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Old 08-21-2018, 03:51 AM
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Originally Posted by RoyaleOne View Post
Somewhat ashamed to admit it, but here goes. We were staying at my wife's best friend's and her husband's place a few years ago. I had to go through the laundry room to get to the basement bathroom we were using when I noticed a sexy white bustier hanging to dry. Emily is a petite Asian and I could see that she was enhancing her tiny breasts (which I LOVE, btw) with the padding in the bustier. I took the bustier into the bathroom with me and laid it out on the sink. I stroked myself into the cups while I thought about Emily sucking me.... I could hear her talking upstairs as I blew a nice thick load into her top, imagining it covering her perfect little tits when she put it on. I managed to get most of it out before hanging it back to "dry".
Great thread, and nice confession.
I sure loved to read this!
I mean, we're all pervs here, and I'm not here to judge, I'm here to enjoy. :-)

A long time ago, I was camping by myself on a camp site in the Netherlands. My camping neighbours were a family from Germany: dad, a (beautiful blonde) mother, and two gorgeous teen twin girls (they were upper teens, and dad said it was the last time the girls went out camping with their parents).

I had a few quick small talks with mom and dad, while secretly looking at mom, and the daughters whenever I had the chance.

The next morning I knew they were going for a day trip. And when they left, I walked by their caravan and opened "front tent" (not sure about the correct word in English), and I saw the drying rack with some shirts, and decided to give it a better look. And I saw some washed panties and thongs, all small sizes. And since mom and the daughters were all quite small they could have been from all 3 of them.

So I "borrowed" like 4 of their thongs/panties, took them to my tent and had some fun with them, jerking and shooting my cum inside of a few of them. Later that day I repeated the same thing with one more thong and a pair of bikini bottom, and I put them all back to dry.

Pervy? yeah, I think it was... but it sure was hot and fun to do!
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Old 08-21-2018, 09:02 PM
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Epic story.

So epic that it definitely needs some musical accompaniment.

Originally Posted by LBnJB View Post
Paragraph 1 (P1): Footloose - Kenny Loggins. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFWDGTVYqE8
I don't know if this qualifies as pevy, but I don't know where else to post this. I dated this girl my senior year in high school (let's call her Jen). I had known her since 8th grade, and she always came across as a bit of a priss. Our dating soon evolved into kissing and some under the clothes fondling. One evening we were at her house making out, and things started getting a little heated. However, she stopped me and told me she told me she was a virgin, and would not have sex until she was married. But she said she gave a great hand job. This surprised me, as she always struck me as the type who would kiss and fondle, but never anything further. In fact, she enjoyed the fact that everyone thought she was a prude, but in reality she thought she was rather a dirty girl. I was also a virgin, having received a few hand jobs, and one blow job, from a couple different girls. Her parents were just down the hall, so she rubbed me off with her hand outside of my jeans. After I came she assured me the next time would be better, that she would take me in her hand. A few days later we were at my house after school. My parents were at work so we were alone. We started making out, and eventually we both ended up naked. This was the first time we had seen each other naked. She started rubbing my erection while I kissed, licked, and sucked her nipples. I eventually started kissing her lower and lower until I was at the top of her pubic hair (this was the 80's, so no one shaved/waxed). To my surprise, she spread her legs and allowed me to lick her pussy. She was already wet and very horny. I had gone down on a girl before, so I had an idea of what I was doing. Anyway, it didn't take long until she came. In fact, of the girls I have been with she came the most easily. Jen had no hang-ups about nudity, sexual contact, or orgasm. I could always tell when she had an orgasm. Her chest flushed red, her nipples got hard, and her pussy leaked out a very clear/thin discharge. Anyway, once she was finished she sat up, laid me down, and proceeded to give me an incredible hand job. It was clear she had done this many times before (something she later admitted, and took pride in).

P2: Oh Yeah - Yello. www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jJkdRaa04g
Over the next few weeks we had regular sessions where I would eat her pussy and she would give me a hand job. As time went on, I desperately wanted her to suck my dick. One afternoon, while we were fooling around, she decided to jerk me off before I went down on her. As she stroked me, I laid her head on my chest. I then asked her to put it in her mouth. She looked at me with a bit of apprehension, but she was very horny and said okay. But she said she didn't want me to cum in her mouth; which I eagerly agreed. Well, it wasn't as magical as I had hoped. In fact, for several minutes it was the most excruciatingly painful sexual experience I had ever had. This was clearly the first time she had ever sucked a dick, and she was ALL teeth. I endured it because I didn't want her to stop, but eventually I had to stop her before she drew blood. I was surprised when she asked me to tell her what to do. After a little explanation, she went back to work with her mouth. She was much improved, and within a few minutes I was laying back with my eyes closed enjoying her mouth on my tool. After several minutes I could feel my orgasm approaching. I warned her, and she immediately took my in hand and finished me off manually. Once I was done, and she had cleaned the mess off of my chest and stomach, I returned the favor. This was our sexual activity for the course of our relationship. Although eventually she allowed me to cum in her mouth, she never swallowed.

P3/4: Space Age Love Song - Flock of Seagulls. www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcMh6GZoFC8
We each had enrolled in different colleges, so when the freshman semester started we went our separate ways. We professed our love for each other, and promised we would make this work. During the fall semester we saw each other twice. I visited her at her school for a long weekend in October, then she visited me for a long weekend in November. During Christmas break we spent every day together, and engaged in our form of intimacy as often as possible. However, by Spring Break it became clear we were not going to last. So by April of our Freshman year we had broken up. I did not see Jen for another 3 years.

Jen graduated college a year early, and took a job in a big city down south. I graduated the following year, and got a job in the same city. Before starting my new job, I ran into Jen's mother back home. She told me that Jen had met a young man after we broke up, and they became very serious. In fact by the time she graduated they had become engaged to be married. However, during their engagement she realized he was too controlling for her and she called of the engagement. Jen's mom confided she was relieved, as they felt he was not right for her.

P5: Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode. www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1xrNaTO1bI
Knowing she was now single, and still having feelings for her, I decided to look her up. We started dating, and quickly fell into a comfort zone. I soon realized that the girl I had known in high school, who was moderately religious, had become a bit fanatical. You know the kind that praises Jesus for everything. She had told me that her fiancÚ was a devout Southern Baptist, which is what led to their break up. But the four years they were together, his religious zeal had rubbed off on her. Anyway, the first nigh we started to make-out and fool around, she stopped and told me she was still a virgin, and asked me if I was still a virgin. When I told her I wasn't, she said she was worried that our form of intimacy wouldn't be enough for me. I assured her that it would be fine, and that I didn't expect anything more from her than what we had done in the past. After a brief pause, she said the 7 words that left me speechless. She looked me in the eyes and said, "you can out it in my butt." Apparently, the fiancÚ had convinced her that anal sex allowed her to keep her virginity. Being a typical male, I asked if she had any lube. She told me she had petroleum jelly in her bathroom. So after some heavy petting, and lots of pussy licking, I lathered my dick in Vasoline and slid it into her ass. She was on her back, as she felt doggy-style was demeaning. As I went to enter her she warned me NOT to put it in her vagina. Once I was inside of her, it was obvious she had done this before, and really, really liked it. She came several times before I orgasmed. For the next few weeks I fucked her in the ass three to four times a week. But our relationship was short lived. I could not handle her preachy, holier-than-though attitude, and broke it off. However, we remained friends. A few months after we broke up she started dating a youth minister at her church. They became serious, and within a year they were engaged. I met her fiancÚ, and the three of us become friends. I even attended their wedding. After they married they moved to the Pacific Northwest when he was offered a job as the minister of a new church.

P6 part 1: Duelling Bangos - Deliverance www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsC4kf6x_Q0
So now the "pervy" part of the story. Jen and her husband had been married about two years when she called me to tell me she was coming to town for a friends wedding and wanted to know if I wanted to meet her for lunch one afternoon. I agreed and we settled on a date, time, and location. We met for lunch and spent a few hours at the restaurant chatting and catching up. We talked about our lives since she moved, future plans, etc. Jen doesn't drink, so I abstained from alcohol. As the afternoon wore on, she asked if we could go back to my place. She said she was having a great time talking with me and wasn't ready for the day to end yet. She followed me to my apartment (I was living alone at the time). We settled on my sofa and began talking about "old times". Within a few minutes, she was sitting next to me and we were holding hands. Then we started kissing. The kissing became very passionate, and she began rubbing my erection outside of my jeans. She smiled at me and asked if I remembered the first time she had jerked me off. We laughed, and continued kissing. I was incredibly aroused, but figured nothing more would happen since she was married. After a few more minutes of intense kissing, her rubbing my dick, and my massaging her groin with my hand, she pulled back, looked me in the eyes, and said she wanted me inside of her. Since she was married, and not a virgin, I assumed she wanted sex. When I asked if she was sure, she realized I thought she wanted intercourse. She then said we couldn't have sex because that would be wrong, but that I could put it in her butt. She had reasoned that if she was a virgin after having anal sex with me before she was married, that allowing me to fuck her in the ass while she was married didn't equate to adultery.

P6 part 2: Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - Starship. www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wxyN3z9PL4
Without batting an eye, I scooped her up off the sofa, carried her into my bedroom, and stripped her naked. I went to my bathroom and got a bottle of lube, then returned and stripped naked. We 69'd for awhile (something she never liked doing before) before she said she wanted me inside of her. I lubed up and spread her legs. But before I could enter her she rolled over onto her hands and knees, and begged me to fuck her. In all of our time together I had never heard her say anything worse than shit. Now here she was a married woman (to a minister no less), naked, one her hands and knees, begging me to fuck her in the ass. Well, who am I to refuse such a request? I eased into her tight little hole, taking my time to allow her sphincter to relax and allow me in. Once she relaxed I started with slow, short strokes, allowing her to relax and get into the spirit of things. Apparently, I was moving too slowly so she started "bucking" into me, forcing me to fuck her harder. I grabbed her hips and started pumping her harder. She then started moaning loudly (she had always been a very quiet fuck) and started demanding I fuck her harder. When I obliged she told me to slap her ass, which I did; several times until both her ass cheeks were cherry red. As she approached her first orgasm she told me to pull her hair and fuck her harder. When I did she quickly came, moaning louder than I had ever heard her moan before. Once her orgasm subsided she was far from done, and kept extolling me to fuck her harder, slap her ass, and pull her hair. After several more orgasms she told me she was getting sore and that I needed to cum soon. I stopped pumping into her, but didn't pull out. I told her I wasn't close yet, and didn't mind stopping. She paused for a minute, then told me to pull out gently. As I did, she winced in pain. To my surprise, my dick was free of fecal matter. Once I was out, I rolled onto my back to catch my breath. Jen stayed on her hands and knees for a few seconds, and I asked if she was okay. She looked at me, smiled, and said she was "Fantastic. A little sore, but felt very good". She reached down on the floor, picked up my t-shirt, and wiped the lube off of my still very erect dick. She knelt beside me and began stroking my dick slowly. She told me to lay back, close my eyes, and let her finish me off. I did as I was told, and allowed her to take me in hand. After a few minutes of her stroking she surprised me by taking me in her mouth. Less than 5 minutes before I had been balls deep in her ass. Now, with nothing more than a cursory wipe of a cloth, she had my dick in her mouth. I raised my head up to see for myself because I could not believe this little church girl had just gone ass-to-mouth. She looked at me and said she wanted me to cum, that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. At that time I saw she had one hand between her legs and was playing with herself. I laid my head back and allowed her to continue. As I approached my orgasm I warned her I was about to cum. But she didn't stop. In fact her cock sucking became more vigorous. As I unleashed into her mouth I could hear, and feel, her moaning. She continued to suck and stroke my dick with her mouth and tongue well after I had finished cumming. In fact it wasn't until my dick began to grow flaccid that she took me out of her mouth and sat up. She smiled at me and asked if I felt better. It was then I realized she had swallowed my load. She placed her head on my chest, I wrapped her in my arms, and we laid there for more than 10 minutes before speaking. She ended up spending the night with me. Although I didn't fuck her in the ass again, I did lick her pussy for hours, bringing her to multiple orgasms. She sucked me off two more times that night.

P7/8: Don't You Forget About Me. Simple Minds. www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3CUh8v7MNo
The next morning I made us breakfast and asked her about why we did what we did. She explained that she still had feelings for me, that she always felt comfortable "doing stuff" with me, and that sex with her husband wasn't very satisfying. Since I was never in her vagina she felt like she hadn't technically cheated. After breakfast, she showered, dressed, and headed to the door. I kissed her good bye, told her I enjoyed seeing her, and wished her a safe trip home.

It has been more than 25 years since that afternoon with Jen. She remains married to the minister, has two kids (a boy and a girl), and teaches Sunday school at the church. She also leads a woman's group. We have remained in touch over the years. We talk on the phone a couple times of year, exchange emails monthly. During that time we have never repeated that afternoon, and we have never talked about it. But every time I see a picture of her and her perfect family on Facebook, I smile and remember the afternoon she sucked my dick after I fucked her in the ass. It still gets me hard when I think of it.

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Cool House of Horrors

My last year in high school, four friends and myself went to a major east coast beach city. We had a free house to stay in so it was going to be a cheap weekend. Back then there were adult theaters, massage parlors and lots of ways to waste your money quickly. We were pretty spent out when one of the guys said he knew the guy who ran the "house of horrors" on the main drag, on the second floor above a souvenir shop. We went upstairs and met the guy and he walked us through. It was pitch black dark with some creepy art and statues that glowed and lots of black light. It had some trap doors and even a closet that if you got caught, creepy hands came out and felt you up. There were three guys working. One ran the cash register upfront and ran the sound machine that had screams, thunder and some other loud noises. Each of the other guys ran through the halls chasing people, touching them, hugging some and scaring everyone, wearing sheets like ghosts. They loved to sneak up to the girls and either goose them or pull their hair.

The boss had left, and the three guys asked if we would watch out for the place while they went out for lunch. It was mid-day and the place was not crowded. As the oldest guy, maybe 25, left, he told us "Whatever you do, do NOT watch for when there are only girls and stick your cocks through the knot holes; do not strip naked and run around in the dark and rub against the girls, especially if they are high school or younger; and never, ever drink the beer in the fridge in the back of the dressing room!" There were signs in front of the place saying that you would not believe what will happen to you if you entered the "house of horrors". Enter at your own risk!

When it was just a bunch of girls (there were few couples; just groups of girls and groups of boys, most of the time), somehow my hard cock got stuck into a knothole. In a deep voice, I said "Feel my hard prick or die!!!" The girls could see it somehow, although it was very dark, and they started to argue about whether it was real or just a piece of plastic. One finally grabbed it and said it was warm to the touch, then I made it jump and said "you have cold hands. Let the blonde take over!" They all shrieked and ran down the hall. I did this maybe three times and then I streaked the hallway once. I stood in a corner like a mummy, and when the girls came by, I stepped out and told them my wrapping came loose. Would you please wrap it around me again?" I had a flashlight that I pointed in their faces, and occasionally on my hard cock" They shreaked and ran, but one short girl stared and asked "are you really a live man? and naked?" In my deep voice I said "what does it look like?" and then I pointed at my cock again and made it jump some more. One of her friends came back to her side and said to her "we have to go!" . The first girl reached out a hand and squeezed my dick for a second then laughed and ran away. I almost shot a load.

My turn at the cash register was last. It was well lit and at the top of the stairs. I could see everyone entering and everyone leaving. To be honest, I was shocked how young the girls and boys were. I thought they would all be high school or college age. Of course, I had to announce who was coming in "witches", "devils" or "batches of b*tches" so the other guys knew what they could get away with.
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probably not my perviest but my wife's best friend just left her iwatch at our house and i wore it around my cock for the entire night with my wife and put it back just in time for her friend to come pick it up
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Originally Posted by rednose View Post
My perviest things always revolve around Panties, Tampons and Pads.
I try to hit busy private gas stations along major roadways and when they have the single seat bathrooms I will try to hit the ladies room. Two come to mind:
RT 46 East in NJ they have a huge barrel in the ladies room, lots of pads and sometimes dirty panties.
RT 84 West in Danbury same thing, large wastebasket and in the evening its always full.
The ladies are always pissed off when they see me walking out..................................
I used to work in a gas station, way back when we pumped gas and cleaned windshields! Had to clean the restrooms 3 times a day. I had an extra trash bag that I would collect all sorts of "interesting objects" from the ladies room in! (Also screwed the owners daughter in there several times when it was "closed for cleaning"!)
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Default Pool Boy

Back in my college days I worked as a pool cleaner, most of the time it was vacuuming pools with no one home. On occasion I would be asked to clean out a big job and empty an entire pool full of all the crap that built up from no maintenance. I got a gig one day for a rather small pool that needed to be emptied for two older women, turns out they were sisters. The pool had not been used for the entire previous season and was just full with a years worth of junk.

Basically I need to pump it out, which I did, then I need to get all the rest of the accumulated stuff out of the pool so the liner can be changed.

I show up at the house and the two old ladies show me to the backyard and the pool. I set up the pump and start the process. While I am waiting one of the old ladies asked if it would be ok if her niece came out to sun bath while I was working. Their house, I wasn't going to say no. Considering how old they were I figured their niece would be older as well.

To my complete surprise, this stunning college student with this rocking body comes out, takes off her cover up to reveal a bikini to die for. I continue my work, the pool empties and we strike up a small conversation as she lays out in the sun.

I need to get into the pool so I am basically in a pair of shorts and rain boots. As i continue to swamp out the pool, she gets up and is chatting with me by the side. Once I get it all done I need to finish up the filter and what not that is in the shed. She follows me in, and then just taps me on the shoulder and asks if I liked talking to her. I was getting really turned on now and told her that I really liked our talk. She walked over and just kissed me. Just like that. It was fucking great.

From there, all bets were off. She grabbed my cock, dropped to her knees, started to suck me. I pulled he bikini top off, saw her great tits and we were off to the races.

In my mind this went on for awhile. It probably only lasted for 15 minutes. I fucked that hot little pussy, came all over her 80's styly bush, made out with her after. Then got paid by her little old aunts.

Pervy, maybe, priceless, definitely.
Love to chat
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Default Had sex with a complete stranger.

Due to bad weather my connecting flight that was at 8 AM got delayed by 12 hours and the Airlines provided the the passengers with complimentary Hotel rooms to check in .

I got a room with Garden facing View (Room Number : 802) and a sophisticated looking woman who was opening the door was allotted the room in front of me (Room Number : 801) . She checked in the room and came out to ask the room service if she could avail room with garden view. The room service apologized as all the rooms were booked because of the cancelled flights.

I overheard the conversation and offered her my room. She thanked me for the gesture, and took a look at my room.
Asked the room service to shift her luggage to the room I was allotted.Gave him a Tip."That's all for now"
The room service went.

As I was about to take my stuff to the other room , She said "You don't have to shift, there is enough room for two"

She thought I was dumb and said it out loud "I want to thank you for your gesture, I suppose you are not carrying any condoms on you "

"Oh Sorry I don't have any on me " I said fumbling through my wallet as I thought if I heard her right
She called up the room service asked them to send Two complimentary lunch to our room.

"Oh , and please send a box of chocolate flavored ribbed Condoms and bill it on Room Number 802 "
Pause (Inaudible voice on the other side of the line)
"Oh OK, the assorted pack of TROJAN will do just fine , Thank You "

We had lunch by noon.

And had Sex for couple of hours, then took a nap , got up to confirmation and reminder call at 5 PM that the bus will be leaving for airport at 7 PM.

Had sex again till 6: 30 and then got ready to leave.

She never revealed any Identity or any details , but by her phone calls I guessed she was in her early 30s and had a son in 5th Grade and was married.
Over 1700 people liked and thanked this sexy girl at the link given below


.................................................. .................................................. ........... Come and click thanks
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Default Perving on sister

When i was a typically horny teenage boy i became obsessed with wanting to see my older sister naked. She is 5 years older than me, has big boobs and pale skin. Somehow it always seemed like getting to see her naked would be the only way I'd get to see any real girl naked!
It just started off as me fantasizing about how she'd look, an just being a little pervy and going through her underwear and masturbating into them. Then when I was about 14 and she 15, one day my dad was decorating the bathroom and at one point, removed the handles of the door to paint the entire door. While he was waiting for it to dry he said we wouldn't be able to close it fully, just push it to. My sister however needed to shower before going out to work. This gave me the perfect opportunity! While she was showering, i quietly pushed the door open, then pulled it closed with just enough gap to see through the crack in the door frame. I waited for what seemed like forever and finally heard the shower stop, the curtain start to open and she stepped out! From the angle i was at I could only see her from the side on, but what a view it was to me!! Her wet pale skin shining, her shapely round butt, then adjusting my view slightly I could see the side view of her dark brown pubic hair and her slightly hard nipples from being out in the colder air. I was so hard from looking at her. I though that would be it, but then she moved and turned so i had a full frontal view at this point. I could see her large tits and her pussy. Her pubic hair was styled into like a rectangle like a thick landing strip, i can still picture it to this day. She picked up her body lotion and started to rub it over herself. That was just too much for me, i started to rub my hard cock through my trousers and just came in about 5 seconds looking at my sister rubbing her naked body! After this I quickly left to change so didn't see any more. From this point on, the smell of her body lotion always made me think of that day and made me hard as diamonds. When no one else was in the house I would get naked, get into her bed and masturbate using her lotion thinking of her naked, fresh out of the shower!
I never dared try anything else to see her naked again, but the image was so clear in my head i didn't need to. I did however try similar things with my other sister, and have other stories related to the same sister, but those are for another time
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