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Default Nightmare in the Treehouse

My time in high school was much like any other girls. I had a pretty close group of friends, kept out of trouble, and got along with just about everyone at school. My first three years, I pretty much stayed off all the boy’s radar. I had golden blonde hair that came down to the middle of my back, hazel eyes, and a pretty athletic body thanks to being on the girl's soccer team. On my 18th birthday, I got a belly button ring, but other than that, there was nothing special about me for the boys to take notice to. That was, until senior year, when I “grew” into my body.

Puberty definitely hit me late, but when it did, it came full force. From the end of junior year to about February in my senior year, I went from an A cup to a full C cup, my butt filled out so much that I had to get all new pants and my voice had gotten a little deeper. My friends said I should work for a sex hotline ha-ha. I had started to enjoy the sudden looks and smiles and waves from a lot of boys. I had started getting their attention, and all was great until Amanda found out her step-brother Josh had taken interest in me. At the time, I had no idea that she had the biggest crush on her own step-brother. Had I known, all this could have been avoided.

It was about about a week before Valentine’s Day, when Josh passed me a note asking if I wanted to be his Valentine. He was cute, and he always treated me nice so I said yes and sent the note back to him. My first real Valentine ever from someone who I actually liked so I was pretty happy at this moment. Little did I know that feeling was not going to last for long.

It was the Saturday before Valentine’s Day, so I spent it at the mall shopping for some new clothes. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen with Josh, but better safe than sorry, right? As I was leaving one of the stores, I happened to see Amanda with her group of friends. I looked at her and smiled, but when she saw me, she gave me a very dark look, so I quickly looked away and continued on with my shopping. Later that day, I got a text from Josh saying that his step-sister saw me at the mall buying some new clothes and jokingly asked if I could model them for him. I, being the naïve girl I was and not wanting to waste a good opportunity, said “sure”. He texted back to meet him at the Lakeside tree house. The tree house, as it sounds was a tree house in the forest overlooking the lake. It’s a great spot for kids to play, but this time of year, that area is pretty abandoned. I thought it would be pretty romantic, us being there all alone watching the sunset over the lake with us holding each other to keep warm. I put on my new clothes, and I must say that I looked pretty damn amazing. I threw my jacket and boots on, told my parents I was going over to my friend Jessica’s house, and took off for the tree house.

I made it there just as the sun was getting ready to set. As I guessed, there was no one it sight. I hoped I had gotten there first, and not been stood up. As I walked closer to the tree house, I saw a piece of paper on the ground with my name on it. I opened it up, and it was the note Josh had sent me asking if I wanted to be his valentine. On the bottom of the note in red ink, he wrote “come inside”. I thought this was the sweetest thing, so I put the note in my pocket and proceeded to walk in. I didn’t see him, so I called his name. Just then I heard a cough come from another room. As I started to walk there, I was shoved hard from behind and I fell to the ground.

“Looking for Josh?” I heard from the person who pushed me from behind. As I turned my head to see who it was, I felt two hands grab each of my arms. They twisted my arms until my hands were behind my back, and then I felt a plastic ring go over my wrists followed by a zipping sound. My hands were now zip tied together behind my back. I didn’t know who or what was going on so I started screaming. I thought I was being kidnapped. I was lifted up off the ground and turned around to finally see that it was Amanda and her friends. Amanda looked at me with a grin and then said “If you’re too stupid to think that Josh actually likes you and wanted to see you here, then you’re too stupid to be with him.” She told me that she found the note in Josh’s room, which highly upset her, and sent me that text from his phone. She said if I was to be with her “Joshy”, she wanted to see what kind of girl I was. I didn’t know what she meant by that, but I knew she had a reputation of being a troublemaker, so I was extremely nervous. She told me that if I cooperated with her, she would cut off the zip ties. Not knowing what I’d be getting myself into, I agreed, and my wrists were freed.

“Are you a wh*r*” was the first thing that came out of her mouth. I told her absolutely not. I was still a virgin and had never really had a boyfriend before. She then asked, “are you gonna fuck my Joshy”? I was a little pissed that she thought that’s the type of girl I was, so I answered “no, I’m not gonna fuck MY Joshy”. I should have just answered with a single “no”, because then she said “oh, so now because you have tits, you think you’re gonna steal Josh away from me huh? I bet they’re not even real. You look like someone that pads their bra. In your case, A LOT of padding”. The other girls laughed at her stupid joke. She told me to take my jacket off so she could get a better look to tell if I was padding or not. I told her I didn’t want to because it was cold and that I wasn’t padding my bra to gain any attention. “You said you would cooperate, and that’s why your hands were freed” she said as she put her hand in her jacket pocket. She then pulled a knife out and said “either you take your jacket off, or I will cut it off you”. At this point my heart was pounding, so I took my jacket off. “That wasn’t so hard was it? Just do as I say, and everything will be fine” she told me as her and her friends started walking closer to me.

She took my jacket and threw it on the ground. “Have you ever kissed a boy before” she asked as she was looking at my lips. “Once, on a dare” I said as I wondered why she would ask that. “I want you to make out with Danielle, and she’ll let me know if you’re good enough for Josh’s lips” she told me as she backed up a little to let Danielle get in front of me. I told her that I wasn’t gay and there’s no way I would kiss a girl for her amusement. She told me again that I said I would cooperate or else some unexpected things would happen. “Unexpected things huh? Like what exactly” I asked as I called her bluff. Just as I finished the last word, she slapped me real hard across my face. It hurt so bad that I started to tear up, but I didn’t cry. “Those kinds of unexpected things will happen, if you don’t DO AS I SAY!” she exclaimed in a loud demeaning voice. So I stood there as Danielle put her hands on my face and placed her lips on mine. I was so nervous. I never really kissed anyone before, so I had no idea what to do with my lips. She backed away told me to open my mouth a little and to put my hands on her hips. So I did, and then I felt her tongue go in my mouth. I backed away and started coughing. “You’re a horrible kisser” Danielle told me as she gave a thumbs down to Amanda. “You’d probably be just as horrible sucking Josh’s dick too” Amanda said as her friend’s giggled.

“Now let’s see if your tits are as big a disappointment as your kissing skills are. Take your shirt off” she said as she lit up a cigarette. I refused, saying that it was cold but I would lift it up enough for them to “inspect” my bra to see that I wasn’t using padding. She took a drag from her cigarette while she stared at me, and then told me to wait one second as she huddled with her friends to debate on the alternative I had offered. She turned back around and stared at me again while she took one more drag of her cigarette and then threw it on the ground. She accepted my offer and said I could pull my shirt up enough for her to get a good look at my bra to see that it wasn’t being stuffed. I started to tear up a little again as I didn’t want to do it, but didn’t want to think of what she would do to me if I straight refused, so I put my hands on the bottom of my shirt and started to lift it up.

I could feel the cold air across my stomach as the shirt lifted. I started to get goosebumps. I stopped just as I got to the bottom of my bra, as I prepared myself to go through with her request. “Well, anytime now princess. Is your bra really stuffed and that’s why you don’t want to show us” she said knowing it would probably make me mad. I let out a sigh of disgust as I lifted my shirt over my bra showing a good amount of cleavage. “Raise your shirt a little higher. Raise it above your head. I wanna get a good view” she said as they walked closer to me. Hoping it would be over soon, I raised the bottom of my shirt over my head. I could no longer see them or what they were doing. I heard her whisper something to her friends and then she remarked “well, I don’t see any padding in that bra, but what I do see is a little sl*t trying to steal my Josh away from me”.

As soon as she said that, her friends grabbed my arms again and pinned them above my head. I tried to pull away but I was being overpowered. They had zip tied my wrists yet again, only this time they had zip tied them to a piece of rope hanging from the ceiling, which I imagine they had setup before I got there. This was their plan all along. My hands were now tied above my head and I could not break free. I started to scream and tried to break my hands free but it was no use. She slapped me across the face again telling me to shut up, but I was in too much of a panic to listen. With my eyes all watery, I saw her reach into her other pocket and pulled out a roll of tape. She tore off a piece and tried to put it over my mouth, but I was moving my head too much for her to stick it on. Angrily she grabbed my hair and pulled my head back telling me to stop moving or else she would use her knife to cut out my belly button ring. I stopped moving enough for her to get the tape over my mouth. I was completely at their mercy now. Smiling at me, she turned to her friends and said “alright girls, now it’s time to really have some fun with this little sl*t”

They all just stared at me like they were figuring out what they were going to do with me. She looked at her friends and asked if they had really gotten a good look at my bra to see if it was padded. They both nodded their heads no, and she agreed. She handed the knife to Danielle and told her to cut off my shirt. I started squirming as more tears ran down my face. Danielle came up to me and told me that the knife was very sharp, and that if I kept moving, she might end up cutting me along with the shirt, so I stopped. I closed my eyes as she started at the bottom and worked her way up. I could hear the fabric start getting cut away, and felt the cold air again wash over my exposed skin. She made her way all the way to the neck, and just as the last strand gave way, my shirt fell open, exposing my chest. She then cut away at the sleeves until the entire shirt was cut off of my body. I opened my eyes again to seeing Amanda sending a text message to someone. I prayed she didn’t take a picture and send it to the whole school. She saw me looking at her, so she told me that Josh had texted her asking where she was. She put the phone back in her pocket and walked towards me. “Now let’s get a really good look at your tits” she said as she lowered her head till she was eye level with my cleavage. “Yup I see no padding. Maybe these really are just some big boobs” she smirked as she raised her head back up. Danielle asked her if she could feel them to make sure there was no padding. Amanda thought that was a great idea, so she nodded her head. Danielle put her hands on my waist and ran her fingers up from my belly button until she reached the bottom of my bra. She then cupped her hands over my breasts and squeezed gently. “These are some great feeling tits. You want to feel them Amanda” Danielle asked as her hands were still on my bra. Amanda thought for a minute, and then looked at Danielle saying “ok so she’s not using a padded bra, but maybe her self-esteem was so low, that she begged her parents to get her a boob job. We’re gonna have to see what’s under the bra and look for any signs of surgery”.

I don’t know if it was out of fear or anger, but after she said that, I kicked her in the leg. She looked at me in such disgust, that she told Danielle that instead of just undoing my bra in the back, to cut the whole thing off. I cried even more, knowing that the bra I just bought was going to be destroyed and that I was soon about to be completely topless in front of these girls. With two slashes, both straps were cut, and then a slice down the middle of the cups sent my bra straight to the floor, leaving my perky breasts exposed for them to look at. “If these are fake, they look absolutely amazing” Danielle said as she stared upon my breasts in excitement. Amanda and Danielle each took turns groping and moving my breasts in all directions to try and find an incision from the surgery while their other friend just stood there and watched. “Do you see anything on your side” Amanda asked Danielle as though she had been defeated. “Nope, I don’t see anything except these super hard nipples. I guess she likes us playing with her boobies” Danielle said jokingly. I didn’t like them touching me at all. They were hard from the cold temperature these girls exposed my breasts to. The girls were having fun flicking my nipples and Danielle at one point started sucking on them. I won’t lie, I hated the situation I was in, but it did feel kinda good when she did that. Once they looked like they were starting to get bored, Amanda stopped, looked at me with a big smile on her face and said “You know, your butt is much bigger now too than it was last year. I hear girls these days are getting butt implants. I wouldn’t want my Joshy to be involved with a chick that has a fake ass”.

I knew what was coming next, so I started kicking more and more to keep them away from me. Danielle eventually got hold of one of my legs and Amanda got hold of the other. They both got my boots off and held my legs in place with their other friend unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. She started pulling them down and as much as I was trying to resist, the other two girls had too good a hold of me. Amanda told the other two girls to pick me up. Just as they did, she grabbed the bottom of both pant legs and pulled them right off me. I was now standing there in front of these girls in just my socks and lace panties. Tears were streaming down my face as my body was shaking from fear and the cold. The girls took turns slapping my ass, grabbing it and spreading my cheeks apart. At one point I felt Danielle slide her hand between my legs, rest her fingers on my clit and then slide them down my pussy, over my butthole and up the crack of my ass. Amanda turned to me and wiped the tears off my face. She said to relax now that it was all over. She reconsidered, and after “inspecting my body”, she thought that maybe I was good enough to be with Josh. She told Danielle to cut me lose. I let out tears of joy that this was finally going to be over. Just as Danielle took the knife to my wrist ties, Amanda yelled out “Wait! I changed my mind. You’re still a wh*r*, and wh*r*s don’t deserve to wear panties that nice. Cut them off of her”.

I was screaming out “NO” behind the tape as my tears started up again, and felt the cold blade graze my thigh as the first side was cut away. I could feel the material droop down and as the second side was cut, Danielle held them up in her hand showing me my cut panties. I looked down to see my body completely naked in front of these girls. Amanda looked down, pointed and said “Look girls. She is a wh*r*. Only wh*r*s shave their pussy to keep from getting diseases”. Danielle whispered in my ear, “so it’s true. I know what to do with little wh*r*s like you”. I screamed “I’m not a wh*r*” but my mouth was still taped and was not heard by the girls. Just then she spit onto two of her fingers and then started rubbing my pussy. I tried my best to keep my legs closed, but the other two girls saw what Danielle was doing and came over to pry my legs open. I never felt so degraded in my life. She spit on her fingers again and with one hand she spread my pussy open, and with the two fingers she stuck them inside of me and starting move them in and out, and up and down. I was still ashamed, but resisted a little less because what she was doing felt kinda good. After what felt like 3 minutes, Amanda said “I hear wh*r*s love it when you stick things in their ass”. My heart dropped and started pleading with them through the tape not to. Just then Amanda’s friend stood in front of me, wrapped her hands around me, grabbed my ass, and spread my cheeks open while Danielle got behind me. She put one hand on my shoulder and the other just below my neck. She then softly slid that hand down my back over my butt and again put her hand between my legs and played with my pussy a little more to soak her fingers in my pussy juice. Then I felt one finger slide from my pussy over to my butthole. I started crying and begged her not to do it, but I felt the finger go inside me. I screamed and just shook my head telling her to pull it out. Danielle pulled her finger out and said to Amanda “I don’t think she likes that. Maybe she’s not a wh*r* after all”.

Just then I saw all the girls turn around. After regaining my composure, I could hear footsteps in the distance and boy’s voices. Amanda turned to me and said “I guess my brother is finally here with his friends. Remember when I texted him before? I was telling him to meet me here”. I kept yelling out “you fucking b*tch!” but no word could be made out clearly. Then it happened. She pulled out her phone and started taking pictures of my naked body. She told me that if I ever spoke a word of this to anyone, she would make sure everyone in school and the whole world would see these pictures. “Amanda, where are you” I heard Josh yelling in the distance. “I’m in here Josh” Amanda yelled back. She looked at me with an evil grin on her face and said “let’s see if my Joshy still wants you to be his Valentine after he sees what a little wh*r* you are”. My heart was pounding knowing that Josh and his friends were about to see me tied up and completely naked. The tears started back up again, and then it happened.

“AMANDA WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO!” I heard Josh yell out as him and his friends walked in and stared at me. I just wanted to die at that point. Amanda told him that she saw the note he sent me and that there was no way that little wh*r* (me) was going to steal him away from her. He told her that she went too far and that he was going to tell his mom and her dad what she did. She told him that if he did, she would tell them what he really did after Karate class every Tuesday. I don’t know what she meant by that, but it shut him up really quickly, so that must’ve been a big secret he was keeping. She walked up to me one last time and whispered in my ear “This stays our little secret, and stay the fuck away from my Joshy”. She lit up another cigarette, and as her and her friends were leaving the tree house, she dropped the knife in front of Josh and said “she all yours know. Have fun with your little Valentine”. After that all three of the girls were gone.

Josh picked up the knife and ran over to cut me lose. His friends came over to help too, but I think they were just getting closer to get a better look, because I noticed one of his friends had a boner. He took the tape off my mouth and got my hands free. I started crying uncontrollably and held him tight. I probably should have put some clothes on first because I’m pretty sure his friends were staring at my ass, but at that moment I didn’t care. He helped me calm down a little bit, and I was able to get my pants and jacket on. He asked me what the hell happened, but I didn’t answer. I gathered up my cut clothes and stuffed them as best I could into my jacket pocket. I ran out of there crying, and from then on I never spoke to Amanda, her friends or Josh ever again.
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