, saw the girl, she was facing the other way, but with the heavy crowd no way could I see where her hands were. I believed him, but thought he must be exaggerating. She was small built, OK looking, but not a raving beauty. But yeah, I'd do her.

A few minutes later, the crowd jostles and shifts around and now she's near me, and she starts rubbing MY cock! Like with my buddy, she's looking elsewhere while this is going on. And she is obviously really get into it, her fingers following the contours of my fast growing cock through my pants, not just casual rub. I'm trying to figure out how to handle this. To test the waters, I slipped my hand up onto her shoulder. Just her shoulder.

HOLY SHIT, she starts screaming at the top of her lungs calling ME a pervert! Screaming for me to get away from her! I merely put my hand on her shoulder!
I had no choice but to squeeze my way through the crowd and get to the other side of the club! Me and my buddy soon left and tried our luck at another place.

... Lots of strange, strange people out there. She had to have been the wackiest person ever born.
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Old 04-05-2017, 10:43 PM
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Default Me too...but more.

Just like gasb, this also happens to me. As a chap of a certain age I am expected by my physician to submit to occasional health screening. Part of this is the blood pressure check. She has commented on it being a bit on the high side on a number of occasions. White coat syndrome is well known, that is not what this is. When she reaches forward to do the old fashioned ( but accurate) sphyg. test on my left arm her left breast practically rests in my palm. I like feeling my Doctors tit in my hand but this encounter inevitably pushes up the old BP. It is not just her, I have also had the same situation with the practice nurse as well. Gabriella, for that is her name , and I got talking about blood pressure in general one day when I was having my BP done. We talked about how meds for hypertension can cause a lack of performance in the trouser department. Me as the patient- and her sat in her uniform - she disclosed to me that her husband had been failing to achieve erection for some time. I looked at this crisp, clean, slim ,good looking middle aged woman in her nurses uniform telling me this and although the dirty story version would have me fucking her rigid ( it crossed my mind to try, believe me) I found myself suggesting to her that he go and see his doctor to have his BP treatment reviewed. I am giving my nurse sexual counselling, I am trying to advise my nurse on how to get some stiff cock inside her.You could not make it up, and I didn't, every word is true. Oh yes, nearly forgot, she rests her tit in my hand as well.
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Old 04-06-2017, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by gasb View Post
This past year I went went to get some blood work done.It so happened to be on halloween day.When I walked in there were two young girls (early 20's) at the front desk. They were dressed as zombie nuns. When I got called back ,there were two more girls about the same age also dressed like zombie nuns.One sat me in a chair & proceeded to tie off my arm. She was real friendly & joking around about taking my blood on halloween.I had my hand in a fist , she told me to open it & relax. I put my arm on the armrest hand open palm up. She then moved my arm so she could poke me with the needle, she put my right hand under her right breast. Her tit was resting between my thumb & index finger! She continued talking like nothing, but there was no way she didn't know I was almost cupping her breast. I didn't realize how big her tits were because of the costume, but now my hand was pushing it back. The whole thing took about 20 seconds, & it did cross my mind to give a little squeeze, but I didn't.
I've asked a couple of nurse friends about this. They know exactly what they are doing. They always know.

I would refrain from giving it a little squeeze though, and just enjoy the contact.
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Old 04-08-2017, 12:54 PM
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I've asked a couple of nurse friends about this. They know exactly what they are doing. They always know.
I have an old thread here on medical stories in general, and I'll reprint my post on blood pressure stories below.

I can count at least five to seven times where I am confident that nurses and other medical personnel have intentionally rubbed their breasts or thighs into me. I have two major reasons for believing this: 1) I always know what my junk is pressing into, even my thighs; and 2) if a man pressed into me the way these women did, I'd be like, "DUDE!" So IMHO these are educated professional women who get bored doing the same procedures day after day year after year, and wish to spice up their day as long as there is plausible deniability.

I donít try to grope nurses when they take my blood pressure. Most women take my arm and place it where they want it, and I obligingly leave it wherever they put it. And if they just happen to press their breast into my arm, I donít back off. The first real noticeable boob press I got this way was from a mature nurse, who didnít seem to mind at all that my forearm was rubbing up and down over her breast while she took my blood pressure. After a few more minor rubbings from various nurses over a few years, I found one attractive nurse who seemed put out by it. As usual she placed my arm where she wanted it, and I left it there, and when she rubbed her tit into my arm, I didnít back away. She didnít look at me, but she got an irritated expression on her face, and threw my arm over her shoulder before continuing checking my blood pressure.

Then one time at a doctorís evening appointment for some minor thing, I had a nurse that I had never seen before, and she was very very pretty, perhaps early 30s, medium build, B cup tits, great figure, classy looking. And she was also very friendly. I sat down on the end of the exam table and she began taking my blood pressure. She placed my right hand on her left side, my hand facing inward and holding her side. Her positioning, not mine. She even held it there with her left arm. And as she started taking my blood pressure, she rubbed her right tit all over the inside of my forearm. She took her sweet time, flopping her tit up and down over my arm while keeping my hand pinned to her side. She started to unwrap my arm, then said, ďThereís something wrong with the machine. Oh, the tube was disconnected.Ē So she placed my hand back on her side, wrapped me up again, and rubbed her tit all over my inside forearm again, with a little smile on her face, as she took my blood pressure for the second time. Unfortunately, I never saw this nurse again.
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Old 04-08-2017, 02:46 PM
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I attended a wedding where they took a family photo. My wife was on one side of me, and my wife's sl*t cousin was on the other. She lifted her dress and pushed back against my hand. She had no panties on and I got to finger her wet c*nt.

My wife was not aware, but my son standing behind the cousin saw it all. I think he would have gotten a piece of that later, but it was his wedding!
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Old 04-09-2017, 04:02 AM
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Default dressed like zombie nuns

Originally Posted by gasb View Post
it did cross my mind to give a little squeeze, but I didn't.
I have to say, I'd be Damned careful about grabbing the tit of a young lady that was about to shove a needle in My arm. Just saying.
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Old 04-18-2017, 06:26 PM
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Default I'm new, loving your stories

Hi, I'm new here, and having read all your stories I thought I'd better tell mine.

1st is kinda boring. Was at school, maybe 5 or 6. The teacher was a larger person and and so had rather large boobs. She would constantly lean over me to look at my work, plunking her breasts on my back. I was too young to find it sexy.

2nd happened about 5 years ago. Was in the car with a friend, not sure what she was doing or saying but it rather turned me on. She was driving and stopped to drop me off. We got out the car and she hugged me goodbye. She's a bit smaller than me, her leg went between my legs. I had a semi and it pressed against her thigh for a good few seconds. She must have felt it, and it got bigger in the process. We're still friends so I don't think it put her off.
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Old 04-18-2017, 11:20 PM
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Default Barber

Nothing too exciting here, but for what it's worth . . .

I was at the barber's once. I had just moved to Houston and found a new place to get my hair cut. The barber was a Mexican-American woman, big boobs, pretty sexy. In her late 20's.

Anyway, she asked me how short I wanted my sideburns cut. I quickly reached up with my right hand to show her on the side of my face where I thought they should be. However, my hand's trip to my face was impeded by the middle of her thighs. I had managed, completely accidentally, to draw up my hand right into her crotch. She was wearing pants.

I quickly apologized, and we continued on as if nothing had happened. Given that it was accidental, I got kind of a kick out of it.
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Old 04-19-2017, 04:44 PM
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I love this thread, some great stories. I have had several of these but one that stands out most was a night I was at a memorial day weekend party with some non lifestyle friends. About ten of us had too much to drink and crashed in one hotel room one night. I ended up laying in a bed with about 5 others people since it was late at night and we were all pretty drunk. This super hot girl was right up next to me, I had never met her before she was dating one of my friends. She had gone to bed in a light little sun dress and at some point during the night I woke up with her grinding her hips against my raging hard on. I reached down and she was not wearing any panties when I rubbed her ass. She grabbed my hand and my finger was inside her pussy which was soaking wet. She reached back and worked to get my jeans undone and finally I pulled my cock out and she pushed her hips back until my cock was buried inside her and she continued grinding. I could feel her shaking and knew she was getting off and I eventually blew a load deep inside her. We never spoke a word and in the morning I got up wondering if it was a dream or really happened. The cum matted in my pubic hair let me know it happened and she was still out laying with her back to me and her arm over my buddy. I could see her ass was bare and she had cum that had leaked out of her shaved pussy. I got up and left without waking anybody. Never saw her again, my buddy ended up meeting somebody else about a year later and he never asked about that night.
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Old 04-19-2017, 10:26 PM
Vortexvortex Vortexvortex is offline
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Here's a couple going both ways.

I worked in a busy restaurant and when we had a long wait, I would venture out to the hostess desk and ask how long our wait was and how many people were waiting. This restaurant always had a few good looking young hostesses who we Cooks couldn't help but ogle over. As I approached the desk on a particularly busy night, one of the hostesses turned around and happens to swing her hand right into my crotch. It was only a half second or so but it felt like she grabbed my entire bulge. She turned bright red and turned to walk away. Good thing no one else bumped into it after that because I was rock hard.

And the other way around, I had another job catering when I was in my mid teens. I was working with a woman one day. She was probably mid twenties. She wasn't super cute. Red hair, fair skin. But she had on black slacks that were really tight in the butt. I looked at her butt all day while we set up and worked. We were serving at a long table that ran against the wall. We only had about three feet between the wall and the table. Every time we had to pass, she grabbed my shoulder and said "right by you". Maybe it was my horny teenage brain over thinking but she seemed into me. Kept smiling at me and was really touchy. So at one point, not really planned, but definitely intentional, I passed behind her and did the same thing. Hand on her shoulder. "Right by you" and as I passed, I lowered my hand down her back and brushed my hand against her ass. Applying just enough pressure to feel the squish of her cheeks and the crack that separated them. She continued working and didn't flinch. I was hoping for a smile or something but perhaps i did too good a job making it seem accidental.
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