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Old 02-05-2024, 11:59 AM
strandmeiden strandmeiden is offline
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Originally Posted by kuzco1000 View Post
Anyone got any experience of the castle one in Brussels?

If so what is the age range?
You mean Boetfort? Visited once, as far as I remember there is mixed age range. You can give it a try, but I'd rather prefer Waer Waters (also close to Brussels).
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Old 02-23-2024, 10:13 AM
GioG GioG is offline
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Recently been to the Sauna. One night, female groupe of three entered, two looked like sisters, or twin, much alike.
- Blondes, straight hair to their shoulders, nice, firm breasts, mid20ies. trimmed, landing strips.
- The other brownish hair. The shy type. She sits sideways. Presses her knees to her body, against the breasts. Nothing really visible.
- Blondie one sits with her legs stretched, pressed together. Some curlies from her landingstrip visible. Hands crossed, boobies well visble for all. NICE.
- Blondie two sits on the top bench, with her knees in front of tits, but her feet are appart. Nice pussy view.... Not sure if that was intended... It looked like this, and made me fall in love :-)
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Old 02-24-2024, 03:17 AM
skaalsl skaalsl is offline
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Default 3 shy girls and one not

This is one of my best experience!
I go to Bruxelles every year for work and I spend some free time in the city. I discovered a nice there complex just outside the city.

After the ticket you get in a big locker room that is for both gender. From this area you can walk on the clothed therme or on the naturist side. I found a couple on their 60 and I walked quickly on the nudist side. There were nothing interesting so I put my swimsuit back and walked on the clothed side. There were many younger people on that side and nice bikini but not nudity. I was attracted by a group of four girls barely 20s. They were quite loud and we're drinking beer. Three have athletic body and the fourth was a little more oversized. I stare them for a while and then I walked back to nudist side.

I was laying on a sunbed when the four girls come in walking to the shower. One was naked with a towel in hand, the other three was still wearing their bikini. There wee two showers so they take turn. The naked one was the first with the curvy. They take their time and I enjoyed the view. When they finished the naked one dryer her body and then used the towel to wrap her hair. The curvy girl wrapped her body in the towel. The other two friends were very careful to not show too much that means they showered facing the wall letting me see this firm asses.

When they were close to finishing I walked to the locker room and sat on a bench with my dick hanging. The girls come in the locker room and they were using the lockers in front of me. The three girls looks a little embarrassed and the dressed quickly. The naked girl took a long time. First she wore sport socks. She was so sexy wearing only socks that I had a big problem not to get hard. She walked to the hairdryer wearing only the socks and she bent all the time. This gave me many glimpse of her ass, pussy and also ass hole. The other girls were ready and went outside. I was alone with the girl so I engaged a small conversation. She was funny and talkative. I stand up and walked closer to her to have a better conversation. She had her bag on the bench and I was on the other side. Every time she went to the bag her face was inches from my dick . She wore a sport bra and yoga leggings without panties.
She went out waving and giving me a big smile.
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Old 02-29-2024, 08:49 PM
sebsationally sebsationally is offline
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Which spa's have the highest proportion of enf, and the highest concentration of Arab and Asian girls? Because it's well outside of their normal boundaries, it's far more exciting to me than Germans, Austrians etc, who are totally comfortable being nude. I get the feelings there are places with a lot of Asians, but Arabs (females at least) are probably much rarer. Would love to here more stories
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Old 03-01-2024, 10:20 AM
Ronnie_2406 Ronnie_2406 is offline
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Default First experience sauna in 2019

I went to the sauna for the first time some years ago. Was a bit reluctant to go nude the first time, but after showering with 10 people I felt the freedom and proceeded with enjoying the sauna.

Highlight of my first sauna experience was in the cool-off cave. I just finished a 20 minute session in a very hot sauna, and went for the cold showers. When I get there my heart skipped a beat, as I saw the most beautiful brunette girl showering there. Probably around 20 years old. She looked like an angel with straight hair, perfect D-cup breast and stiff nipples. Also she had the most amazing firm ass, with a very beautiful tight shaven pussy.

I joined her and stand next to her showering for approximately 2 minutes, than I went to take a dip in the cold pool. Which had a great view on the showers, while I was in the pool we had eye contact multiple times and gave me a quit a show. When I came out of the cold pool I was semi erect, and joined her again underneath the showers. She turned towards me while showering and l saw her watching me, as I was watching her. I never stood so long in the cold showers, I think it was around 10 minutes without anyone else coming in. Then she took her towel and started drying herself in front of me very slowly while still looking at me. Mean while I was fully hard, but she did not seem to mind at all.
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Old 03-02-2024, 03:41 AM
wellness wellness is offline
Join Date: Jun 2021
Location: Europe Mail
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Originally Posted by sebsationally View Post
Which spa's have the highest proportion of enf, and the highest concentration of Arab and Asian girls? Because it's well outside of their normal boundaries, it's far more exciting to me than Germans, Austrians etc, who are totally comfortable being nude. I get the feelings there are places with a lot of Asians, but Arabs (females at least) are probably much rarer. Would love to here more stories
Huge spa’s in city’s with a lot of tourists are where you will have most enf. I have seen loads of Arab and Asian women in spa, most of them are totally comfortable being nude, same as there European sisters. Enf happens the first times in spa, if you are regular guest you get used to being nude.
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Old 03-02-2024, 05:26 AM
terriuk terriuk is offline
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Any nice places to try, in Lloret de Mar, in the north east Spain? spa's or clubs..

We are going there soon...
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Old 03-02-2024, 03:52 PM
kaster kaster is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2014
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Originally Posted by sebsationally View Post
Which spa's have the highest proportion of enf, and the highest concentration of Arab and Asian girls? Because it's well outside of their normal boundaries, it's far more exciting to me than Germans, Austrians etc, who are totally comfortable being nude. I get the feelings there are places with a lot of Asians, but Arabs (females at least) are probably much rarer. Would love to here more stories
Arab girls are used to be in nude or topless in public with other women in hammam, girls going to mixed genre are going to be the ones that are the most comfortable so usually not an issue
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Old 03-02-2024, 04:31 PM
jack_jones11 jack_jones11 is offline
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Good nudist beach verya cycle ride away.

Originally Posted by terriuk View Post
Any nice places to try, in Lloret de Mar, in the north east Spain? spa's or clubs..

We are going there soon...
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Old 03-05-2024, 06:39 AM
outdoorl0vers's Avatar
outdoorl0vers outdoorl0vers is offline
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Default A few days in an austrian Sauna

My wife and I recently spent a few days in a big austrian Spa and Sauna. Here are some of our experiences:

We were one of the first guests to arrive so we always secured a great spot: We were lying behind a huge window facing the outdoor whirlpool, sauna and shower. (all nude)
So we had great views of everyone entering the sauna, showering and entering the pool. Often the young girls try to hide behind their towel as much as possible but when goind in and out of the whirlpool and showering that was not an option

Sauna massage:
In the morning we went to a sauna with two other couples in it. A couple in their early twenties, he was nude and comfortable with the situation, she was a bit chubby and not comfortable at all and was wrapped in her towel. The other couple were in their 40s I'd guess, still very good looking. She was sitting with her legs spread so I got a nice look on her shaved pussy.
I almost always sit on the bench directly above my wife, that way we save some space if the sauna is full, and I can massage her neck and shoulders which she loves. So as always I started massaging my wife, the 40yo women noticed and signaled to her husband that she also wanted a massage.
My massages in a public sauna are always very innocent as we do not want to offend anyone. But his massage was very passionate with wide movements of his hands. He went from her shoulders all over her back, her arms and often touched her boobs from the side. She enjoyed his massage a lot and softly moaned.
The girls from the young couple was now even more uncomfortable, but her boyfriend seemed to enjoy the show. She stood up, took his hand and almost dragged him out of the sauna. Poor boy.
Now it was just the older couple and us left. Our massages instantly got a lot more daring, we both had ours wifes tits in our hands. I could see his dick was getting hard, as was my dick. I slowly worked my way across my wifes stomach towards her landingstrip, the other couple watched carefully.
But before I could reach it we heard loud noises from outside the sauna. A group of at least 6 old ladies prepared to enter the sauna. We both stoped and tried to look like innocent couples enjoying the sauna. Shortly after the old ladies entered we both left.

Fake or real?:
There were a lot of beautiful females, but one girl especially caught my (and my wifes) attention. She was about 20 years old, slim and athletic with a unique looking face suitabel for modeling (according to my wife). Despite her very slim physique she had C-cup tits.
My wife and I debated wheter or not they were fake. The shape was very natural and they had a natural bounce to them. I wanted to convince my wife to just ask her, but she didn'T dare to ask her. We got lucky, because when we were sitting in a whirlpool she was about to enter the pool. So we got so see her nude from close up, and as we were sitting and she was standing we got to see the tiny scare under her boobs, proving they were fake.
She must have noticed that we both intensively stared at her boobs, and when my wife whispered "told ya" she smiled and I think she knew what we were talking about.

Female Voyeur:
The sauna complex is huge, and over a few decades more and more areas were added. This results in a rather complicated layout, and some areas have a lot less people around because you have to know how to get there.
We were alone in one of these remote saunas and my wife was giving me a massage for a change. Not a sexual massage but it still triggered a semi hard on.
A solo female in her thirties, slightly overweight but overall still attractive with big tits (at least D cups) entered the sauna and sat down on the opposite side.
At first I tried to hide my semi hard on by changing my position a bit. I noticed that she repeatetly kept looking at my dick, but in her face was no sign of outrage, she seemed to enjoy the sight. My wife was tired of massaging and lied down on the bench above mine closing her eyes.
I opened my legs again to provide the other girl a good view. It was a very strange situation for me, I am not used to females enjoying the sight of a naked male in the sauna. Normaly mostly guys (sometimes girls) enjoy looking at my naked wife, but she was much more interested in my body, and especially in my dick.
I'm definately not a model guy, I'm somewhat atheltic and my penis is about average sized. There are definately more impressive guys to be seen - but she seemed to enjoy.
With my wife lying down eyes closed her looks got more frequent and more daring. She spread her legs more and more, kept stretching her arms, wiped the sweat off her body and epecially off her big tits making them bounce around. My semi hard on developed into a full erection.
But unfortunately again some other folks entered the sauna and we had to stop. I could barely hide my erection, they probably noticed.
After a few minutes my wife, I and the other girl left the sauna and showered next to each other. I deliberetly turned my body towards the other girl and washed my dick very thorougly, she watched very carefully and enjoyed.
We saw her again a few times that day but she was always with a group of other girls. Apparently they had a girls spa day and she left the group when she was in the sauna with us.

Steam room peeling:
Late in the evening there was an event were they hand out peeling salt in the steam room. The steam room was quite small and quite full when we got there. We secured one of the last available spots. We were sitting in the corner of the room, I was sitting with my back against the wall, spreading my legs and my wife was sitting between my legs. Next to us was a couple doing the same thing.
There were only couples in the steam room, most were already gently rubbing each others bodies but not in a sexual way.
The couple next to us was around our age (30 yo) and we were really close to each other because the bench was very small. He was gently rubbing his girls back and sides. She was good looking, quite tall with big natural tits that were a bit saggy.
As everyone was waiting for the peeling salt we started some small talk. While talking he casually slid his arms more and more towards her tits with every move. In the end he fully grabbed her tits slightly jiggling them around while they both continued in small talk with us. The room was quite steamy but we were definately not the oinly ones able to see were his hands were.
Finally the peeling salt was handed out. Everybody started peeling of their partners body, most started with arms, legs and back but a lot of couples quickly got to more spicy locations like ass and tits. It was very steamy by that time so we could only see clearly within like 2 meters. But the couple next to us were the most interesting anyway.
He started with her back and quickly got to her tits rubbing them carefully. My wifes boobs are very sensible and I know that rubbing peeling salt on them would be a no-go so I rubbed her back and her thighs.
The girls next to us stood up and her ass was now directly in front of her friends face. He was kneading her ass with great pleasure and then signaled her to turn around. He continued rubbing her belly and her tits. My wife was now also standing up and we did the same. The girls sat back down and we continued to massage them.
As the salt was already gone I now also started massaging my wifes tits. We both had a raging boner pressing against our girls backs, but as the girls were sitting in front of us nobody but the two of us was able to see.
My wife wanted to get out of the steam room but I whispered "as you can probably feel I still need some time". The girls next to us immediatly turned around to look at my boner, smiled and whispered "you guys should probably stop touching our tits or we will be sitting here for a long time".
We followed her advice, continued with some casual small talk and left the steam room. Unfortunately they had to get back home and left the spa.

Grande finale:
It was already quite late, most other guests already left. Finally it was getting quiet and we were both really horny. We could have gotten back to our room, but we didn't.
We decided to get into the whirlpool directly in front of our bed. There was nobody in the relaxation room with view of the whirlpool, and there were no slippers in front of the sauna next to the pool which had a big window towards the pool. When looking thorugh the window of the sauna from outside we mostly saw our own reflection, but the sauna seemed empty.
We got in the whirlpool and started making out. I fingered my wifes pussy and she stroked my dick. As I really did not want to cum in the water I ordered her to stop and enjoy. I continued to finger her, all while looking around if anybody was coming. But we were still alone. My wife had an intensive orgasm, for a few secondy she couldn't hold it back and moaned loudly while shaking.
Afterwards she was floating in the pool breathing heavily, I was sitting next to her with a boner. The whirlpool jets were off so the water was calm. Suddenly the sauna door opened, a older man sporting a pretty big erection, not trying to hide it in any way stepped out, looked in our direction smiling and just said "good evening" and walked away. Maybe we should have looked inside the sauna

It was time for my orgasm and as we were both feeling a little cold after getting out of the water we entered the sauna right away. I was sitting on the bench above my wife. She turned around and started sucking my dick. As we found out earlier it was not really possible to look inside the sauna from the outside so we were feeling safe.
We obviously didn't want to make a mess so I jokingly suggested that I could cum in my wifes mouth, knowing that she hates it. She refused and proposed I should cum on her tits. She continued stroking and sucking and I shot a huge load on her tits and her belly.
She wanted to wipe it off with a towel but I told her that we would need them again tomorrow and that she just just walk the 10 meters to the shower and shower it off as nobody was around anyway.
Ss we were walking towards the showerd another couple walked to the sauna, the path to the shower was brightly lit and they definately saw that my wifes tits were covered in sperm. But they just smiled and walked along.

Obviously those experiences are the exception, but if you spend some time in these spas and keep our eyes open there are a lot of nice things to bee seen. We are already looking forword to our next sauna holiday.
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