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I hadn’t seen Julie for a while, so when a book she’d ordered from Amazon arrived and the postman asked if I’d take it in I readily agreed, thinking she’d probably collect it later. When she failed to appear that night, I decided to drop it over.

The following evening, after I’d finished my meal, washed and dried the plates and tackled some work I’d brought home, I remembered the book, so went across the road to deliver it. Julie’s flatmate Gail answered the door.

“Oh, Julie’s away for a few days,” she said on seeing the parcel. “Come in.” We sat down and she explained that someone at her company’s other branch had been out sick, and Julie had volunteered to fill in. “She’ll be back by the weekend. So how are you and your girlfriend, um … oh, remind me, what is her name?”

“She hasn’t got a name,” I said. “Lynda and I split up again about three weeks ago.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Still, nice good-looking young chap like you won’t be on your own for long. Our Julie seems quite keen.” I didn’t say anything, but was sure it was my increasing closeness to Julie that had hastened Lynda’s departure. I was also a bit puzzled that Gail had called me ‘young.’ She could only have been a year or two older than me, surely?

“I understand that you’re as much of a general knowledge buff as she is.”

“Well I do enjoy the odd quiz.”

“It’s that one I’m told you like the most.” Sitting under the coffee table was a familiar Trivial Pursuit box. How much had Julie told her?

“She also said you had a more interesting way of playing it, although she went a bit shy when I asked for the details. Can you explain it to me?”

“Er, well, umm …”

“Better idea, I’ve got the evening free. If you have too, we can just play it and you can explain it as we go.”

I took a good look at Gail. She was very tall, about five foot nine or ten, with a little more meat on than I like my women to have, but she was very well spoken, always smartly dressed and was the proud possessor of a majestic mane of auburn hair. Her brown eyes compared nicely with Lynda’s pale blue, and Julie’s dark green ones, and were framed by graceful brows not quite hidden under her fringe. She actually had a really pretty face, with a small, neat nose, straight white teeth and lips so dark they didn’t need lipstick. I couldn’t think why I hadn’t noticed her before; certainly the idea of getting her naked appealed. Also, she didn’t look like she was wearing much at the moment. She had no shoes on and I was pretty sure she was braless. I found myself wondering if she was knickerless too, and were we therefore heading for a short game?

I said, “OK,” and went on to explain all the rules we had worked out so far. She didn’t flinch when I mentioned that removal of clothing would be involved, and even had a good laugh at the rule that said you couldn’t creep away and add extra layers. Looking at her, there would certainly have been some scope for that.

She fetched the rather worn-looking box, opened it and assembled the board, circles, cheeses and cards on the coffee table.

“That looks like it’s seen some use,” I observed.

“Well I’m sure you know how much Julie loves ‘Triv’ as she calls it. And when she moved in here, she got me hooked too. And it is very old, but that’s all right – you just need to forget anything after about 1987.” She had a sense of humour too, this evening was getting better and better. We made ourselves comfortable at opposite ends of an extremely plush and comfortable sofa.

The minute we started playing, I realised I had a problem. Gail was brilliant! She took the first two cheeses without stopping, and nearly reached the third before falling down on a question that wanted Tesla’s first name. Admittedly, there aren’t many guys called Nicola. I took over and got a question right, then one wrong so had to hand the dice straight back. At least it wasn’t a cheese question so I got to keep my pullover, my shoes and socks having already gone.

Gail was on the next cheese in a single move and I didn’t get to keep my pullover for very long. It was a very obscure question but she aced it without even blinking. Did this woman know everything? Evidently not, because she then fell down on a sport question and I was in. A single move got me to my first cheese, the blue.

Gail read out the question. “What type of rock is basalt?”

“Igneous. I nominate you, by the way.”

Gail giggled and removed her socks. Socks! I was getting nowhere here. I rolled again, landed on a Throw Again square and chose a History question as my next destination. Getting Oliver Cromwell confused with Richard Cromwell sent the dice back to Gail, who once again took only one move to get to her next cheese, a pink.

“I’m just going to fetch us a drink,” she said and headed for the kitchen. By the time she had returned with a bottle, two wine glasses and a bowl of nuts, I had sneaked a look at the question and it wasn’t an easy one. I didn’t know the answer anyway.

“Ready,” she announced after switching on the light and closing the curtains. She remained standing as I read, “In the Henry Fonda film 12 Angry Men, which actor plays the last member of the jury to change his vote?”

Martin Balsam.”

“Lee J. Cobb.” Gail, still standing, undid all ten buttons on her shirt, slowly peeled it off and threw it onto the armchair. I was right! She wasn’t wearing a bra. I couldn’t help staring. Her tits were larger than either Lynda’s or Julie’s, with small, pink, perky nipples. And they hadn’t drooped a single millimetre.

She smiled and retook her seat on the sofa. “Well? Like what you see?”

“Err … yes I do.” (And so did my dick!) “They look absolutely beautiful.”

“You don’t have to just look, you know.” I shifted to sit next to her and cupped one in each hand. They were unbelievably firm. I moved lower, took one nipple in my mouth and it immediately became a fair bit perkier than before. I heard her catch her breath as I strummed the other nipple with my free hand, then her free hand undid the top button of my shirt and was gently brushed away.

“I’ll let you know when we get to that part of the game.”

“Hope it’s soon.”

“The way you’re getting through it, it will be.” For the moment though, I was perfectly happy where I was, sitting kissing both breasts.

“Hey! What about me!”

“OK.” I lifted my head to face her and we kissed for a while, fairly passionately. Then I said, “Come on, back to the game.”

It was my turn so I rolled the dice and two correct answers got me to the next cheese, a brown; Arts and Literature. The question was: what was George Orwell’s real name? Could I think of it? In the end, I just passed. “Now you can take my shirt off.”

Gail leaned over, unbuttoned my shirt, slipped it sensuously off and tossed it aside. She pulled me closer and gave my nipples the same treatment hers had just had, with a skill I envied. Downstairs in my jeans, things were getting rather tight. I wondered what was happening in hers.

By mutual consent we disengaged and Gail had her next throw, which took her closer to the next cheese, but an awkward history question stopped her. My go took me away from the brown cheese but a crafty U-turn got me back to face another A&L question. This one was easier. I knew W. B. Yeats was Irish. I tucked my little brown triangle into my circle, and wondered if I might be seeing another brown triangle very soon.

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Everard Everard is offline
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Gail undid the belt and zip of her expensive-looking jeans, slid them down and away, then carefully folded them before putting them over the back of one of the chairs. Damn! She was wearing knickers. They were nice ones, though, pale pink, frilly … and brief.

Things were going better than I’d feared, so I decided to go straight across the middle to get to the pink cheese. “Just a minute,” said Gail, “What happens if you land in the middle?”

This was the new bit I’d just worked out, so I said, “If you land there with a full circle for the final question, it’s more difficult because the colour is chosen for you. So if you lose nothing happens, but if you win you get to nominate two players to remove one item each.”

“What if there’s only one other?”

“Then they remove two. Now during the game if you hit the hub you get to choose your own colour, so if you win nothing happens, but if you lose you have to nominate two players to replace one item each. Or if there’s only one, they replace two.”

“So why would anybody land there?”

“Well I admit it’s a risk, but it’s also a good short cut.”

I threw a five, landing one short of the hub. I got the question right, threw again and got a one. I could land on the hub, or go backwards. I decided to take the risk so went for the hub.

“Pink question please.”

Gail read out the question, which was about 90s grunge, thus proving that her 1987 joke had been just that, a joke. I had no idea what the answer was, so had to sit there watching her put her shirt and jeans on again. God dammit! I was almost back where I started.

Two moves took Gail to her next cheese, the green. She got a question about plants. I had no idea what the answer was, but then, I wasn’t a gardener – unlike her. She aced it, and my jeans followed my shirt and the rest, my appreciation of her charms becoming even more evident.

“Nice stiffy, boy!” said Gail as she eyed the bulge in my briefs hungrily. I got my revenge when she stalled on her next question, I won the pink cheese and her shirt came off for the second time.

“Well, hello again,” I said directing my words at her magnificent breasts. She sat near me so that I could hold them, and I alternately kissed them, and her. By this time my cock was practically busting the seams of my briefs, and I noticed her stealing the occasional glance in its direction. This must have distracted me, because I completely fouled up on the very next question and passed the dice over.

Gail showed no mercy. Her next throw took her straight to the brown A&L cheese. I read out the question, which was something about Chaucer, and she answered it without hesitation. She was at my end of the sofa almost as quickly, and dragged my briefs off my body in an instant.

“Wow …” her eager little fingers caressed my tumescent manhood. “Does this mean I’ve won now that I’ve got you naked?”

“No, because at some future point in the game” – not that I was concentrating too hard on such details at that precise moment – “I could put something back on.”

“Not if I can help it darling. So we just carry on playing, then?”

“Well, yes.”

“OK, but not just yet.” Her mouth closed over my erection and for several minutes I forgot the game even existed. Just when I thought I couldn’t last another second, she disengaged, stood up and removed her jeans.

“You’ve already seen me without these so it doesn’t matter.” She stood in contemplation for a few seconds then decided, “And anyway, you’re naked so what the hell?” She then stepped out of her panties and I sat there, transfixed.

Unlike Lynda and Julie, Gail had a bush. But it was so tidy! There was hardly anything of it, and it left her pussy lips clearly visible. Very nice they were, too.

I reached up and pulled her towards me. She straddled me and lowered her already juicy honeybox straight onto my now vertical cock. She started moving immediately and I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I didn’t, but even so she managed to cum two or three times before I achieved it once. Both her orgasms and mine were intense, loud … and bloody amazing.

Some time passed before one of us could speak. It was the woman first, as usual.

“So what’s next in the game?”

“No rush …”

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… CONTINUED (the penultimate part)

Only a couple of nights later, I got a phone call.

“Are we going to finish this game before Julie gets back?”

It was Gail. I didn’t understand where Julie came into it, so said nothing about that. What I did say, though, was, “When would you like to finish it?”


“Sounds good.”

So the following evening, I turned up at the flat. Gail met me at the door and as soon as I was in, and it was shut, grabbed me and gave me a huge kiss that lasted quite a while and by the time it ended, I felt as though I had been turned inside out. I went into the living room ready to collapse onto the sofa, but it wasn’t there. Neither were the chairs. Only the coffee table stood forlornly in the centre of the room.

“We ordered a new suite yesterday, but it isn’t due to arrive until Saturday,” she explained. “Come with me.” I did. Gail’s bedroom was small and cosy, made all the more so for being filled by the most massive double bed I’d ever seen. Is there one bigger than a king-sized? If so, that’s what it was. There was a huge area on which to spread out the board, question cards, dice and, most importantly, us. A small cabinet on each side was sufficient to hold the drinks and snacks.

“I don’t know,” I said, mock-seriously. “If I come into your room, will you promise to be good?”

“Good? Darling, I’ll be brilliant.” She gave me a peck on the cheek and left to fetch the wine. I felt no guilt; Lynda was long gone, and Julie and I not yet boyfriend and girlfriend, although it felt we might be heading that way.

Gail returned, poured out the drinks and made herself comfortable on the bed so I joined her. She took a sheet of paper out of the Triv box and studied it. “So last time,” she announced, “You were yellow, I was orange.” She took out the circles. “I had five wedges. Oh, you call them cheeses, don’t you? Mine are blue, orange, yellow, green and brown so I only need the pink. You have three, the blue, brown and pink, so you need –”

“All right, don’t rub it in. Just say you’re thrashing me and be done with it.”

She chuckled, and inserted the wedges into each circle. “And here’s where the circles were,” placing them on the board. “And it was my turn.”

Pride cometh before a fall! She got the very first question wrong and passed me the dice. I went for the green and threw a six to land one square short, where I was stopped in my tracks by a question on Chekhov. All those episodes of Star Trek, and I hadn’t even noticed he wrote plays.

Gail was heading straight for the pink, the only cheese she needed, so went across the hub. In two moves she was on it – a risk of course, but worth taking when you’re two ahead. Requesting a pink question, she got one on Star Trek, but it didn’t mention The Cherry Orchard, it asked who’d written the theme music. I’d forgotten, but it turned out she hadn’t.

“What do I get?”



From my jeans pocket, I retrieved the rules I’d printed out. “Rule 3, dear.” I passed it to her.

“Oh.” She placed it on the cabinet on her side for future reference. Then the lucky cow threw a six, to go straight to the pink. She pulled out the card and started to read the question, but I stopped her.

“For the last cheese, you have the category chosen for you.”

She retrieved the sheet of paper. “That’s not on here.”

“No, I forgot to add it. It would be rule 5 if I’d remembered.”

Muttering ‘cheat’ under her breath she handed me the card, and I chose a question.

“This is on History. What was the name of Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter?”

“She was called Victoria too!” No hesitation whatsoever. I passed her the final cheese and removed my socks, having taken off my shoes already because I was sitting on the bed. Gail, I noticed, was wearing neither shoes nor socks. So it was back to the hub and in two moves, she was there.

I scanned the next question card, and gave up. “ I bet you’ll know all those.”

“OK, variation. Forget the cards and ask me anything. Call it Rule 6 if you like.”

“Good idea.” I took a sip of my wine, sat and thought for a second.

“Got it. A pink question. In The Big Bang Theory, what is Sheldon’s first name?”

That stopped her. She had a couple of swigs of wine, went to the loo, returned, sat back on the bed, and said, “It’s Howard, isn’t it?”

“No, Sheldon IS his first name. Sheldon Cooper.”

“Trick question! You swine!” Then she laughed out loud, and to show I was forgiven, hugged me tightly, and gave me another long kiss to go with it.

“My turn again.”

“Not yet! I have to take something off.” Actually, she didn’t at this stage; she’d forgotten the rules, but I said nothing and let her go ahead. She took hold of her huge floppy pullover, peeled it off and threw it across the room to land neatly on a chair. When I looked back she was half naked! Hidden under this great big thing, she hadn’t put on a shirt or bra. She lay on her back, laughing at my surprise, which made her breasts ripple most alluringly. I delicately caressed one with each index finger, tantalisingly circling the nipples, which by now were threatening to put dents on the ceiling. The frustration made her wince, and after a few seconds, she grabbed my hands, and thrust them onto her sizeable yet shapely tits. My tongue followed my fingers, and we forgot the game for a while, particularly when she reached out and grabbed my cock. Even from outside my jeans, it felt good.

“Come on, it’s my go now.” I picked up the dice and in two moves reached the green, and a lucky science question got me the cheese.

Gail started to unfasten her jeans, but I stopped her. “You can keep those on, you took one off at the hub when you didn’t have to.” I showed her Rule 3.

“So you cheated twice on the same question! I’ll have to make you pay for that …”

And I did pay for it, by getting the next question wrong. Gail now had to move away from the hub, but the dice, and the questions were kind to her and she was soon back, requesting another question, ‘one of your made-up ones,’ as she called it.

“Pink question again then. In The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, what are the names of the two mice?”

“Frankie and Benjy.”

“Congratulations, you’ve won!”

“And I invoke Rule 7.”

“There isn’t one.”

“Yes there is, I’ve just decided: ‘When a game is won, all participants must remove all remaining clothing immediately.’”

Thus saying, she slid off her jeans. Wow! She hadn’t been wearing any knickers either. In seconds, she had me naked too and there we were on the bed with her eager mouth already fastened round my dick, which was surely harder than it had ever been before. Following her lead, I placed my tongue between her slitheringly wet pussy lips, while my fingers closed in on her awaiting clitoris. She came noisily the instant I touched it.

“Bloody hell, Everard. Time to turn round.”

We did. She wrapped her arms and legs tightly round me as I lay on top of her, looking into her lovely eyes, caressing her astonishing hair, and brushing her sensuous lips with tiny kisses. Suddenly, Gail made a grab for my dick to insert it, but I pushed her hand away and held it myself, dipping it in her juices then rubbing it against her clit, until her breaths became so short they were little more than gasps.

“Ooohhh, fuck!” she panted. “Stop that! I want it in me NOW!!

Slowly, tantalisingly, I eased into her tunnel of love, taking several seconds for my entire length to penetrate. She raised her head and forced her tongue down my throat as we started to move together. She was bucking so much I could hardly stay on. This was going to be a big one; I could almost feel it starting in the soles of my feet. And so it proved.

“Bloody hell … oohh blooody HELLL … oh SHIT … oh FUCK! … OH GOD … OOHH GODDDD!!! … OHGOD OHGOD OHGOD OHGOD OHGOD!!!! … OOHH … oohh … oh …”

And that was just me. You should have heard what she was like.

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And here is the last instalment!


Julie and I were in my flat playing Triv as usual when the doorbell rang. She was sitting half naked on the hearthrug and started to look worried.

“If it’s Lynda, will you let her in?”

“Of course not, and it wouldn’t be her anyway, she wouldn’t ring. She has a key, and she’s promised to bring that back.” I leaned out of the window, so that I could see who was standing there, and smiled with relief.

“It’s Gail.”

“No problem.” She stuck her chest out. “She’s seen these before anyway.”

I was still relatively dressed, so went to the door. I opened it and beckoned Gail in, and on entering she gave me a kiss on the cheek as Julie called “Hi Gail!” from the living room.

“Oh, look,” she said, “There’s a key on your doormat.” (Good, I thought to myself.)

“You should have said you were coming,” Julie said, as we entered, “Then we wouldn’t have started without you. We’re way ahead now.”

“Now don’t be a spoilsport,” I said. “We can easily bring her up to speed. What have you lost, Julie?”

“Shoes, tights, jumper, shirt and bra.”

“That’s five. I’ve lost shoes, socks and jumper so three. Average is four so remove four of your choice, Gail. What about cheeses, Julie?”

“I’ve got one, you’ve got three. Average two.”

“Do I get to choose my cheeses?”

I said “No.” Julie said “Yes,” so I could see whose side she was on.

“Okay, what if I choose one, you choose the other?” suggested Gail.

“Yeah, that’s acceptable. Which do you want?”

“Orange, please.” Crafty cow, I thought, the hardest.

“We choose pink,” I said. Julie selected a circle and loaded it with the two cheeses, and while I was pouring Gail a drink, she took off her coat and hung it up, saying that to be fair she wouldn’t count that. Then her shoes, tights, jumper and shirt joined our pile in the corner. It was the first time I’d seen her wearing a bra come to think of it. She sat down, cosily close to me, throwing one arm nonchalantly round my shoulder, earning a suspicious look from Julie.

“Whose turn is it?”

“It’s mine,” I said, “Because I’d just got the green cheese. You can be after me.” I made my next move, which sent me to a pink, and a question about Britpop. I always get the Arctic Chiefs mixed up with the Kaiser Monkeys, and anyway the answer was neither so the dice went straight to Gail. She was away. To be absolutely fair, we’d made her start from the hub just as we had, and her first throw was a six to land smack on the blue. She got the question right so quickly I can’t even remember what it was now, gaining a cheese and nominating me, so I lost my shirt.

Gail lost the very next question though, Julie taking only one move to get to her next cheese, the yellow. She won it too, on what I considered a very easy history question, and nominated Gail, who stepped out of her skirt before returning to her former position wrapped around me. Julie glared at her again, thus possibly putting herself off, as she then failed to answer a geography question which I thought even easier than her previous history one. I couldn’t talk; I failed on my first question too and passed the dice to my right.

In two moves, Gail was on the brown, and a question about W. B Yeats. He was Irish, but she thought he was Scottish. My right hand only had to move a couple of inches to unfasten her bra strap, after which I helpfully slid it away onto the floor. Her perfectly pink nipples were just too tempting, and I couldn’t stop myself from giving the nearer one a playful lick, while my hand tantalised the other. Then noticing the dirty look Julie was giving me, I cooled it slightly.

Gail went to use the loo and I got up to refill the drinks. Then I noticed Julie beckoning me over, so I went and sat down next to her.

“Don’t I get a lick then?” she whispered.

“Oh, sorry dear.” I lowered my head and took one nipple in my mouth, rolling my tongue around it until I could feel it harden. Julie’s boobs may have been a touch smaller than Gail’s, but they were no less heavenly.

Suddenly she said, “Have you been playing away? While I was in sunny Swansea, were you possibly having a little Trivial Pursuit of your own?”

“What do you mean ‘playing away’?” I hissed back. “We’re not a couple are we?”

“That could easily be changed.”

“What? You mean you’d like us to play Triv only with each other, exclusively?”

Her emerald eyes looked directly into mine. “Yes, my love.”

“Then I say yes, too. On one condition – we finish this evening, then we draw a line under it.”

“You crafty sod! Okay, I agree.” We made out for a while until we heard Gail coming back, then I returned to my previous seat.

It was Julie’s turn again; she reached the orange cheese, fell down on the question, wriggled out of her skirt and passed me the dice. In three moves I was back on the green cheese I had recently left, and as Julie read from the card, I wondered which of these two unbelievably hot women I would choose to have naked in a few seconds time.

“Well … what is it?” Julie was waiting for my answer to the question.

“Oh … sorry, could you repeat it?”

Julie tut-tutted and said, “What is the world’s largest living rodent?”

“Ah! I know that. It’s er, no not the coypu, it’s the other one, capercaillie.”

Julie looked disgusted. “No, capyBARA.”

“Oh, ruddy heck, course it is.” I threw my jeans into the corner. Still at least we were all now even. Only in clothes though. Gail reached out and gave my erection a gentle stroke so I moved a little nearer to make it easier. With her other hand she rolled the dice and a few moves later was back at the brown cheese she’d missed out on before. I’m sure everyone knows that Noel Coward wrote Blithe Spirit. Gail was no exception, and nominated Julie.

Julie stood up, and I stood in front of her to eradicate her last barrier to nudity. When that was achieved she bent down and, unseen by Gail who was concentrating on making her next move, opened the front of my boxers and took me in her mouth for a few seconds.

“Come on, I’m waiting for a question. Yellow, please.”

We regained our seats and the question was read out for Gail, who answered it and the next two correctly thus getting to the next cheese, the green. Did you know that Sir Christopher Cockerell invented the hovercraft? Gail did, so had to let go of my boner for my boxers to come off. Her hand went straight back afterwards though, I noticed.

She could do no wrong. She threw a six, which got her to a geography question, got that right then threw a one to drop onto the pink. I can’t even remember the question now but she aced it. She couldn’t earn a cheese for that as she already had it, but was able to continue, and shot off towards the yellow.

“We can’t take anything off,” I said. “You’ll have to put something on.” I fished under the coffee table, found a pair of tights and handed them to her. I think they were hers. She threw them on, rolled the dice again, landed on another question, answered it, got a couple of Throw Agains, and of course plonked her circle down on Yellow.

Julie took out the next card but Gail said, “No! You have to make one up.”


“New rule,” I said. “Forget it for now, just read that one.” She did so. Something about the Gunpowder Plot.

“Robert Catesby, “ said Gail. “Correct,” said Julie. “Put something on.”

I rummaged around and came up with a shirt. It was mine but I was past caring by then. I helped Gail into it and said, “Right, that’s enough, you’re miles ahead of us and I therefore declare you the winner. Just remind Julie what the other rule was that we introduced.”

“Oh, yes, umm … as soon as the game is won, all participants must remove all remaining clothing immediately – and go straight to bed.” I didn’t remember coming up with that last bit, but who was I to complain?

By the time Gail caught us up, she was as naked as we were.

I think everyone shagged everyone else that night.


(or is it …?)
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This probably is the end; although these stories have been great fun to write, they do take a long time because I like to get all the details right! But they don't seem to have generated that much interest so I'll be writing something different (and easier!) in the future.

Of course, if anyone else wants to take over, they're welcome ...
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