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Old 03-19-2017, 10:22 PM
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Default Caught by someone you shouldn't be caught by

My old girlfriend and I have been caught many times. This one here was when we were just in college. She actually may have just graduated high school.

There was someone that she knew through her parents that was building a new building in a new area where no one was living or working yet. It had carpeting but wasn't quite finished, luckily we knew of a door to sneak in.

Being just out of high school, the aren't too many places to be able to have fun. Back of the car gets old, plus we've gotten caught there a few times. So the first time we snuck in, the place was large and empty. It took a little bit of time and convincing to get her comfortable. But she did eventually get naked and we had a nice but quick romp. BTW, she was petite, blue eyes with light brown hair, nice round ass, and a perfect pair of B cups.

The second time we visited was late in the evening. She felt much more comfortable this time and seemed frisky and in the mood as well. Once we confirmed that no one else was in the building, she instantly stripped completely naked. I found out she was the reluctant exhibitionist type early on. I had gotten undressed also and after chasing her around a bit, we started making out and then I got on top. We ended up in a room near the back and all of our clothes were in the next room farthest back.

We were just starting to get into a rhythm with her legs straight up in the air when we heard the front door open and a man yell loudly, "This is the police, get your hands up in the air and don't move." We immediately got up and were running to the back room to get our clothes but they were too quick and heard one of them yell, "Stop!" The room was pitch black so I'm not sure if we could have found and gotten on any clothes quick enough.

They stepped just past the door and into the room where we were. There were three policeman, two with handguns and bright flashlights, and one with a shotgun. All pointing at the two of us and shining both of our naked bodies bright. I stood facing away with my head turned back towards them. My girlfriend on the other hand complied with their order and stood with her hands straight up in the air and facing right at all three policeman.

This part is something that is permanently burned into my brain and I'm sure it is for each of the three men there. A pretty 18 year old standing there full frontal naked with nothing except two bright flashlights on her. I had a great view as she was standing two steps back further and two steps to my right, which was the direction my head was turned. All of us were soaking in the sight in front of us. Like I said earlier, before we got interrupted, we were just getting into a rythym. So her little dark bush below was a little wet. I swear it was a good ten seconds or more before one of them finally said, "miss you can turn around". I think he was trying to be kind but what we all got was a 360 degree view of her. Again the bright flashlights lit her up from head to toe showing off her perfect round ass. After a few more seconds, they finally lowered their guns and told us to get dressed.

I knew she was mad at me, as it was always my idea to do this type of fun stuff. But she mentioned more than being mortified about them seeing her naked, she was frightened from the guns pointed at her. We dressed and drove away. We did end up finding a quiet spot for a quickie in the car. You can guess what I was thinking about as we had sex.

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Old 03-20-2017, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by william64 View Post
My sisters were my first
And my wifes later on
Loved siffting them and wanking
My mums were the first and later on I was busted by her lol. Only time I've been caught in my teen years, all them years back. Since then, I've sniffed aunts, sisters, mums mates, their sisters, girlfriends & wives, housemates, basically any females. Love sniffing my wife's after she's been with a guy

William, is that your wife I n your avatar. Fellow northeast guy here
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Old 03-29-2017, 05:52 PM
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nice to see there are others that enjoy the scent of an aroused woman's panties
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caught, masturbation, panty sniffing, toys

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