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Old 12-23-2017, 01:57 AM
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Default Truth or Dare Drinking and Stripping Game

This is a great game that leads to a great night of adult fun. Go ahead and give it a try. Here are the rules and suggested questions and dares.

Drinking and Stripping Truth or Dare Instructions
1. This game works better with three to four couples. There must be an equal number of males to females (unless homosexual and/or bisexual couples participate).
2. The game moves in a right to left order to each person in sequence. The group can determine who goes first.
3. Each person should respond to whatever is their particular next sequential question prior to moving to the next round of questions. The same is true for each dare, unless the state of all contestants’ undress demands a move to the next “Level” of dares. Instruction #6 discusses when to advance to the next Level of Dares.
4. If a person refuses to answer the question or anyone at the table knows that the person has not answered correctly or truthfully and calls that individual out for doing so, the questioned individual must first remove an article of clothing, take a shot of their favorite liquor and perform the dare fully. If the individual removes the article of clothing and does the dare, then the other players at the table must take a shot of their favorite liquor. If the individual does not perform the dare in its entirety, the player must remove two articles of clothing and drink 2 shots of their favorite liquor.
5. Shoes, socks, jewelry and hair pieces do not qualify as an article of clothing – only one top, one pair of pants or shorts, and underpants qualify as the 3 beginning articles of clothing for each contestant at the start of the game. These must be removed in top, outer shorts or pants, and finally underpants order according to the rules of the dares.
6. Once every contestant has become nude on top, move to the Level 2 Dare’s immediately. Once every contestant is down to his/her underpants, move immediately to Level 3 Dare’s. And once all contestants are totally nude, move immediately to Level 4 Dare’s. Once contestants are nude, if they refuse to answer any question or perform any dare, they must take 2 shots of their favorite liquor.
7. If the contestants ever get to a certain level of dare’s without meeting the state of undress conditions, that is alright. Just continue the questions and dare’s in sequence.
8. Whenever a person decides to choose a person other than their partner for performing a dare, it is his/her choice as to who it will be, as long as it is within the guidelines of the dare. But please remember that it is more fun if everyone can participate as much as is feasible. If the dare states that “any person of the opposite sex” can be selected to participate in the dare, it may be a partner or a non-partner. If the “selected” person doesn’t participate in the dare, that person must lose an article of clothing and take two shots of their favorite liquor.
9. The winner of the game is the first contestant to answer the questions and complete all “required” dare’s. But all players are winners because everyone got to get drunk and pretty much see each other naked. What a party!

Drinking and Stripping Truth or Dare
1. What is your favorite part of your partner’s body and why?

2. What, who and where was your first sexual intercourse experience? Tell us about it.

3. What is the most uncomfortable sex you have ever had, such as the position, location, temperature, etc.?

4. Have you ever been a victim of a fuck bust by cops or others? If so, describe the experience.

5. Have you faked an orgasm and with whom?

6. Have you ever flashed? If so, what is the first thing you ever flashed and where were you?

7. Does flashing your body excite you, and, if so, which of your body part flashes get you the most excited and/or wettest?

8. What is the sexiest and skimpiest outfit your current partner ever asked you to wear in public? Your partner must verify what you describe.

9. Do you prefer doggy- or missionary-style intercourse?

10. What is the greatest number of climaxes that you have had in any singular sexual encounter, who was it with and what made it so special?

11. What do you wish a sexual partner would do to or for you that your partner has never done? Visually demonstrate the technique he/she should use.

12. Has anyone accidentally walked in on you while having sex and explain the situation?

13. Have you gone nude at a beach, and did you get turned on by showing off your body?

14. Have you had sex in water, such as a hot tub, pool and/or the ocean? If so, describe it?

15. What is the wildest or most exciting place that you have ever had sex?

16. Where is your favorite place for your partner to put his/her tongue while having sex?

17. Do you give head or oral sex? If so, have you swallowed? And do you enjoy giving head or oral sex?

18. Have you had anal sex and, if so, did you enjoy it?

19. Do you enjoy getting a blow job, and, if so, what technique really turns you on?

20. Have you received or given a hum job? Did you like it as the provider and/or receiver?

21. Do you prefer soft or rough sex, and describe what makes your favorite method best?

22. Have you had a same sex experience, and, if so, tell us about it?

23. Do you like drunk sex, and, if so, tell us about your favorite drunk sexual experience?

24. Have you ever made out with a good friend of your partner? If so, describe when, where, who and how.

25. Does size matter?

26. Have you ever wanted to be a stripper in a strip club or hired for a private party?

27. Have you ever dreamed of having sex with someone other than your partner? If so, who was it?

28. What sexual position have you always wanted to try? Show us the position.

29. What is the largest number of sexual partners that you have had in bed with you at once?

30. Other than your current partner, who was your best fuck? What made it the “best?”

31. Have you ever made a sex video? If so, describe it in detail. If you haven’t made a video, describe what you would want it to be.

32. What technique makes you cum each time it is done?

33. Would you rather watch your partner have sex with another person of the opposite sex or would you rather be in another location?

34. How much money would it take to get you to screw a much older man or much older woman?

35. If you could have sex with anyone beside your partner, who would it be?

36. Have you ever wanted to do a threesome? Describe what it would be like.

37. Have you ever thought about swinging? If so, describe your favorite scenario. If you have been into swinging, describe your favorite encounter.

Level 1:
1. With all your clothes on, top someone other than your partner and ride him/her for 60 seconds, and it must be someone of the opposite sex.

2. Tongue kiss someone other than your partner for 30 seconds.

3. Remove your top (if you still have one on) and lower your pants to your pubic hair line, and let someone of the opposite sex other than your partner take a body shot from your belly button. After the shot, you can put your top back on provided that you had removed it only as part of this body shot dare.

4. Talk dirty phone sex with a member of the opposite sex other than your partner for 2 minutes.

5. Give someone of the opposite sex, other than your partner, a lap dance for 60 seconds, and the person receiving the lap dance may remove one clothing article from the lap dancer during the dance, but that clothing article can be put back on after the dance.

Level 2:
6. While you are nude above the waist let someone other than your partner lick whip cream off both of your tits.

7. While you are nude above the waist and lying on your back let someone other than your partner lick your body from your neck down to your waist and take a shot from your belly button.

8. While you are nude above the waist and lying on your back, allow any person of the opposite sex to rub an ice cube on your upper body until it melts fully.

9. Put your hand in any member of the opposite sex underwear on his penis or her vagina for a 60 second external genital massage.

10. Do a strip to an entire song by removing a remaining article of clothing, and the clothing item stays off for the remainder of the game.

Level 3:
11. Let your partner lick your inner thighs for 2 minutes.

12. Give your partner’s nude penis or vagina a kiss for a duration of 2 minutes.

13. Let a member of the opposite sex other than your partner give you a three-minute massage, other than a penis, vagina, or anus massage, while you lie on your stomach.

14. Model the outfit that you previously described in the question part of this game as being the sexiest that your current partner has ever asked you to wear in public, strip it and everything off in an erotic dance to a full song. If the described outfit isn’t available, come as close to it as possible. After your strip, you may put on any clothes that you were wearing immediately before this dare.

Level 4:
15. Exercise dares: a) While lying flat on your back with your hands underneath the small of your back and your legs straight and 6” apart, raise your legs a few inches off the floor, and slowly spread your legs with your feet at least shoulder width apart and return for a total of 5 reps; b) While lying flat on your stomach with your legs straight and extended a few inches off the floor, rock back and forth from head to toe for 10 reps. While doing these two exercises, you cannot adjust any of your remaining clothing during the exercises or for 5 minutes after.

16. You have 5 minutes to get a nude member of the opposite sex (not your partner) either breathing heavy for a female or with an erection for a male. During the first 3 minutes, you cannot touch the person (you have to do it visually and/or verbally). If you are unsuccessful at that stage, during the remaining two minutes you must touch him/her to get him/her excited.

17. While both parties are nude, give a member of the opposite sex a lap dance.

18. O.K., you knew there had to be some bondage in here somewhere. While blind-folded and lying nude on your back, with your hands tied to the side, and your ankles tied shoulder-width apart, allow a member of the opposite sex to spray you with water and lick whip cream from any areas off the front of your body that he/she desires.

19. Invite a third and possibly a fourth person to have group sex with you and your partner for 30 minutes or longer.
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