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Old 05-16-2024, 06:28 PM
ChrSld ChrSld is offline
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"You can see, I'm on my period. Then you have to fuck my asshole!"

It was said by a woman I had met online less than 24 hours earlier. Blond, very tall (taller than me), skinny type and 29 years old. She had told me earlier she was on her period, then this quote came as a surprise factor, as I wasn't expecting sex. I could never forget this quote, but also coudn't forget that tight asshole!
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Old 05-16-2024, 08:58 PM
Ranger 1 Ranger 1 is offline
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Years ago when my wife and I were naked, on a blanket, in a woods. She's very reserved.
I was three-fingering her and her eyes were rolling back.
Me "What do you want?"
Her "You know."
Me "Tell me what you want."
Her "Fuck me."
Me "Where do you want me to fuck you?"
Her "You know."
Me "Tell me where you want me to fuck you."
Her "In my c*nt."
Me "So tell me what you want."
Her "I want you to fuck me in my c*nt."
Me - Like a gentleman I obliged. Who wouldn't. She did have a nice c*nt.
Until then I had never heard her utter the fuck and c*nt words - and she hasn't used them since.
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Old 05-17-2024, 02:43 AM
explorer98 explorer98 is offline
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Originally Posted by MFN View Post
I was good friends with a cute female coworker, both of us married to others, so we behaved and never messed around with each other; just pals enjoying each others' company. But the others in our crew just assumed we were always up to something, so we just let them think what they wanted to think. One day we're all together just arrived at a new field office, choosing where to stash our personal gear. My friend found two stacked cabinets, and loud enough for the rest to hear, she says to me "You were on the bottom last time, now I think it's your turn to be on top."

Here's a quote you've probably all heard: Two women chatting, one asks the other "Do you usually smoke after having sex?" The other one answers: "Gosh, I don't know, I never looked down there."

And another: Q: What 3 words do you never want to hear when you're upstairs having sex? A: "Honey, I'm home!"
Which reminds me....

It's a little deviation from the thread but it still makes me laugh 40-plus years later!

My then girlfriend and I (17, maybe 18 at the time) were banging away on her parents' sofa one day while they were away and the radio was on at the time. Things were quite energetic until the point where Paul Burnett suddenly cut through with "...and whatever you're doing, you're doing it better with Radio One!"

And almost instantly, I wasn't!!!
When I say 'older women' that's older than me, not just my daughters!
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