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Old 02-22-2012, 08:29 AM
hotdoggeek hotdoggeek is offline
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Default Intentional or accidental groping

Today I had a fond memory from the past and I got to thinking that others may have had the same opportunities I have to feel up a girl or two.
One of my first experiences with this was in high school gym class. I had a class that required us to do team building exercises and on one particular day the event certainly benefitted the males in the class. Everyone had to stand on an elevated stage, close their eyes and fall into the open arms of 8 other students who stood facing each other with their arms out. The person then fell and the arms would catch them from below.
Our gym teach showed us how to do this with the person facing the crowd so that they fell chest first into the arms. You can see where I going with this....
So the first girl was a brunette about 5'2" with a medium build (not fat but not too skinny) that I had known since I was 9 years old. Over the years she had developed a great pair D cup breasts that all the girls wanted and all they guys wanted to feel up. When she stood at the stage I didn't even think about her boobs hitting my arm but when she fell I realized that I inadvertently had a hand full of soft tits in my hand. I then enjoyed fondling her until she got on her feet. He must have felt the grope, but she didn't seem to mind.
The second girls was a thin brunette with b-cup breasts. I made sure I was lined up for her fall. As her breasts lay on my hands I vigorously fondled her breasts. They were small but rather firm. When she got down she had a big smile on her face! She said she wanted to do it again. I couldn't believe she was getting off on it!
The third girl was also a thin brunette. As she fell I did the same as the second girl and I was surprised with how firm her breasts felt. When she got down her face indicated that not only did she feel the fondle but that she felt she was taken advantage of. She told the fourth girl to go up what had happened so the last girl made all the guys move towards her feet. She was a blond with boobs that I had to feel so when she fell I quickly moved my hand up to feel her c-cup tits. She thought that she outsmartted us.
The gym teacher told all the girls at the end that they could have just fallen back first. I should have thanked him for not revealing that tactic earlier in the game.
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Old 02-22-2012, 02:49 PM
Gnome72141 Gnome72141 is offline
Senior Member
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I have had a few: The biggie is when you hand over a newborn baby to a female, they are so scared of dropping the baby that they grab the baby, hold it close to their chest, and take your hands/arms with them. When my kid was a baby, I accidentally felt up at least 10 different of my female friends this way. One time, a friend was staying overnight from out of town to see the baby--I got to hand her the baby when the friend was wearing a pajama top and no bra. I could make out her nipples with the back of my hand and everything.

In college, I had a gal sitting next to me. She dropped some paper and leaned over my way to grab it. She starting falling out of her chair, so I grabbed her, and ended up with a hand on her left breast and my arm on her right. They were really small, but really firm, like two little rocks poking my hand/arm. She took her time getting back up, and I didn't say anything, but she was completely red in the face. She adjusted her shirt, and never said a word. And never bent over again, either. Some girls wouldn't have cared, but she was truly upset about it, yet knew it was unintentional on my part and she couldn't do a darn thing about it.
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Old 02-22-2012, 03:50 PM
patrourke patrourke is offline
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Default Accidental grope

I got a thankyou for my accidental public grope! I had just got off a tram that runs down the middle of a road, and about four of us walked towards the end of the barrier to cross the lane of traffic. I stopped because I could see cars coming but the girl on my right was looking at her phone and kept walking. I instinctively put my arm out to stop her and finished up with a good handful of her right breast. She was wearing a light overcoat that was wide open and only a thin shirt underneath, so the amount of contact surprised us both. I mumbled a sorry with a smile on my face and she gave an embarrassed but very cute smiling thankyou back as the car zipped past.
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Old 02-22-2012, 04:31 PM
Krst Krst is offline
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Orlando, Florida
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Default On the crowded sidewalk

In third world cities it's very normal to come across very congested sidewalks. So much so that some times it's very difficult to make it through. It was in Guatemala city, Central America. It was the month of December. Christmas was approaching very quickly. That particular corner was literally clogged. With the cars occupying the streets, there wasn't any option other than just put your hands upon your pants' pockets (to protect your wallet and anything else you might have in them) and brave that mass of human bodies. I was pushing my way through like that when I noticed the outer part of my right hand, while covering my pocket, was right between the cheeks of a nice-looking young woman who was wearing a skirt. It was a nice sensation. Almost unconsciously, I turned my hand and was able to hold one of those delicious cheeks in my palm. It was just a couple of seconds, but I still carry in my hand the feeling of that nice butt.
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Old 02-22-2012, 07:15 PM
DRDavenport DRDavenport is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
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Back when I was working, one time I got a phone call that sent me flying out of my office at full speed, only to collide with the manager in the office next door to me. She was tiny and I really knocked her off her feet. I grabbed her to keep her from falling. My left hand wound up on her right breast (only an A cup, unfortunately) as I held her up. It was only a fraction of a second, as I was apologizing profusely for knocking her down.

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Old 02-23-2012, 08:24 AM
outlander2 outlander2 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2011
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Default The Coach's Wife

In high school our assistant basketball coach was in his mid-20s and his wife Carol was a tall leggy brunette that was gorgeous and very outgoing. She was still going to college to get her teaching certificate and maybe her Master's Degree, but she had been a cheerleader in high school. Carol had auburn hair and beautiful face. In fact I always thought she looked like a auburn haired Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame.

They lived in a rent house just outside of a small housing community where a bunch of us teens would meet to play football in a big vacant lot one of the days maintained for us and had even marked our yard lines. A large group would meet on a lot of Saturdays mid-day for a game of touch football. The tackle in touch football was two hands below the waist.

Our coach would come over and play with us from time to time when he had a chance and looking back on it now he was nothing but a big kid and he was always a lot of fun. Then he asked us if we minded if Carol played. I don't want to put Carol down in any way. She was an athlete!! She was a great wide receiver and if she caught the ball she was dang hard to catch!! The first time she played I was the first to "tackle" her and I got to put two hands across her pert ass cheeks with her wearing a pair of black silky shorts. Wow what a firm ass!! The guys on my team kind of looked at me and we all grinned. Later I "tackled" her again with my right hand across her pubic mound and my left along her hip. There were a lot of missed tackles where only one hand went across her ass. I distinctly felt her crack several times in this manner. Another thing, even as much as we wanted to feel of Carol's pussy, when we touched her pubic mound I think most of the time it was more accident than intention. None of us wanted to upset her and cause her to go home. Carol took it all in stride.

The next Saturday though there were about 3 X the amount of guys who showed up to play ball than the previous weekend and they were all disappointed when Carol didn't play. My folks were good friends with the coach and his wife even though my folks were quite a bit older. My mom was a teacher and she was over the cheer squad at times so Carol and her had common ground so they did hang out a lot. They also went to our church.

Carol did play football with us a few more times. She never come over to play if our group had more than 20 or so players. That was kind of our core group. One time she came over to play and I knew the coach was gone on some big squirrel hunting float trip in a canoe with my dad and two other guys. I was disappointed when she ended up on my team cause despite the fact I wanted to tackle her, that would have been pretty obvious. Then a miracle happened. I was playing quarterback and our regular center hurt his ankle and went to the sideline. Carol said she would play center. So for the rest of the evening on offense I got to put the back of my hand up against her pussy as she would hike the ball. The count was always at least two and sometimes three as I wanted to keep that hand up against her pussy as long as I could. I would love to tell you I got to fuck Carol, but I didn't. She and I and the coach used to shoot bows together all the time and she always impressed me with her grace and agility and yeah I guess I had a crush on her.

Carol had a small lake party for some of her dance girls and most of them were between 5 and 12. I was a lifeguard at our small pool and she asked me and my brother Donnie to be lifeguards for them at the beach. She wore an unbelievable red bikini that covered everything, but was one of the hottest bikinis I had seen at the time. It was a light red, not a dark red and you could so see the wonderful details of her body through it. Back then we all believed you had to wait an hour after you eat to swim or you would get cramps and drown. Seriously!! So after the kids had eaten they were messing around on the beach waiting an hour before they could get back in the water.

We had several folding beach chairs and I was laying on one on my stomach, sunglasses on, looking cool or so I thought. There was a big blanket laid out in the direction I had my head turned, but not one had been laying on it. Carol came over and lay on her back on the blanket and slightly opened her legs as she opened a book and started reading it. I could see the slight curly hairs of her pussy peeking around the edge of the bikini crotch. Instant Hard-on!!! She opened her legs a little bit wider and I almost moaned. I lay there looking, thinking I could tell where her labia was at and the small protrusion of her clit, but it might have all been in my mind. Carol was oblivious too it, but it was definitely one of the highlights of my experiences with her.
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Old 06-05-2012, 04:04 PM
mgguy's Avatar
mgguy mgguy is offline
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Location: USA
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Default my story

I am an avid practitioner of martial arts. About 15 years ago, this happened. I switched from a night class to a lunch-time class. In this particular class was a lady who was about 40 years old. I was 30 at the time. She was 5'7", tan, and very fit with nice b-cup tits and very shapely thighs and ass. As we were 2 of the higher ranked people in the class, we would often team-up together for drills.

One of the drills involves grabbing your partner around the waist while standing behind them. At that point, they are supposed to do something to loosen your grip. After a few months, when I would stand behind her, I would press my cock into her firm ass while caressing her hips with my hands as I encircled her waist. She ALWAYS hesitated when trying to release my grip. A few times she even commented "I just forgot what I was supposed to do." When she had to perform that technique with other guys, she never had a problem and always performed it instinctively. I may be wrong, but I think she loved feeling me against her.

Anyway, during our 4 years together at this class, I got to feel her tits, ass, pussy, and legs while "wrestling" on the mats. I even placed my lips on her pussy a few times. And she likewise felt-up all of me during our wrestling.

We flirted with each other constantly, but it never went beyond that.

I accepted another job elsewhere after a few years. She gave me a big hug on my last day and whispered in my ear that she was going to miss me. And I have not seen (or touched) her since.
Cum to Alaska!!!!!!
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Old 06-05-2012, 04:59 PM
slozleek slozleek is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
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A story that I've mentioned here before, but it fits the thread rather well...

A happy memory from Paris, many years ago.

I was on the Metro, and as the train was nearing my stop, I stood up to walk towards the door. As I did this, the train stopped suddenly, and I went flying forward. Out of instinct I stuck a hand out, to try and grab a handrail, but instead (after travelling a few feet down the carriage) my hand ended up on the breasts of a shocked Parisienne lady! A nice soft landing, and the look of horror on her face as I ended up on her was a picture! A good test of my French too..."pardon, pardon, pardon madame, un accident, pardon, pardon..."
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Old 06-05-2012, 07:12 PM
mgguy's Avatar
mgguy mgguy is offline
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Default another groping

We went visit my in-laws when my daughter was about 6 months old. A co-worker of my mother-in-law stopped by to see the baby. Well, this woman was fairly short (5'2"), slim, very pretty, about 45 years old at the time (I was 33 then) with really big tits for a small woman. I swear she was probably a 36DDD. I had met her before so I knew about her gigantic gazongas. To make a long story short, while she's holding the baby, I realize how it is my chance to get a feel. I go to take the baby from her and place at least 6 fingertips on her boobs. Damn they felt nice, big, soft, and plush!!! She continued to hold the baby and play with her while my fingers were moving on her tits so she must have knew what I was doing and let it go on for a little longer. I still remember how they felt to this day!!!!
Cum to Alaska!!!!!!
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Old 06-05-2012, 07:55 PM
peepingtom50 peepingtom50 is offline
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Have done this to two sis in law and several friends over the years...

When visiting, when we say our goodbyes, I make a point of placing my hand so I get a good feel of tit as we hug. The first time is always the same, using the back of my hand, to gauge the reaction. The either don't notice, DO notice but don't seem to care or notice and distinctly don't like...

If they don't notice or don't care, I get a bit bolder the next time, with fingers or the palm of my hand, again gauging the reaction. They make it clear how far is far enough and I don't cross that, but I have 3 friends and a sis in law who get a full palm squeeze for as long as the hug lasts, both when the come and when they leave . It's great when they are in an especially good mood as THEY will linger in the hug LOL
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