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Old 12-27-2010, 07:56 AM
hanskumoekk hanskumoekk is offline
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Default Biker's "Jenny" stories

I guess many of you know of Biker and his Jenny character who always ends up naked. In his Google groups, there was a bunch of stories written from 1998 up until 2006 (I think), and then it seems like the writing stopped for some reason.

With this thread, I want to encourage the writers of the OCC to write fictional Jenny stories and post them here whenever they want. I have written one myself, and I will post that story afterwards.

I hope we can get Jenny back where she belongs - naked and embarrassed in stories!
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Old 12-27-2010, 07:58 AM
hanskumoekk hanskumoekk is offline
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Jenny and Ashley goes swimming

Jenny sat at home, sweating like crazy in the summer heat on this unusual sunny Saturday. She only wore her normal white bra and panties, and was lying on her towel on the grass in her own backyard. Even in the shadow the heat was intense. Jenny was struck with the heat when she woke up, and decided to go outside and enjoy the nice day. The sun was too strong for her to sunbathe, so she went straight under the bushes in her backyard and into the shadows. She started out in her knee length summer dress and ankle socks, but she was down to her underwear and barefoot in no time.

After running out of things to do to cool herself down, she began thinking about other possibilities. Taking off her underwear was not an option, even in domestic environments. She picked up her phone and dialed her best friend Ashley's number.


Ashley was enjoying the sunny day in her hammock. Wearing only a white string bikini, she was licking as much sun as possible. Suddenly her cell phone rang from the grass, and Ashley jumped out of the hammock to get it. "Oh, it's Jenny..." Ashley thought for herself. These two women had some stories together. Ashley didn't really like Jenny, but Jenny considered Ashley her best friend. Even though Ashley didn't like Jenny, she enjoyed putting Jenny in embarrassing situations. Unfortunately, many of those events also ended up badly for Ashley, but she was always determined to try to embarrass Jenny over and over again.

Jenny suggested that they went swimming at the lake one mile away from where they lived to cool down in the hot sun. Ashley didn't hesitate when she agreed to come, but that was only because she needed to cool down. And besides... Maybe she could have a little fun at Jenny's expense at the same time?


Jenny didn't bring a lot of things. She brought her bikini, which she had on when she left home, underneath the summer dress she had worn earlier. She only packed a beach towel and some sunscreen in her bag, and took off to the lake.

Ashley and Jenny met each other in the town on the half way to the lake, and immediately started talking about the incredibly hot weather this Saturday. It surely had to be a heat record in their area, and they both agreed that it would be so good to cool down in the lake. Jenny thought about how refreshing the water would feel on her. Ashley was thinking about something completely different...

When they arrived, they noticed that they were seemingly completely alone. Jenny spread her towel out on the grass, and pulled the summer dress over her head and off, revealing a quite normal white bikini. It was pretty obvious that Jenny didn't want to show to much skin, modest as she was. Ashley wore a little more revealing red bikini, as she wanted to get as much sun as possible on this beautiful day.

After rubbing their smooth skins with sunscreen, they licked a little sun before heading towards the water to cool down. As they was standing with the water right over their breasts, Ashley suggested to Jenny that she wanted to see who was the fastest swimmer. "Yeah, of course!" Jenny said with a huge smile.

Jenny got ahead quite early, with Ashley just behind her, just as planned. Ashley, evil as always, got her hands into Jenny's bikini bottoms, and started to pull as hard as she could. Jenny, to busy swimming for the win over Ashley, didn't notice that she was swimming right out of her bikini bottoms! As Jenny won the race, she turned back to Ashley, noticing that Ashley was holding up some bikini bottoms, and by the looks of them, it wasn't Ashley's. Her hands went straight between her legs...and she got her confirmation: She was bottomless!

"Hey, give that back!" Jenny yelled to Ashley.
"No way, you have to get them yourself!" Ashley yelled back with an evil smile. Ashley started to swim away from Jenny, but Jenny got a grip on Ashley's bikini bottoms, and ripped them off completely. "Oops!" Jenny said, as she realized that she had ruined Ashley's bikini bottoms. "That was a big mistake, Jenny. You ruined my bikini bottoms, so now I'm going to use yours instead" Ashley said, as she put Jenny's bikini bottoms under the water, and slid them onto herself. Jenny stood there in shock. "You can't do this to me! Are you just going to leave me bottomless?" Jenny asked. "You lost your bottoms, and ruined mine. This is the price you have to pay, dear" Ashley said, and started to walk out of the water.

Jenny stood in the water, covering her front with both hands, even though she still was quite well covered by the water. The only thing she had to do, was to walk up from the water, run to her towel and cover herself with it. Could that be so hard? For Jenny, the notoriously embarrassed woman, it was. She decided to give it a minute of thinking before doing anything about it. She turned her back angrily towards Ashley, and crouched down so the water covered her all the way up to her neck.

After giving it a minute's consideration, she decided to go for it. She closed her eyes, got up, turned and started to run. She opened her eyes when the water reached her knees, and immediately let out a yelp when she realized what met her eyes. All of the things on the ground were gone. Gone, with Ashley, who was walking away with everything - even Jenny's towel! Jenny immediately ran back to where the water covered her to her breasts.

So there she was. In the water, wearing only a bikini top, with one hand covering her trimmed bush, and the other trying to cover her butt as best as possible under water. Now what?! She didn't have a choice now, she had to get out of the water at some point. She decided to check if no one was watching her, and then go up from the water on the side, where some trees were. She hid behind a tree, still covering both the front and the back with each hand. While she was peeking from the tree, she didn't notice her bikini top being caught on a branch behind her.

Jenny decided that she had to make her way home, even in this state. There was no other possibility, other than to hope Ashley would come back with her stuff. Just when she was thinking about this, she noticed that three guys made their way down to the lake. She decided to run to another tree for better cover, but didn't get far before she was pulled back hard, and down to the ground. Then she heard something fall into the water far away, and realized that she now not only was bottomless - she was naked from top to toe!
"Did you hear that?" she heard a male voice say after she hit the ground. Jenny got to up and ran to the closest and biggest tree she could find to hide from the three males. "Yeah, I heard a noice, but I don't see anything". She was stuck in a dilemma. She could hide behind the tree and stay out of sight from the guys, or she could risk being seen if she tried to run away.


Ashley, still carrying all of Jenny's things, was watching all of this from behind another tree, about 30 yards away from Jenny. She was laughing her butt off and struggled to keep quiet so she wouldn't get noticed. It just couldn't go wrong. Ashley had planned to get Jenny bottomless, but she managed to lose her top all by herself in typical Jenny style. Now that she had Jenny completely naked, she had to make this even more fun.


Jenny had one hand over her crotch and one hand over her breasts, and was feeling the hot sun over her entire naked body. She was thinking about what she was going to do, just when she saw a towel five yards away. Finally! She could cover up! She tried to grab it, but it jumped away from her. She tried again, but everytime she tried, the towel just moved away. Then the towel moved fast, and Jenny started to run without thinking about the consequences. She managed to grab the towel, but when she did, she had got all the way from the trees and back to the lake - right in front of the three guys! They were just standing there with their jaws hanging. Jenny, who now had the towel in one hand with her back turned to them, finally just realized that her bare ass was on display for the guys. She yelped and immediately pulled the towel around her, screaming "don't look!" in the process. The guys could just not make a sound as they just stook there in shock when Jenny started to run away from the lake in just her towel.

She approached the town in her towel, which covered her most intimate parts decently. Even though she realized that a towel as her only clothing embarrassed her, it was much better than going around naked.


Ashley was happy with this. Now she had tricked Jenny to taking the trip through the town to make her way home in her towel. This opened up for more public humilations for her friend. And she knew Jenny. She knew that she didn't have to force the humiliations, because with Jenny, they just came by as a natural thing.


Jenny walked into the town with a red face. It was a hot Saturday, which meant that the streets were crowded with people trying to enjoy the good weather. She heard some whistles and then someone asking her if she actually had something under the towel. The towel reached her down to mid-thighs and covered the main parts of her breasts, but showed a lot of cleavage too. Every now and then, the towel flipped at the bottom, showing some of the side of her butt cheeks, but still not enough to completely reveal if she was naked or not. Though, she was barefoot, which often indicates to missing some clothes.

She felt so embarrassed just walking in the town with the towel. She clinged to it with all she got and walked as fast as she could without anything falling off. So fast actually, that she got the attention of a dog who wanted to play. The dog started to run in circles around Jenny, barking with joy. Jenny panicked and told the dog to go away as she started to run. The dog ran after Jenny, grabbing a hold of her towel and started to pull. Jenny immediatelly realized that her towel was coming off if she didn't stop running. She stopped, and got a better hold of her towel.

A big crowd had gathered around the struggling Jenny and the dog to watch the action. They watched as Jenny held on to her towel for dear life, and the dog, who pulled playfully. Though, it did come off or open up. Not until the dog shifted the pulling point. When the dog started to pull at the front of the towel, Jenny shifted her hands to hold on to the towel at the front.

Suddenly she heard all the people starting to laugh. She didn't really understand why, because when she looked down, she still held on to her towel to cover her front. And then she realized what had happend. "Wow, nice ass!" she heard a man say. She turned around, and saw that her entire backside was exposed! Everyone got a great view of her butt as she was fighting for a towel with a dog, which was only covering her front, with no chance of covering her beautiful, naked ass. If she let go of the towel with one of her hands, she would expose her front too.


Ashley was watching all of it from the massive crowd. Every now and then she would get a full bare assed shot of Jenny with her camera, when she struggled round and around with the dog for the towel. She thought Jenny actually would win the fight with the dog when the most amazing thing happened - the towel was ripping! She could see the towel rip at the top where Jenny was holding on, and it was just inches away from ripping in two.


Jenny thought she had it now. Only seconds until she could cover up her already lost modesty. Only some more hard pulls to go, she thought. And then it happened. The towel ripped, and the dog ran away with 95 percent of it. The crowd was silenced at first, but then erupted into laughter. Jenny stood there, trying to cover up as best as she could, with some inches of usueless towel in her hands. She tried to cover her breasts with both hands, then went down to her trimmed bush to cover with both hands, and even tried to cover her butt with both hands. She really couldn't decide what to cover, and ended up just running the distance back home, butt naked.

When she eventually got to her house, she sighed with relief - until she found out that her keys was in her bag...
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Old 12-29-2010, 09:58 AM
crapycrapycrap crapycrapycrap is offline
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Default Some Jenny stories by Toddcheese


There are some ENF stories here, and some of them are Jenny stories. Written by ToddCheese. Credit to him (I think he is a member here)

(I love those Jenny stories, especially "Jenny at the Science Museum")
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Old 12-29-2010, 06:25 PM
hanskumoekk hanskumoekk is offline
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Yeah, I love those stories by Tood Cheese. Great stories and initiative, and that's what I want to encourage with this thread. Jenny is a classic ENF character, and if anyone wants to write and post their own Jenny story, maybe this could be the thread to post it in?
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Old 02-05-2011, 03:36 PM
todd_cheese's Avatar
todd_cheese todd_cheese is offline
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Just noticed this discussion. Glad you liked "Jenny at the Science Museum", it definitely seems to be a fan favorite. I like to think of a good Jenny story as being like a set of dominoes. You set 'em up, then you knock 'em down. "Science Museum" is probably the closest I've written to that ideal. We establish what Jenny's wearing, how she might lose it, and the different scientific devices that will eventually play a role in her humiliation.

A bit of ENF trivia: Jenny is actually a real person! Years ago someone posted to a stripping forum -- I think it may have been IndianOutlaw's -- mentioning his blonde, big-breasted, easily embarrassed wife, and how he'd like to see stories featuring her losing her clothes in embarrassing situations. The community ran with it, and Biker really popularized the character through his excellent drawings, as well as a few stories he wrote ("Jenny Abhors a Vacuum" is my personal favorite). I'm not sure who originally invented the character of Ashley.

I used to have a link to the original post that started it all; I'll have to see it I can find it.
The Collected Works of ToddCheese - My ENF stories
Keilani's Long Vacation, Part 8 - How it would have ended!
Read Kim's ENF experiences, and see her naked!
Does anyone know what became of this film?
If you enjoyed my post, please fap to it.
My favorite flavor is purple.
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Old 02-05-2011, 09:29 PM
hanskumoekk hanskumoekk is offline
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Now that's a fact I didn't know about! I hope you find the original post, would be a fun thing to read for all us Jenny enthusiasts.

I still hope that the shout-out to the forum here works, and that we'll get some fresh Jenny stories by new (and of course earlier) authors!
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Old 02-11-2011, 10:20 AM
mcbride mcbride is offline
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More stories please!!
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Old 03-11-2011, 10:26 AM
ptar_ca ptar_ca is offline
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Love the Biker series. His art was amazing! I actually remember his yahoo group too!
Great stuff! Thank you very much for sharing!
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Old 03-13-2011, 01:16 AM
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Indeed, Jenny was first inspired by the desription of the aptly named "Jenny's Husband" over at Byron's old forum. I made up Ashley to help spur some of those clothing mishaps along.

Here's the first Jenny & Ashley story (its so old, they're using Walkmans!)

This whole thing started out almost innocently. Ashley had never intended her rivalry with Jenny to get this out of hand, but if that hussy wanted a war, she was going to get one, dammit!

Ashley's boyfriend and Jenny's husband were close friends, and when the two ladies were introduced a month ago, Ashley immediatly knew she wasn't going to like her. Ashley's boyfriend couldn't keep his eyes off her. Especially her tits. Ashley was positive Jenny tried to bounce them just a little bit extra whenever she laughed.

Ashley was no slouch either. Dark brown hair, cut just above her shoulders, 34c tits (just a bit smaller than Jenny's, but nice and firm!), great legs, and, her pride and joy, a tight, round bubble butt. It was no secret Ashley spent hours on the stairmaster to maintain its perfect shape.

In fact, her boyfriend even volunteered the information, saying that Jenny and Ashley should work out together. Ashley secretly suspected that her boyfriend wanted the girls to become "friends" in more way than one.

Not wanting to come off a b*tch, Ashley agreed with false cheer. Jenny had never worked out before, so they would use Ashley’s gym.

Jenny picked her up early Saturday morning. As soon as Ashley got in the car she new this was going to be insufferable. Jenny was wearing a white tank top that pretty well showcased her huge tits, despite her false modesty, and a pair of oversized navy blue sweats. Ashley asked her why her sweats were so large, and Jenny explained she has always been very self-conscious about her body and is extremely shy about showing even a little bit of skin. Ashley paid her a false assurance, but in her mind began to race...

They got to the gym, and Jenny followed Ashley through her workout. Jenny's bright and bubbly spirit was really beginning to wear on her. Every man in the place was watching Jenny's tits bounce up and down as they jogged together. Even the gay guys! Ashley was searching for a way to expose Jenny, to totally and publicly humiliate her, at the very least so she would never show her face at this gym again.

Ashley was holding Jenny's feet as she did sit ups when it hit her. She looked down at the floor, and saw the end of the cord to Jenny's sweatpants. She traced it up to Jenny's belly, where it was tied in shoe-lace style bow. Perfect! she thought. Jenny was totally distracted with her sit ups. Ashley reached over and picked up the end, and when Jenny crunched, she gave it a good yank. The knot was almost completely untied, and would give with just the right encouragement.

For the first time that day, Ashley was genuinely happy. Jenny finished her last sit up, and Ashley told it was time for the stairmaster. Both girls had brought walkman, but Ashley didn't bother to turn hers on; she wanted to hear everyone’s reactions.

Both got going on their workouts. Ashley would glance over now and again to check out the progress. At first it seem like nothing was happening, but after a few minutes she noticed a healthy band of skin showing between the waistband and the tanktop. Jenny didn't have a clue-between singing along to her music and trying not to fall off the machine, she was in another world. Now she could see the top of her panties- white bikini briefs. Jenny looked over at her and smiled. Ashley smiled back, trying very hard not to laugh.

Ashley heard a wolf-whistle from somewhere behind them. The sweats were past her hips, and almost all of Jenny's ass was exposed. She almost giggled when she saw Jenny's half-exposed sweaty ass cheeks flexing along with the machine. A small group of guys had gathered behind her to enjoy the show. Ashley realized this would never be as good as she had wanted without a little help. And she was just about to get it...

Suddenly Jenny broke stride for a moment. Her head leaned back, eyes closed, and her whole body exploded with sneeze! The baggy sweats dropped to her ankles, and she let out a huge scream.

Ashley jumped off her machine and ran over to her. Jenny was paralyzed for a moment, and then tried to yank her tanktop down over her crotch. The effect was to conceal very little of her crotch, while revealing quite a lot of her quivering, bra-clad breasts. Meanwhile, Ashley pushed the waistband of the sweats over the paddle of the machine with her toe. The men were beginning to laugh, and Ashley suspected some of them noticed her trick.

Jenny tried to step backwards, but lost her balance and fell back on Ashley. Ashley put her hands up as if to catch her, but caught the bottom of her tank top instead. Both went crashing back onto the gym floor. As they hit Ashley was sure to give a hard tug. The material yanked right up to Jenny's armpits. Both boobs jiggled out. Jenny screamed even louder, and began to struggle. First one foot, than another were free from the sweat pants. The men were in hysterics.

Ashley cried "OhmygodImsosorry!" and tried to push Jenny back up. As Jenny stood up, Ashley let her index finger catch in her panties, and with one gentle tug, out came Jenny's bare ass. She didn't even notice! She was so busy spinning around trying to cover her breasts and crotch she didn't even realize she was mooning everyone! Quite a crowd was gathering to watch this hysterical half-naked woman.

"Jenny! Go in there!" Ashely pointed to a heavy wooded door across the room. Jenny bolted for it, bare ass wagging all the way, and quickly ducked inside. Too late, to realize she was in the men's sauna! There was another round of cheering as Jenny ran out, red-faced and screaming.

She finally found the women's locker room. Ashley brought her back her sweats and walkman, and explained she had meant the bathroom doors, not the sauna's. Jenny was too consumed with humiliation to even question her.

Round 1, Ashley!
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Old 03-13-2011, 01:27 AM
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And for good measure, the first Jenny story I ever wrote:

It was raining in sheets that day. Jenny stood at the bus stop, longing for her car to be back from the mechanics. She was on her way home from work, and was caught completely off guard by the rain.

Her white blouse soaked to transparency, and was shrinking in tight to her round breasts. Even her industrial-strength bra couldn't hide the dark shapes of her rock hard nipples. She kept her arms folded tightly against her chest to hide her breasts. Her heavy, calf-length skirt had soaked up an incredible amount of water. It felt like weighed 50 pounds!

She could fell it slowly slide down to her hips, and strain the buttons down the back. She had to routinely yank the skirt back up to her waist, but the water was beginning to stretch the material. Even her white cotton panties were soaked.

Finally, after seemed like hours, her bus came. She quickly jumped on and paid her fare. The driver made some clever quip about the weather, but she couldn't care less. As she moved into the bus, Jenny couldn't believe how crowded it was. Students, businessmen. The place was packed.

She found herself an open spot and a strap to hang on. She grumbled to herself about the lack of gentlemen willing to give up their seat for a lady in distress. Now that she was finally someplace dry, she became very aware of all the water she was dripping. From her hair, her skirt, even her panties. The bus was quite enough to make it embarrassingly loud, and she felt like everyone was staring at her.

And then it dawned on her- quite a few people were staring at her! With one hand occupied holding the strap, she could no longer cross her arms, and covering her breasts was definitely a two-handed job. Several men were admiring her bouncing breasts and pert nipples, and here in the fluorescent light, they were even more visible!

She stretched her free arm across her chest and put on her best "Shame on you" expression. A few men averted their eyes but not many.

Now she had a new problem developing, though. The movement of the bus was shaking not only shaking her damp breasts, but also causing her skirt to drop even faster than before. She quickly yanked it back to her waist. Her round hips and ass had stretched out an incredible amount of slack!

And on top of that, her panties felt strange, and she realized that as the skirt slid down, it had also rolled her panties down as well! They were currently bunched up just beneath her ass cheeks. She could even feel the material of her skirt against her pubic hairs!

Unfortunately, all of this work on her skirt had left her breasts exposed, and her fan club was back in full swing. Several weren't even being subtle about it. She again attempted to stretch her free arm across her breasts, and felt the skirt return to its downward journey.

Several men on the bus had moved closer to her, and she was starting to attract quite a crowd. With a bit of acrobatics, she could just about keep both nipples covered, but the movement of the bus insured that one or the other would pop out from time to time.

She was fighting a losing battle and beginning to feel quite frustrated with it, when she suddenly felt the skirt slide over the curve of her ass! With reflexes she didn't even know she had, Jenny caught the skirt, but not before her blouse had come untucked. She heard several gasps behind her, and her face was flushing to a bright crimson.

Then she looked out the window. The driver had just passed her stop! She quickly charged through the bus to the driver, one hand desperately clutching her skirt. He pulled the bus over, and she thanked him, glad her ordeal was almost over.

As she took that first step, her heal caught on the edge, and she began to fall forward. Her arms flailed out wildly. She felt the driver catch her right arm, along with a healthy fistful of soggy blouse. It was enough to stop her from falling, but she was hanging dangerously far over the steps.

The buttons of her blouse were straining against her breasts, but they were managing to hold. Just then, she heard a "shluup!" noise. Her skirt lay around her ankles, her panties bunched up at mid thigh. Her pale round ass and soft blonde pussy were visible to all. A wave of hoots and cheers filled the bus.

Jenny spasmed, and tried desperately to reach her skirt, but all of her struggling caused her blouse to literally explode! Her breasts burst out. She could hear buttons bouncing all over the bus. She began to fall again, and the driver jumped up and grabbed her by the only the only thing he could; her bra.

He clutched at the heavy piece of material right between her breasts, and slowly pulled hr back. Just as she got her hand to the metal pole, she felt the hooks in back uncurl. The bra sprung off her wildly, her breasts bouncing madly. The driver flew backwards onto his seat.

Jenny screamed, her face a deep red. She quickly yanked her skirt back up. Laughter and cheers filled the bus. Her panties had slid down to her knees, and as she tried to run from the bus, she could barely move her legs. She stopped, yanked down her drenched panties, and clutched them to her naked breasts while she ran for her door. The bus waited the whole while, until she finally made it inside.
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