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Old 04-20-2009, 07:09 AM
markfox markfox is offline
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Default out of college

I live quite close to a college where the girls have to wear a skirt , blazer and blouse uniform. The colours are blue and gold. I always ended up at the bus stop round about the time the senior girls, ages around 18, came out of school. Since the regulation skirt length was short, and they could opt for either straight or pleated skirts; most of them went for the pleated ones - more ventilation I suppose! I was waiting for the opportunity to see up them.
One day, it was blowing a gale, and as they waited for the bus I took a step back, waiting for the next gust. It came and I had a view of about six butts all together. They all had underwear on, but some had tiny white thongs, others more traditional blue panties to match their skirts. As luck would have it, their modesties were exposed, and skirts raised for quite a few seconds...and I quickly became "raised" as well!
Another day I managed to position myself right under one of the girls with the shapliest legs and shortest skirts as she went up the stairs (the buses were double decker). Her skirt flared out as she was climbing the steps, and since I was virtually right underneath her, I could see front, back and right underneath her. She had tiny panties on, which had wedged up into her bum crack. I even saw a few pubes as well as a little of her pussy lips. As she got to the top of the steps, I think she became aware that she was being upskirted, and tried to pull her skirt closer to her. But it was all too late. She looked really embarrassed and even I had to try hard not to let my excitement show.
There is something incredibly sexy about girls unintentionally showing their undies. Posing is one thing, but getting genuinely accidental views on a regular basis like that is fantastic, and well worth seeking out.
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Old 04-22-2009, 07:39 PM
etsunt etsunt is offline
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have you ever encountered a pantyless schoolgirl?
I suppose you would've already written about it, but it won't hurt to ask =].
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Old 04-29-2009, 07:16 AM
markfox markfox is offline
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Originally Posted by etsunt View Post

have you ever encountered a pantyless schoolgirl?
I suppose you would've already written about it, but it won't hurt to ask =].
No, but it's something to aim for. Has anyone else managed that?
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Old 08-01-2009, 07:47 AM
pstardiggler pstardiggler is offline
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Originally Posted by markfox View Post
No, but it's something to aim for. Has anyone else managed that?
i havent yet, but when i lived in kent, i had to get a train to work. at my stop, i had to use an underpass to get to the exit.
there were a group of 3 or 4 schoolgirls that got off at the same stop.
i had a bagcam setup at this time, and i got a few good uppies of them over the few months before they al left school.
i was highly surprised to find that more oftn than not, they would wear thongs!
i just expected big white knickers, not tiny black thongs.

i had what i thought was a pantyless, under pantyhose, but after much scrutiny it just isnt clear enough to confirm. it was a pretty blurred vid, just focussed for a second and i thought i saw pussy lip, but i think its just wishful thinking.

i have lots of stories i may post, as and when the memories come back to me, and watch out for my vids (i will probably post in the rapidshare section)
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Old 08-11-2009, 04:09 AM
bandauy bandauy is offline
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Default great upskirt stories

look ta my blog for great true stories http://uptheskirtstories.blogspot.com/
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Old 08-11-2009, 03:54 PM
justme312 justme312 is offline
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Originally Posted by bandauy View Post
look ta my blog for great true stories http://uptheskirtstories.blogspot.com/
edit the grammar and you will be ok
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Old 08-12-2009, 12:32 AM
vilizo12 vilizo12 is offline
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Default Confessions of a life long upskirter

Haven't posted here, material that is, for quite a while and then under a different aka so thought you guys may like this - it's a true tale and my own personal experience, however as with most of my work it's quite long so make sure you have a few minutes available before you start

It was a Sunday morning and my wife was off to sport training so as soon as she departed I was in my car, heading for a regional supermarket not far from the edge of town. Due to the fact they were a tourist centre and on the beach they were opening 7 days in the summer, but I also knew they wouldn't be busy at that time of the morning, which was in those days the basis of protection for my mirror in the palm MO.

The store opened at 0830 so I allowed about 15 minutes for the girls to have their jobs allocated and to settle into the subsequent tasks. Given it wasn't going to be a busy morning I also knew they wouldn't need more than one cashier operating, at least at that time of day, so all the other roster staff would be working the floor, fronting stock and filling shelves, while the store stood otherwise deserted – happy days.

Quickly roaming the aisles it wasn't long before I found what I was looking for – a gorgeous 18 year old part timer, long black shiny hair held back in a tie, pretty as a picture, her clear alabaster skin flushed with youth, her radiant eyes and lips accentuated with just a touch of makeup hurriedly applied as she had readied herself for work, clearly not wanting to be late for her new found summer job.

It was a Coles Variety store; meaning in those days all the female shop assistants wore a sky blue cotton polyester button-through dress, long sleeved with a collar but fitted just enough to look cute. This also ensured it was loose enough to easily get under, especially if they bent over a little so as to allow the slightly stiff material to leave the safety of their thighs.

Her name tag read ‘Shelley’ and she was quite tall but certainly not skinny, nor voluptuous for that matter, at 5'8" I have to say a perfect Australian size 12. Her curvy breasts were a stand out but it was her shapely athletic legs which immediately took my eye, as I checked her up and down. She was wearing a dark pair of pantyhose, a deep bronze suntan color with the addition of square-heel black leather pumps.

Her uniform wasn't short by most standards either, obviously still well above the knee but stopped before mid thigh, it clearly though had been self consciously lengthened to the absolute fullness of its hemline, the small 1/2" fold now left to secure the hem, as well as the old marking a few inches above, clear demonstration of how demure her desperation must have been when she first realized there was nothing left but a couple of inches to let down – so everything about her screamed sensible, churchy, shy, coy and demure...no doubt well educated too, probably at the local girls college I thought, working her summer break before moving onto uni... all up she just seemed to radiate that alluring innocence, that special aura which young women seem to offer after
being raised in such a cloistered environment, finally taking her first real step of independence from the nest.

Even though primarily a supermarket this store offered a number of merchandise aisles for both hard and soft goods, finishing in the back corner with 2 aisles of plants and associated merchandise – the key being that these ran horizontally across the floor plan, not vertical, and then only for 10 meters or so – meaning that it was quite a secretive little nook within the store, one which offered a good deal of protective cover and at that time of day you could confidently conduct business with little fear of observation, basically being as greedy as your heart could handle.

To locate a honey like this was one thing, but to find her diligently at work in the prime voying area of the store was altogether something else. I was therefore immediately delirious with anticipation, totally desperate to get a look at her panties, openly needing to will myself to calm down so I didn’t blow the opportunity too soon.

Shelley was dutifully watering each little pot and of course as she approached each lower and lower shelf was also starting to bend over more and more. Fortunately we got the niceties over quickly, her asking me if I needed help and me offering my cover story – being that I was looking for some small borders for a hedge and had come down the back, while my wife was doing the groceries, so I had plenty of time to look through the varieties available.

“Don’t worry about me" I said, "I won’t get in your way or be any bother, I just want to take plenty of time to make sure I pick the right shrub” – hearing my reassuring tone she immediately responded with a relaxed smile and I knew right then and there she didn’t have a suspicious bone in her body, simply filled to overflowing loveliness with that naïve unsuspecting innocence of girly youth.

By now I was beside myself with needing to know what she was wearing under that short blue cotton uniform – her manner and innocence portrayed all the virtues of white cottons but until I got that initial peek it was butt a dream – I had to know Now, as I crossed behind her yet again, I slipped the mirror under her hem and immediately went
to heaven. The reflection staring back at me was manor – full bikini white cottons spread far and wide across a butt than was simply a perfect bubble, the darker weave of her full brief pantyhose stretched open and glistening, curling up from the top of her gorgeous thighs before encircling each of those luscious buns in the dark tan nylon – I crossed 3 more times, lingering longer and longer on each pass as I soaked up that glorious view.

All good things end too soon and so it was here, her watering now finished she squatted on her haunches resting, her butt no longer open for inspection but her reverse white triangle now moving into view as she moved plants around the lower shelves to open up a string line of empty space.

Disappointingly I managed only a few library style views from the far side, the shelves too open to blatantly stare as they offered me little protection – clearly I still needed more, although I knew full well that time was now my natural enemy Finally finished she stood up and exited to the stockroom, immediately adjacent to the right. I was pretty much delirious, the amount of time I had put in for so little return was simply doing my head in – there was certainly no doubt that my aching loins needed more, much more, so I waited and waited and waited, hoping against hope she would quickly return.

When I thought all hope was lost I finally heard it, a quiet squeak at first, then a little rumble and finally the plastic sheet of the doorway parted. A trolley, she was pushing a trolley full of stock, laden high with pots and gardening gloves while underneath a plethora of small garden natives all ready for display – the scene and its potential took my breath away, literally.

She positioned the trolley at an angle, right in front of the plant display, then after a few
adjustments my lay down Shelley did something which can only be described as a school yard tunnel ball manoeuvre, she completely bent over and spread her legs wide as she took balance, before first stretching her arms to the left, to pick up a plant, then right as she gently positioned it on the rack below.
In total panic at the need to immediately get as far up between her open thighs as I could moved way too quick, instantly alerting her peripheral vision and in that moment of recognition, thinking I'd completely blown it, something wonderful happened – she simply smiled, but with a radiance which clearly reflected her genuine interest in caring for my needs, before ever so politely offering to be of service.

"Sorry, that was rather thoughtless of me" she said..."what if I stand over here, is that a better view. Just let me know if you need me to move again", with that she turned her back on me and settled in to her task. Of course I was just gobsmacked with disbelief, the acknowledgement of her trust overwhelming me with a level of desire I could now no longer control.

She had unwittingly and ever so innocently placed herself perfectly for my viewing pleasure, blind siding herself to me and in the process now needing to completely overstretch her already wide open legs as she swayed between the trolley and shelves – her open acknowledgment that she knew I was there and comfortable with my position, content to let me browse unseen behind her while she went on with her task, finally drove my adrenalin beyond control – it was mind blowing to say the least, all I now needed was to drop to my knees in prayer, slip my mirror between her thighs and hallelujah, praise the Lord, heaven was nigh.

Her ass was pointing directly at me, her hemline jutting from her fully extended butt, a few delicious inches below the massive gap which was framing her wide open crotch – the torque created by her upper body as it pivoted from left to right making her legs now spread into a full split as they struggled to accommodate the ever increasing distance from trolley to rack – the whole thing being a total intoxication, the pure naivety of her budding youth laid open and bare, her raw innocence gifting an unconditional key to her treasure trove as it now lay all welcoming and totally unguarded.

While her panties were still just managing to accommodate her modesty the same could no longer be said about her pantyhose. Their elasticity had reached its limit; as the nylon tensed to breaking point nowhere was their desperation more evident than directly between her legs. The strain on their seam now well beyond red lining as its desperation for relief took it deeper and deeper into the privacy of her modesty, exposing more and more of her vulva’s voluptuous outline, the fully expanded gusset of her thin cotton panties now betraying all the secrets of her sex. The pubic structure of her mound was now completely topographical, both her lips pouting perfectly in unison, the deep crevice of her womb wide and open, the tiny hood of her clit being the last bastion of defence as her pantyhose seam continued to cut a deeper and deeper swath into her clitoral valley of delight

As I watched, clearly now mesmerised by the swath of its cord, I could almost hear her clity croon – “if you want me cum and get me” it sang, my adrenaline overload now pulsating in perfect time with its deep rhythmic strumming of her thin cotton pad. I was gone, totally, my eyes hovering inches from her hemline as I dribbled between mirrored views of her belly and wide open crotch, the reflection now just a few bare inches away from my trembling hand, before crouching still lower for first hand sightings of her deliciously exposed bubble butt and crack.

Seconds lapsed into minutes, the scene turning surreal as I stayed poised behind her, mesmerized by her pantyhose seam as it slithered to and fro across her now swollen lips, stimulated by each new extended sway of her hips, caressing her labia, strumming at the waistband of her panties as they girdled the tight curves enveloping the youthfulness of her pert belly, then back again, right through her wide open slash and onto the valley of her now bosom like bubble butt, meandering this way and that, tightening ever deeper into her crack until I thought the weave of her white cottons could take no more, her legs finally splitting into a twister style struggle for balance as she laboured to reach those last few pots – it was exhaustive, for both of us actually as I yet again watched her reach that pivotal point of maximum strain in her arch, when her butt fully bloomed, one leg now completely off the ground, looking majestic as she executed a perfect ballet style arabesque, hanging precariously as she balanced on one leg, her cvnt wide and open between the luscious length of her fully extended legs, her whole body now straining desperately as the tips of her fingers fought to reach the further most pots.

I was close too, very close, almost buried in her ass, close enough to even enjoy the sweet scent of her sex – clearly the constant stimulation of her labia and final assault on her clit, from the ever tightening seam of her pantyhose, was arousing some dampness and moisture to her lips, the aroma now strong enough to detect as it mixed sweetly with the earthy scents of damp white cotton and warm nylon.

By the time it was finally over, in its entirety at least a 15 minute dance card from when I first arrived at the show, I was definitely ready for the best sex of my life and couldn't wait to get home and jump my missus as many times as my now almost exhausted libido could still manage

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Old 08-13-2009, 05:43 PM
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Default Sexy Student suffers a double wardrobe malfunction!

I’ve recently started taking an evening course at my local college in French language, and there is one splendid young lady on the course named Natalie who is around 19 years old. Natalie is about 5 feet 8, perfect build, slim yet curvy in the right places. She had brown curly hair and the most stunning dark eyes imaginable. Get her to speak French properly with that sexy accent of theirs and she is quite something!

Last Tuesday was quite a breezy day, not especially warm, more of an autumnal day really. Natalie came to college in a mid-thigh length grey pleated skirt, which she wore with a black top and black tights. Whilst I watched her walk across the forecourt area towards the entrance, I noticed a small ladder on the back of her calf. She always seems to dress well, so a ladder on her tights looked rather out of place on her.

She didn’t carry a handbag, but instead had two large folders in her hands, needed for the lesson. On realising it was rather breezy, she transferred both folders under her right arm and just about managed to cling on to them, whilst securing the hem of her skirt with her left hand as the breeze gusted along.

Natalie was sat opposite me during the lesson, and she noticed the ladder in her tights as she sat down. At first she tried to pull the material about a bit to lessen the damage. This didn’t work, and as the lecturer started speaking she continued to struggle and fiddle about with the tights and by the time we broke for a toilet break after an hour the hole had grown all the way from her ankle to her knee and there were threads of material hanging off.

Somewhat inevitably, Natalie returned from the ladies’ toilets with bare legs and sat through the second hour of the class in relative comfort, with her curvy, tanned legs now on display. The hour couldn’t go quickly enough for me, I knew she’d have to cross the forecourt again and with bare legs instead of dark tights, the possibilities grew.

Somewhat forgetfully at the end of the lecture, she walked down the stairs holding the folders in both hands. Sensing an opportunity, I came down behind her, and will forever be indebted to the fellow classmate who, like a true gent, held the door open for her. There was to be no teasing with this one, the hem of her skirt didn’t even flutter as she stepped outside into the fresh air. The back just flipped up vertically, completely exposing two bare cheeks and a black lacy thong!

Natalie was oblivious for a couple of seconds before suddenly realising what was happening – at which point she dropped her folders. Bits of paper flew everywhere, and I, along with several others took pity on her and gathered them all up. She was smiling when I gave her the two bits I’d grabbed and I heard her say “Thanks guys, think the wind blew the folders out of my hand” Er……..yes!
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Default Interesting office wear

I'm writing this from a shared office space.

This lovely plump young lady there wears very similar clothes. She's got huge tits and above them is always showing some kind of skin. And she wears skirts above the knees.

Today I she's wearing a dress with a sort of halter top with straps. The dress has many layers below, sort of gauzy draping things. I was trying to figure out if there's a less transparent layer underneath, and then she stood between me and the light, and I saw the line of her thighs almost right to where they met in a vee.

Needless to say I'm watching her as closely as I can while not staring.

Then she went over to pet or feed her dog, and as she bent over, the dress came waaaayyy up in back. I leaned forward a bit and saw the bottom of her ass cheeks! Either she is wearing a thong or nothing at all underneath. My heart pounding, I tried to take a pic with my cam phone held under my desk. I got nothing!

It's driving me crazy right now. I need to see more and the longer this goes on, the more afraid I am that I'll say something really inappropriate to her!

If only there were a good lovely who would let me ogle straight up her skirt or tell me a naughty story or send me naughty picture or... oh, my.
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Old 08-20-2009, 01:46 AM
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Many years ago, but still vivid in my memory, is an incident. A former girlfriend was ascending a staircase directly in front of me. I was very close to her. Suddenly, and I am sure knowing what she was doing, she flipped up he skirt to pull her panties out from between her cheeks. For a moment I enjoyed a glimpse of the nethermost bulges on either side of her redolent fur covered cleft, clearly damp, and framed by her cheeks, before she let the fabric snap back into place.
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