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Old 09-01-2017, 02:53 PM
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Default Fingered at the bar

I had been worried that my new dress was too short. It was a gift from my boyfriend Sam, who I had been seeing for about 4 weeks. It was a typical little black dress, very short,and split to show off cleavage. But it was a size to small, and showed too much of my 36d tits, and barely covered my ass.
I had decided I wouldnt be wearing it again after a few catty comments from my friends, but after a few cocktails,a few beers, and every man in the pub devouring me with their eyes, I decided I would keep it for nights out on the pull. Well, Sam was unlikely to stay around too long. None of my last few boyfriends did. I wouldn't mind but I tried really really hard.
I always gave a bj on the first date,sometimes a shag. One guy who I really liked,mainly because of his huge cock, I let his his mate join in. But I still got dumped.Lucky he swore he wouldn't show anybody the many nude pics I let him take.
So there I was in the bar with Sharon and Lucy.
Sam had dropped in with a few of his mates but I knew he was going off to a club after a few pints.I saw him and the lads look over a few times and laughing.I was glad they were having fun.And I would let Sam have a fun time later.
He had asked me for anal last week and I said no.I would let him later.Making him wait a full week was cruel.Maybe he would like me more if I let him.I actually only said no last week because I was very sore anyway after some rough solo play with my rabbit.
Everytime I went to the bar Sam would slip his hand up my skirt and play with my ass.I knew people could see but I didnt care.I was loving it. And I knew all the guys there wanted me. I had slept with 4 or 5 of the guys in the bar already
Definitely 4, but I was so drunk with Mike so I couldn't remember if we done the deed .I think his name was Mike anyway.Whatever. He was cute so I would probably shag him sometime anyway.
I hadn't seen Sam in a while.I didn't know if he was in the loo,or had gone without saying goodbye.If he had gone,he wasn't getting anal later.No way.Well,maybe.
Then I was at the far side of the bar,which was a bit quieter, waiting on a cocktail,when I felt his hand go under my skirt and up my ass.
I relaxed and leaned back slightly without turning around.He pushed my amost non existant g-string aside and found my wet pussy.I murmered my approval and reached behind and rubbed his cock over his trousers.He was rock hard.
He pushed his finger inside me as I rubbed his cock as much as I could.He had put a second,and then a third finger inside me.I was loving it.God I wanted him in my mouth.Later on he would be for sure.There was nothing I liked more in bed than swallowing a big load. It was like a reward, a thank you.Evidence that I had turned him on.His wet finger found my bum.It went in easily.I was in heaven as he slid it in and out ,hard and fast.I was afraid I would gush.
Then he moved to my clit,and just as the bar man gave me my drink,I came,with a loud OH.
I knew the barman could see but I just smiled.Another man to add to my to do list.
I felt Sam withdraw his finger,his job done. He gave me a little slap on my ass which made me giggle.
I looked up to the mirror to scan the crowd to see if anyone else saw us play.I saw the door to the loo open and Sam walked out.
Oops. I tried to see if any guys were looking at me so I might see the cheeky git,but all the guys were looking.Oh well,hehe.
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