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Default Amanda Rogers wants to be a personal trainer… but is she qualified?

Hi people, here is a new story in the Amanda Rogers series. Hope you enjoy it!

Amanda Rogers wants to be a personal trainer… but is she qualified?

Amanda Rogers moved into another town last month. Amanda was still in shock of what had happened to her the last 1 and a half year. The beautiful big blonde sex bomb got her ass whipped tree times in a row. First she lost her precious job as a sheriff when she got her ass whipped by the daughter of her boyfriend in a local pub.

Then she lost her job as a supermarket manager and two months ago she had to stop her activities as a show wrestler. And both times she had to leave while she got beat up by a smaller woman. Losing a fight was bad enough but to Amanda's horror and shame she had to leave the scenes every time totally naked because she had the habit of losing her clothes in a fight.

Amanda really wanted to start a new successful life again and that is why she decided to go sporting at the local gym. The sexy blonde found a place that was called "Fit Body" what was a fitness centre in the centre of this town. Amanda had thought about her lost fights a lot last months and she found out that she lost all because she was not prepared. And she needed to work on her stamina. If she would do that she would never loose a fistfight again. The blonde was convinced about that.

The hot blonde entered the fitness centre to become a member so she could work on her stamina. While she entered the centre Theresa the owner of the club was immediately attracted to the sexy blonde. She thought "wow look at that stunning hot blonde! She must be more than 6 feet high. Oh and look how her tight jeans is hugging her curvy butt. That wide hips and that gorgeous face with that beautiful long blonde hair. wow, wow, wow."

Theresa was a 40 yo woman who was the boss of this local fitness centre. She worked hard to get her own business. She was a woman who knew what she wanted and she was a very bossy owner who not instructed her employees but demanded them to do what she wanted. Theresa was also a lesbian woman and when Amanda came in she knew that this was the woman she wanted to share the rest of her life with.

Theresa loved big, curvy women. She was 5 feet 7 herself. Not small but still an average hight. She had long slightly curly red hair. A freckled and a very severe face. Looking bossy. She had a toned and slim body. Nice firm breasts, slim waist and a nice small and tight booty. Off course she wore tight lycra shorts a top and sneakers. She gave personal training herself.

"mmmmm and what Theresa saw was very likable" The blonde was big. More or at least 6 feet tall she estimated. And she loved big woman. She was kinda heavy too. Not fat but looking at her curves she thought Amanda must have weighted about 165 lbs. "Oh and that face. Such a sexy face with wide cheekbones.

Amanda noticed the red-haired woman behind the counter staring at her. So she asked her. "Hi i am Amanda and i would like to be a member of this club. Can you help me with that?" Theresa herd the sexy Southern accent the blonde had in her voice. Oh she was in love. "Hi honey, you have come to the right person. I am the owner of this place and i would be delighted to help you and give you a tour. Do you have your sporting outfit with you so you can start right now?" "Yes i have and please give me a tour to your sporting centre" the blonde replied.

Amanda changed her tight fitting jeans and tight fitting shirt to her sports outfit. A pink lycra shorts that were so tight. It hugged her curvy buttocks and it separated her ass in two juicy and full butt cheeks that were stretching the lycra shorts.
Her big full and creamy soft DD tits were dressed by a short black top so her sexy and flat belly was exposed. On her feet Amanda wore pink sneakers. "MMMMM" She admired herself in the mirror. Hands on her wide hips. "Looking hot today babe. haha"

When Amanda entered the sports hall Theresa was in shock. She saw the most sexy woman she ever saw. "Look at that lycra shorts. It is so tight. If she will bow i think the shorts will rip and will blown away of her hot ass. Oh and how she walks. Arrogant and so full of confidence." Theresa loved big and powerful women. And she saw the blonde and she was big yes. And very, very sexy. And one thing was for sure. This lady was a very strong lady too.

All the men watched the new sexy member while she strutted to the sporting hall. How her wide hips moved from the left to the right when she walked. How her sexy curvy butt pushes the lycra shorts while she was parading around. And that hot smile on her sexy face. This woman was a true goddess.

Theresa and Amanda could get along very well. For the next couple of weeks Amanda came to the sporting centre, did her workout and chatted with the men, some women and with Theresa the owner. Well chatting and hanging around the big blonde did a lot. For hours she was hanging around in the gym. Working out the blonde did too but only for about 10 minutes a day. She just hated to get sweaty and she thought that working out 10 minutes a daw was long enough.

Amanda liked to flirt with the men that were working out. Showing off her sexy body and famous ass. Theresa was cool too. She could laugh with this woman. She and Theresa loved making fun of other members behind their back. And they loved to make fun of the other personal trainers too.

Theresa gave training and she had 3 other ladies that were in her staff too. That were brunette Linda, blonde Rudy and the black haired Francis. And there was the young Betty. Betty was a 21 yo apprentice who was learning to be a personal trainer and she really hoped that after her schooling was done she would be the next personal trainer at Fit Body.

Amanda just hated the little Betty. The young apprentice was so nice to every one that Amanda just wanted to shut her irritating mouth. And the blonde just had to laugh about her. "She a personal trainer. haha don't make me laugh. Look at how small and chubby she is. hahaha" That she told ones to Theresa in a loudly speaker voice so also Betty herd it. To Betty's horror she herd that Theresa was laughing too at the joke and remarks this face bimbo of an Amanda was making all the time about her.

Theresa was in fact looking for a new woman for the job as a personal trainer. Betty did not know but the boss had someone else in mind to be the new PT at her gym. "Am darling would you like to come to my place tonight? I would like to share some thoughts with you" Amanda was sitting on a chair behind the bar nipping her hot thee. The blonde really liked Theresa but she had the idea that this woman was in love with her. And all tough she liked this woman, Amanda was a woman who was attracted to men and not into making love with a woman.

But her curiosity was just to big to ignore and she was going to be at Theresa's apartment that night to hear what the boss of Fit Body had in mind. Am dressed for the occasion. She wore her skintight leather pants, black tight shirt which was low cut so you could see her firm breasts and a leather jacket and black leather boots with 4 inch heels.

When Amanda arrived at Therese's apartment and stepped out of her car Theresa witnessed her. "Oh my god, look at that fabulous ass in that pants! That pants is so fucking tight." And when the blonde slowly walked moving her wide hips from the left to the right Theresa was rubbing her crotch. This woman was a fucking goddess and she wanted her.

"Hi hot blonde, you wanna come in?" Theresa said inviting the big woman in her house. "Let me take off your jacket dear." She took off Amanda's leather jacket and placed her hand on the blondes back. And while she lead her to her house she led her hand resting on the big blondes curvy ass.

Amanda was feeling Theresa's hand slowly touching her big butt. It made her feel kinda weird to be the sex bomb for this woman but a bit touching she did not mind. She liked to tease Theresa a bit by moving her hips while she walked in front of the smaller woman.

After they had dinner the blonde asked "So what is it you wanna discuss with me Theresa?" The dark-haired woman took place next to Amanda on the couch. "Well miss Rogers what would you say if you would like to be one of mine new personal trainers?" And with that saying she placed her left hand on Amanda's crossed legs and sipped with her other hand a bit of her red wine.

Amanda looked a bit puzzled but than she realized what the offer was. She would be one of the new personal trainers at Fit Body! Wow she thought this was a fucking hot idea! She looked at Theresa who sat next to her in the eyes and just at that moment she did something both women surprised. Amanda kissed Theresa fully on the lips and massaged her neck. "With a soft whisper she said "Oh honey i would be very trilled to be one of your new personal trainers. Oh i like you, come here you fucking hot babe. mmmmmmmmmppphhh" She kissed Theresa again and to her own surprise she felt horny.

Theresa was very hot and aroused by this big and beautiful blonde was kissing her. They kissed and hugged each other for about 10 minutes. Theresa and Amanda were massaging each others body. Theresa felt the big thighs of Amanda an her hot sexy ass in the tight leather pants. Both women got aroused by kissing and hugging each other.

Both woman were breathing heavily and there faces were glowing of all the kissing. Than Amanda had 1 thing she came up with and was wondering. "Oh Therese i have only one question. Chubby (that was apprentice Betty) is working all ready with you. And she thinks just as the other personal trainers at your gym she will get the job. Are you not gonna get trouble with that?"

"Oh Am your not even sexy and hot but you also have some brains in there haha." She was stroking the blondes beautiful long blonde hair and gave her small kisses on the lips. "I have thought about that all ready honey. That is why i will make it a match who will be my new personal trainer. I will let 5 woman including Betty and you decide in a fitness match who is the most fit woman and who will get the job. And Amanda you know i want you for the job. And look at you…"

Theres stood up admiring the big blonde woman who lay on her couch. "Look at your body. Your hight, your firm thighs and your solid arms and that killer butt hi hi. oh honey it will be so easy to defeat Betty and these other 3 women. It will be sure you will win this fitness match. haha So fucking easy for you. hahaha."

Amanda had to blush a bit of all the compliments Theresa made. But the woman sure had a point. Comparing her to other women and haha comparing her with small, chubby and to youngh Betty made her the favorite to win a fitness competition. And if she won nobody could argue about her beijing the new personal trainer. "HAHAHA Oh Therese you are such a clever woman haha" and the blonde stood up pressed her sexy tits agains the dark-haired woman and kisses her fully on the mouth.

The next day Theresa was in the centre of the gym and was telling she had an announcement to make. "Nice that you all take a minute to listen to me. As you know i am looking for a new personal trainer. And i can hire new people with no problem. But as you know i just want the best. That is why i decide to organize a challenge. And the challenge is a fitness competition. I will let 5 women i choose compete with each other in a competition of fitness. The winner will be my new PT."

For a moment it was silent but than the people at the gym started to clap. It was actually a very original idea. And it was a fair competition. Betty who was working as an apprentice herd the idea of this competition and she was not so happy about it. Ok she was a young and fit girl but she was small, just 5 feet 2 and she was a bit heavy that made her chubby. She had not a very trained "fit girl" body.

Most men and women went on to Amanda and congratulated her with her new job as a PT. "Oh thank you, thank you." Amanda was a bit blushing but also very proud she had this new exciting job. Betty was just standing there flabbergasted and was wondering why they all congratulated the big, arrogant blonde. The competition was not even done. There had been no match yet?

Betty walked towards the big blonde and said; "Every body is thinking that you will win the contest. But i will make sure you gonna have to work hard for it you know." Amanda looked down. Her hands on her sexy wide hips. She laught. "Oh come on you chubby. Everybody knows you are no match for me. Just give it up. I'll beat your flabby ass. haha."

Amanda turned and walked away in an elegant swag. Moving her sexy butt in her tight Lycra shorts from the left to the right. Betty was getting very angry about all this. Ok maybe I wont got a chance but she sure was going to give her all she had in her.

One week later the match was there. Fit Body was packed with a lot of crowd who wanted to watch the competition of the 5 women that were going to do their best to be the new PT. Theresa entered the gym in her sports outfit but for this occasion she was dressed in black lycra shorts, black shirt and black sneakers. So she looked liked a referee.

"Thank you all for coming here and to be witness of the fitness game that will give us the new personal trainer at fit body. Give them a big applause the 5 contenders!" And a curtain was opened and their they stood. The 5 women who would battle it out. At the left stood small Betty. Dressed in a long black running trousers and red t-shirt and red sneakers. The other contenders were 25 yo Sheila. A red-haired woman that was about 5 feet 8 high and very slim. Michelle a 45 yo lady with short black hair. Wilma a 22 yo woman with short brown hair and an average body type.

And in the middle of them there was the hot sex bomb Amanda Rogers. Standing 6 feet 1 high with her curvy body. She was dressed in a very tight pink lycra shorts that showed her firm thighs and plump and solid curvy ass. A yellow top that was so tight so the forms of her round and big boobs were clearly visible. And she wore pink sneakers.

Amanda stood in the middle of the ladies and all the attention was dragged to her magnificent sexy looks. And with her perfect toothbrush smile she looked confident with her fists resting on her hips. Her long thick blonde hair she wore in a pony tail. And Amanda looked a bit like Wonder Women between the 4 much less and smaller women.

Theresa looked proud at Amanda standing there. The last week she and the blonde had kissed and hugged a lot. Theresa wanted to make love to her and really would want her to share her bed with this big blonde. She fantasized about her naked body. Amanda liked Theresa too but going to bed with her was just to early. She needed to be sure of the feelings she had for her new boss. Theresa and Amanda meet eyes and Amanda gave her a wink. It was a wink that said; "Don't worry honey i am going to crush these 4 for you and will be your new PT.

"Ok ladies and gentlemen. The game will be 4 workouts. First the women had to run 3 miles on the running track outside to see who is the fastest and has a good stamina. The second will be a game in who can do the most push ups in 5 minutes. Than we will lifting weight and finally the 5 women will contest each other in a game of arm wrestling.

The people jeered and were very excited. So the 5 women went outside. The men looked with eyes full of lust at the curvy body of Amanda Rogers in her pink shorts. Her juicy ass cheeks were so fucking hot. And her big tits. Oh they wanted to squeeze them. The women were admiring her beauty and strength. But they got to know her the last couple of weeks and most of the women hated her because the blonde was arrogant and all ways made fun of others like Betty the apprentice PT most people liked because Betty was just a nice girl.

The 5 contenders were standing in a row next to each other. "Therese was counting down 5,4,3,2,1 GO!" And so the game was on. Amanda who had the longest legs was speeding forward. She took big firm steps and was taking a head start. She looked gracefully and it was hot to she her firm legs taking big steps. And while she was running her ass and tits were bouncing up and down.

The woman had to run 5 rounds to make it to 3 miles. Amanda was way ahead of her rivals. But after running almost 1 mile Amanda was starting to get a bit tired. "Oh my god this is fucking heavy" she thought. Her breathing was getting louder and the big sexy blonde felt that she was getting warm and started to sweat. Drops of sweat were dripping of her head. And she felt that her butt crack was getting sweaty too. "PFFF, PFFF, PFFF" Amanda was having a hard time.

She really tried her best to run as fast as she could but after one and a half round she was just totally exhausted! Sweat was dripping all over her body. Her sneakers felt like two hot stones and her arms and thighs were acidifying. Her whole body burned.

The crowd who watch the contest started to yell. "Look Amanda is slowing down. Look the other 4 are catching her up!" And it was what was happening. The other 4 contenders were speeding towards the blonde who was totally out of breath after 2 rounds. Amanda looked puzzled and was panicking of the state she was in. "Oh my god no please let me get my breath back. ohohohoh" But Amanda was done after 2 rounds. She was not even running any more she was more hobbling.

First Sheila past her by. Than Wilma and short chubby Betty. And even 45 yo Michelle past her by! What a sight this was! Amanda the big cocky and proud blonde who started the race so well was running at the last position when almost 3 rounds were done. Theresa was watching the game and her mouth had fell open. How was this possible?

Amanda was breathing loud and she was hobbling and her muscles were on fire. Never in her life she had run more than a mile. And now she felt what happens to you when you don't have stamina. Amanda was worried she would not be able to make the 5 rounds. That would be the biggest humiliation ever. Not even making it to the first round!

Sheila won the race followed by Wilma, Betty and Michelle. And Amanda well after the 4 other contenders were all ready taking a drink to recover she was still at the start of round 4. Oh and Amanda felt sick to her stomach. Her whole body was protesting with every misery step she took. And finally a whole 6 minutes later than Michelle, Amanda made it to the finish line.

She fell over the finish line and she was gasping for air while she sat on her ass her legs spread wide. Her hair and body were wet of sweat. And Amanda's face was red as a tomato of all the effort she had to do to make it to the finish line. The other 4 contenders were watching the blonde in amazement. Was this the strong chick who was gonna win this match easily???

Theresa ran up to Amanda and asked her "What happened Am? You look like your out of breath just by running 3 miles?"
Amanda who still was gasping for air needed to come back to her senses fast. "Eh no i, eh i eh i had a little stone in my sneaker and i could not stop that is why i lost you know." Theresa did not know what to think but it sure was strange that the blonde looked so tired.

Amanda went to the dressing room and was drying herself with a towel. Her whole body was wet of sweat and she did not like feeling sweat in her butt crack. But she had to go on.

The next part of the game was doing pushups. Amanda entered the gym again and was not as confident as she was at the start of the race. She noticed some women in the crowd were joking about her big loss in the running match. But she stood next to the other women and she just noticed she was so much taller and weighted much more. So this pushup game she would certainly win.

"Ok ladies take your place." Amanda and the other women were standing on their hands and feet ready to do push ups.
5,4,3,2,1 and go the game was on. Amanda full of confidence again started her push ups. ONE, TWO, TREE, FOUR, FIVE,….SIX,…………SEVEN,…………………… "Ungh, mmmmmpppphhhhhhhh pppppffffffffff" EIGHT,….

Amanda was standing on her hands and feet after pushup number 8 and again all her muscles were on FIRE! She was not able to do a push up anymore! Her arms and legs were almost collapsing. Her face started to get beet red again. Not only of her efforts but also of shame.

Amanda noticed that the other women were still doing push ups! Betty was doing the push ups easily. She was already busy with push up number 25 while Amanda was not able to do pushup number 9! The blonde started to panic. How could this be possible? She herd the crowd started to laugh at her predicament embarrassing situation. Sweat she felt in her ass crack again. And it was poring under her armpits. Amanda was in big trouble.

The whole embarrassing situation started to give Amanda pressure on her bladder. She had to do something to save her honer. She tried a ninth push up and than "pppffffffffffffffff" she fell fled on her tits and belly. Her muscles were burning and she was not capable to use her legs and arms anymore. She was just out of it. The crowd was gasping for air and were shocked of the lack of power the blonde seemed to have!

In this 5 minutes Betty won. She managed to do 110 pushups. The other ladies made it to 80, 85 push ups. And Amanda… she did 8! Theresa was watching this with open mouth. She looked at Amanda with a puzzled face and was asking for an explanation. Amanda stood up and was dripping sweat. She excused herself and went to the dressing room again. First she went to the toilet to piss. Than she had to dry her wet body of all the sweat. Amanda was in shock. She started to be the laughing stock of the event!

After 5 minutes Amanda had to get back to the game. The other 4 contenders were all ready waiting for her. "Some people in the crowd make catcalls like; "ha she still got the nerve to come back ha ha."

The next contest was lifting weight. A barbell with two weights of 15 kilo at each side was in the centre. The match was to lift it up. Than put your hands under the weight so you could do as many bicep curls you were capable off. The other 4 contenders did it ok. Betty had managed to do 36 bicep curls before she had to give up. Now it was Amanda's turn.

The blonde stretched her arms and legs. The men were watching her fabulous curvy ass in the so tight lycra shorts. It looked like the fabric would burst of her hips so unbelievable tight is was. MMMM And the well shaped legs and calves of the sexy blonde were so hot to watch. Amanda fully aware of all the eyes that were watching her was giving away a show by stretching her body.

Than Theresa said; "Amanda i think it is time now to start lifting we don't have time all the day." Theresa was getting irritated by the big blonde. Until now her whole performance was one big disappointment. Amanda stand straight behind the barbell. Concentrate as she was. "Now people would see what she all was capable off. This round was hers" she thought. Amanda leaned forward. Her sexy big ass was pushed backwards. She firmly took the rod with weights in her hands.

And there she went……… uuummmmmmppppppppphhhhhhhhhhhhh, UUUMMPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHH, UMMMMMMMPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. The big blondes face turned from white to deep red. She was grunting and grunting and was desperately pulling at the barbell. Sweat was again dripping from her forehead. She felt how her ass-crack got hot again. Her feet got sweaty too. "UUUNNNNNNNGGGGGGPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFF"

The blonde was still standing with her plump ass up leaning forward. "Eh Amanda, you can start?" Theresa said. But Amanda was doing all she could but to her horror she could not lift the barbell?! Her face was beet red, her eyes and mouth were wide open. "UNNNGGGGPFFFFF" than some guy said. "Hahaha look at that she cannot even lift the barbell from the ground!" People were looking at the struggling blonde who's face was deeply red and her body was glistering with sweat that dripped down her body. Than the laughter of the crowd was really loud.

Amanda looked dumbfounded. She was pulling at the barbell but the barbell did nog gave an inch. At that point when all the people were pointing and laughing at her she was having a stupid grin on her face. A face that told "i am a bit of big fool now in the middle of the gym." She was in complete shock. The other contenders easily lifted the barbell and did bicep curls with it. She was not even capable of lifting it from the ground one time?!

Theresa had seen enough. And with Amanda still trying to lift the barbell from the ground now hoping to succeed by swinging her big round ass from the left to the right ordered the other contenders to follow her to the next game. So with the foolishly looking blonde still trying to lift the barbell all the people just walked away to the other end of the gym.

Amanda looked around while she still was shaking her ass in the air and tugging and tugging at the barbell was getting confused. She mumbled "hey i am not ready with this. You cannot leave now i, i, i" But nobody drew attention anymore to her so she had to stop her efforts.

Amanda was feeling very ashamed of losing this part of the game too. It was so unbelievable humiliated to be mocked and not to be able lifting a barbell which the others could lift easily. Her body was soaked wet and she felt the pressure on her bladder again. It was of the shame she was in. She crossed her legs and placed both hands on her crotch but the feeling did not stop. She had to run for the toilet.

After she peed the big blonde dried her wet soaked body. Her face was glowing warm of the humiliating defeats she had to take. How was this possible? She was breathing heavy because all the exercise was so hard. She was still out of breath. But she must win the last match. She took a deep breath and walked out into the gym and she was determined to win the last contest.

When Amanda entered the gym and walked towards the other contenders. Theresa looked at Amanda with a bored look. "So there you are finally. The game is all ready done. Betty won the arm wrestling contest." Amanda looked surprised. "I deserve to be part of this match too. So let me arm wrestle." She said with an insulted voice.

"Ok you may try. But it will be a big laugh again i think. You arm wrestle Betty. She won the most matches until now. So if you loose to her than you don't have to contest the others anymore." Amanda was in shock that the woman that admired her now was very cold to her.

The sexy blonde took place at the table. Both women placed there hands on the table and the contest was on. Amanda really wanted to win this part of the game or she would have lost every game. So she used all her strength to push the hand of Betty down. "MMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH."

Again the blonde was starting to sweat. She felt her armpits, butt-crack and hands got very hot of the effort she was putting in the game. Betty who was still a bit of afraid she would loose this even after the bad results the arrogant Amanda had reached untill now.

But to Betty's surprise she did not had to push that hard. She instead was pushing Amanda's arm down! Amanda who felt to her shame and horror that she was starting to loose this contest was panicking. She crossed her legs and her face was getting real red now of all the strength she was trying to deliver.

"MMMPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHH." She was grunting and had to puff. Her eyes got wide like saucers and she got a stupid grin on her face. Her legs crossed. And while she was sweating she felt the pressure on her bladder again. Her arm was almost pressed flat to the table by Betty who was clearly a lot stronger.

"HAHAHAHAHA." The crowd was laughing when Amanda lost this game too. Betty was having her arms in the air. This blonde arrogant piece of shit was a big joke she laughed. Betty could not believe this but she had won the contest and would be the new PT at Fit Body!

When the five women stand next to each other on the stage in the gym to announce the winner Amanda looked a lot different than she looked when the game started. She was now standing at the back. Slack jaw, shoulders hanging and a look of shock and confusion of what the fuck happened.

Theresa announced that Betty had won and she would be the new PT at her gym. The other women where thanked by doing their best. She looked at Amanda with a look of discuss and disappointment. "Now you can all go to the canteen. There you can have a drink or even get some cream cake. I know it is not healthy haha but for this one time its ok. Now you have to excuse me. I go to make the contract for Betty and will see you later."

In fact Theresa all ready had made a working contract only Amanda's name was on it. She could not know that the woman she admired was such a joke. Now she had to change it quickly. She walked away and Amanda followed her. "Theresa stay still will you." Theresa stopped and turned around. "You promised me this job! I demand it." Amanda said looking angry towards Theresa. "I promised the job to the winner of the sports match. And as we all have seen… your a complete loser! Now get out of my sight. Your such a disappointment."

And Theresa turned and walked away. Leaving Amanda standing there in shock with a slack jaw. She just did not know what to say. She just wanted the job so badly. Anger started to boil. She was getting real mad. "That fucking chubby took my job." With fiery eyes and boiling with anger she was ready to take revenge.

With big steps she entered the canteen and was searching for Betty. When she saw her she approached her with pounding feet. "YOU DIRTY wh*r*! YOU TOOK THE JOB THAT WAS MEANT FOR ME!" The people in the canteen all went silent after hearing the blonde screaming and shouting.

Betty just looked the blonde up and down and said "Everybody have seen you sport. And excuse me to say but you are not the right person to be the new PT. hahaha" The crowd laught about Betty's words that were really true. Amanda was in rage she had never been so mad. "How dare you insulting me! I really want to kick your fat ass!"

Betty was not impressed with the arrogant blonde. Before the sport match started she thought as many others that with her big curvy body she would be a strong sports athlete. But after what she had seen today the blonde was not of any competition to her if it came to strength. So she challenged Amanda. "So you want to kick my ass. Well why don't you try than?"

Amanda's eyes narrowed. She really wanted to destroy the woman that had took the job that belonged to her."Ok now you have it. I am going to kick your ass right now." And Amanda stretched her arms and legs. The men watched her sexy body with delight. Her big curvy ass and her fat DD tits. Ok maybe she was not good at sport but she looked damn hot.

The two women were in front of each other. Small, and slightly chubby Betty looking up to the 6 feet 1 and 165 lbs Amanda Rogers in her sexy pink tight lycra pants and tight black top. Amanda wanted to beat the shit out of Betty. She swung her right fist towards the smaller woman. Betty blocked the slow swing and answered by giving the blonde a hard right punch on the face.

"Unnngghh" Amanda's head was snapped backwards after the blow. She stumbled back a few passes and grabbed her painful face. Debby wanted to attack but her taller rival placed won hand in the air and said. "Wait, wait time out. ohhhhhhh wait, wait." Amanda asked Betty to wait because her face was in pain and she needed to recover.

After she recovered of the blow Amanda screamed "Now i am gonna fucking kill you with my bare hands!" She took a few big steps and swung a new punch. Betty again blocked the swing and answered with a hard powerful punch into Amanda's belly. "PPPPPUUUGGGHHHHHHFFFFF" Betty's fist penetrated the blondes belly deep. Amanda doubled over her big, plump ass pushed backwards and her feet were lifted from the ground when she got hit.

"Ohohoh wait, wait, time out, time out." again she asked for a time out while she fell on her knees embracing her painful belly. Betty who did stopp after Amanda asked for a time out was getting bored. This big blonde bimbo was just one weak piece of meat. And why the fuck she waited to continue kicking her ass?

Amanda recovered of this second blow too. With a puzzled look of surprise on her face she planned a new attack. With a red face of pure anger and screaming like a mad dog she rushed towards Betty. Betty then stepped aside grabbed her top in the back and the waistband of her lycra's and swung the big blonde forward over a table.

"HHHHAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE" she screamed when she was trown over a table. Kling, klang, klang was the sound when the table collapsed when the big, sexy woman fell on it. Laying flat on her chest her big, round juicy ass cheeks pointing up she lay on the broken table. Amanda grunted of the pain she was in.

With a lot of effort the blonde was able to finally stand. She breathed heavy. Some strands of hair were dangling before her face. The rest of her thick blonde hair was still in a ponytail. Betty was concentrated on every move the big bimbo made. Ready to anticipate. Big steps the blonde took and was screaming "Your death!" She tried to grab her opponent with both hands but Betty grabbed Amanda's right arm and was trowing the big, heavy blonde over her shoulder.

"HUH EEH IIEEEEEEEEOOOO." Screamed the blonde while her magnificent body was thrown over the shoulder of Betty.
With her big sexy ass up side down she flew through the canteen. KLING, KLANG with her big ass she landed on a table.
The table collapsed under the weight of the arrogant blonde. When Amanda lay out stretched on her back her legs wide she had a look of total confusion on her face. Her mouth hang wide open and she had big eyes of total surprise.

"UNNGGGHHH." She grunted and was in pain. But finally she stood. Than there was the laughter of the crowd. Hahaha look at her ass! It is covered with cake! hahaha. Amanda had a look of shock and checked the state her backside was in. And indeed. Her well shaped big behind in lycra was covered with thick pieces of chocolate pie. She looked at it with a silly smile and big eyes.

Betty did not wait for her enemy to recover and swung a right hard kick that landed between Amanda's legs fully in her crotch. "UUUNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHH" She leaned forward holding her painful cross in her hands. Her mouth open in a classic OOO while she got hit.

Betty than grabbed the blondes lycra pants and her ponytail and trow her rival over the bar. Amanda was send flying over the bar. And she was gliding from one end of the bar to the other. Screaming in fear of where the landing would end. Klang, klong she fell on the ground her big, plump ass pointing up. Betty than grabbed Amanda's short and started pulling on them.

Amanda fell to her horror that her rival was yanking at her shorts. It was gliding from her hips and ass! "NOOOOOO, NOOOOO LEAVE THAT OH, OH PLEASE NOOOOO" but despite all her pleadings Betty lowered her shorts until they came off completely.

The crowd went wild! This hot blonde chick was getting her ass kicked and now she also had lost her shorts. Amanda wore just a very tiny pink thong that only covered her pussy. Her beautiful round butt cheeks were exposed now. Amanda looked shocked and put her hands on her now exposed plump butt. Her face beet red of shame she was standing in a helpless pose.

Betty throws the shorts in the public and looked at Amanda as if saying, "You want more punishment?" Watching the small woman looking at her this way it made her anger boil again. She was steaming mad. She ran towards Betty with swooshing arms. Betty stopped her by ducking the punches of Amanda and punched her hard in her belly. "OOMMPPHHH" The air was hit out of Amanda and she looked ridiculous gasping for air while she leaned forward her big butt pointing upwards.

The blow to her stomach made her tits wiggle and her ass cheeks danced up and down of the impact of the blow. Betty got figured out that the tight but soft belly of the blonde was a very week spot. So she followed her first blow with another. And another and another. Amanda was punched in the belly for about 10 times. Her ass was shaking and wobbling of the hard blows she got in her stomach. Her arms were swinging up and down and she leaned forward her ass up in the air.

The men watched excitedly at the big, plump naked ass cheeks of the hot blonde shiver and shaking by each blow she got. What a fucking site it was! The guys really got horny watching the complete humiliation of the arrogant amazon. They were stroking their cocks and were laughing at the state the sex bomb was in.

"UUNNNGGGHHH, UNNNNGGGGHU, UNNNNNGGGU" was the only sound Amanda made while she got belly punched each time. Her mouth hanging wide open. Her eyes wide open of shock and she was gasping for air. Then Betty hit her rival on the face so Amanda's head was send backwards and she was wobbling on her legs. Her hands on her painful face now.

She crashed with her big ass against the bar. Oh and she felt sick of the beating she have had. Unstable she leaned against the bar. More staines of hair were dangling around her head. While her hair and body were soaked wet of sweat. Amanda was just totally out of breath. First the sport games and now this fight. The blonde just had no stamina and she felt her legs shaking.

"Not so though now miss arrogant peace of shit. I am beating the shit out of you. And one thing is for sure. You will leave this place totally naked!" Amanda's eyes opened as wide as saucers. The thought of losing all her clothes again in a fight she got not bare. Her face was glowing warmer. She felt her sweat dripping over her body. Her soaked ass crack. She was shaking in fear of what would happen next.

"No your not going to strip me naked, i am fucking kill you." again a hole phrase of a woman who was not in a position to threaten her rival. But you can say about the big blonde what you want she did try to safe her honer and attacked again.
Whit swooshing arms she tried a new attack. But Betty kicked her fully in her crotch and when the sobbing Amanda leaned forwards she grabbed the black top of the blonde and yanked it of her body.

Loud cheers were herd while her big tits were exposed. Amanda's beautiful big round and milky tits were exposed. They dangled up and down. Betty was starting using am as big punching bags. She jammed left and rights to the blondes exposed big tits. "NOOOOOOO NOT MY TOP. LOOK MY TITS ARE EXPOSED!" The blonde screamed like a pig and was in total shock. And now her tits got beat up by her small chubby rival.

"OOHHH AAAHHH OOOHH." The woman in the crowd were as much pleased as the men. This big sex bomb that was always sway her big hips and was the sexiest woman in town. Was now reduced to a laughing stock. Young and Chubby Betty was whipping her ass. And now she was almost naked too. haha what a fucking joke!

Her tits were swinging from the left to the right every time a solid punch landed on the soft flesh. Her tits jiggled and wiggled and danced up side down while Amanda was screaming in pain and desperately tried to cover her big boobs. Than Betty grabbed the blonde by her hair and yanked her forward.

Screaming loudly and with swooshing arms the big woman spun around while she was pushed forward. Her journey ended with falling on her big exposed tits on a table. The table was set with cream cake and sandwiches. The curvy Amanda fell with her tits in big peaces of cream pie. Off course this table collapsed too of the heavy weight of the blonde.

"OOHHHHOOHHH." Laying flat on her belly almost naked except of her mini pink thong the blonde was dizzy and disorientated. She had a look of confusion on her face that told "Did i get my ass kicked again?" The crowd in stead was laughing there ass off. What a joke this Amanda was. haha

Betty was feeling kinda aroused too. It made her horny to beat the shit out of the poor blonde. And haha look the state she is in. Lying in her naked ass, her fat tits covered in cream pie. Her snotty face. Oh this sure felt great. "MMM Look at that. Miss blondie still has her tiny thong covering her pussy. mmmm lets see if that tiny thong is of a proper quality.

"NO, NO, PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Amanda felt how Betty grabbed her mini pink thong in the back and was yanking at it. She felt the fabric of the thong disappear between her pussy lips and she knew what would happen!

The thong snapped and while the crowd cheered Amanda Rogers was fully naked except of her pink sneakers and white socks. But wearing her sneakers made her look extra stupid now while the rest of her sexy body was exposed.

Betty grabbed Amanda between her legs. The blondes eyes almost popped out of her head when she felt her rival grabbing her pussy. Betty's left hand grabbed her by her blonde ponytail and she forced the blonde to stand. "Now it is time to dumb the garbage people. Betty forced Amanda to walk by grabbing her pussy and pushing her forward. Than she dumbed the big blonde head first in a big silver trashcan.

PLLUMMMPPFFFFF. Head and upper body were dumbed in the big trashcan. Amanda's arms were pressed tight against her body in the trashcan. So the big blondes big, round ass was hanging over the edge and she stood on her toos her legs spread wide.

"HAHAHAHAHA" people were laughing and pointing at the dumb blonde who was now head first stuck in a trashcan her naked ass and pussy for all to see. Betty was laughing too and was yelling. "Shall i spank that fat pale ass of this arrogant piece of shit?"

And while everybody yelled her to spank her fat white ass Betty started to slap the curvy butt cheeks of the blonde. With every slap the pale, big ass cheeks shivered and wiggled. Amanda's hot behind was changing from bright white to deep red. Amanda screamed and cried in pain but her screams were muted because her upper body was stuck in the trashcan.

What a sight it was. The once proud blonde woman was reduced to a foolish bimbo. Totally naked dumbed in a trashcan. Her well shaped behind turned red. Spanked in front of a crowd by a much smaller woman. Reduced to a laughing stock. Her naked ass hanging over the edge and the blonde was screaming. "LET ME OUT, PLEASE LET ME OUT!"

Betty grabbed her rival by the hair and tore her out of the bin. Amanda's hair was one sweaty mess. Her face had an stupified expression. A daffy look to the hillarity of the onlookers.

She was turned around and shoved with her plump ass back in the trashcan.
"HAHAHAHAHAHA" the onlookers could not recover laughing. Amanda sat with her ass in the can. Her arms and legs bungled out of the sides. On her face she had an expression of total disbelief. A stupefied look, her mouth hang wide open. She was in a miserable state. Wet of sweat and loking totally ridiculous.

"What the fuck happened here?" screamed Theresa. "Look at the state my canteen is in." And was that pink shorts doing on the ground? And that black top. And was that a thong???

And what is that? A woman sitting naked in a trashcan? Is that, that A, Amanda??? Theresa thought. What Theresa was seeing was unbelieveble. Her hot fiance was sitting with her naked ass in a trashcan. All her clothes were lying across the floor. And what was Betty doing standing next to the dumb looking Amanda?

The crowd went silent. They all gave the owner of Fit Body the time to enter the scene. Theresa walked towards the stupefied looking blonde. "Why the hell are you sitting with your naked ass in a trashcan she asked?"

Amanda moved her mouth like a fish gasping for breath. She struttered "eh, eh we eh Betty and i fought and she eh she eh well kicked my ass." Sittig naked in the bin her arms and legs dangling out of the sides and a wet soaked body and stupid expression on the face Amanda looked so unbelieveble stupid. Theresa could not believe what she just heard. "So you mean Betty, Betty beat you up? Whipped your fat ass?"

With a stupid grin on her face she looked up at Theresa sitting naked in the bin and she just nodded. Theresa's mouth fell open in disbelief. She looked from Betty to Amanda. She couldn't believe it. Ok the blonde was a big joke when it come to sports but she was also a big weakling? Getting her ass whipped, stripped naked. Look how she sits naked in that bin her shoes still on.

Theresa was really irritated about the blonde. Ok she got the hots for her body. But she liked big and strong women. Amanda was hot and big but certainly she was not strong! "I am so done with you she screamed to Amanda. Get you fat ass out of that bin and get out of my eyes you stupid cow."

The humiliated blonde got scared of the angry Theresa and said "ok, ok i'll go. Please don't shout." She grabbed the sides of the bin and tried to get out of the trashcan.

"UMMMPPPHHHH, UMMMMPPPHHH, UMMMPPHHH, eh The, Theresa eh can you help me. My ass is stuck." Again a stupid smile was on the blondes red and ashamed face. She could'nt get out of the fucking trashcan. Her hips and ass were stuck!

"You stupid bimbo, get that fat ass out of my gym!" Theresa placed her right arm in the can and grabbed the big blondes ass and pushed her out of it. When Amanda finally got out she stood on wobbling legs. Then Theresa slapped her ass and yelled to her she had to get out of her sight.

Amanda run out of the gym. Her naked tits and big plump ass were jiggling up and down. Her body wet of sweat her tits smeared with cream pie dangling up and down. And crying like a little girl. The last thing people saw of the big blonde was her naked, spanked red ass jiggle out of the gym.

Amanda realized it happened again to her. She got her ass totally whipped, lost all her clothes and had been turned into a laughing stock.

Amanda Rogers had to move to the other side of the country... again.

The end.

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Old 12-31-2017, 07:35 AM
samos samos is offline
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Default Thanks a lot.

Thank you very much. Good job. Very pleasant gift to the new year. I really look forward to read a next part about new Amanda's humiliation:-)

Let me tell you a couple of comments - recomodations (this is not a critique at all, just my point of view):

1) more describing of Amanda's wearing habits (tight jeans, over knee high boots, sexy underwear what she wears for her own delight). It's really exciting to look forward to see loosing her dignity by striping her from sexy tight dress, jeans, lingerie...)
2) more describing of Amanda's bad habits (looking down at her oponents, mock them, show her ostentatiously "power", social status, beauty, special treatment for her and others, etc... - select what you want:-)
3) in the start of the story she should win (al least little bit). It will be precondition for her deeper fall at the end.
4) personaly, I don't prefer fight between two female wrestlers. More exciting is "civic" female duel, for example between female boss (Amanda) and her subordinate, strict teacher (Amanda) and female student, etc...
5) there is another thrill, when previous snooty heroine gets her own lesson for violation her own rules. For example: If female teacher is very strict to keep dress code and she punish others with delight for broken the rules (for example for wearing inappropriate sexy lingerie...). What a hypocrisy, when the truth show, that she wears realy sexy small thong. It's time, even for her, to taste her own medicine.

Anyway. Thank you again so much.
Happy New Year.
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Old 12-31-2017, 10:44 AM
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Hi Samos.

I am at fcf now. Maybe we can chat?

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Old 12-31-2017, 12:53 PM
grabcio grabcio is offline
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Good job, write more
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samos samos is offline
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1) did you read my PM? Did you download it?
2) let me know what kind chat you think

Originally Posted by Raycat View Post
Hi Samos.

I am at fcf now. Maybe we can chat?

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Old 01-01-2018, 10:37 AM
tomb125 tomb125 is offline
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Default Good Story!

Thanks, I enjoyed the head-in-the-trash bin sequence!
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Default next escapades?

I really look forward to read a new story about Amanda:-)
What about Amanda strict school disciplinarian, who will taste her own medicine in the end of the story...? Keep going. Thanks a lot.
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Old 03-15-2018, 12:10 AM
spoiledprince spoiledprince is offline
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I'd like to see a return of Victoria, the red headed wimpy dominatrix.
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Default will be there a continuation?

Thanks a lot.
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Old 05-25-2018, 08:48 PM
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I've enjoyed your story. Thanks
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