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Old 04-17-2013, 01:47 AM
Wang Fu Wang Fu is offline
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She was a virgin when we met. Not because she was a saint, but because being raised in catholic school had her terrified of sex, so she gave out blowjobs like candy. After 3 drinks, she would drop to her knees pretty much anywhere and blow a guy. Her best guess is that she's in the low triple figures for dicks sucked.
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Old 04-17-2013, 02:21 PM
delt delt is offline
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Default Did she??

My wife only dated one guy seriously in high school, others were only one or two dates. She would not tell me if she fucked him or not, so I assumed she did.

When we got sexually active, she did not seem very experienced from her teeth when giving blowjobs or how very tight she was when we had sex. She was a very quick learner, thankfully.

A few years later, coincidentally I got temporarily stationed at the same base as my wife's former boyfriend. One night I showed him some of her nude photos, figuring he had seen it all. He was shocked---he never got to second base but he LOVED the photos.
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Old 04-18-2013, 05:40 PM
xxxxenophile xxxxenophile is offline
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Originally Posted by bj7769 View Post
we dated a few months then one night she came over to surprise me only to find my old blond girlfriend with a killer body on top of me getting after it. not my fault I came home from date and this hottie was in bed waiting for me. after that me and the hot tennis player didn't date for two years. I moved away. then back. as soon as I moved back to town she immediately moved in with me.
So, she walks in on your fucking this old gf and stops dating you. You go away, and as soon as you move back she moves in with you.

What's your secret, man? What the hell did you do in the intervening time to win her back? 'Cause I need to learn it!
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Old 04-18-2013, 06:20 PM
palace300 palace300 is offline
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she had five before 3 since. We met in college before were all HS.
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Old 04-19-2013, 06:30 AM
enginehouse's Avatar
enginehouse enginehouse is offline
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Default 28 so far

my wife started cheating on me, because she thought i was cheating on her. i knew something wasn't right and through a series of conversations i got her to open up about her naughty extramarital activities. she was really at it for a short time and then when it was open between us she started cuckolding me properly. The first time i watched her she allowed herself to be fingered in a pub and the rest as they say is history.
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Old 04-19-2013, 12:50 PM
goodguy30 goodguy30 is offline
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my wife had been with 11 guys before me.... then she did one of her exs while we were engaged and then she fucked my bestfriend who was also the best man in our wedding after we had been married for about 7 years....
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Old 04-21-2013, 04:06 PM
lovesdirtywomen lovesdirtywomen is offline
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Default 109

To Start she is currently 30, I met her when she was 27.
She has fucked with penetration 107 guys before I met her.
I am #108 and she fucked one more guy after we met. Giving her a Grand Total of 109
Her past does not make me angry, although she has fucked a lot of people I know. Related to one of them.
I personally know at least 8 of the men she as been with.
It turns me on so much to think of all the cock she has had and all the dirty situations she has been in.
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Old 04-23-2013, 05:21 AM
baddaddy's Avatar
baddaddy baddaddy is offline
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Default Hey romikk32

Originally Posted by romikk32 View Post
Do you know how many guys have fucked your wife. Before you or after you have been together? Has she told you her "number" and do you believe her?
...It was my number one fantasy while dating, and took me a couple years AFTER we got married to admit, and *encourage* her to play extracurricular. It then took her a bit to realize I wasn't chasing tail for myself nor tricking. Her first extramarital was when I worked the third shift, and on Friday nights two of my buds used to come play cards until I had to leave. Since she was friendly and comfortable with both, I encouraged her to play, and them individually to stay. Having discussed it with them and shared pictures of her, they were a bit overwhelmed at my generosity and her willingness to play. wasn't long till both had fucked her,which led to a couple more later on. she enjoys more intimacy with friends as she *knows* them, but may simply not have found the stranger who has primed the pump ..yet. So I guess about six have gone do you know how hard it is to concentrate at work knowing your wife is spreading for your friends at home, and you can't be there to see it?...but details afterward are ALMOST as good

Does her past make you angry or jealous or does it turn you on to think about her with others?
...Does it make me angry or jealous? hell no. I know how good it feels to fuck her, and don't mind others sharing in that good feeling...and she certainly enjoys both the attention and the sex. Guys love visual, and sex..It's the best of both worlds when your lady does it FOR your mutual benefit.

Do you personally know any of the boys or men men who have penetrated her? Have you discussed their experiences with your wife with them?..I still know all of them altho I don't always see them anymore. For most part, we bonded closer having shared her charms, and yep, hotter yet...compared notes!
Just have to ask, do your friends know, that you know they're fuck her.
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Old 04-23-2013, 07:40 AM
collector5757 collector5757 is offline
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A bit of a variation to the question, with apologies in advance if it's too far afield. I'm not married, but I know a woman who is, and I have fucked her before she was married, during marriage #1, and during marriage #2. But if either of her husbands answers this, their count will be one short as we've not gotten caught yet!
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Old 04-26-2013, 02:08 PM
clcurious clcurious is offline
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Default Exes

Originally Posted by kenny99990 View Post

Do you know how many guys have fucked your wife. Before you or after you have been together? Has she told you her "number" and do you believe her?

Does her past make you angry or jealous or does it turn you on to think about her with others?

Do you personally know any of the boys or men men who have penetrated her? Have you discussed their experiences with your wife with them?

Personally, I started dating my wife in 1963 when we were both about 15 or 16. We started having sex--she was a virgin--and then her family moved across the country. We agreed we could "date" others--I thought that gave me a pass but she would be faithful. Wrong!

During high school apart she had sex with a couple of other guys--I knew two of them casually from when I visited in the summers.

Then we went to college far apart and she really picked up her activity when she started drinking and became known as the girl who would spread her legs after a few beers. Lots of guys tried her out.

We got married after college--now married for 45 years--and I thought she had been pretty conservative sexually while we had been apart. She admitted to three other guys, but that number grew as more stories came out. She's now said her number is 12 but I think she probably did more than that--maybe a lot more.

When we were younger, her activity made me a bit jealous and angry but now the stories turn me on--I love to hear them. She's had almost as many guys as I've had women.

And she's fucked a few of our friends since we've been married--at least two I know of but she tries to deny it. One of them admitted their affair to me and apologized to me. Turns me on thinking about him between her legs bareback.
This is a very interesting thread... My girlfriend is - as one says - very experienced. Her first boyfriend cheated on her that`s why she had a lot of partners. I think she was searching for the right one, but she had trust issues... One day she sent photos showing her nude taken by an ex-boyfriend to tease me. First I was jealous but then I got excited thinking of her posing for another guy. I was wondering if he still looks at the photos. She never told me how many guys she had sex with but according to her photos of the past and stories there must have been at least 20... I know two of them.
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