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Old 02-12-2018, 06:59 PM
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Default Wife First BBC

Wife Likes Black Cock

I guess I should say that my wife Nancy is a very attractive woman. I donít usually like the way some guys describe their wives to make then sound so glamorous. But I will say that she has 38D tits and a nice round butt, standing about 5í6Ē, short brown hair and would not even think about going out in public without her hair and makeup in place.

I guess it was my fault that my wife, Nancy of twenty years, decided to fuck a black cock. We had been discussing it for years during our love making fantasies. I had bought her black dildos and vibrators. She loved the way they stretched her pussy. She would love it when I would bring home interracial videos with white women sucking and fucking black cock. She would get so wet watching and screwing her dildo. She would tell me that she wishes it was her sucking that huge cock and how she wanted to feel it deep inside her.

I wanted her to try Craigís List or a dating site to find a strange cock for her to try. We shared some pics with men we contacted and they were more willing to aid us with our fantasy. We did meet a couple of guys that she seemed interested in going further. However, Nancy was afraid to pursue any of these because of stories she had heard and so we continued to just to fantasize about it. I must admit that I would get so hot hearing her take about what she would do to a black cock. There were many times that I couldnít control myself.

Now donít think that Nancy is a saint, she has screwed around on me before. She had her first affair a few years after we were married. We were going through some rough times in our marriage. She found some strange cock with a guy she worked with at her office. His name is Norm and he had been trying to put the move on her for quite a while. Well she had an affair with him for about six months before she broke it off. She was on a bowling team which caused her to stay in town after work because we lived several miles away from her office. Needless to say that was very convenient way for her to meet Norm at their favorite motel. Oh, yes I discovered she was fucking around but I couldnít stay angry with her. In fact I got turned on by the idea of another man enjoying her the say way I do. I think the reason way she stopped screwing Norm was because he took another job in another city. They did get together a couple of time after he moved but they stopped seeing each other after the kids slowed things down. We still like to talk about her experience fucking Norm and the different ways they would do it differently for the way we would make love. I was a big turn on for me. She said he loved to bite on her nipples, she said she would have to tell him not so hard and donít leave marks on her. She loved the biting and the way he would eat out her pussy. The last time they did it she came home and fucked me because she wanted me to feel what her well fucked pussy felt like. Warm and wet.

She did get some strange a few years after the affair with Norm during a conference she attended in Peoria. She had been attending these conferences for several years and always had a good time. The conference lasted 3 days and she met a guy that she liked. Well when she came home she couldnít wait to go bed after the kids were down for the night. We got ready for bed and she put on her open cup bra outfit that I love. She lit a couple of candles for the mood and poured a couple of glasses of wine. I said, what hell happened that has made you so horny. She said drink your wine and lie down and I will tell you. The anticipation was killing me. Hell I was getting hard and still had no idea what she had in mind.

She started; remember me telling you about Walt.

Yes, I said, the guy from Joliet?

Yes that is him.

What about him?

I have been to several conferences with him and he never seemed too interested in me or so I thought. His wife usually traveled with him but this time she stayed home. Well we started talking over a few drinks and then we went to a nearby club and danced for a while. We were both getting very hot and wanted to relieve our passion that kept building. The problem was that because of budget cuts in our departments we had to share rooms with our co-workers. I couldnít go to my room because my roommate would blab all over the office. Walt said we could go to his room because his buddy can sleep through a hurricane. I said are you sure? He said yes, this guy could sleep through anything. I said ok, but if he wakes up Iím leaving.

Sure enough we went to Waltís room and his buddy was sound asleep. Walt and I took each otherís cloths off. He started pinching, sucking and biting my tits. I grabbed his cock a started working it over. He has a nice cock and it tasted so good. He put is cock in me; oh it felt so good, pumping me nice and slow. He rolled me on my side as he fucked me. The next thing I know I have this dick rubbing all over my face and lips. In shock I said ďWalt what is going on!Ē He said just relax and suck on it like you did mine. Guess my buddy heard us, as he laughed.
I said oh my god his cock is a lot bigger than yours, I canít hardly get it in my mouth. Walt said let me show you the surprise I have for you. At that Walt turned on the light and I saw that Waltís buddy was this big black man. His cock was a black as coal a big as a horse. Both men started laughing and Waltís friend, Sam, said, ďDid you see the look on her face when you turned the light on. Walt said, ďShe was very surprise but I donít think that she is disappointed with what she had in her hand.

Walt asked me if I was ok fuck in a black cock. I told him Iíve been dreaming about this for years. Just holding and kissing on Samís tool was making me so hot. The stories that we talked about and my dildo were running through my mind. All I could do was nod my head yes. Sam rolled me back on my back and spread my legs. He started working my pussy with his giant fingers, first one, then two and then three. He worked them in and out and spreading my pussy walls.

My God, Nancy continued with her tale of ecstasy, I hoped I could keep from blowing my load.
She then continued saying, I looked down at my pussy and Sam was starting to rub my pussy lips with his massive cock. He started to put it in rubbing the big cock head all over my wet pussy. The next thing I knew he was over half way in and I began cuming like I had never cum before. Sam kept forcing his meat into my pussy and then pull it out. God it is so big!!!! It wasnít long before he was buried deep in my pussy. Walt played with my tits and the made me suck his dick.

Sam dumped his load and then Walt climbed back on. This went on for a couple of hours. I have never, ever been fucked like that before. I did discover I could become a black cock wh*r*.

As luck would have it, Walt decided to go home the next day and that meant I would get to spend the whole night with Sam. What a night it was, we fucked and sucked most of the night. My pussy was stretched like I had only dreamed.

Nancy then climbed on me and I as hard as my dick was I could hardly feel here wet pussy. She said she didnít wash her pussy so I could feel how sloppy it was. Looking up at her, squeezing and sucking on her beautiful tits and watching the wonderful look on her made me cum the minute my dick sunk deep in her gorgeous pussy. I donít think sex for Nancy or me will ever be the same again.

There is more to follow. Hope you enjoyed.
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Old 02-13-2018, 04:00 PM
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Default Very interested in hearing more, thanks for sharing the tale.

Your wife is very attractive lady who obviously knows what she likes and isn't afraid to go and get it and your understanding & cooperation is key to that. I often wonder how much ladies with similar BBC tastes confide in their outwardly 'respectable' lady friends, who secretly would love to trade places with your wife but whose husbands possibly have no idea of their fantasies or even their extracurricular activities.

Does she share her exploits with her friends, if so, what was their reaction?
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