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Old 01-21-2009, 11:36 PM
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Default Diane Caught Out In The Open

[This was my first attempt at writing an erotic story. I put this story on literotica about two or so years ago. Its not perfect, but if you like ENF situations you might like it. Thanks for Reading!]

Let me introduce myself, my name is Dan. I am married to a wonderful woman named Diane. We are a fun loving couple in our early 30's. Once we met, we both knew that we were meant for each other. We were high school sweet hearts and were married soon after college.

Diane is a very beautiful woman. She's around 5'6" and weighs around 125lbs. She has the gorgeous wavy blonde hair and deep green eyes. Her boobs aren't the biggest ones I've ever seen, but they are very proportional to her body. Her boobs are perfectly round with perky little nipples.

Her best feature by far has to be her butt. She has the cutest little bubble butt I've ever seen! Her best friend says she has " a ghetto booty."

Diane will only do a little "accidental" flashing and only then only on certain occasions. She likes the attention and the looks of the men around her, but she said that she would be too embarrassed to be naked in front them.

When we bought a digital camera, I took some nude photos of her and showed them to a few of my friends. I told her that I only showed them the soft photos, but I actually showed most of them (including hardcore).

When she found out that I had showed them to my friends she didn't get mad. She was more interested in what they thought of the photographs and her body. However, I do think it was a shock to her to find out that all of my friends thought she was hot and wanted to fuck her.

Anyways, this event started on a regular Saturday morning. We awoke and sometime over breakfast decided that a picnic would be fun. Well, she thought the picnic would be fun, but I really wanted to take some nude photographs of her outdoors.

I had gotten her to take pictures outdoors already. Whenever we went to the park, she would flash the camera a few times. She definitely got a rush from the possibility that she would be caught naked. We had quite a few close calls in our escapades. Diane tried to pose completely nude in the park once, but wimped out in the end. So our park pictures were pretty tame overall.

Knowing that she would probably wouldn't pose nude for me if we went to the park, I got a good idea in my head. We could go to Tim's lake for our picnic. We could have our picnic, lie on the beach or whatever we wanted. Tim owned a big lake next to his house; I also remembered that Tim said something about going away this weekend. So if Tim's family wasn't around then we would have the whole lake to ourselves.

Tim has been a client for a couple of years; actually he is our biggest client. Tim and his wife Sandra also run their own business. Our company does all of their Advertising work, so we see Tim and his wife quite regularly. We don't really hang out away from work, but they are very good acquaintances of ours. I guess I would call them "work friends." Diane and I always look forward to our meetings and lunches with Tim and Sandra. They are both fun and very interesting individuals.

Some of our meetings take place in casual settings. One time Tim and Sandra came over for lunch at our house to go over some ideas. Diane was wearing a tank top with spaghetti straps and shorts on. The outfit was a little tight, and showed off her body quite nicely. Tim was so enamored; he couldn't concentrate on business at all. It was apparent to Sandra and me what was wrong with Steve. Diane seemed oblivious, that or she didn't mind Tim's attention.

Tim and Sandra are both in their mid 40's, but don't look much older than us. In fact, Sandra is a very attractive. She is a bit taller and bigger built than my wife, but is proportioned quite nice. She has shoulder length, curly brunette hair. Her eyes are a light blue that are really set off by her dark hair.

According to Diane, Tim is an attractive man. I really have no opinion about that, but I will say he's not an ugly man. Close to six foot tall, not fat and has all his hair. That's probably the best description I can give of him.

They both seem very nice, but they seem a bit more conservative than us. Once during a meeting, Tim told me that he had a lake right next to his house and told us that we were welcome to use it whenever.

I called Tim and asked him if we could go out to his lake for the afternoon. He said that was fine. He told us we'd have the whole place to ourselves because; they had plans to take their kids to her mother's house, so they wouldn't be home most of the day.

I figured with the seclusion of the lake that I could get Diane to pose completely naked for me. The lake is right next to their house. Behind the house Tim had a few tons of sand dropped, making a nice private beach. I knew if I couldn't get her to pose there, she probably wouldn't ever pose outside. I wanted to bring something to loosen her up, so before we left, I dropped a bottle of Jack Daniels in the cooler.

Once we finally arrived at the lake, we spread out our blanket and settled down upon the grass. It was a warm sunny day with a slight breeze. We talked and ate a little bit of lunch, when I pulled out the JD and Cokes. She probably knew something was up then, but she didn't refuse the drinks either.


During the next two hours we did a bit of drinking. The stereo was jamming and Diane was right on the verge of being completely drunk. I once again asked her if she would mind doing some posing me. I told her how Tim and Sandra were going to be gone for most of the day, so it would just be the two of us. She thought about it for a minute and gave me a sly grin. She said she wanted to have one more drink and she'd do it. I was only too happy to serve her that drink.

The first thing Diane did was strip down to her bikini. She was wearing a red bikini with black strings. The bikini fit Diane perfectly. The top was triangle cut, but didn't quite cover her breasts fully. It covered her nipples just fine, but the outer edges of her boobs were popping out quite a bit. The bikini bottoms were a Brazilian cut with tie strings. The back of the bikini would cover her butt as long as she didn't walk. As soon as Diane would walk a few feet, that bikini would be up her ass like a thong!

Diane didn't really pose for me at first; she just kept dancing to the music on the radio. I could tell by her dancing that she was really drunk. I got up and danced with her and ran my hands all over her body to get her horny. It seemed to work, pretty soon her top was off and she would dance a bit, then she would stop and pose for a few seconds.

I happily snapped away at Diane's half naked body. These shots were coming out great; Diane was really getting into our session now. Once she wore herself out dancing, she went over to the cooler and grabbed the Jack Daniels bottle. She took a big swig from the JD bottle and chased it down with a gulp of Coke. I thought "Uh Oh, she is going to be totally fucked pretty soon." So, I cut her off (Diane doesn't know when to stop drinking by herself).

I asked her to take her bottoms off and she did it without hesitation. I knew she was really drunk now. Diane wouldn't just get naked outside without looking all around for any signs of human life. Not this time, she was as naked as the day she was born in a few seconds.

I walked over to her and kissed her. She was kissing me really strongly, so I knew that all the alcohol had made her really horny. I really wanted some more pictures, so I told Diane to pose over by the picnic table.

The picnic table overlooked the lake. Diane sat on the table's top and pushed her chest out for me. Her dark pink nipples stood erect on perky boobs. In the sunlight Diane's boobs looked awesome!

She was also doing a bit of leg spreading for my camera. Her shaved pussy was freshly shaved and looked smooth in the afternoon sunlight. I also caught a glimpse of wetness when she spread her legs. Diane was growing hornier and with that she was posing more and more provocatively. She started to use her hands to spread her pussy open; she knows how much I like her posed like that.

I snapped away at her spread pussy. Diane's clit was large and exposed and her inner labia were fully engorged. Her wetness was steadily increasing the longer I photographed her.

Diane looked at me and said "If you give me another Jack & Coke, I'll play with myself for you." I looked at the bottle, just enough left for two strong drinks. I didn't need the alcohol and Diane definitely didn't, but I really wanted to see and photograph her playing with herself.

So, I told her "Sure, but I want to see some good action." She assured me that she wouldn't disappoint.

I poured the drinks and we both took a large swig. I was getting a pretty damn good buzzed by now and Diane was off in her own world. She put her drink down and walked back over to the table. She knows I'm an ass man, so she knelt on the bench and bent over the top of the picnic table.

I had Diane's wonderful "ghetto booty" in all its glory staring at me. Round, tight and firm are the best words to describe Diane's butt. Believe me, it is very damn squeezable!

The wetness between her legs was becoming very apparent! She reached back and slowly started to rub the outside of her pussy. I took a few photos, and then I changed the camera's function over to video camera. I wanted to catch all of these actions as well as the sexy sounds Diane was making.

Diane started to rub her pussy faster, I thought she was close to having an orgasm! Then she stopped rubbing took her hand and stuck two fingers in her mouth. They were back at her pussy soon enough. She slowly slid her fingers in and out of her pussy. I got closer, I wanted to get some great close ups of her penetrated pussy.

Diane's fingering became more frenzied as she went. I knew that she was very close to an orgasm and wouldn't stop until she got there. She had one hand sliding fingers in her c*nt and her other hand rubbing her clit. Her moaning was also becoming louder. She was really concentrating her attentions to her clit now. Her head arched back and she moaned a few times really loudly. Wow, she finally came! I was afraid that I was going to cum in my shorts before she got off!

Diane's body went sort of limp as she rested her upper body on top of the table. I widened the aspect of the camera out a bit to show the setting where this event just took place. Get some full body footage with the lake in the back ground.

I thought she was done, but she looked at me and said, "Do you want to take a few more." I told her I did and she started posing for a few more photos.

Diane lifted her glorious ass up in the air and wiggled it a bit. She said "I know you love to photograph my ass!" I said "Well, that work it for me!" She swayed her ass back and forth a bit. Then she reached down and spread her pussy, exposing her engorged clit. I told her how great she looked. She said "One more, OK?" I agreed then she put on hand on each butt cheek and spread them apart. Her tiny pink butt hole and pussy were both stretched wide open. If she had any secrets before, she didn't anymore.

Diane drunkenly got off the table and turned towards me. She stopped dead in her tracks and turned as white as a sheet. I didn't know what freaked her out so bad, so I looked over my shoulder. Not anymore than six feet behind me were standing Tim and Sandra!

I didn't believe my eyes at first. Between the radio, Diane and the alcohol, I never heard them walk up. It took a few seconds for me to realize the whole situation.

Diane had been naked and playing with herself for the last ten minutes. How much had they actually saw? Would they be pissed? A million questions were running through my head. We weren't close friends with Tim and Sandra, so I couldn't say how they would react.

Diane was now and running for her clothes, the only bad thing was that the clothes were behind Tim and Sandra. She ran past them and quickly grabbed her towel and wrapped it around herself. She was too embarrassed to face anyone, so she took her clothes and ran towards our car.

I walked over to Tim and Sandra with a feel of dread upon me. I was also embarrassed about getting caught in that situation and by the fact that I had a raging hard on that my swimming trunks could not conceal.

I slowly walked over to Tim and Sandra. They both said "Hello."

I slowly got most of a "hello" out of my mouth. The first thing Sandra asked me is if Diane was alright. I told her that being caught naked and bent over a picnic table was probably embarrassing the shit out of Diane.

Sandra looked concerned and went to go see if Diane was Okay.

When Tim and I were alone, he looked at me and said "Wow, I never expected to come home and see that!" I started to tell him that I was really sorry, but he then assured me that there was nothing to worry about. I asked about Sandra, and he assured me that she would feel that same way that he did.

He told me that Sandra had her photo taken on that same picnic table. We both kind of laughed about the situation and I knew that everything OK with Tim and Sandra.

I asked Tim how long they were standing there and he said that their kids ended up changing their plans and staying with their aunt who lives like twenty minutes away. So, they ended up getting back much earlier than they thought they would be.

They heard the radio and decided to come out and say hi. They walked over the little hill to the beach and saw Diane bent over the table rubbing her pussy and groaning.

Tim said that they were standing there for a few minutes when Diane looked back and told me "I know you love to photograph my ass!" He couldn't believe she hadn't seen them then. They were both pretty shocked, so they didn't know what to do. I told him that she probably didn't see them because she was a little (okay, a lot) drunk.

"Oohhh", Tim said. He obviously seemed to understand that they did catch Diane out of the blue and she was really embarrassed by the whole situation. Tim asked if there was anyway he could smooth things out with Diane. I told him that I really didn't know how she would react to this situation.

A few moments later Sandra appeared with Diane. I could tell Diane was still really embarrassed, but Sandra was holding her hand and trying to calm her down. They walked closer and my eyes met Diane's, she was totally embarrassed. The ladies walked over to us and Sandra took Tim by the arm and whispered in his ear.

I walked over to Diane and gave her a hug. I told her that they were cool about it, so there wasn't really anything to worry about. She wasn't too comforted by my words. She looked at me and said "You weren't the one caught naked." I agreed that I would be more embarrassed if I was caught in her situation.

Sandra and Tim walked back over and started talking to us. Sandra came out and said "Diane, if it helps at all, you really made Tim's day. He's wanted to see you naked since the first time he met you." Diane was even more embarrassed by hearing this, but she also blushing slightly. I think Tim was embarrassed also; he had a huge grin on his face and didn't deny the charge.

Sandra tried to cheer up Diane, but she just couldn't quite get over being caught in the buff. Sandra looked at Diane and said "Why are you so embarrassed, we're all adults, Tim and I like you both, we were offended. So don't worry about it. OK?" Diane told her that she would be OK; she would get over the embarrassing.

Sandra looked at Tim and he nodded and smiled a little at her. The next thing I knew, she was pulling up her shirt over her head. She looked at me and said "This is your lucky day Dan. Get your camera out!" She continued to strip off her clothes as I turned my camera back on.

Diane was apparently as surprised as I was. Diane asked Sandra what she was doing. Sandra said "I won't let you be the only one naked in front of everyone." Diane was surprised by what Sandra said to her. Diane went on "I talked to Tim and told him that probably the only way you wouldn't feel embarrassed is if I got naked also."

By this time Sandra was stripped down to her bra and panties. I could feel my hard on coming back again. She pulled off her bra to reveal large firm tits with dark sandy nipples. Sandra then slowly slid down her cotton panties and kicked them off. "Oh thank you god!" I thought. Sandra was standing in front of us in all her nude glory. She had a body better than I ever imagined. She wasn't quite as toned as Diane, but still had a rockin' body!

Sandra's C-cup tits bounced slowly as walked around and posed. She had a nice tanned complexion and by the look of her tan lines she only wore a mini g-string while tanning. She had a cute little dark bush between her legs. The hair was closely trimmed, landing strip above her pussy.

I snapped a few photographs of Sandra, when she walked over to the picnic table. She took a deep breath and mounted the table in the same pose they found Diane. She didn't play with herself or spread her pussy, but her ass was out for everyone to see. Sandra looked over at Diane and said "Ok, we're in the same boat now."

Tim jumped in and said "Well, she was caught a little more explicitly than that." Sandra threw him a little dirty glance, reached back and spread her pussy and butt cheeks apart.

"Is that better?" Sandra asked.

"Yeah, but let Dan get a few photos for me." Tim said.

I wasn't sure if I hear right or not, but Tim motioned for me to go ahead. Sandra once again reached back and spread her pussy with two fingers. I could see that she was wet and her clit was quite swollen. I took a few close ups of her pussy and then zoomed out to capture her whole ass.

I got a little closer and she reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks wide open! I couldn't believe that Sandra, a woman who I've done work with for years would be bent over showing me her most private areas. I had always had a little crush on her, but never dreamed about anything like this! I had her pussy and butt hole staring at me from less than a foot away!

After a few photographs, Sandra stood up and walked over to the group. She didn't seem embarrassed at all. Sandra told us that she was a bit of an exhibitionist, so she was embarrassed and excited all at once. She then looked at Diane and said "Well you weren't the only one now, so you have nothing to be embarrassed about."

That finally seemed to click with Diane and she snapped out of her embarrassment. Diane smiled and laughed and agreed that she felt a little better now. Her drunkenness seemed to be coming back a little as her embarrassment subsided. With that, Sandra decided to start dressing again.

Tim invited us inside to hang out for a while. He said that we could have a few drinks. We both readily agreed, we both wanted to get to know our new "close friends" a little better.

But story of what happened in the house is something different all together.
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Default Thanks...

Great story !

Keep them coming !!
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Bravo, Bravo.
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That was a great story.
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