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Default Fitness Fest Fiasco - Part 1

As the chauffeured 2024 Bentley Flying Spur in which she sat silently pulled up to the curb, Mrs. Nicole Yanika Silver looked lovingly at the glorious reflection smiling back at her from the compact mirror in her hand. Having just applied a final coat of fire engine red Hermes Rouge lipstick to her perfectly pursed lips, Nicole could not help but revel in her own beauty. The sexy shade was a perfect complement to her lustrously tanned skin – ordinarily alabaster in tone but darkened this evening via the sun and her “glam squad” to prepare for the big event. A light blush helped to enhance her sexy visage as did her expertly applied mascara. Her strawberry blonde hair, covered by a fashionable black beret, flowed loosely down her toned muscular back.

“You couldn’t look sexier if you wanted to,” she purred at her reflection, transfixed as always by that which she loved the most, herself. And therein lay the problem, as some would describe it, with Mrs. Silver – her insatiable ego. It wasn’t enough for Nicole to be impressed with herself, she needed desperately the validation that came from others being equally impressed – if not awed – by her intellect, work ethic, sense of propriety and, most of all, by her looks, face and body both. She had always used the gift of her beauty to tease men and boys while at the same time lording it over the women and girls who would otherwise be the subject of that male attention.

Lately though, both privately and very publicly, Nicole had amped up her hubris by flaunting the successes of her recent dedication to fitness, even going so far – in addition to her day job as a powerful Washington, D.C. attorney – as to become a fitness influencer on Instagram. The strawberry blonde bombshell had attracted over 100,000 followers with her patented blend of workouts, results clips, and fitness affirmations. Her tagline, known especially to all of the boys and men at her 18-year-old son Jules’ prestigious private high school, was “Release Your Outer Beauty.” And oh, how every male who saw the sexy solicitor wished for that beauty to be released.

Unsurprisingly, Nicole’s popularity among the men and boys of Chevy Chase, Maryland – the toney DC suburb in which she lived – particularly her notoriety among Jules’ classmates, had caused her poor son no small amount of grief and embarrassment. Unlike his mother, Jules was neither brash, popular, nor fit. In fact, he looked like he had been sent from central casting to be the king of the nerds – studious, small, spindly, and shy. He was as unable to stand up to the boys at school who bullied him as he was to his imperious mother.

“Jules,” came the voice of that self-same matron as the fancy car he was riding in with her to yet another celebration of her grandeur pulled to a stop along the paparazzi filled sidewalk, “doesn’t mommy look sexy tonight?”

“Mooooom,” the poor boy groaned, confused both by the inappropriate question and by the yet more untoward stirring in his loins, “that’s gross.”

“Oh, there is nothing gross about it, young man,” she snapped back at him.

“Don’t think the stares I get from you and your friends at school go unnoticed. You boys can’t keep your eyes off me. Did you know your friend Will works out at the very same gym that I do. In fact, I’ll be judging him tonight when he does his bodybuilding pose-down for charity. You should try to be more like him you know.”

Will Parnell, Jules thought to himself. He was the absolute worst. Always picking on Jules and making him feel even smaller than he was while strutting around in his tight clothes, muscles rippling all over the place. What a jerk. Of course, his mother loved Will because – like her – he was a complete showoff who couldn’t get enough of himself. Worst of all, Sharon Miras, Jules’ crush since grade school, was now Will’s girlfriend. Sharon had never been anything but nice to Jules and often endeavored to stand up for him when Will picked on him mercilessly. Of course, Will treated Sharon poorly too. What did she see in him anyway.

“Stop daydreaming over there Jules,” came yet another reprimand from his mother, “run around and open the door for mommy, she needs to make a grand entrance to Fitness Fest tonight.”

The Maryland Fitness Fest was an annual gala attended by a mix of local and regional gym owners, representatives of national fitness chains, athletes, bodybuilders and – increasingly – fitness influencers like Nicole. The visibility that the fitness industry received from this universe of self-impressed posers couldn’t be underestimated and, as that visibility increased, so did the extravagance of Fitness Fest. For poor Jules, that meant getting into an ill-fitting rented tuxedo to accompany his mother, the 2023 Fitness Influencer of the Year, to the extravaganza. Always intimidated by his pushy mom, Jules’ anxiety rose tenfold tonight given that Sharon’s mom Rachel, often a target of Nicole’s barbs and ridicule, would be the one presenting Mrs. Silver with her award and – worse yet – Nicole would be presenting the “Annual Adonis” award to Will Parnell after the insufferable braggart got done with his “pose-down” on stage. This night couldn’t get any worse, he thought.

“Jules,” Nicole’s voice rang out again, “open mommy’s door – her fans are waiting.”

Snapping to as always, Jules Silver made his way around the car to open the door for his preening mother’s big entrance - and what an entrance it was. As people cheered and flash bulbs lit up the nighttime sky, Nicole Silver stepped from the rear of the car in a towering pair of Christian Louboutin black, patent leather heels. The fashionable footwear profiled magnificently her tan muscular calves that let up to a skin tight black gown with a slit that went almost indecently up to the top of the MILF-y mom’s mouthwateringly fit thighs. The sleeveless and backless frock, held in place by two silver chains that ran from the back of her tight waist over the top of her sculpted shoulders, likewise profiled the sexy solicitor’s near perfect body. Her ass and tits both popped in a way that defied gravity. With black opera gloves running from her hands over her glorious forearms and a jaunty black beret on top of her perfectly coiffed hair – Mrs. Silver was a vision.

“Can you believe that tease,” Rachel Miras seethed to Katherine Wray and Emily Duncan, two other DC moms who, until Nicole’s new found fitness fetish, had also been close friends of the impossibly arrogant Mrs. Silver. “I can’t believe I’m the one who has to present her with this ridiculous award – Fitness Influencer of the Year.”

“No kidding,” Emily Duncan laughed, trying to relieve some tension, “you’d think it would be for biggest ego.”

“Or tightest ass,” whispered Katherine Wray who couldn’t taker her eyes off Nicole’s sexy body.
“Did you say something K,” asked Rachel.

“Ah . . . no . . . nothing,” Katherine mumbled reminding herself that some things should be said silently.

“Why hello there ladies,” Nicole offered disdainfully as she passed her less fit friends, “perhaps if you would get off your couches and firm up a bit, this could be you some day.”

Before any of Katherine, Rachel or Emily could respond to the dominating diva’s putdown, Nicole had already strutted off into the auditorium’s lobby, drinking in the adoration of all present.

“Hi there Will,” Mrs. Silver sexily purred, much to the chagrin and embarrassment of Jules, as she came upon the strapping Will Parnell and his date Sharon Miras, “don’t you look handsome tonight. That tux fits you perfectly.”

“Hi there Nic,” the cocky crew man smiled broadly, “and thanks. You look hot as fire as always.”

“Hey Parnell, it’s Mrs. Silver to you,” Jules interjected disgusted by the familiarity of his classmate towards his mother.

“Stop embarrassing yourself Jules,” came Nicole’s swift reprimand, “Will and I are friends and he has my permission to call me whatever he’d like.”

“Yeah, nerd,” Will piled on, “stop embarrassing yourself.”

Sharon Miras, as usual, was made uncomfortable by her boyfriend’s bravado and tried her best to intervene on Jules’ behalf.

“Don’t call him that Will,” she bravely intoned, “it’s not very nice.”

“Now you should stop embarrassing yourself,” Will castigated his date sharply.

“He’s right you know dear,” Nicole opined loving that Sharon Miras was being eclipsed by her beauty in the face of her boyfriend, “Jules needs to stick up for himself. Perhaps if the two of you spent some time in the gym you’d be able to engage us like men and women rather than a spoiled little boy and girl.”

Seeing that Sharon was crushed by her words, Nicole went in for the kill.

“And Will, I can’t wait to see you oiled up in your Speedo on stage,” she said superciliously, “I know you’ll bring down the house.”

Unable even to make eye contact with his crestfallen friend Sharon, Jules Silver slinked away after his arrogant mother nearly stepping on the trailing train of her gorgeous gown.

Having witnessed Nicole and Will humiliate her daughter Sharon, Rachel Miras – who also witnessed Jules nearly stepping on his mother’s dress – suddenly had an idea about how to put Miss High and Mighty back in her place.
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I cannot wait. Delicious!
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Default Fitness Fest Fiasco - Part 2

As Nicole, Jules, Will and the other gala attendees found their seats – each at a table adorned with white linen tablecloths, flowers and all the other accoutrements of a Hollywood awards show, including copious amounts of free-flowing wine – Fitness Fest began to take on the pace that one might expect. Fitness company executives, local athletes, regional dignitaries, and the like took the stage to show their wares, support their teams and inform all present of the opportunities for wellness and athleticism that their various towns, burbs, and counties offered to residents. There was a dance contest between the respective mascots of the Washington Commanders, Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles and – as the evening reached its midpoint -- a keynote speech given by Joe Theismann, the long-retired Washington quarterback who had led the team to a Super Bowl victory in the 1980s.

For Sharon Miras, the night seemed literally endless. Having been completely humiliated before the evening began by both her boyfriend Will and Jules Silver’s overbearingly showy mother Nicole, she found herself sitting between them during dinner. Worse yet, after excusing herself for a moment to use the powder room, Sharon returned to find that Mrs. Silver had moved into her seat next to Will, which resulted in Sharon now being sandwiched between the haughty showoff and her son Jules.

“It’s almost time for your big show, young man,” Sharon heard Nicole whisper to Will while coyly wrapping her gloved hand across Will’s broad shoulders. You should really head back stage to get changed . . . and oiled up. After all, you don’t want any of these women . . . and girls . . . missing any of your ripples.”

Sharon Miras simply fumed – the “and girls” remark was accompanied by Nicole rolling her eyes in the timid girl’s direction. This muscled-up MILF needed to be brought down a few pegs but far be it for someone like her, or her meek mother Rachel, to make it happen.

“Hey babe,” Sharon’s train of thought was broken by the sound of Will’s voice finally acknowledging her existence, “why don’t you come backstage with me to help me change and get oiled up.”

Although that was the last thing Sharon wanted to do, she knew she needed to keep an eye on Will with Nicole clearly on the prowl.

“Sure Will,” she smiled, before offering her seatmate an exit from his overbearing mother, “Jules, do you want to come too.”

"I don't need that creepy nerd watching me change," snapped an annoyed Will Parnell, as usual castigating his girlfriend while humiliating the smaller boy.

“Jules doesn’t have time to follow you around anyway dear,” Nicole haughtily interjected taking Will's side, “he has more important things to do, namely, to help me. Come now Jules, mommy needs to head back stage too. Her big acceptance speech is going to take place immediately before Will’s pose down so she can then present him with his ‘Adonis Award.’”

“Yes mom,” Jules croaked more annoyed than ever by his haughty mother and that muscle head Parnell. Without making eye contact with anyone, he rose to follow Nicole backstage.

“And Miras,” Mrs. Silver smugly commanded Rachel Miras who remained at the table with Katherine Wray and Emily Duncan, “make sure you don’t blather on when you hand me my prize, and for God’s sake stand behind the podium up there. I can’t have the entire audience think you’re one of my followers – not with that four square body you have – it would be completely humiliating.”

As Rachel Miras seethed, Nicole began to make her way backstage from their table only to be temporarily halted as Jules – not looking where he was going – inadvertently stepped on the trailing hem of his mother’s incredibly sexy black gown.

“Jules you idiot,” came Nicole’s sharp rebuke as she felt her dress strain against her fabulous body, “watch where you’re stepping or you’re going to ruin my dress . . . or worse. Don’t you embarrass me young man.”

Having witnessed Nicole’s near wardrobe malfunction, Rachel smiled for the first time all night. She now knew exactly where she would stand while presenting the pulchritudinous prima donna with her award, and she couldn’t wait. Although Jules may not be embarrassing his mother, Rachel certainly intended to.
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Default Fitness Fest Fiasco - Part 3

“What’s that glimmer I see in your eye,” Katherine Wray, in the dulcet tone of her Nashville accent, asked Rachel Miras as the two women watched Nicole, Jules, Will and Sharon head off.

“Just make sure you have your cameras ready when Little Miss Muscles receives her trophy from me,” Rachel replied with a smile.

Katherine didn’t know what was to come but there was no way she was going to miss it.

In the meantime, having worked their way out of the cavernous hall where dinner was still being served, Mrs. Silver and her son and Sharon Miras and her boyfriend Will found themselves backstage getting ready for Nicole and Will’s big moments. Due to the steady stream of speakers, performers, and award recipients, no one had a formal dressing room per se. Rather, each was permitted to get ready in a small make-shift curtained room not unlike what you might see in a hospital ER. Each space contained a mirror, a small table, and a chair. Of course, having been directed to her prep area by the stage manager, the first thing Nicole Silver did was complain.

“Seriously,” her shrill voice added to the cacophony of backstage Bedlam, “you expect me, the Fitness Influencer of the Year, to make do with this . . . this . . . insult of a dressing room.”

“I’m very sorry Mrs. Silver,” came the young woman’s frustrated reply, “but that’s the best we can do.”

“Well – we’ll see what tune your singing when I have your job over this,” the supercilious diva ranted resigned to this being her fate for the night, “it’s completely unacceptable.”

“I’m really sorry about my mom,” Jules apologized to the stage manager, a young, awkward girl he knew from grade school, “she tends to overreact.”

“It’s fine,” came the girl’s reply, “she’s certainly no worse than Will Parnell over there.”

Ugh, thought Jules to himself, glancing at Sharon getting berated by Will through the opening in his curtained-off space, he and my mom are two are peas in a pod.

“Is everything okay over there,” the timid teen called out to Sharon.

“Oh . . . is that your nerd in shining armor,” came Will Parnell’s voice in response to Jules’ entreaty, “coming to save the day.”

“Stop it Will,” stormed Sharon, coming to Jules’ defense for the second time that evening, “it’s not nice to bully people.”

“Oh please, look at him, without a muscle on his body,” Will blustered, “let’s see him try to stop me.”

“It’s okay Sharon,” Jules meekly answered, “it doesn’t bother me.”

“What’s all the ruckus over here,” came Nicole’s authoritative voice as she came upon Jules and Sharon outside Will’s curtained off room, “are you two interfering with Will’s pre-pose-down prep.”

“It’s okay Nic,” came the arrogant voice of Will Parnell as, stepping out from his dressing room in naught but a black Speedo and a tan, he scowled at his own girlfriend and Jules while smiling lasciviously at Nicole.

“Sharon didn’t want to get her hands ‘dirty’ oiling me up,” he continued.

“Of course, she didn’t,” Nicole said in quick reply while looking at Sharon with disgust, “Jules is the same way when I compete – the babies.”

And then, as Mrs. Silver moved closer yet to the teen adonis, practically pulling off his well-stocked Speedo with her eyes, she offered excitedly to lend a hand.

“Why don’t we step into your dressing room Will,” she practically purred, “so I can get you all oiled up before you need to go on stage.”

And while Jules and Sharon, along with Rachel Miras and the stage manager who together had come over to see what was causing the commotion, looked on in disbelief, Nicole and Will disappeared behind the curtain which Mrs. Silver then drew tightly closed.

“I wish just once the two of them what get what they deserve,” a truly frustrated Jules Silver seethed.

“Wouldn’t that be something,” Sharon imagined out loud, having had her fill both of Jules’ mom and Will.

“It sure would,” Rachel smiled less the Cheshire Cat, “and I know just the way to do it.”

“So do I,” came the eager voice of the stage manager to the surprise of everyone, “so do I.”

As Nicole eagerly oiled up Will in his dressing room, Rachel, Sharon, Jules and the stage manager went to work. The latter, who had been tasked with arranging the area within which Will was going to do his onstage pose down, handed to Jules a mop and a bottle of the very baby oil that Mrs. Silver was now applying to Will’s chiseled physique.

“If you mop down that area on stage that I showed you with the oil,” she directed young Jules with a smile, “old muscles in there will look like he is on a slip and slide – it will be hilarious.”

In the meantime, Rachel was sharing her idea with Sharon.

“I’m sure once I introduce Miss Perfect and hand her the trophy,” Rachel began, “she’ll begin going on and on about how hard she works, and how she just loves to inspire people to fitness and how she loves her fans. She won’t for a moment thank me or look to see where I’m standing or what I’m doing. If I can then just get a foot on the train of her ridiculous gown who knows what might happen.”

“I love it mom,” Sharon smiled, “even if she is momentarily stuck there unable to give Will his trophy I’m sure she’ll be embarrassed -- it will be so worth it.”

As the four conspirators set their plans into action, Nicole was finishing up with Will.

“Let me just get those abs one more time,” she smiled coyly bringing a blush to the young stud’s face. “We want to make sure that the the oil goes past the point where your Speedo hits your finely toned stomach.”

And with that, the 49-year-old Mrs. Silver pulled back the waist of Will’s tiny bathing suit and pushed her hand ever closer to what she knew must be his massive equipment.

“It’s time you two,” came the stage manager’s call causing Nicole to keep her hands to herself and Will to breathe a sigh of relief that she had gone no further.

“Alright handsome,” Nicole smiled at the young, arrogant stud, “I’ll see you on stage – let’s make sure to give them quite a show.”

As the two egoists made their separate ways to their entry points, each more arrogant than ever, they had no idea how prophetic Nicole’s words would be.
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Default Fitness Fest Fiasco - Part 4

With many in the gala audience now three sheets to the wind and all enjoying a sumptuous dessert course, the master of ceremonies – Dr. Eric Bloom – took to the podium to bring the ceremony down the final stretch.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the Headmaster of Gonzaga College High School, where both Will and Jules were seniors, began, “thanks again for coming. We hope you’ve enjoyed the evening so far but, rest assured, we’ve saved the best for last. Only two awards – the two most prestigious – remain to be presented. First, Rachel Miras is going to present the coveted “Fitness Influencer of the Year” to a very deserving Mrs. Nicole Yanika Silver. Thereafter, once you’ve been awed by a pose-down show put on by our very own Will Parnell, Nicole will present him with this year’s “Annual Adonis” trophy. So, without further ado, I present Mrs. Rachel Miras, the Chevy Chase PTA President and a noted contributor to the gala and the community generally. Please welcome Rachel.”

As the crowd, already abuzz with the conversations taking place at each table, collectively applauded, Rachel Miras made her way out from the grand stage’s wing to the podium that stood stage right. The rather rotund Mrs. Miras, who despite her own best efforts had not had complete success at keeping weight off her mere five foot, three inch frame, this evening wore a floor length blue gown and a pair of low black heels. In her hands she carried an enormous trophy – the “Fitness Influencer of the Year” prize while, standing next to the podium as she arrived, was the even taller “Annual Adonis” award that Nicole was scheduled to present to Will Parnell after his show.

“Thank you, Doctor Bloom,” Rachel began, “and thanks to all of you who have made it out tonight. Before I introduce tonight’s winner, I’ve been asked to show a brief video of all that she has done during the year to better our understanding of fitness, wellness and the benefits of being in shape.”

With that, the stage went dark and a montage of Nicole’s fitness Instagram posts played while her own voice – over soft music – narrated in the background. Needless to say, it was the height of hubris and self-promotion -- Nicole in tight gym clothes, full makeup and a smile lifting weights, Nicole in a bikini during a fitness competition, Nicole in a tight dress in an ad for a local car dealership. Although the men in the audience were clearly lapping it up, Rachel and most other women present, were sick of the town tease showing herself off yet again. Thankfully it was only three what seemed interminable minutes and the lights finally came up again.

“Well,” said Rachel finally, “as if that wasn’t already enough . . . I’m now pleased to introduce in person this year’s winner of the Fitness Influencer of the Year award, with her catch phrase of ‘Release Your Outer Beauty,’ Nicole Yanika Silver.”

As Katherine Wray and many of the men in the audience imagined what it would be like to see Nicole release her outer beauty, the haughty hottie made her way up to the stage to accept her trophy from Rachel.

“Oh my gosh,” gushed the supercilious Mrs. Silver with false modesty, “I can’t believe that you all voted for me. I’m truly honored to be able to come into your homes via Instagram and encourage you – especially you ladies out there – to be the best, fittest, most beautiful versions of yourselves.”

As Rachel practically choked on the domineering diva’s words, Nicole nearly tore the trophy from her hands.

“Thank you soooo much Rachel,” she feigned enthusiasm, “and for those of you wondering, based on how she looks tonight, you can rest assured that Mrs. Miras here is not one of my many, many, followers. Even I’m not good enough to help . . . well . . . that.”

And as Nicole motioned from Rachel’s head to her feet with a long, opera gloved, bejeweled, muscular arm, the men in the audience laughed uproariously while the women stared daggers at the showy MILF, sympathizing with the butt of her joke.

“My poor mom,” whispered Sharon to Jules as both, still backstage, looked on.

Although he merely nodded his head in agreement, what Jules was really hoping was that his mom, for once, would be the one embarrassed. His wish would soon come true – in spades.

Still standing at the podium, regal in her long elegant black gown, sky high heels, opera gloves and jaunty beret, Nicole began what would be the final award presentation of the night. As Rachel took a step back, eyeing still the train of Nicole’s gown which was merely inches from where she stood, Nicole stepped up to the mic.

“For this evening’s highlight, I’d like to present Will Parnell – a scholar-athlete from our own Gonzaga High School and a paradigm of my own watchwords, ‘release your outer beauty,’ who will now share his with us in a bodybuilding pose-down after which I’ll present him with this year’s Annual Adonis award. Will, the stage is yours.”

As a spotlight shone on center stage, exactly where Jules had mopped copious amounts of baby oil to add some spice to the big event, the orchestra began a rousing rendition of, Thus Spake Zarathustra, the iconic music from 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Will in the meantime, began his strut onto the stage, outside the view of anyone but himself, Sharon and Jules, by pushing poor Jules out of the way and onto the ground backstage.

“Out of my way loser,” the arrogant stud scoffed, “it’s time for a real man to put on his show.”

Stepping into the spotlight as he came into view of the audience, Will Parnell, wearing only his Speedo, tan, and a smile, threw his muscular arms in the air as the crowd cheered wildly. As the Annual Adonis made his way to the center of the stage, where he confidently got ready to strike his first pose, fate and some prudent planning intervened. No sooner had Will taken a strong step forward while “showing off the guns” as he liked to call it, then did his feet slip completely out from under him, causing him to come crashing down on his Speedo covered ass.

“What the fuck . . .” came his shocked cry as the audience, first stunned to silence by his fall, began to snigger at his misfortune.

But things then went from bad to worse, trying to regain his footing as nonchalantly as possible, the muscle headed moron again slipped forward this time crashing down face first and sliding along the stage floor. The crowd, unable to contain itself any longer, burst into hysterics – they were howling as Will continued to slip and slide all over the place.

“Oh my God, this is so great,” laughed Sharon Miras as her soon to be ex-boyfriend made a fool of himself in front of the entire town.

“You’re telling me,” guffawed Jules, loving the comeuppance being endured by his bully, “I don’t think this night could get any better.”

But soon it would.

“Oh my God poor Will,” intoned Nicole Silver to a doubled over Rachel Miras, “this is so embarrassing for him.”

Rachel suddenly saw an opportunity and pounced on it.

“And not just for him Nicole, for the entire fitness industry, and for you,” she falsely sympathized. “Isn’t Will one of your most important followers? If you don’t want this to blowback on your numbers you better get in there. You wouldn’t want his embarrassment to become your own.”

Not wanting to acknowledge that Rachel had a point, and hating the fact that the little Hobbit was enjoying Will’s humiliation, Nicole knew she was right. She had to act.

“Hold this,” the flustered femme fatale snapped at Rachel handing her the Adonis Award that she had intended to present to Will, “and get out of my way, I need to put an end to this now.”

And then it happened, as Nicole practically shoved the award into Rachel’s hands, while pushing past her to provide some much-needed assistance to her hunky young protégé, Rachel Miras acted. She firmly placed her heel on the train of Nicole’s gown and then put all of her considerable weight – the weight that Little Miss Perfect always poked fun at – to work.

As the crowd watched on, Nicole’s march in to save Will seemed to be stopped in its tracks as her designer gown appeared to hug her fit form more than ever while the long slit in the front of said frock opened to show a mouthwatering amount of muscled thigh. Turning to see what was impeding her, Nicole made eye contact directly with Rachel who thought for sure the jig was up.

“My gown you idiot,” Nicole stormed, “it’s clearly caught on something. Don’t just stand there you fat fool, help me.”

Rachel was nothing if not quick on her feet, especially in this case her right foot.

“I see it Nicole, it looks like it’s snagged on the corner of the podium. Give me just a second, and I’ll get it free.”

Annoyed but satisfied that she’d soon be able to help Will and put an end to the chaos, Nicole again turned to head to his aid. In the meantime, Rachel stepped on an even larger area of the gown’s fabric and – moving closer to where Nicole stood, gave her a hearty shove toward the floundering Will Parnell. What came next would be the beginning of the end for Jules’ mom and Sharon’s boyfriend.

Feeling Rachel’s shove, Nicole began to turn around with fire in her eyes, intent on making the smaller woman pay the price for daring to push her. Unfortunately, the force of Rachel’s shove along with that turn caused the slick bottoms of Nicole’s very high heels to come upon the oiled-up part of the stage. As the perennially poised prima donna’s eyes grew as big as saucers with surprise, her muscular legs began to slide out from under her. Not having moved an iota from where she stood on the train of Nicole’s dress, Rachel now had the pleasure of watching it begin to tear – with a resounding RIIIPPPPPPPPPPPP – that echoed through the entire auditorium, from the sexy solicitor’s perfect body. As the audience rose to its feet – the women beside themselves at Mrs. Silver’s undoing and the men and boys hard as rocks at seeing the unveiling of her magnificent body with which she had always teased them – Nicole Yanika Silver found herself in only her high heels, black opera gloves, beret and the tiniest whisp of a black diaphanous thong, sliding headlong toward a stunned Will Parnell who had finally gotten to his feet but by no means steadily.

“My dress . . . my beautiful dress,” the denuded diva cried as she tried to slow her momentum toward the teetering teen, “I’m practically naked . . . they can all see my . . . my . . . titties. Oh my God!”

But her mortification was about to go from bad to worse. Unable to gain any purchase on the oiled-up floor, Nicole reached up frantically toward the equally shell-shocked Will to try to stop her slide. Intending to use his muscular thigh to anchor herself, Nicole instead merely grabbed onto his tiny Speedo which – given her momentum – tore completely from the young stud’s body. Worse yet, as Will reached out fruitlessly to reclaim his lost cover, he managed instead to catch a handful of Nicole’s long blond tresses – in this case mere hair extensions – which with her stylish beret came tearing from her head.

“My Speedo,” cried Will Parnell in a voice much higher than his normal baritone, “you tore off my Speedo.”

“My hair,” screamed Nicole in tandem, “my beautiful hair.”

To the extent that crowd was shocked to see that Nicole’s long, silky mane was not exactly what was advertised, it was gob-smacked one hundred times over at the surprise unveiled by Will’s stripping.

“Oh my God,” came a cry from the crowd, “the Adonis has a micro-dick.”

Humiliated beyond words as he tried to cover his undersized equipment with one hand and his bare white ass with the other, Will Parnell did his best to protest.

“No, it’s not what it looks like,” he shrieked, “it’s just cold in here.”

But it was a too late for him as it was for Nicole who, in addition to her hair troubles, was realizing that the oil she was still slipping in was causing her spray on tan to run.

“What a joke,” one woman cried, “she’s a complete fake.”

“I’m no such thing,” croaked Nicole trying unsuccessfully to recover some dignity while shielding her perfectly naked body from view, “I’m powerful, and gorgeous and . . .”

“And what Nicole,” came Rachel Miras’ laughing voice as she stood just outside the oil slick in which Mrs. Silver and Will Parnell still found themselves floundering.

You,” Nicole shouted with rage at the howling Mrs. Miras, “you did this to me and now you’re going to pay you fat little Hobbit.”

But Nicole couldn’t keep herself from sliding and as she lunged wildly toward the smaller Mrs. Miras, who had pulled over a chair so as to avoid the mess herself, she suddenly found herself falling across Rachel’s lap in nothing but her heels, thong and opera gloves. Delighted by the powerful princess falling quite literally into her lap, Rachel took a torn piece of Nicole’s fancy dress to secure the bigger woman’s hand behind her back.

“I think someone needs a spanking,” Rachel exclaimed as the crowd cheered her on like a conquering heroine.

“That makes two of them,” came a man’s voice from across the stage as Jules Silver pulled a completely broken, mortified and naked Will Parnell across his lap while Sharon Miras stood by smiling.

And with that Rachel and Jules went to work punishing Jules’ mom and Will. Who would have thought that these two muscular show-offs would be cowed and undone by the complicity of their own arrogance and the resilience of the very people who they always looked down upon. As the audience went wild Rachel and Miras had a bit of fun with their prey.

“Do you feel that lump in my pants Parnell,” the victorious Jules taunted the now blubbering bully, “that’s the only muscle that I need . . . isn’t it.”

“Yes,” Will whispered.

“Yes, what Will,” Jules toyed.

“Yes, sir,” Will answered.

“That’s right Will,” Jules went on, “and . . . by the way . . . who’s the real man here.”

“You are sir,” Will wept.

Across the stage, Rachel was likewise putting a fitting end to Nicole’s fit end.

“Looks like I released your outer beauty tonight didn’t I Nicole,” she teased.

“Yes ma’am,” the bemused beauty practically whispered in response.

“I think you’re going to need some time away from social media, don’t you,” Rachel continued.

“Yes, ma’am,” came the same answer again.

“And we’re not going to need to be prancing around in these . . . or these . . . or these,” Rachel continued as she tore off Nicole’s tiny thong, peeled off her opera gloves and let her high heels fall from her feet to the stage floor, “are we.”

“No Miss Rachel,” Nicole embarrassingly agreed, “we’re not.”

“Good,” said Mrs. Miras sternly as, slapping Nicole’s incredibly fit, bare ass she rolled her onto the gym floor with her hands still tied behind her back, “now get out of here.”

As Nicole tried to make a mad dash backstage, she unfortunately ran squarely into a completely naked and humiliated Will Parnell who, after having his ass beaten red by Jules was also endeavoring to escape. As the crowd heard the crack of their heads coming together, the last thing anyone saw was a knocked-out Will Parnell, nude, on his back and priapic with a micro erection with an equally unconscious Nicole Silver, head in his lap, and mouth agape in shock.

“I guess they are really made for one another,” a guffawing Jules said to his new girlfriend Sharon as the two walked hand in hand from the stage.
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Default Great Story-Thanks!

I loved how Nicole slid topless and stripped Will of his Speedo! Then, 'Her fake tan failed as he clutched his pale white bottom' Epic!

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