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Old 08-05-2018, 03:36 PM
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....definitely weird and embarrassing... but I guess that's part of what makes it a fantasy...

I picture myself getting caught masterbating by any one of a number of pretty ladies I know (but havent had a sexual relationship with.. mostly friend's wives, or girlfriends)...there I am with a rock-hard erection on full display in front of this wide-eyed shocked (but smiling) sexy lady (who perhaps I have a crush on or am fantasizing about).. she's dressed in a sexy skirt or dress and high heels and her surprise quickly turns to amusement and an exceptionally teasing demeanor... she makes me continue to masterbate in front of her as I get lost staring in her eyes and feeling myself about to explode... but before cumming she takes me over her knee to give me a sound spanking for being such a 'naughty young man'... partly from the embarrassment and but mostly due to the stinging slaps she rains down on my rear end, I am flushed, blushing and totally turned on... she gets me off her lap, kneels down in front of me and gives me a blow job that ends with me cumming all over her attractive face, her sexy dress and in her luscious pretty long hair... I lay her down on the floor, flip her dress up and yank her panties down before diving my face into her sex and licking her to ecstasy
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Old 08-06-2018, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by 14sailor View Post
Being at a party and getting to drunk or stoned and losing track of my wife. Once I get it together I go hunting for her and when people see me they act kind of weird. Going to the back of the house I find her obviously high sucking a guys dick as others watch. Sheís half undressed and Iím so shocked I donít move. Itís like seeing a dream and while Iím hesitating a guy who has looked at me and knows me gets behind her and shoves his dick in her, making her shake as she cums from it. Speechless I stand there beet red with embarrassment and the longer I donít do anything the more people ignore me turning back to watch her cum and the worse it is for me. Some guys move me out of the way to get a better view as my friends watch and smile. Everytime I see them after that they look at me and ask if my wife is coming to the party again. Some have come to the house to ďvisitĒ. I am ashamed over what happened and get excited by the thought That I would let it.
Sailor, that is my fantasy that I'm also asahmed of!! Reading yours made me hard as heck!! Thanks for sharing
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Old 08-07-2018, 12:01 AM
carbilz carbilz is offline
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Default Embarrassing Fantasy

I would love to see my wife take control while on vacation. I have a small (really tiny) penis, I'm turned on by SPH and I want her to say that she is tired of not feeling a cock in her. She tells me that she is going to find someone to fuck her like a sl*t. We go out clubbing and she flirts and even tells people 9men and women) that I have a tiny penis like a little boy. She dances and gets felt up on the dance floor. She brings a guy back to our room and he takes her like I never could, he refuses to wear a condom and even makes her let him take some pics for his "friends" swears he won't post them. After he leaves she makes me lay on the bed and she sits on my face and orders me to lick her clean. She then tells me that the only way I will ever cum again is if I always lick it up after. We get back home and are surfing the web and see that our "friend" has posted pics with her face showing on OCC. He uses her real 1st name and mentions the city we live in. she adds to the post by showing a pic of my tiny penis. The next time her friends are over she tells hem about the guy from vacation, when one of them says "how could you do that to your husband, she calls me to the room and strips me bare after they all laugh at my penis, I'm made to stay nude while they play cards. I see a couple of them taking pics, this concerns me since one of them is married to a co-worker of mine who keeps telling me that he will someday fuck my wife......
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Old 08-07-2018, 02:34 PM
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Default The niece

It's morning I've just gotten out of bed I'm wearing my robe sitting on the couch going through my phone. In walks my niece plops herself on my lap giggles and says good morning Uncle. Eventually she gets anxious and starts wiggling around before long I'm hard after that I start to feel skin against by kock and realize her sleep shorts have ridden up and my cock is in between her legs she giggles and knows it's there. I say sweetie you gotta stay still please she giggles continues to wiggle. Before long I'm feeling moisture then her breathing has changed she is managed to pressed me against her small pussy I can't help but clench and when I clench I felt or sleep shorts a give and my cock slaps the bottom of her tummy she breathes in looks over her shoulder reaches into her panties and feels me kisses me on the cheek and then runs away.
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