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Old 02-12-2018, 11:11 PM
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Default Wallflower’s Boudoir Photo Session

I guess this story could technically go under those Wedding Preparation Pictures. The pictures were for the man she eventually married (and later divorced).

Wallflower’s boyfriend was in the Navy and just shipped out so she wanted to send him sexy pictures of her. Wallflower really wasn’t all that pretty. She didn’t have any distinctive features. She was on the thin side and might have been cute, except for the coke bottle glasses and the worse acne scars I have ever seen on a woman. Her teenage years had to have been miserable. The first was easy, she wouldn’t be wearing glasses in the pictures and Christy, the woman I contracted to do hair and makeup for special sessions like this, could do wonders with cover up. Christy also did hair and makeup for a local mortuary, so she really could cover anything. I didn’t advertise her other job.

We scheduled an evening session and when I asked her if she wanted Christy or someone else to stay so she would be more comfortable, she declined saying she would be more comfortable if there weren’t other people around. So it was just us. She chose a purple night gown for the first session. Spaghetti straps, lace bodice, and satin to the floor with a high slit. It suited her well and after Christy’s artistry, I could truthfully say “you really look good!” We went through some formal poses to get her relaxed complementing her the whole way. We moved to a brass bed prop I had set up and slowly got her in more and more provocative poses. She became comfortable with me moving her into position and adjusting her clothing. We finished with her on her side, legs bare to her hip. Everything was covered, but just. We took a break for her to change and me to set up the next scene. I hadn’t coordinated what she was to wear. I only told her to wear something she thought she looked good in and something he might like to see her in. I did tell her what sets and props I wanted to use. For the second scene I had other bedroom furniture; a makeup dresser, settee and a velvet loveseat. She shocked me again coming out in a sheer black robe over a black lace teddy with black thigh high stockings and black CFM pumps. I knew that it must be something he would like because she was very uncomfortable wearing. It was a sexy outfit but I knew if she wasn’t comfortable in it the pictures wouldn’t be as good.

I started her simply sitting at the dresser pretending to put on makeup and perfume. The mirror was removed so I could shoot through the frame. I talked to her, making jokes, giving complements, whatever, trying to get her comfortable again. We move to the lounger and I had her dangle her shoe from her foot. She didn’t understand it, but I convinced her that it was sexy. She didn’t get it but it took her mind off things and got her comfortable enough for the next. I started with her draping her robe off one shoulder, then two shoulders, finally ditched the robe completely. I got her to kneel over the loveseat for an ass shot with her looking back over her shoulder. She let me pull the lace up to show a little more cheek. She giggled and I knew she had passed over the hump and was starting to get into it. I had her lay back on the chaise where I took pictures in several poses with lots of leg. I tried to get her to do sultry looks, but every time she tried she would get self-conscious and giggle. So I moved closer and had her drop one of the teddy’s straps off her shoulder. She had small, but pert breasts with nice nipples. I arranged the lace so her nipple was the only thing holding it up. It was a really hot shot. I made some comment like “that will keep him busy in his rack”. She asked me what I meant. I was at first apologetic then I realized she really didn’t know what I meant so I started with euphemisms but she still didn’t get it. I finally just said it straight out that he would be masturbating to her pictures. I don’t know why, but she had never considered it. She thought about it for a while. I thought she was getting disgusted and that would be the end of the shoot, but the more she thought about it the more she seemed to like the possibility.

As she was considering the previously unthinkable possibility that a guy would be turned on by a picture of her enough to beat off, she moved and the top dropped revealing her breast. She didn’t notice it until the click of the camera brought her back. Reflexively she pulled the top back up but after a moment, without a word, she dropped her straps revealing both breasts. I clicked. I took a chance and told her to put a finger to her lips. She did. Click. Wet it. Now touch your nipple. Click. Cup your breasts. Click. Play with your nipples. Click. After that I didn't have to say any more. By now she had closed her eyes and was enjoying herself. I just kept shooting and reloading (35mm film, long before digital). She stopped, looked me right in the eye and while maintaining eye contact, reached down and unhooked the crotch strap of her teddy. With one hand still on her breasts she proceeded to attack her clit with the other. I just kept clicking, wishing for a video camera. She reached orgasm before I reloaded twice. I did shoot a lot more film than I intended.

“You can’t let anyone else see those!” she said as she was gathering her stuff and went in to get dressed. We discussed it again after she came out. I promised. I explained that I did my own processing so it wouldn’t be a problem. She came in later that week and we went over the proofs. I had culled the second rate photos and put the nudes in a separate package. Once we finished the glamor photos and she selected several very good shots she asked about the “others”. I handed her the stack and she slowly went through each photo one by one. I think she really enjoyed the pictures, but she said that she didn’t want to get any of them. She was afraid that there might be too many questions from her fiancé regarding how she made them and with whom. “You can keep them, but never show them to anyone else.” I never did. In fact several years later, after her divorce, she asked me about them and I gave them to her, including negatives. When I gave them to her she looked at me questioningly. I said “yes I did, quite often.” She smiled. I still run into her every once in a while.
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